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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  September 21, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon, a massive fire ripped through a warehouse in the east bay. why firefighters say a marijuana grow operation stolen car losing their life. we show you what happened. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and news. up>> thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at
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noon. i'm stephanie lin. we start with a dramatic police pursuit on the peninsula that ended in a burglary suspects. death. authorities say the suspect stole a white mustang from a home in half moon bay around 4 o'clock this morning, the san mateo county sheriff's office saying deputies chased the driver to pacifica but lost sight of the car on i-280, san mateo police picked up the pursuit, but they also lost sight of the car. then minutes later, a crash happened on highway 92 on the bridge west of the toll plaza. chp officers found that white mustang at the scene along with a pedestrian hit and killed by oncoming traffic. >> officials say that pedestrian matched the description of the burglary suspect adding they believe the suspect got out of the car once the stolen vehicle ran out of gas, all eastbound lanes of the bridge are back open and an investigation is still ongoing. firefighters in the east they have taken control of a massive fire at a
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suspected marijuana grow operation in san leandro. >> the fire broke out around 10 o'clock last night and took several hours to contain called camila. barco joins us in the newsroom with details on this firefight. camila. >> yeah, well, stephanie, it took 50 firefighters to get that fire under control. however, one firefighter was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. and stephanie, according to the alameda county fire department, they say the commercial building was a marijuana grow. house. >> this is the case is just >> a commercial building with an alleged marijuana growing operation burst into flames late tuesday night in san leandro. flames and smoke could be seen exiting the one story building around 09:00pm. several fire departments state into the early morning hours on wednesday, fighting the fire near the intersection of one. 39 and washington avenue. crews try tackling the fire
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from the ground, but the flames were too big and there was little to no visibility. that's when firefighters started point water from above to get the flames under control, which took about 3 hours. alameda county fire officials say these type of situations are hard to get into. >> watson doors locks heavy takes us a long time to get in and get to see the fire access. the fires. >> now, stephanie, when asked about the alleged marijuana growing operation, if it was legal or illegal, san leandro police tells us that, quote, large scale cool to patients are illegal in san leandro. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks very much, camilla for that live report. and new york's attorney general is suieg a former president, donald trump, his family and company over allegations of business fraud. the lawsuit by ag letitia james alleges mr. trump was involved in an
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expansive fraud, inexpensive fraud, rather lasting over a decade. the trump organization is accused of deceiving lenders, insurers and tax authorities by inflating the value of mister trump's properties. trump's 3 oldest children, donald junior, ivanka and eric were also named as defendants. >> we believe the conduct alleged in this action also violates federal. criminal law, including issuing false statements to financial institutions and bank fraud. and we are referring those criminal violations that we've uncovered to the united states attorney for the southern district of new york and the internal revenue service. >> the ag also said that they want an independent monitor appointed to oversee the trump organization for 5 years. attorneys for mister trump called james's claims, quote, merritt list accusing the attorney general of trying to further their own political agenda. new at noon, the
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federal reserve has raised interest rates. 5.7, 5%, this the 3rd time. but they are raising interest rates this year. the move meant to address inflation and this means rates on things like credit cards, mortgages and auto loans will likely go higher. interest rates are now the highest they've been in 14 years up from 0 at the start of the year, fed reserve chair jerome powell is expected to say the fed will do what it takes to fight inflation. economists say it's unlikely the fed will reverse its rate hikes anytime soon. damage assessments now underway and turks and caicos after the islands were swept by hurricane fiona yesterday. 4 people are dead as a result of this storm. we know the storm reached a category 3 hurricane with speeds of 115 miles per
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hour. rains miles per hour. rains rather winds and torrential rain and in puerto rico, the u.s. coast guard survey the severe flooding and damage in the aftermath of hurricane fiona. they're planning now or rather how federal and local agencies could help recover from the storm. and most areas are still without power in the blackout, stopped water pumps leaving many homes and businesses without running water. hurricane fiona, meantime, is gaining strength. kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan joins us now with a closer look at where that storm is headed now. tell you, this is an exceptionally organized storm. no doubt about it. you can see it here right off the coast of florida. and of course, there's puerto rico, turks and caicos just to the south of it now. but let's zoom in on the eye because what's happening over the last few hours is what's called eye wall replacement. it's when you see the outer bands of the hurricane start to kind of >> dissipate that i and then usually it loses a little strength and then it regains strength and gets even stronger as it moves forward. of course, that does not bode
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well for anything in its path. so let's take a look at the path right now, though. very impressive. look at this. 130 miles per hour, sustained winds category 4 pressure, just 937 millibars. here is the path and you can see bermuda right here as this goes by it at a category 4, hopefully staying right outside of where the worst of this will be. but that is a close call. no doubt about it will take a back to the bay right now. cloudy day out there yet again, we did get a little rain in the overnight hour and still are low pressure system is sitting now tracking inland a little bit, but still dragging in just a little bit of moisture is you can kind of see it here. not a whole lot of this necessarily reaching the ground, but you might seen a few sprinkles today when you're out and about and notice. you've got lightning and even a little bit of icy conditions happening in the sierra. i'll be back in just a bit with the rest of your forecast. send it back to the desk. thanks very much, kyra. >> happening now, oakland police are searching for the suspects in a double shooting outside city hall that left one man dead and another hospitalized. police responding to the shooting shortly after 02:00pm
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yesterday. officials say both victims are in their 20's and that one of the men is from oakland. the other from berkeley. the shooting happened while a city council meeting was happening inside the building, forcing members to take a short recess city councilmember noel gallo says he hopes this latest shooting serves as a wake-up call to police. >> right now we have 682 officers where we should have 782. so we're short when it comes to staffing. but in the past, the way we have dealt with the crime and open. be able to contract reach out to other governmental bodies that provide public safety. and that's the highway patrol. the sheriff's department. even the bart police. >> gallo also suggested reaching out to other agencies like the chp or alameda county sheriff's office to help address the violence in oakland. yesterday's shooting
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marked the 4th homicide in a 24 hour span in the city. and we're learning more about a triple shooting on monday night that left 2 people dead this happening shortly before 08:00pm on telegraph avenue near the islamic center of oakland. police believing there were multiple shooters in a car that opened fire on a crowd of people. one of the victims, a 57 year-old man who had just left the mosque following sunset prayers. kron four's stasio spoke with the victim's friends. >> it's trying to us. the hardworking. it is a good person was shot and killed. >> that is of do of de la. he says 15 minutes before this double shooting. he was in sunset prayers with this friend. 57 year-old to be isa. the 2 had know- each other for 20 years. he says issa left to meet others for coffee at a nearby restaurant which they commonly did in the evenings. but this time it turned tragic
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price of that restaurant. >> the shooting started. >> and you call in the middle. and he got shoved in the back and you start running into the store. and like this, it it was it happens to be blood. was the wrong place at the wrong time? i mean, that was a member of the board of of the team. nascar was also at the mosque monday evening, praying with issa. >> he says issa leaves behind a wife 3 adult sons and a teenage daughter. starts with a shoe. was was always jokes. that was that members of that's and these are the mosque. also shot was another mosque member, a young male teenager. says that east side had left to go join the group. the teen was struck in the lake. he wife. have you spoken with her? >> no, i haven't spoken with yet, greets people. the
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authorities have not announced whether this was a random crime or someone inside the restaurant was the intended target. >> we do know a 22 year-old was also killed and not a member of the mosque. theresa kron, 4 news. and coming up here on the kron, 4 news at noon. >> russian president vladimir putin taking aggressive new measures in his war on ukraine. what he says will come next and how world leaders are responding. plus, a bold proposal by u.s. regulators to ensure drunk drivers can never get on the road again. how the plan would work. and jury selection begins in the trial for embattled santa clara county sheriff laurie smith. more on the accusations she's facing and wha new at noon,
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the man accused of murdering an 8 year-old hayward girl has pleaded not guilty. >> dante jackson is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse for the death of sophia mason. her body was found in jackson's moore said home back in march. he was supposed to be arraigned last week, but the case was delayed because he did not have a lawyer. mason's mother, samantha johnson is the co defendant in the case. she pled not guilty last week. happening today, the corruption trial against santa clara county sheriff laurie smith starts today. she is fighting a number of accusations including claims she issued concealed gun permits in exchange for
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political donations. kron four's will tran has the latest. >> sheriff laurie smith, she's been in charge of santa clara county since 1998. she would like to finish her job and go quietly into the night, which is january. she is not seeking reelection. she's been county sheriff for 6 terms. but her detractors will like her to leave office immediately. jury selection will begin today in the trial should last about 17 days. this trial, many people wanted to start last year, but it was pushed back until now. i can tell you even if she's found guilty, she will not face one day in jail. she's accused of. accepting bribes as well as mismanaging the jailhouse where throughout the years there's been injuries to inmates and even death. she denies all of that. and that's where lawyers are saying this is quite frivolous. let let her go into the night and finished out her term. but
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many people say know that she's had her run at this and they would like her to leave. she if she's found guilty of this, she will leave office. but i have found out even if she's found guilty of this, that she will be entitled to her pension. she 69 years old. there's been a lot of controversy surrounding her over the past decade or so to the point where at one point even her system ran against are lost to sheriff laurie smith. she is not seeking re-election, which is why she is done in a few months from now. but if the grand jury and the people behind all of this have it their way, she will be done in approximately 17 days. we shall see. back to you. very much. well. >> it's been nearly a month since a fire at the corner of mcallister and divisadero left some san francisco residents without a place to live. the flames forced 13 residents out of their homes and seriously injured. one person adding insult to injury here, looters
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got into some of the properties that some time between when the fire was put out and contractors arrived to board up this building. >> my gps watch stolen. i had my by compare still our wedding ring stolen that the traumatic event. just one part of the you know what it is and recoveries from that can be harder and a lot of ways. >> the victims have started a gofundme to raise money that will be divided up among the displaced residents. okay. talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look outside over the headlands gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge coming up a bit in fog at this hour. kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here with more on what we can expect as we step outdoors. hey, kyla. hey there. yes, such a pretty shot. there talk about the fact that we did get a little bit of rain of the last 24 hours a little bit being the key phrase here. that's all under. >> about 2 tenths of an inch, right? but a couple spots, mount diablo, sfo, half moon bay. you know, santa rose 8. you're you know, if you're one
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of the people took out some of those sprinkled in livermore, by the way, had reports of small hail even yesterday. so a bit of a wild run. show you futurecast that this is going to get better as we go along throughout the evening. so that 06:30pm, tonight you see things starting to get a little less unsettled as they have been in the past few days. by the time we get to tomorrow, we're going to kick this low pressure system as it's going to start to track to the north and the east. taking a look at it now, though, you see that counter clockwise circulation, it was offshore starting its move now, but still dragging a little moisture with it. so no doubt about it. there are still some sprinkles to be had. and in fact, also, if you look over the sierra, you can see where the rain has been falling there as well. by the way, the mosquito fire now has 49% containment and those flash flood watches have been lifted that they're concerned about debris flow. so still some lightning still some rain happening there. no doubt about it. current temperatures right now. 63 in san francisco, 67 in vallejo, 70 in santa rosa about 73 in san jose. this is where we're going today. so another day of somewhat mild temperatures. if you're inland, if you're by the coast or by the bay about
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where we should be this time of year, you can see those mid 70's mid to upper 70's inland. 64 out of half moon base. a little chilly there. star low pressure system tracking to the north. it's going to be replaced by high pressure, moving in with high pressure moves in. we get sunshine. we start to warm. ups are going to be drying out and our temperatures are going to rebound all that happy to say rebound, not go crazy. so it's going to be warmer but not insanely warm as we had before. as you can see over the weekend, we're talking upper 80's, maybe low 90's inland, not bad. and by the way, fall starts tomorrow. ready or not? here we come, stephanie, looking forward to it. thanks very much, kyra. wild pigs continue to create problems for some bay area. businesses and homeowners. >> new legislation could soon address the problem for good. but it is controversial. check out this video from some trump for viewers. it shows what some residents out there are dealing with this bill now on the governor's desk would lower hunting fees for killing feral hogs like these. but both animal rights and hunting
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groups are urging the governor not to sign it. the state is still taking suggestions from the public on how to deal with this problem. and we will let you know when a decision is made. still ahead this afternoon as we approach 3 months since the supreme court overturned roe v wade, how a surge in new patients is being felt across the state. >> but first, a new scam targeting lyft users. what people say they're being charged for and how you can protect yourself. that's next. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu...
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kevin: i've fought wildfires here's the reality we face for every this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> the ntsb wants all new cars in the u.s. to come equipped with blood, alcohol monitoring systems to put an end to drunk driving the agency and a group of 16 automakers is gathering data on new technology that would shut down a car if any alcohol is detected in the driver's breath, the federal government said that technology could be ready for widespread use as soon as 2024, the national highway traffic safety administration says roadway deaths in the u.s. at crisis levels. nearly 43,000 people died last year. the greatest number in 16 years. newsnation investigation found some lift. riders are getting charged for fake damages. and as brooke shafer learned, the scam is common. >> everything was normal on the right. i just put my in the back. i said the vaccine and is pretty much my phone for the 10 minute ride. i got notification.
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>> saying that was charged for damages. >> i know i'll never take lift again. >> a viral scam sweeping the nation on the rideshare app. lyft on a recent trip to miami. emily ellis say, oh, did what she's done countless times before she ordered a lyft. the ride was short and unmemorable until she got home. that >> driver had sent in photos that i had damage the car and it's what's policy too. charge a fee to come out of damage been a charge $200 for beyond of the drivers that i get. >> her driver said she damaged the car and even sent lift pictures of what emily said. looked like vomit. she tried to get ahold of lift without any luck. so she turned to social media has a long way to get the company's attention on twitter. she realized she wasn't alone. it's pretty much the same thing in april. this once frequent lyft rider said he was charged $80 for
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reportedly spilling a drink in his lift. >> i wrote to them and i said what is this for? and they said it's for having an open container, a beer in the car and spilling it. >> it is the perfect. see him because it's very difficult to disprove that you from smoke in a car or has spilled a drink. >> chris elliott runs the consumer advocacy blog. elliott advocacy. he says he's seen a recent uptick in these lift damage scams. they all are very similar. they involve someone taking a ride. usually just a short ride to get out. >> and then there's a charge on your card and they they send you the photos and they charge you. and there's really nothing you can do about it. >> he says some drivers see the scam as easy money to avoid being the victim. he says, first of all, when you get in the car, take a picture. >> and when you get out of the car, take a picture. also engage in some conversation with the driver establish some are poor. i would say it's far less likely that your driver
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is going to report you. for a false damage claim. if you have a reporter with the driver. >> and if you do find yourself facing a damage claim, ask for photos and to see the report. if all else fails, reach out to your bank and file a fraud claim. fortunately, my bank did refund me that after disputing the lharge and saying it was like a scam in fraudulent, they refunded it back. but again, it's like really is in the bank's responsibility to do that. let's >> that was brooke shafer reporting for us. and she reached out to live to get their response to all this. and so far the company has not issued any comment. next at noon, president biden addressing the un general assembly. his message on the war in ukraine after russian president vladimir putin announces he's stepping up his attack. >> plus, a brazen in his store expect the dozens of people charged with stealing millions
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of dollars from a pandemic food program. and something is happening to the water in santa rosa, how it could be connected to the recent earthquake. we explain.
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>> new at noon, the recent magnitude 4.4 earthquake in santa rosa and they have done something to local creeks. there. kron four's charles clifford is live in santa rosa to explain. check what's going on out there.
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>> well, here in kind of a northern santa rosa, there are a lot of people who live along mark west creek and they noticed after the earthquake last year, our last week that the water level had suddenly and unexpectedly risen. >> we were jolted both susan and i were upstairs last tuesday. john mccauley and his wife, susie, were at home here along carriage lane and santa rosa, when a magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck not far away and everything shook in the house and it open drawers that knocked pictures off of walls after the quake. john looked out the window and saw a wave of water rushing down nearby mark west creek for months. the creek had been little more than a series of stagnant pools, but now the water had suddenly risen 4 to 6 inches. we looked at it and it looked like there was a wave of water coming down the it was is if you are at the seashore and you watch the waves breaking the wave washes up each successive wave kind of washes up further in closer and closer as the tide is coming in. that's what i would liken
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it to. john says that he emailed and called the county and sonoma water and has been told that the most likely explanation for the surge is that the earthquake released some underground spring of water somewhere upstream. thankfully, the water in the creek has leveled off. john and susie lost their home a few years ago to the tubbs fire and mark west creek can sometimes floods. so they are grateful that this didn't turn into a problem. >> nice it. it has, you know, tapered off. all right, back live now, john and susie also tell me that since the creek is come up, they've seen a river otter is playing down in the water and they've seen a surge in little steelhead, a fish fry in the water. and there's also a family of fox down there. so it looks like mother nature is taking advantage of this little. >> bonus of water for sure. but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. all right. thanks very much, charles, for that live report. >> let's talk a bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside at the gorgeous golden gate kyla grogan tracking all of our bay area
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weather for us this afternoon. hey kyla. yeah, they're starting at some nice sunshine out there, so certainly depends on where you are. but some of the clouds are clearing, but notice we still have some of this moisture being dragged. and as this low pressure system kind of hangs on a little bit, you can see that counter clockwise circulation. >> that's the low pressure system. so it's now moved ashore, right? it was kind of out here yesterday and now the center is right here and notice over the sierra starting to get some more rain and lightning. and by the way, i'm seeing reports of perhaps some slush up there to mount rose highway. that's kind of fun to see right from incline village head up their mount rose highway, but also some lightning associated with this, too, by the way, that's of the late 8500 feet. so to be pretty high up where you see the slush live look outside here. and you can see again, we have that mix of clouds and of sun. and now tomorrow the sun is going to take over. but today the clouds will still going to be hanging on current temperatures right now. low 60's in san francisco got about 70 degrees in concord and santa rosa. 73 in san jose and palo alto about 68 degrees. good afternoon to you. how much more rain can we get? not much everybody you
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can see. we're talking about measuring it in 1, 1, 100th of an inch. so probably a sprinkle or 2 highs today will be a pretty normal for around the bases. 70's san francisco, 74 in hayward. but if you head inland, santa rosa should be about 85 this time of year. so 75 for you. and 78 livermore. another spot that should be in the mid but we are going to see the temperatures go up the sunshine return. i've got all those details coming up in your extended forecast. plus, we'll talk about a hurricane fiona as well and come back in just a bit. now. send it back to thanks very much. russian president vladimir putin has escalated his war with ukraine this morning with plans to recruit up to 200,000 additional soldiers. >> he says the west crossed a line for providing weapons to ukraine. ukraine has reclaimed a large sections of their territory in the northeastern parc of the country, causing russian troops to retreat. putin suggested in his speech that he might resort to nuclear weapons to fight back. and after putin's comments, president joe biden called on
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all countries to defend the national order during his address at the united nations general assembly. our washington correspondent trevor shirley reports. >> well, this is one of the few issues on capitol hill where republicans and democrats have found some common ground. there's general consensus that this aid package needs to get passed quickly. but at this point, it's not clear when exactly that might happen. on tuesday, the house passed the bill by a 3.68 to 57 margin and tacked on an extra 7 billion dollars more than president biden originally requested. that bill is now heading to the senate where it's expected to pass easily. however, that could be held up by republican senator rand paul of kentucky among others. paul wants an amendment to create more oversight to make sure the money being spent on ukraine is used properly. the now expected 40 billion dollar aid package provides more weapons, financial assistance and supports regional allies. the number one element is speed.
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>> ukrainians need what they need as quickly as we can get them what they need. the president has called on both chambers of congress to act quickly. quickly. we must. >> the house vote was overwhelmingly bipartisan and it should be no difference in this chamber. time is of the essence. >> now there is some concern that this continued assistance could lead to some kind of escalation, especially of russia, starts to view those weapon shipments as fair targets in the meantime, we're expecting to get a better sense later today of when this legislation might actually get a vote reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> a 74 year-old woman from oakley is being charged with murder. judith goodner is expected to appear in court this week. investigators say she shot and killed. 51 year-old ruben ortiz in may. detectives originally determined the shooting happened in self-defense. but months later, investigators say they learned goodner
12:36 pm
shared an intimate relationship with the victim and said she withheld that information from police. police say goodner also failed to mention that she was the one who picked up the victim and brought him to her home shortly before the shooting. >> was it intentional? was a plan? was a premeditated hard to say that based upon the but definitely something that could come out court down the road. of what made her intention was. >> goodner is being held at the martinez detention facility on 2 million dollars bail. she is due in court tomorrow. for mitt and a former minneapolis police officer is sentenced to 3 years behind bars for aiding and abetting second-degree degree manslaughter in the death of george floyd thomas lane pleaded guilty to the state charged in may. he's already serving a 2 and a half year federal sentence for violating floyd's civil rights. prosecufors agreed to allow lane to serve his state
12:37 pm
sentence at the same time as his federal sentence. he is being held at a low-security federal prison camp in colorado. prosecutors charged 47 people for allegedly stealing over 200 million dollars from a pandemic program meant to feed children in need. rich mchugh has the story. >> early in the pandemic. a small group of people in minnesota had an idea and saw an opportunity. these individuals believed they could steal 10's of millions of dollars from the federal child nutrition program by claiming to serve food to needy children when they were not. >> u.s. attorney andrew luger announced charges against 47 people tuesday for defrauding the federal child nutrition program alleging they profited off a scheme to make money by falsely claiming to feed needy children before long. the scheme that began with a simple idea in march of 2020 grew to become the largest
12:38 pm
pandemic fraud. in the united states. the indictments are against 6 groups, all connected to one main group feeding our future. they took millions of dollars in federal money during the pandemic. 250 million that was supposed to feed needy kids in minnesota. instead, prosecutors allege they fed their own pockets. they use this money that was supposed to be used for feeding children to buy houses in minnesota, resort property real estate. in kenya and turkey. luxury cars, commercial property, jewelry and much more. the defendants are charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and paying and receiving illegal kickbacks. according to the indictment, the elaborate scheme worked like this. amy bach and feeding our future recruited individuals to open more than 200 federal child nutrition program sites throughout minnesota. those sites fraudulently claimed to be serving meals to thousands of children a day they created
12:39 pm
fake attendants, rosters, fake invoices for those meals and the federal government in turn reimburse them. amy bach was the founder and executive director of feeding our future which closed this year and a miss nancy. the a p. >> the comments about why you're here today. journal in minnesota caught a moment with amy bach in her attorney as they entered the courthouse. it's an unfortunate my client meant well, just who means >> we've got to it. >> you all she >> and that was rich mchugh reporting for us. prosecutors are saying this is the largest case of pandemic fraud in the u.s.. and los angeles county has agreed to pay an additional 5 million dollars to an orange county family over graphic photos taken of the helicopter crash site that killed 9 people, including kobe bryant and his daughter chris chester lost his wife, sarah and 13 year-old daughter payton in the 2020 crashed.
12:40 pm
the county awarded chester and bryant's wife vanessa, 15 million dollars each in a federal trial last month. but vanessa bryant could still file her claims of privacy invasion during the litigation. for your health. the fda is warning parents about a new social media challenge. videos are going viral showing young people cooking chicken in cough medicines such as nyquil. the agency says this is dangerous because boiling certain medicine can be harmful let alone eat. they say the boy links that say they say that boiling this medicine makes it much more concentrated and it even if you don't eat this check-in inhaling the medicines. vapors could cause high levels of the drug to enter your body. the fda is encouraging parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs and social media trends like this one for us now. coming up, the city of south lake tahoe could soon ban plastic water bottles.
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>> why some argue the move could be bad for business. plus, nasa takes big step forward towards repairing its artemis moon rocket. how soon that could take off. in california at the epicenter of the nationwide battle over abortion. the golden state welcoming more women from across the country. the ripple effects being felt by this recent influx of people. after the break. 3 months ago this
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week, the supreme court struck down the constitutional right to abortion. >> since then, state officials, including the governor, have worked to present the state as a haven for reproductive rights. thousands of women from other parts of the country are coming to the golden state for help. and as karma dickerson shows us, the influx is changing the state of abortion here in california. >> california for the come for the celebrity. it come for the >> abortion. >> governor gavin newsom doubling down on the promise of a haven for reproductive refugees with billboards like this. california just launched a brand new resource for. >> he says they're going up in 7 states that are severely limiting or eliminating abortion access information. if you're traveling to california from another state. the signs promote abortion dot ca dot g o v which include the special section for people from out of state. it's
12:45 pm
essentially a how to for accessing abortion services or whether you live here or not. and women across the country have been taking the golden state up on the offer in california, demand for reproductive services has grown since june 24th the fall of roe versus wade. california's closest neighbor to have a dramatic shift in abortion availability, arizona, many people from out of state thinking that abortion care traveling this very road here, highway 8, arizona, into california. >> in the first few weeks since roe fell, the closest planned parenthood in california 847% increase and patients coming from the grand canyon state who are forced to make the decision to pa's abortion services in tell there was legal clarity. brittany fonteno with the president and ceo of planned parenthood, arizona. >> and they're positive. abortion services went on for 2 months after the fall of roe. >> as the group tried to understand whether the state's previous abortion ban didn't back 150 years would come back
12:46 pm
into what we really focused on was patient navigation, making sure that people in arizona knew what their options where for safe and legal abortion in places where it remains very clear that abortion was legal, places like california, where many of them their closest point of care. it's about an hour across the state line. od here at planned parent and health contract. >> as the transportation commissioner for this county and particularly concerned because i know the far knox of this particular county it can take anywhere up towards 2 hours to get to the health care center here in el centro. if you live within this county now, imagine someone without transportation access and sauna and make it here in calexico. ya, mayor pro tem of neighboring calexico. about 2 hours east of san diego is a former planned parenthood staffer and current client. he tells us he has seen the effect of higher demand for abortions on his own health care access. and i've notice a 3 weeks wait time for weeks,
12:47 pm
paid time for std screenings were months ago. the way would have been closer to one to 2 weeks. i definitely has has and you prioritize of their other patient visits. but understandably so. i mean, this is a crisis we're facing. arizona is currently the only state border in california with particularly restrictive abortion access. >> however, that does not mean that southern california is the only part of the state feeling the impact of increased demand. we actually was significant number of state patients being served here in sacramento. sacramento's local planned parenthood affiliate is mar monte covering northern california from the ocean to the nevada mountains. every time i come in. >> there's someone from alabama. there's someone for texas. there's a story of a persian honesty in california. we're now seeing more than double the out of state patients were the largest affiliate in the country. vice president of public affairs lauren babb says planned parenthood in the sacramento area. >> took steps to expand their hours and staff in anticipation of the supreme
12:48 pm
court ruling. so they have managed so far to keep up the needs of patients living in and out of the state. but in some cases the care looks different. >> can this be a telehealth appointment instead so that we have an exam room for now to stay patient or can we triage more so that they're coming in just to pick up the medications that they need? babb says the logistics of treating out of state patients can be tricky with many needing to fly in and out of california on the same day. >> meeting their needs can be complicated and stressful. still, we have a bigger concern when it comes to out of state patients. >> what keeps us all up and i as the folks that don't come through our doors, there are so many people that don't have resources don't have extra, you know, money for travel and need. she suspects is only going to get worse as more states work to eliminate or more severely restrict the care. california is inviting people to get in sacramento. karma dickerson. >> governor newsom appeared in new york last night speaking at the clinton global initiative and he wasted no time attacking republicans. with all due respect to those.
12:49 pm
>> conservative governors out there, greg abbott. and others. there's dumb as they want to be. and they're just doubling down on stupid and we will not follow their path. >> the governor has bgen increasing his presence on the nationalhstage in recent months. a recent report suggested if president biden does not run for re-election, then newsom would seek the oval office in 2024. all right. talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look over the bay bridge toll plaza and not too many cars moving out there. i have for your lunch hour. kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan with more on conditions outdoors. yeah. i want to start with hurricane fiona just because it's kind of fascinating to see this. this is a category 4 hurricane that is in the atlantic right now. that >> cause damage in puerto rico and also turks and caicos is now headed towards bermuda. but check it out. this is eyewall replacement. you see the eye starting to get choked off by the outer bands and then it will re strengthen and
12:50 pm
you'll see it redevelop. so that's happening right now. started over the last few hours. you can see this massive storm right here, just kind of sitting off the coast of miami. so it is a category 4 major hurricane. that means it's sustained winds at 130 miles per hour. 937 millibars or pressures. that's pretty impressive as well. it's going to sustain its category for all the way through and could see it takes a swipe at bermuda, which is right there. so a little close, hopefully they will get away with not having a lot of damage. but i was looking at this, you know, the entire span of this is over 400 miles. so imagine that very impressive system going headed back to the bay right now where we have a less impressive nonetheless, it's brought us some very beneficial rain still dragging a little bit of moisture and starting to see that around the bay. but it's it's very few and far between. but it doesn't mean that you couldn't see a few sprinkles possible out there. we do have some those blue skies, though, making it in the way in the way to there's all those who see the fluffy clouds. so it we're going kind of do this dance for the next couple of hours in show. you futurecast a few things keep popping up in the radar. but as we go through the day, things should
12:51 pm
start to die down. and by tomorrow, certainly we're going to see a very different pattern as we start to see our low pressure that's brought us the rain track to the north and east. high pressure builds in and that means we're going to dry out. we'll see some of those temperatures start to rebound and i'm happy to say it's not going to be a wild rebound. just a pretty nice rebound a little bit above average in la, but not bad. you can see fall begins on thursday. upper 80's as we head towards the weekend. low 90's possible. and that's about it. but a lot of sunshine on the way. stephanie, back to you. thanks very much. >> the city of south lake tahoe is now one step closer to banning single-use plastic bottles, plastic water bottles. that is dennis shanahan explains what that band would mean and why some of the community say they are against it. >> mark twain said whiskey's for drinking. that water is for fighting over. so i guess we have a we have a fight on our hands here. that's the chief executive officer of the south lake tahoe chamber of commerce opposing the proposed ban on single-use plastic water bottles less than a gallon in size at city facilities and events. >> violators would face fines
12:52 pm
if approved by the city council. the ban would go into effect in april of next year on earth day. the ordinance would further prohibit city merchants from selling those water bottles a year later and it would apply to non sparkling and flavored drinking water. heather's drought is the city attorney city manager can waive those provisions of necessary to protect public health and safety, including if there's a lack of potable water available due to a natural disaster city staff members who spoke during the meeting find the idea refreshing. i would just remind everybody that our tap water is extraordinary. also recognizing that all tap is held to at least the same or even higher standards than bottled water. it contributes far fewer greenhouse gases over its life cycle and it is nearly free reaction from community members was mixed here. again, the chamber of commerce sky. it's going to take. >> but plenty local merchants pockets and give it to somebody else's pocket. some residents are concerned the ordinance could lead to job
12:53 pm
losses. south tama refuse employs workers on the conveyer line to separate recyclables, including plastic bottles. we really do need to stop the letter sores. merrily mobius from keep tahoe blue was among those who spoke out in favor of the ordinance citing the number of plastics that organization has collected. 29,513 bottle caps made of plastic that have been picked up. >> per cleanup efforts. and 21,139 plastic water bottles that have also been picked up on the environment from our cleanup efforts. the city plans to install water filling stations to make up for the lack of bottles. and council members talked about the need for a design that doesn't freeze in the winter. after a lengthy discussion and public debate, the council voted to approve the reading of the ordinance. that's a step toward final approval of the ordinance itself at a future meeting being a part of global solutions are great and i'm going to be. >> and that was dennis shanahan reporting for us. and that final vote is expected
12:54 pm
next month. if the ordinance passes the city plans to encourage businesses to sell reusable metal or aluminum water bottles. next at noon, the ice cream vending machine coming to a mall or airport near you. >> taste test in today's tech >> taste test in today's tech smart. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
>> happening today is another big day for nasa and the future of the artemis moon rocket. nasa engineers will conduct a test where they will
12:57 pm
use a lower will use lower pressure to fill the launch system. rocket with fuel. they hope that this test will show that they have fixed the fuel leak problems that caused previous launch attempts to be scrubbed. if today's test is successful, nasa hopes to launch the artemis one rockets on september 27th. that's just in a few days. and then machines that serve food have gotten more popular, serving everything from cakes to cupcakes to pizza. well, now there's a new machine that promise is freshly served ice cream. rich demuro has more in today's tech smart >> whether you prefer to scoops or soft serve ice cream is always a treat. kind of fun to watch. the sauce drop down onto it. now a startup named eye cream wants to make ice cream and frozen yogurt readily available. 24 7. >> anywhere you can fit a vending machine and doesn't do a perfect serve every time. yes, co-founder mateo is
12:58 pm
collation says it took them a few years to get the tech just right. you're a skii, i've come 30 seconds front of your eyes right now. about a dozen machines are in 10 locations, mostly in malls. but soon they're expanding to airports, too. eye cream joins a long list of new food vending machines, dispensing everything from cupcakes to pizza. there's even an automated burger vending machine in new jersey and a startup that makes a raman vending machine. i see the wetzel's pretzels. the cal? yeah. and the eye cream. pinkberry addition, eye creams founders told me sales took off when the company signed a deal to offer pain very frozen yogurt. the machine is pretty eye-catching. it's got these nice lights. pinkberry is a brand. a lot of people know and love. >> order some the machine offer several topping options. i'm going to do some sprinkles. and maybe a little bit. chocolate sauce first cup makes its way under the dispenser. look at world. expertly done. then slides over for sauce and toppings
12:59 pm
once the door opens, you can retrieve your treat a folded. spoon is under the cup. very smart. look at that. it's got that signature pink fairy taste. also like how the chocolate has sort of part. on top of the pink, very good at that nice little crunch in or out. it's k nd of fun. this game from vending machines. but could all this automation leave a bad taste in your mouth? is eye cream taking away jobs? you know making more jobs like for people like me and they're going to be able to have more to build their own business. >> very interesting. that will do it for us here at the kron. 4 news at noon. lets send things over to olivia horton for live in the bay. you know, olivia, i think i can do ice cream out of a vending machine, but not so sure about japanese raman. what do you think? japanese raman? because, you know, i'd have to want it that much every day. but i agree with, you know, the ice cream in the home. >> i could get used to something like that. it could be dangerous, though. that right. exactly. exactly. so what do you have on the show for us today? yeah, steph.
1:00 pm
coming up today at theater bay area is committed to strengthening inclusivity on the stage. sean fenton joins us to discuss all they're offering the community, then glam ing up celebs and gracing the cover of magazines were chatting with filipino celebrity makeup artist roy santos. plus, a former player and basketball trainer. kenny, what art is teaching the next generation about what he's learned on his journey at what it takes to compete on the court. >> and redmond want you feeling? absolutely best. they're blending eastern and western practices. green, traditional chinese medicine to the bay area. find out how you can get your fix. there's so much happening today on live in the bay. >> welcome in to live in the bay. and thanks for joining us today. i'm olivia horton. >> let's kick the show off with case youis


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