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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 open marks its one 100th homicide of the year after yet another violent weekend, including the deadly shooting of 2 berkeley high school students at a house party. thanks for joining us at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. that one 100th homicide happening this
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afternoon. police say one person was shot. >> and i don kirkham street not far from family park. no word on any arrests made. and tonight police are also looking for the suspects who opened fire at a house party saturday night. >> killing 2 brothers and wounding 2 others. kron. 4 grant lodes joins us now from the newsroom with the latest from oakland police grant. said ken and pam. local police say the murder of the brothers. >> jay z an angel sotelo garcia at a birthday party was not tag it tied to gangs. but investigators do say that the 2 brothers and 2 other victims were targeted. they say the shooting stemmed from a previous conflict at or near berkeley high school. the oakland police chief says handguns and rifles were used in the shooting. emphasizing how many weapons are on the streets these days and in the wrong hands. >> we have to get guns out of the hands of young people. and that is not just a police shooting. that is issue for families. he's seeing start at
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home. in this moment. we care about our children. have to make sure we ensure that they're safe. far too many kids have access to guns. and it is causing tremendous harm. >> the chief says he's confident an arrest will be made in the case eventually. we've also learned that the party was an unauthorized airbnb party and the home was rented by a parent airbnb releasing a statement across for today. the reads in part, we join the oakland community in condemning the criminal gun violence that prompted this senseless tragedy. our priority at this time is providing our support for those impacted, including our host. and we're in touch with the oakland police department to support their investigation. the company based in san francisco telling us they have removed the parent book the house from the platform. pam. ken, we'll keep you posted. now back to hugh grant. thank you.
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>> tonight we are hearing from the family of the 2 brothers, their cousin, melanie garcia, says that the teens were always helping their mother and taking care of their 4 younger siblings. she says on saturday her 2 cousins were nothing more than just 2 teenagers going to a party with friends and we're not at all involved with gangs. our boys >> affiliated with anything. and they didn't align themselves with none of that stuff. at the end of the day. these are kids. when you're a kid and you're going to a hot like a birthday party. >> you don't. >> expect. >> or invite? violence where shootings you're going to like celebrate someone's birthday. >> tonight, a vigil was held in remembrance of the 2 brothers, theresa reports from longfellow middle school where the brothers tended as youngsters. >> the vigil was held here at the middle school where the
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boys attendant earlier in the day i spoke with the principal who said that the family had requested privacy dealing with this very painful moment. so we went around the corner so we could give them plenty of space as everyone is dealing with such a horrible loss brothers jay z 17 in the gray sweatshirt and angel 15 in the red sweatshirt attended berkeley high school. >> jc described as more quiet than his younger brother and focused on college angel, a class clown. people say constantly making people laugh on monday, friends reflected on losing both in such a violent act killed at a birthday party saturday night. thank >> i mean, it was like i was super sad i heard right. we heard about it's just like. we're learning about the violent work. >> i mean, knew him ever since kindergarten. and so. it was pretty hard for me to get. >> i couldn't believe
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>> this student said that she was very close to angel. she didn't want to go on camera, uncomfortable given some of the circumstances coming out about the shooting earlier in the day. oakland police chief armstrong said initial reports indicate that the shooting was prompted after a conflict occurred at school. he very he was light. >> always walk into a car with her picks another student said that in one class, they're working on a project for the family. car probably to their >> i don't know where to more than just >> the brothers were part of 6 siblings on a gofundme account. it mentioned how single mom loved her son's very much and the 4 siblings idolize their brothers. there was an enormous outpouring of support here at the middle school, probably about 200 people showed up to all pay their respects. here in
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berkeley, theresa kron, 4 news. >> meanwhile, parents finally got some answers tonight about last week's shooting that injured 6 people. that's right. the bay area technology school held its first parent meeting since that shooting kron four's amanda hari joins us here in the studio after she said in on that and i bet there were many questions, many questions and a very long meeting. the executive director of the school said over and over again. >> that he wanted to be as transparent as possible. so he spent hours answering questions written by parents, oakland police chief leronne armstrong was there and parents pressed him fos answers as well. >> on the same day that this video was released showing the moment at least 2 people fired rounds on the bay area. technology school's campus parents finally got some answers about what will happen at the school going school
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executive director doctor seth feldman laid out some of the plants, including canceling next week's report cards. new drop-off procedures and closing off the school to neighboring schools that share the same campus after he finished his prepared remarks. he took written questions from parents he received multiple about what happened when he called 9-1-1. i want to be honest. >> i was put on hold when i called 9-1-1 oakland police chief leronne armstrong attended the meeting as well and responded to that by saying it's standard practice to put some on hold. >> when there's a large volume of calls coming in like when the shooting happened on wednesday. he also said that his officers will continue to be present at the school will be supporting the campus until the administration feels like there's no need for the department to be here. >> and we be outside primarily around the perimeter. another question, parents, press chief armstrong on. >> was if there were messages sent asking people not to talk to police. we are
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investigating a text messages that may have been said by someone asking people not to cooperate, but at this time we're not able to confirm who or where it came from or the validity of parents were also concerned about the lack of armed security guards on campus. doctor feldman said that it's up to the oakland unified school district. we are not allowed to have. >> a school officer. we are not allowed to have armed security on campus. i was allowed to have armed security on campus. we would have armed security on campus. >> i spoke with the middle school principal after the meeting. i asked her when school is going to be reopened. she said probably next monday, pam. ken. >> amanda, thank you for that. oakland's community leaders are calling on council member nikki fortunato bass to resign. they say she's failed in her leadership to protect
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residents in her district and the city of oakland. in a statement chinatown's chamber of commerce, president carl chan said, quote, time and time again, the violent crime directly impacting opens residents, including its asian community, shows the consequences of councilwoman bass is out of touch policies. her longtime call to defund the police and reduce law enforcement presence resulted in innocent victims getting beaten, robbed and murdered in quote, chan and others have scheduled a news conference for 11 o'clock tomorrow morning in oakland's chinatown. >> to try and stop the violence in alameda county, there's a call for the board of supervisors to re imagine the justice system and put the well-being of youth first today, the free our kids coalition joined forces with several members of the oakland city council to put out a new proposal for supervisors to consider on the steps of city hall. some of them said that they want a justice system that cares about public health, education and public
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safety. the goal of this proposed new youth justice system is to drastically reduce the number of young people who are in contact with the justice system and prevent the criminalization of use. >> we believe that we must take a public health and care based approach to re imagination. we know that this kind of approach, at least a transformative outcomes for youth and their families and keeps our community safer. >> the city council is now set to vote on that new proposal during its next meeting tomorrow night in the north bay and at the county teachers facing almost 20 felony charges for engaging in lewd acts with children. 33 year-old benjamin cassis is a teacher. pope valley elementary school after investigation. it was determined the casa's had contact with several children dating back more than 12 years ago. cass is also instructed children as a piano and dance teacher. the death toll from hurricane ian continues to climb in southwest florida.
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aerials from the lee county area show the widespread devastation across hard-hit fort myers. at least 68 people are now confirmed dead, though. >> other reports indicate that number could be much higher. more than 1600 people have been rescues since the storm hit last week. about 600,000 homes and businesses are still without power or clean drinking water. and it could be weeks before it is restored. kron four's nesbitt talk to a red cross chapter here in the bay area about how it is pitching in to help in florida. >> from the sky, the devastation caused by hurricane ian is clear bridges connecting islands to the mainland of florida washed out votes on shore. homes destroyed by winds and floodwaters. according to florida's emergency management agency, more than 1600 people have been rescued so far. and one of the first interactions those survivors will have is with the red cross providing safe shelter, the people that turn to carry dine with the northern california coastal region of the red cross says
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the organization will likely be providing relief in florida for weeks if not months as much of the state's west coast works to clean up and rebuild as of monday around 600,000 homes and businesses were still without power. there are more than 80 red cross emergency response vehicle circulating in affected neighborhoods and those vehicles are equipped with kitchens so that we can pass out critical. >> beverages, wider food. there are 39 red cross volunteers who flew out from san francisco to help in a number of ways. but florida isn't the only place in need. came here in person to show that we're with you. volunteers were also recruited to help in puerto rico where president biden visited monday, hurricane fiona heads and we've still on tears there, including 3 volunteers from the bay area. we also have volunteers in alaska the typhoon that hit up there simultaneously florida state officials say the goal is to have power restored by sun around 1500 volunteers from the red cross on the ground in florida, helping people pick up their lives after hurricane
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ian, including nearly 40 volunteers from right here in the bay area, volunteers to make the trip with a role offer for every single person who gives their time to help right now, the biggest need for the red cross are those folks that are willing to deploy to disasters like hurricane ian and work in our shelters, provide beating, support things of that nature. i reached out to the 2 fema search and rescue task force is located in the bay area. as of right now, fema is only 2 point crews from the east coast to help with finding survivors of hurricane ian. >> reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news president biden is set to visit florida on wednesday. today he visited puerto rico to tour the devastation caused by hurricane fiona. >> that hurricane hit u.s. territory more than 2 weeks ago, knocking out power and water to much of the island. president has pledged more than 60 million dollars in federal funding for recovery efforts. there. >> we came here person to show that we're with you. air, all of america's with you as you receive in, recover and
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rebuild. and yes, puerto rico is just wrong place and puerto ricans are strong people, but even so have had to bear so much more than need be and you haven't gotten the help timely way. >> federal funding will be used on infrastructure improvements and warning systems to help puerto rico better prepare for future storms. now here at home, our 4 zone forecast says we'll give you a live look at downtown san francisco tonight. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us with a look ahead to tuesday. yeah, and we're going to notice an increase in that high cloud cover has called the fog returns overnight. >> making his presence known along the we're going to see temperatures. >> cooling down during the overnight hours. let's take a live look outside city hall lit up in blue this evening. already in the mid to upper 50's along the immediate bay area coastline with petaluma and even novato at 54 degrees about 15 degrees cooler than brett would. you're in the mid
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60's at 67 degrees with pittsburgh. not that far behind at 65 degrees. and everything else in between. so when tracker 4 is tracking a stronger sea breeze at this 10 o'clock hour sustained winds at 18 miles per hour with winds out of the west. and we're noticing some pretty gusty winds for those of you in fairfield. 21 miles per hour sustained winds out of the southwest. so radar for it, seeing that marine layer hugging the media coastline of the bay area. and it's only going to get thicker and more widespread making its way into the east bay shoreline and parts of our bay area valleys as well. patchy coastal drizzle along the coast and east bay shoreline. but then quick clearing for most bay area cities with the exception of those of you along the beaches, you're going to see more clouds and sun for your tuesday afternoon. so cooler temperatures expected there. but then the heat is on your fleet week. forecast. we're tracking temperatures warming back up into the low 90's. as you can see, a very dry outlook for the next 7 days. but all of your full 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a
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few minutes. at 10 o'clock. back to ken and pam. thank a recent speed of the weather, california just began its 2023 water year. >> marking the 5th consecutive year of severe drought in the state. meteorologist from the department of water. resources say conditions now are drier and warmer than ever before. they say the warmer weather not only result in less rainfall, but it hurts vegetation as well. >> so now we're not seeing the landscape. go into hibernation kind of sleep through the winter. it's now its operating anytime. it's got. dry weather. and when you get a month-long backstretch you congrats skate. pretty good. >> meteorologists say they will expand their aerial snow surveying this year to give the state a better idea of just how the snowpack is changing with the climate. they'll also be looking at ways to adapt to a hotter, drier future. other news tonight fleet week is officially here. it began and
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the special events are already bringing in a lot of visitors to san francisco. and in fact, the city is expecting a large economic boom for restaurants for shots and the hotels com force tailored the sacking has more. >> ships will answer the bay as planes fill the sky across san francisco for fleet week. the up to a million people in severance disco. we're going to be on our streets watching the show, frequenting a small business. it's going to be really big week for sent to skip. the large crowds are expected to bring an economic boost to local businesses continuing momentum from the city's events this past month. daniel hurts teen with the san francisco chamber of commerce says they've received positive news from small businesses. 40,000 visitors from outside of san francisco are here for dream for us. and we heard is that restaurant bookings were up 2025%, especially at the small businesses that really need them. and just walking around downtown during dreamforce, you could feel the buys. there were people in the streets. lots of activity, really high energy. and just imagine that multiplied for
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>> week. meanwhile, president and ceo of the hotel council of san francisco, alex bastian says bookings are up which shows great promise for tourism across the city to something that benefits all of us. the benefits are workers. >> it increases their tax base and it gets all of sepsis in something to be proud of. >> events like the navy and marine band performances begin on monday. ship tours kickoff on wednesday in the parade of ships will take place on friday. and then it's all eyes to the sky. the blue angels will put on their much anticipated airshows friday through sunday. but you can also expect to see or hear them practicing throughout the week in san francisco, taylor kron. 4 news. it's just really helped me to turn my pain into purpose. >> october marks cancer awareness month tonight we meet a bay area based survivor who took what she learns through the experience of chemo and recovery and put it all in a book to help others through their journeys. almost 300,000 americans are
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diagnosed with cancer each year. that's why it is so important, especially for women to get a regular checkup. kron four's ella sogomonian is here in the studio we know this is pretty special and important to you. >> well, you mentioned the staggering number of people who get diagnosed and one year. my own mom is a survivor. and we're so lucky that she checked and found out early. i actually met another woman who we just heard from a minute ago who was a health and wellness writer when she found out that she had cancer back in 2018. so she did what she knew, how to cope by writing it all down. and she published a book which she hopes will help other women who might be struggling. >> at 44 years old, health and wellness journalist and yoga teacher, sharon brock found out she had stage 2 cancer during a regular checkup with her obgyn right diagnosis was shock and disbelief. this could never happen to me. i'm a healthy person. this doesn't make any sense. and then after that was the anxiety, the fear
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of death was. was an experience. i've never it was an emotion and never felt before brock had to undergo chemotherapy and says she also year of her life in that fight but gain significant insight into the struggle. she turned her pain into purpose by doing what she knows how to do best right. her book titled the levee method, mindfulness, meditation for cancer breaks down the acronym that helped her get through it. el for labeling the emotion for observing it. the for valuing the emotion e for embracing it. and the which means coming to terms with the reality that she was facing mortality for the first time in such a scary way. when i reduced my suffering in my resistance to my cancer diagnosis and i was no able to accept it and work with it. my suffering greatly reduced. incredible, absolutely credible. brock believes the mindful practices helped her physical health in a positive way. as for side
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effects after chemo became less aggressive each time. this is just a good reminder to be mindful of your health and stay on top of those doctors visits. >> and if you are looking to reduce your risk of cancer, it is better to cut down on alcohol and maintain a healthy weight which are 2 well established risk factors in the studio. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella. >> and still ahead tonight at 10, the search for a thief after a brazen carjacking in the north bay is caught on camera. a california high school football team sidelined for the rest of the season. what they were caught doing in the locker room. >> that for school officials to cancel their game last. the rams linebacker jumps in to help security stopped a fan during tonight's 49 ers. game by the protest was praying. >> pink smoke.
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>> take a look at this. a man is caught on camera attacking a driver of a truck and dragging him out of the vehicle. santa rosa police say this was a carjacking. it happened just before noon yesterday in the area. first and a street. the attack left a 67 year-old man with a broken nose. police have identified the suspect. terry is 28 year-old recall leeton gomez of windsor officers say he stole the truck after the victim declined his offer to buy it. police are asking for the public's help to find gomez. monday night football
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between the forty-niners in the los angeles rams was disrupted tonight. this was earlier this evening at levi stadium rams linebacker bobby wagner tackle that percent out. really who the guy who ran onto the field who have since learned is an animal rights activists rallying in support of a piglet rescuer who went on trial today. he went down coming up at 10:45pm. tonight, full highlights from tonight's big niners win. >> and next on kron, 4 news at 10 governor newsom's battle with the oil companies. how he's trying to bring down gasoline prices. plus a slave auction at a high school locker room. the investigation tonight after football team films, the race is praying and the new protection for rappers from their own lyrics will explain that. coming up and tracking cool temperatures along the coast with hot valley heat returning with low
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90's for warmest inland spots for your fleet week. forecast. >> and your 10 at 10 outlook after the break. stay tuned.
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>> tonight, gas prices in the bay area are coming close to record highs according to triple a and average gallon of gas will cost you 6.57. in the
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city. prices in oakland are averaging 6.46. in 6.47. in san jose amid soaring prices, governor gavin newsom is going after oil companies proposing a windfall tax on their profits and demanding an explanation as to why costs are soaring. but as capitol correspondent eytan wallace explains why newsom is confident his strategy will get money into the hands of drivers. while advocates argue it will only make things worse. >> well, here at the capitol, democrats and republicans agree the price at the pump is just too high, but they disagree about how to bring gas prices down. >> the fact is they're ripping you off. governor gavin newsom talking tough about oil companies as gas prices continue to soar. today, a gallon of regular unleaded gas in california will cost you about $0.60 more than just one week ago with the average gas prices in the golden state about $2.50, more than the national average newsom argues is the pain at the pump only
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gets worse. oil companies are raking in the cash. the record profits are coming at your expense. it's for that reason. he says he's calling on the legislature to impose a windfall tax on oil companies, meaning their profits above a certain threshold will be taxed at a higher rate with new. some promising the revenue from that tax will be returns to california. we're not going to stand by. stand by white greedy oil companies fleece californians, democrat, state senate, president pro tem toni atkins of san diego said she looks forward to revealing the governor's proposal but assembly minority leader republican james gallagher said in a statement, the governor, quote, just doesn't get it. gallagher wants to see a pause of the gas tax quote, anything less is totally unacceptable. what it's doing is driving up costs care, agreeing with the western states. petroleum association argues nuisance windfall tax proposal will only make gas more expensive in the state. and now as newsom calls on several oil companies to explain why prices have gone up, green says much of the high costs could be avoided if the governor allows more drilling
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across california, not approving. >> permits to drill for oil, not addressing the actual source of the problem, which is supply not addressing. that is every day you do that. you're hurting californians. and this all comes as the governor is calling on oil refineries to start distributing the cheaper winter blend of gasoline. now, about one month earlier than usually allowed that the governor argues will help bring down prices reporting here outside the california state capitol eytan wallace. >> kron 4 news. governor newsom has also signed a bill restricting the use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials. local rap artists, including the 40 into short, are applauding the move by the state. >> the bill comes on the heels of a recent indictment of rappers, young and gunna whose lyrics were directly quoted and use against them in a criminal trial in atlanta here in california. that is no longer oing to be a possibility upon signing. the governor said artists of all
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kinds to be able to create without the fear of unfair prosecution bay area rapper too short hopes other states will follow suit. >> as a very the state difference between. rappers, songwriters producers who wrapped gifts to music and actual get access. california does a trail blazed trails and a lot of areas and as many states as possible need to follow. we know all of them won't, but they need to follow. >> the bill not only applies to rappers and their lyrics. it also provides protection for visual and performance art literature, poetry and films. it goes into effect january of next year. >> thousands of people with previous convictions may have an easier time living a normal life because of a new state law. another bill just signed by newsom will automatically seal conviction and arrest records once a former offender completes their sentence, those convicted will also have
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to go for years without getting in trouble with the law to be eligible. supporters say the law could boost the economy by about 20 billion dollars a year. critics, however, argue this could put the public in harm's way saying for years isn't long enough. california will become the 8th state with this kind of law takes effect in july of next year. starting next year, california will decriminalize safe jaywalking. this comes after activists argue the jaywalking rules disproportionately affected low-income residents and people of color. >> data show black californians are up to 4 and a half times more likely to be stopped for jaywalking that white californians under the new law streams would be able to legally cross the street outside of designated intersections without the threat of a citation unless there was an immediate danger of a car crash. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and with the midterm election just weeks away now we want to make sure that you prepare for what's on your ballot tonight.
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we are starting at the top of san francisco's ballot with proposition a which calls on the city's voters to once again decide how the san francisco employees retirement system just for the cost of living voters first decided to allow a cost of living adjustment for retirees. back in 1996, in 2011 voters added a full funding requirement to that supplemental benefit which required the retirement system be fully funded in order to be able to make cost of living adjustments for that year. that requirement was challenged in court which ruled the full funding requirement. it only be applied to those retiring before 1996. this new measure prop a would essentially override that court decision and would allow city employees who retired before november of 1996 eligible for a supplemental cost of living benefit, even with the city's retirement system is not considered fully funded for that year. it's a system is not fully funded. the cost of living adjustment will still be kept for that group. those who missed out on previous
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cost of living adjustments but also receive additional compensation. the san francisco controller says if passed proposition a would cost the city about 8 million dollars for the next 10 years. 5 million of that would come from the city's general fund. this measure will require more than 50% of all votes to pass. in addition to local measures, every california voter will be asked about 7 statewide propositions from online sports betting to a flavored tobacco ban. kron four's catherine heenan is breaking down the ballot and join us this thursday at 06:30pm, for everything you need to know before you head to the polls. the woman who was killed in a hit and run crash over the weekend in walnut creek has now been identified as 44 year-old chung lee of milpitas. >> that crash happened saturday night on north california boulevard and civic drive across the street from leicester arts center in downtown walnut creek. police say the victim was trying to cross the street when she was hit by a car. she suffered major injuries and she died at
10:36 pm
the hospital. police describe the vehicle responsible as a gold or a tan four-door sedan. and anyone with information is asked to contact walnut creek police on a peninsula. palo alto. police say they're investigating a hate crime. the victim, a black man in his 30's. >> says he was riding his bike when a white man drove up to him, called him racial slurs. spat on him. and then intentionally collided with him. this happened eastbound on university avenue at webster street on thursday. the victim says the man was driving a silver toyota truck. police will distribute its catch as soon as it's available in the victim says he only suffered a minor injury to one of his legs. >> search for alexis. gabe's remains continues. the amador county sheriff's office has confirmed that bones discovered by a couple do not belong to her or 2 and a human. the remains were found back on september 28th in a remote area called pioneer. it's close to highway. 26. her father had said that he was hoping the bows did belong to
10:37 pm
his daughter. so their family could at least have some kind of closure. however, the amador county sheriff's office confirmed today that the remains were animal bones. alexis, gabe disappeared on january. 26 police say evidence pointed towards heard ex-boyfriend, marshall jones from antioch as the suspect in her disappearance. but he was shot and killed while offices in washington state were serving a warrant for his arrest. san francisco police have increased the reward money in a 2016 cold case homicide around lamont was killed in the city's ocean view neighborhood 6 years ago today police announced a $200,000 reward for a conviction in the case and that is double the previous award. >> we believe that given the fact that 6 years of past. welp and that got on some of the hearts of the people who witnessed this thing and maybe they feel free to come forward and speak to us.
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>> san francisco police chief bill scott says the department knows there were several witnesses and that coming forward is the right thing to do. >> in national news tonight, the trial began today for 3 men involved in the 2020 plot to kidnap michigan's governor joe morrison and pete musico and paul bell are are accused of forming an alliance with others to kidnap democratic governor gretchen whitmer from her vacation home in their parents plan to incite a civil war. the 3 face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. hurricane orlene weakening to a tropical storm hours after making landfall near the mexican city of mazatlan this morning. first responders advised people to avoid the beaches because a big waves and dangerous surf conditions. officials are also warning about possible mudslides. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has the latest on the storm. yeah, it has weakened significantly since making landfall earlier today along the west portion of
10:39 pm
mexico's mainland. >> right now, it does have sustained winds at 25 miles per hour, but it is weakening. we're still going to notice the threat of landslides and flooding. that's going to continue through tuesday because we're still going to see widespread rain throughout that region because of remnants of what was once hurricane orlene still impacting that region of mexico. but as you can see, it is inching closer towards texas right now starting to make its way into brownsville and then eventually corpus christi. but for us here in the bay area, we're tracking drier, calmer conditions, not so much clears. we were earlier today, but we are going to see the return of call the fog during the overnight hours in temperatures today at or below average downtown san francisco. only warming up into the mid-sixties when you should be in the low 70's for early fall in livermore, 81 degrees when you should be in the mid 80's. but conquered right about where you should be. mid 80's for your monday afternoon highs and we're tracking that marine layer becoming more widespread along the coast. cooling down
10:40 pm
temperatures into the mid to upper 50's along the bay area coastline. still in the low to mid 60's as you make your way inland. so right now, nevado 54 degrees more than 10 degrees cooler than antioch in the mid 60's at 66 degrees with overnight lows tonight in the mid 50's. so we are going to notice a milder night. thanks to that blanket of karl. the fog overhead. but high temperatures for tomorrow. we're going to warm up into the upper 60's for downtown san francisco in mission district about 2 degrees below average still. but getting near that seasonal temperature mark of the low 70's with elder, not in half moon bay in the mid 60's there. so expect to see some more clouds and sun because of that stubborn marine layer hanging tight along the coast. thanks to winds out of the west at 20 miles per hour or less brisbane of burlingame, widespread, low 70's. but san bruno, the one outlier at 69 degrees, still very pleasant, comfortable temperatures. nonetheless, sam, a tail 72 degrees with paulo all to at 74 degrees. and we are going to track milder weather for those of you in the south bay
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campbell, 78 degrees with san jose in the mid 70's. so slightly below average there. but for those of you in the east bay valleys, warming up just a bit just because of those breezy offshore winds out of the northwest. that's what's going help warm you up in the low to mid 80's pleasanton mid 80's with concord and walnut creek. 82 degrees. oakland, 73 degrees for your tuesday afternoon. highs, widespread 80's for north bay valleys, vacaville flirting with the 90's at 89 degrees. santa rosa nevado very seasonal temperatures, though, in the may day 80. so you're certainly going to notice that warm up there and then low 90's by friday and saturday. the heat certainly going to be on as we return to more summer-like temperatures. but then cooling down to below average highs by 10 days from now. no rain in sight. that's the one thing that's really disappointing about this for kerry. this i mean, we got that rare september storm, which is going to help me to get our threat of fire season. so that's good because it's typically the peak this time of year, no surprise are seeing low 90's by the end of this week. but i miss the
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rain. i do to hopefully get it soon. all right. thanks to a well, still ahead in search of a serial killer, the latest on the recent deadly attacks in one california city. and what investigators say links all 5 of the victims and is force the niners hosting the defending super bowl champion rams sports director jason dumas cruising into the studio as we speak. >> with the high
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>> football has been canceled for the rest of the season for a team at a sutter county school. this after a video shows a varsity football team acting out a slave auction reporter kristin vartan has the story. >> this is the video, though. school superintendent called reprehensible and heat for the video that bench an entire high school football team. i seen it on tiktok. >> and i sat next to the guy recorded the video. and my second period really shocking especially rising who was because i you know, i never thought he would. you know that that the video surfaced this week shared in a group chat amongst friends at river valley high school in yuba city because it shows the players in their underwear. we can't show you. according to parents, it was filmed in the school's locker room. >> it shows players appearing to auction off 3 of their black teammates. do reno,
10:46 pm
sunni superintendent of the yuba city unified school district tells fox 40 the recording clearly demonstrates that this situation was orchestrated and organized. students spend time contemplating this terrible act without the slightest regard. this action is hateful and hurtful. >> they may argue that it was a joke and they intended no harm. >> but the fact is that this is not only harmful. it is disgraceful. if you like the generations needs to chara and like we really need to come together as a community. >> and teach these kids about what everyone, how everyone is treated equally and not alert lobbying all based off social media becoming social media influencing his kids a law. the district is now conducting an investigation to figure out which leads were involved in video. they're also working with coaches and administration on getting training to, quote, act with character and dignity at all times and quote. >> that was kristin vartan reporting the varsity team that was participating in the video had 4 games left in the
10:47 pm
season. district officials say the school's junior varsity team will continue with its season. frightening moments for a family in fresno after a helicopter crashes in their front yard. take a look at the top left of your screen. >> so happened on saturday morning. 2 men were on board. both are recovering in the hospital with minor injuries. the helicopter destroyed part of a home. took out a palm tree in the front yard. just saw there. the family was inside the home at the time of the crash. thankfully, nobody was hurt. an investigation is underway to determine what brought that helicopter down. >> police in stockton say they believe they may be on the trail of a serial killer responsible for the killings of at least 5 min. want to show you an image. the only image police say they have in their possession of the person of interest in the unprovoked shooting deaths. 5 men aged 21
10:48 pm
to 54 police say the victims were all ambush. they're not robbed and none of the shootings were drug or gang-related. >> we have a series of homicides that we believe are interconnected. that the problem we have we have no evidence to tell us that it's one person, 2 or 3. we just don't know that we don't have that information. we have no video footage has even capture crime that has even captured a handgun in summit n. >> police say they do have physical evidence linking the 5 crime scenes dating back to july. >> somebody sent money flying during a street takeover in compton last night. spectators ran into the center of the street to try and grab the money as the cars continue, making their doughnuts very dangerous. obviously, it's not known who was throwing the money. there were no reports of any injuries. no arrests.
10:49 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the niners enter tonight's primetime matchup with the rams desperately needing a morale boost. jimmy g play one of his worst games as a niner last week. it was an embarrassing loss to an inferior broncos team and the fan base has become as split as ever. but the good news is enrolled. the rams a team that has lost 6 straight regular season games to the niners and the polarizing quarterback of the san francisco forty-niners. when we get good or bad, jimmy tonight, guess what? it didn't really matter when you have runs like this. jeff wilson junior, 32 yards to pay dirt. he gives the niners the 7th really that a forty-niners defense has been the best defensive unit in the nfl. it showed up again tonight. here's to sachs by nick bosa. he had 2 of the 9
10:50 pm
or 7 sacks on the night 2nd quarter. it's 7, 6, 9, ers. this has got to be one of the best offensive players in football. deebo samuel just snatches it out of the air. he makes 3 guys miss. check out the blocked by brandon. i u. that's fun to see. it's 14, 6 at the break. let's go right to the 4th quarter. niners up looking to kind of put this one away. make it a 2 possession game but probably gold. that's not like him. he misses the 42 yard attempt ram statement saying he still have a shot. but on the next possession is that defense again hufanga he's growing up before our eyes he might be the best safeties in the game this season. his defense is just so load it. they're hyped up in levi's stadium, down in santa clara. and here is the icing on the cake. look at that strip sacked the forty-niners recover that one.
10:51 pm
that's all she wrote. the niners get back to 500. they're now sitting atop the nfc west standings with 2 division wins. now let's head right back out to levi stadium where we're joined by kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney. kate, that defense just put on a clinic. and i was glad that it was on prime time because >> they've kind of been the best kept secret in the nfl because of the niners overall record. >> yeah. well, hey, they say defense wins championships, right? and if the forty-niners defense keeps playing like this, it isn't so far fetched to think that even though they've had a couple bad losses this season, they're headed right back to contend for potential nfc championship. all in a day's work. started today at the bottom of the nfc west standings at one into another 2, 2, because of the tie breaker over the rams. they are at the top of those same nfc west standings. it waall the heels of the most well balanced game. the forty-niners have had this season. not only was the
10:52 pm
defense dominant 7 sacks by 5 different players that pick 6 by second-year player talanoa hufanga. the first of his young career. but offense was pretty good, too. jimmy garoppolo 16 for 27. yeah. 239 yards. and that touchdown and deebo samuel have the first 100 yard game of his season. so a lot to be happy about. hey, it wasn't perfect. you talked about that. robbie gold missed field goal and a couple other miscues. and that's what kyle shanahan said. not perfect, but he's proud of his team was able to pull out the win anyway. >> it was really cool to see because i thought we had a chance run away with >> you know, especiolly after georgia's touchdown. and then for that to get returned and the next time down there think we're in that field goal on come up short on that but then in that pick 6, got it right back out. and so it's cool play perfect. but to overcome a lot of things and of good, big victory. >> overcoming adversity that has been a theme for this forty-niners team in the kyle
10:53 pm
shanahan era. and one of those other themes is beating the rams in the regular season and they are now 7, 0, against the rams in the regular season under kyle shanahan. and hey, they were really only a play away from winning the nfc championship against them earlier this year. but now it's already time to move on. no better way to start a two-game road trip. then with a win at home, they will head out to carolina and atlanta for back-to-back games away. exactly the recipe to get this forty-niners team where they want to be after 4 games in the season at levi stadium. kate rooney kron 4 sports and send it back to you, jason kidd. i one more question before you let we let you go. now. you mentioned they have 2 nfc south their next 2 weeks. do we know kyle shanahan's plans for the teen between gave we know sometimes he likes to stay out on the east coast when he goes over that way. do we know what they're doing? it? >> yep. they're definitely staying back east so we won't see them here for practice at levi stadium after they take off this weekend for a couple
10:54 pm
weeks in a row. it's works really well for them. they have a really great success rate of winning those back-to-back games on the east coast. get acclimated to that time. you don't have to deal with travel they're hoping that they'll be the case again this season. >> all right, kate, great reporting tonight. thank you so much for all of that.
10:55 pm
you go by lots of titles. veteran, dad, hair stylist. so adding a student title might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your titles. national university. supporting the whole you. ur internet isn't ideal... dad made the brilliant move get us t-mobile me internet. ... t everybody'online during thday so we lose speeds.
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10:57 pm
going to be up for inland valleys in the coming days. >> as you can see for most of our north bay and east bay valleys, low to mid 80's. so pretty seasonal temperatures for santa rosa nevado. but a few degrees below average for downtown san francisco. but no one complaining 69 degrees there happen be in the mid 60's and san jose. 77 degrees for your tuesday afternoon highs and then the heat is on peaking friday and saturday. seasonal highs return on sunday. >> and the breeze. so thank you and thank you for being with us. have a great night. we'll see them tomorrow.
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