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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 27, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> well, good tuesday morning and thank you for waking up with this bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. hopefully you had a really good sleep monday night. i know. finally, john of felt like i did. and that's just because of the cooler temperatures have allowed me to kind of low myself to sleep. what's going to be on tap for today, john? yeah. nice seabreeze never hurts. you're trying to get to sleep and that's exactly what we had last night. >> nice cool rush of air and a little bit deep in the marine layer this morning. going to keep us cool for a little bit longer today. and that is going to have an impact on our daytime highs. >> temperatures today down
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just a few degrees from where we were yesterday, looking outside from the berkeley hills. skies out there. definitely a little bit cloudy. most of this cloud cover is thinking out just above the bay itself. so we're not seeing too many visibility issues. a couple spots of drizzle in the santa cruz mountains. aside from that, though, skies will eventually clear out we will tap into some sunshine later today. but temperatures overall are going to be a little bit cooler right now. we're in the 50's out there. nice cool. start to this morning. santa rosa. you're at 52 now novato at 55 oakland-alameda at 58 degrees. brentwood, one of her more mild spots at 62 degrees later today. look for to daytime highs. that will really only rise into the low 80's at warmest most of us staying in the 70's in sunset. time tonight for the first time below 07:00pm at 6.59. so those days starting to get a little bit shorter right now. john, thank you for that. ok, let's check out your bridges this morning. heading into the city right now. 7 minutes. >> may's to that fremont
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street exit san mateo bridge, 80 to 101, a 13 minute ride. let's get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge but a 9 minute commute to host a one on one and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes on this tuesday morning. well, san francisco police are investigating a possible shooting on coal street in the haight ashbury neighborhood. this is seen from the citizens app. police say they first responded to reports around 8.20, last night. witness told police a person shot at another person. as of right now, police say they don't have any reports or injuries or any property damage here. we're going to update you as soon as more information comes out. we've got some new details that have been released in the moments before a father and a son were stabbed to death and hayward police say it happened on lynn avenue sunday morning. officers shot a 49 year-old man and his 22 year-old son both dead from stabbing wound. police arrested oscar hosts way our law low from hayworth. that same night, police say the suspect was friends with
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the 22 year-old victim in it got into a fight at a party before the stabbing. this is the city, 7th and 8th homicide this year. in the east bay, the alameda county sheriff's department is now re evaluating they're hiring process because this comes after a new report says that 47 of their deputies are not psychologically fit to work. proffers amanda hari reports on why the department says it's still hire people that did not pass that evaluation. >> we're being transparent in coming forward and acknowledging the issues that that went on here on friday. 47 alameda county sheriff's deputies restricted their duties as law enforcement officers after receiving a letter from sheriff gregory ahern, obviously. this was very devastating news to them. they have no idea that they did not have the passing score that was required to a lot of them were in shock. were initially delivered the news
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that tenant ray kelly with the sheriff's office says they did an audit of their department after one of their deputies. devon williams was arrested in connection to a double homicide. that's when kelly says the office determined that a d not soon did. >> is no longer considered a passing grade. as we look into the files. >> we begin to see that the rules have changed and the information and guidance that we were given from the state was inaccurate. and that the scores that we thought were passing were just below passing. and as a result of that. >> people that we had employed. >> would not with their psychological exams to be peace officers. the deputies who failed will be on desk duty until they take the test again and pass it. kelly says the test is not as straightforward as sat or iq exam. it's based on you emotional intelligence and bunch of other factors. >> young people fresh out of
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college with very little life experience, very little work. experience tend to not do as well on the psychological exams as people with more life experience. kelly says the re test will be conducted by a peace officer standards and training or post certified psychologist. >> who does not work for the sheriffs office. he believes most of the officers will want to test again. but for now, the about 1000 remaining sworn personnel will be taking on a heavier load. we estimate that it will average about 20 extra overtime will be added per week. >> that need to be filled. we feel is manageable on on a short-term basis. well, get the testing done. >> well, that was amanda harry reporting for us. one deputy is already taking that test and passed again and has been reinstated. well, today, kelly tells us the deputies do not pass retest will be dealt with on a case by case basis. well, happening today, you have a danville middle school teacher who's going to be a rain in contra costa county after
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being charged with 2 counts of committing lewd acts on minors. 33 year-old nicholas moseby is accused of sending pornographic videos to minors. the county's district attorney's office says use social media to send the videos to 2 different victims in earlier august. and earlier in the month at this time, moseby was a biology teacher at diablo vista, middle school and also worked as cheerleading coach at nor cal elites in san ramon. he's being held at the martinez detention facility on a $200,000. bail. a concord man has been arrested in connection to an armed robbery in oakley. officers say that john and board alone let them on a chase. this happened along highway 4 before crashing his car. the suspect was first caught on surveillance video at a convenience store on laurel road. police say that suspect took cash in the register cigarettes and drove off with the stolen car. well, happening today, san leandro
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police are now searching for a man they say attempted to rob 2 people at a 7.11, officers responded to the stall on 14th earlier yesterday morning. they say that 2 victims told him that a man pointed a gun at them and demanded their belongings. but the man left the store without taking anything. while officers were speaking with the victims, they spotted that man across the street. police say when they tried to approach and he fired a single shot at the officers and then he pointed the gun at himself and threatened to commit suicide when officers are trying to eonvince him to lower his gun, he ran away again. officers say they could not find him, but they did find his gun. in oakland. the 8 homicides last week have the police officers association sounding the alarm. they're putting a spotlight on 2 of the cities, violence prevention programs that were established to re imagine public safety using non police response models. four's madyun has that story for us was to reduce funding the police department to the tune of 18 million dollars.
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>> and transition or or to these? no, i'm police responses. a lot goal. but unfortunately, the money seems moved over but recalls have the president of the union that represents oakland police officers. officer barry donelan is questioning the number of non violent calls for service. that got a response from macro, the city's mobile assistance, community responders of oakland. >> donelan says in the month of august, opd has 9-1-1, dispatch received 60,000 calls for service. so of the 60,000 calls for service use a macro 19 bain added they responded to 19 calls for service. there's more than 20. you know what, when you're taking 2000 calls for service a day and these are residents who need help. they need a police officer and we're just wrong. was struggling to make it to them and we appreciate the
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help for not seeing it across and for these programs that the city's invested in. adam, we're just we're it. and and for those who don't think we're doing anything. >> i want them to come spend a day in the life in between the gun. that's where we live. the department violence prevention is oakland's other non police response service. >> and like mac will be vp deploys violence interrupters like control killings directly to crime scenes with the focus on preventing retaliation killings. he says the vp has been very busy responding to each of the 8 homicides over the past week. every last one and i want to say that there would be a lot more shootings and a lot more homicides. >> if there was not folks on the ground working. and so, for last monday, there was the incident on 31st and telegram. that was the double. >> like 45 minutes after that incident, they have to go to east oakland to 20 of to the to the other female. you know, i mean, and so like even this weekend with multiple incidents where they're going from one incident to the next.
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>> it is important to reiterate that the department of violence prevention and macro are 2 separate non police response programs and oakland haaziq menu. kron. 4 news. >> well, we reached out to macro and the group released a statement that reads in part prior to the linking of 9-1-1, calls with macro team members in august. crews have been doing on hugh responses were by macro crews, pro actively identify individuals. they observed to be displaying signs. it may prompt a 9-1-1 com. well, a truck catches fire near 5.18, spreads to a nearby hillside. it was first reported around 6.20, yesterday evening near the edwards exit on 5.80, on the westbound side of the freeway. it's since been contained. crews state to put out any hot spots. there are no reports of injuries or structural damage. this is the 3rd time this month that firefighters that to put out fires along 5.80, in oakland. officials have launched a criminal investigation into how the mosquito fire started. and as
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part of their investigation, the u.s. forest service has taken control of pg e equipment. this comes after victims of the mosquito fire filed a lawsuit against pg and e claiming the utility's equipment sparked the flames pg e also previously filed a report about electrical activity from one of its transmission poles around the time that fire started earlier this month. the fires burned more than 76,000 acres and is 85% contained this morning. an official cause of that fire has not been determined. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the numbers are in how this weekend's events in the city have tourism officials excited for what's to come this holiday season? and we have some new data shows covid booster shots are working with millions are still without a 5th booster. why one doctor is concerned about that number. plus, the white house has mobilized and is sitting at hurricane ian continues to threaten the state of florida. we're going to have more details from dc will be right back after the break.
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>> i will welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news that i now for 14 here on a tuesday morning. >> we've been actively tracking at just different happenings in the weather. finally, john national, we're coming to a a quieter weather see this september took us on a ride. we had a record-breaking need at the start.
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>> then we had that early-season rainfall than it was back to a little bit of heat. but this week overall is a little bit easier for has to work with just smooth sailing temperatures, seasonable averages a little bit of sunshine here and there a little bit of cloud cover near the coastline, especially during morning hours. that's your typical bay area staff. as for san francisco right now, you can see a little bit of cloud cover overhead. if you look in the distance, got the flag blowing in the wind there. it has been breezy from the coast. those winds pushing in some cool air today in temperatures taking a bit of a dip from yesterday. now we do have the system sitting to our west. what's it going to do for us? honestly, the whole lot of nothing. it is contributing to a bit of a cool down today and tomorrow. but you can actually see the clouds associated with that frontal boundary passing by around 05:00pm today that line of clouds pushes through doesn't result in any chance of rainfall for us just keeping his cool compared to the rest of the forecast today. and tomorrow after that thursday and friday, temperatures will climb just a
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little bit before another drop in temperatures by only a few degrees this upcoming weekend. 60's for your highs in san francisco today. 60's at the coastline. it will be brisk out that direction. so don't forget the jackets, 70's for your highs along the bayshore foster city at 76 palo alto. 74 today, south bay temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 70's. a few low 80's further inland know, look, fremont through hayward in the 70's. well, livermore and pleasanton low 80's san ramon holding on to upper 70's today while oakland and richmond at 72 the late show. 78 for your high while vacaville, our hottest spot in only a 87 degrees. so no one even getting up to the nineties today. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's temps do rise a few degrees into thursday and friday. fridays are most likely today to have a lot of 90's for inland areas. temperatures again falling into early next week, october first, picking up on saturday in doing so with temperatures very much so average for this
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time of year right now. john, thank you for that. ok, let's go. look at your bridge. cam's heading into the city right now. 7 minutes maze to that freeman street exit. >> san mateo bridge 80 to 101, a 13 minute ride heading across towards the peninsula. a richmond center fell bridge 8 minutes tolls to 101. there. and let's check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 19 minute right? i want governor newsome is going after his old party from dot, hitting the gop hard enough. have, of course, been a tom wallace tells us who newsom is going after and how lawmakers on the other side of the responding to this. and of course, the big question people are asking is newsom doing all of this as he prepares for a possible presidential run? >> the answer that very question over the weekend. >> the democratic party has to assert itself much more aggressively than we have. >> passionate california governor gavin newsom over the weekend rebuking his own party arguing democrats are not
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doing enough to go after gop governors. where are we organizing? bottom up, a compelling alternative near where are we going on the offense every single day. they're winning right now during a panel discussion at the texas tribune festival in austin newsom wasted no time denouncing the lone star state's republican governor greg abbott. we have got to replace your governor here in texas. this is serious. newsom also lambasted florida republican governor ron desantis over his decision to fly. 48 migrants from texas to martha's vineyard in an apparent attempt to bring attention to the situation at the southern border. rounds them up to an island and then fundraises off what's that say about his character and the character, the republican party that celebrated that act here in california assembly minority leader republican james gallagher of yuba city took to twitter arguing newsom and desantis sure to drastically different paths for america. quote, gavin's
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plan equals big bloated inefficient government. whereas the desantis path is one of greater freedom of a limited government. but democratic strategist at emerson says when newsom is doing as well received within the democratic party, we need to motivate. >> and fire up. democrats here. and and just over a month gavin has stepped into that role. >> as for the big question of newsom. >> are you considering running for president in 20 2028, not even >> and newsom is now back in california where he'll need to make a decision on the fate of more than 500 bills by the deadline. at the end of the week reporting here outside the california state capitol eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> happening today, the national archives is expected to report whether or not there are any more files from the trump white house still missing this after an fbi search uncovered boxes of documents marked top secret classified inside the former president's mar-a-lago
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residence in an interview collected for an upcoming book. the president admitted to taking documents from the white house with he says it was nothing of great urgency. it's national news as the tampa florida area prepares for the raf of hurricane ian, the federal government. he's already started helping out those in its path. washington correspondent reshad hudson brings us that update. tell us what we can expect. >> hey, good morning florida governor ron desantis says he hasn't spoken to president biden but was thankful for the quick resources and the federal cooperation. the white house says federal resources are already rolling in to help floridians brace for hurricane ian. important that federal is provided for the people of florida. that is the most important thing. 7,000 national guard members are now activated and the pre landfall, emergency declaration was approved. additionally, some schools are closing and road tolls were
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removed to encourage people to evacuate, to make sure that we're there for them. >> in this time of need the national hurricane center predicts ian could deliver a life-threatening storm surge up to 10 feet in and around the tampa bay area and wherever those needs are up and down this coast. >> florida, is going to work with fema to make sure that folks get the relief that they need. >> and florida governor ron desantis has this message for people rushing to empty store shelves. no need to panic. buy. >> if you normally don't drink a lot of water, you know, you may not need to go up by 20 gallons of water right so just do what you need to be prepared. >> and later today, the fema administrator will brief reporters at the white house on additional steps they're taking reporting in washington, reshad hudson, back to you. >> thank you for that update. breaking that down for us was shot. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news as millions are set to receive student loan forgiveness, the federal government has
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released how much it will need to pay to give americans monetary relief. we'll talk about this. we get back from break. well, we now know the
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price tag for president
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biden's student loan forgiveness program, the congressional budget office says it's gonna cost the federal government about 400 billion dollars over the next 10 years. >> the decision to extend the payment pause and keep interest rates at 0 going at billions more to that cost. the president announced plans to forgive as much as $20,000 in student debt back in august. the education department is expected to finalize an application for borrowers next month. but some conservatives are threatening to sue to block the ones that application is released. and there are new concerns about california's power supply after the last heat wave nearly pushed our energy demand beyond the peak, the 10 day triple digit temperatures across the state earlier this month sent our power demand to a record level. the power regulators sent out a first-ever emergency text alert, warning folks to reduce power, use its to avoid rolling blackouts. state senator john layered of santa cruz says enough, is it to be done right now to improve our power supply in the future?
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he's argued that california needs to invest in renewable energy and batteries to move off of fossil fuel. still ahead of the cross. as san jose officials rush to clean up their largest homeless encampment. it is creating more problems. >> that person to cepeda. we're going to have that story we're going to have that story when we get back. ♪ ♪ freedom doesn't wait. libre the original eau de parfum & the new le parfum yyes saint laurent
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>> i will welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at for you is now 4.28. we're going on sort of the and and i'm john last few days. the weather has been really we get a much needed break in the heat is fall is here and we start to warm up towards the end of the week. perfect weather. john goodman. yeah. also it's nice weather for sure. we're taking a little bit of a breather from the nineties today to yesterday. >> we just did it for a couple of spots today. we're going to see temperatures falling a little bit further. that means most of us are going to be in the 70's. only a few of us in the 80's and at that mid-eighties at the very warmest were sitting this morning. you do have some low gray over the bay area. had a cool breeze from the coastline pushing in last night allowing more and more of that cool marine air to filter in. that's the pretty cloudy morning that we're in the midst of a little foggy for a few spots in the santa cruz mountains that should lift this afternoon. setting us up for mostly sunny skies later on today. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's oakland, alameda in fremont at
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58 degrees. petaluma and santa rosa on the cooler side in the low 50's right now. well, san francisco and san mateo each at 57 degrees later today. look for temperatures that will mostly be in the 70's to low 80's. really comfortable day for most spots. keep the jackets on near the coastline. otherwise you're pretty good to go. all those updates are still to come rain. all right, john, thanks for that forecast for us. if you are traveling this morning heading into the city may be. >> 7 min or i may so that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge 80 to 101 looking at 12 minutes for you. there. our richmond center fell commute an 8 minute ride. one-on-one. and let's go ahead a look at that golden gate bridge. 18 minutes. 37 to the tolls. all right. the time is now 04:30am, in san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins, a point julius servant, as to the innocence commission. well, that's a body found under her predecessor chase of some offices, a lead attorney in the post conviction review unit. the commission is a six-member volunteer


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