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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 3, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> what's happening in our community right now when it comes to it, our young people is unacceptable. >> oakland police chief leronne armstrong just holding a news conference to talk about the latest gun violence that happened over the weekend to high school students were killed. this comes as a new video was just released showing the gunman who opened fire at an east oakland school last wednesday, injuring 6 people, including 2 students. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, oakland police released a video this afternoon as they're trying to track down the gunman involved. the video shows 2 people with guns. >> running toward the school, raising their weapons as they approach the building. in just seconds later, it shows the suspects running back to where they initially came from. other people are seen running away. once they realized what was happening. both shooters appear to be wearing jeans and sneakers. one is wearing a black sweatshirt and a backpack and the other looks to be wearing a gray
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sweatshirt. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says he believes the shooting was motivated by gang conflict. and of course, they're looking for the suspects. at the same time, oakland police are looking for 3 individuals, 2 of whom they believe opened fire at a birth. that birthday party on saturday night. >> killing to berkeley high school students and wounding 2 others. kron four's. dan kerman has details on the investigation. with that case. police say saturday night's murder of brothers, jc an angel sotelo garcia at a birthday party was not tied to gangs. we don't believe that this is getting a group related. >> but in a news conference monday, police chief leronne armstrong did say he believes the 2 brothers and 2 others who were ehot were targeted. they knew exactly. the individuals that they were seeking to shoot. the chief says he believes the shooting stemmed from a conflict which happened previously at or near berkeley high school. police are now looking for the 3 individuals who entered the house, 2 of whom opened fire both with a handgun and a
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rifle. there are more guns in. there are police officers. and more people willing to use them right now. we're going to continue to focus. all right. the tension of violent crime. we'll continue. to aggressively go after those that use firearms. but this is a call to the public to say you've got to get the guns out of the hands of young people. we've got to get the hands out, get the guns in the hands of people who want to use them in our community. the chief says about 30 people were at the airbnb which was rented out for the party. he says he's confident and arrest will be made in this case. the information that's coming forward, i think will be helpful in investigation of feel like we're getting some strong leads in the investigation. and i think hopefully at some point it will lead to an arrest. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> we have also learned that the party was an unauthorized airbnb party was the facility is ready by a parent. the company has removed the booking guests from that platform. airbnb released a statement to kron 4 that reads in part, we join the oakland
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community in condemning the criminal gun violence that prompted this senseless tragedy. our priority at this time is providing our support for those impacted, including our host. and we are in touch with the oakland police department to support their investigation. clearly, the victim's family grieving the deaths of the 2 teen brothers killed in the shooting saturday in oakland earlier today. kron four's has made. talk to the victims, oldest cousin who describes see big effect. this is having on that family. >> my aunt, whenever she had to call out to run errands or speak to anybody at school. angel would always go with her. he never wanted my phone to go alone. >> 18 year-old melanie garcia is reflecting on the lives of her 2 younger cousins, 17 year-old jaycee sotelo garcia and his brother, 15 year-old angel sotelo garcia. both are berkeley high school students who died in a shooting saturday while attending a
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birthday party at a home on upguard street in oakland. >> so they both hard together to. make sure everything was. >> she says while angel was known to shadow their single mom at public events, his older brother, j c would be back at home, taking care of their 4 younger brothers and then jcp the one to back and take over and watch the kids and make sure they were ok. melanie garcia says the night that her 2 cousins were killed. they were doing nothing more than just being 2 teenagers going to a party with friends somewhat of a mundane thing of like you worked really hard during the week here. amazing around the house. yeah. go out. have some fun. they just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. they got caught in the crossfire. >> she strongly rejects any notion that her 2 cousins were affiliated with anything other than school and been dedicated to helping their mom with their little brothers. no gang ties says garcia.
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>> number one, i boys affiliated with anything. and they didn't align themselves with none of that stuff. at the end of the day. these are kids. when you're a kid and you're going to a hot like a birthday party. >> you don't. >> expect. >> or invite? violence where shootings you're going to like celebrate someone's birthday. >> a gofundme has been set up to help cover the funeral costs for the 2 brothers. and this is their single mom who is taking time from work to mourn the sudden loss of her 2 oldest children. i a new kron, 4 news. >> the berkeley unified school superintendents released a statement on the shooting. it reads in part, we are deeply saddened to have learned that to berkeley high school students and beloved members of the b usd family lost their lives yesterday in a senseless act of gun violence and there
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will be a vigil for the 2 brothers tonight at longfellow middle school in berkeley at 07:00pm kron four's terisa we'll talk to some of the students in berkeley. she will have reaction on the shooting coming up on kron. 4 news later in prime time. >> a couple of hours ago, oakland recorded its one 100th homicide of the year. this is video from the scene on street from the citizen app. happened today around 03:00pm just after the oakland police department wrapped up that news conference on the gun. violence said took place over the weekend. police say one person was shot and died at the scene here. >> well, we have recovered some evidence in the case. we do have some video surveillance of the scene. so we are fallen leaves that we've gotten so far as well as statements that people have given us. so we do have some leads to go on. >> no word on any arrests being made so far or even a suspect description. but anybody who does have information is being asked to call the oakland police department, 3 oakland council members are urging alameda county to re imagine its youth
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justice system. oakland vice mayor rebecca kaplan council president nikki 4, 2, 4, to bass and council member carroll fife gathered this morning outside oakland city hall with community leaders to point out the racial disparities that currently exist. >> we have in the united states of america, more kids proportionate population than anywhere. and we have been allowing young people to be pushed out of housing to be pushed out of school to be pushed out of opportunity. and so this is a call to say we're not going to give out on our young people. we're going to make sure. but those resources are there to support. i help your future. >> they are proposing that the county partnered directly with youth advocates to try to reduce the number of youth that can come into contact with the criminal justice system. >> in other news this monday night, california just started as 2023 water year this past weekend marking the 5th consecutive year of severe
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drought in the state. of course, there is still time left in the water year for things to turn around. but meteorologist from the department of water resources say that conditions now are drier and warmer than ever before. they say the warmer weather not only results in last rainfall, but it obviously also negatively affects the vegetation. >> so now we're not seeing a landscape. go into hibernation and kind of sleep through the winter. it's now it's operating on the time it's got. dry weather. and when you get a month-long backstretch you congrats skate. pretty good. >> meteorologist say they will expand their aerial snow survey this year, giving the state a better idea of how the snowpack is changing with the climate. they will also be looking for ways to adapt to this hotter, drier future. >> san francisco's annual fleet week returned today. the city expects about a million people to visit san francisco over the course of this week. the event started back in 1981
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to honor the u.s. armed forces and educate the public about humanitarian aid and best practices. the event will include the usual parade of ships. you see there as well as the air show featuring the u.s. navy blue angels. the blue angels fly at 3 o'clock in the afternoon friday through sunday. >> well, let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. a live picture looking out along san francisco's embarcadero. >> where there is a huge cruise ship. it's not. a navy ship is navy ships don't have casinos and when i was in breeze is a whole different >> ok, and the stories you can tell, right? let's take a look at your bay area forecast because we are tracking clear blue skies. perfect for the blue angels this weekend and we're going to see hot and dry weather beginning friday and even continuing through saturday with relieve not arriving until sunday. so let's take a look at your bay area forecast because as you can see, karl, the fog nowhere in sight, at least for now. but that's going to change in
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a few hours with temperatures out there right now. widespread 60's along the coast. 70's, as you make your way inland. but the one outlier, brentwood at 82 degrees. so we are starting to cool down. thanks to that cool sea breeze right now when trucker for picking up a stronger on shore flow in downtown san francisco with winds out of the west sustained at 21 miles per hour. gusts around 25 miles per hour. same as fairfield. you're seeing winds out of the southwest out there for your monday night. but radar for tracking crystal clear blue skies as the sun starts to set. but then we are going to see the return of the marine there overnight. >> into your tuesday morning, he tied along our bay area beaches even by tuesday afternoon. details out on the warmer and drier weather ahead for your fleet week in just a few minutes. back to you. ken and pam, thank a and coming up, how sunnyvale police recovered hundreds of pieces of stolen mail. >> the new resources heading to the south bay to try to stop gun violence. plus, in the wake of hurricane and
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local first responders on their way to help the victims recover.
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>> president biden in the first lady will visit florida on wednesday to get a firsthand look at the devastation left behind by hurricane ian. >> according to the associated press, at least 68 people are now confirmed dead in florida, though. other reports are saying that number could be much higher. in fact, that number is expected to rise as
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crews search barrier islands that were cut off by the monster storm. more than 1600 people have been rescued and crews are still conducting rescue missions. other crews are working to restore power to 600,000 homes and businesses across florida. that's down from more than 2 and a half million at the peak of the storm. officials are warning the rhodri a road to recovery will be a long one. and so as can explain, the search and rescue efforts are still very much underway to find survivors from ford's rob nesbitt talked with the red cross about those relief efforts. he joins us now live in the studio with more on volunteers are helping out rob ken and pam. there are around 1500 volunteers from the red cross on the ground in florida, helping people pick up their lives after hurricane ian, including nearly 40 volunteers from right here in the bay area. from the sky. the devastation caused by hurricane ian is clear bridges connecting islands to the mainland of florida washed out votes on shore. comes destroyed by winds and floodwaters. according to florida's emergency management
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agency, more than 1600 people have been rescued so far. and one of the first interactions those survivors will have is with the red cross providing safe shelter, the people that turn to carry dine with the northern california coastal region of the red cross says the organization will likely be providing relief in florida for weeks if not months as much of the state's west coast works to clean up and rebuild as of monday around 600,000 homes and businesses were still without power. there are more than 80 red cross emergency response vehicle circulating in affected neighborhoods and those vehicles are equipped with kitchens so that we can pass out critical. >> beverages, wider food. there are 39 red cross volunteers who flew out from san francisco to help in a number of ways. but florida isn't the only place in need. came here in person to show that we're with you. volunteers were also recruited to help in puerto rico where president biden visited monday, hurricane fiona heads and we've still on tears there, including 3 volunteers from the bay area. we also have volunteers in alaska the
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typhoon that hit up there simultaneously florida state officials say the goal is to have power restored by sunday to customers whose power lines and other electric infrastructure is still intact. the president and first lady plan to visit the sunshine state wednesday and the red cross is still looking for volunteers to make the trip with a role offer for every single person who gives their time to right now, the biggest need for the red cross are those folks that are willing to deploy to disasters like hurricane ian and work in our shelters, provide feeding support things of that nature. i reached out to the 2 fema search and rescue task forces located in the bay area. as of right now, fema is only deploying crews from the east coast to help with finding survivors of hurricane ian reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you. we mentioned the president will head to florida on wednesday today. he was in puerto rico to >> see the devastation caused by hurricane fiona. the president pledged more than 60 million dollars in federal funding for recovery efforts.
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there feeling a hit that u.s. territory more than 2 weeks ago, knocking out power and water to much of the island. the governor of puerto rico announced today most people are back online. it happened faster than hurricane maria in 2017. but critics say not fast enough. >> we came here person to show that we're with you. air, all of america's with you as you receive in, recover and rebuild. and yes, puerto rico is just wrong place and puerto ricans are strong people, but even so have had to bear so much more than need be and you haven't gotten the help and a timely way. >> the federal funding will be used on infrastructure improvements in puerto rico and warning systems to help the island better prepare for future storms. just check on our weather again. looking outside now trying to see any way it looks really either hazy or foggy, trying to see the golden gate bridge. but the bridges there, is here to tell us what's going on. yeah,
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great bird's-eye view of golden gate bridge out there. let's take a look south of the border. >> because there wasn't a hurricane that actually made landfall along the southwestern portions of mexico. and right now it is a tropical storm with sustained winds at 35 miles per hour, becoming a tropical depression even through tuesday. and it's only going to get weaker. but as you can see, a lot of rain associated with this. at one point, it was a category 4. hurricane food saw a lot of rain in just a short amount of time today as it weekend. by the time it made landfall into a tropical depression out there right now. and we are going to see widespread rain so very saturated soils out. they're going to make for very unstable land atmosphere with the soils there causing flash flooding concerns and deadly landslides as well throughout the southwestern portions of mexico. it is going to weaken even more by tuesday with sustained winds at 25 miles per hour. but the rain is still going to stick around and we could see lessees less maria's getting up to 14
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inches of rain when it is all said and done in some of that moisture starting to make its way into texas near brownsville and corpus christi. but back on land and closer to home, dry and warm weather. that's going to be your fleet week forecast in the coming days more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to ken and pam. all right. thank a well, san francisco police have increased the reward and a 2016 cold case homicide. >> iran lamont was killed in the city's ocean view neighborhood 6 years ago, 10/7/2016, he was looking at an artist painting on a mural at plymouth avenue and broad street at the time of his death. today, police announcing a $200,000 reward for a conviction in this case. and that is double the previous reward. >> we believe that given the fact that 6 years of past. well hope and that got on some of the hearts of the people who witnessed this thing and maybe they feel free to come
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forward and speak to us. >> the department is hoping someone who saw something will come forward and bring woman's family closure in his death. san francisco police chief bill scott says that the department knows there were several witnesses and that coming forward is the right thing to do in the south bay, santa clara county officials are looking for ways to try to crack down on people who are illegally possessing guns. a recent study found that gun violence ca santa clara county, roughly 100 million dollars a year. and that does not include the human. an emotional toll caused by gun violence. the district attorney's office says part of the problem is that there are just too many an qualified people across the county who have guns. >> this is the actual response wing that can go out and get into houses, put handcuffs on shooters, disarm domestic abusers, disarm the dangerously mentally ill and actually identify and prosecute felons. >> tomorrow county board,
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county supervisors will be presented with a plan to create a county wide gun task force. it will give the district attorney's office and law enforcement agencies across the county more resources to proactively take guns away from those who should not have them. coming up, why former president trump's comment about his former transportation secretary drawing shar kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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editorial board is condemning a social media post by former
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president trump. that post targets senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and his wife who at one time was a member of trump's cabinet. our correspondent kellie meyer has the story. >> former president donald trump facing backlash for his latest attack aimed at a top republican members of the wall street journal editorial board slamming trump's recent rhetoric against senate republican leader mitch mcconnell calling it a verbal assault and reckless in a true social post. over the weekend, trump hit mcconnell for helping democrats pass a bill to keep the government up and running. trump writing mcconnell has a quote, death wish and referring to his wife as quote, china loving co coach out the wall street journal editorial board criticizing trump's language as dangerous saying someone could take trump literally saying the death wish rhetoric is ugly even by mister trump standards and deserves to be condemned. a trump spokesperson responding to the article telling newsnation mitch mcconnell is killing the republican party through
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weakness and cowardice. he obviously has a political death wish for himself and republican party. this is the first time the former president has taken aim at his party's top elected official pitch. mcconnell is the least popular politician. in the country. gnashing him for costing republicans control of the senate in the georgia runoffs and scoffing at him when he condemned the january 6th attack at the capitol mob. >> bush said they were provoked by the president and opposed from this past august. trump called for mcconnell to step down or be replaced as the senate republican leader. >> that came after mcconnell seemingly slam trump endorsed candidates saying, quote, candidate quality could cost republicans control of the senate. but so far mcconnell hasn't said a word about trump's latest attack. leader mcconnell is ready to move beyond donald trump. that is crystal clear. the republicans are calling out the former president, one prominent gop trump critic says it isn't surprising. you know, when you see.
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>> former president trump just the last 24 hours suggesting in a pretty thinly veiled using words that that could well cause violence against the republican leader of the senate. nobody in my party will say that's unacceptable. >> again, that was kellie meyer reporting for us tonight. coming up, what we know about a possible serial killer in stockton. we're going to show you the clues that police say could lead them to the killer. and the governor has signed a bill that restricts the use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials. how local rappers are reacting to that move. and the blue angels to us in the sky go under the sea today. their first
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>> our top story at 06:30pm, tonight. community members and police officers in stockton are coming together as they search for answers in a string of killings which may be connected. detectives say that the 5 killings took place between july and this month. they all happened in the middle of the night in parts of town with poor lighting and no cameras. karma dickerson talked to ome of the victims, family members about the homicides. larry lopez says you could learn a lot about his brother, lawrence. lorenzo lopez his side of the track. >> his lyrics. they're talking about streets and how dangerous it is to live here in
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>> person gets guys. and that's just how really weird that that's how he passed. even weirder says lopez is please don't think his brother's murder is an isolated event. you see random crimes here. there. >> all 2 stockton and now it seems like they might have something that expecting the case. and lorenzo lopez was killed on porter avenue just before 2 in the morning. september 27th. his brother says the 54 year-old had been struggling in recent years and did not have a consistent living situation. he says lorenzo did odd jobs, including one that might have brought him to a neighborhood where he didn't live in the middle of the night. >> walking to the area trying to, you know, but couple get extra money >> apparently us i don't know if there >> argument or anything. they have not led us to believe there was any kind of reason why it happened, but are saying it's just senseless and it just happened. lopez was shot dead. police haven't named any s


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