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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  September 27, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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attendants at united and southwest airlines are protesting at 21 airports across the country that included oakland and sfo and our grant lotus is here with details on what the airport workers and flight attendants want and what people should know if they're headed to the airport. a whole lot of people protesting a bunch of different issues and >> yeah, if you have a flight, you're worried, i still going to able to get on. is there going to be any food to eat? well across the country, you have flight attendants now. it's not just sfo as well as airport workers who are responding to what they say is just a, you know, a hailstorm of workplace related issues. everything from pay to staffing levels that are unhappy with it. airline travel during the pandemic. you know, the recovery. well, a lot of people, men trying to get out there and fly and they have been, but it has been marred by hundreds of thousands of canceled and delayed flights. and that's not to mention all the mind boggling attacks on flight
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attendants. we have seen recently. so. they've been in the crosshairs. but the good news for flyers now is that air travel is not expected. they say to be disrupted by these protests in the east bay flight attendants with southwest airlines walk the picket line outside oakland's airport earlier today demanding a new contract. the union representing the flight attendant says they've been negotiating with the company for 4 years, but nothing has improved. it was a fight it and it's like a job. the plan us. you know, everyone's dream traveling read a note that it's not really doesn't more southwest is a rapidly changing airline and the contract. but when the 6 years doesn't that operation that today? >> southwest airlines spokesperson told kron 4 we'll continue to work with the union to try to reach an agreement. meanwhile, at san francisco international restaurant workers and united airlines flight attendants are
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all demanding a new contract that will offer them better pay. but the flight attendants also what united to take more action to address flight cancellations and delays. they say what happened during the summer could have been handled better and they wanted to be handled better in the future. san francisco's board of supervisors. it's trying to help getting involved there in a meeting right now is the board discussing how to reach an agreement with the restaurant workers. the workers say the majority of them make about $17 an hour and they say they haven't gotten a raisin some 3 years now they say in order to sustain life after work more than that one job. we are monitoring the meeting with the board of supervisors right now. and as soon as we learn more, we'll let you know for now. can catherine, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. grant a time for another look at the weather as we look at francisco also keep check of what hurricane in the story. yeah. very calm and
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relaxed here in the bay area, lawrence, it's a kind of a little guilt. you know, we have some nice weather going on and they have to deal with something. so >> traumatic. i mean, it's just watching the slow moving disaster headed their way where this lands. i mean, it's going to be devastating and looks like this coming on is a major hurricane. and of is going to strengthen overnight tonight. and you can see as we go through the categories. >> yeah, category 2. you're looking at some damage there. maybe some trees coming down. maybe some minor roof damage is a category 2 comes on shore, but then you start to go up the scale here in this. what we're going to see ian right now as a category 3, making it a major hurricane. this can tear off some roofs as it moves on through. that will cause some major damage. and of course, this one looks like it's going to strengthen maybe to a category 4 overnight tonight. it's tomorrow with sustained winds of 130 to 156 miles per hour talking catastrophic damage wherever that storm comes on shore right around the eye. that's where fine. the strongest winds that will claps walls of takeoff, roast.
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and you can see an inundation on the coastline. there. maybe as far as 4, maybe 5 miles inland from where that storm lands. and here it is. looking back at you see the eye now making its right near the dry tortugas national park as it makes its way a little bit closer. now we're already seeing so the bands move on shore, some heavy rain bands begin to make their way into florida. the eye looks like it's redeveloping is going through a second eye wall redevelopment. that's what happens sometimes before the storms intensify. once it starts to develop that next. i overnight tonight. that's when we'll see this really put itself together. but heavy storms have now begun to move through parts of florida. watches and warnings are up. all the areas shaded in yellow. that is all tornado watches stretching across much of the central and southern half of florida. all those red boxes. those are current tornado warnings. doppler radar picking up some rotation in some of these clouds these thunderstorms there watching for the possibility tornadoes. this is only the beginning is going to get worse tonight and a whole lot worse tomorrow. guys, back to you. all right.
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thank you, lawrence. stocks gave up some of their early gains in afternoon trading on wall street today as markets stagger amid. >> recession worries. the volatile trading comes a day after a broad selloff sent the dow industrials down to a bear market. the s and p 500 fell 0.3% today setting a new 2020 too low. the dow fell 0.5% to 29,120 and the nasdaq edged 0.1% higher. major indexes remain in an extended slump. it's just a few days left in september. stocks are heading for another losing months as markets fear that the higher interest rates being used to fight inflation could knock the economy into a recession. well, could california soon be headed for significant economic downturn? >> that question has been coming up a lot recently with governor newsom. hinton, state revenue could be much lower this year. capital correspondent eytan wallace shares the governor's message on that and but it could mean for the state's economy.
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>> we're talking a possible shortfall of billions of dollars. and now the governor says he's vetoing some bills to ensure the state does not spend money. it does not have. after veto after veto. the governor sending back more than 25 bills without his signature bills on all kinds of matters from investments and reproductive health care, community clinics to health insurance subsidies to mandate that kindergarten and more than half of newsom's veto messages. he wrote the same exact line indicating california will not take in as much revenue this year as previously thought. coach with our state facing lower than expected revenues over the first few months of this fiscal year. it is important to remain disciplined. what we've seen is that state tax revenues have come in. >> several billion lower than what the function was. panic as the non-partisan legislative analyst for the state of california. >> as of now, the legislative analyst's office or for short says there's a 70% chance the states he's a budget shortfall of about 5 to 7 billion dollars by the end of the fiscal year. next summer.
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>> many california would come up short of the 223 billion dollars in tax revenue originally anticipated 5 to would be a relatively >> small portion of that. but of course, shortfall could be substantially larger than that. >> while exact shortfall, predictions remain up in the air. the california department of finance says what we do know is clear just in the last 3 months alone, california already has seen anticipated tax revenue come up short by more than 4 billion dollars. but why the loss in revenue? experts say is the stock market loses ground interest rate increase in inflation, stays high. california's top earners will likely rake in less money. the department of finance says those top earners who usually make at least $500,000 per year provide nearly half the income tax revenue for the state. less money for those earners means less tax revenue for california. that is why the governor. >> in his veto message is recently has been focused on making sure that we maintain
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budget resiliency and then we don't all recommit ourselves to spending pattern that can be sustained in the next 6.12, or 18 months. >> and we should have more concrete numbers this november. that's when the legislative analyst's office is expected to come out with the state's fiscal outlook report reporting here at the california state capitol eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> next at 6, the latest on the drama between elon musk and twitter as pretrial arguments get underway.
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talk to your doctor delaware judge heard pretrial arguments today in the case putting. >> twitter against elon musk musk's attorneys want the court to allow them to revise their response to the twitter. a lawsuit. twitter is suing in an effort to force musk to go through with his 44 billion dollar purchase of the company. musk has been trying to find a way out of that deal claiming twitter did not disclose the huge number of fake user accounts. the trial is set to begin in 3 weeks. the deadline for congress to pass government funding is looming tonight. it's set to take a key vote on a spending bill. and if lawmakers can't pass a funding bill by friday. >> there will be a government shutdown right now. democratic leader chuck schumer is proposing a stopgap spending measure called a continuing resolution that would fund the government at current levels through mid december and give
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more aid to ukraine. but the bill also reforms the permitting process for energy projects and that provision is a big sticking point for some lawmakers. >> the poison pill is a funny attempt to address an important topic. a permit or 4. we have to have a real permitting reform. what i don't understand is this is an important issue. why don't we have a separate vote? why would be included in the cr? >> the funding bill needs the support of at least 60 senators. so there has to be some bipartisan compromise to avoid a shutdown. white house is urging lawmakers to find a solution. coming up next in sports, soccer or football comes to santa clara and fans are pumped up to watch mexico take on columbia. >> live report from levi stadium coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> is the most popular sport in this country bar none. but if you live leave america another football rules, awe football or soccer here. wins the popular vote globally. and tonight the bay area will get to experience in international soccer match. the mexican and colombian national teams are facing off in a friendly right here at levi stadium. and that is where we can find kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney, kate, what's the atmosphere like out there? >> hey, jason. well, so far it
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has absolutely lived up to my expectations. and i expected a lot because although we've got plenty of wonderful traditions in u.s. ports, it's nothing compared to the frenzy and passion of international soccer. i'm talking music. i'm talking food. i'm talking while fans. they've all been out in force tonight at levi stadium for mexico versus colombia. this friendly is part of the next tour. send off the final round of friendlies from mexico before they head to the world cup in qatar this winter. and so mexico qualified for the world cup. columbia did not. but still, these 2 teams are considered pretty evenly matched. mexico also known as out to be its ranks. 12th in the fifa world cup rankings and colombia last got are 17th. they're both coming off wins in their most recent friendlies. and so tonight's match could really be a tight one. the nearly 70,000 fans in attendance. sure hope it will be. i talked to people who came from all over the bay area. also as far as sacramento, even tracy. and
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they all say that they would never miss the chance to represent their country and enjoy this experience with their loved ones. >> it's very special be able and that is very >> what are you most looking forward to about the game? >> car stuck on their way and then they have have it's ok and is we have >> what have you got to see mexico claim your area before and when they come over here, whatever they play around nationalists, it could be around all these your team play this beautiful because you get enjoy as you work hard be here and you aave to. some farm sometimes. what do think's going to happen mexican to for >> so it's about 70 to 30 in mexico to colombia fans here tonight, both equally passionate, though, most of the mexico fans i talked to said their team is definitely
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going to win tonight, but they were a little more realistic when it came to their team's chances in the world cup. mexico is kind of one of those dark horse contenders. the world cup starts in november and when asked a lot of the fans how they think mexico will fare in the cup, they just we'll see. but there are lot more optimistic about tonight. jason. >> k enjoy yourself. have should be a blast out there at levi's case. he's always at levi's, but she's usualla covering the forty-niners nice switch up for her tonight. all righty. that's your look at sports. we'll also have highlights of that match when it goes final. but that's all i have for now. back to you guys. all right. thank you, jason. last week we told you about the incredible international rescue effort to bring a little cap to the bay area from ukraine. >> so it could be reunited with a little girl who had to flee with her family 7,000 mile rescue. that family left just about everything behind after the war started. but now they're together in sonoma county, working on a new start here in america.
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>> there were tears and smiles, hugs and balloons at sfo when 10 year-old at nestle was finally reunited with her beloved cat are the bass in our family. father alexander mother, maria and daughters, eleanor angelina and are adjusting to their new lives and it our city has a new playmate kitten named family is staying in large country home among vineyards and olive trees near cloverdale in sonoma county. now when our savings >> with us. so it's like a homeless with like a part of our homes with us. >> all of this happened thanks to this man, jeff peters. >> with the invasion so do something to help people. >> jeffs efforts to go to europe to evacuate more refugees from didn't pan out. but he did find an app for ukrainian seeking help and
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connected with the best in our family. >> send an e-mail and say we we've been matched in. we have a family of 6. and so it's my son. and i instead of renting this house, which he was planning doing. would you be willing to donate it for 2 years? >> when the family got here, they had a beautiful but empty that's when the people of cloverdale and then everybody in the community just wanted to help. so they started foods. they donated gas cards. they donated gift cards. said he sewing machine. and the person who found the girls are so they donated the piano. >> cloverdale gave this family a lot. but cloverdale got a lot back. the whole community has
6:51 pm
>> a few lessons they learned but ukraine, the but the situation refugees in ukraine. but they also learn how >> the bason ours are working on their english and plan to move forward with new lives as americans and nasa is sleeping better at night now that she's reunited with our the older girls are learning to drive and going to school. cloverdale is giving the family a good start. he is known with his is committed to me like a lot of notion last visit to give it them is the of forward so she kind of like yours might give us a look at and it's because of you. >> you thank you so >> wow. the community really, really stepped up for them.
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and that's beautiful to basically adopted by the town the rings over dale. and there's a gofundme that is some linked or will be linked on the kron 4 dot com if you'd like to help out, obviously it's i didn't mention the grandmother also came over. nina. so there are 6 of them here in california now and they don't really plan on going back. they're going to stay so and they're they're really nice family, ok? the shot of the little girl sleeping with the cat. that's sweet. that was very sweet. all right. let's check in with morristown. get a look at the looks like we've got some changes coming our way. we got a cold front headed toward the bay area. not going to bring us any rain. >> probably help to bring us a few clouds for tomorrow. otherwise outside. yeah, we've got some a patchy fog trying to form near the coastline. start going to move in a little bit later on this evening. and then has a deep. and so we're going to see more of that fog and maybe a little drizzle out along the coastline. temperatures right now. i still got some warm 70's in santa rosa, 70 degrees in san jose. 76 in livermore
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and 68 degrees in palo alto. there's a cold front i was talking about as it gets a little bit closer. that high pressure ridge is going to continue to squeeze eastward and that allow for some cooler air to make tomorrow. probably watch these temperatures kind of bottom out for the week. it will still be warm inland, but just see some cool fog along the coast and then the sea breeze going to be little bit stronger. think by the afternoon temperatures around the bay area 60 degrees downtown san francisco about 61 in the sunset about 62 degrees. patchy fog on the coastline of civic. a 66 in half moon bay. 69 in millbrae. 67 in brisbane. 75 degrees in san carlos. temperatures warming up nicely in the 70's tomorrow. the beautiful fall day in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. of 80's still inland. and then you're looking about the 84 degrees in danville. 82 in orinda. 72 sunny, bright in san leandro by the afternoon. 80 degrees in benicia and about 79 degrees in on the coastline. patchy fog to start your day and then looks like some sunshine in the afternoon next couple days. those temperatures cool off a little bit. that warm right back up
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say the seahorse population has been declining over the past decade and now researchers in australia have created what they're calling a seahorse hotel. this is designed to promote breeding already. it seems to be working more than 100 sea
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horses have been born this way. the hotel is made from sponge an algae experts at the sydney aquarium in australia say this gives them a safe place to hide out and grow and you've ever seen them like at the monterey aquarium and exhibit there are so beautiful, delicate. >> i wonder if they have to check out when they leave that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6 and i will see you tonight at 8 o'clock. have a good guy.
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