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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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now barrels towards florida and how san francisco city leaders are getting involved in to union strikes on for news at 10 is next.
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... t everybody'online during e day so we lose speeds. ' become... .nocturnal. ll... i'up. 'n kids. is. sucks. ll if you just switch ybe you don' ve to be vampires. oa... ay, yikes. sorry, i wasn'thinking. don'really use the v word. at'kind of insensitive. prefer day-adjacent. ' go man-pire. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news coming out of the east bay tonight where police are still surrounding a nordstrom rack store in pleasant hill. they
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have been trying for some time to get a suspect out of that store. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us at 10. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. this is happening next to the sun in concord. and it all started just before 6 o'clock tonight. >> the mall and the nordstrom rack share the same parking lot. kron four's grant lotus is here with us in the studio to give us an update on what's going on out there. grant yet totally chaotic. big police say see us at 6 o'clock. so daylight all the sudden. >> this scene just just infiltrates this parking lot conquer. police are telling us that a man is still barricaded inside the nordstrom rack. they say it started with a car chase. police are chasing this car. they say it ended with a crash in the parking lot here. sun valley mall. one of our producers is actually there happen to be there. she says a witness told her that the chase in the nordstrom rack parking lot ended with the
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suspect crashed. >> there were warmer cop cars coming by surrounding the building and they're one up to the building with light. they're big and there like foxes dogs shield but knowing is a helicopter we have liked everyone. >> the shoppers have all been evacuated. their safe, multiple agencies are there helping at the scene in court, including concord pd, pleasant hill pd walnut creek police as well as the contra costa county sheriff's department. this latest incident coming just after a shooting in the same parking lot. back in may. that happened near the bj's restaurant. police say multiple parked cars at the scene where hit by gunfire at that point when 2 people shot
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at each other, no injuries were reported. and then you may recall back in december of last year, there was another shooting at the sun valley mall forcing people to run for cover. we know at least one person was shot in that incident. so again, this has been going on the incident tonight for more than 4 hours. a person is still hold up there in that nordstrom rack is police are working to try to get him out safely. we'll keep you posted there can catherine, now back to you. all right, grant, thank you for that. daly city city council member. >> he's accused of is accusing a colleague of assaulting her councilmember justin here in blue right over there says that council member handy july. the giovanni here in green slammed the door on her last night the city council meeting. both of them talked about the incident in a recent meeting. take a look. >> i am. distraught. because
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counsel big teach even soul to me. in city hall. >> i vehemently deny that i do anything to assault and that's all this is politically motivated. >> di giovanni is running for city council running again for the city council seat this november. >> way past time. mental health care must be treated the same as physical health care. it is way past time. >> san francisco leaders are calling for an end to the ongoing strike by kaiser permanente. mental health care workers. they've been on the picket line 7 weeks. the concern the strike is affecting public health city supervisor spent more than 2 and a half hours tonight listening to the concerns of kaiser's mental health workers. kron four's amanda hari was there. she joins us live in the studio with more. amanda.
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>> many of the people who spoke at the meeting are urging the supervisors to do something to get the mental health care workers off the picket lines and back into their offices. and some of the supervisors are now calling on governor gavin newsom to get involved. i just want to say to kaiser. >> that just because you're a giant does not mean you cannot be knocked down. it is time for them to do the right thing. >> during a hearing at their board meeting on tuesday, many san francisco supervisors spoke out in support of the more than 2000 kaiser mental health therapists currently on strike. the therapists are demanding that kaiser fully staff its clinics and and dangerously long wait times for therapy. at one point. >> early this year, the number of active patients that i myself alone and responsible for it's over 180. that's 180 active patients. and i have about. a little less than 30,
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which one appointments a week. that clinical psychologist says he's worked at kaiser for 21 years. >> because of the current circumstances, he can only see his patients every 5 to 6 weeks. and he says that long wait could be deadly. they're also say they're seeing people's mental health issues, get more serious because they can't get the treatment they need in a timely manner or use are not getting more sick. >> they're not being seen and being treated for mild anxiety adjustment, mild depression, you know, social skills, things like that. and so they end up getting worse and worse. therapists say they want to come to a resolution with kaiser to end the strike. >> kaiser representatives were invited to the board of supervisors meeting, but no one showed up the research and political director of the national union of healthcare workers says he's concerned with how kaiser is handling the strike from a patient perspective.
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>> we've learned that kaiser's been contacting patients to schedule appointments with clinicians who they know very well are on strike with no anticipated date of return. >> supervisor hillary ronen says she plans to write up a resolution for next week's meeting demanding governor newsom gets involved. other supervisors want to push to get kaiser representatives at next meeting on the topic catherine. ken. >> all right. thank you for that. tonight, the san francisco board of supervisors also announced it is in full support of backing airport workers demands for higher pay and better health coverage. as food and beverage workers continue to strike this after union negotiations have been stalled nearly a year. >> some of the workers argue that they actually make less an hour than the cost of one meal served to customers. kron four's ella sogomonian listened and she joins us from the newsroom with the latest. hello. >> we stand with you. that was the overarching message
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tonight from the board of supervisors to the airports, unionized employees who complained they haven't gotten a raise in 4 years and have no access to family health insurance options. the majority of picketers with union local 2 are said to be snack. bar attendants who make around $17 per hour. many of them have to pick up shifts or work a second job to make rent some people that spoke at the meeting said that they a sleeper about 4 hours per day or inside their car at the airport to help make ends meet. a major issue revealed at tonight's board meeting. was that a growing number of business owners who are leasing of space at the airport are not honoring the right for their employees to unionize. board members agreed that the workers demands are just well. kevin wesley, who represents the multi employer group, blaine street pricing policies, the trunk, their margin board. president shamann walton pushed back. >> obviously, there's something we need to do as a city to make sure that people are very clear about how we operate in san francisco
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before they signed a lease because they should not have to come to your group after signing a lease and have issues with employees. what is your solution to continue to lose money every day where folks are outside on the on the street striking. what is your solution to to helping solve this problem? we would prefer to have labor harmony. and we think that all parties to the airport and the revenue that we provide them, the workers and the and the pay they get. and that's given a fair market begin street. all that has to come together and this can go away for years. >> the board of supervisors, again, are in full support of higher wages and found that the county which act as landlord. we'll follow up and withhold lease renewals for those who don't respect unionizing in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> flight attendants with were picketing outside the oakland airport today. they are demanding a new contract after
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4 years of negotiations. they say they want better pay benefits, better working conditions. the flight attendants say that since the start of the pandemic, their jobs have gotten harder and rising inflation has made it tougher to make ends meet. >> it was a close at it and it's like a job. the plan us. you know, everyone's dream traveling read a note that it's not what it is anymore. southwest is a rapidly changing airline and the contract. but when the 6 years doesn't that operation that today? >> federal mediators are being brought in. the union says it expects to meet with them next month. southwest airlines told kron 4 it is looking forward to those negotiations so it can, quote, reward their flight attendants and continue attracting great talent. other news tonight, cuba has no power tonight after hurricane ian knocked out the country's power grid. >> the hurricane is now heading to florida where
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people are getting sandbags are evacuating. bracing for ian to make landfall as a category 4 hurricane. some residents in florida are moving to safer. parts of the state are filling up those sandbags to protect their property from hurricane damage. state officials have ordered 2 and a half million people to evacuate the airport in tampa and st. petersburg are now closed. nasa sharing video of hurricane ian as seen from the international space station. you can see from these images the eye of the storm there on the lower part of your screen. this was from yesterday when ian was just a category 2 storm. the storm has seen significant growth since and kron four's. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the hurricane tonight morning. just i was just measure here right now. it's about 300 miles across the hurricane. now. >> it has moved across cuba causing plenty of damage there. as you just heard, all the power knocked out to the island nation. there. well, we're getting ready for to make landfall in the united
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states. we're not that far away now and it's moved out over open waters. very warm waters out to in the gulf now. and we are seeing re intensification ian as it approaches the coastline. this is the very latest on the doppler radar. you can see the bands of rain rotating around the center of the eye of that storm. kind of going through a regeneration of that. i will as we head through the night tonight and i think we're going to see some rapid intensification is the waters are very warm along the coastline of florida. we're talking almost 90 degree temperatures. so there have not been any hurricane is moving through that base in quite a while. that means this is really a rich, almost a virgin ocean waters for to move over to gather strength. and that's exactly what's going to happen. here's a look at the doppler radar from key west. you can see the very intense storm right around the center of you. and that's what we're tracking now. that is the most dangerous part of the storm. we've got watches up in yellow across much of southern florida. you've got a couple of watches or warnings and red boxes. there's well, we've
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seen those pop up throughout the day and a storm surge warning across much of the western half of florida's the storm system comes on shore right now. a category 3 stained winds of 120 miles an hour. here's the very latest track, possibly becoming a category 4 storm. that is a catastrophic hurricane coming on shore just north of fort myers near cape coral, pushing right through the central portion of florida and continuing onward over orlando. it is going to be a very dangerous, potentially devastating day across a good part of florida by tomorrow morning. guys, back to you. okay, lawrence, thank you very the january 6 committee has postponed its last public hearing. >> that is because of hurricane in the committee had intended to include snippets of a documentary about trump adviser roger stone. stone had predicted that trump officials would declare victory regardless of the election use armed guards and loyal judges to stay in power. a new
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hearing date has not yet been 2 more alleged victims have come forward in the case against an east bay teacher and cheerleading instructor kron. 4 hackett tells us the new charges he's now facing. >> 4 alleged victims have now come forward in the case against 41 year-old nicholas moseby. he's a teacher at diablo vista, middle school in danville and worked as a cheerleading coach at newark in san ramon. district attorney's office has filed an amended complaint today because 2 more victims have come for those be has now been charged with 3 counts of committing a lewd act against a child. one count of distributing we're showing to a minor. one count of child molestation. and one count of battery. 10 with the contra costa county district attorney's office says the alleged 4 female victims are all minors, including one child below the age of 14. he says most be pled not guilty. and as bill has been increased
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to $300,000, it's a case where in >> it, lisa, my line of that i see. often the worst of humanity. >> we spoke to a mom who wanted to remain anonymous earlier this month. she says moseby was her 16 year-old daughter's cheerleading instructor over the course of 4 years as the tip of the iceberg. >> this man is working in the tri valley for a decade teaching hundreds of girls of all ages elementary, middle high school. there's more to tell the story. she told kron 4 news at the san ramon valley unified school district. >> did not immediately notify parents of most b's arrest on the 14th of this month or acknowledge that he has a prior criminal record. he also previously taught at san ramon valley high school. the school district has since placed most be on administrative leave. his next hearing is october 6 at 08:30am. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> a massage therapist in fremont faces assault charges. police say 2 women claim that
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71 year-old abdul cutters out to touch them inappropriately during treatments between may and september. tigers has been charged with 8 felony counts. his next court date is set for thursday. oakland leaders say they have a new plan to fight gun violence. this after yet another shooting death today marking the city's. >> 96 homicide of the year. it happened in east oakland, mayor william patterson park. 2 men were shot. one of them later died. oakland's police chief says he is now changing the way that his officers are deployed in the hopes of putting more officers on the streets and more bad guys in jail. kron four's dan kerman has the story. following the deadliest week of the year with 8 homicides, another murder in oakland tuesday morning. >> the citizen video shows the scene in the 9600 block of eads. we know that we've seen a huge spike violence across our city. it is important that
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this department responds during an online news conference. oakland police chief leronne armstrong announced he's now putting all hands on deck. in other words, more officers on the streets. we will have officer presence in east oakland >> as well some areas in west oakland. what we know certain groups in games congregate. we know that these are areas that other groups in focus on for retaliatory shootings. we will be in areas. what a high presence as well. last visual vehicles like our command post in our community resource vehicles will be deployed into those areas. a recent graduates from the academy have been added to the criminal investigation division. >> and other officers will work on their days off. >> every resource that we can utilize will be utilized. i am worried about officer it, but i'm also worried about safety in our and so we'll deal with both will do our best to make
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sure that officers get the rest they need, but was critically important right but for us to bring forth, this is a safety in the city of oakland because i know people are fearful and we want to be able to that feat. >> the chief says group in gang violence is responsible for almost a 3rd of the shootings in oakland. he thinks more cops on the street will get more crooks off the street. but only if the public is willing to help. we will increase enforcement of our streets to remove these guys from our community. >> community members have information that they could work for, help us solve those problems, we need that information. we need that additional evidence. we cannot do law. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> new at 10, the city of san francisco faces a lawsuit tonight from a group of people. >> living on the streets. they are demanding the city stop harassing and destroying the belongings of people with nowhere to go. the lawyers committee for civil rights of the san francisco bay area and others filed that lawsuit in federal court today. it claims
10:21 pm
that san francisco presents the image of a caring municipality with a plan to tackle homelessness. but decades of inaction on affordable housing has left thousands on the the complaint also says that not only has the city failed to build affordable housing, it's using heavy-handed tactics to get homeless people to move without offering them shelter after being in the works for a decade tonight, a new housing development for san francisco, unified teachers is closer to becoming a reality. >> shirley chisholm village will be located on 43rd avenue in the outer sunset. the 135 unit affordable housing development is the first housing project for both the city and san francisco unified school district. it's being built on property owned by the school district sf usd educators, employees and their families will get priority for the new units. the building is expected to welcome its first residents in the fall of 2024.
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>> still ahead, a new warning for dog owners and the east bay after one little dog was nearly killed. >> plus, a new covid discovery. researchers say they've got the answers on why some people who got covid didn't have any symptoms, but they have that most people don't. also the company willing to pay the right person to fly to iceland enjoy the food.
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>> researchers with ucsf say they've determined why some people who get covid never feel sick or show any symptoms. after studying 1400 people who tested positive for covid but remain asymptomatic. the research team found a genetic mutation that fight off covid so quickly. person's body never had time to develop symptoms. mutation is somewhat common about one in 10 people have it. the complete study is expected to be published next month. soon, hearing aids will be hitting store shelves. the fda approving the over the counter sales of the devices. the doctors say people should still see a doctor before buying one has. there are other reasons for hearing loss. you can also help you choose the right hearing aid. this is going to bring some big savings to those who need them and you'll see those in
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stores within the next few weeks. a woman goes above and beyond to stand out from the crowd of applicants applying for a job at nike. take a look at this. she printed her resume on a cake for nike. carly blackburn applied for marketing position and it looks like she might have the job. she now has an interview set up with nike. good luck. >> coming up next, man versus bear and protected his girlfriend and his paths. one a bear got way too close. also the new law that allows victims to sue people who send them unsolicited nude photos and why local advocates for the deaf community are now going after the tsa. and we've got some clouds rolling in right now. some patchy fog here. >> what can we expect as we head into october year? 10 of 10 is coming up next.
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>> now at 10, 30 and invasive pat-down by a tsa worker has a local advocacy group asking for change. dan jarvis, is that a man in the video getting the extensive pat down. jarvis's steffi has hearing device implants. that means he isn't able to go through a tsa scanner. that incident happened at sfo. jarvis is from australia. he was traveling to salt lake city after vacationing here. kron four's rob nesbitt talked
10:30 pm
with the group advocating not only for dan but for the deaf community. >> i went to the felt and instituted a and alameda they advocate for and provide mental health services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing a lot of shaking heads of felton when staff watch the video for themselves uncomfortable to watch and uncomfortable to live through for dan jarvis. the death man having a tsa agent feel as general area nearly 5 times at sfo. >> i showed the viral video on tiktok to president and ceo of the felton institute. al gilbert. not only is it totally unjustified, but it is ridiculous. cochlear implants can be damaged passing through a tsa scanner, which is the reason for pat-downs from agents. but gilbert says there's no reason for something like this confused as to why a metal detector wand wasn't used on jarvis. instead, that is what the want is for it because everybody else just gets that. >> so you don't pat them down in the crotch area. if you can wave the wind and there's nothing there that you don't do that gilbert has heard about other invasive tsa pat downs before and much worse from children living with disabilities to those living in a wheelchair being lifted
10:31 pm
up. >> when it comes to advocating for the deaf community. the felton institute has their death community counseling services. the program's director, sailor davis and also as coakley or implants. he reminds >> there might be close to town. yeah, difficult look family. miami cop and it had been my we feel the clue davison works every day for her community but says it's important for those who are deaf or hard of hearing to know their rights and advocate for themselves when passing through tsa, especially with videos like this, make the rounds on social media. that kind of says it it would be helpful get a tee up a sip of fire get there. he helped the wife to offer private with he play more. davidson says no one should be made to feel uncomfortable. and that's why she wants to see more tsa agents educated on cochlear implants and what it's like for someone who uses them. >> kron 4 reached out to tsa on this pat down when the video originally surface this
10:32 pm
month, the agency chose not to comment but did share details about pat downs listed on its website which reads in part, quote, a pat-down may include inspection of the head neck arms, torso, legs and feet. this includes head coverings and sensitive areas such as growing and the bucks pat downs require sufficient pressure to ensure detection and areas may undergo a pat-down more than once for the tsa officer to confirm no threat items are detected. reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> governor gavin newsom has signed a new bill into law that will require employers to list a pay scale and their job postings seen as a big win for california workers, particularly for women and minorities are often paid less. the new law will take effect january 1st, california to find themselves on the receiving end of unwanted sexually explicit messages can now sue the senders. that's under a new law signed by the governor. >> kron four's noelle bellow
10:33 pm
has more on how victims can take action. >> cyber flashing, it's a term used to describe lewd photographs being sent electronically without the recipients consent. as of friday, the act is now banned across the state of california. >> under california law now if you get cyber. once you identify the person you can file a civil suit. california has become the 3rd state behind texas and virginia to prohibit the act. >> it allows recipients to recover up to $30,000 as well as punitive damages and attorneys fees from senders of obscene material who are older than 18. and you are only not okay. criminal defense lawyer paula canny says, though it's a civil lawsuit. there are elements of criminal activity in the act cyber flashing as much worse. then indecent exposure. they are targeting you as an individual. they
10:34 pm
know that a specific person is going to get this specific message. i think that they're already in existence. penal code sections that would criminalize that con. >> cantone says, depending on the nature of the messages, there's one thing to keep in mind if you're a victim and considering filing a lawsuit. >> it >> allows you to also get, you know, restraining orders that ironically sometimes in seeking restraining orders that actually increases the contact with the very person you don't want any contact with has to be. 53 also known as the flash act goes into effect on new year's day 2023. >> in san francisco, noelle bellow kron, 4 news. >> another bill signed by governor newsom is aimed at protecting animals. it and the unnecessary testing of pesticides and chemical substances on dogs and caps. it does not, however, and federally required testing on animals that law takes effect
10:35 pm
january 1st. time for a look at our 4 zone forecast. as we look live tonight over san francisco. yeah, a little bit cooler out there, lawrence. and some fog rolling in. yeah, i sleeping weather out there. that's for sure. temperatures dropping off in the 40's. >> and 50's last night. probably very close to that again for tonight. up there. right now, we are seeing some fog forming just more patchy fog, not as a widespread as it was last night at this time, but still it is patchy out there moving over san francisco's we speak. there it is. you see the lights down below kind of pretty as a shallow marine air starts to move back on shore for tonight. and tomorrow morning. temperatures outside got some mid 50's in half moon bay right now. so 62 degrees in san jose to 61 and alameda. 64 in concord. 59 in napa. 55 degrees impediment 56 in santa rosa. but today's highs so warmed up just slightly into san francisco. still running below the average 64 degrees for the high 69 in oakland, 73 in san jose. 82 warm in livermore 80 in concord and 78
10:36 pm
in santa rosa. well, there's a cold front off the coastline. you see right there. it is bumper right to a ridge of high pressure. and so it's going start to fall apart as approaches the coastline. but it will leave behind some more clouds coming our way for tomorrow on a pretty good sea breeze. i think by tomorrow afternoon right now that on shore wind continues and that's carrying with it. some of that patchy fog outside for tonight. but here's the very latest on the forecast. models you season approaches the coastline that triumph trough kind of carbon out along the west coast and then that's going allow for that cool air to spill into tomorrow. it's still going to spot. just still see some mid 80's. i think the warm spots well inland, a plan of some low clouds kind of increasing along the coastline as we head toward the afternoon, laura's forecast looks fascinating. here's that front once again. watch what happens here. starts to fall apart as it moves through. we get to the back side of that. we've got a lot of sunshine. we've got a beautiful weather coming our way. maybe even a little hint of an offshore wind as we get into late thursday into friday. and then that sets up the weekend and the weekend looks pretty nice. although
10:37 pm
another area of low pressure comes watering off the coastline as we head toward the middle of the week only to fall apart by next wednesday and that high pressure takes over. so right now we're starting to look for some chances of rain. don't see that coming just yet. but keep your fingers crossed. we may just get some coming our way in the not too distant future. still some low clouds fog overnight tonight. most that's just patchy as we head toward of the day. tomorrow, you'll see some patchy fog early on. and then a couple mid to high level clouds in the afternoon across the rest. the bay area coastal sections go look at that fog developing outside. so temperatures yeah, we're going to keep things a little bit cool on the coastline plan on some 60's up toward the beaches. you'll still find some nice weather in the valleys. in fact, mid 80's, the warmest spots inland a little bit warmer as we get into thursday and friday, maybe pushing some 90's in the valleys. but now the temperatures cooling down on saturday and sunday. so pretty mild weather here. the other part of the country, we're watching it very closely very scary storm tomorrow all right, thanks, a small dog was grabbed by a coyote today in
10:38 pm
antioch. that happened as it was being walked on its leash by its owner. >> it happened in the contra loma regional park. the coyote had sneaked up. then drag the little dog away. but the owner chased it, managed to get the pet back. the dog was injured, but it is expected to survive. wildlife officials encourage people to be firmed act scary as they put it when approached by an aggressive coyote. >> tonight, police are blaming illegal dumping for this crash in pittsburgh. police say a driver was trying to avoid a large box of construction material that had been left on the pittsburg, antioch highway when the driver crashed into the back of a bus hurting a bus passenger. it's not clear whether or not authorities were able to track down the person who dunks the construction debris, a community in oakland coming together to help a family of an uber driver who was shot to death while seated in his vehicle outside of his own home kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has the story.
10:39 pm
>> crowdfunding up and raises over $116,000 for the family of peter back on july 17th, the 52 year-old uber driver was shot to death while seated in his vehicle outside of his home oakland's little saigon district. this gun violence has to stop the president of the oakland chinatown improvements. council stewart we hear stories. i've been to so many vigils. >> don't have to talk about patrick post had to oakland city council president nikki fortunato bass attended some of those same vigils for slain residents in her district like dentist lily soon to patrick >> family. i continue to extend my condolences and my support. and i am grateful that community has come together. i'm also grateful that in the midst of this violence we're showing the open can come together. but the root of the problem
10:40 pm
>> has not being kill a peaking with the aid of an interpreter that refunds brother didn't seem to share the council president's optimistic view of the community. and this moment seemed a strange happened my project >> i just feel like the gunman island nonstop. and you see happen every single day, unfortunately going on and within weeks of patrick funk's death, the oakland police department arrested 19 year-old major willis. >> and a second juvenile suspect both have been charged in connection to the crime by the alameda county district attorney's office. >> you know, our office will continue to work closely with the asian community and the police department to ensure the protection of the asian community >> in addition to his brother also here to accept the check for the money raised behalf of the family is patrick funds, father and fiance. this will gift. the family members, the
10:41 pm
closure. maybe it's not the closure that they want. >> they want patrick back but least. this will give them the closure and the justice they're looking for and >> in oakland haaziq kron. 4 news. >> finally reunited. we have an update to the story of an incredible cat rescue from war torn ukraine and how the pet and her family are adapting to their new life here in the bay area. >> and in sports, soccer comes to santa clara, mexico takes on colombia. sports director jason dumas has the highlights. plus, a live report from levi's stadium coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> when they're 60 plus in levi stadium. >> it's usually to watch the forty-niners play book. folks packed that stadium tonight to watch a different type of football. >> mexico took on columbia in an international friendly match in. we got what we expected, a raucous environment for the world's most popular sport in fans came from all over to catch this match. our sports reporter kate rooney told us fans came from as far as tracy and sacramento. and we've got a good one 29th minute. mexico akes a commanding 2 mil lead. >> that's gerardo arteaga with
10:45 pm
the goal. but in the 52nd minute here comes colombia. louise in aspera chips in his second goal of the game. and just like that, we have a high later on colombia's wilmar barrios with the great finish that gives columbia the lead. they would go on to it, upset mexico 3 to 2. now we have reinforcements on the ground kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney got to take this one in in-person kate. we chatted before the game. you told us that mexico was the overwhelming favorite. they already have a spot in >> world cup. but hey, that's what sports all about. they get upset. what was the atmosphere like out there? >> this one was wild from the start. jason, before we even got into the stadium, there were people playing music dancing, cooking, delicious looking things the likes of which have never seen at a tailgate and kids kicking
10:46 pm
soccer around. we've got to see some really some really cool stuff out here. but then the minute we walked into the stadium, mexico score, they scored really early to start the game and scored a second goal in the 1st half. so kind like maybe they're going walk away with this one. columbia, though, came on really strong, absolutely dominated that 2nd half. and here's the thing. mexico's bans outnumbered columbia fans. i'd say by about 2 to one, the columbia supporters were strong. you can definitely still hear them when their team scored in the stadium. the thing for mexico is they don't have to worry because they qualified for the world cup. columbia did not. so mexico fans can leave here. pretty happy tonight. i did end up meeting some people who came all the way from fresno. you mentioned earlier that there were fans from sacramento and tracy here. i think fresno might win the award for for this distance, traveled for people. i talked to so everyone i talked to after the game agreed that it was well worth it. even if their team didn't win and you can probably see behind me a little bit now they are still out here, partying, playing music, having a really good time. to be honest, i don't see this many, 40 niner fans
10:47 pm
hanging around after 40 niner game. so i got to give a lot of credit to these football fans for how dedicated they are and just how much fun and excitement and vivacious nus they bring to this sport. >> okay. thank you so much for that report. got to finish everything in that cooler. i don't blame him. all right. the giants back at home for a six-game homestand hosting the rockies. bottom of the first giants down until jock peterson gets a hold of that one. a deep drive to straightaway center and the giants tie on peterson's 23rd home run of the season. bottom of the 4th china, one in jd davis takes that one on a right to center field. giants extend that lead to 2. they go on to win 5 to 2 game 2 tomorrow. the starting their 3 game series in anaheim. bottom of the 8th got a tie. game one offer jo adell and here is that one to left field that'll
10:48 pm
bring in former giant matt duffy. he scores the go ahead. run for the angels and they will go on to win. 43. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after the break. or will start right here. thank you, jason. last week we told you about the incredible international rescue effort. >> to bring a cat to the bay area that was in ukraine. so it could be reunited with the little girl who had to flee the war with her family. well, that family left just about everything behind. after that were started. now they're together in sonoma county, working on a new start here in america. >> there were tears and smiles, hugs and balloons at sfo when 10 year-old at nestle was finally reunited with her beloved cat are the bass in our family. father alexander mother, maria and daughters, eleanor angelina and are
10:49 pm
adjusting to their new lives and it our city has a new playmate kitten named tosha and the family is staying in large country home among vineyards and olive traes near cloverdale in sonoma county. now when our savings >> is with us. so it's like a homeless with like a part of our homes with us. >> all of this happened thanks to this man, jeff peters. >> with the invasion so do something to help people. >> jeffs efforts to go to europe to evacuate more refugees from didn't pan out. but he did find an app for ukrainian seeking help and connected with the best in our family. >> send an e-mail and say we we've been matched in. we have a family of 6. and so it's my son. and i instead of renting this house, which he was planning doing. would you be
10:50 pm
willing to donate it for 2 years? >> when the family got here, they had a beautiful but empty home. that's when the people of cloverdale and then everybody in the community just want to help. so they started foods. they donated gas cards. they donated gift cards. said he sewing machine and the person found the girls are leader so they donated the piano. >> cloverdale gave this family a but cloverdale got a lot back. the whole community has >> a few lessons they learned but ukraine, the but the situation refugees in ukraine. but they also learn how >> the bason ours are working on their english and plan to
10:51 pm
move forward with new lives as americans and nasa is sleeping better at night now that she's reunited with her, the older girls are learning to drive and going to school. cloverdale is giving the family a good start. he is known with his is limited to me like a lot notes and letters is that they give to them is the of forward so she kind of like yours and might give us a look at and it's because of you. >> you thank you so tell you can see there very grateful for all the help they've been getting and they're still trying to get on their feet. so. >> a gofundme page has been set up to support the family. and if you'd like to help out, you can find a link to that on our website at kron 4 dot and i said this before, but it's so heartwarming how much the community has helped them. yeah, i mean that beautiful the whole thing, something to
10:52 pm
rally around, you know, a family that really needs out. t
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
of huskies being turned into the peninsula. humane society, shelter. the shelter says half the dogs available for adoption are huskies are husky mixes and workers think game of thrones might be to blame after focusing on dire wolf creatures, which were featured on the show. people apparently
10:55 pm
believe getting a husky was the next best thing. but and got tired of them. anybody interested in adopting one pays a fee of $160. but that includes a training package toy leash collar and harness. wow. he just went into a defenseman, man. they say one point actually and slapped that bear looks like a young bear, but still, but the bear popped up on his property near a barn. he was man is trying to protect his girlfriend. his 2 dogs and p had initially got ball scary to get the bears of tension to keep it away from them. the bear seemed stunned eventually took off that left. the man with a story to tell and a girlfriend and dogs who remained in one piece. video on tiktok does not say where this happened.
10:56 pm
>> yogurt brand cities wants to pay one lucky person, $50,000 to tour iceland. cities is currently accepting applications for the role of chief simplicity officer. the decision involves taking pictures making videos of iceland's waterfalls glaciers and other natural wonders. it's beautiful. there. the job also involves eaning enough icelandic food so that you can make suggestions for a future flavors. so if you have a hankering for fermented shark, iceland is the place for you. is that right fermented fish? but he's right, because i wondered, too, and i'm fermented shark iso thing. it's a delicacy. sounds delicious. late night snack anyone yet, although it also mentioned glam. so that's a little better official case from a very looks beautiful out there, though, right? certainly just spectacular pictures. >> but yeah, hey, we've got some nice weather on the bay area to got a beautiful night ahead. patchy fog developing out there. not as thick as it's been. >> cold front approaching the coastline. we're going to see a few of those high clouds roll our way as we head toward
10:57 pm
tomorrow. overnight lows. you know, it could be a little cool in spots down lower 50's, at least to the north bay. probably couple 40's there as well. i by day tomorrow, temperatures going to be comfortable. but a little bit cooler outside mid-eighties the warmer spots inland 70's inside the bay and 6 is along the coastline. so running a little bit below average for this time of year. then we start to warm up. that front goes by. we're going start to heat up in the friday. then cool down just slightly over the weekend. good sleeping weather. beautiful and about whether love thank have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. see
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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