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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  September 27, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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to stay brisk in mostly cloudy out that direction. >> current temperatures are still in the 50's for most areas. hayward and san jose at 59 right now, san francisco at 56. while pittsburgh at 58 cooler spots include petaluma and santa rosa. only at 52 right now. all talk in your full forecast as we round out september and kick off october on saturday. still to come, rain john. thanks for that. hey, look, you are hitting the roads right now. you might notice things are busy out there. >> traveling along 5.80, in 80 crockett down towards the maze. it's going to take you about 25 minutes to make that drive this morning. heading into the city. 23 minutes. mace that fremont street exit. let's check on our san mateo bridge. 18 to 101. we had earlier traffic has it took us up to 30. that's remove. now we're back down 18 minutes traveling along 101 san jose. 85 towards menlo park about 50 minutes. 2.80, in 82 not seeing quite as the delay. still pretty busy this morning. darya james, back to
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it's going to be busy around levi's this afternoon. no doubt we've got tens of thousands of people expected to descend on the stadium as soon as >> early this afternoon. all in advance of a soccer match that took place to 7 at night. mexico versus colombia and kron four's will tran has been out there all morning. just getting us ready in case you want to avoid the area or maybe you want to go high. will. it's tuesday night football but is not the niners. nobody is going to be wearing some shoulder pads. instead they have their cleats. >> and the shin guards because it's soccer. look at that. the metal detectors, the employees and this sport by far just eclipses american football. we're talking association football. let me show you what you need to avoid if you don't want to be here, but you would be in the minority because we expect about 70,000 fans to this end. >> on the by stadium. but if you don't want any part of that, well, you might want to avoid 8.80, 101, to 37
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lawrence expressway. probably beginning at around noon and then it will die down just a little bit and probably pick up at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon because we expect the match to begin at 7 o'clock tonight. this is a big deal for people who love soccer and calling u.s. soccer for now because they will be coming out. this is pretty close to record attendance skies because >> the biggest attendance at levi stadium were talking wwe with about 77,000. people showed up. this is 70 >> 1000 people to see mexico versus colombia and 3 and a half billion people enjoy soccer across the globe or as they call it association football. it's a big deal for sports events. it's a big deal for cultural events and it's a big deal for levi's. keep in mind, don't park at residential areas because you will get a yellow card so to speak. and if you get a yellow card, james, please don't
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exaggerate or injuries as a lot of them do. so. use your head. don't use your hands if you don't want to come down here. avoid this area altogether. maybe tell your boss, you know what, let me go ahead and work from home because it's kind of weird to have all this traffic on it to stay. so if you don't know, soccer, you might want to purchase one of at some says there's only catch yourself some slack. >> ted lasso reporting for kron. 4. back to you. >> love will and thank in. i know there is a time right now in the south bay. it is the last week for san jose city officials clear out the biggest homeless encampment that they have. yeah, the faa gave the city until september 30th to basically clear out this property near san jose international airport. but >> as kron four's, justin campbell reports this month long cleanup has caused a number of problems. >> this city was given until this friday to clear this homeless encampment behind me at guadalupe park. but now there is a new problem just
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right across the street. >> there's no baseball games at columbus park instead of a pitcher on the mound. the field filled with cars. are these intense with people living on the dirt sales catches and using that help the kids got there. other stuff out there just never know. just 80 born in raised in san jose says kids need the field to play in grow instead of serving as a home for people side. >> was 10 over what happened one month before that? they told us >> the city of san jose tells kron 4 we are still assessing columbus park situation as our current priorities are finding resources for the individuals currently living. >> and the faa land area in clearing the open space as required by september 30th. so far the city has housed 174 people from that area. but 100 more are in limbo. don't know
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where. and parents want a place for their kids to play. but i'm going to do is coming up right? >> we've asked the city now that people are living at columbus park. where will they go next? now that they're finishing clearing out waterloo pay park and they still don't have an answer and exactly >> what they will do next reporting here in san jose. justin campbell kron, 4 news and caltrans is also cleaning up homeless encampments in solano county and delay. whoa. >> they plan to clear out 6 different encampments and they say they're working with the county to make sure that there are resources and relocation options for the people who live there. >> well, happening today, the danville middle school teacher will be arraigned in contra costa county after being charged with 2 counts committing lewd acts on minors. 33 year-old nicholas moseby is accused of sending pornographic videos to minors. the county's da says that he used social media to send videos to 2 different victims
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once in august. and then earlier this month at the time, most be was a biology teacher at the apple valley heard apple vista, middle school and also worked as a cheerleading coach at north cal elites. that's in san ramon. he's being held now. the martinez detention facility on $200,000 bail. >> san francisco police are investigating calls of a shooting that happened on coal street. the haight ashbury neighborhood. but they can't find anybody who's been wounded so far. here's video from the citizen app with you can see police investigating on the scene there. it was around 8.20, last night that the witness said that somebody shot somebody else. but like i said, they couldn't find any reports of anybody being injured or any property damage. we'll keep you posted if we get any new info on that in the east bay. a 22 year-old man has been arrested for a deadly double stabbing in hayward that we told you about yesterday here on the kron. 4 morning news. the stabbing happened on a lynn avenue in a home on sunday. and when police got there, they found a
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49 year-old man and his 22 year-old son who had been stabbed to death. they ended up later that night arresting oscar hosts who are low from hayward officers say that our of allah was friends with the sun and they've gotten into a fight at a party before the stabbing. it's the city's 7th and 8th homicides of the year. >> happening right now, san leandro police are looking for a man they say attempted to rob 2 people at a 7.11. so police responded to the store on 14th street early yesterday morning. the 2 victims that were there told officers that a man had pointed a gun at them, demanded their things. but then left the store without taking anything. and it was while police were interviewing these 2 victims that the man they were looking for was actually spotted across the street. so police tried to approach him. but at one point fired a single shot at those officers and then pointed the gun at himself and threatened to commit suicide. at that point as officers are trying to convince him to lower his gun, he apparently turned and ran. officers gave
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chase. they didn't find him, but they did. as you can see in this picture, they found his gun toss to the ground. >> the alameda county sheriff's department is reevaluating how they hire people. this after a new report says 47 of their deputies are not psychologically fit to work. kron four's amanda hari has the details. >> we're being transparent in coming forward and acknowledging the issues that that went on here on friday. 47 alameda county sheriff's deputies restricted their duties as law enforcement officers after receiving a letter from sheriff gregory ahern, obviously. this was very devastating news to them. they have no idea that they did not have the passing score that was required to a lot of them were in shock. were initially delivered the news that tenant ray kelly with the sheriff's office says they did an audit of their department after one of their deputies. devon williams was arrested in connection to a double homicide. that's when kelly says the office determined that a d not suited.
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>> is no longer considered a passing grade. as we look into the files. >> we begin to see that the rules have changed and the information and guidance that we were given from the state was inaccurate. and that the scores that we thought were passing were just below passing. and as a result of that. >> people that we had employed. >> would not with their psychological exams to be peace officers. the deputies who failed will be on desk duty until they take the test again and pass it. kelly says the test is not as straightforward as sat or iq exam. it's based on you emotional intelligence and bunch of other factors. >> young people fresh out of college with very little life college with very little life experience, very little work. well on the psychological exams as people with more life experience. kelly says the re
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test will be conducted by a peace officer standards and training or post certified psychologist. >> who does not work for the sheriffs office. he believes most of the officers will want to test again. but for now, the about 1000 remaining sworn personnel will be taking on a heavier load. we estimate that it will average about 20 extra overtime will be added per week. >> that need to be filled. we feel is manageable on on a short-term basis. well, get the testing done. >> that was amanda hari reporting. one deputy has already taken the test again and past and been reinstated. and the lieutenant says the deputies that don't pass the retest will be dealt with on a case by case basis. >> it's 9.10, right now and watch out for pio, d's and antioch, a pack attacked a dog yesterday in contra loma regional park. >> the rangers say that somebody was walking their dog when this happened, the cut is attacked and then they ran away into the hills. the dog
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was injured but is going to be ok, it's just a reminder that coyotes are out there in the 9.10 is the time. >> we'll take a break now. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, oakland police officers are re-imagining public safety as violent crime continues to go up there. we'll see how they plan to deal with low level calls. coming up in a minute and people are scrambling leave florida before hurricane ian hits the state. local officials saying don't wait, get out. now, if you can. and governor gavin newsom criticizing his own party. in the. well in terms of how they're dealing with republicans will talk more about that coming up. >> and before you leave the house on this tuesday morning, we are paying close attention to your highways and bridges were going to be right back with those drive times to make sure you stick around.
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>> 9.14, and we're looking at the weather we keep showing the airport. i do know is that hand. so want to go somewhere sometime the first place. you see sunshine really bit of it there. but still cloudy in a lot of other john. yeah. if you felt a little shaken this morning was in the plane landing because we did have a minor earthquake just outside
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of gilroy at 8.39. so really just a few minutes last hour. >> that magnitude 2.6 really only being felt around santa clara county, less than 100 shake reports on the usgs website right now. just a quick note. if you did feel that shaking this morning, especially right along highway 101, near gilroy radar otherwise just shows a little gray that we're in. the midst of the burn off will occur gradually through the rest of the morning. low pressure area to our west. it looks kind of intimidating can put. it really doesn't do much for us. it will help to keep us moderated in relatively cool today tomorrow and into thursday, too. you can actually see a little bit of that low cloud cover that line of clouds sweeping through late afternoon into early evening. that's the remnants of that cold front that will push through with a cool breeze this evening. keep us out of the 90's into tomorrow. much like we'll see today. as for today's daytime highs, really pleasant at or very warmest only in the mid to upper 80's antioch, in vacaville being those warmer areas. well, santa rosa in vallejo at 78 oakland, hayward
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at 72 san jose and nice 77 this afternoon tomorrow and thursday, very similar to today. only one day in your forecast. even getting up to 90 degrees and wind. and that's friday. october first kicking off on saturday and on the seasonable note, mid 80's inland 70's along the bay shore. great job. thank you for that. all right. if you are hitting the roads and you're traveling along 5, 18, 80 right now. >> about 18 minutes to make it from crockett down towards the maze heading into the city. 20 minutes. that's where the maze 2 that fremont street exit along the richmond center fell bridge. you've been pretty light for the most part. we got up to 14 minutes now. we're back down 8. so still want to one. that's in this 9 o'clock hour. traveling along 1, 0, 1, 40 minute drive. 85 into low part 2.80, nice and light for us there in 82. not tracking too many issues. double down to fremont. a 25 minute drive for you. there. 8.80, san leandro down to milpitas about 34 minutes darya. james, back to you. times of winners and losers with our financial expert rob black morning, rob
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>> and well, this is affecting more people than the forever stamp the forever hot dog at costco. for sure. i'm glad you started with that because it. >> it's a nice, easy story to get through. i'm the ceo said we're going to keep the hot dog priced for every buck 50. that includes prices going up a slight little bit. chicken prices going up a slight little bit. but the keep the hot dog a forever price. and it's anti inflation or it's obviously a loss leader for costco. they're trying to get people and shop for higher-margin goods. but we don't need a business story behind a feel-good right guy, ok? well, what? i'm not feeling >> about 5 straight day of losses. this is almost perfect. now i'm going to say we're really getting closer to a bottom yesterday. we're talking about the strength of the dollar and like i never talk about the strength of the dollar >> versus the pound. good time to go to europe. if you want to escape daria. the market
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needs put in a bottom and it needs to get a little panicky. and then it's time to clear what's by sign. so after 5 straight days, we started off looking like a bounce-back rally. but right now it's looking tap and it's looking week. it's looking like it. probable cold. there's a lot of decliners, very few advancers. that's a good sign when market breath, it's really, really okay. >> what about home prices? those are really cooling off too. yeah. is it you know, for people that don't don't own a home perk prices are down 2 months in a row. >> there was a 2.3% price decrease across the united states. that's the largest deceleration ever in the history of real estate prices. that would statistics. that's pretty significant. i was like largest ever. and the answer is yeah, they're still up 15.8% year over year, but they're way off last month's 18.1% increase. some markets are still unbelievably hot. tampa, miami, dallas, all up. 25 to 30 for one percent. san
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francisco had gains very small year-over-year 20% homes of price cuts. now so i think we're in for it. it's not going to be 2007, 2008 housing market. these are good loans there were qualified but we should have 6 months to 12 months, maybe 18 months of falling real estate prices like we did in 2006, 7, 8, any created by an opportunity to get homes for a lot of people. right? that's what the fed wants will happen. >> how i mean people would like to is and like you said, even though they're they're down, they're still up a year over year. so it's hard to keep up with the prices in the bay area. >> this time next year will be saying they've trended lower. holds true. all right. well, we'll see about that. >> oh, i can't wait to see what happens in court today. is elon musk actually going to be there because that puts people at you always want to stand for what he's going to say. >> prices started 3 but he's going to give a deposition this week for 2 to 3 days. it's the fact-finding part of
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the trial. it's going to be interesting because i don't know what twitter does. i think they they automatically when the case because he said he'd buy as is and all of his theories about how they've cheated the system. if they're not going to fly with a delaware judge. but what happens to twitter when he doesn't really want to run the he's after negotiate for twitter to keep it. he's probably somewhere 5, 10 billion dollars much more than 1 billion dollars breakup fee could see significant damage. twitter as they've seen a loss of executives and employees and talent. while he's kind of playing cat and mouse with a share price. i don't like it. >> i are like ok of a nasty so because we have a little extra time and i'm actually been wondering about i went to the for one k thing. it said my pie is all messed up. >> like i'm choosing the proportion because i'm all a domestic. and how do you feel about international investments right now when you when you choose the funds? because it i tend to feel not so great about what's going on in the world. you know, business wise right now. >> yeah, that's when you're
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best prices. when people feel great. daria, take a picture of your options and send them to me. how we take a look? yeah. if work for 5.10, more years. i don't care about this. this will all pass. if you're in retirement, this is a really stressful time to retire. i'm increasing my exposure to at this point in time because they it after a tough winter, they should start to stabilize it when puting moves power. but again, you have to kind of like foresee that or think that's going to happen. i mean, i don't see them going back in a hand basket. >> well, let they're going to tough cold yeah, all right. i thank you, robin. if you have a question, see, like i just did. rubble answered. all you do is or reach him on twitter or facebook will be right ba
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke.
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and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> 9.24 is the time and a very passionate california goverwor governor newsom over the weekend rebuking his own party and are going to the democrats aren't tough enough on gop governors during a panel discussion at the texas tribune festival in austin. the governor wasted no time denouncing texas governor greg abbott even calling out florida governor ron desantis over his decision to fly. 48 migrants from texas to martha's vineyard in an apparent stunt to try and bring attention to the issues at the southern border. well, governor newsom says the democratic party has to be more aggressive. >> where are we organizing? bottom up, a compelling alternative near where are we
9:25 am
going on the offense every single day. they're winning right now. >> well, newsome is now back in california. the actually has a lot of decisions to make about. 500 bills are waiting on his desk be signed or vetoed by this week's deadline. >> today, the national archives is going to report whether or not there are any more files from the trump white house that are still missing. this after the fbi searched et on cover. boxes of documents marked top secret and classified in trump's mar-a-lago residence in an interview done for a book. the former president admitted to taking documents from the white house. but he said that there was nothing of great urgency. >> it's 9.25 right now. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. >> new data shows that the new covid boosters really work. the question is then why aren't so many people getting them?
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>> right now and we are checking out the weather for where that does it. do you know why did the airport is a lot of the year trying to of just saying? >> if feeling pretty good out there, you have to leave. the
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bay area still feels great even though we're in fall not going anywhere. i will let you know when you should play somewhere. but this is here for looks really nice as we transition out of september on into october, which kicks off on saturday. also our first sunset tonight. that will be before 07:00pm at 06:59pm. so we're getting those fall feels and this morning certainly feels like it look outside right now. and you can see the low grade that we have over the east bay hills. it's taking a minute to burn off. we will get a good dose of sunshine later today. that is unless you're right along the coast were a lot like yesterday. skies will stay partly cloudy, at least as we make our way into the afternoon. some 70's and 80's. so still a really pleasant afternoon ahead. right now, it's 50's and just starting to touch into the 60's conquered in pittsburgh right at 60. brett? what it 64 petaluma still cool. 54 degrees. i'd recommend the light jackets for those of you that are stepping outside these next few minutes. aside from that, though, this forecast doesn't
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need too much preparation like the roads, which have been a little bit tough for some of our commuters this morning and still kind of backed up at the bay bridge. it's always pretty busy because more people are going back to work and to school. and so, you know how ghost all of these highways, everybody's converging on that. if you're traveling into the city right now to take you about 21 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. >> our san mateo bridge right now. we had a few hazards the year now we're down 13 minute ride. one. we like it to be under 15 minutes. there. 7 minutes and are felt holes to 101. and we're checking on the highways crockett down towards the maze. about 18 minutes for you as you're traveling along. i-80 and in the south bay, one on one about 40 minutes as you travel from 85 to menlo park. always every time we have the shot behind. always thinking where when i go so i could go anywhere in the that probably hawaii. yeah. what about that? when you look at port, i'm not. i'd love to go visit stand here. stand right here, right? and so are you.
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>> so why do talk about the lottery for? we're here for the duration. 9.30, right now in the east bay, the 8 homicides that happened last week. >> in oakland have the police officers association sounding the alarm? yeah. they're basically spotlight onto city violence prevention programs that they've been dumping. the non police response. >> the model we've got crawford says he do with a closer look at how that's going. >> the premise was to reduce funding the police department to the tune of 18 million dollars and transition or or to these? no, i'm police responses. a lot goal. but unfortunately, the money seems to have moved over but no recalls have the president of the union that represents oakland police officers. officer barry donelan is questioning the number of non violent calls for service. that got a response from macro, the city's mobile assistance, community responders of oakland.
9:32 am
>> donelan says in the month of august, opd has 9-1-1, dispatch received 60,000 calls for service. so of the 60,000 calls for service use a macro interest. 19 bain added they responded to 19 calls for service. >> there's more than 20. you know what, when you're taking 2000 calls for service a day and these are residents who need help in new york police officer and we're just wrong. that was struggling to make it to them. and we appreciate the help for not seeing it across and for these programs that the city's invested in. adam, we're just we're it. and and for those who don't think we're doing anything. >> i want them to come spend a day in the life in between the gun. that's where we live. the by those prevention is oakland's other non police response service. >> and like mac will be bp deploys violence interrupters like an trail killings directly to crime scenes with the focus on preventing
9:33 am
retaliation killings. he says the vp has been very busy responding to each of the 8 homicides over the past week. every last one and i want to say that there would be a lot more shootings and a lot more homicides. >> if there was not folks on the ground working. and so, for last monday, there was the incident on 31st and telegram. that was the double. >> like 45 minutes after that incident, they have to go to the other female. you know, i - mean, and so like even as we can with multiple incidents where they're going from one incident to the next. >> it is important to reiterate that the department of violence prevention and macro are 2 separate, not police response programs and oakland haaziq menu kron 4 news and we reach out to macro and they told us and this is just a part of the statement. >> that prior to the linking of 9-1-1, calls with macro team members in august. crews have been doing on view responses. >> we're by metro crews proactively identify individuals who they observed to be displaying signs that
9:34 am
may prompt a 9-1-1. call. san francisco's district attorney brooke jenkins appointed julia savant days to the innocence commission. that's a body found under her preston predecessor, chase of the dean cervantes is a lead attorney in the position that's called post conviction review unit. the commission is a six-member volunteer team. that reviews cases where people may have been wrongfully convicted. they take a vote and they make a recommendation to the district attorney's office. was a deputy da in san mateo county and an assistant da in san francisco before her current role. >> 9.34 on the clock. and let's turn to stories for your health now. we have experts saying that they're actually looking at the flu season in australia this morning as an indicator of what might be coming our way. currently, the number of cases there in australia is a lot higher than it's been in years and they say relax. covid guidelines are probably playing a large part for that. they're wearing masks last there, not social distancing as much. experts
9:35 am
say this could create the perfect storm, though, for pretty nasty winter. turns out this year's strain of the flu might be a little more dangerous. then usual. meanwhile, new data shows that covid boosters are actually pretty effective against preventing hospitalizations and death. although fewer people appear to be taking advantage of them. kron four's dan kerman takes a closer look >> new data from the centers for disease control indicates covid booster shots to make a difference. the boosters are exceptionally effective in preventing severe cases as judged by hospitalizations. and that's despite the fact they're working. the more boosters that come, the fewer americans that get them. in fact, less than 2% of eligible americans are 4.4 million people have received the updated 5th dose. so far. the real fear for me with all of this is is long covid ucsf department of medicine chair doctor bob wachter says well, many people get mild covid-19 symptoms. the long-term effects are reason enough to
9:36 am
be as protected you can and avoid it altogether. the data that keeps coming out that says if you have had covid your chance of having bad stuff. >> increased risk for a bunch of bad things a year from now is hired. new study just came out looking at the risk of clot a year from now higher heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cognitive decline all higher to me, it's a pretty powerful argument to try to avoid getting covid. if you can. >> and the current low, the u.s. is enjoying may not last forever. the uk was enjoying a similar law and yet in the last week, hospitalizations there have jumped 17%. you know, my fear is that people. >> kind of believe that the pandemic's over believe that they can go back to do all the things they used to do, which may be a perfectly reasonable choice. now, but then say in their mind, i'm never going back to feeling like it. i felt last year. and if the
9:37 am
cases go up and hospitalizations, start going up here i think it would be prudent for people to change their behavior. accordingly. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> now right now the new omicron booster is available for 12 and over. but 5 or size or is seeking emergency use authorization. so they can give the omicron shot to the little kids aged 5 to 11. they are waiting for that before that's allowed. and then we'll see what happens. right now. we have a lot of boosters as of last week, 4 million americans had taken those new for 174 million. i think it is - time now is 9.37. and now we move onto m-pox and there's a clinic in santa rosa that's going to be giving m-pox vaccines today and tomorrow. the clinic is that they face to face office in santa rosa and it's from 10 to 2. you do not need an appointment. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, big events are
9:38 am
helping san francisco's tourism industry bounce back from the pandemic. we're going to tell you how hotels and businesses are really benefiting from these recent concerts and festivals. and we're also continuing our coverage of hispanic heritage month. we're going to show you one teacher who took a field trip to a place that he and his students would have been able to go less than a century ago.
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>> it's 9.40 and from
9:41 am
dreamforce 2 per toll. a lot of people have is is san francisco over the weekend? yeah. we had a few big conferences and conventions dreamforce obviously kicked it all off. like 40,000 people came to the city as a result of that. >> tourists then continue to head deeper into the city for the weekend. the folsom street fair in soma. the portola music festival out of here 80. all of that helping a book hotel rooms and, you know, helping with people spending money at restaurants, making reservations, something that really hasn't happened all that often during the pandemic. >> but that was a good shot in the arm for us. and it's not just that the concert promoters of the event, producers, all the other jobs that come along with it, whether their florist are letting companies are rental equipment. companies. >> business owners are hoping the tourism industry. we'll see more of this and they're hopeful what's coming this holiday? i hope they planned ahead if they didn't go to dream, forcing them wonder back to the folsom street fair as you need to plan for that. otherwise might be surprised
9:42 am
if yes, we'll be right back.
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new salonpas lidocaine flex. a super thin, flexible patch with maximum otc strength lidocaine that contours to the body to relieve pain right where it hurts. and did we mention, it really, really sticks? salonpas, it's good medicine. ♪ hisamitsu ♪ >> it's 9.44. right now and we're checking out the weather and it looks like it's well, it's so bright, sunny yet. yeah, but later this afternoon, i think, right, john? yeah, later this afternoon that dose of sunshine like we have the past few days. it is definitely the transition of the seasons. we have our cool fall mornings
9:45 am
where it's been a little bit gray and definitely has that crisp feel to it. evenings getting a little bit longer as well, which means that temperatures have a chance to fall little bit further and then afternoon hours still kind of warm, especially inland. where will still be in the 80's today? there's your grey over the east bay right here. as for our skies, you can definitely make out those great spots near the bayshore. further inland, though you're already under the sunshine. bay area clears out nice later today. this afternoon, we will see a passing cold front and you can actually see that line of clouds later on today. aside from that, this cold front is not going to do anything for us except for help to moderate temperatures. obviously a much different picture on the east coast where we are looking at hurricane ian strengthening briefly later today to hurt a category 4 hurricane over warm gulf waters likely to touch down, make landfall right around the tampa bay area with storm surge as high as 5 to 10 feet. so that's going to be something on the national
9:46 am
picture that's going to be watched very closely today and tomorrow, especially as for us here locally, much calmer 60's for your daytime highs in sf and at the coast, it will be 70's for the bayshore burlingame at i-seventy for saying carlos redwood city and a really nice 77 south bay taps. you're falling into the 70's for most spots. san jose also at 77 fremont hayward through oakland in the 70's. well, pleasanton livermore, danville, up to concord in the low 80's. our warmest spot will be back at bill at 87 degrees. will napa and sonoma in the upper 70's. same from santa rosa through center fell. tomorrow's temperatures around the same as today's and friday or thursday. not much different. friday is the only day in this forecast for we'll see some low 90's really popping back up for more than just one or 2 spots. saturday is october first and we cool things right back down mid 80's inland and 70's by the bay. very seasonable staff as we make our way into the new month. great job. thank you for that. if you're traveling along 6.80, right here in
9:47 am
danville, northbound just north of el cerro boulevard, we've got an accident. so >> we are seeing delays as you travel through alamo and danville head into the city right now. no accidents, 20 minute drive maze to that 3 months to get to that. long it's going to take you. san mateo bridge were at a 13 minute ride. that's for me. ad want to one heading across towards the peninsula. 10 , in the south bay. 85 to middle part. 35 it right. and to 80 traffic pretty much moving at the limit. there, cracking down towards the maze. a 16 minute commute for you. you're hopping on. 24 westbound. wannacry down to 5.80. it will take you under 15 minutes to make that commute double down to fremont about. 22 minutes for you. there. richmond center fell bridge 7 minutes. and let's check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 23 minutes darya. james, back to you. if we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. that's a message that one colorado teacher took to heart when he brought his students out of the classroom and turned a field trip into a
9:48 am
lesson on his own hispanic heritage. yeah, it was one of the students won't forget soon. we've got erica gonzalez with the story. >> on a spring day, 5th grade teacher, mister vargas is excited to finally taking students on a field trip after years of covid restrictions were heading to the rose leuer a swimming pool in lafayette, colorado. the longtime educator looks for opportunities to teach lessons that with the students. i love helping students realize their potential. today. mister vargas hopes to offer new perspective on the history lesson. there's a dedication, but right here, we'll stop and view. >> it turns out 88 years ago, spanish teacher and many of the students in his class wouldn't have been allowed to swim at lafayette's. first public pool learning from our past can help. >> let's be mindful. 5th graders recently covered a
9:49 am
chapter on the little known history behind the big city project. >> crews broke ground back in the 1930's, many latino families in lafayette. >> donated either money or >> construction materials to build the pool. the highly anticipated opening became a flashpoint for the city. the city had leased the pool to the volunteer fire department. >> and they had a sign that said white trade, only testimony from city officials later confirmed the least was unmoved by leaders. >> to keep latino families out and you can go to the full like it's just an ocean hard for these 10 11 year-olds to a donated the most and they came that's rosen who has was a civil rights activist wasn't going to let the blatant discrimination stand. >> and the wind has family and 26 others took their fight to court to 7 days after they were denied entry. frank r to lead a local historian, a researcher for the city of
9:50 am
lafayette, walked mister vargas and his students through an exhibit located across the street. >> from the rose went to school. we discovered lots of secret that had not been brought out the history books. the panel's help tell the new as family story put planned marches right from spot we're at right now terrorizing an economist. >> you let us as intimidation from the kkk during the court battle drove the family out of town and to california. can you imagine this far is a complex plan? >> and i-35 year-old woman is going to get canned. lafayette. rose was killed in a crash just weeks before she was set to testify in court or let it says there was speculation at the time that the crash wasn't an accident. and rose was targeted by white-supremacist rosa bell, who was only 13 at the time was forced to stand in for her mom bike in boulder county to testify in the civil rights case and that bravery recognized and celebrated when
9:51 am
brave probably means the pool was closed during the court battle never reopen decades later, the city of bilby book i burger rec center in its place. >> 2019 local leaders made the swimming center. the rose and what a pool. it's a story that only moved mister vargas shed light on the part of these old family's history. he almost never learned. we have no back story. we did not know what happened close to it as is his great, great grandmother does will also help rose's story sad to look back on. but it's also brings a sense of pride that. >> my ancestors. >> stood up to for civil rights and today with seems like just a fun field trip to the pool. >> is actually his way of reminding us students. the past is never too far away. you don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. we all have to work together to make things better for everyone
9:52 am
>> great story. we're going to be celebrating hispanic heritage month all month long here on kron 4. we've got a growing section on our website. just scan that qr code you see on your screen and it will take you right there. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah! i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ] imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers. vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose. >> it is 9.54. and before we say goodbye here on the kron,
9:55 am
4 morning news, we've got to check in with olivia horton. find out what's coming up today live in the bay. good morning, olivia. >> good morning, james. and thank you so much. happy tuesday, everybody coming up today on live in the bay. >> are you office romance? but don't know how to navigate it. it's just lunch. san francisco's in studio on how to appreciate it and how to approach it professionally. >> then get ready to check out some amazing allusions. we have the champions of magic joining us ahead of their magical experience in the bay area. plus, it was filmed right here in daly city. we're hearing from the cast of will be a with a vengeance about what it was like on set. and as always, we want to hear what you have to say about our question of the day. so go ahead and scan that qr code and get involved in our viewers. voice today. we want to know who's been a hero in your life. let us know in your answer. could be read live on the show in just a bit. james, back to you. thank you. i'm excited about that magic show enough he's like out for
9:56 am
oprah. i'm daria. thank you very much, olivia. thanks, guys. >> take a look at this. the oakland zoo has saved 140 herons from the streets of downtown oakland. thanks to >> brought care and rescue team did it. they go on daily patrols, you know, and i didn't even get a chance see herons and parents are the official added burden check that there and house weather out there. speaking of, you know, if you're flying around, exactly if you're taking to the skies today, are he runs will be in the fog this morning. but later today, it's all about the sunshine. >> today, tomorrow, thursday, look really good. mid 80's inland 70's by the bay fridays are low, 90 degree day inland. so if you love the heat that you're a man, that's the day to get out there and soak it in. and after we kind of cool down a little alright, feeling fall does it look like it
9:57 am
makes and models is going to get any cooler than know, not cooler than this will hold on to those mid 80's inland in october, 1st on saturday. so you about search by the halloween candy now. soon together. >> don't like dressing up group thing. we'll see you tomorrow by into this year the word.
9:58 am
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