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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  September 21, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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getting close to bermuda. but right now live forecast models have been staying off the coastline. they're going to feel the effects of it. they're kind of in that right front quadrant of the hurricane's path. and usually that is a very dangerous area. but they're far enough away. they're not likely to see those hurricane force winds probably tropical storm force winds. they'll see some rise in the sea level as well with the storm surge there, too. but i think for the most part, i think they're going to miss the burn of that storm. maybe more importantly, watch latest track, though. it's not done there. yeah, that's right. looks to possibly come on shore near a nova scotia a possible is weaker storm, but still as a hurricane on saturday morning, that could cause, of course, is some flooding along the coastal areas there. they'll see the upstorm surge to go along with that as well. so the storm system not done by any means. it's got a long way to go. the track is likely to shift here in the next couple of days. but the good news for bermuda doesn't look like they're going to take a direct hit. a cat 4 is a direct in and that is a dangerous or potentially deadly storm right now. doesn't look like it's going to come on shore, right? little bit of good. okay.
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lawrence, thank meanwhile, the u.s. coast guard surveying the severe flooding and damage left behind by hurricane fiona. >> in puerto rico, the storm coming just 5 years after the devastation of hurricane maria. the coast guard is trying to determine how local and federal agencies could help recover from the devastation. as we mentioned earlier, most areas of puerto rico still without power tonight. the blackout also stopped water pumps. so there is no running water and homes or businesses on the island. lingering rain from the storm continuing to lash at some parts of the u.s. territory yesterday. jury selection for the corruption trial against santa clara county sheriff laurie smith began today. smith is fighting a number of >> corruption accusations from a civil grand jury. she's being accused of trading concealed weapons permits for donations for her reelection campaign and mismanaged the jails under her control where mentally ill inmates died. smith is also accused of
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withholding documents concerning in internal affairs jail investigation and lying on campaign finance forms. she has denied those allegations. smith has been sheriff of santa clara county since 1998. and in march, smith announced she would not be running for re-election. her term ends in january. but if the jury finds just one count to be true, she would be removed from office early. the man accused of murdering an 8 year-old hayward girl has pleaded not guilty. dante jackson is charged. >> with first-degree murder and child abuse for the death of sophia mason. her body was found in are sent home back in march. he was supposed to be formally charged last week, but the case was delayed because he did not have a lawyer. mason's mother, samantha johnson is the co defendant in this case. she pleaded not guilty last week. time is running out for governor newsom to make a decision on a bill farm workers say would give them more union right? >> it comes as the governor has stated that he has concerns with the legislation
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as correspondent wallace now a celebrity in favor of the bill is getting involved, hoping his voice make a difference. >> today marks the 24th consecutive day. the united farm workers have had this vigil set up in front of the capitol and all these days later, rain or shine. their message to the governor remains the same. signed the brazen law. >> what union men and women that about it >> the united farm workers, labor union getting some star power today from activist and guitarist singer songwriter tom morello of the rock band rage against the machine. held this special pop-up concert outside the state capitol to urge governor newsom to sign assembly bill. 21 83 into law. the message for governor newsom is do the right thing and what the hell's wrong with you twice. why you siding with the growers over these people who low and fellow backers of the bill say if signed into law, the legislation would
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make it easier for farmworkers to cast ballots remotely in union elections. significant. they are key because in their words, it would ensure farmers are not intimidated by their boss is about how to vote when deciding whether or not to join a union. and what i want let speak and spanish cynthia burgos of bakersfield said she came to the capitol to make sure her voice and the voices of others who work in the fields are heard. >> senior news ongoing. are you saying we're tired? and now we're just waiting for you to the right thing. the legislation received a key endorsement from president joe biden, but the governor has said he has concerns with the bill specifically on whether it does enough to ensure union elections are secure. in an exclusive interview last week, newsom indicated he and his predecessor, former governor jerry brown, have vetoed similar bills in the past to the governor. brown vetoed that bill. i veto that bill and it's one of the few 100 that i'm on my desk and i'll be taking a look at that over the next couple weeks make an impact. the president, by the way, didn't president biden weighs in on a lot of issues. >> and we had a chance. we've
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had many chances to dialogue and a lot of issues that bill, my desk with a few 100 others. and we're going to take a good look at it. governor brown took a look at it, made a decision i did last year we offered many amendments w. i hope they'll take a look at those amendments. and those here at the vigil say they will remain here. rain or shine until the governor makes a decision. >> on the bill reporting here from the california state >> a former minneapolis police officer has been sentenced to 3 years for aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter in the killing of george floyd thomas lane pleaded guilty to the state charged in may. he's already serving a 2 and a half year federal sentence for violating floyd's civil rights. prosecutors agreed to allow lane to serve his state sentence at the same time as his federal sentence. he is currently being held at a low security federal prison camp in colorado. president biden is clarifying a recent statement that the covid-19 pandemic is over.
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>> the president made that comment in an interview on 60 minutes on sunday. but at a fundraising event in new york, he said that he meant the pandemic today is not where it was in his early stages 2 years ago. i didn't acknowledge that he received a lot of criticism, particularly from health experts and some lawmakers for saying the pandemic is over. the u.s. continues to record an average of more than 400 deaths related to covid-19 a day. coming up, the owner of the phoenix suns announces that he will sell the team after being fined millions of dollars by the nba. >> just how much the franchise is expected to go. 4 and a san francssco giants. great rejoins the organization less than a year after retiring from playing on the field.
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>> well, this was certainly a good move. it didn't take long for the san francisco giants to welcome back. one of the greatest catchers in the history of the team today, the organization announcing that buster posey has joined the giants ownership group. the 35 year-old spent all 12 seasons of his big league career with the giants winning 3 world series titles, mvp. in a statement, posey said, quote, i feel deeply connected to the giants in the san francisco bay area and hope that my perspective as a former player will be beneficial in growing the game and assisting the organization to build the next championship team. both on and off the field. posey will become the first former player to join the ownership group in
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franchise history. robert sarver announcing that he is selling the phoenix suns and the phoenix mercury. last week he was suspended by the nba. >> over workplace misconduct that included racist speech and hostile behavior toward employees. sarver was also fined 10 million dollars for his actions in a statement server says that's showing the 2 franchises is the best course of action. sarver is not the loan owner but the primary one buying the 2 teams july of 2004 for about 400 million dollars. it is not known if sarver has established an asking price, but forbes recently estimated the value just the sons alone. at 1.8 billion dollars. still ahead as the war in ukraine intensifies, president biden is responding to russian president. president. >> vladimir putins threat if ♪ ♪ this is how it feels to du more with less asthma... ...thanks to dupixent.
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>> russian security forces have arrested hundreds of protesters all across that country after president vladimir putin announced the partial mobilization of military reserve forces too bolster his forces in ukraine. this video shows one of those protests in nov asa the russian defense minister says around 300,000 reservists could be mobilized to support there were in ukraine. well, today, puting also threatened use of nuclear weapons claiming russia. he's being blackmailed with nuclear threats. our washington
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correspondent alexandra limon live with with reaction from president biden. alexandra. >> vicki and and good evening. will president biden as well as other leaders from around the globe are condemning putin's remarks as both escalatory and falls. >> the united states is ready to pursue critical arm control measures. >> a nuclear war can not the one in a speech to the united nations wednesday, president biden responded to putin's latest nuclear threats with strong words for russia condemning its ongoing war against ukraine. a permanent member of the united nations security council. >> invaded its neighbor. tempted to race a sovereign state from the map. president biden urged for a resolution to the war. this u.s. putin announced he'll require. >> an additional 300,000 reservists to sustain that war. this war.
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>> it's about extinguishing ukraine's right to exist as a state leaders from around the world echoed president biden sentiment that russia's invasion threatens not just ukraine, but the entire world >> continuous to smith. not being said about the cause of the global crisis in food, and finances and ash. all alone is responsible this >> and tonight, eu foreign ministers are meeting in new york ahead of tomorrow's security council meeting to discuss this ongoing situation with russia live in washington. alexandra limon, a lot of saber rattling there, alex. and we heard anything from the eu leaders as far as a possible reaction to the latest escalation from russia. >> yeah, we have heard from the foreign ministers in a statement. they said that what's likely going to happen is they're going to discuss a fresh round of sanctions
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against russia as well as more military aid for ukraine. and they also say that the eu will intimidated by russia. >> all right. thank you so much, alexandra limon reporting live for us from washington, d.c., have a good evening. 2 u.s. military veterans held captive for months by russian-backed forces have now been released. it's part of a larger prisoner exchange brokered by saudi arabia between moscow and kiev. the 2 american veterans are both from alabama. they are reportedly in the custody of the american embassy in saudi arabia. officials say after medical checks and debriefing, they will return to the u.s.. all right. we'll be taking a live look tonight out across the bay area. this is from our mount tam cam. nice-looking night out there. >> beautiful picture. korn 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. a kind of tells us what's going on. yeah. storm kind of winding down. finally, it looks like it's going to be headed out of town. we had a few lingering showers today, but those are quickly
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diminishing now. still northern california getting hit by some thunderstorms with that storm. really kind of moving out of the bay area. now setting up what looks like a beautiful fall weekend ahead. the tri fall begins tomorrow. the weekend looking fantastic out there right now in mostly clear out toward the sfo. couple patches of fog for. we will see a little more that overnight. so tonight, that looks like we're going to dry things out. storm clouds still rolling along the coastline, half moon bay, almost a quarter of an inch of rain. there. then things by the afternoon starting to look quiet down. here is where we sit now. mostly quiet all around the bay area. now is the storm kind of moving on out, but not before leaving behind 2 to 3 inches of rain in some of the what what us mountains. good news for us in northern california. they are seeing that low spin around in numerous lightning strikes there very active afternoon as they continue to see some of that moisture move through. but things are going to quiet down there as well. temperatures started to pop a little bit still, 74 degrees in livermore, 76 in concord. 72 in san mateo, 64 degrees. mostly clear pacifica. right now, 74 and lay on 77 degrees
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in napa. but yeah, air quality. you get an ice storm rolling through. we're looking good there. nice and clear and clean. it's going to stay that way to i think for tomorrow we're looking at some beautiful air quality all around the bay. area's high pressure builds overhead. get to that beautiful weather we have at this time of year. boy, it's gorgeous. with high pressure building in the temperatures are going to start to warm up 60's and 70's in the san francisco find some 60's along the coastline. couple patches of fog out toward the beaches inside the bay. 72 in millbrae, a 79 said carlos warming up 80, it would side the south bay filled with 80's tomorrow afternoon. lot 80's as you head inland as well. 80 degrees in pleasanton. 84 in livermore. 84 degrees in walnut creek about 78 in danville, about 70 orinda get the idea. nice numbers out there tomorrow afternoon and look at gentle sea breeze kicking in late today that look too bad just as we head toward the afternoon. those temperatures are going to be cooling off as we head toward tomorrow night, not as much moisture in the atmosphere. so starting a little chilly at night. you get those nice warm days that the really the thing about this time of year, you get the beautiful, warm days. but at
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night, at least it cools down. you can sleep very well. and then the next day you're up and running again. you're in the 80's 90's. yeah. spots that happy to see that the air is so clean and thanks to those droplets rights over the sidewalks. yeah, no kidding. and they needed good after a long hard thanks that. >> all right. with the winners of the 1.3 billion dollar mega millions jackpot have finally come forward to claim their prize. the 2 people. >> wishing to remain anonymous, have stepped forward to collect the 3rd largest lottery and u.s. history hit the lucky numbers back on july. 29th. they bought the ticket at a convenience store in indiana and then agreed to split the money if they won the to use the past few weeks to work out some legal and issues, you know, to navigate through this process. of course, they decided to take the lump sum payment of slightly more than 700, 80 million dollars struck a change >> next up, we're with the cast of the new star wars show and or wife meghan luna is
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returning to his rogue one role. that's coming up. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions.
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and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> nasa's artemis one mission is back on track after a leak stopped work earlier today, engineers noticing the leak when they were running routine tests on the orion rockets cooling systems. it was similar to the leak that scrap the last launch attempt. but this time they were able to work through the issue and complete all of the necessary tests. nasa just tweeting all
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the day's objectives have been met and that means there could be another launch opportunity next tuesday. exciting. the latest chapter in the star wars saga and or comes to disney. plus today entertainment tonight was with the cast. and our nischelle turner joins us now with the story. michelle. >> dan and vicki diego luna reprises his rogue. one role is casting and or for the 12 episode season that takes place the very beginning of the empire rebellion. >> let's call it cool. what's the story that you guys wanted to tell? what was the appeal for you to come back and revisit this care? it's how revolution starts. what needs to happen in the life of someone. >> to to wait, call. this is about how how the rebellion happened. you know, and it's about people bringing change. diego is the first mexican star wars hero and an and or he joined by forest whitaker and stellan skarsgard a second and final season is already in the works. and creator tony gilroy told us why he thinks
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it's necessary. >> what story about somebody who's nobody, you know, he's going to come is going to come everything. >> spoiler alert. we already know kasey in-state from rogue, one much to the dismay of diego's kid. my daughter was too young for. >> rogue but the end, you know, she would like. >> this is not fair. you don't do these that now she's ready for the stone for it for the show for the story. >> i think she's going to be bay bay police. >> and tune in to e t tonight because we are exclusively on the set of hocus pocus 2 with bette midler, sarah jessica parker and kathy to jimmy. what it's like for them to return to the rose nearly 30 years later for entertainment tonight. i'm michelle turner. >> it's hope and or the thing i mean, just think it all started with george lucas right here. and the franchise just goes on. walker ranch, ins of taking off in the finity and be on fit and get to know your blend blend. a buzz light year our wars. see the star trek beacon star track. all right. so we're
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going enough that. does wrap up kron. 4 news at 05:00pm at a camp and the joining us now. you guys have anything on star wars much on it. you know, a little known facts. the biggest star wars collection in the world is in chicken barn in outside of petaluma. that's ok, well, you are knowledgeable about luma. look look at look at it that way to go. yeah. look i think stand. >> all right. well, coming up tonight at 6, the city of oakland dealing with a severe uptick in gun violence this week, how city leaders are responding tonight. plus, the justice department can now resume its probe of classified documents from mar-a-lago. well, the latest move by a federal appeals court giving the department of justice a green light to investigate former president donald trump. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6 open rocked by a wave of gun violence this week. the city's police department now with its hands full investigating for more homicides in less than 24 hours. the latest one outside of city hall that prompted an
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urgent response from opens leaders who say something has to be done. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. and tonight the search is on for the suspects in the deadly shooting outside city hall that left one man dead. >> another in the hospital yesterday. police are also investigating 2 shootings on monday with 2 men were killed in an area right around the corner from a mosque, a 3rd person. a 48 year-old woman died in a separate shooting less than an hour later and what police say looks like an unrelated event. city leaders are now weighing in on this gun violence in oakland, one council member says it's time to call in from help for help. >> from the alameda county sheriff's department. but a representative from the sheriff's office breaks down. the challenge was sending help to oakland kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> with the oakland police department facing an ongoing challenge to deter violent crime city councilmember noel gallo says it's time to contract help from outside
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agencies like the california highway patrol and the alameda county sheriff's office. so i have reached out to the sheriff's department. >> also reach out to the highway patrol and cooperation with our police chief to see what would it take. but it sounds like the primary hurdle of the first hurdle would be. >> funding. >> alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson lieutenant ray kelly breaks down the cost to contract deputies to patrol oakland. >> so just for example, on average, about 4 police officers will cost the city or county in the bay area about 1 million dollars. so for every 4 officers you deployed on the streets, you're looking at about a million dollars that includes salary employee benefits, health care, all that stuff. he says the best way to fund additional resources from an outside law enforcement agency would be a federal or state grant. however, councilmember dial believes open. residents are already entitled to protection from county and state


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