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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 11, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> thanks for waking up with us and hang out a bit on a tuesday. i'm darya and james and as we have been seeing all morning long, really since the sun was up enough that we could make it out. it is foggy. it is cloudy, cool. it's kind of been that way yesterday morning. well, this morning, small and i'm hoping just like yesterday we get clear skies later. has it was terrific, john? yesterday turns into such a nice day after that morning fog right? >> so you know, if you've got the morning fog, at least you're not going to get too terribly hot and it's been keeping us out of the 90's. more and more. so today is actually going to be a bit cooler than yesterday, but just as nice and sunny, your view outside right now, anything but sunny just yet quite cool in quite grade to kick this tuesday off. we are seeing improved visibility, though, as this fog and low gray starts to lift a little bit. we will start to see clearing likely within the
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next hour. but for the time being not a lot of it just yet 50's and 60's for current temps, brentwood in san jose. you are seeing temps lifting now into the low 60's. well, still hanging out in the 40's in cloverdale fairfax and lena in the meantime, oakland, alameda and hayward at an even 56. i'll be breaking down what to expect for the rest of your tuesday and the rest of the week. still to come, reyna. tom, thank you for that. well, if you're waking up and head into the city right now about 23 minutes to make it from the maze. >> to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge. now you're at about 18 minutes. 82 want to one as yau're traveling across towards the peninsula. there. checking on richmond center fell bridge. now we're down to under 11 minutes. so that's much improved from earlier this morning. and the golden gate bridge is still that some pockets of fog. so about 40 minutes to make it from 37 to the tolls on this tuesday morning. darya. james, back to you. thank you. brandon, i know won the developing san francisco commissioners say the mayor made them priest sign
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resignation letters before they could be appointed. and now there's an emergency meeting to get to the bottom of it. we have kron 4 sarah stinson standing by live in san francisco to explain. >> good morning, sir. >> that's a supervisor. dean preston, who is making these allegations against mayor london breed and he's the chair of the oversight committee in one hour. they'll be meeting for an emergency meeting to discuss this matter. preston claims that mayor breed she is requiring future commissioners before they're even appointed to have these resignation letters signed and dated. and i guess to have on hand, that's something we're trying to confirm with mayor breed to see if this is true. in the meantime, one example by supervisor preston in his that he cited to back up his claims is police commissioner max carter stones appointment. he says that the commissioner had to sign in resignation letter as a condition of his reappointment this spring. preston says the practice of
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using these letters is not only course of but deeply concerning. yes, the city's attorney's office to draft an ordinance prohibiting the use of these letters. but in the meantime, preston, as i said, is the chair of the government audit and oversight committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. and that committee will hold an emergency meeting this morning. one hour from now to discuss this matter. in the meantime, i've reached out to the mayor's office to get a statement or some kind of comment on these allegations. i have not heard back. of course, we want to find out this true. and if it is true, why is this being done? weiss practice being done. in the meantime, we have not heard back from preston either a one to catch up with them before that meeting but haven't heard back yet. so you can tune into that meeting. it is live on the san francisco government website ends in one hour from now. of course, james darya will keep our ours are is wide open. will keep an eye on this and you can always stay tuned to kron 4 dot com. >> all right. all right. we'll see what happens today. thank you very much, sara 903, is the time. and the east bay, a
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school district is warning parents about an offensive wi-fi name that looks like it's coming from the district. one of the elementary schools there. and we want to warn you, the name contains a derogatory term kron four's amanda hari has more. the superintendent tells me right now they're just trying to get the word out. he says he would rather have parents and people that come on campus anticipate seeing it when they tried to use the wifi and not be surprised by it. if you open up your wi-fi settings on the fredrickson elementary school campus, you'll see several dublin unified school district, wi-fi options. >> they start with usd, then who or what they're for like guest student mobile. but one started popping up recently that superintendent chris funk says doesn't belong to the district. i just find it very immature. >> to do something like that and extremely offensive. whoever has put wi-fi up. superintendent funk says the wi-fi is likely coming from a
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neighborhood where one resident filed a claim against the district. >> alleging damage from the construction project to modernize the school, a song about 100%. sure that it's the same person but incident does seem like it is since filing the claim that neighbor has installed cameras facing the school to actually point a camera to face classrooms. i just find that unethical. and funk says the cameras are allowed because it's on the individual's private property and the school also had to install cameras facing that person's home. and the reason why we those cameras is because so our employees have been hit by eggs that were thrown this backyard. on 2 occasions, we have hundreds of e-mails were dropped in the road. >> and we've had a damaged and there graffiti done to one of
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the signs >> their funk says he's confronted the individual about the drug trade, wi-fi name but hasn't gotten a response. superintendent funk tells me if they find out the source of the wi-fi is someone else. they'll ask that person to take it down or change the name in dublin amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> one of the 2 brothers arrested in connection with the deaths of him or said family of 4 is now charged with murder. jesus salgado is accused of kidnapping an 8 month-old baby along with her 2 parents and an uncle at gunpoint for the trucking business earlier this month, authorities found the bodies last wednesday in an almond orchard. and if convicted, the 48 year-old could likely spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. as for still got his brother, alberto, he's also been arrested and now accused with criminal conspiracy accessory and destroying evidence. >> time is 906, on the peninsula. another woman says she was raped on the campus of
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stanford. so now they're upping security. now, this is the second report of a woman being attacked in daylight hours. this woman says that she was working in her office around noon on friday this past friday when a man dragged her into a basement and raped her 2 months before that, a woman said that she was in the parking lot when she was grabbed and forced into a school bathroom where she was raped in both cases, the victim did not actually provide a statement to law enforcement. they didn't go to the police. it was reported to the police after the fact by another reporting agency, stanford law professor michele dauber says that she's urging the university to do more. >> stanford. >> has consistently failed to hold. >> perpetrators accountable for these kinds of offenses. and that has led to the complete collapse and trust. >> by survivors, we reached out to stanford. they tell us
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there are no suspects at this point in either case and that they are stepping up their mobile patrols. >> in san francisco, a group of about 50 residents plan to sue the owners of the high-rise apartment complex that they were forced to evacuate earlier this summer after the entire building flooded kron four's theresa stasi gives us an update now on their story. >> i'm not here in san francisco in front of the building and some of the former tenants talked about how this is all impacted them and why this lawsuit is so important. >> this is 33 to hama. it was billed as a luxury complex of many high-end amenities. however, back in june, there was the first flooding impacting residents forcing them to flee. >> and then in august, a subsequent episode, the building was sent shutdown. former residents say that they are out back grant money to relocate. some say that they had personal items stolen jewelry checks that has led to identity theft. sorry to see the second. it's hard to not get emotional about let's hear
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from some of the former tenants that were out here announcing this lawsuit took a further step into the hallway. we saw. some water pouring down the emergency stairwell, which is incredibly shocking to see. and it's just been incredible. and so if we fast forward to interior damage unit. >> you know, our office was completely damage. we have what furniture are cup guy. we had to set up firms into our hallway so that water get and to the other rooms in our unit >> we're one of the residents, residents at the home up for 3 plus years. and we walked out to just go to trader grocery store and never been back since apart from all the kind of chaos and disaster that happened. what was what made us come here in sioux hines was actually the incompetency and lack of respect for the residents of the tenants say that they have tried to communicate with hines about what happened. >> and get some of their money
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back. but they have not received anything. hence why they filed this lawsuit. the law firm says that they hope to get justice for those so poorly treated in this case to something, you know, individual suffered emotional distress. it's, you know, it's something again that will be in discovery. but, you know, we think this is something that really was a on just what happened and people were forced to endure a lot here in san francisco. teresa is stasio kron. 4 news. >> well, the company that owns the building heinz did respond to the lawsuit by releasing the statement. you can see a portion of it reads, quote, we deny the allegations pled in this complaint. we believe that during the course of pretrial discovery, the court and the public will understand the true extent of our efforts to help those that had to leave their homes during these unfortunate and unforeseen events. >> we'll take a break at 9.10. still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news covid-19. restrictions are easing, but there is a new variant that's on the rise. we'll tell you
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what that what concerns health experts about that as we enter winter. and jennifer siebel newsom. the first lady of california, one of the women set to testify against disgraced hollywood film producer harvey weinstein will tell you how she described her meeting with us. and more on the leaked tape between la city leaders making racist remarks about fellow council member son, the head of the powerful labor organization has now resigned because of that. still gray out there can see much of anything beyond airport itself. >> 70's and 80's for your highs later today. your forecast ahead. >> and hit the roads before you leave the house. we are tracking those drive times on this tuesday morning will be right back after the break.
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>> thanks for teen. and we've all got out of the airport. >> and now we're at we are higheighting changes disclosure like to do just as as it was at the upper. that's kind of the story this morning. we have john, that the following that you guys not a lot of change. just yeah. i've been waiting for it. really rooting for that sunshine, but we are going to get there. >> these past few mornings have been foggy and gray for not just a few hours during the morning, but taking us through the morning as well for your morning commute. obviously, this no different. you've got the berkeley hills right here. still in the midst of that, not so good. as far as visibility goes, here's a little bit of good news. that
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fog is beginning to lift more and more. so some areas that have the really bad visibility are starting to see improvements. still don't be surprised if you run into some lower visibility pockets, though. a couple of drizzly, sprinkles or write out along the coastline. those misty spots will become less and less later today. sunshine in london by the base, staying mostly cloudy at the coast. tomorrow we repeat what we're going to see again today, which is the fog to start in the sunshine to finish. that's a trend that's going to carry us to the next couple of days before we gradually things changing into the weekend. as for now, though, this high-pressure ridge to our north is keeping the pacific northwest temperatures above average in conditions dry up there to the south. a low pressure area sparking up some monsoonal moisture for the desert southwest. we're smack dab in the middle here in the bay area. that just means we're kind of normal for this time of year, at least as far as temps go and pretty normal as far as fall colors go to starting to see more and more of those up in the sierra nevada. good thing to go up and see these next couple of
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weeks, especially this weekend and into next weekend. as for temperatures today, it will be 60 70's 80's for most of the bay. only one spot vacaville actually getting up to 90 degrees. oakland at 70 while san jose. 81 tomorrow's highs a little bit cooler than today's on average will trend cooler and cooler each of the next few days. and by sunday and monday of next week, our inland areas are only in the upper 70's. bayshore areas remain pretty steady in the low 70's in the coast. also steady in the 60's, right. john, thank you for that. well, if you're hopping on westbound 80 crockett down towards the maze, about 23 minutes for you to make that drive, we have some. >> earlier issues there now we're just seeing residual delays 20 minutes into the city that's down from 30. so not as bad as we were. last time we checked in there the golden gate bridge, though we still have that fog and that slowing us down. 35 minutes from 37 to the tolls. if you're traveling along 101, in the south bay we go. 85 up towards menlo park. about 40 minutes there in menlo park. do have an accident along 101.
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so that slowing us down just a bit. and you can also see some delays along 101, as you're traveling up, make it through san mateo 8.80, silly and are down the milpitas. 36 minutes for you as you're traveling and let's check on highway 4. a 14 minute ride from an ax one, 60 into conquers to 42 darya. james, back to you. 9.17, in time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black morning, rob. >> morning aren't. how are markets? not good. >> we started it's really to be wednesday's going to be judgment day when we get producer price is will they be inflationary? and thursday, we get to the big granddaddy that consumer prices, what you and i pay friday will receive retail sales. see, we're cutting our spending and and helping to curb inflation sadly. not a lot of expectations in the market and that grind period. i 31% of us are cutting. there are 4, one k contribution to when you should be increasing them when things are down, not cutting
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but 10 year treasuries at 3.9%. it's a better time to save in bonds or your bank. then to invest in growth stocks. right now, until 10 year treasury gets back below 3 and a half percent. >> ok, and you're looking at your number 2, which is a loser online holiday sales rise slowly and i'm going yeah, i we were doing things to all its amazon prime, whatever. >> i want to shop right now. >> october is now official start of the holiday seasons and the discounts can be big this year because you don't want to shop. i don't want to shop. i feel like i just shopped. we did a lot of the pandemic spending on computers and pulled them forward last year in the year before. so we don't need things like tv's we bottom. during the online sales are going to be up about 2 and a half percent. that's the slowest ever that we've been keeping track of. these are adobe has been keeping track, but look for electronics off 27%. so you need a big tv. cyber monday is the day to do it. down, 22%. that's the saturday after
9:19 am
thanksgiving to get the best deals and appliances down about 18%. thanksgiving actually expect sales to decline as again, going to stick around, hang with families well. and i was citing you in our story saying how you're saying if if this is the big, if. >> it's a computer to tech thing, it's a tv. it's a fridge then that's when you get it now because it is cheaper, but don't give it to your wife. that fridge. for christmas because james made that mistake, it was just a vacuum itself air fryer. and you gave it. your wife is a gift. not as a gaffe. just why do the cooking. i do because don't know you can do it as a guy like a nothing. you can do it for birthday anniversary. to hot. that's not her gift. okay. stages for just trying save your marriage what's going on at houses that going to say metal. what's going on today. this is fight it goes on it 10 in the morning. so right after news, perhaps it's going to call the medical next. >> last year, facebook did. we've got some incredibly
9:20 am
stupid videos of mark zuckerberg in the metaverse. he's betting big on this. and so far it's not going well about 1.1 billion in revenue for the 1st half of the year. but they've lost over 10 million dollars so far. they're on pace to lose 20 billion this year. not the headset market at 90% with a quest to $399. the probably come out with a ed, a quest pro. but again, feels like the wrong time. it feels a little bit too early and his vision. it it's it's it's aggressive. and facebook doesn't have a history of being successful and hardware like apple does so maybe next year will be talking on when reality with apple at this time. but this is all about facebook trying to get the first step develop first fall in love -- with the product to develop products that kind of cool that like exercise in space be a big category. i don't see myself exercise with the headset on and hair gets kind of moisture. nice lad and and also same thing with like travel i think they think
9:21 am
travels a big deal to like, oh, i can't go to egypt doll. >> do a vr. >> would you want to do that? i don't really know. lot of people want to do that vacation that way. >> the only thing i see it for you says sporting events and concerts. and where you could be in the front row and maybe see the beatles for the first time kind of thing. yeah, will be a great learning tool, but it it feels really early, ok? all right. well, we'll see about the timing and thank you, rob. >> started or and if you have a question for rob, you can e-mail him or you may be some marriage advice he's got reachable by facebook or twitter. we'll be right back. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association,
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and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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>> 9.23 is the time of governor gavin newsom's wife is set to testify against harvey weinstein in los angeles at his upcoming trial. now we know the queues ers are set to appear in court as jane doe's to give their testimony. but we've learned that one of those jane doe's is in fact, the wife of governor newsom. jennifer siebel newsom. she actually made that public through her lawyers. she's going to be jane doe number 4. she's a documentary filmmaker and actor. and he's come out to publicly say that she had a business meeting with harvey weinstein back in 2005. and it's her claim that she was raped by him in that meeting. and she's come out publicly to say so he is charged with 11 charges of rape and assault. he's pleading not guilty to
9:25 am
them. the former movie mogul, though, we know was convicted in new york on similar charges. he's got 23 years of his prison sentence still to serve their after being convicted in 2002, again, that winds in the state of new york is going to trial is taking place here in california down in l a. >> it's 9 24 7 council members from the city of santa clara being accused of unsportsmanlike conduct acting in favor of the forty-niners in a civil grand jury report that just came out. the city council members are accused of creating what's called a city. council voting bloc. we're going to keep going with the and that they would vote and make decisions favorable to the niners instead of the city. while the report does not go so far as to say that if i violated state laws governing open meetings, it does say there are serious questions about the timing of the meetings between some of the members of the council and registered forty-niners lobbyist. the council members facing the investigation include rush to haul and karen
9:26 am
hardy both up for re-election in november. and anthony becker, who is running for mayor. and as for the current santa clara mayor, lisa gilmore, she says that she is proposing to create an anti-corruption reform plan for the city and that would call on the city council to accept the grand jury's findings and to publicly pledged to voluntarily and fully cooperate with all investigations. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, early voting begins in san francisco today. we'll tell you what you need to know about dropping off your ballot in the city. will have that story in just a moment.
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>> mentally right now and we're checking out the weather for you on a tuesday starting with gray skies, hopefully ending with sunshine. let's hope. but we hit we able to pull that off yesterday, john, getting kind of worried the shot, looks pretty cloudy. i've seen a little breakthrough moment here. you can see the clouds, but look at that. a little bit of blue to those clouds up above it. >> so starting to see some of that burn off occurring ever so slowly. it is taken some time today, though, for sure. looking outside right now at your berkeley hills cam. let's get a closer look at it. yeah, there you go. there's little hints of sunshine at the very top of the camera right there. a little bit of sunshine, reaching down into the east bay hills now. so things are improving cloud cover is lifting and gradually burning off current temps starting to
9:30 am
work our way back into the 60's. san jose in brentwood in the low 60's while 50's in oakland, alameda and hayward, egypt. 56 degrees cloverdale fairfax still hanging out in those 40's. well, san francisco berkeley at 54, maybe a gray morning. you definitely still need the jackets for it. but some sunshine and shorts and t-shirt weather look forward to later today. rain. john, thanks for that. hey, if you're traveling along 101 on the peninsula side. >> north of marsh road in menlo park. we have an accident. so you are seeing delays. but look at 2.80, here. things are moving along at the limit. so you could take that or 82 to navigate and get around that accident. 21 minutes into the city right so that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. 13 minute 80 to 101. our richmond, sandra fell bridge. it's about an 8 minute right holes to one on for you. there. the golden gate bridge still have that fog. 37 to the tolls about 31 minutes. and if you're hopping on 5.80, or 80 crockett down towards the maze
9:31 am
about 18 minutes on this tuesday morning. all right. a lot going on in the news world what's going on on your and we had to get the vote out. that's i go thank you. it's all starting to happen campus's tell can start casting their ballots for the november midterm can city hall in san francisco now open so that people can drop off their ballots early? >> although kron four's will tran been out there. he says you could have dropped off even earlier. if you want it. >> many neighborhoods in san francisco looking a little bit different this morning and people are saying, wait a minute was is here yesterday and the answer is no. these were dropped off in the overnight hours and they are ready to go. 34 them spread strategically throughout the city. you can drop off your early ballots right now. make sure that yes, sign it before you drop it off. and a lot of people choose mail-in ballots. he should have gotten it yesterday if not over the next several days. so many things
9:32 am
up in the air, the presidential election. they tend to get a lot more people, a lot higher turnout, but they're still hoping that many people still turn out for the general election because we're talking about the race who's going to lead us to be governor, 40 million of us in california. governor gavin newsom. well, he survive the recall last year. now he wants to keep his job. other people what his job. so that is still up in the air from now, all the way up until november. 8th. there are 7 prop ballots that still need to be decided in their congressional seats. you get the idea that voting is very important. keep in mind, this is going to be here all the way through november 8th. if this is not near, you. well, you can also drop off your ballots at the usps is. well, a lot of people they went jogging this morning. i happened to track down a jogger. she was caught by surprise by this popping up in the overnight hours. definitely not going to vote
9:33 am
this election, but i just about which where to go. and we saw this last night. so it feels really convenient. i look into we why we're americans. we like we like options. and you can clearly see. look at that. how's it going? see? look at that. we have somebody dropping off as well. >> did just sign it, signed it. good for you. so no problems with that. when did you get your ballad? by the way, 2 days ago, 2 days ago. so there it is right there. it works. he saw this. he actually stepped out of his car and then you can drop it off us. well, they don't have a sticker for you, but they have something that you can do. this is so 2020, they won't pass out a sticker, but you can also do this and tell your friends you voted. you can always always do the selfie. >> and if you're voting in san francisco, the university of san francisco of law, the school of law, and this just league of women voters will be co-hosting a debate. so you can hear from the 4 candidates
9:34 am
running for san francisco district attorney, the for taking part are the interim da, brooke jenkins, maurice chan ear, joe alioto veronese and john have a saka and that debate is week from today. next tuesday at the mclaren conference center at usf. >> well, although gas prices have been coming down slightly here in recent days, governor newsom is still calling for a windfall profits tax on oil companies arguing that producers are taking advantage of californians. now newsom wants state lawmakers to gather for a special legislative session at the capitol on december 5th so they can vote on his proposal. he says this windfall tax will punish oil companies for what he calls rank price gouging. but taking advantage of you every single one of these every single day. >> hundreds of millions of dollars a week they put in their pockets, lining their pockets at your expense. and then putting this planet. there's nothing to justify nothing. not one thing. well, republicans argue that a windfall tax like this will only further lead to.
9:35 am
>> higher gas prices. gop lawmakers sent the governor a letter calling on him to instead suspend the gas tax immediately. >> the governor's proposals he's making now they make splashy headlines but they lacked detail and they make no economic sense at a time when we need more energy production and we need that energy to be as affordable as possible. increasing taxes on energy production makes no sense. the real world, every family is out there to gas in their car to go to work to the grocery store, to their kids, to school. >> every family is being hurt by the policies that are being put forth by this governor and the democratic leadership in our state. and it needs to change. >> state democratic leaders say they look forward to reviewing the governor's proposal while assembly republicans have launched a public petition urging californians to tell the governor to drop his proposal. >> it's 9.35. and today the
9:36 am
u.s. supreme court hears arguments in a case challenging california's law that says pigs for food should be raised humanely. state voters approved this law in 2018 with one of the 63% of the vote and the rule is that conditions it rules on the conditions for raising cows, chickens and hogs has to be you but major pork producers beg to differ. they argue that states that don't have the same law should not be burdened with complying with california's law in order to sell their products in california. in the east bay. the months long occupation of parker elementary school that led to clashes like the one you see here in august is the parents at parker who were protesting. they started their occupation in may. they are upset that the oakland district was considering a consolidation plan that would have closed parker elementary altogether. but now the school board has voted to convert that campus for adult and program use. so the occupation is over.
9:37 am
>> well, the fallout continues over an la city leaders, racist remarks that were leaked over the weekend. ron herrera, the president of la county's federation of labor, has now resigned from his position. he was among those heard on that leaked audio la city council, president nury martinez also stepped down from her leadership position yesterday, although she did not resign from the actual city council itself. the offensive remarks were made during a private meeting held last year between 3 sitting city council members and herrera. and in that lead we heard martinez making derogatory and racist comments about another council members adopted son. >> mountain view. police need your help to find a man who groped a woman inside a walmart while she was shopping. groped her at the store that is on showers drive. it's right off of el camino. so the woman was shopping for halloween costumes, actually, and he followed her through several aisles. then touch her
9:38 am
inappropriately and then her family, her fai sorry, her husband actually ran after him. but the guy got away. here's a picture from police want to talk to you if you recognize this man. >> we will take a break or 9.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, amazon prime day is happening right now. as a matter of fact, we'll tell you how shoppers could score some pretty sweet deals if they're looking to get their holiday shopping done early and as we continue celebrating hispanic heritage month, we're going to take a closer look at a community on the peninsula and how it measures up to some of the surrounding neighborhoods.
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>> it's 9.40, and for your help this morning, doctors say they're seeing new covid variants descendants of omicron and they're increasing in a, you know, prevalence in the uk and in europe. and they say what happens there eventually happens. they're here usually like with maybe 4 or 5 months later, we see things like that. the united states and already we're seeing waste water levels with covid in boston. we're seeing a slight increase in covid hospitalizations in new york and that worries some specialists about the upcoming winter. >> we probably will see an increase in hopefully many of them island factions, the promise of served for many people. we've seen multiple infections are high. i know multiple vaccines and pass is
9:42 am
really to give you an extra edge. >> and they say you're supposed to get the new omicron variant shot specifically because of that protect certain. the original it protects against omicron. but doctors say they're not seeing as many people do that as should. so they're saying do it when you get your regular flu shot 9.41. we'll be right back. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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9:45 am
has some of those expensive real estate in the country. yeah. but as you take a look at this map, you'll see that right next to the affluent communities of menlo park and atherton in redwood city. >> since the community of north fair oaks and that has a population is mostly hispanic kron. four's theresa met up with a come amber of the community to take a look at the area. >> welcome to what is known as north fair oaks or community has a couple of >> morning cares. one is little mexico. all the other one is a little much truck on. i believe that nicknames are not necessarily chosen by the people who live here. everett rodriguez should know he has lived in this area for more than 30 years since immigrating from mexico. i met up with them in the neighborhood that luke's of the they may seem like us you are in a 3rd world country
9:46 am
about 75% give or latino, immigrants from mexico. but lately a lot of immigrants coming in from central america. it is not a large area. we're talking about an area of about a mile and a half to find a very high people leaving here, you know, sometimes lately he shares improving the infrastructure has been a critical fight. it feels hot. and, you know, to begin with one of this advantage is that we have in this community is we don't have too many town tree canopy. this appears to know soon as you enter our community. >> and you know, when you compared to their community across the miller park, which is heavily forested, some streets, don't have sidewalk. also, take a look here. crews were out expanding the sidewalks and improvement. rodriguez points out, but he says there is so much more that needs to be done. if
9:47 am
you're in a wheelchair or a mother with a strong there. >> you know, you would be very challenge to we try to get across the community on the street and this is the main thoroughfare. rodriguez says >> that the area is rich in latin cultures, supporting the community's needs. so this grocery store that has been in this community for. several decades. and they have been very successful catering to the latino community. recently, a local artists painted this mural to highlight civic pride. we are constantly trying to make a change you know >> can impact positively than residents of this community. rodriguez says it's challenging to know about the amount of work that needs to be done to improve the lives of the residents who call this place home. he is though, optimistic for the future. if you want to think about the beginning of the american dream. >> this is where it begins.
9:48 am
you know. >> and then he moves on tool. everything else. >> and north fairoaks theresa kron, 4 news. >> and we have a special coming. i'm coming up to for hispanic heritage month and we hope you'll join us. it is thursday at 6.30, celebrating latino culture in the bay area. our own camila barco is going to be hosting there's going to be bunch of stories. one of hispanic own wineries in the north bay, which was bolivian artist's legacy still lives on in san francisco. so we've got that story for you and the influences. >> of mexican cuisine across borders, which? >> one of my favorite stories from forres heritage special is thursday. at 6.30. we hope you watch it. all right. let's get over to the weather center. get a check of the forecast with john who's standing by with. well, i think i see some sunshine now. finally job where you find little brighter. you guys, san jose. you've got a little bit of it even down for you right now. but still looking at some clouds in the distance. so it's a mix going on. but
9:49 am
that's a lot better than we were this in just 30 minutes ago. >> and we're looking at skies, clearing out more and more, especially over this next hour. we're going to get to that sunshine. it's just been a little patience getting there this morning. you can see if you look closely here at our satellite and radar, those spots with the fog and the low gray, a couple of misty drizzly conditions near the coastline in san mateo county. now, futurecast shows less and less of the gray more sunshine this afternoon. if you're through the golden gate around at the coastline, you're among our spots that are going to be holding onto gray skies. really, for most of the day today. where's the rest of us? see a lot of sun tomorrow morning. we kick things off again with the fog followed by increasingly sunny skies towards the afternoon. really a repeat of today yesterday and the day before it, too. so these forecasts are easy to get down. at least you can look forward to the side as you're waking up to dreary mornings, high pressure to our north, along with above average temperatures and below average precipitation for the pacific northwest. this low to our south is steering up some monsoonal moisture into the desert southwest. we're smack
9:50 am
dab in the middle here in the bay area. and that's just bringing us relatively calm and steady seasonable fall weather. speaking of fall, we have a change of colors going on up in the sierra nevada. we're nearing our peak fall colors on the foliage up there and a peak for some of the high sierra. so if you get a chance the next couple of weeks, it's the perfect time of year to be getting up there 50's and 60's for your highs in san francisco today as well as at the coastline. again, stingray for the spots that will be 70's for bayshore cities really comfortable day redwood city. a nice 74 pow at 75 san jose. warm but not 81. same for you in signal while hayward at 74 oakland at 70 hot inland danville. still 88 while vacaville are lone spot hanging on to 90 degrees. that's not a number. we're going to see a lot of in the forecast ahead as temperatures inland will continue to steadily trend downwards and by sunday and monday, most of our inland areas are in the upper 70's. they cited coastal area staying steady in the 60's to 70's reyna. john,
9:51 am
thank you for that. will traveling along 101, north of marsh road in menlo park. we've got an accident. so you are seeing slight delays. >> remember, 2.80, a good option for you if you want to navigate around that traveling into the city right now. 20 minutes may's to that freeman street exit. so traffic has been moving their the san mateo bridge just like they lift at the camera up just a bit about 13 minutes, though, to make it from a 80 cutting across towards one. a lot. well, the richmond center fell bridge leaves us at about 7 minutes to drive from the tolls to 101. there croghan out towards the maze. about 17 minutes for you. if you're hopping on 24 westbound wannacry down to 5.80, on their 15 minutes. so things are moving back again. 101 of the south bay. 34 minute ride from 85 into middle part. let's check on 8.80, sally down to milpitas about 32 minutes starting james. back to you. thanks, lauren. and i'm the one i guess if you want to get a jump on shopping, all amazon is for you because they want to get a jump on sales. they do. prime
9:52 am
early access kicking off today and tomorrow promising they say steep discounts. so if you're one of the many of us that are >>ta little bit upset with how prices have been climbing, kind of kind of maybe want to get shopping done early. >> looks like amazon and other retailers appear to be rolling out their holiday shopping sales earlier. if you just plan ahead because a lot of times like when you wait late, then your your pay anything you because have no choice. so you can just peruse at a time. you know, there's no rush christmases. >> you know, keep plenty of time way. i'm not counting. i don't know early 9.50, do that. i will be right back.
9:53 am
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises. what's the real math behind prop 27, their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. vote no on prop 27.
9:55 am
>> 9.54. 0, it's time to go here on the kron. 4 morning news before we do. let's check in with olivia horton and see what's coming up on live in the bay today. high libya. >> heidari a good morning. and coming up today on the show, we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month. when we learn more about the brazilian art form known as couple plus after a comic con international film festival returns to oakland. learn how your kids can join in for free. then she's designed shoes for snoop dogg and $0.50. we're checking out the designs from she many kicks. and as always, we want to hear what you have to say about our question of the day to go ahead and scan that qr code. we want to know where is a must visit in the bay area for someone who's out of town. let
9:56 am
us know your answer could be read live today on the show at 01:00pm right here on kron 4, daria. all right. thanks a lot. olivia was a builders restaurants. and just hear that you take him there >> opened in san francisco last month and it's strictly for dogs to you can't get any city. i will take him here. olivia, the offers a range of treats and special my god, the dog. you get to the menu for dogs that don't so located in valencia and the vision district. and on sundays. they have a seasonal. >> $75 3 course. meal. are you kidding me? are you know? the answer is no. well, what a lot of people would love to tree that. i can't take my dog there because anything out of the messaged i'll be dealing with that for $5 carpet. alright. this things are out
9:57 am
of would love to say it's a grim there, but it does seem like shocking about amazon sales and not shopping shopping day out, not spend this kind of i associate them to is there some people that are really well, the dogs, i there hey, you know what, this forecast pretty wonderful, at least are in the afternoon. we got the greater in the morning. the sunshine later in the days. >> we trend cooler in the forecast ahead. so get ready, at least get the sweaters on very good. we'll see you back here tomorrow by.
9:58 am
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