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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 18, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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verdict in the murder of kristin smart convicting paul flores of first degree murder saying that he killed a 19 year-old college student while attempting to rape her back in 1996, the smart family. finally given some sense of closure for the loss of kristen decades after the college student's death, the district attorney just talked about the verdict a short time ago. kron four's theresa stasi. listen in on that. >> theresa, what can you tell us? well, it was certainly a very sad circumstance. but prosecutors how holding that news conference on kristin smart case talking about how they >> did finally get justice for the family after nearly a quarter of a century, smart was a 19 year-old freshman at cal poly when she disappeared in 1996. paul flores offered to help her back to her dorm room because she was intoxicated. but she was never seen again, although investigators searched his dorm room, he was never charged in till last year. new evidence including cadaver dogs found what was described
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as a coffin size school under the backyard steps of his father's home. blood evidence was also discovered. paul flores said his father were both arrested. his father charged with being an accessory to murder. prosecutors allege that jury agreed and flores killed smart and how his father helped him bury her body removing at several years later. now, the trial took 3 months. here's christians, father and mother speaking about today's for it. >> without christian, there's no joy or happiness. and this verdict. after 26 years, they split. we're next. we learned that our quest for this is for christian will continue. this is been agonizingly long journey, more downs than ups. but we are grateful and appreciate the diligence and energy. the 2 jury is to thoroughly review the facts. and reach there. if you and
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the justice system been renewed, but their commitment and effort. >> i'm just going to briefly add my appreciation. to everyone that my husband spoke about. and each person who has. then the wind. beneath our wings to get us to this day. >> now the next phase will take place in this case. and that is the sentencing phase. paul flores faces 25 years to life for killing kristen smart sentencing is expected to start in december. now there was a separate jury that heard the case against ruben floors and they acquitted him. so that's what his father, the father, kristin smart, was mentioning about. the u.s. separate circumstances. so that case and unfortunately not to her father's liking again. sentencing is going to be taking place in december. back to you guys. all right,
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to use in the newsroom. thank you. prosecutors charged the suspected stockton serial killer. >> wesley brownlee was fatally shooting 3 men. police said they were among 6 victims slain by a serial killer over the past year and a half. the charges come 3 days after police arrested brownlee according to the district attorney brown. the faces charges for the murder of jonathan rodriguez. hernandez on august. 30th juan carlos kcur onto cruise on september. 21st and the lawrence lopez on september 27th earlier this evening, the da explained why they only formally charged and was half of the killing said police believe he's responsible for. >> we're waiting for additional evidence to be processed through that most likely, believe, will allow us the opportunity to have those additional charges. but when we go to court, down to only charge based upon the evidence that we have in front of us and that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt for background for this is a defense attorney could go timeout late today. we would have to present its case in 10 days. so when i charge today
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or rt charge the case last night and this morning, we have to do based on what we have right here in front of us at this moment. >> brownlee did not enter a plea today. he was assigned a public defender who requested a second arraignment for november 14th. in the meantime, brownlee will remain in custody at the san joaquin county jail without bail. a san francisco anti open air drug market. activists started using his cell phone camera to highlight the city's drug problem. and now that activists is going inside city hall placing a bid for a seat on the city's reentry. council force has the menu and has more. >> it is so high you don't want to get up to use the bathroom. >> this is how it started for richie with using social media to highlight san francisco's open air drug also right to my
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>> this is how it's going recently putting in his bid for one of the subcommittees seats on the san francisco reentry council, which coordinates local efforts to support justice involved in formally incarcerated people. >> did you ever think that you would be a person that would be applying to be a policy maker in san francisco city government. absolutely not. just last year i was being charged a career criminal. i thought i was going to spend a decade in prison, but he says a judge gave him a break, offering the former drug dealer and recovering addict an opportunity to get clean and he took it. i want to prove to him and everybody else that reform is possible. if you stay clean and sober and it is encouraging drug addicts towards abstinence based treatment that he would like to see as the official policy in his hometown of san francisco. >> recovery happens. when you get clean, you can not meet these people where they're at and give them. crystal meth
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pipes and needles, tin foil and strolls like the department of health does. >> at their home reduction, tense and expect them to listen or in take information that you're giving them when they're in need rated off some type of substance. >> however, harm reduction has been an official public health policy in san francisco for over 20 years and what harm reduction does it as it sounds it's kind of recognizing the reality that with some they're going to and they may use just until they eventually stop using the substances. >> or they may start to use over whatever it is, you want to make sure that they're using the safest way possible. and the been the way causes the least harm to themselves and others. the board of supervisors has the final vote on the appointment. i'm hoping >> they at consider me in san
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francisco has met kron 4 >> not our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at all the traffic coming across the san mateo bridge and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here. she's looking at today's highs. definitely warmer today. yeah, it certainly was. we should be averaging 70's this time of year from coastal valleys. instead in the 80's today. so we're about 10 degrees above average for most of our coastal cities and even for inland valleys, 5 degrees above normal livermore in concord, warming up into the mid 80's as a santa rosa. but >> downtown san francisco, you should be in the low 70's, not flirting with 80's, but oakland, you definitely reach that low. 80 degree mark 81 degrees for your tuesday afternoon. and it's only going to get warmer from here because it is going to peak for your wednesday. let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. still in the 70's and 80's conquered 83 degrees, half moon bay, those 67 degrees. so we're seeing about a 15 degree difference with santa rosa. steady at 84
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degrees. even at the 6 o'clock hour. but live look golden gate bridge, a little bit hazy out there right now. moderate air particles along the coast and east bay shoreline with overnight lows tonight, widespread upper 50's and even mid 50's the daytime highs tomorrow replacing 80's with the 90's. 93 degrees for livermore. 15 degrees above mpaverage. you should be at 78 degrees this time of year with santa rosa. 92 degrees in downtown san francisco. you're going to hit that 80 degree mark tomorrow with san jose in the low 90's. so let's take a look at your 7 day forecast. we're going to track a big cool down this weekend. 68 degrees for our warmest inland valley. so 5 to 15 degrees below average. no rain but gusty offshore winds could bring us fire danger. concerns more. my next will forecast in just a few minutes. pam and ken, back to you. a breeze to thank you. coming up next in sports, we're going to check back in with sports director jason dumas for another live report chase center. moments away from tipoff as the
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now suing for 250 million dollars. new details an la judge has ruled jurors in the trial of harvey weinstein will be allowed to hear from the wife of governor gavin newsom about an e-mail that she sent to him for advice on how to deal with the media. weinstein is charged with 11 counts of rape and assault involving 5 women. one of them being first partner, jennifer siebel newsom. defense attorneys say she sent the email to weinstein in 2007, 2 years after he allegedly raped and assaulted her in a beverly hills hotel. that is when gavin newsom was mayor of san francisco and siebel newsom was dating him at the time. the judge ruled weinstein's lawyers can talk about the email that siebel newsom sent to weinstein. but the judge ruled the defense cannot discuss the reason behind the email which was related to an affair that newsom had in 2005 with an 8 weinstein is already serving a 23 year prison sentence for rape and assault conviction in new york. coming
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>> and now kron 4 sports. and just like that. >> it's basketball season and the warriors are opening their schedule in a way that every other team, which is they
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could. >> with a new banner in the rafters and a championship ring ceremony and yeah, they're also hosting the lakers for game one of 82 kron. 4 sports director jason dumas joins us now live from chase center. jason, what it's like to be, what is it like to be there on this special night for the warriors? >> i kate is gray and you know, as well as i know this night, could not get here fast all summer long. they're partying and going celebrating that championship. and then in the last 2 weeks we've seen mayhem so they are happy to get here to this night. so don't have to really talk about all the other stuff and we know what that other stuff days. draymond green punching jordan poole in the face. >> in practice, the organization have to deal with not only that, but also the tate leaking and all the fallout that came with that they're still investigating the source of that leak to try to get to the bottom of it. they're really taking that
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part seriously. now, of course, this team has a lot of guys who can lead them through all the rough times. steph curry, steve kerr klay thompson. and in fact, it looks like they're soon they're going to be coming out onto the court now. but there's a whole lot going on in the best way to get past that, kate, it by playing basketball, meaningful basketball games and then they're going to get all the of that team last year. everyone is going to get to what matters and that is playing basketball and what a better way than to celebrate that championship from last year. maybe it will remind the guys just how close they became last june so they can help get past all the messy stuff. now i asked steve kerr pre-game, how do you channel your emotions with appreciating the moment of this celebration? why also being locked in and ready to get a win? >> you just go play. you know you there's not a whole lot that i can say other. then.
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you know, before we had our we we know it's going to be fun. and we know to be emotional. you losses and going take away from the achievement. more fun. if you go ahead and win the game, too. that's the intention. but to regardless we got 81 left an after this and we will move forward. >> and now speaking of that, double it in the nba champs themselves, running out onto the court as we speak. it's a fun night out here chase center. just 30 minutes until tipoff. they're going to start this ring ceremony within the next 5 minutes. and want escano anderson, he will be the first one to get his ring. i saw them going through their little walk through before the game, the kind of dress rehearsal for this ring ceremony. they're going to call out one's name first. of
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course, play for the lakers now, but he is still the neighborhood hero. >> i expect a rousing ovation it will be the start of a relief a night remember. they also want to get a win and we'll have postgame coverage as soon as this one wraps up. but for now to get out of here, kate, i'll toss it back to you. >> thank you so much, jason. yeah, the quest for a repeat begins tonight. that like it's really loud in there. i don't i don't even just that. he respects. i was like i think everybody all kind of nervous about yeah. and got to get that monkey off their it. if they get a win tonight, i think that will help kind of a race. those that memories. it's always fun. l a that too. yeah. all right, kate, thank you. >> other news tonight, a florida pilot who passed out mid-flight and nearly died survives to tell his tale. 64 year-old kenneth allen had an emergency while flying with friends back in may. they managed to land the plane without even having any fight experience. he described the experience with reporter and
6:50 pm
save your walton. >> it's unbelievable on the ground underneath the wing of the small plane. i can't believe i'm still a lot of ken allen is so thankful feel very fortunate. ken recorded this video on may 10th at 12,000 feet. 5 minutes before he says he passed out over the atlantic his friend, a passenger with 0 flight experience miraculously landed the plane. >> ken was rushed to saint mary's hospital, then transferred to palm beach gardens medical center to repair a tear in his aorta really is nothing short of a miracle that that he he was even able to get to u.s. air involved. >> the first part of the aorta, which is what a necessity the heart surgery. but that aired and also extended all the way down. his aorta into his happen. if a rule state, if a pilot has a medical emergency, that pilot can't fly until medically cleared by the administration for clearance can was given 60 days to provide all the
6:51 pm
paperwork. >> from doctors reported that death defying incident in a detail-progress report from the past. color surgeon. >> i was laying on the floor here months after the midair miracle. i send the cabin? he nearly died? i think about it. literally 20 times a day. if not more. there's so many ifs this happened. i wouldn't be here. if that happened. i wouldn't be here trying to hold the wings it was incredible. can cheated death, not once but twice, less than maybe 10 seconds. i was. >> going from fine. the unconscious. and even after all that he's ready for take off again. everything's been submitted to the f a greater role. >> now as year, walton reporting for us tonight. and that was scary. figure out how the passengers landed the yeah. that's the part i'm going to here to cannes is a pile. this, of course we're all sitting here trying to figure this out. but let's move on to the weather now looking live at the golden gate bridge tonight. looks a little hazy out there trying
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not to pass out. meteorologist rodriguez has a look ahead. i know hopefully are flying tails buddy is not a five-play let's take a look at your 4 zone forecast. we're tracking warmer temperatures. if you thought today was mild. >> it's going to get even hotter, especially for our hottest inland valleys, downtown san francisco, flirting with 80's today. tomorrow you're going to reach that low, 80 degree mark for your wednesday afternoon. we're tracking winds out of the north 20 miles per hour or less. those warm dry offshore breeze is clearing us out half moon bay and elgar. not a mild temperatures for you in the mid 70's at 76 degrees. so hope you enjoy that for your bay area. beaches, brisbane to burlingame, mid 80's and we're tracking low 90's for san carlos and woodside. so it's going to be hot there. even hotter for parts of the south bay campbell and santa clara in the mid 90's, easily 15 degrees above average. you could actually see some possible record breaking heat in the forecast. tomorrow wouldn't be surprise
6:53 pm
livermore. 93 degrees with union city in the low 90's as his double in concord and walnut creek. 93 degrees. the san leandro at 88 degrees. berkeley in the low 80's and we're tracking a mix of 80's and 90's for north bay valleys. belaid 89 degrees of vacaville and fairfield in the mid 90's. santa rosa, though, 92 degrees. but sandra fell hot temperatures as well. 93 degrees for your wednesday afternoon. it is going to be the peak. so we're gradually going to cool down with temperatures 5 to 15 degrees below average saturday, our warmest inland valleys struggling to warm up into the 70's. we're tracking 60's for your afternoon highs. thanks to this week's storm. we are going to see slight chance of ships of showers, mainly for those of you in the south bay, but a 10th of an inch of rain or less dry for everyone else. but it still warm and gusty offshore breezes starting saturday night through sunday, 30 miles per hour. less than just keep that in mind, especially if you have any halloween decorations outside,
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make sure to bring them indoors or make sure that they're firmly in place. ken and pam, back to you. all right, thank a coming up, pictures tell the tale of family home burglarized while they are out. it
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>> some frightening moments for yorba linda home owner in orange county as she helplessly watched her home being burglarized on a home surveillance video season having dinner with her daughter last thursday when she got a notification that somebody was in our home owner
6:57 pm
house. she then watched in real time is 2 men ransacked her home. she immediately called police but says the burglars manage to get away with cash in about 20 to $30,000 worth of jewelry. >> group of boy scouts who are stranded for 3 days on a hiking trip been rescued in new mexico. the national guard saved 16 children. 9 adults who spent the entire weekend trapped in the gila national forest about 3 hours from albuquerque. they're all ok? have a good night.
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