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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 4, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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kron four's. dan kerman tells us many people believe this latest twist was motivated by an upcoming court battle. after initially launching a hostile takeover bid to buy twitter in april. only then to back out in july and be sued. elon musk now says he's willing to buy the social networking platform for the originally agreed upon price of 44 billion dollars. a lot of the attempts to look for an exit ramp or an escape hatch in this deal. >> just haven't really played out well for him. and so i think probably there was this realization. but the windows were starting to close and it was overwhelmingly likely. but he's going to end up owning this company by hook or by crook. columbia university law professor eric talley says it must realized he was going to lose when the case went to trial this month reaching a deal in stopping the lawsuit. now keeps must from being deposed under oath in the case and prevents a further public bashing of twitter. do we now
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is a way to to do that pivot in a way that doesn't involve kind about public? you know, great fast about about twitter that would have taken place inside inside the courtroom allows and detritus conscript his army of supporters and financier's to get on board and to move forward with this thing. but tech analysts say, well, that might stop the bleeding damage is already been done. that lost key people as a result of this because he indicated he was going he was going to trim the staff dramatically slipping bleeding, folks. >> certainly advertisers were really excited about a company that was in this kind of turmoil. so he did a lot of damage, both twitter and a judge will have to agree to make the trial go away and the deal happen. >> and financial backers will have to hold up their end to finance the purchase. analysts say twitter might also demand must agree to financial penalties if he tries to walk away again. and even if that happens, tech analyst rob enderle lee says musk will still have an uphill battle bus. he's a guy that is massively distracted by all of
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these other efforts and doing the turnaround is not easy and doing that turn around the company. this is badly broken. his twitter is is nearly impossible. even if you were to give it your full time. so this is going to be an interesting one to watch. dan kerman kron. 4 news in san francisco. a water main break caused major flooding in the cities, richmond district. it happened at fulton street. >> and 29th ave where firefighters found a large sinkhole. crews were able to stop the flooding just after 3 o'clock this afternoon. firefighters say 5 homes and an apartment were affected. >> the foundation, i think it's keeping a security the find and not to worry about the entire the house and more worried that the driver shot. >> yes, san francisco fire department sharing these pictures of the aftermath. no injuries reported. fulton street between does remain closed tonight. >> all right. whether time now as we get a live peek outside here, this is the view from
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mount temple. pius cameras turned into different direction. we don't see that. yeah, all that nature, you know, you can hike up their bike out their conference. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here. talk about the beauty. the weather yeah, gorgeous. great place to go out for high. especially this time of year. temperatures tend to back off just little bit. but we're going to actually warm the numbers up here in the next couple of days before cooling down. lot of part of the weekend. also this time of year hammered october. now we start talking about some rain chances coming our way right now, the system off the coastline, not going to get here. you watch that put into motion kind. looks interesting. start to dive in the gulf of alaska. try to put itself together. but high pressure just too strong. and so that is going to hold that bay away from the coastline were left. some high clouds are rolling on through from time to time. and of course, a couple patches of fog. that's going to be true right through the better part of the workweek. so great news for fleet week here in the bay area. lots of sunshine coming our way and some warmer
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temperatures to and then you kind of just see that low. just kind of spun off the coastline. then finally rotating over the top of that ridge. but that is well into the following week. so keeping us dry now for at least 10 days, not there right now. there's couple patches of fog moving in along the coastline, looking like some nice weather outside, though, but overall, it looks like temperatures tomorrow are going to start to warm up. so be prepared for that. some places moving well into the 90's by the afternoon tomorrow here in the 60's along the immediate coastline, though. but inside the day, those temperatures warming up very nicely plan on slot of 70's as you make way down the peninsula. by the time you make when the santa clara valley, lots of 80's by tomorrow afternoon. thanks, lauren. scruggs for your local election headquarters. and as we approach the mid terms, california's will soon have the chance to vote on several statewide ballot measures, including 2 propositions to legalize online and in person, sports betting. but as kron four's capitol correspondent eytan wallace explains results just released from a new poll indicate voters may not be
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ready to go all in on either measure. well, if you are willing to bet either or both of these measures are pass. well, a new poll indicates your wager may be way off. >> not one but 2 propositions. this election could change the sports betting landscape across the state or a sports betting expert robert lenahan described that if one of the proposition passes, you will see sports betting in some for retailer online in california in 2020. he's talking about props. 26 27. >> but as of now, a new poll from the uc berkeley institute of governmental studies indicate neither will pass of the 6,900 plus californians surveyed for the poll. just 31% said they support prop 26. >> the ballot measure calls for in person sports betting on tribal lands and select horse racing tracks across the state. that's wagered at the tracks with see a 10% state tax with revenue going toward regulation for gambling, mental health and sports betting. and with support, not looking strong for prop. 26,
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it's looking even weaker for prop 27 which would allow online sports betting in california and would implement fetaxes and fees on tribes and gaming companies. the majority of the revenue raised would go toward homeless services and gambling addiction programs. but for the majority of the people surveyed support just was not there with 53% saying they'll vote no. in this particular instance, he had to his candidacy against democrat gavin newsom. still, newsom maintains a lead by more than 20 points reporting here outside the california state capitol. a tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> all right. interesting to see what happens there. and we're just weeks away from the get the midterms this year.
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every california voter will be asked about 7 statewide propositions from online sports betting too flavored tobacco ban and join us and a couple days this thursday at 06:30pm, for a crime for special on the ballot. our catherine heenan, we'll break down everything you need to know before heading to the polls in national news tonight, former president donald trump is asking the u.s. supreme court. >> to intervene in litigation over documents marked as classified that were taken from his mar-a-lago home. trump's lawyers say an appeals court was wrong to allow the justice department to continue to investigate about 100 of the document earlier, a lower court judge had ruled an arbiter review those classified documents before they could be used in the justice department's criminal investigation. trump has said he declassified all the documents found in his home, but the appeals court says there's no evidence the documents were ever declassified.
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>> coming up will want to warn you disturbing video here and using his one year-old child as a shield. how police were able to get the baby away from him. still ahead, new developments in the flint water crisis. why a judge dismissed criminal charges against 7 people for their role in the scandal. >> and exposed tens of thousands of residents to dangerous levels of lead.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association,
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and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> all right. this is a bad one. a man in florida used his one year-old as a human shield as police taste him. want to caution you, obviously what you're about to see is upsetting. deputies in palm coast, florida say the guy there, brandon lonner took his girlfriend's toddler from her home at gunpoint and then got in the car driving recklessly with the baby on his lap. he stopped in a parking lot, refusing to hand over the child to law enforcement. that's where we are here. that's when deputies closed in on a canine obviously got involved. the toddler amazingly wasn't hurt and he's back home with his mom. tonight, the man was treated for the canine bite you saw and arrested. but they they
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taste him and the baby was able you know, not >> fallen and the baby's head was not her digits. a horrible situation. and fortunately it worked out, ok? >> the charges against 7 people in the flint water scandal, including 2 state officials have been dropped. those state health officials were blamed for deaths from legionnaires disease. a michigan judge tossed out the charges today 3 months after the michigan supreme court ruled a different judge who was acting as a one person grand jury had no authority to issue indictments. the move does not affect former governor rick snyder. he's facing misdemeanor charges. still ahead. >> celebrating hispanic heritage month with comedian cheech marin who celebrating his roots. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me.
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>> you probably know cheech marin has a one half of the hollywood duo. cheech and chong. sure what you may not know is his love for his chicago roots and the art that showcases the talented megan tell us, sat down with him to talk about is to kind of pride and the rocky road to eventually be taken seriously in the world of art.
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>> she was actually born in south central los angeles. his birth name is richard money in his nickname, not so traditional from isis. >> they brought home the like you struggled of late? >> yeah. and never loved list. and you know, and michael to move, could this that i seen each >> and so that was my name. and you call yourself a proud chicano. and that's something that you you make a choice to be identified. when did you realize that you were to cano and why? because >> come to move in the sky was the mexican because i was never had never been to move. is being spent is i grew up in an all-black neighborhood and i spoke only english. teachers. mom worked in education. his father, a member of l a p d for 30 years. >> identifying as jugando became teaches way of taking ownership of all he was and was not in this country. what
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i >> really come to realize kind of stand for is is evolution and that will loose process. take whatever you brought with you and combine that with present to you and combine weaved into each got a lifestyle is love of family and growing up. his was tight knit who was 4 of us was for cousins. and we're right. kids that cap in the a liberal arts education by kuz teaching us is that the love of learning and how when you when you develop the love of learning to everything. so so he assigned as different topics to bring back to the group. and then i got some assigned art. i would every saturday look at ok, that says, and that's kind possible i given myself that way. this love of art transcending teaches life into a work of art. it started years before cheech catapulted to icon status in the 1970's
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as one half of hollywood's grammy award-winning no-holds-barred comedy duo. cheech and chong got pocket man. >> by now, he has mastered the art of collecting. now he is sharing his private collection with the world at the cheech in southern california, the city of riverside came to me. >> with this offer because they have this building to have to be perfect for me to the building. >> to house the collection. when did you fall in love with chicano art women for through all kinds and there are european dutch masters, all kinds different kinds of art that they were exposed to in college. it was definitely it's a common element to that. could taste the today in the journey here hasn't been easy and was pushed back from the 2000 academic community from my involvement because who is this donor community? and to tell us what's up about 2 gone or have they didn't know what my motivation. you have to be
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to kind it's a kind of you know. and and if my my theory is that if you're doing the right thing, right, good things will happen to his goal is to introduce chicano art to a wider audience. give chicanl artists a platform to grow. goes back to when your kid gets out hasn't he say as it is. >> it's very good. >> and that was megan, tell us reporting for us, by the way, will be celebrating hispanic heritage all month here on kron 4. we have an entire section on our website dedicated to it. i have to do is grab the phone scan, the qr code there on your screen and you'll be taken right to that section on kron 4 dot com. i hey, we take some ownership. a bay area, cheech marin was also part of the nash bridges with john johnson. that yellow convertible. >> i still watch some of those old movies of cheeses. oh, my
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gosh. they're so fun is so fun. yeah, yeah. >> so you know, when you're driving around a convertible, you want to make sure you have nice weather and just turn and you're going vary night. you're going to get that to you have lots of sunshine coming your way. and of course, this beautiful time of year to do it. how about that? lot of subtle or san francisco right now. gorgeous weather around the bay area's high pressure, a building in overhead air quality. yeah. looking pretty good. mostly in the green right now. we've got war, one area here inland. >> parts of slow parts of napa county showing a little bit of haze out there. looks like a real head for a nice evening in. i think tomorrow. another nice day. you can see nice fresh ocean air that will keep things nice and clear as we get toward latter part of the week, we may begin to see a little more haze in the atmosphere in the atmosphere may suffer just a little bit because high pressure sitting over head overall, we are looking at temperatures running below the average 63 degrees in san francisco today. 68 in oakland, 74 degrees in san jose. 84 in lemore. 82 in concord, 78 degrees in santa rosa. these
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numbers going to be going up. a couple storm systems off the coastline. kind of get a little active out there right now. but that ridge is just too strong and he's going to strengthen a little bit over the next few days. and that is going to bring with it really just beautiful weather for the week ahead. a beautiful fall week to begin october on the dry side. that's what it's going to stay is going to warm to in spots even in san francisco, maybe high of 72 degrees. the inset downtown temperatures go tomorrow. 70 in the marina along the find some cooler fog to start your day, giving way to some sunshine about the middle of the day in the afternoon. 74 degrees. nice day in millbrae. 76 in burlingame about 74 degrees in san mateo. 83 warm in woodside, the south bay. join lots of those numbers in the 80's by tomorrow afternoon and in the east bay, get close to 90 degrees in places like pleasanton and livermore about 81 in fremont tomorrow. 79 and sunny, breezy in the afternoon in hayward, 76 in castro valley. 86 in orinda. 77 degrees in hercules in 89 degrees in concord. it will be
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warm well inland tomorrow. in fact, you're probably be on the hot side as you make your way into fairfield and vacaville in the napa. you're talking 80's there and then about 86 degrees in sonoma close to the coastline, starting out with some patchy fog, giving way to some sunshine and by the afternoon, yeah, we're going to warm things up nicely. lot of numbers move in the 80's away from the coast. so next couple days, the sunshine really kind of rolling on in as high pressure going to strengthen temperatures, staying nice into the beginning part of the week and then cooling down starting on sunday. all right, lawrence, for your money tonight, california is going to begin sending out inflation relief payments this week. >> the first batch of the middle class tax refund is going to go out friday. the state sending out payments in 2 ways direct deposits those debit cards to qualify. you filed your 2020 taxes by october, 15th 2021 payments will range between $201,050, depending on your income again in 2020 state says 90% of the
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payments will be made before. >> world me. oh, >> boy is right. next up, a wild encounter in the bathroom of a middle school. ur internet isn't ideal... dad made the brilliant move get us t-mobile me internet. ... t everybody'ononne during e day so we lose speeds. ' become... .nocturnal. ll... i'up. 'n kids. is. sucks. ll if you just switch ybe you don' ve to be vampires. oa... ay, yikes. sorry, i wasn'thinking. don'really use the v word. at'kind of insensitive. prefer day-adjacent. ' go man-pire.
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>> world me. oh, boy. >> oh, the coyote. yeah. not welcome at this school in riverside county. socal. animal services officer called in to mission middle school this morning and found that little hiding in a bathroom stall. not that little. no. >> the they captured him. got 9 months old. and then this is this is the nice released it into a >> rural area far from the school >> classes had not started yet today. so there was a no danger to students, but a poor little guy got loss. still, just kind of learning his way or but maybe was thirsty. yeah. hey, he found that bathroom somehow. my, you know, head back to know, let's hope not. >> that wraps up kron to 5
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o'clock. we have a lot more ahead on the kron. 4 news at 06:00am in kenner. is like a story for cans lined runway close by take care of. you can take alright, thank you. >> coming up tonight at 6, the principle of oakland's bay tech high school speaks out following the recent shooting on his campus. what he now wants on campus after 6 people were shot, including 2 students and stockton. police held a news conference this afternoon to talk about a serial killer. >> what they're saying tonight about the victims, including one links to oakland. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> we sometimes safety is emotional. safety and sometimes safety is the physical safety that are in need that's needed by professionals. >> now it's 6 following the recent gun violence in oakland involving young people, school administrators are now working to try to find ways to keep children safe. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. according to the top official at a bay area charter school, the idea of bringing armed security guards back on campus is not off the table, but as kron four's haaziq madyun reports that determination is out of his control.


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