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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> now at 5, oakland rocked by a wave of gun violence this week. the city's police department now having their hands full, adding 4 homicides in less than 24 hours. the latest outside of city hall prompting an urgent response from oakland's leaders who say something needs to be done. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 5. i'm dan for and i'm vicki liviakis. the killings this year in oakland now total 93. >> the search is on for the suspects in a deadly shooting just outside city hall that left one man dead. another
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hospitalized yesterday. police are also investigating 2 shootings on monday where 2 men were killed in an area right around the corner from a mosque, a 3rd person. a 48 year-old woman died in a separate shooting less than an hour later in what police say. looks like an unrelated event. well, city leaders now weighing in on the gun violence in oakland, including city council member. >> lauren taylor, he talked with kron four's haaziq in his first interview since receiving big endorsements from bay area. mayors and like many other city leaders. taylor says the issue of gun violence has been an ongoing challenge. >> one of the major challenges facing oakland right now is public safety, violent crime, gun violence. talk about how your campaign is approaching that topic specifically at how it differs from your competitors. >> bottom line is that i've been consistent when it comes to public safety. my entire tenure. i have a flip-flop like some of my colleagues on the council. i have always
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maintained we need a both and solution that ensures we prioritize the safety of our residents. while also moving towards a more equitable and just system when it comes to staffing and bring the appropriate resources. i believe that we can adequately staff our officers, our police department and our department of violence prevention are some new language and their attorney regarding your opponents in this race, flip-flopping on the when it comes to public safety and policing in the city of oakland. what you mean by that? who's flip-flopping? when there are calls to defund the police department by 25 to 50 million dollars. am proposing plan. >> its policing budget by at least 25 million into community programs that will keep us safe. >> i stood on the opposite side of mike mayoral candidate council member tao. because i knew that residents both needed to be safe and move
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towards a more equitable and just public safety system. i simply didn't go along with that. the flow or the loud voices in the room. what do you think? it says that these mayor's is specifically san jose, san francisco, oakland >> endorsing your candidacy for mayor at this time in oakland. >> what it says is that they are con ident in my plan, my vision, my capabilities to really lead this amazing city forward in the turbulent times that were currently in and facing ahead. >> we should note oakland city council member and mayoral candidate reed also oppose the city council cuts proposed and adopted to the oakland police department's budget. i think you for news. >> oakland police are actively searching for the suspects involved in several burglaries in little saigon. investigators say they happened around 4 o'clock monday morning along international boulevard. the department says an alarm went off at one business when
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officers arrived on scene. they later discovered multiple burglarized businesses in the area. the investigation is still ongoing tonight. >> a dramatic turn of events on the san mateo bridge this morning. that's where a suspect who had been involved in a high-speed chase with police was struck and killed by a passing car. that man has been identified as 31 year-old eric yeager of fremont kron four's rob nesbitt. talk with chp about this. he's joining us live now with the details that led up to what happened here. rob traffic backed up for hours. guys after this fatal crash. chp says that yeager stole a white ford fpmustang from a home and half moon bay before leading police on a high-speed chase that ended with his own death. >> deputies with the san mateo county sheriff's office spotted the stolen white mustang on route one and chase the driver. eric yeager through pacifica, but lost him near black mountain in san mateo county. chp officer chris part. she says the san mateo police department picked up the pursuit lives of the vehicle traveling state route. 92. >> in the city of san mateo,
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but then they lost visual of the vehicle around edgewater. >> minutes later, a crash happened on highway 92 eastbound on the san mateo bridge west of the toll plaza. the suspect that was driving a white ford mustang ran out of gas on the bridge. >> so he veered off to the shoulder and exited the vehicle and >> he ran into the lanes of traffic and a passing motorist struck the suspect, officer bar. she says at least 2 vehicles struck yeager who died from his injuries. >> those chp was never involved in the pursuit. i asked officer about what warrants one from his agency. we out the the risks versus game. >> we look at traffic conditions but look at weather conditions but are things we take into account whether we should continue to pursue, are we? we should just the chp also considers the type of crime that has occurred when deciding for pursuit is warranted or not. >> the stolen twenty-twenty ford mustang has been taken by the san mateo county sheriff's
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office for evidence. >> as they investigate the car theft and fatal crash reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt. kron 4 news. rob, thanks a lot for the san francisco police department has quadrupled the reward for solving the 2016 double murder information leading to an arrest and prosecution of a suspect is now worth $100,000. this is a sketch showing a person of interest in the deaths of 27 year-old lindsay elaine mccollum. and 51 year-old eddie wayne tate. the 2 were killed in the corner of 16th street and south van ness avenue in the city's mission district to the north and now neighbors in santa rosa. they've noticed a strange side effect from last magnitude. 4.4. >> earthquake people living along the mark west creek where they saw a dramatic rise in the water level. there. in fact, some residents say a wave of water rushing just came down. the following the quake. and for months now, this creek, you had not even seen, you know, anything any
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waters, the series of stagnant pools. but then it saw the water level rise by some 4 to 6 inches. >> we looked at it and it looked like there was a wave of water coming down the it was is if you are at the seashore and you watch the waves breaking a wave washes up beach success of wave kind of washes up further in closer and closer as the tide is coming in. that's what i would liken it to. >> residents say that sonoma county is telling them that the most likely explanation for that surges at the earthquake released some underground springs of water somewhere upstream. thankfully, the water in the creek leveled off. all right. we've had some pretty nice weather. we saw some rain earlier this week. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now. >> one, whether we're going to get any more rain or what we should expect, it will take water anyway. we can get right to it laker. couple raindrops from above. we're going to see some showers kind of diminish now outside things are starting to quiet down a bit. still a chance of a pop-up scattered shower. but those
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are quickly than that. she now is the system kind of moving out of town, least for the bay area, not everywhere. we've got a nice clear skies out the bridge right now in san francisco. looking good out there. the sea breeze kind of kicking up behind this frontal system finally making its way on shore. but again, look at that's more lingering showers as that low spends around northern california. numerous thunderstorms popping up there right now near reading in chico and in round numerous lightning strikes. there's that low pushes on through as the sun sets tonight. a lot of that energy is going to go away from that system. the bay area. yeah, we have some more rain drops overnight. in fact, coastal area saw about 1500's of an inch of rain from the system that is still a slowly winding down before moving out of the bay area. here's the very latest on the doppler radar. you see pretty quiet around our skies right now. that's the way it is going to stay overnight. that area of low pressure. that is a really been with us since the weekend spinning off the coastline and bringing us occasional showers that has now made its way on shore. that will continue to lift a move out of town. high
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pressure taking over behind that. that means we've got some nice weather coming our way for the first day of fall. temperatures going to be warming up very nicely outside back. we could be looking at some 90's as we head in toward the weekend. that looks like some nice weather ahead. sailing into our weekend under least early next week. the fog likely to make return along the coastline overnight tonight. but boy, most the day tomorrow, looking very nice plan on temperatures soaring well into the 70's, even some mid 80's in the valleys, 60's and 70's closer to the coastline. all right, lawrence, and this just in to the kron, 4 news room. >> a federal appeals court has ruled that the justice department can review classified records seized from mar-a-lago in its ongoing criminal investigation of donald trump. the emergency intervention allows the justice department to immediately resume its investigation. the former president. the documents were being withheld from the doj pending a decision from the appeals court. all members of the trump family, including the former president, will face a massive 250 million >> from new york's attorney . e-
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general washington correspondent basil john reports says she says that they were >> part of a fraud that lasted more than a decade. we're filing a lawsuit against donald trump. >> wednesday state attorney general letitia james announced the state of new york is suing former president donald trump. the civil lawsuit also includes 3 of trump's adult children and the organization they operate for violating the law. >> as part of his efforts to generate profits for himself. his family and his company. >> the lawsuit alleges the trumps were involved in large scale fraud often by over valuing assets like buildings and golf courses to deceive banks. >> to lend money to the trump organization, a more favorable terms than would otherwise have been available to the company. >> james says the 3 year long investigation also found the former president and his family violated several state laws. >> including falsifying business records. issuing
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false financial statements. insurance fraud. the attorney general is seeking a 250 million dollar judgment. >> and restrictions on future business. the family can conduct in the state. in response, donald trump called the attorney general a failed official whose lack of talent in the fight against crime is driving people and businesses out of the state. and donald trump junior said, quote, leticia james doesn't care about the law. she's a dem activists who only cares about politics. trump's legal team added they look forward to defending their client from claims they call meritless reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. coming up, california attorney general rob bonta was in san francisco today as he announces a first of its kind office of gun violence prevention. >> and hurricane fiona continues its path of destruction where the deadly storm could soon make landfall. plus, a massive fire ripped through a warehouse in the east bay. why firefighters
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say a marijuana grow operation may be to blame.
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>> firefighters in the east bay taking control of a massive fire at a suspected marijuana grow operation in san leandro. and this fire breaking out around 10 o'clock last night. it took several hours to contain. one firefighter was sent to the hospital with injuries. it's all happening at a building on 100 and 39th and washington avenues near san leandro
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hospital. proffers camila barco has more on that fire fight. >> it took 50 firefighters to get this fire under control. however, one of those firefighters was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. according to the alameda county fire department, the building was a marijuana grow. house. >> this is the case is just >> a commercial building with an alleged marijuana growing operation burst into flames late tuesday night in san leandro. flames and smoke could be seen exiting the one story building around 09:00pm. several fire departments state into the early morning hours on wednesday, fighting the fire near the intersection of one. 39 and washington avenue. crews try tackling the fire from the ground, but the flames were too big and there was little to no visibility. that's when firefighters startet point water from above to get the flames under control, which took about 3
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hours. alameda county fire officials say these type of situations are hard to get into. >> watson doors locks heavy takes us a long time to get in. we get to see the fire >> well, that's out now when asked about the alleged marijuana growing operation, if it was legal or illegal, san leandro police tells us that, quote, large scale cold to patients are illegal in san leandro in the newsroom. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> california's creating the country's first office dedicated to fighting gun violence. our first catherine heenan is here with details. catherine? yeah, on the face of it, it seems kind of surprising. nobody's done this before. as for whether it will actually help. of course, that remains to be seen. but attorney general rob bonta has announced the creation of the office of gun violence prevention, a new division of the department of justice for california. he says it will
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mean a lot of teamwork between various agencies designed to come up with ways to get guns off the streets. bonta says it is a new idea and its time has come. >> the first of its kind not just in the state, but in the nation, specifically this new office. well examine a broad range of factors to prevent gun violence from firearm availability to affect the resources for crisis prevention. reduce gun violence by promoting research and data collection. me believe that evidence-based approaches and data driven approaches are effective approaches. >> fonda points out that california has had more than its share of shootings and mass shootings. and that nationwide gun violence is the leading cause of death for children. there is now an ongoing nationwide search for the office's new director. and a victim. >> all right, catherine, thanks. a lot a few snowflakes they were seen in the sierra today. you can see it right
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there. there are some thunderstorms that actually moved through the region. this is up in soda springs. lawrence karnow joins us now to talk about that snow coming down. yeah. how about that? that's kind of a sign of the changing seasons. of course, tomorrow. >> the first day of fall, the 2 mil equinox taking place as we get ready for the beautiful fall weather. of course, that some of our nice weather here in the bay area. we have that a late season rain in summer. but now here we go. clearing things out and tomorrow. yeah, it all begins. we're going to sneak in least part of the day of summer. but to leak would just after 6 o'clock tomorrow. that's when the sun's rays begin to move in. push further in the southern hemisphere and brighten them up. and of course, our days grow shorter and shorter tomorrow. yeah, we've got 12 hours of sunlight. but they have things are going to get shorter. as you know, these temperatures boy,iwe're going to cool things down and all we're talking about some rain. hopefully some snow in the sierra nevada soon right now as dry as can be across most of the bay area. we've cleared out your skies. the storms have moved on out. lots of
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sunshine out there right now. all the way from the east bay to the coastline. but we'll see the little return of some fog and some low clouds storm not done, though, with california. so there's a possibility outcome or snowflakes over the chef area and numerous thusderstorms point really just lighting up the afternoon as that low pushing on taking the instability in some of that moisture. and there you go. a lot of thunderstorm activity across northern california, the bay area, though, kind of quiet. now as we saw the showers early on today and then we got to taper off as we head toward the afternoon, low pressure going left and start to kick to the east as that moves out, that ridge of high pressure slips in and that is going to make for some nice weather ahead for tomorrow. looks like some very nice temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. lots of 70's 80's around the bay area. beautiful. even in san francisco, almost 70 degrees next few days. here we go. that's right. fall begins tomorrow. we're going to see a lot of sunshine, maybe some 90's as we head towards saturday and sunday right now looking way down the range. i don't see any raindrops coming just yet. so we'll catch a little break. enjoy all we know when there are some let
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yeah, all over. thanks. all right. >> all right. with the federal reserve raises interest rates sharply once again today. the interest rates were increased by 3 quarters of a percentage point for the 3rd straight time. that rage thing that raised the benchmark rate to its highest level since 2008 on face has shown some signs of slowing down. analysts say that core inflation outside of energy and food prices expected to be 3% this year. and that still more than a point higher than the fed's 2% benchmark. the federal reserve chairman indicated that more interest rate hikes are on the way. >> still ahead, this word dead whales continue to wash up on bay area shores. the new technology, one local organization is using to keep them safe in the water. plus, the top 2 cities in the bay area that people are leaving and where they're headed.
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♪ ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ el estado with the most. ♪
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♪ we do tacos from the city to every little town. ♪ ♪ best bites. best vibes. ♪ ♪ california, hands down. ♪ ♪ go on and check my drip. ♪ ♪ take a bite. feelin' fit. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado. live in the golden state ♪ home. buyers in the bay area are leaving in droves status, according to a housing report is published by redfin. the >> real estate website says the top in-state destination for san franciscans. sacramento and for those heading out of state are most frequently they're they're searching in seattle, though, many home buyers are leaving the city. that number's actually gone down due to home prices declining from pandemic highs. there also seems to be a trend of packing up and moving out of l a and the
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destination for los angelenos, sunny san diego. as far as moving out of california, the top las vegas, at least for those out of l a >> marina mammal center and the betting off ocean science laboratory held a virtual conference to their solution to preventing we'll ship collisions. the system is called well safe and it's a first of its kind ai powered near a real-time. well detection system in the pacific ocean and uses an acoustic monitoring system. big data models and direct whale sightings. scientists estimate more than 80 endangered whales are killed by ship strikes off of the u.s. west coast each year just last month, a healthy humpback whale was killed in a ship strike marking making it the 5th want to die this year. and the san francisco bay area. >> we'll ship collisions are a top source mortality of death for endangered endangered whales in and the west coast of north america. and for that matter across the world. >> whales are extremely important to our ecosystem
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because one whale equals thousands of trees in terms of its capacity to capture and store carbon in our oceans. >> coming up after facing major criticism, president biden clarifying his remarks about the coronavirus pandemic being over and the clock is winding down on governor newsom to make a decision on signing a new farm labor measure. we'll explain what farm workers are demanding from the state. plus, hurricane fiona continues its path of destruction where the with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor.
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>> hurricane fiona continues its path of destruction. at least 5 people have died as the storm roared across the caribbean. more than two-thirds of the homes in puerto rico are still without their power. flooding also damage critical infrastructure in puerto rico and the dominican republic. nearly 2 million homes in the dominican republic are without water. fiona also whipped parts of the turks and caicos islands yesterday with sustained winds of almost 125 miles per hour. the storm is expected to approach bermuda tomorrow, potentially still as a category 4 storm. yeah, terrible situation happening down there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with more on
5:29 pm
this storm. lawrence. yeah, the storm continuing to churn and actually gaining some strength as we're seeing it move. >> away from the islands. that's the good news. but as it moves away, start to see the strengthening sf the system. and that's where we'll see overnight tonight and tomorrow. this couple is going really watch it closely as likely to get near bermuda as lpwe head in toward the next fe days. so here it is. you can see very impressive looking tightly eyes. you see rolling off the coastline. now the hurricane force are about 45 miles out from the center of the storm system. that's where you're seeing those category 4 hurricane force winds. and that's why we're tracking this very closely will want to know exactly where that eye is going, because that is the most dangerous part of the hurricane. now, the latest track has currently at 130 mile an hour winds sustained right around the core of that storm. and it is moving to the north now at 9 miles per hour. you can see watches and warnings already going up and bermuda. you see right there. watch what happens as we move through time, though. here's the good news. i think they're
5:30 pm
getting close to bermuda. but right now live forecast models have been staying off the coastline. they're going to feel the effects of it. they're kind of in that right front quadrant of the hurricane's path. and usually that is a very dangerous area. but they're far enough away. they're not likely to see those hurricane force winds probably tropical storm force winds. they'll see some rise in the sea level as well with the storm surge there, too. but i think for the most part, i think they're going to miss the burn of that storm. maybe more importantly, watch latest track, though. it's not done there. yeah, that's right. looks to possibly come on shore near a nova scotia a possible is weaker storm, but still as a hurricane on saturday morning, that could cause, of course, is some flooding along the coastal areas there. they'll see the upstorm surge to go along with that as well. so the storm system not done by any means. it's got a long way to go. the track is likely to shift here in the next couple of days. but the good news for bermuda doesn't look like they're going to take a direct hit. a cat 4 is a direct in and that is a dangerous or potentially deadly storm right now. doesn't look like it's going to come on shore, right?


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