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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 26, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading now at a violence continues to rise in oakland. the city recording 8 homicides just the last 7 days who the police department is blaming now for not doing more. plus, how the ongoing cleanup of the south bay homeless encampment is creating more problems for nearby neighborhoods. >> and we've got a hurricane brewing. it is headed our way when could make landfall. we'll talk about that coming up next. >> thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore.
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firefighters are on the scene right now of a fire that interstate 5.80, in oakland. as you can see there, the fire first reported about 6.20, this evening near the edwards exit 5.80, along the westbound side of the freeway. there. it has been contained, but crews are still out there putting out the hot spots. oakland fire says that the incident started as a truck fire. there are no reports of injury or structure damage. this is the 3rd vegetation fire that's popped up along 5.80, in oakland. the first one broke out near 35th avenue macarthur boulevard. >> that was back on september 16th. the damaged at least 4 structures. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. and then the following tuesday, 3 bru h fires broke out near 35th avenue and delaware street near that freeway. investigators have ruled those fires as a case of arson. >> to the south bay, now a man was caught on surveillance video stealing a wheelchair of all things. take a look at this security video from early
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this morning. this is from a wheelchair store called re mobilize ers in san jose. a man is a window breaking tool to shatter the front door, the business and then carries out an electric wheelchair out to his car and then just speeds off the owner tells us the stolen wheelchair is priced at about $2000. san jose police are investigating. >> it is the last week for san jose city officials to clear the largest homeless encampment there. you know, the faa gave the city until september 30th to empty out the property near the san jose international airport. but now there's a new problem. justin campbell joins us now live in san jose with more on that. what is that? justin? >> and that's right, vicki. and the city was given until this friday by the faa to clear out this guadalupe park encampment that's behind me. and it looks like they've almost completed that step. but now there is a new problem
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with the park in front of guadalupe part. >> there's no baseball games at columbus park instead of a pitcher on the mound that deal with this filled with cars. are these in tents with people living on the sales catches and using that help the kids got >> other stuff out there just never 80 born in raised in san jose says kids need the field to play in growth instead of serving as a home for people side. tenor with them? what happened one month before that? they told us >> the city of san jose tells kron 4 we are still assessing columbus park situation as our current priorities are finding resources for the individuals currently living in the faa land area in clearing the open space as required by september 30th. so far the city has housed 174 people from that area. but 100 more are in limbo.
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>> i want to know where cannot sit and parents want a place for their kids to play little bit. coming up right? >> now we've reached out to the city to find out exactly now that so many homeless people are living at columbus park. where will they go next? what is the plan for them now that they're pretty much almost done, clearing out waterloo, pay gardens? we're live here tonight in san jose. justin campbell kron, 4 news. all right, justin, meantime, a caltrans is expected continue clearing the which street homeless camp that's in oakland. it's an area that's been the center of major safety concerns mostly due to a series of recent. >> fires this year, the city of oakland proposed a plan to clear the encampment in phases. that plan includes shelter for roughly 2 100 residents. another big story we're following tonight. the alameda county sheriff's office has demoted. 47 deputies. >> because they failed their
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psychological evaluations. the sheriff's office conducted an internal audit after the arrest of a deputy in a double homicide case. 10% of the department has been stripped of their resting powers and firearms. kron four's amanda hari is talking to an alameda county official right now on why and how the select deputies were demoted. what needs to be done for them to be reinstated. she'll have more on that a little bit later on in oakland. the police officers association is calling out the city's violence prevention agencies after the city recorded 8 homicides in one week. you know, when a police department releasing its weekly crime report today for the week of september 19 through the 25th. >> 8 people died due to the violence so far this year. there have been 95 homicides. there were 100 this time last year. the department also reported 56 shootings, 31 robberies and 35 burglaries. opd also says 1100 guns were taken off the streets this year. the police officers
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association is putting a spotlight on the city's department of violence prevention. >> and the mobile assistance, community responders of oakland that's known as macro, both were established to re imagine public safety using non police response models. our first monday and has the story. that was to reduce funding the police department to the tune of 18 million dollars. >> and transition or or to these? no, i'm police responses. laudable goal. but unfortunately, the money seems to have moved over, but recalls have the president of the union that represents oakland police officers. officer barry donelan is questioning the number of non violent calls for service. that got a response from macro, the city's mobile assistance, community responders of oakland. >> donelan says in the month of august, opd has 9-1-1, dispatch received 60,000 calls for service. so of the 60,000
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calls for service use a macro 19 bain added they responded to 19 calls for service. >> there's more than 20. you know what, when you're taking 2000 calls for service a day and these are residents who need help. they need a police officer and we're just wrong. was struggling to make it to them. and we appreciate the help for not seeing it across and for these programs that the city's invested in and we're just we're it. and and for those who don't think we're doing anything. >> i want them to come spend a day in the life in between the gun. that's where we live. the department violence prevention is oakland's other non police response service. >> and like mac will be vp deploys violence interrupters like control killings directly to crime scenes with the focus on preventing retaliation killings. he says the vp has been very busy responding to each of the 8 homicides over the past week. every last one and i want to say that there
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would be a lot more shootings and a lot more homicides. >> if there was not folks on the ground working. and so, for last monday, there was the incident on 31st and telegram. that was the double. >> like 45 minutes after that incident, they have to go to east oakland to 20 of to the to the other female. you know, i mean, and so like even this weekend with multiple incidents where they're going from one incident to the next. >> it is important to reiterate that the department of violence prevention and macro are 2 separate, not police response programs and oakland haaziq menu. kron. 4 news. we reached out to macro and the group released a statement that reads in part, quote, prior to the linking of 9-1-1, calls with macro team members in august. >> crews have been doing on view responses whereby macro crews proactively identify the individuals who they observed to be displaying signs that may prompt a 9-1-1. call. >> and hayward police have arrested a man who they say is responsible for the deaths of a father and a son. police say
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they responded to a call about a fight at a home on london avenue. about 4.30, yesterday morning. when officers arrived, they discovered a 49 year-old man and his 22 year-old son. they were both dead from the stabbing moons. police arrested oscar ho-sway and our of bus quests. doctors say a rather police say that the suspect was friends with the 22 year-old victim. they've gotten into a fight apparently at a party before the stabbing. the motive is still under investigation. time. a concord man has been arrested in connection to an armed robbery reported in oakley. officers say jonathan not barred alone, led them on a chase along highway 4 before crashing his car. the suspect was first caught on surveillance video yesterday. this is from and p am pm convenience store on laurel road. police say that the suspect took cash from the register and cigarettes and then drove off in a car that he stole on saturday. suspect
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was checked for injuries and then into jail. >> time now for our 4 zone forecast. as we look at overcast skies over downtown san francisco. you know, i guess you could call this a classic san francisco evening. will fog out did not pretty chilly. yeah. i kind of cools. that fog comes in almost like the middle of summertime is that cloud covers kind of roll back in making its way inside the bay. now we're going to see more of that at least tomorrow morning. maybe a little drizzle out along the coastline. well, it was a nice weekend. the temperatures have cooled down a bit, though. now you've got 50's coastal areas. the 50's and 60's inside the bay. right now, the warmer spot around the bay area. 72 degrees right now in antioch. but that on shore flow has kicked in and that flow is bringing with it. the cooler air off the ocean waters and also that patchy fog outside for tonight. we're going to wake up with some of that patchy fog early on. in fact, we've got a cold front off the coastline, high pressure that brought that nice sunny much of the bay area. but now that
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ridge started, we slide further to the east as it does. i think we're going to see that for all system get a little bit closer. so by tomorrow, it looks like we're going to see a warm sunshine, mostly interior valleys. but right along the coastline, you've got some patchy fog and cooler weather there. i think over the next couple days will notice the temperatures probably going to back off just a little bit. still warm inland mid 80's in the interior valleys got a lot of 70's inside the bay along the coastline. a little cool fog temperatures there in the 60's. thank you, lawrence. renewed concerns about california's power supply after the last heat wave nearly pushed our energy demand beyond capacity. >> the 10 day triple digit temperatures across the state earlier this month center power demand to a record level. the power regulators sent out a first ever emergency text alert, warning people to try to reduce power consumption to avoid rolling blackouts. state senator john laird of santa cruz says enough is not being done right now to improve our power supply in the future. he's argued that california needs to invest in renewable energy and batteries to get off of fossil fuels.
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>> coming up on 4 news at 8, a new report detailing just how effective covid boosters really are. and when we return, we're tracking another hurricane gaining strength as it barrels towards florida's gulf coast. how people there bracing for the storm kron. 4 news today returns.
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>> hurricane hurricane ian reach category 2 strength as
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it marched toward florida. and the national hurricane center is predicting storm surge in tampa bay and surrounding waters of between 5 and 10 feet above normal tide conditions and rainfall of between 10 and 15 inches because of this hurricane officials in the area, you know, begin evacuation orders for a wide swath of tampa with the saint pete area soon to follow back away. shuns could affect at least 300,000 people. there. governor desantis said he took note of the region's vulnerability in an afternoon press conference. >> clearly when you look at the tampa bay area, one of the reasons why, you know, we feared storms is because of the sensitivity of this area and the fragility of this area. >> last time tampa bay was hit by a major storm was way back in 1921. the hurricane had no official name but has now known locally as the tarpon springs storm. little more on
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that. yeah, this looks like it could be some kind of storm. they have not experienced anything like that. >> in over 100 years. and now you've got all the population built up along much of the coastline there in florida. and now here we go. we've got the potential for a major hurricane rolling in that direction. and this looks like a very dangerous system that still strengthening right now. you see it really pounding qvc. set up a sea of anna. the rain bands already be on the move on shore. some of the gusty winds now beginning to move on shore. looks like it's going to clip the western part of cuba then push out into some warmer waters right there in the gulf. and that's where we're going to watch things really get going. in fact, very latest. now, it is picked up a little bit of strength now sustained winds of 105 miles per hour. moving north northwest at 13 miles an hour. i want you to watch the track here, though. kind of gets it stings. a pushes across the land and then as it gets out in open waters or runs a very warm waters, those temperatures running in the upper 80's, almost 90 degrees. so that is going basically
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given extra fuel to strengthen again, maybe some 120 mile an hour winds as we head into tuesday morning, making it a category 3 and then it really gets going possibly a category 4 as we head in toward tuesday evening. and that's when it gets scary. already battering much of the coastline across parts of florida. and then all of a sudden it gets a little bit closer. now. want you to watch now the red line this the national hurricane center forecast to watch with the model does a little area underneath the walls of to the right. and that's going to be really key to this storm system comes on shore little further south cape coral. you're really going to be the cross hairs of a comes on further north in the tampa area. that's very dangerous situation that susceptible to these very large storm surges of the moves on through. there were talking about that 10 foot storm surge. but can you imagine a storm surge and they've got 10 feet. and on top of that, you've got 25 foot waves and incomes like a battering ram and takes out all those homes along the
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coast. we've got to get out of arena time. all thanks. >> post tropical cyclone fiona is causing major damage along canada's atlantic coast. homes in newfoundland were partially submerged and damaged as the water level rose almost 9 feet during the storm. farther south nova scotia saw heavy wind damage. trees toppled onto cars and homes. hundreds of thousands of people are without power. as of tonight. meantime, half of puerto rico still without power leaders there are working to try to determine the damage inflicted field hit there a week ago unleashing flooding across the island, shutting down gas stations, grocery stores and all kinds of businesses. roughly half of puerto rico's power customers are still in the dark. puerto rico's government is expected to have a preliminary estimate of the damage in about 2 weeks. and just for newsroom, much gilroy police are asking for the public's help. now. >> in locating a missing 9 year-old girl. police say elvira has could be do was last seen it. elliott school about 2.30, this afternoon
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she's wearing a gray sweater, black shorts, black, nike shoes and a black backpack with mushrooms on it. if you do see her, you're being asked to contact gilroy. police immediately. >> well known missions, sports bar is boarded up. asher was severely damaged in a fire. san francisco firefighters say they responded to the double play bar and grill over the weekend. the bar which sits at the corner of 16th and bryant right across from the old steel stadium was up in flames. the doors and windows have now been boarded up. in the meantime, support has been pouring in from the community so far the bars go fund me. page has raised more than $8,000. the bar owner says he's still in shock, but he's thankful. >> in the east bay now a san leandro police are searching for a man who they say attempted to rob 2 people at a 7.11, officers responded to the 7.11 store on 14th street early this morning to victim say that a man pointed a gun at them demanded their
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belongings. but the suspect then fled the store without taking anything. officers were speaking with the victims. they spotted the suspect across the street. police say that when officers were trying to approach him, he fired a single shot at the officers and then he pointed his gun himself and threat to commit suicide. but when officers were trying to convince him to lower his gun, the suspect ran away yet again. officers could not find him but did locate this firearm. as you can see there. luckily, nobody was injured, but anyone with information is being asked to call san leandro police on the peninsula today. the city of south san francisco celebrating 2 new law signed by governor newsom over the weekend. >> the laws are designed to crack down on catalytic converter thefts, making it a lot harder for thieves to sell those frequently stolen car parts in south city. the city says it was dealing with one new catalytic converter theft today. so last month they made it illegal to possess a stolen catalytic converter. now they're hopeful the governor's new laws will further help
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stop criminals from ripping off car owners. it's important that we address school. the main players. the key players are core metal scrap companies. again, all of these need to be held accountable. >> flores also says it's they are looking for new ways to try to stop the thefts, including possibly asking car manufacturers to vehicle identification numbers on to the catalytic converters of new cars. also working with injuries, companies to install theft prevention shield over the converters you may have noticed is costing more to fill up the tank again. gas prices spiked over the weekend. >> where you could find the cheapest guests here in the bay area. plus, a new study showing the effectiveness of the latest covid booster. how it's reducing hospitalizations
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>> new data from the centers for disease control indicate covid booster shots do make a significant difference. >> despite the fact they're working, there are fewer americans getting them less than 2% of eligible americans have received the most recently updated dose ucsf department of medicine chair doctor bob wachter says many people get mild covid-19 symptoms. the long-term effects are reason enough to be as protected as you can be and avoid it altogether. the data that keeps coming out. >> that says if you have had covid your chance of having bad stuff, increased risk for a bunch of bad things a year
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from now is hired. new study just came out looking at the risk of clot a year from now higher heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cognitive decline all higher to me, it's a pretty powerful argument to try to avoid getting covid. if you can. >> the current lull in new covid cases the u.s. is enjoying may not last. the uk was enjoying a similar lull in yet in the last week. hospitalizations there have jumped 17%. >> pfizer is seeking emergency use authorization for an omicron specific booster that for kids aged 5 to 11. the booster is currently out are only for ages 12 and up and specifically are meant to target the ba 4 and ba 5 variant as of late last week, more than 4 million americans have rolled up their sleeves for the latest shot. that is nowhere close to the 171 million doses. the government purchased. and just
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when you thought we were improving area, residents are waking up to those high gas prices again today. commuters paying as much as $0.40 more today compared to about 2 weeks ago, according to triple a nationally gas prices went up for the first time after 98 days. it is $3.70, per gallon and 3 cs, 70 and california's average gas price. that's almost 5 dollars. 80 a gallon here in the bay area. marine county sonoma, san francisco and san mateo counties. average gas prices are all, you know, above $6. solano county probably has the cheapest gas for you. the average gas price there is close to $5.80. and remote work is driving the well. it's a driving force behind surging home prices during the pandemic. that's according to a new study that was released today from the federal reserve bank of san francisco. it found that increased demand
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for working from home accounted for 60%. a persistent price hikes between november of 2019 in november 2021. over that period. national house prices soared. 24% compared to record levels. economists found that cities considered more desirable for remote work. they saw the biggest increase in home prices as the limited supply of homes could just not keep up with the influx of demand. they also found that remote work had an identical effect on rents, which as we know, remain at record highs across the nation. coming up on kron, 4 news at 8, a school shooting in russia leaves more than a dozen people dead with the kremlin is saying about that tonight. >> plus, us is warning vladimir putin against nuclear escalation. why defense officials say they think upcoming elections are a signal of what's to come. and hundreds of food workers at sfo walked off the job, what they're demanding and what you need kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day.
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this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> more than 1000 food workers outside the san francisco international airport terminals. they went out on strike today against low pay. they were there this morning in the they continue would well into the evening. the airport is putting out an alert warning travelers that will affect staffing at restaurants and lounges. kron 4, sarah, since stenson talk to some workers at terminal 3. >> these are people who work
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at restaurants, bars, coffee shops in lounges at sfo. you can see them with their signs. race-high marching in a circle trying to make a point to the fact that workers here that are making that making just over $17 an hour can afford to make ends meet. that's unacceptable. christine mauricio works at not one but 2 coffee shops at sfo i was really she says it leaves her no time to spend with her 13 year-old shooting my with my i don't know. you know, workers say the majority of them make about $17 an hour and they haven't received a raise in 3 years. is that enough for us? everything is up expenses pool. these workers are a part of the union unite here. local 2 and they've been at the bargaining table for 9 months. they say until deal is
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reached, a strike must go on russia this place down. and i think that, you know, the employers at the airport restaurant players are going to realize very quickly they cannot run this operation without their workers. if you're flying out of sfo this week so long as the strike last, you may want to bring your own food because most of the restaurants and coffee shops are closed down because the workers are here on strike. now, the airport did% reach back out to us. they said the newsstands or open those have snacks and drinks. but other than that, there's not much you can buy eat inside the airport. >> i'm sarah stinson reporting at sfo. back to you. >> now the 4 zone forecast and talking about the airport. there it is sitting under the fog and preference. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with this is actually fairly typical right person, which we get that we get the fog usually for summer for summertime. but you started late this season. you see less less fog. but that fog bank almost looking like july out
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there tonight that really thick out there in spots, in fact, picking off likely to see a little drizzle moving in along the coastal sections out there toward the golden gate bridge. the fog has already moved on through kind of quiet out there toward the bridge tonight. but yeah, we've got the temperatures on the cool side. coastal areas. look at 55 degrees in pacifica right now. 55 also in timber on 54 in petaluma. 59 degrees now in napa. 69 degrees warmer in concord. 62 in dublin. there are going to be some changes, though, as we head into the next couple days. we've got a cold front off the coastline that will probably help to deepen this marine layer. that means a little more fog. low cloud cover also is going push it further on shore as we head to the next day or so. but then behind that things begin to change to the cold front come and it's going to fall apart as it gets here. but watch what happens starts kauerauf. the marine air starts to mix that out and that set up the clear skies a little bit more. so as we get into thursday and friday, we're looking good sailing into the weekend. temperatures for tomorrow. 65 degrees in downtown san francisco. a little cool breezy along the coastline. puddles temperatures mainly in the 60's out toward the beaches
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inside the bay, a fine, a little more sunshine after patchy morning fog. 67 in millbrae. 74 in san carlos. 72 degrees in mount to the south bay, enjoying lots of 70's tomorrow afternoon. should be a nice, warm day there. even warmer in the morgan hill and you were in mid 80's in places like dublin tomorrow. 72 a breezy in the afternoon in hayward, 71 in san leandro. 84 in orinda. 75 degrees in hercules. so that sea breeze will blow once again tomorrow afternoon. but that will just help to cool down from some of these warm temperatures in the inland spots. but then things begin to change the next couple days. we're going to bottom out on wednesday, then warm things back up on thursday that maybe some hot 90's return in the valleys by friday, lawrence. at least 15 people are dead and 24 others wounded after a school shooting. it happened in russia and a town about 600 miles east of moscow. >> police say the 34 year-old gunman a former graduate of that school committed suicide after the attack and was wearing a swastika patch on his arm. investigators say he
8:35 pm
was armed with 2 pistols and a large supply of ammo. the kremlin described the shooting as a quote, terrorist act and is looking into the suspect's ties. 2 neo-nazi groups. us is warning russia not to use nuclear weapons in ukraine. fears are growing that russia might use those as it rolls out. what experts are saying are sham elections in eastern ukraine. our washington correspondent trevor shirley. >> he's in dc with more. well, those elections in eastern parts of ukraine got underway this weekend, even though many u.s. officials say the results will almost certainly be fraudulent. the thinking is russia plans to use these illegitimate elections as a way of declaring eastern portions of ukraine as russian territory. the fear is then that russia could say its own territory is being attacked to justify using a nuclear weapon in ukraine. u.s. officials say these elections show just how badly russia is fairing in ukraine. world leaders have condemned russia's stage
8:36 pm
elections, calling them coerced and a sham. president joe biden along with other u.s. officials have warned russia that it would face a disaster if it decides to use nuclear weapons. although officials haven't said what response would be if russia crosses this line, there will be catastrophic consequences for russia. the united states will respond decisively now in private channels. we have spelled out in greater detail exactly what that would mean. >> the united states and its international allies continue to supply ukraine with offensive weaponry and military equipment all the while trying to avoid a direct conflict between nato and russia reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley >> meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin is granted citizenship to whistleblower edward snowden. he is one of 75 foreign citizens. we're given citizenship today by the russian leader. snowden, the former contractor to the national security agency has been living in russia since 2013 to escape prosecution in
8:37 pm
the u.s. that same year he leaked highly classified information detailing government surveillance programs. snowden has not surrendered his u.s. citizenship says he'd return to america if he were guaranteed a fair trial. >> still to come tonight, district attorney brooke jenkins in san francisco has a plea to her first member to the sf innocence commission and looking to win big in the next we're going to tell you which numbers could get to a big win. big time. plus summers, long but it wasn't before a few major events brought thousands of visitors to san francisco will take a look at how that impacted the city's tourism outlook. it was
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nice to see a busy weekend and week in san francisco from dreamforce to port hola. >> a lot of people travel to the city. yeah. like before the pandemic sold in for us, rob nesbitt talked with the president and ceo of the san francisco chamber of commerce. a report on the week of success and what the polson tourism looks like moving forward. when you have thousands of people coming to town it once you have some issues such as noise complaints and that did happen this past weekend. but for the most part, the city is calling the last week a success. the influx of tourism started last week with the start of dreamforce the conference parties, an expos bringing in around 40,000 people from out of town, according to president and ceo of the san
8:41 pm
francisco chamber of commerce, rodney fong. but that was a good shot in the arm. >> for us and it's not just the the the concert promoters of the event, producers. all the other jobs that come along with it, whether their florist or living companies are rental equipment companies tours continue to flood into the city throughout the weekend for both the folsom street fair in soma and the portal, a music festival at pier 80. >> alex passion with the hotel council of san francisco says many hotel sold out by the start of dreamforce places that the park. 65. >> which are on the biggest hotel into team outside of las vegas, west of the mississippi. occupied. that's about 3,000 collectively, the guests booking those hotel rooms were also spending money and making restaurant reservations. >> pete said nick is the managing partner at water bar and epic steak. the former president of the golden gate restaurant association says it was a week of large parties. something that hasn't happened often during the pandemic. those 6, 8, we actually had a
8:42 pm
couple of >> restaurant buyouts at the early in the week. >> where the sales force group just took over the whole place. cynics as the weekend numbers were solid, but nothing too out of the ordinary saying the crowds report holen fulsome seem to stick to the neighborhoods where the events took place and hoping the tours and boost he did see during the week is a sign of what's to come. we're looking forward to a holiday season this year that we think is going to be quite busy other than the holiday season. another big event coming up to the tourism industry is paying attention to is fleet week that runs from october. 3rd to the 11th reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> plant based carne asada were taste testing taco bell's latest creation. a case india made with plant-based beyond me. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart. >> and in sports injuries continue to plague the niners. 2 more players going down. sports director jason dumas says we'll hear from coach
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>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> it was a rough day for the forty-niners on sunday and it didn't get all that much better. today the team found out that 2 of their starters will be out for the next few weeks. at least trent williams will be out 4 to 6 weeks. he
8:46 pm
has a high ankle sprain, right ankle. meanwhile, has eased out shine here. he could miss about 8 weeks with a sprained mcl in his right knee and to make matters worse. kyle shanahan have to watch and indoor that game footage from yesterday. and as he says, it was as bad as he thought it would be. >> the 1st half was similar to what i that we miss him off. notion that a lot more than michel amar points order production show. but the 2nd half was exactly help build out. there was a one position. what the one thing in particular, everyone have their part could not convert a 3rd down, was the reason for troubles. but a lot of that most of our day was 3rd in that average was a route. 39, we have a couple turn for the both of those. we got false starts on. you know, we got a sack on 3rd second in 10, i think on series in the 2nd half, which led to a 3rd and a
8:47 pm
team of cells. more about second 3rd out. but know-how to cross the border. >> hopefully the warriors are all. >> either in better getting ready for bed right about now because they belong day tomorrow at 06:00am the squad will depart for japan for 2 preseason games with the washington wizards. it's a 12 hour flight and that will only be and they'll only be in japan for about 5 to 6 days. so pretty quick trip. but there is some good news, andre iguodala will be on that flight with the team. the warriors made it official today. one andrea signed his contract for his 19th and final season in the nba. he actually literally signed a contract at practice. it was pretty funny today, andrea took us through the process on how he made his decision to come back. >> it was a little bit of a roller coaster because i had a lot of stuff going on this summer. a and i had a productive summer. and so. you know, i jump back and forth
8:48 pm
like 2 times and this is literally exhausting to jump back and forth. like i mean, and that worked out like 2 times. my heart, you know, was like for what and then not went back to what i was doing. i was just i was super busy. so it wasn't like i had a time. you know, really got down the wire because i don't even know i was going to reveal it because i didn't really didn't know. i don't what i times last week that bad, a shape. so, you know, and my son is getting older, he might now. so i have been showing us some things on the court. so that's the but then i want you back on the corps. you're betting according. it's almost like, you know, yesterday makes my job so much easier we have so many young guys and they need. >> coaching, they need andres, the best there is with that. and he loves loves working with the younger guys as a player. when, you know, he sort of makes everything work becauue he knows exactly where he needs to be. and so he he
8:49 pm
makes every lineup click. and if he's not on the court, he's teaching young guys the same thing and and and raise a really crucial part of our are a lot program, so thrilled that he's back. >> not today, andrea, when the sixers drafted him 19 years ago as a 14 year-old sixers fan rooting for the guy. now i cover him professionally is often how that stuff works. all right. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> i'm jason, a san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins has appointed julia serve on tase to the innocence commission a body that to was founded under her predecessor, chase being cervantes is a lead attorney in the post conviction review unit. the commission is a six-member volunteer team that reviews cases where people may have been wrongly convicted. they take a vote and then they make a recommendation on whether the person should be considered a to. the district attorney's office or vontaze
8:50 pm
as the deputy da in san mateo county and assistant d a in san francisco before her current taco bell is trying out a new option for its menu. plant-based carne stake. the company teamed up with beyond meat to create beyond carney asada, which is now being tested for a limited time. sure. why not? rich demuro was at a special taste tested be new court headquarters. he has the scoop tonight. >> a taste test for taco bell's latest creation. like hearing that. well, it looks like the real thing this beyond carne asada stake is made from plants. it is simple plant based ingredients like final week. and father being pro team. the fast food chain partnering with beyond meat. it's meant to taste. >> have the same texture marinated and grilled asada state. the plant based protein
8:51 pm
isn't being touted as health food. after all, it's served with cheese and a creamy sauce. but it does give customers options and offer some of the benefits of plant based proteins things like. >> i tried it in a case of first. so let's do it. taste like? >> i think you can pull a lot of people at >> shining real stake air next. i tried me in a soft taco. >> everything from the way that fights to the way to choose the way taste. so that, you know, you're actually getting very and you can even go completely vegan by ordering fresco style, which remove things like not to the teams and face off an ad. >> the best part, there's no price difference you can swap
8:52 pm
for beyond. carney is not a state in any item really just increases accessibility to everybody who is looking to try more plant based offering. >> cheesy, as it sounds, it was really good. talk about going to a test run at restaurants in dayton, ohio. if all goes well, we could see beyond carne asada steak on the menu at more locations more. go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart nasa's dart spacecraft successfully hits an asteroid.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> confirmation that was the impact a nasa spacecraft rammed into an asteroid at a blistering speed today. >> in an unprecedented dress rehearsal for the killer rock scissors, the galactic grand slam occurred 7 million miles, which is also 9.6 million kilometers away with the spacecraft named art plowing into the small space rocket 14,000 miles. a second scientists expected the impact to carve out a crater curl streams of rock and dirt into space and more importantly, alter the asteroid's orbit, popular seal. it had been hanging out in a boston pon
8:56 pm
ended up on the doorstep of a police station looking for some help. if anything is police really tried to capture the seal name schubert, but they just couldn't lure him out of his palm last week. so they just gave up. but then to their surprise, schubert came to them. he found his way across the parking lot made to the door. the police station shubert now being examined at an aquarium before being brought back to the ocean. let's make sure schubert happy and gets back home safely for so you're looking to score big on the mega millions lotto, but you just can't seem to pick the right numbers when it we take a look at the stats and we found the most winning numbers over the last 100 drawings. 5 numbers have shown up quite a few times market downturns out 7 is the luckiest number. it's turned up 16 times right after that. the number 38, that's a good pick that's been drawn 13 times recently. and rounding out the list was 64 3 and 40. as for the mega number. 24 was
8:57 pm
the topic with 8 showings in the last 100 draws on their luck. good luck. that wraps up kron. 4 news a grants going to join me a crime for news at 9. he is here with us now for a little preview. >> looking forward to that. can all see you at 10. here's what's next. at 9 talking about people that they say are just not suited for duty. the result of a psychological evaluation that was given to dozens of sheriff's deputies in alameda county. they didn't pass of the department. got to this conclusion and what needs to happen for those deputies to now get their guns back. plus, the latest cleanup efforts here at a homeless encampment. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he's tracking hurricane e. kron. 4 news at 9 is next. ur i iernet isn't ideal... dad made the brilliant move get us t-mobile me internet. ... t everybody'online during e day so we lose speeds. ' become... .nocturnal.
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ll... i'up. 'n kids. is. sucks. ll if you just switch ybe you don' ve to be vampires. oa... ay, yikes. sorry, i wasn'thinking. don'really use the v word. at'kind of insensitive. prefer day-adjacent. ' go man-pire.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known and right now at 9, dozens of alameda county deputies are now on desk duty after failing there. >> psychological evaluations were going to discuss the case that lead to those demotions. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis said i'm grant lotus the arrest of deputy devin williams is what sparked this internal audit. >> he's now behind bars accused of killing 2 people recently crowned force amanda hari joins us now live from


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