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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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that she was saying that that's where the shooting took place, that that is online learning center. but alameda county sheriff saying that this is probably targeted. and oakland police are saying that they're looking for one shooter. good information and certainly the positive thing we can take away tonight we did hear that there are no >> children that missing. they've all been reunified with their parents at this hour. thank you, justin. i we've been on since 2 o'clock hour. not going anywhere. kron. 4 news at 5 begins right after this. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> our continuing coverage of the breaking news right now. 6 people, all at least 18 years of age have been injured in a shooting at the king is state campus specifically the red-tailed continuation school in east oakland. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here. i'm grant lotus and i'm
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vicki liviakis. we have learned that 2 people are in critical condition at this hour. one person has been discharged. no arrests have been made, at least at this time. the oakland police department >> they gave us an update just a short time ago. >> thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. and this incident. begin by saying that any time there's a shooting, their community, it's a complete tragedy. but as a parent. i completely understand the the emotion, the panic. with shootings are occurring at our schools with a young children. it's completely and wholly unacceptable. just 12. 45 in the communications division received a report of a shooting. at a school in a 200 block of mountain. this is the king estate school. the house's 4 different schools on
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campus ranging from middle school to high school. when officers arrived on scene they responded there along with alameda county sheriff's deputies in kent for new highway patrol officers. were all immediately made entry into the school. they began looking for any suspects. any victims attending the victims? well, at the same time escorting students and staff out of harm's way. 6 adults, individuals 18 and over. we have some affiliation with the school. we're determined to be suffering from gunshot wounds. they were all transported to local hospitals. the last update is 2 individuals were suffering life-threatening injuries. one individual was released. pending release. and
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the remainder looking at non life-threatening injuries. at this time are clear the school is completed and we are determined that the school is all clear of any suspect. individuals. we're currently and actively looking for at least one shooter, although there may be other individuals involved. we have our cease-fire teams as well as our violent crime operations teams actively in this moment following up on leads, looking to bring to justice those responsible for this heinous act. we're asking for people, community members who may have information about this incident. the please contact the local police department. during this incident. we did establish a reunification center and mountain fund pain to reunify kids, children with their family members and loved ones. at this time. we have
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not received any reports from families regarding any outstanding children. start. we do have also chaplains after you've been reunification center. i just and again, the trauma associated with these incidents. any updates that we receive regarding this incident will be posted on social media. currently, our investigators are on scene and we are working with law enforcement partners, particular atf. >> as part of this investigation. and we're looking at any other follow-up associated with this incident. >> i do want identify and recognize that these are dangerous. >> dynamic and volatile situations. and i want to express my heartfelt gratitude and recognize the bravery of our law enforcement professionals are open police officers. we serve your community who responded into the school to try to mitigate these threats along with the
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bravery of our law enforcement partners, the sheriff's department, the california high patrol drove joined them in those efforts to >> and that was the assistant police darren allison giving us that update just about a half-hour ago that campus complex is located on fontaine street little more than a mile north of oakland zoo. if you're familiar with that section right along 5.80, the school not far from keller avenue, the keller avenue exit off 5.80, kron four's. rob nesbitt is at the scene. he's been speaking to parents. is they arrive too, tried it, pick up their kids. rob, rough day. >> grant a very rough there have been talking with parents. one of them said that it took her 2 hours to get through traffic to get through. barricades were road were closed off to get to her child. i'm at the intersection of crest and outside of the oakland academy of knowledge, which is behind me. this is where they set up the media. this is not one of the schools that's involved with those 4 schools at the king estate
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campus. but the scene earlier today, i want to show you this video that you're looking at right now. this is what it looked like for people and parents rushing in to try to just find their kid. very scary moments. obviously we did learn that no kids were injured in the shooting. that was 6 adults. police just notifying us a moment ago that they are, quote, affiliated with the school. those victims were shot in this shooting. the police telling us that 2 of them with life-threatening injuries as parents hear the details of this. 2t's even scarier to know that there was a shooting let alone it could have been in their school. police were very big on the detail of where the shooting took place, whether it's outside the campus we're inside. but i spoke with one parent about what it was like trying to get in the area just to pick up their son who was elementary school. here's what she had to set. >> i was at home and they just sent a letter to my and that there was an active shooter here. and then school started to call and let me know that there because of the shooting. so i just
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>> very scary for that parent oakland academy of knowledge is where her student went to school at this school. behind me now, one of the people that spoke during this press conference that was john society. he's a spokesperson for the oakland unified school district. the reporters pressed him pretty hard about security security cameras, what the schools actually do that to deter this type of situation. he told reporters that there are no resource officers on campus where the shooting was. but that culture and climate ambassadors are what the schools had. he said that that they are staff and that they're there to ensure that the campus stay safe by asked him directly. what is the culture and climate ambassador told to do if there is an active shooting? and he told me that he could not comment on that question. so a lot of unanswered questions still to come, hopefully police will update us. give us more information about the victims. they did tell us that the shooter, they're still trying to find that individual. they think there might have been more than one
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ball, but they know that there's at least one shooter that they are looking for and they're asking for the community's help. so if you have any information, encouraged to contact oakland police department grant vicki. all right, rob nesbitt live for us tonight. still, certainly a lot of questions about the security on campus. >> and what this means going forward, what what they'll do to change that, if anything? well, we've got some at least some information earlier today from mayor libby schaff. she tweeted a. >> today's gun violence at sojourner truth school shocks. the sole our schools are sanctuaries for our children. our investigators report all 6 victims are adults. they're being treated for their injuries. now with the hospital, the school is now clear. plus, all children being reunited with families. we also want to note parents have been to meet their children at a reunification center at the church on mountain boulevard and fun tame street. now to the latest data highland hospitals. officials say 3 people are
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being treated at that hospital right now. 2 of the victims, our critical but stable for theresa joins us now. >> live from outside the hospital. >> where theresa, the ceo was speaking last hour and really illustrating. >> how much more violent oakland a's or at least his hospital is this year compared to last. >> yeah, we're here in oakland and we're here at highland hospital. a kind of very sad situation here. 3 of the 6 victims brought here. the ceo came out just a short time ago saying that this is horrific situations that 2 of the 3 victims right here are in critical condition. one is in stable condition. some of the victims families are down the way here. they asked for some respect in some privacy right now, certainly well, give that to them. they say that they are certainly too distraught
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to be talking about all that's transpired in the past couple of hours. the ceo also talking about how this is personal. he's from oakland. he said that we need to do more. that he feels that he needs to do more lean into the situation about these extraordinary circumstances and the level of violence that are happening in oakland. 6 people were shot. 3 people were taken to even medical center. that is a level 2 trauma center. so that is in castro valley. that leads us to believe that those victims were not as serious as the level one trauma center that's here in oakland. again, we're about 8 miles from where this crime unfolded at his school and oakland on this wednesday afternoon, reporting live here in oakland theresa stasi. back to you guys. thank you, theresa. we're going to
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>> and we're continuing to follow the breaking news out of oakland tonight at a school where 6 people were shot in the proximity, the campus. there's what we are too of those victims are in critical condition at this hour. all the shooting victims said to be 18 or older can force justin campbell is live in oakland. justin, what have you learned tonight? >> yeah, we are about a block and a half away from the score. if you look behind me, you can see this officer that is here blocking. but he told us a minute before a live shot. they're going to allow us to go closer and what you're looking at. it's kind
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of hard to see because there are some trees, but we're about a block and a half away from the school. >> you can see there's maybe some tape there is a headquarters where a makeshift command post that they have made up there. and i've been speaking to people as they've been walking through this area, trying to get their car. i just spoke to a person that told me his mother went to pick up their his brother was inside of the classroom and had no clue that there wasn't even a school his mother saw a woman that was outside crying and his brother tonight shipping up just with the fact that there was a school shooting that happened in. he had no clue he didn't hear anything. couldn't see anything. oakland police to now tonight looking for what they say could be one suspect or could be i know we've heard earlier from that press conference who they could be looking for. we don't have exactly details. but people from this about a block away
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from the school are trying to get their car. they are trying to get their they are trying to re enter this area. obviously shaken from what happened in about 10 minutes from now. we're actually going to push forward a little bit more to get a shot in front of the to see as this investigation continues, what it looks like right there. obviously law enforcement will be here probably through the night trying to put the pieces together of exactly what happened. a lot of us would like to know. i thank you, justin campbell, reporting live for us on the scene. most of but today today, we'll get back to you. >> later throughout the evening. >> all right. want to go now to oakland city councilmember sheng tao who is joining us live on the phone. councilme ber, how can you hear us? let's an ok, thank you for being with us this evening. obviously a traumatizing, terrible day for your city. what are your impressions of what happened tonight and how we move forward in a better way?
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>> absolutely. devastating and heartbroken. and, you know, as a mother, my my. it's the worst read that to carried out now and has been elected. i am very frustrated. i'm extremely frustrated than how we move forward. is that, you know, that it's like to be very on it because traumatized that we have been shooting at 17, $15. but the good on that, isn't a county court for 30 the coffin and then fired. just cannot up with. better than that. >> and so really need some urgency hands on approach city administration. the mayor, we need mayor to free her getting people on the state. because they are big, negative arm of city. >> so council member, you're you and and and other people on the council certainly grapple with these issues. day
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in and day out. are there any concrete steps that there's a lot of fear? there's a lot of anger and a lot of talk, but what? yeah, what are you proposing? >> absolutely. and proposed i thought that. actually feel that they could see you know, i mean, more office building it, keep it investigate. have small group of people who are actually the trigger light off of unique in store. >> that we feel would of investigators that the executive branch, which is the mayor, it. not that staff. and i want to make sure that we funds for more efficient. he take the people who are harming other off the street. me get we did voting and others. and that is awful lot. work that in turn get straight inter county in that sure that
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we're all working together get up people off our feet. you get. >> alright, councilmember sheng tell who is running for mayor. we appreciate your time tonight. certainly a heartbreaking day. everybody agrees on that certainly whomever is oakland's next. mayor, as libby going to be terming out is going to have there hands full this. this hits home for everyone that it >> let's go ahead and go to our reporter kron four's dan kerman. he joins us now with reaction from another council member running for the city's top shot. dan. >> that's right. we're here at a saint cuthbert's church. this is where that reunification happened between parents as well as their kids also hear teachers and councilmember loren taylor who was and is running for oakland. mayor came by to speak with the administrators
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as well as the teachers who are here on scene. well, we talked to him today to get his reaction to the shooting and what comes next. i mean, this is. >> this is devastating and tragic that we have gun violence erupting in our i honestly i'm still processing because i myself have young kids in oakland, publicicsc schools and to it have something occur like this. it just shakes the whole foundation of what we believe is the safety of schools where our kids can go be protected, be safe not have to deal with situations like this. >> and so what we do, obviously, no easy answer. i mean, if there's an easy answer, oakland would have solved a long time ago. and there's it's multi multi faceted. it is multifaceted and we can't hold anything back when it comes to protecting our kids. that means bringing more resources staff. officers as well as civilians that are on the
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ground, not just to respond but to preemptively engage support our kids address the root causes of why they're even picking up a gun in the first place and really get to the heart of what's going on. we've got to be able to i would say invest in the violence interruption programs, invest in those resources that give our kids alternatives. other pathways, a life that, you know, puts them and others at risk. all of us particularly those who have been engaged at the school and with those involved art, we have to ask ourselves, was there something more that we could have done that we see something? could we have said something because that's a critical part of our public safety system as well. it's on all of us to really be eyes on the ground. and when we see something going awry with a ride that could lead to violence or are death and destruction, we've got to be able to say something and bring in additional resources if we're not able to deal with
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that on our own. let's councilmember loren taylor, who we spoke with just a little bit ago this afternoon running for oakland, mayor with his reaction to the shooting. >> the whole idea of people stepping forward. that has been a constant message of oakland police chief leronne armstrong who says no matter how many additional officers we put on the street, the community has got to step in. they've got to talk to people. they've got a call. police when they know something may happen before it happens. they say without the community's help, really, there is no hope of reversing this surge in gun violence. live in oakland, dan kerman kron. 4 news has ever takes over as mayor is going to have a lot on their plate. >> ok, thank you, dan kerman reporting live for us from the reunification center in oakland. again, police are still looking for at least one shooter. they're asking the public if you saw anything or if you happen to have any surveillance video that could help them with their investigation. they're pleading with the public to come forward and present that to them asap. we're going
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continue our coverage of the shooting in oakland at 6 people shot ages 18 and older on a campus in east
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ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. with every-other-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. with every-other-month cabenuva, the shooting in oakland, but another huge story tonight is that hurricane ian, which made landfall, it is just unleashing its fury on florida tonight, forcing people to hunker down at home if they
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hadn't left and hope for the best as the storm surge, the flood waters just story and a huge hurricane. a powerful hurricane made landfall this afternoon at a category 4 storm. our correspondent elizabeth lane is in fort myers now with the latest. >> this is the worst we've seen of hurricane ian. take a look. we're in an emergency wind warning right now. that means everyone is supposed to be sheltered in place inside a room on the lower level of their house with no windows. you can see some of the debris that's already been ripped off of that billboard and flying around these winds intensify. we've also got some street lights just hanging by a thread there over on the power poles really going to create quite a bit of an issue later. once everyone is able to come back out of their safe place. but right now a power is out for at least 200,000 floridians. the governor ron desantis expecting that number
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could be more in the millions people are pontinuing to race for what has become a very dangerous category 4 hurricane. and reporting in fort myers, i'm elizabeth lane. >> all right, elizabeth, want to check in now with kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who has been tracking ian and yeah, it's is it what you expected? yeah, is stronger. came on stronger, really intensify. we're talking about how that wall was regenerating last night before we left and boy, it really intensified overnight last night and coming on shore almost as a category 5. it was a strong category 4 coming on shore. here it is. you see that? i'm moving on now and it is just churning along moving very slowly. that's extremely dangerous. these hurricanes are just loaded with tremendous amounts of water. and here we go. it is just dump it all across florida. this a large storm about 300 miles across. and you can see, it's affected a good part of the state. that's the way it's going to be here. it's just going to slowly work its way through the state. here's the
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very latest on the circulation. see on the radar. some very heavy storms now located north of the center of the system, still able to maintain hurricane strengtr, even though now it's moved inland, it is still a very strong system moving out there right now. so we've got watches and warnings. flash flood warnings, of course, all around this area all up in the tampa. you see the many tributary, some of the rivers. they're of course, going to see tremendous amount of rain. we've had reports almost 20 inches of rain in some spots already and still counting. so this storm system going to be a real problem moves to the state, not just today, but over the next couple of days. we're seeing that heavy rainfall moving down. now, the rain rates are just tremendous out there. some of those rates now almost 3 inches an hour. you and you start to do the math in 24 hours. you're going to get all whole lot of rain. and that's going to be the case of the storm system moves on through. it's just going to continue to dump tremendous amounts of rain over the next couple of days. so we're going to be watching. this is going to be a major story in a major problem you know, come on,
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come on shore. all that problem right there where it came on shore. but now we're talking the potential for disaster. i watch the saint johns river very closely into jacksonville. you get all those winds coming off the coastline whipping around that the hurricane that's causing all that water to pilot the kick it back out in the ocean and then you're dumping another 20 inches of rain on top of that. >> we're talking about some major problems ahead will the way it tracking. it looked like it was just going to the west side of florida, but it's so large that it seems to be encompassing the central and over to the east side as well. yeah, getting to the east side, too. and it's likely to move back out into the atlantic here in the next day or so then probably not becoming hurricane force again, but still slamming the carolinas and possibly georgia has a strong tropical storm and they'll have some more flooding trouble with that is well, didn't need to retire? that name i think they will. thanks for it. coming up, we will continue to follow the school shooting that happened in east oakland. we have a
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