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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 26, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> thanks for waking up with us on a monday and what's not easy, but we're all here together. i'm james, and we're glad you're here. joining us at 08:00am as we take a quick live look outside on this first full week of >> noticing. summer-like weather long as you are boiling. i was just right now and we'll see a little bear does for us i was feeling pretty good this weekend t. or i was that. but it definitely was hot for a lot of our inland areas and it's going to remain fairly warm for those same inland spots to we still have some 90's ahead of us for this first full week of fall.
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but we are in for a cool down this weekend as we start october on saturday, right where we're sitting right now. you can see all that cloud cover that singing out above the east bay east bay hills is where it's actually making contact with the ground. invest. you have some lower visibility right there pushing into the afternoon. we'll see less and less of that gray and more and more sunshine unless you're right along the coastline. where will have some mostly to partly cloudy skies even into the afternoon. current temps are mostly in the 40's and 50's with fairfax sitting at a cool 48 santa rosa at 53. well, alameda hayward fremont oakland evenly at 59 degrees. regardless of where you're at, put on the light jacket this morning, you won't need it as you're walking home from work later today. right now, john, they infer that busy morning out there like this accident along i-80, we've been tracking northbound at our miles road in union city. so these are just a little slow as you're traveling through hayward and union city along 8.80. >> you have a traffic hazard on the bay bridge was blocking one of the lanes here. 27
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minute, so that fremont street exit. so traffic went up about 8 minutes or so. there. 21 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. a 80 to one on one and the richmond sandra fell bridge about an 18 minute ride as you're traveling from the tolls to 101 darya. james, back to you. an arena for she got to fill er up. and this morning we're noticing gas prices are higher. that seems to be the law with gas prices in california. what goes down must inevitably come back up. and that's the case. >> yeah, we have will tran standing by live for us on the peninsula to explain. good morning. well. >> ken, gas prices make a u turn instead, it is not. it's on the road to just destruction for a lot of people's budgets. let's face it. let me show you the gas prices that you're waking up. these are the prices that you're paying at. this. chevron in burlingame, $6.19 higher than the california average. but trust me the way things are going now that will
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seem like a bargain because we are paying a lot more this monday. then last monday and we have numbers to show you. so take a look at your screen. these are the prices that we're paying from week to week. so if you're waking up in napa, you pay 5.92 now, guess what? last week he paid on average $5 and $0.69 in oakland. 5.91, this morning. 5.56 last monday. san francisco 605, 5.70, seems like a bargain last monday, but now you're paying $0.35 more for san francisco and santa rosa. 602 last week yet paid 5.63. so we all are feeling the pain at the pump. got a chance to talk to drivers this morning. here's their reaction, paying not just a little bit more. a lot more. >> everybody they're going out. >> along with many other things and you say cost about $100 every time you fill up it
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would cost more. but the credit the physician that rounds out the underdogs to discuss the issue. how much do you think it would cost if you fill them at what cost about 130 bucks? >> so we are back to shopping for gas prices from one side of the street to the other grand canyon in different. so look at those prices right there. that's a little bit lower than the california lpaverage of $5.58. get this guys. the national average is $3 and $0.70. so that difference between the national average and what we are paying in california is the biggest gap in 22 years. some reasons why we're paying more in california. the gas tax, only pennsylvania pays more than us for gas tax and also the blend. we do our own blending here in california. and whenever there's a problem with the refineries, guess what, that affects production and that affects your wallet.
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so time to call your family and friends up and go. remember that 50 bucks you or me, i'm going to need it you about a quarter gas tank for thtt money. >> back to you. it's about all thank you. well. >> 804, right now. and happening now, at least 1000 sfo, fast food workers are taking to the picket lines. they want more pay. yeah, everything from coffee shops to restaurants to lounges. all of that being impacted. kron four's. sara stinson live for us out there at the airport. >> with more, we can see biden there. sara. >> yep, it's loud out here. this strike started at 5 o'clock this morning. and these fast food airport workers, they say they will continue to strike until they get what they want. and that is a fair wage. can see them behind me with their signs up. many of the signs that say one job should enough. these are people who work inside the restaurants, coffee shops to talk about a recess, cashiers
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cooks, these workers. they say another is enough. they're not getting what they want at the bargaining table. workers say the majority of them make about $17 an hour and they haven't received a raise in 3 years. employees say their hourly pay doesn't even cover the price of a single meal at sfo. many of them work multiple jobs to support their families. and earlier, if you just now joining us, we heard from a woman who works at 2 coffee shops at sfo, totaling in about 60 to 70 hours per week. and you sit still it's not enough money to support her family in the bay area and she was not enough time to spend with her 13 year-old son. she's often extremely exhausted. the strike is open ended with workers from 30 different companies who are bargaining together. but so far no deal has been reached. and i asked the union president, they've heard of any support from flyers this morning. take a listen. >> traveling public realizes
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that's a very profitable operation their captive audience would surpass security. you're paying $20 for burrito or a pizza. and the fact that workers here that are making that making just over $17 an hour can afford to make ends meet. that's unacceptable. >> now, if you're flying out of sfo this week, you may want to pack your own food because inside you can't get a coffee so much as a sandwich. but i just heard from sfo and officials say that they do still have the news stand still open. that's where you can buy snacks, water drinks like that. so you can get that food. but other than that, most of the restaurants and coffee shops have had to close down because about 1000 workers are out here. that's a phone all the terminals trying to make a statement so that they can get a fair wage. i'm sarah stinson reporting live at sfo. back to you. >> all right. thank you, sir. so everybody be packing their own food. that's what i do.
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but you can have water, but you can pack your own sandwich stuff from baghdad. thank you. it was 7 is the time happening today. caltrans is expected to start removing people that are living in a homeless encampment in oakland. >> the agency is set to move nearly 200 people out of this site here on wood street. it's been the center of some pretty big safety concerns recently because of fires that have broken out there. the city of oakland is proposing a plan to clear that happened in phases and that plan includes shelters for these residents. the city is offering 40 beds right now in the first phase will see how successful it goes. >> 808, is a time. and a father and son were found stabbed to death in their home in hayward. over the weekend, police got a call about a fight in the home on lynn avenue. and that was around 04:30am, in the morning yesterday when the police got there. by that time, the 2 men already had stab wounds. medics responded, but they couldn't save them. the father and son were both pronounced dead at the scene. we don't know their names yet and nobody has been arrested were
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not sure how many people were involved in what happened? >> well, the violence in oakland continues to rise with the city investigating. now 9 homicides in the last week alone. the most recent shootings happened on saturday. the first shooting was about 7 or so in the morning on brockers street. police say 36 year-old man from the leo died from his injuries there. then later at about 6 in the evening, a san francisco man was shot and killed in concordia park on wednesday city councilmember noel gallo, talk to us and said that it's time to contract help from outside agencies like the chp and the alameda county sheriff's department. >> why have reached out to the sheriff's department also reach out to the highway patrol and cooperation with our police chief to see what would it take, you know, where with an alameda county were no plans in alameda county and i as a taxpayer. >> pay the salaries of the sheriff and pay the salaries of the highway patrol as well
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as our local police department. and we're demanding requesting assistance. >> well, so far this year, oakland has had 94 homicides. across the bay in san francisco. one couple in the marina district is fairly frustrated now after their garages burglarize multiple times in one night as kron four's second reports they stole several items including the couple's car. >> for them come back 3 times is is really amanda and marvin benedict are now searching for a new car after the 2 thieves seen in this surveillance video drove off with their on tuesday. >> 2.30, initially. >> and that that timid taken some tools and then they come back an hour later at 3.30, i'm to all and some more tools. >> and also bought rights in the car that time and now they're priced or of her. >> and our it happened near bay and a visit streets in san francisco's marina district.
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in the surveillance video. you see the 2 men entered through a side door that was left open by a tenant in the building. at first, the suspects left with a tripod light. but later came back for more. >> a return for a 3rd time using the stolen garage door opener to steal the benedict's point there camera >> second walk. so >> the fact that they did not mask on or anything like that, the first time stop them from wearing the same clothes coming back. they say sfpd recovered the stolen car on thursday. however, it wasn't how they left it. first thing i saw was temperature. it feels so there is that there's actually a lot of backs can individually wrapped candy. >> halloween candy. and then that back to yeah. and then there but to tie off fans in the front, it's i can't even imagine what fluids were in there. but there are a lot of fluids on this. know. the bat. >> they taking a back to the panel's off benediction, air their story on nextdoor and quickly learned many of their neighbors had similar stories.
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unfortunately, this isn't the first time the benedict's were burglarized either really hard we do work so hard for things and then. >> at that things happen and often times there are no consequences. so this continues to happen over and over again. this is actually the 3rd time the last 2 and a half years in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> well, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. a music festival in san francisco had some noise problems. in fact, so loud people in the east bay were complaining. we're going to hear more about that in a minute. and nasa trying to change the pass of an asteroid will explain why they're doing it. how they plan on doing
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>> 14 is the time look right coming to her that we want to head that off. yeah, nasa today tonight really is going to be testing >> the planet's first defense system against, you know, a a meteor that could be have coming our way. an asteroid. they're going to try and adjust the trajectory by slamming something into right or as you say, giving it a little nudge out of the way. ashley strohmier takes a look at how it works. >> a nasa spacecraft could make history monday night. the double asteroid redirection test or dart is on course to intentionally collide with a small asteroid. it's a first of its kind defense tests that will help nasa see whether it's possible to redirect the rock away from earth. if we do find that that spread. >> they hit some place order
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that we can move it and hopefully just say of watson. lot of damage. a lot of people honor and avoid the fate of the dinosaurs. the mission launched in november 2021. on the spacex falcon 9 rocket. >> just after 07:00pm eastern time on monday, dart will try to crash head-on into the asteroid, amorphous at 14,000 miles per hour. the space rock measures 525 feet wide. >> and has been orbiting a larger one far from earth. nasa says the goal isn't to destroy dimorphos but instead to see if the collision can alter the asteroid's orbit, we hope to learn whether this idea of impacting an asteroid with a spacecraft is a really effective way of changing its orbital path and moving it off of a collision course with earth. after the crash, a tiny satellite will fly several miles nearby. >> it will collect images to send back to earth to help nasa determine the success of the dart mission. at the end of the day, the real question is.
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>> how effectively did remove the asteroid and can this technique of kinetic impact be used in the future if we ever needed to? >> and we can watch this actually happen tonight or this afternoon, actually, should have about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. nasa is going to be live streaming it. and then as you just heard them say they're going to have that sort of little chaser satellite taking pictures of what's going on and feeding all that back. so it will be kind of interesting to see. yeah and cool considering the stakes are low. this one is not headed our way to kill a doubt. yeah. yeah. it's not just the best asteroid that's nowhere near earth's or is anything headed our way to speak of weather-wise? otherwise, john and yeah, i pressure may not be passed for its a way put it, keeps the rain away. and that's what we're in the midst of right now across the state. >> keeping things consistently dry out there. just some low cloud cover that's been hovering all across the bay, even in san jose right now looking at the gray skies overhead. now skies will clear a cloud cover burning off this afternoon. but the high pressure ridge i just mentioned is going to keep us consistently dries. and again, the chance of rainfall well to
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the north, a little bit of fog at the coastline. at times, you'll still have your windows of sunshine out along the coast while the rest of us see nothing but it later on today. tonight we will see an increase in marine layer and likely into tomorrow morning. some foggy conditions, even drizzly conditions to start your tuesday before a partly cloudy afternoon tomorrow. and whatever cooler days of the forecast tuesday into wednesday, today's highs will be 60's and 70's with 60's at the coast. 70's along the bayshore 80's for further inland spots and even a couple spots right along the bay like saying carlos, in redwood city, south bay temps, upper 70's to mostly low 80's san jose in cupertino. 81 fremont humor to oakland all in the 70's. well, pleasanton and livermore mid 80's conquer through danville at 86 degrees 81 vacaville, our only spot actually reaching the 90's at 92. there's that little bit of a cool down a mention for tuesday and wednesday, not by much, but down to some seasonable numbers for sure.
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thursday and friday, temps will warm up a few degrees taking some of our inland areas back into the 90's and then a cool down again saturday, october first in just like clockwork. cooling into the low 80's inland and 70's along the bay right now. john, thank you for that. ok, a 51 minute ride traveling along 101, from 85. >> to menlo park 2.80, also starting to get busy and then 82 still moving pretty much at the limit. let's check on the bay bridge right now down to 23. we're up to 30. we've had traffic hazard there. not too long ago. that's clear cell still around. 23 minutes and you dant to one under 25 minutes to make it across towards the peninsula. 8.80, a 40 minute ride. that's from san leandro down to milpitas. let's 5, 18, 80 crockett down towards the maze. a 30 minute ride and earlier accident in san pablo to start the morning off, doubling down a fremont about 21 minutes along southbound 6.80, darya. james, back to you.
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>> and hear this big crowd protesting demonstrating on the golden gate bridge on sunday morning yesterday in solidarity with people who are upset in iran about the death of a young woman in police custody. and you heard those people on the bridge chanting her name mahsa amini. 22 years old and she was rested by iran's morality police for allegedly breaking the headscarf rules. and then this 22 year-old girl ended up dying in police custody. an iranian police says she died of a heart attack and that she was mistreated by her family cast doubt on that. and there have been protests all across the world because of her death in solidarity with what's happening in iran. in fact, we've got some images coming to us from london. that's the iranian embassy in london that you can see all of the protesters are actually a lot of arrests made there. and a
8:21 am
number of police officers were injured and the protests that happened there in london in iran, protests over amini's death has sparked across 46 cities, towns and villages. >> well, back here in the u.s. today, the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection is going to be holding its potentially final public investigative hearing. lawmakers are supposed to release new details about the attack on the capitol and >> more witnesses continue to come forward. our washington, d.c., correspondent reshad hudson has the latest. >> good morning. lawmakers say wednesday's hearing will focus on the direct role. former president trump played on january 6 and so far witnesses have spanned from local elected officials tonpeople who actually worked in the white house. in their first hearing since july. the committee investigating the january 6 capitol attack say they have new details to share. we want america to understand there was a premeditated, deliberate hit on american democracy. an attempt to override the will of the people. maryland
8:22 am
congressman jamie raskin told nbc news the committee is aware of a call between the white house switchboard and a writer during the attack. this is a clear and present danger. the committee has now received 800,000 pages of communication from the secret service. >> california congressman pete aguilar says this request was made a year ago. it's important that they are providing the information and that it continues to help in our investigative work. >> understand what exactly was happening on january 5th in january 6 to prevent another january 6 lawmakers are pushing to reform the electoral count act. >> but s-uth carolina congresswoman nancy mace opposes the measure and says the current process works. >> the vice president was was not able to was not allowed constitutionally overturn the results of the electoral college. and for that reason, i voted against the bill. >> and congressman raskin says this may be the final investigative public hearing,
8:23 am
but the committee could hold a final hearing to lay out all of the evidence they've gathered reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. thank you very much for a shot at 8.22, we'll take a break here. but coming up. >> why the ntsb is recommending all cars in the future should have a system in place to stop intoxicated drivers from hitting the road. more on that in a moment. california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves.
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>> 8.25 and there is a move in congress to have all cars equipped with a dui screener. yeah, i mean, >> it's going to be fun to see if that happens. we'll have to wait and see. but it could add be added to the long list of technology that's been moving along here from watches to smartphones. and now a smart car that can check your blood alcohol level. sloane glass takes a look. >> the national transportation safety board is recommending that all cars have blood alcohol monitoring systems preventing intoxicated drivers from operating a vehicle, its passive technology, meaning it would not change the driving experience. but an impaired driver would not be able to start their car. the government presumably would not get access to the data. and after all, the idea would be to stop you from doing something that constitute a crime. it wouldn't constitute a 4th amendment search. it would be something like a safety feature that was implemented in cars during the obama administration, which is backup cameras, right? some people don't know that. the reason you see those
8:27 am
everywhere, every car you're at has won is because you have to the ntsb does not have the authority to require manufacturers to implement this technology. but their suggestion puts pressure on the national highway traffic safety administration to mandate a monitoring system. the reason it's going to be controversial is not there's a constitutional issue with it. i don't think that there is. >> but because the the dark truth of the matter is that an awful lot of people drive drunk last year, nearly 43,000 people were killed in alcohol related crashes. the greatest number in 16 years. 32 people die every day in the u.s. from dui crashes. that's nearly one person. every 45 minutes. bottom line is people are driving drunk because they can. >> we know that enforcement is down so people aren't as worried about getting in trouble. >> the courts are are so backed up. so people aren't as worried about being held accountable. with the pandemic. so many things were
8:28 am
closed. but liquor stores are always open. the recommendation timeline is 3 years for the policy to be written. >> and 2 years for automakers to comply for news nation. i'm sloane glass. >> 27 that i'm coming up next, president biden getting some flak surrounding his remarks last week about the state of the pandemic. we'll hear from doctors coming up in a moment. ♪don't stop me now♪ ♪don't stop me♪ ♪'cause i'm having a good time♪ ♪having a good time♪ ♪i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger♪ ♪defying the laws of gravity♪
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♪don't stop me now♪ ♪'cause i'm having a good time♪ ♪i don't wanna stop at all♪ ♪ ♪ah, da, da, da, da♪
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>> 8.30, right now. what i'm doing because a week ago it got chilly for a second. so i got the electric heater i got that apparatus. i got the fan. i got all these things to plug and they get crazy hot over crazy hot. but i over the weekend and i guess some of that hot weather is going to stay with us. we've got john in the weather center morning, china. we're closing out september on a consistently warm note for inland areas and consistently nice along the bay shore just depends on where you're at today. very cloudy this morning. and that's not just limited to our coastal areas, either. a lot of our inland spots are seeing the same low gray that we're getting in areas like half moon bay this morning. it's not going to last all day long. skies will clear out really nicely later today. maybe a little too clear for some of our inland areas i will be back into the 80's. even a couple of low 90's later on coastal spots, you'll hang onto partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning. expect even more of that great likelihood of some fog and drizzle to start your tuesday. as of right now, it's 50's for most of us fremont palo alto, redwood city as well as conquered in oakland. each at 59 petaluma and timber
8:32 am
on at 54 right now. well, it's definitely been co-operative as far as mother nature goes. but that doesn't always guarantee an easy commute. what's it like out there on the roads? yeah, we actually have a few issues and the south bay. so if you're traveling along northbound to 80 right near san thomas expressway in san jose. >> we got an accident there and then another one north. now, 1, one at east capitol expressway. so definitely give yourself a little more time. if you're traveling down south, headed into the city right now, 17 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. so traffic has been busy across most of our bridges. my team in rye. that's a 82 want to one heading across towards the peninsula. there. our richmond center fell commute at about 14 minutes tolls. the one on one. so no major issues. and we do have just slight pockets of fall. that's across the golden gate bridge about 37 to the tolls. a 24 minute ride. so i'm wondering, you know, since we are now in fall and we do want to talk about pumpkin spice lattes all the
8:33 am
time. are some things you guys are looking forward to to doing for fall? >> fall season. yeah. just to see the leaves start to turn that hold on that this morning. yeah, i know you just wait to put my big comforter on the but i don't need it quite thank thank you. >> a 32 is the time right now. and there's one thing worse than missing out on a big party when it hit your neighbors. and it's so loud you can't sleep, take keeps you up. and that was the case in alameda crawford's amanda hari reports. >> most places we couldn't hear the music from the port hole of music festival, but near the docks in near the water, you could hear it just a little bit. we did speak to some people downtown but said they could hear it at home lot hat's what people in we're hearing all saturday night. i kept thinking was cars going by with music? >> booming in their car. >> and i would open the window and then it would go away. they closed the window. i thought was that the tva would turn the tv off. >> that i would hear it again, mary lou crowl and says she spent the night trying to
8:34 am
figure out what the sound once i would more frustrated that couldn't figure out where coming from. she thought it may have been from a concert at the oakland coliseum, but it sounded too far away. eventually i fell asleep. it wasn't until the morning when she spoke to her daughter that she told her it may have been from the poor, told the music festival turning curtis lives on the west side of town near webster street. it also took are some time to realize it was coming from the festival. that was really loud. people could hear it over here so that i realized it was it was what was going on. the police department received so many complaints that they issued this alert on facebook, letting people know that they have limited ability to address the issue. lot of people are complaining on the alameda baseball games and at the festival itself. there have been other problems. this is video of a crowd of people jumping barriers, get closer to the state. the event organizer says it's an isolated incident and no injuries were reported in alameda amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 34 is the time and
8:35 am
construction of a new affordable housing community. walnut creek is on schedule and they're still taking applications. >> habitat for humanity, east bay, silicon valley is building. 42 town homes for families, earning low and moderate incomes. here's a look at some volunteers over the weekend with kaiser permanente. joining in the group on saturday, they are helping to construct esperanza plaza which is billed as habitat for humanity's first 0 net energy development. that means these homes are going to actually produce more energy than they use. kaiser has pledged $400,000 towards the 20 million dollar project which is going to take 4 years to complete. and the application process is still open. if you'd like to live it as speranza place. a firefigher wearing a politically charged t-shirt working at a hydrant over the weekend was spotted. now san francisco fire department is answering questions about it. hundreds of people have been reacting on twitter to the photo that's shown of this
8:36 am
firefighter with the t-shirt in the back of the t-shirt reads, let's go. brandon, which is a secret code phrase used in conservative circles as a slur to president joe biden. the fire department says it's not part of the official uniform infected violates their uniform policy. and the phrase they say does not reflect their values and opinions. well, speaking of president biden, he sparked some debate last week when he said the covid-19 pandemic was over. the u.s.. >> is still dealing with hundreds of covid-related deaths each day and top health experts predict we could see a new wave of variants before the year is done. we have great clark with story. >> it's pandemic and it is over. we still have a problem with covid. we're still doing a lot of work on it. it's but the pandemic is over. >> president joe biden declaring the end of the covid-19 pandemic last week. his comments quickly shot down by former president donald trump. trump calling biden's comments, quote, terrible. it's the latest in the warm words between president biden
8:37 am
and former president trump who called biden a, quote enemy of the state after president biden called trump supporters a threat comments. he later walked dead while the pandemic phase of covid-19 may have reached a conclusion. the effects of the disease still loom large across the country. more than 400 americans are still dying every day as variants continue to evolve. doctor anthony fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert, says. >> although the severity of the disease has less and we are far from being clear of the disease that's killed more than a million americans. we don't want anyone. >> to get the impression that we don't have a lot of work to do. we've got to get the level of infection considerably lower than it is. >> the centers for disease control says deaths in the u.s. are down. 75% and new cases are down 90% since the omicron variant hit in january. doctor fauci also
8:38 am
warning that a new covid wave may hit this fall as new variants move and throughout the world. fauci also seeing recently that he suspects the chinese government is holding back information on the origins of covid-19, even questioning the lab leak theory. doctor fauci also said that he thinks federal officials quote, but steering issue covid-19 response saying they should have recommended mask wearing much earlier than first announced and they should have had a better testing plan available. meanwhile, the world health organization still believes we're in the midst of a global pandemic, even though it may be over in our minds. and although we're in a lull right now, >> it certainly isn't over in the way that we think something is over. >> well, we'll see what 38 the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. why forty-niners quarterback jimmy g says that sunday's game was in his words sloppy. we'll in his words sloppy. we'll have the highlights coming up.
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>> hurricane is growing. strength is its tracking towards steven right now towards cuba, evacuations landfall tomorrow. we've got g savior walton with more on that and how >> floridians are preparing. >> and hit the cayman islands with heavy rainh and wind over the weekend. now the florida
8:42 am
keys and much of the peninsula are being told to prepare for flooding. storm surge and heavy rains from the storm. >> 2500 national guardsmen are being prepped to respond across the state. sandbags being filled. the shoppers at the store shelves to stock up on food and supplies that's become a kid is perhaps the most popular place to prepare the grocery store cases. the water appeared to be at the top of the list. it's good to be a little prepared. >> and they're bringing in rows and rows of water at costco and its time to get something for the rush starts. there's a lot of water, people there's no limit right now. people are coming out with like 6, 7, cases. drivers also making a run on gas and not just for their cars. some filling up gas cans. >> for generators in the event of a widespread power outage. here's the mayor of tampa and florida's governor on getting ready. no doubt. we're going to feel the effects. just so what we're asking is for everyone to be there's going to be pretty broad impacts
8:43 am
throughout throughout the state. you're going to have when you're going to have water you did. there could be f
8:44 am
have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs.
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sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. >> the time is a 45 in the weather. looks really great. does look pretty cool out that well, does looks not cold. it's going to be warm out there. all the cool right now. john, good morning. we get our fault or the mornings and then we get some are still holding on to the afternoons. days are getting a little shorter, though. we have sunset tonight at 07:00pm from this point
8:46 am
forward. sunset is going to be before 07:00pm. so definitely starting to notice that difference. half moon bay looks great this morning as does much of the bay area skies will stay great for the next couple of hours before burn off happens and then we get all the sunshine later on high pressure. ridge is firmly in place. this will keep us consistently dry as we make our way through this week. ahead. tomorrow morning, likely more marine layer. so some fog and even some morning drizzle to start your tuesday. as for temps today, not too bad. it's definitely cooler at the coast. mild by the bay shore and warm for inland areas. that's the way we were this weekend. so if you like this weekend, you'll probably like today a lot if this weekend was a little too warm for you will today's daytime highs are just a couple of degrees down. so you like that change a word at 75 today. oakland at 73, only one spot reaching the 90's. that's a vacaville at 92. well, santa rosa through center fell mostly in the low 80's. tomorrow's temperatures will be just a touch cooler. not huge changes here, but by a degree or 2 tomorrow and
8:47 am
wednesday. nice and seasonable. slight bump up in temperatures on thursday and friday. back to the 90's before and no more noticeable cool down into saturday and sunday into the low 80's, right. john, thank you for that. ok? traveling along 101, northbound at east capitol expressway. >> we got an accident there in san jose. so you are seeing slight delays this morning as you're traveling along 101, heading into the city. a 21 minute. ryan mays to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead. look at our san mateo bridge around 15 minutes from a 80 to 101. so that's down from 20 minutes where we were earlier. 1, 0, 1, 85 up towards menlo park. a 49 minute right? 82 right here is pretty much moving at the limit. 80 san leandro down to milpitas about 37 minutes for you to make that ride this morning. cracking down towards the maze. it's about 26 minutes there and check in on 6.80, doubling down to fremont. 21 minutes during a james. back to you. thanks a 47 and more potential trouble
8:48 am
is brewing for nfl hall of famer brett he's accused of running basically a scheme to divert welfare funds. >> to the athletic department at his alma mater, the university of southern mississippi far denied his involvement. but new text messages have just come to light. alex caprariello has more. >> the fallout continues for hall of fame quarterback brett favre amid damning accusations that he helped funnel money from mississippi's public welfare system into a pet project building a 6 million dollars volleyball facility at his alma mater in daughter's college, southern mississippi. new tax were made public this weekend. the attorney representing former governor phil bryant releasing them in an effort to prove bryant was willing to help find private donors for the sports facility but was unaware that welfare money was being used to fund the project far writing to the governor in 2017. i need your influence somehow to get donations and or sponsorships. obviously southern has no money. so i'm hustling to get raised. and the governor
8:49 am
replying, of course, i'm all in on the volleyball facility. one thing i know how to do is raise money. but then 2 years later in 2019, when the attorneys for brian allege he first learned welfare funds were being used on the project. another damning exchange far first applying pressure. we obviously need your help. big time and time is working against us. and the governor pushing back. we're going to get there. but we have to follow the law. i'm too old for federal prison. favre has repeatedly denied his involvement in the largest ever public corruption case in the state of mississippi, but faces a civil lawsuit to recover more than 20 million dollars in misspent welfare money. on top of that, we're seeing sponsors endorsements in projects distance themselves from far his weekly nfl show for sirius xm has reportedly been put on hold and espn milwaukee announced it is temporarily suspending his weekly show. the brett favre show recapping packers games. >> that was alex caprariello reporting. and last week the former director of the mississippi department of
8:50 am
human services pleaded guilty. 2 federal and state felony charges of conspiracy and miss spending welfare money. and he has agreed to testify against the others. all right. well, in other sporting news, jimmy g got his first start of the season playing against. >> the broncos, a second drive of the game actually went fairly well. jeff wilson junior with the handoff and boy, he finds the gap. 37 yard run before finally being taken down. and later in the drive, jimmy g finishes with a 75 yard. pass. >> to brandon, iowa. quick touchdowns. that drive came was a successful with the finishes a touchdown. the broncos, though, did start to close the gap in the 3rd quarter. >> jimmy g had a couple of interceptions. this is a moment where he stepped out of the end zone, ended up resulting in a safety and giving the broncos a couple of extra points and then late in the 4th quarter. he also threw anocher interception that kind of seal that way. and there was the yeah, that's the stepping out of the 11 to 10.
8:51 am
the final score. not the best outing for the forty-niners. and we heard about that. >> after the game from coach shanahan. that we made way too many mistakes. we had our opportunities in the 1st half were thought we should been up a lot more than we were. >> we missed on those came back in the 2nd half and to the defense kept going off inside a chance early and started out with a fumbled snap. and then we never got going after that. i mean, stay on the field. michigan huge plays got to convert a 3rd down. we never did that all together. just a sloppy day. i think we had. >> really one clean got points off of it. and other than that, the defense really cups in the game. but overall, just a sloppy day, we've got to play a full 4 quarter game. doesn't matter how dominant we are throughout the game. that last right? we can't we can't let them get down there and score like and also we've got to get the ball back for the offense. we had multiple opportunities to get after it and we end up 0. they end up se every time. >> well, if they don't, they don't lose her time. how about
8:52 am
the warriors? we're hoping that they win more and look staff just leaning on all of his trophies there >> their their their first preseason game away. really way. they're playing the washington wizards in japan and here they are posing with all 4 trophies. is clay and last trophy. of course they won last season and that meant that made the offseason short but sweet. here's klay with his favorites. >> got to go to europe for a week and be a real tourist was a ton of fun. just. the daily routine of working out and having free time ago the beach and not the pressure performing. i forgot what a championship off seems like. it's very short. so i counted my blessings every day. i join every day off. to be honest. >> this out there walking rocco. i >> anyway, if you want to get up real early friday morning, 03:00am our time. you can see the warriors play in japan. if that's too early, you can tune in saturday night at 10:0
8:53 am
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>> we're back in a 55. and if haven't heard a rihanna is going to be making her way back to the stage as the halftime show for the super bowl next year. this comes 4 years after she turned down the invitation back in 2019 because she wanted to show solidarity with the former forty-niners quarterback colin kaepernick and his national anthem protest. jay z who heads up roc nation. he's going to be serving as executive producer for the show super bowl. 57 is going to be played out in glendale, arizona, on february. 12th.
8:56 am
>> it's 8.55. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. gas prices keep going up while the rest of the country seems to be paying less. we'll see what we're paying them. there. and it's going to be hard to get food at sfo. we get through security because there are some picketing workers. we'll tell you why they're upset. plus, one san francisco couple is fed up. their garage was burglarized 3 times in the same night. we'll see what they have left.
8:57 am
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have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> hope you're monday's flying by or not. if you need more time to get ready. and daria and i'm james. yeah, we're going on this monday, too. >> our first full week of fall. not going to feel like that. see some pretty warm temperatures yet. >> sometimes sometimes some yeah, that some. what's the warmest day going to yes, thursday friday, the very still have some more 90's for inland areas today. just a little cooler than it was this past weekend. >> but not a huge difference will still be well into the upper 80's for most of our inland areas. looking outside.
9:00 am
you can see the gray out there at the bay bridge. you can also see the east bay hills are pretty shrouded in this low cloud cover that at least for most of us is sitting right above us. bridge level at the bay shore. you're doing just fine. it's once you head up into the hills that you're running into some of that low grade. it will burn off and setting us up for some sunshine later today. so a fall feeling start and then still feeling like summer as we move into the afternoon 50's 60's for current temps, fremont hayward, redwood city at 60 san jose at 63 right now. while the san francisco and timber on still hanging out in the mid 50's, right. thank you for that, right. well, if you are traveling along 8.80, right now, northbound say l and r up to oakland just about 15 minutes. so that's an improvement traffic building earlier this morning. once you hit the may's 23 minute ride. >> that's from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit heading into the city, san mateo bridge about a 13 minute 8.80, to 101. the richmond sandra fell bridge 12 minutes as you're traveling from the tolls to


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