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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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vehicle. >> the vehicle, a white van was the focus of police investigators at around 11:30pm, wednesday night 51st avenue and international boulevard. california highway patrol officer andrew barclay explains why chp investigators were called to the scene by opd through their initial investigation determined that. >> what they had located in the city limits likely started as a freeway shooting on i-580, with in oakland. this is the 5th deadly shooting in oakland this week including an incident outside of city hall killing one man and critically wounding another. >> both of whom are in their 20's. i think we need to be looking >> bringing in and having a either a work session or summit run public. the public safety crisis in oakland, alameda county supervisor nate miley called on the oakland city council to convene an emergency public safety
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meeting last month and was hoping to get an invitation. >> he says. >> neither happened now. it hasn't happened like that. a number of conversations, but the president of the city council. but i think at this point in time, oakland, as both a taxpayer resident and i'm just i'm once added cell and i can take it anymore because if it's not apparent that we have a public safety crisis, i don't know what it's going to take for our elected and appointed officials in the city government and open to recognize students. >> supervisor miley says the city council wants the emergency public safety meeting to be held at the board of supervisors. chambers instead of oakland city hall. yes. >> and we'll take that first step. >> he says that meeting is scheduled to take place on october. 27th in the meantime, investigators with the chp say they have no suspect information or a motive for this deadly shooting. anyone with information is asked to contact the california highway patrol. has made you kron 4
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news? the city of oakland's department of violence prevention is getting some much needed funding to try to fight violence. >> the gilley at foundation in partnership with the oakland public funds for innovation has awarded a 3 year 3 million dollar grant to invest in what it calls health equity strategy. oakland mayor libby schaff issued a statement to express your gratitude saying, quote, we're so grateful to gilead and the oakland fund for public innovation for supporting the violent, vital work of oakland's department violence prevention too many oaklanders suffer the trauma of violence and so healing this trauma and disrupting this cycle is critical work. >> san francisco police have arrested a man accused of assaulting a woman on the street happened tuesday night on jackson street. police say the woman was shoved from the sidewalk. she fell into a lane of traffic and hit her head on the road. she was taken to a hospital. officers arrested alejandro garcia yesterday. he
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has been booked into the san francisco county jail and is facing charges on the peninsula. hillsborough police say there's been a spike in home. burglaries reported least 4 homes were burglarized this month. >> and all 4 cases, the thieves smashed the back window to get into the homes. surveillance video shows a number of people are involved. they were seen driving a gray or silver four-door sedan. anyone who has information on this is asked to contact hillsborough police. >> in jose woman was seriously injured in a crash involving several cars. police say it happened about 4.30, at the intersection of capitol avenue and various a road. they say the crash caused a car to flip over. no details on the people involved have been released. police are asking drivers to use different routes as they investigate at the scene. happening now, san jose mayor sam liccardo. he's delivering his final state of the city
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address. it began at the top of the hour is talking about things including solutions to community problems, highlighting initiatives which are thrtving in the city and the mayor is also celebrating city employees and local heroes. there is a live jazz and several performances. if you missed this, you can tune in through a livestream on the sayor's facebook page. >> you know, some of calling in trying to figure out what the weather is going to be like and their timing is perfect. yeah, i know who has the answer our lauren. so how does a lot? yeah, guys, beautiful around the bay area. fall is officially here. that's right. to leak a knox taking place today and starting to feel like it around the bay area fall. really that nice time of year we get some warm temperatures along the coastline. the fog kind of goes away for the most part. we have some great weather outside this evening near looking beautiful out there to the coastline in the rain has gone too high pressure building over head today said those temperatures warming up all around the bay area. many, 80 showing up inland. look at the numbers right now along the coastline.
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you've got 60's in clear skies and a half moon bay. 64 very nice in pacifica. 75 over the hill in san mateo, 68 in san francisco. 73 degrees in berkeley. 78 lail 80 degrees now in napa and 77 degrees in nevada. but it looks like that big dome of high pressure is going to take care of us over the next couple days. and that's what we get here and fall. the up 2 equinox, the sun. yeah. going start to show more brightly in the southern hemisphere. and that means we're going to be cooling things down in the days are growing, shorter and shorter today over 12 hours of sunlight, of course, the sun setting just after 7 o'clock. but boy, not are talking about the sun setting in the 60's next week or so. so high pressure taking care of us overhead right now home with that. stick around. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. okay, lawrence, thanks very much. will more than 2 years after the start of the pandemic, california finally is easing. >> recommendations on wearing grant lotus is here to break down. what's change with some new recommendations. grant.
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yeah. hard to realize that some of these counties still have these indoor mask mandates, but >> things are changing in these new guidelines are shifting away from a strong recommendation for mask wearing for everyone regardless of vaccination status. in all indoor settings. now, california will recommend universal mask wearing only when county's covid community level is high. bottom line, if the rates of new covid hospitalizations are high, we'll say people need to wear masks again inside and counties in california masks will also become optional in correctional facilities. homeless shelters, cooling centers, emergency shelters, schools, businesses, the department of public health says businesses and schools must also allow people to wear a mask if they want to can say can't wear mask. the new guidelines will go into effect friday. something that is not changing. however, masks will still be required and health care and long-term care settings. the health officials
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are urging people who are unvaccinated immunocompromised or have underlying health conditions to take extra precautions. the changes come as the la county department of public health said today. they're now in the low covid community level in the county will agn with the state to end its recommendation for universal masking in indoor public settings. that new mask recommendation takes effect this friday as well here in the bay area. all 9 counties have been in the low covid community tier level. that's why we haven't seen masks required inside places. but bart riders are still required to mask up until at least october. 1st tonight, the bart board is holding a meeting discussing if the mandate should be extended beyond october. first, the board has extended the mandate twice just this year already in tonight's meeting is open to the public will keep you posted on what the bart board decides tonight. catherine and ken, back to you.
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>> okay, grant, thank you very much. and speaking of that 2 bay area, politicians are self quarantining at home with covid oakland, mayor libby schaff and santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez. she's running for mayor in san jose. they both announced this week they had tested positive. both of them have been notifying close contacts conference. rob nesbitt, talk to infectious disease expert doctor peter chin hong to get his reaction on this. and rob has the story pive from our newsroom. rob. >> ken and catherine. no one is immune to covid including mayors and supervisors, especially with full schedules that often include meetings with several people and attending large events. on monday. oakland mayor libby schaff was one of hundreds of presidio middle school for the sales force event. you have made all of us dream big. >> her office putting out a release today that she tested positive for covid after experiencing symptoms this week. doctor peter chin-hong says context is everything. when it comes to close contact, tracing a new nose and mouth this close to
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somebody else's nose and mouth. >> but extended period of time. you know, you're going to be at heightened risk. covid numbers may be lowering but mayor chefs case is a reminder that spread is still possible. the most vulnerable people i'm worried which is immune compromised and those who are they're particularly and who have been said mayor schaff isn't the only politician who received a positive covid test result this week, santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez. his office says she is experiencing mild symptoms and quarantining at micron and its subvariants still rearing their ugly heads. many people believe omicron is just so good at transmission it's hard to kick it out and replaced by somebody. somebody else. the doctor says it's likely be a 5 will remain the dominant variant to fall and winter. it's why he's encouraging everyone to take advantage of the newest vaccine before the holidays, especially for those who are immunocompromised or 65 and older. if you getting this current who serve, which is updated to ba 4 and ba 5.
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it means that your protection will last for many months, not just a few weeks. we, of course, all want to see covid go. but doctor chin-hong says one good thing about having one variant like omicron. stick around. >> is longer-lasting anti-bodies for those who recover after testing positive reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. >> now to our monkeypox coverage of san francisco's health department will be offering monkeypox vaccines at both the folsom street fair and the castro street fair at the folsom event. you can get shot sunday from 10:00am to 04:00pm castro street that for will hold a vaccine clinic october 2nd. the vaccines are part of a $10,000 dose shipment received from the white house. >> uber is partnering with a statewide lgbtq+ civil rights organization equality, california, to provide free rides to m-pox vaccination sites throughout the state.
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the offer is good for round-trip right up to $30 each way the m-pox vaccine requires 2 doses. 28 days apart. uber is offering this benefit for both doses of the vaccine. you can find out how to get the code for the free ride on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> coming up, a car slams into a san jose townhouse leaving 2 red test. the ntsb introduces a new proposal that will try to keep drunk drivers off the road. also, the latest drama regarding wild pigs, damaging local long's. what homeowners in one city are doing to try in one city are doing to try to protect their homes. becoming a morning person starts the night before with new neuriva relax and sleep. it has l-theanine to help me relax from daily stress. plus, shoden ashwagandha for quality sleep. so i can wake up refreshed. neuriva: think bigger.
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so when you need to show your cold who's boss, grab mucinex all-in-one... and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast. governor newsom has signed a controversial bill that will allow the killing of wild pigs in the bay area. >> one of the problem areas is in santa clara county. you're looking at video from a viewer showing us some of what people are dealing lawns really turn up. the bill lowers hunting fees for killing the wild pigs, animal rights and hunting groups have been urging the governor not to sign that bill. one neighborhood in concord has also been dealing with feral hogs ripping up their lawns has been going on for about 2 months. kron four's philippe djegal shows us how homeowners are trying to protect their lawns. >> since the start of august, neighbors in the canyon creek community in concord say wild pigs have hit more than 2
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dozen homes tearing up lawns and landscaping. and nic, thank us. was the first think that probably 75% of my lonnie was destroyed on august second and kuz says the pigs had a feast and then returned for more consecutive nights. each time he patched the lawn back up with his son but gave up once he realized the pigs would keep coming back. puppy, by the way, the the fishing and wildlife and i open the support is with them by all the details and including like beaches. >> while he was winning frustrated because nobody got back to me. the homeowners association has since hired a trapping company which has laid 2 traps in the area. >> kuz says the pigseare not falling for it and have still been seen in the neighborhood as recently as last week. the beginning, i was the only victim in in this neighborhood and they frustrating because of the beginning, like people are looking even weird to me. what did you do with your long? >> it was not me was the boers anka is committed to for going
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along and instead switching to bark and drought-resistant landscaping. other neighbors have added nets to their lawns to keep the pigs from chewing up the grass in concord. philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> 9 people don't have a place to call home tonight after a driver who police say was under the influence, plowed into their homes and happened on crab apple way shortly after one 30 this morning, the car hit another vehicle, then crashed into a townhouse. nobody was hurt. 2 units of that building are red tank because of the damage. we talked to somebody who lives near the scene. he said the crash will come up in the middle of the night. >> and they came out. >> the whole evidence and then make it i don't. i mean, you know what? >> this all happened in san jose. it's not clear how many people were inside the car when it crashed. a driver is now in custody. one passenger
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with minor injuries was taken to a hospital. police are still investigating the incident. >> san jose police say they issued 21 citations to drivers yesterday. 4 violations, including yielding not yielding t pedestrians. it was a crackdown happening less than a week after an 8 year-old boy was hit and killed by a driver near his grade school. some officers were even acting as pedestrians in order to catch on safe drivers. this is video from center and sandra and gregorio way. police say 50 traffic officers were out patrolling that area and kron four's justin campbell. we'll have a full report coming up on kron. 4 news in primetime. other news tonight. more than a million people in puerto rico and the dominican republican republic rather are without power. >> or run running water due to the increasingly severe hurricane. fiona. it has now been upgraded to a category 4 and it's killed at least 5 people in the caribbean. fiona
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also caused devastating flooding and landslides. president biden said today that the full force of the federal government is ready to help puerto rico recover from the devastation. you know, to that hundreds of fema and other federal officials are already on the ground in puerto rico that seemed to draw a contrast with former president trump who was widely accused of an inadequate response to hurricane maria which left some puerto ricans without power for 11 months. this hurricane is expected to reach bermuda by tomorrow with ortiz. there were opening shelters and announced that schools and offices will be closed tomorrow. all right. time for a look at the forecast as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza and >> laurent, you've been watching conditions of most storms. yeah, very dangerous. it was a strong storm as it made its way into puerto rico. you saw all the terrible damage it did there. now it is a major hurricane, a category 4 storm, extremely dangerous.
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we're tracking right now and have been for the last couple of days and it's going to be slow mover here. slowly working its way, kind of churning toward bermuda right now. you see the eye of the storm right here and around that around the core they're extending out about 45 miles. we've got your hurricane force winds. of course, that's what we track the eye so closely. we want to know exactly where that eye is going because that's we're going to see the most damage usually associated with these hurricanes. so, yeah, it's getting close to use bermuda not too far away. you can you see warnings already up in bermuda for hurricane warnings, but already seeing some of the outer bands moving on shore right now in that area. and it's really not all that far away. in fact, from the eye of the storm system here about 227 miles away. so not much wiggle room. and that's read about, you know, the forecast models look like they're trying to keep it away from bermuda. but should the storm starts make a turn to the right? well, that could have grave or fx makes its way toward the coastline there batters them with tremendous
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amount of rain and wind. they've already seen a lot of rain today. the potential for some flooding there, real possibility. but right now the track is moving north northeast at 20 miles an hour. and that looks like it is going to take it just outside the island. they're still going to feel the effects. you got all wrap around moisture around that hurricane. but they're not going to see the eye, which is the most important part. it looks like it is going to make landfall possibly as a category 2 storm as it makes landfall, possibly nova scotia. so maybe not damages much in bermuda on this one, which is great in this category for this extremely dangerous storm. so i think it's going to cause some damage in canada as it comes onshore in northern nova scotia. thank you. okay. the national transportation safety board is now pushing for alcohol monitoring an all new vehicles. >> this recommendation follows last year's crash near fresno when a drunk driver kills 7 children and 2 adults. the ntsb wants all new cars equipped with systems that can monitor blood alcohol and stop
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a drug, a drug person from driving alcohol related crashes or one of the major causes of highway deaths in the u.s. have stolen more than 45 billion dollars from covid unemployment programs. that's according to new federal estimates. >> a report from the u.s. department of labor says fraudsters use social security numbers of dead people and the names of people in prison. among other tactics, the 45 billion dollar figure is a big increase from last year's estimate of 16 million dollars in fraud. 1000 people have been charged in covid unemployment cases. officials have thousands of other needs to follow up on. >> coming up, president trump says presidents can be classified document even by classified document even by thinking ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪
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>> donald trump has claimed in a fox news appearance that the documents taken to his mar-a-lago estate had been declassified while he was in office. he's arguing the president's to not have to go through a formal process to declassify sensitive documents. >> if you have the president, the united states, you could declassify just by state last night even by thinking about it because you're sending it tomorrow. go what to wear. a sending it and doesn't have to be a process. they can be a
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process. but that doesn't have to be, you know, the present you make that decision. >> that was his first tv appearance since the court or authorize a search of his florida home last month. >> trump's attorneys have been arguing trump did have the power to. >> declassified records, conspiracy theorist alex jones testified today at his defamation trial in connecticut. he and his lawyers trying to limit the mage is he has to pay for promoting the lie that the 2012 sandy hook school massacre was a hoax. a jury is going to decide how much he will pay the families of victims for emotional distress. jones says the trial as a travesty of justice. he's been trying to portray himself as the victim of a deep state conspiracy. coming up, new video released of sherri papini's confession. the shasta county authorities said she was lying about being kidnapped. >> the moment the wife and mother of 2 admitted making it
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all up and a family takes legal action against huntington beach after a coyote attack left a toddler seriously injured. what they are demanding in a new lawsuit. plus, for the second time in a week, a major earthquake hit the pacific coast of mexico and there have been big ones around the globe. recently, experts are weighing in on what this trend weighing in on what this trend means. pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection.
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>> a second powerful
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earthquake hit mexico this week sending residents of mexico city and other places out into the street in the middle of the night. at least one person was killed. it is not clear yet how many buildings were destroyed and that's after a 6.8 aftershock and not mexico's western state of a 7.6 quite hit the same area 3 days ago here in the bay area. little over a week ago. a 4.2 magnitude earthquake rattled people in and around. >> santa rosa- nothing like the quakes in mexico, but got a lot of attention, particularly in north bay, scared a lot of other really big quakes around the world this week include a 6.6 in china. 7.6 jolt in new guinea. 6.5 and 6.9 quake site in taiwan and that 7.6 quake in mexico followed by the big aftershock. so what does all of this mean? kron four's dan kerman checked in with the experts. he has the story.
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>> residents of mexico's me to a con. we're still assessing the damage from a 7.6 earthquake 3 days ago when a 6.8 aftershock struck thursday morning sending people back into the streets there in mexico is prone earthquakes, which is why. >> you know, they had, you know, the sequence and the sequence just a few years ago is not u.s. geological survey. geophysicist doctor morgan page says. >> well, 6.8 might be the biggest of the aftershocks. it likely won't be the last so far. it's been a fairly typical aftershocks tickets for the area. they're going to continue to have aftershocks over the next weeks to months. had the quick been closer to the border page says it could have caused seismic activity in southern california. but that's not the case. here very far away from the u.s. border too far to the fec says miss it in california. mexico. 6.8 aftershock in 7.6 quake or just a few of the major temblors the world is seen in september with china, taiwan and been a lot to


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