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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  September 21, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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when the well connected break, the law. to take in more money that they are entitled to. it reduces resources to working people to regular people. to small business isn't attacking all taxpayers. everyday. people cannot lie to a bank about how much money they have in order to get a favorable loan to buy a home. send their kids to college. and if they did. the government would throw the book at them. why should this be any different? it is a tale of 2 justice systems, one for every day working people. and one for the elite. the rich and the powerful. mister trump and his
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commitment. because no one. is
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above the law. mincing no words and ending with instead of the art of the deal as trump called it, the art of the steal. >> letitia james in new york alive. and we're just listening to 20 minutes. plus of all of the evidence that she says new york has against donald trump and his kids and his organization, a result of a 3 year plus investigation into the former president. as you heard her mention, all launched by. >> the testimony, michael cohen, his onetime lawyer. and here we are at the end of that with the announcement of these charges and they punishment that they're looking for is is pretty harsh. there were a number of things that she said they were seeking. i'll just highlight a few of the big ones. first of all, they want to bar the former president and his children per serving as an officer or director of any corporation or entity in new york. to bar trump from any commercial real estate activity in new york for at least 5 years and then
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permanently ban any of his current businesses from operating in new york ever against. and then you heard her say they also want restitution. the right fielder is about 250 million dollars of ill-gotten gains that they want him to more than just basically in new york, which l- is what she is saying she wants and the money back that she says he. >> basically stole. but also she said flat out there turning this over to the irs and to federal prosecutors. so that's where the case could go next. we'll see where it in the meantime, let's get you a quick check of the weather. i know it's at 903, right now. we've got john standing by. good morning, guye. yeah, it's been an active morning. >> we've been seeing a lot of rainfall across the bay area. most of it staying light to moderate, but definitely enough to get roadways wet in the middle of your morning commute, too. >> still looking a little gray between the spots of sunshine, some darker clouds. and you can see that over san jose right now as well. bright skies over the city. but once you get beyond downtown san jose, it's kind of dark
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looking out there with those clouds passing by. this is very much, though, the last breath of this system breathing across the bay area. some light rainfall this morning, just some isolated sprinkles at this point that are being seen around fremont on up the dublin up into the tracy area, just east of the tri valley. and then also a few sprinkles holding on around san francisco, the east bay on up into the delta and the carquinez too. as for the rest of the day, we're gradually going to die out this high-pressure ridge and starts to move in pushing that low pressure out of the region. really weakening it as that happens. and this means we've got a big change just around the corner and involve sunshine and dry skies for the rest of the forecast. so enjoy this cool and damp morning. it's not something we're going to see much up for the rest of the forecast. 50's and 60's for your current temps. it's been a mild morning so far. i've got more details about where we're headed next. as we round out summer today. still to come john, thank you for that. will. if you are traveling out there hitting
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the rolls out, a few accidents out there. tell you about. >> was found. 24 right at the calder cup tunnel to get an accident in a rented at lane is blocked the air. so you are seeing delays as you're traveling along. 24 this morning heading into the city. 23 minutes. mace that fremont street exit. we start off the morning with some earlier issues on the san mateo bridge. so we have residual delays all morning long westbound to take about 33 minutes to make it from a 80 to 101 richmond center fell tolls to 12 minutes as you travel out of richmond. another accident down in san leandro. southbound to 38 and its period boulevard. so slow long, 8.80, with 2.38. you're seeing that issue. and so we are tracking those delays. are you, james, back to you? thank very much. rain also want to get back to breaking news, which the accident that we've been following. rain has been falling and we've had team coverage to san mateo bridge. >> that breaking news. we had a car burglary suspect being chased by police and apparently at one point on the san mateo bridge died with proffers camila barco in the newsroom to explain more about
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what happened. camila. >> yeah, well, darya james, the california highway patrol officer on scene says that the suspect stole a white ford mustang. now san mateo county sheriff's deputies saw that car driving down interstate one in half moon bay. and that's when the chase began. take a look at the scene. deputies started chasing the suspect around 4 o'clock this morning. officials say that the chase, the driver all the way to pacifica, but they lost sight of the car on interstate 2.80. however, san mateo police picked up the pursuit, but they also lost sight of the car. now, minutes later, there was a crash on highway 92 on the bridge west of the toll plaza officers found that white mustang at the scene and a pedestrian who was hit and killed by a car. officials say that pedestrian match. the description of the person that they were chasing. officers believe the mustang ran out of gas. the suspect left the car and started running before being hit james police say that they ended the chase
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several minutes before the suspect got out of the car and started running. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, camilla. time now is 906. and today jury selection begins in the trial of longtime santa clara county sheriff laurie smith has accused of corruption and this is a civil case, not a criminal one. so the results will be different because of that kron four's will tran standing by in san jose to explain will. >> sheriff laurie smith, she's been in charge of santa clara county since 1998. she would like to finish her job and go quietly into the night, which is january. she is not seeking reelection. she's been county sheriff for 6 terms. but her detractors would like her to leave office immediately. jury selection will begin today in the trial should last about 17 days. this trial, many people wanted to start last year, but it was pushed back until now. i can tell you even if she's
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found guilty, she will not face one day in jail. she's accused of accepting bribes as well as mismanaging the jail laos, where throughout the years there's been injuries to inmates and even a debt. she denies all of that. and that's where lawyers are saying this is quite frivolous. let let her go into the night and finished out her term. but many people say know that she's had her run at this and they would like her to leave. she if she's found guilty of this, she will leave office. but i have found out even if she's found guilty of this, that she will be entitled to her pension. she 69 years old. there's been a lot of controversy surrounding her over the past decade or so to the point where at one point even her system ran against are lost to sheriff laurie smith. she is not seeking re-election, which is why she is done in a few months from now. but if the grand jury and the people behind all of this have it their way, she will be
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done in approximately 17 days. we shall see. back to you. all right. thanks a lot for the update. will. >> it's 908, right now. and today the man accused of murdering 8 year-old hayward girl is going to be arraigned. dante jackson. he's charged with first-degree murder and child abuse for the death of sophia mason. sophia's body was found in jacksons were sent home in march. he was arrested in newark along with 3 women who are accused of helping him hide from the police for 6 months, jackson was supposed to rain last week, but it was pushed back twice because he appeared in court without an attorney. >> well, in the east bay, one man is dead. another hurt after being shot in front of city hall in oakland tuesday. the incident, the 4th homicide that police had to investigate within a 24 hour period. socal police say the 2 men were found suffering from gunshot wounds, both in their 20's. one of the victims is from oakland. that person we're told, died at the scene. the other was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery
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city councilmember noel gallo. gallo was in a virtual council meeting at the time of the shooting, but he says he had staff members and other city employees inside city hall at the time. he says more needs to be done to stop gun violence and he's hoping the police will be able to staff up. >> right now we have 682 officers where we should have 782. so we're short when it comes to staffing. but in the past, the way we have dealt with the crime and open. was be able to contract reach out to other governmental bodies that provide public safety. and that's the highway patrol. the sheriff's department. even the bart police. >> guy also mentioned the possibility of calling in federal agents. he says if it's necessary to curb the violence. >> time is 9.10, and also the 3 other people who were killed in 2 separate shootings happened monday night. the first shooting was 7.45 on
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telegraph avenue that was near the islamic center of oakland. that is where police found 2 men who had been shot. those 2 men died at the scene and a young male was also shot but drove himself to the hospital. he is going to recover. it seems police believe that there were multiple shooters in this case in a car that opened fire. a crowd of people at 2 separate locations. >> that second shooting happened. 45 minutes later in the area east 20th street and 23rd avenue. that's where police say someone shot and killed a 48 year-old woman. police have not released any information yet about possible suspects or vehicles. 9.11, is the time. coming up, a new trend is going around tiktok now a challenge that could seriously hurt you or your kids will tell you why the fda is warning you. >> about not cooking chicken and cold medicine will explain why. and this we're getting outside this morning. we're doing so with some wet conditions out there. a couple
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spots of green still hanging out on the radar right now as it slowly lowers interview. >> be taking a look at what we see the rest of the day. still to come. >> and hit the roads by want to plan for a little extra time because we have been tracking a busy wednesday morning commute will have an up
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>> 9.14, right now and we are checking out the weather. states over here. yeah. it's
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one of a little slippery when wet and the roads. are they still out this is little bit wet out there. >> it is definitely been a nice chance face yeah. it's going to be right back to the get some movement on it as well. little did you hear ship there? wonder which one? that is all? it's a different spot than it usually but yeah, a little panoramic view of san francisco going on a gray morning. love to see this rainfall we've had out there has made for some slick conditions, especially on the peninsula down into that, a south bay in the east bay. to what we're seeing right now is set to kennedy dying down. we had much more widespread rainfall earlier now. it's just a few pockets of sprinkles really hanging on. and for those of us in the east bay that have consistently seen thunderstorm activity the past few days, that potential is a little further eastward for you. so you'll likely see some of the storm clouds on the eastern horizon, not as much of a chance of them actually drifting overhead as the past couple of days. look at this,
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though. lightning strikes up in the sierra nevada. good news is that we've seen consistent rain up there lately. so it's got everything pretty dampen down at this point. also, great news for the mosquito fire. and we've had snowfall at the very crest of the sierra as temperatures rise the next few days. some of that snow will melt off, but it's great to see it. nonetheless, as we make our way through the day skies clear out nicely actually get some good afternoon. sunshine. this low was cut off its access from the jet stream is now starting its process of moving on out. so we're really at the tail end of the system. and as it pushes out, high pressure builds back in. and you know what that means? it's going to be hot, much drier and quite sunny 60's and 70's for your daytime highs today, burlingame at 76 degrees, redwood city, san carlos at 77, only 3 80's on the map. that's woodside walnut creek and center fell. all 80 degrees. the rest of us either 60's are mostly 70's, oakland, san leandro at 72 concord, 79
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napa, 72 degrees today. sonoma youngsville as well as peddling matt at 74. let's get your lookahead temperatures tomorrow. rise back into the low 80's in the near 90 come friday and saturday sunday likely to be the warmest of the forecast. they cite areas will even get some 80's and look at the start of fall tomorrow. all of it is going to be sunshine in the first 6 days of the new season. great job. thank you for that. well, we've got an accident westbound. 24 at call the cop tunnel in orinda. so >> we are seeing some delays about a 33 minute ride to traveling from walnut creek down to 5.80, at this hour heading into the city. 23 minutes. mace that fremont street exit that earlier accident while the san mateo bridge is consistently slowed us down this morning. we're at now. 26 minutes from 80 to one on rep to about 45 to 50 minutes earlier in the morning. a 52 minute or i-85 up to menlo park along 101. let's going to check on 8.80, sally ann chilled out to milpitas. 15 minutes were up to 70 earlier. so things are
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improving slowly, the kraken down towards the maze. it's 5, 18, 80. a 28 minute ride darya. james, back to you. >> time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. joining us this morning, rob, on a day where i'm seeing green across the board, looks like the dow's up by better than 100 points. we've got dreamforce in town. hopefully people are spending seen things to be happy about about you. >> yes, except for its fed gates and dread gates. dad's coming home with a belt to punish racing street. 75 basis points to fight inflation. he is not going to stop until inflation breaks down another 600 basis 0.6% lower than the 2% levels. not be 8% levels. that's all going to happen today. about 11 o'clock things will change. watch the treasury if they move from 3, 5, 3, 6, 3, 7, tough stock market, a move from 353-4233, easier stock market. vladimir putins dennis threatening nuclear war. that's not good. but like you mentioned, there
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are some positives dreamforce mosconi pulled in 400 million dollars this year. it looks like that's down from 1.1 billion in 2019. but it's way up from 20 million dollars last year while i like tourism. i love our city. i want to see it thrive. i really think marc benioff wants to see it thrive to, you know, the really, really nice job. easy to cut 500 people fired from the gap. believe it or not. that's good. if we're trying to fight inflation, you're trying to kill some job growth create kind of situation where people don't go out and spend their paycheck. i know it's counter intuitive might socially acceptable, but that's what we got today. okay. trying to find the silver lining in there. i guess we have home numbers come sales of existing homes. it was off by was almost half a percentage point. is the good things that a bad thing. how does this play out as we're trying to, you know, recovering this housing market?
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>> well, the fed, like i said, to come home with a belt and spank the kids, the kids that he wants to speak or homeowners and stock market 4, 1, k's. so we're starting to see some slowdown there that should help the middle income lower income get into homes in the american dream. you're seeing the slowest pace of sales since 2015 -0 a pandemic month or 2. you're 19% drop in sales activity. year-over-year. the median home is up 7.7% year. that's great. but it's down 6% in the last 2 months. and supply still very limited. so we're not going to see prices drop aggressively, but i'm starting to hear people say maybe i should read my homestead to sell it because last time we had a real estate correction, it took about 18 24 months to really see prices. bottom. and we're only 2 months into it at this point in time. ok, speaking of >> hitting rock bottom. you feel bad for mark zuckerberg. he lost like 70 billion
9:21 am
dollars in values come. it's tough times on everybody. rob. >> its stock down over 50%. so the shareholders are losing billions of dollars to, but he is looking kind of what was the show on netflix? >> why look so paul >> obviously fake russian heiress or german heiress. but i'm digress. he's talking about the matter day. every time we talk about talk about spending billions and billions and more money and the investors, i think they have to keep them out that the board of directors have shut up need focus on profits and not on the metaverse at this point in time gamers love the matter. first first, then he goes mainstream. he say people are using more exercise equipment in the i watch my kids play with one of his headset and it just made me nervous like you're going to fall over like it's a big thing on your head. new versions coming out. it's getting better and better. he sinking billions into the future and no one really trust
9:22 am
facebook with their phone failures with the video frame right? call call video from failures. no one really thinks as a good hand on hardware like apple does. >> interesting. rob, thank you as always. we'll chat with you again tomorrow. viewers, if you're out there, you have questions for up, let him know. send an e-mail directly levy. happy to read it. you can see his address there, rob at rob black dot com or you can reach out to him on facebook and twitter at the handles on your screen. we'll handles on your screen. we'll be right back. life is busy. so, come to shell and get three things done at once. first, fill up with shell v-power nitro+ to help keep your engine running like new. nice! then save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again. oh wow! and, finally, snack up to save even more at the pump. that's great! make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome! ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪
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♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
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♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ 9.24. and new this morning. 2 people have come forward to claim that 1.3 billion dollar mega millions jackpot member. that one. those are the tickets sold in chicago back in july here at the speedway, gas station, the prize was claimed it turns out by 2 people who agreed to split the winnings before the drawing. so that's their story. this the 3rd largest lottery prize in history. hope all goes well for them. i'm sure they've changed their phone number by now. all sudden got a lots and lots and lots of best friends or family that they never >> for your health this morning, speaking of family, tell your kids not to fall for this. the fda warning parents. >> about a new social media challenge. this video has gone viral and shows young people cooking chicken in cough medicine. take a look. you know, year it's like a marinating in nyquil. that's what they do. look at the nyquil.
9:26 am
>> and the fda saying this is dangerous. this could be deadly because boiling certain medicines like this can be harmful. 2 breeze let alone, you know, to 8 let alone to breathe. it's all very dangerous because the medicine is much more concentrated at this level. you when you heat it, they say even if you don't cook, i mean, can just see how the vapors are coming. just inhaling that vapor can cause high levels of these drugs to enter your body be very dangerous to encouraging parents. talk to your kids about the dangers of misses you using drugs and how social media trends can lead to irreversible damage. this is a very, very dangerous to do be smarter than tiktok. >> all right, 9.26. that. i'm still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. we continue to follow breaking news. the new york attorney general filing a lawsuit against former president donald trump accusing him and his 3 grown
9:27 am
children. a fraud. what? details on that coming up.
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>> 9.29 is the time and we're going to weather and traffic and then go immediately to get some analysis of what's going on in new york. as the attorney general just announced today, she's suing
9:30 am
trump and his kids and his organization for fraud. and this is the explosive losses are lots to cover there. and we'll get to that here in a minute. firstly, though, john, with the forecast. good morning. good morning, guys. we've seen some pretty gray skies this morning as >> showers have been seen pushing across the bay area all morning long, especially for the peninsula, the east bay and parts of the south bay to this made for a wet morning commute. so the timing of it, not necessarily ideal, but we will take the rain for sure. and the last of the rain from the system looking outside at san francisco, you can see the bay bridge there. look, still a little bit cloudy, but skies will brighten up slowly through the day that shower activity that we saw earlier this morning. really breaking up nothing more than some isolated sprinkles at this point. thunderstorms out into the sierra nevada and snowfall continuing out that direction. you can see the showers push out of the region and we grow sunnier in sunnier already by noontime. we're tapping into some much more mild conditions and by the afternoon today, we'll be right back into the
9:31 am
70's kind of like we have been the past few days, 50 60's for current temps still bring that light jacket as you get out there. hayward, oakland and concord, each at 63 right now. now the rest of the day today is going to start this drier trend of weather that's actually going to carry us into the start of fall, kicks off tomorrow arena. looking forward to that. okay. so we do have some issues out there. we had an accident right at the call. the cops they just cleared out off of highway. 24. so you got residual delays. 33 minute ride from walnut creek. >> down to 5.80, heading into the city. 21 minutes maze to that 3 months gx. and that's going to look at the san mateo bridge. we have some really big earlier issues here. 25 minutes residual delay from a 80 to 101 and the eastbound side where that accident was things are moving along much faster at this hour, 60 minutes, which was a rough over just the tolls to want to one and in the south bay would go if you're traveling from 85 to menlo park about 48 minutes, we're going to continue tracking your news. we'll have more coming up the
9:32 am
door. and james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot. 9.31. in the east bay firefighters worked overnight putting out a massive fire that happened in a grow operation in san leandro that took several hours to finally get it out. we've got crawford's camila barco in the newsroom with the latest on. >> what happened there? camila? >> yeah, james started to quite a crew to take out that fire taking more than 50 firefighters to get the fire under control. one firefighter was injured fighting the flames and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. take a look at your screen. these are pictures and videos from the scene. 3 different fire departments responded to the call around 9 o'clock last night. now this happened near the intersection of one 39th and washington avenue. it's just a few blocks away from the san leandro hospital. crews try tackling the fire from the ground, but officials say that the flames they were too big. so firefighters started point water from above to get the flames under control. and that took about 3 hours. those flames burned a commercial building. officials
9:33 am
say it had a marijuana growing operation inside. >> watson doors locks heavy i'm takes us a long time to get in and get to see the out. >> now the are at the scene and they will stay there all morning to monitor any flare. ups started james later this morning. they hope to get inside the building to figure out how that fire started. i'll send it back to you. >> okay. we'll look for that. update them. thank you very much. coming up, 9.33, and should juveniles be charged as an adult? in certain criminal cases? hold on a second. we're having a little problem. video. san francisco's district attorney brooke jenkins says that in some cases, yes. >> yes, youth advocates say know that the teenager shouldn't be tried as adults. kron. 4 s charles clifford takes a closer look.
9:34 am
>> well, here in san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins has announced that the da's office is going to make some changes to how they decide if juveniles, 16 17 year-old can be tried as an adult. and that has some youth advocates upset earlier this month, jenkins announced that the da's office would establish a juvenile review team. the team will review cases involving minors who are accused of murder, attempted murder, forcible assault, kidnapping, torture, and aggravated mayhem. the team will then make a recommendation to the da on whether or not the juveniles should be tried as an adult. outside the da's office. on tuesday, a group of youth advocates called for the da to not prosecute juveniles under any circumstances. it takes a to raise a child, not ration. >> you have to charging, start investing. you invest in got
9:35 am
to say how invest in their new directed to their to colleges. >> read the rest 2 opportunities. >> now the da's office has said that they do not take trying juveniles as adults slightly and it's something they will try to avoid. they say da jenkins will not seek to try juvenile offenders as adults in the vast majority of cases cases involving heinous crimes will be reviewed by a new juvenile review team will consider all of the facts and hear from the defense and the victim's family before making a recommendation to da jenkins. that is the very latest here in san francisco. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> well, 9.35, california, as we know, has a wild pig problem. and there is legislation on the governor's desk to deal with it. but it's a controversial one. here in the bay area. as we know, santa clara county has some of the biggest problems with wild pigs. this is some video from kron. 4 viewer showing what folks are dealing with this. these picks tear up lawns all over the place. well, the bill on the governor's desk would lower hunting fees. for
9:36 am
killing these feral hogs. however, both animal rights and hunting groups have both now urge the governor not to sign this particular bill. they're not fans of it. the state is still taking suggestions from the public on how to deal with this problem. we'll let you know what the end up deciding. >> i'm hearing for the man accused of molesting mma star cain velasquez. his 4 year-old relative has been delayed now until november. harry goularte. he made a brief virtual appearance in santa clara county court yesterday. and a judge reset the preliminary hearing 4 november 14th, large say in the meantime, remains out of custody on bail. but alaska's is still being held behind bars with no bail. he is charged with attempting to kill rta in a drive-by shooting. >> 9.36, the time it's been nearly a month since a fire at the corner of the calais turned to visit daraa left some san francisco residents without a place to live 13
9:37 am
residents in all were forced out by those flames. one person was seriously hurt and adding insult to injury in that time between when the fire was put out by firefighters and when contractors got their board of the building, looters got inside and stole what was left of any value. >> my gps watch stolen. i had my by compare. still our wedding ring stolen that the traumatic event. just one part of the you know what it is and recoveries from that can be harder and a lot of ways. >> well, he says he and his fiance started a gofundme page to try and raise money that will then be divided up. among those who were displaced. >> starting to calm down after some morning rain fall. just a few sprinkles remaining right around woodside. expect some wet conditions, few neighborhoods san francisco, if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer.
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>> 9.40 right now and the bay area's trying to help puerto rico there now in recovery mode after being battered by hurricane fiona. yeah, the storm leaving most of that island without electricity without much drinking water. you can see how half the city's about half under water and there are organizations all around the bay area that are pitching in to help. the puerto rico civic club of san jose is one of them. they're focusing on monetary donations that a lot and a purchase things from big box stores and get the puerto rican people, the help that they need to have it shipped straight
9:41 am
there. >> but current me focusing andrea, find her tail pain and get in the way there. whitman white and battles. >> these people are without without power. many of them, another organization pitching another organization pitching in a in the effort right now san francisco. they're hoping to send the funds to organizations already on the ground there in puerto rico. meantime, those living in the country say that help can't get there soon enough. a lot of them are vulnerable. elderly, the sick and the young they're really the ones suffering the most. >> 9.41 is a time will be back in just a few minutes. and don't forget, we're going to have the very latest on former president trump being charged accused of fraud. >> in new york, they want to put them out of business and make him pay.
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>> i-44 right now and we're talking we're still talking about the raincoats. you know, we've only had that one storm on sunday and then we had overnight some good rain to we did clouds still hanging around the chance of a raindrop or 2, still not out of it quite yet. we've got john in the weather center with the john, yet we're right at the tail end of it because you're exactly right. still not quite out of it just yet. >> you can still see there's plenty of grey right up above us. showers are starting to break up now less and less frequency to them. just a few light sprinkles right around half moon bay stretching on to the peninsula in san francisco. a few neighborhoods also in the midst of a few
9:45 am
light sprinkles and up into the north bay much the same had a couple of lightning strikes in eastern solano county earlier. and we're still continuing to see some thunderstorms up in the sierra foothills, not ideal, seeing the lightning with them, but at least all that dry vegetation we had been seeing is very damp. and after multiple days of rain and even upper elevation snowfall up in the mountains, showers will stick with us couple more hours. but by late morning, we're pretty much done with it. and the rest of the day today looks drier than even the past couple of days were we've been seeing afternoon thunderstorms for the inland east bay, less of a chance of that today as most of that potential shifts further out into the central valley. so you'll see some of those clouds on the horizon less likely to actually see them moving your direction, though, the low pressure area that's been bringing us rain fall finally makes its way out. high pressure ridge about to be building back in. and in the process of that, we're going to dry out and warm up into the start of the new season tomorrow, 60's and 70's for san francisco today. 60's at the coast. pretty solid
9:46 am
70's elsewhere. only 3 spots even reaching 82 degrees. woodside being one of those the other 2 being center fell and walnut creek, san jose. you'll be at 74 while freeman through hayward each at 72 livermore and dublin. 75 for your highs. some upper 60's in berkeley, toledo and sonoma. nice. 74 degrees for you this afternoon. tomorrow's highs back into the low 80's as we reach the start of fall, upper 80's to low 90's inland by the first weekend of the new season. as for bayside city's upper 70's to low 80's and coastal areas, even tapping into some 70's this weekend john, thank you for that, right. traveling into the city right now. you're out about 23 minutes to make it from the maze. >> to that fremont street exit to leave that a pretty busy morning, especially along the san mateo bridge that earlier accident shutting down the ridge. the eastbound side for most of the morning drive times now at about 20 minutes, heading across towards the peninsula. get a lot of people stopping and looking all right there to the east. the richmond, sandra fell bridge
9:47 am
12 minutes tolls to 101. as you travel out of richmond, let's check on things along our highways. so 39 minutes along 101. it's 85 to menlo park. 2.80, were seen slight delays. 82 is moving a lot quicker. 8.80, leandro down to milpitas about 38 to 40 minutes for you to hop on the air. we had earlier accident along. 24. that was right at the konica tunnel. that's clear. but now we're at 24 minutes today from walnut creek down to 5.80, and 5.80, in 80 crockett down towards the maze about 21 minutes. darya. james, back to you. i want to be clear. white collar financial crime is not a victimless crime. >> when the well connected break, the law. to take in more money that they are entitled to. it reduces resources to working people to regular people. to small business isn't attacking all taxpayers. everyday. people cannot lie to a bank about how
9:48 am
much money they have in order to get a favorable loan to buy a home. send their kids to college. and if they did. the government would throw the book at them. why should this be any different? >> and that's exactly what the new york attorney general is now doing, throwing the book at trump. she says that trump and his children and the trump organization have lied about finances to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars inflating their net worth the value of their business over the years. >> according to the new york attorney general to benefit themselves with better interest rates for loans for better insurance policies and to also continue the brand that the former president has built over decades, that he is a successful real estate developer. billions of dollars. and according to the attorney general in pursuit of protecting that brand over the years he has along with his
9:49 am
partners in business, filed numerous, large and fraudulent financial statements that inflated over the years. the value of his personal wealth, his cash on hand and the value of his real estate holdings. she says that she's got plenty of evidence and that she has passed that on. >> 2 federal prosecutors and to the irs saying that trump in over a ten-year period every year filed false false asset reports. ignore the advice and the appraisals of professionals. and then she pointed out examples that you might be familiar with so properties in new york that are residential, for example, he's a penthouse that he developed there saying that sit right, saying that it 30,000 square feet when she said that he knew because he built at that it was more like 11,000 square feet and that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in value to get to tripling in value and also mar-a-lago, the estate there.
9:50 am
same thing showing a pattern of behavior that she says is illegal it is it is in this state of new york that they want him to pay back 250 million dollars. and they also want to basically put trump at a business in new york for at least 5 years and him from operating yeah than him and his adult children from ever holding >> any sort of leadership position in a corporation or other entity. this lawsuit was massive, 280 pages compiles this lawsuit, which according to the attorney general, includes more than 200 examples of financial fraud over the years and started mentioned all of this is also being forwarded to federal prosecutors with the eastern district, new york and also with the irs. because don't forget. according to the attorney general, the president, former president and his associates inflated the values of his properties in order to get favorable loans and whatnot from the bank. but then potentially deflated the value of his
9:51 am
properties when he was filing taxes with the irs now have to pay pay as much. we do need to mention that trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. >> he did appear in a deposition and it was in relation is case where 440 times he refused to answer the questions under oath, plead the 5th plated the 5th as well his donald trump all of his adult children. >> also provided f and m i a deposition but didn't do any answers. i think eric trump pleaded the 5th 500 times and the same thing. the trump say it's a witch hunt. and letitia james just did point out that she wanted to say that this whole thing was sparked. the investigation was only spark after trump's own michael cohen. it a few years ago, said to congress that this is what was going on. so that's when she launched an investigation which she said spanned 3 years with 60 witnesses and and and hundreds of pieces of evidence. and you heard in that brief sound bite at the beginning.
9:52 am
>> when we started talking about this sort of again reinforce that theme that nobody is above the law. and that has been one of the big messages that she's been trying to push forward. that everybody who commits. >> what potential crime like this is prosecuted to the full senate law. and she does not believe the former president should be exempt from that. >> big breaking news story that we just found out about here. and you heard it live here on the kron. 4 morning news within the hour. we'll be back with more coverage and more news and weather and traffic in just a few.
9:53 am
kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. reggie bush had something important taken from him,
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>> 9.50, for the time. we are just about done here on the kron. 4 morning news. but before we go, let's check in with a levee or find out what's coming up today. live in the bay. good morning, olivia. good morning, james. happy wednesday, everybody. middle of the week coming up today on live in the bay. >> from professional development to master classes classes, the services theater bay area's offering the entire community. >> then his work has graced magazine covers were chatting with filipino celebrity makeup artist roy santos. plus, he's played on courts around the world. kenny woodard is talking what he's learned on the court and how he's helping the next generation of hooper's. and as always, we want to hear from you and what you have to say about our question of the day. so go ahead and scan that qr code today. we want to know what's your favorite rainy day activity. let us know in your answer. could be read live on the show in just a bit. james, i'm gonna send it back to any rainy day activity. you know
9:56 am
what? that's just i don't we're told. is what i love on a rainy day. >> to get a good movie. i'm excited about and make a grilled cheese sandwich. a tomato soup is that know. i like that. that's very cold. yeah, it's at their name anyway. yeah. i like that. i'm like us can sit on the couch. kind of love movie kind of girl my days. yeah, any thank you, olivia. thanks, james. on the show. >> does this is true. this is true. all right. quickly, the they're going to be pretty well represented for the pro football hall of fame. they're going have a chance at a few more guys to the list. 10 former forty-niners are among the 129 players. it will be nominated. >> for the hall of fame class of 2023, they'll announce them before the super bowl in february. also lets. >> with a peek at the forecast. so we know if james is going to be on the south dakota in the or in the rain. well couch lead the window open today, james, because you get the 70's. close it. back up the next few days, upper
9:57 am
80's to low 90's this weekend in london. low 80's right along the bay to so things are getting hot into the start of fall. we get out of this rain from last night just 10th of an inch at most. yes, some really light stuff of 90 by next week by sunday, so much for what you're on the couch either. way, either way. alright, that's it for the kron. 4 morning news. thank you so much for watching. we'll see tomorrow.
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