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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 18, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at 8 decades after her murder, a man has been found guilty in the killing of kristin smart. plus new data on drug overdoses in the city where they're happening in which drug is the biggest contributor to accidental death and boasting climate action in the bay area. vice president kamala harris visit san francisco with how the biden administration is trying to help the nation go green. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm ken
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wayne. justice for the family of kristin smart. after nearly 30 years since her disappearance today, a jury in the murder trial of the cal poly student found her former classmate, paul flores guilty of her murder while a separate jury acquitted his father, ruben of being an accessory to murder kron four's theresa joins us live in the studio to explain about today's verdict. theresa. >> ken and pam, it's been very long road for just a must for the smart family have to remember that the 2 suspects, paul, an ruben. >> were not charged in connection to christians death until last year. her body still missing. and tonight there, though, is finally some closure for the smart. >> without christian, there's no joy or happiness. >> and this verdict, parents of kristin smart speaking about the conflicting verdict reached tuesday in their daughter's murder trial. paul flores found guilty of smart's murder. his father ruben, not guilty of being an accessory to murder. >> after 26 years, they split.
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we're next. we learned that our quest for this is for christian will continue. >> i'm just going to briefly add my appreciation. to everyone that my husband spoke about. and each person who has. then the wind. beneath our wings to get us to this day. >> smart was a 19 year-old freshman at cal poly when she disappeared in 1996. during a 3 month trial. witnesses testified paul flores, the 19 and also a student offered to take her back to her dorm after an off-campus party. flores said that he left her safe attar dorm, but she was never seen again. investigators searched his dorm room and track down leads. but there was no arrest until last year. new evidence, including cadaver dogs tracked down what's been described as the coffin size hole under the
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backyard steps of his father's home 12 miles from the cal poly campus. blood evidence was also discovered the father and son were arrested and charged with ruben flores with accessory to murder on grounds. he helped his son. bay area defense attorney paula canny says she was surprised that ruben flores was acquitted. i actually thought each jury would reach the same verdict. so so was guilty for the sun. it would be gill take for the father. but the interesting thing about this case >> is remember, there were 2 juries logistically, the trial was a nightmare. >> up next for paul flores, his sentencing, i asked lesser sentence could be offered to florissant. a plea deal to get him to reveal where christians body is located. >> could he negotiate disclosing where the body is for maybe a second degree. maybe. that's a complicated thing because he would then have to say, you know, i had
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something to do with it. >> sends it seeing for paul force is set for december. he is currently facing 25 to life. ken and pam. all right, teresa, thank you for that. a debate between district attorney candidates just wrapped up in san francisco kron four's justine waltman was listening in on that debate. so have their pitches to the public coming up in just a few minutes at about 8.30. >> san francisco police are investigating a homicide in the tenderloin district. this is video of the scene from the citizen app. officers say they found a man who had been shot just after midnight. he died at the scene. no word tonight on a possible suspect or motive. >> all of that is how many deaths san francisco is averaging every month from accidental drug overdoses. and people may assume that those deaths are largely in the homeless community. but data from the city medical examiner's office show otherwise of the 451 people
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who have died from an overdose in san francisco. 72% of those were people who had a permanent fix to address the drug most responsible for the overdose deaths in the city is fentanyl. it is the cause for 70% of all of the deaths. the city says it is working to educate everyone about the dangers of the highly potent synthetic opiate. >> so this may include promoting messages around safer use. this may include increasing our distribution of naloxone, another harm reduction supplies, increasing access barrier treatments. we have a street overdose response team that responds to overdoses. >> these accidental overdoses are happening all over the city. but the tenderloin neighborhood is seen the most deaths, one in 5 of the city's overdoses this year happened in that neighborhood. the san francisco anti open air drug market activists started using his cell phone camera to highlight the city's drug problem. now he's going inside
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city hall placing a bid for a seat on what's called the reentry council kron four's haaziq has the story. >> it is so high. you don't want to get up to use the bathroom. >> this is how it started for richie. when using social media to highlight san francisco's open air drug also right to full my >> this is how it's going recently putting in his bid for one of the subcommittee seats on the san francisco reentry council, which coordinates local efforts to support justice involved in formally incarcerated people. >> did you ever think that you would be a person that would be applying to be a policy maker in san francisco city government. absolutely not. just last year i was be charged. a career criminal. >> i thought i was going to spend a decade in prison, but he says a judge gave him a
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break, offering the former drug dealer and recovering addict an opportunity to get clean and he took it. i want to prove to him and everybody else that reform is possible. if you stay clean and sober and it is encouraging drug addicts towards abstinence based treatment that he would like to see as the official policy in his hometown of san francisco. >> recovery happens. when you get clean, you can not meet these people where they're at and give them crystal meth pipes and needles, tin foil and strolls like the department of health does. >> at their home reduction, tense and expect them to listen or in take information that you're giving them when they're in need rated off some type of substance. >> however, harm reduction has been an official public health policy in san francisco for over 20 years and what harm reduction does it as it sounds it's kind of recognizing the reality that with some they're
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going to and they may use just until they eventually stop using the substances. >> or they may start to use over whatever it is, you want to make sure that they're using the safest way possible. and the been the way causes the least harm to themselves and others. the board of supervisors has the final vote on the appointment. i'm hoping >> they at consider me in san francisco has met. kron 4 all right. is tuesday night. a live look outside looking out over san francisco looks pretty clear. >> you can see a little bit of heat coming out of the area where chase haha camera a breeze said, how's it looking out there? yeah. definitely tracking that steam, right, ken and pam, let's take a look. >> at current temperatures out there right now because we're still in the 70's, even at this 8 o'clock hour. check out downtown san francisco, 70 degrees, 10 degrees warmer than half moon bay. you're
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seeing northerly winds in downtown san francisco and also thanks to the warriors to but half moon bay. 61 degrees. thanks to the return of that cool sea breeze. so mother nature's ac definitely kicking into high gear. right now, oakland, 64 degrees. but check out pittsburgh, 10 degrees warmer than that. 74 degrees with santa rosa in the low 70's out there right now. so was a mild, a 5 to 10 degrees above average tracking double-digit warming. still for santa rosa. that's what you're still in the 70's because of those diablo winds out there in full force and they're going to continue through tomorrow as well. warming up temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average. you can even see mid 90's for some of our hottest inland valleys when tracker for though calm wind speeds. but as you can see, northwesterly breezes for downtown san francisco. that's why we're still in the 70's out there this evening. clear, calm night for the most part that's going to continue. and we are going to see less of that marine layer. thanks to the warm up. temperatures
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really going to heat up midweek. details ahead on the possible record. breaking heat and what's in store for us this weekend tracking some major changes in your bay area forecast. back to you. ken and pam, but thank you for that. the man killed following an oakland police chase has now been identified. 44 year-old hussein. >> coy goat died after a suspect who was fleeing. police crashed into his truck. it happened on monday along san leandro street near the coliseum. bart station. according to police, the suspect identified as 23 year-old jonathan hernandez was wanted for a previous hit and run incident. hernandez was arrested and will face vehicular homicide charges for the deadly crash. the police chief defended the officers actions and the pursuit will be investigated. >> he was a nice person. we helped people didn't even know lakers took their family. she told friends he anyone. he was amazing. caring person. it
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made us feel it is reunite alert. family. >> that was the victim's needs. how she says that her uncle was the provider for their extended family. they have now set up a gofundme page to help cover expenses and his absence. we're going to have more on this story coming up tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. >> coming up on kron, 4 news today. the end of the covid-19 state of emergency in california is just around the corner. why some lawmakers say it should and sooner. >> plus, another wave of layoffs in the tech sector. how many jobs? microsoft says it has to cope. but first, new details from a death investigation. what we're learning tonight about a woman who was found burned to death in the east bay.
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>> police in antioch are asking for the public's help. they need help identifying a woman who was found dead yesterday morning. her body had been set on fire on the mccollum. the trail between the gentry town drive and lucine away. police say the woman was wearing a ring and a metal necklace to ring was on her right ring finger. the necklace was a pendant with the letter k police believe the woman was under 30 years old was about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. she also had extensive
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dental work done in the past, including 3 missing, left lower mueller's and a distinctive gap between her top front middle teeth. anyone with information is asked to call antioch police santa rosa. police are investigating 2 assault cases that targeted women while they were on their walks. one of the cases happened at 7.30, this morning on the east side of >> the pond in a place to play park. that's on west 3rd street in santa rosa. a woman in her early 60's said she was walking when a man grabbed her, tried to kiss her through to the ground and tried to take off her belt. she said the suspect ran away as she continued to fight him off. the suspect was described as a man in his late 20's to early 30's stands about 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs between a 11670 pounds. he had a clean shaven face and dark frizzy hair as it's described, the suspect was wearing a yellow or mustard colored shirt and a red or black knitted cap. the other case happened last
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friday night before 10 o'clock on middle rank on road northeast of drone elementary school. police say a woman in her late 50's was walking when she says a man walked up to her covered her mouth and knocked her to the ground. she told police the suspect ran away when she started screaming and kicking him. police say the suspect in this incident is described to be physically fit between 5, 6, and 5.11. was short, curly hair wearing a dark jogger style outfits. anyone with information on either of these cases is asked to call santa rosa police. prosecutors charge suspected stockton serial killer wesley brownlee with fatally shooting 3 men. police said they were among 6 victims slain by a serial killer over the past year and a half. the charges come 3 days after police arrested brownlee according to the district attorney brown lee faces charges for the murder of jonathan rodriguez. hernandez on august. 30th juan carlos kcur onto cruise on september. 21st and lawrence lopez on september 27th
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earlier this evening, the da explained why they only formally charged him with half of the killings. police believe he's responsible for. >> we're waiting for additional evidence to process through that most likely, believe, will allow us the opportunity to have those additional charges. but when we go to court, down to only charge based upon the evidence that we have in front of us and that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt for background for this is a defense attorney could go timeout late today. we would have to present its case in 10 days. so when i charge today or rt charge the case last night and this morning, we have to do based on what we have right here in front of us at this moment. >> brownlee did not enter a plea today. he was assigned a public defender who requested a second arraignment for november 14th. in the meantime, brownlee will remain in custody at the san joaquin county jail without bail. >> well, they're supposed to be relatively warm tuesday night. this is a live look outside tonight at the san mateo bridge. pretty busy at
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this hour buddy going kron 4 chief meteorologist that's not why not a could be the one day a second lieutenant to meteorologists. i don't know the ranking system here it's pretty much chief and then meteorologist pretty much. lawrence is the head honcho. but hey, i'll be the honorary chief tonight in his late son. take a look at high temperatures today because it was certainly warmer 5 to 10 degrees warmer. then where we were yesterday, 10 degrees above average along the coast and east bay shoreline. temperatures for downtown san francisco. we should be in the low 70's instead flirting with 80's. but oakland. >> you reach the 80 degree mark 10 degrees above where you should be for this time of year and mid 80's for livermore, concord and santa rose about 5 degrees above average there. so hope you enjoy the 80's because tomorrow you're going to warm up into the low to mid 90's of possible record-breaking heat in the forecast for our hottest inland valleys. let's take a look at temperatures
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out there right now. cooling down into the 60's along the coast and low 70's for most of our inland valleys. with the exception of san jose, currently 73 degrees, very mild out there. even at this 8 o'clock hour. but as you can see, crystal clear skies, fog, tobar, nowhere in sight because of today's warm-up. northerly winds pushing that fog bank away from the bay area. so overnight lows tonight going to be mild as well. downtown san francisco in oakland, 58 degrees with antioch. only cooling down to 61 degrees and temperatures tomorrow. let's take a look at how hot it's going to get livermore. 93 degrees, 15 degrees above average. remember, you should be at 78 degrees for this time of year. novato and santa rosa in the low 90's as a san jose with downtown san francisco, 10 degrees above average in the low 80's, even half moon bay out of the 60's and in the 70's. so we're going to be warming up for your midweek forecast and then cooling down to 5 to 15 degrees below average by this weekend. quite
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the weather roller coaster ride most of our inland valleys. the saturday struggling to reach the 70's only warming up to 68 degrees. we could see some light scattered showers for san jose, mainly just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less. it's the gusty offshore winds that we need to keep an eye on very dry conditions. possible fire danger concerns so far, no fire weather watches or warnings in effect just yet. going to keep an eye on that in the coming days. all right. bring on those showers. i know what i wish. i could just nudge that forecast track a little bit more north so we can all get something. but looks like it's staying in monterey. all right. we'll say thank you. thank you. back in the bay area now, vice president kamala harris was at the in san francisco today. she >> talked about recent biden administration actions and investments which will help combat the climate crisis, including the recently passed inflation reduction act. the vice president says the bags will be used to make part of our everyday lives a little bit greener by offering tax credits helping americans
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phase out gas, powered vehicles and ultimately improve public health. >> on a daily basis, 25 million children in our country every day go to school. on those diesel field. school buses. hundreds, thousands of school bus drivers are driving those busses. which are then these people, these children, these adults. are handling what is toxic? >> the inflation reduction act also allows point of sale tax credits for electric vehicles. the vice president says that will help streamline the process of those wanting to switch to an ev. and it removes steps from what can be a complicated bureaucratic process. >> still ahead tonight, at 8 o'clock calls for immediate action to address gas prices to requests from republicans to governor newsom. at state
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capitol, republican lawmakers are calling on the governor to bring back legislators from recess all to address high gas prices in a letter sent out today, gop members of the assembly and senate called for a special session to consider a vote to suspend the state's gas tax comes after governor already called for the legislature to hold a special
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session on december 5th to take up his proposal for a windfall profits tax on oil companies in the state. >> i don't think anybody seriously believes that a new tax is going to lower your gas price. in fact, taxes are really the problem. we have the highest taxes and regulations in the nation and it's why we pay upwards of a $1.80. per gallon more than everywhere else. the governor's not indicated whether or not he plans to support or reject the gop calls for a special session right now. but >> he has maintained support for his own plan to hold a special session in early december. in the meantime, gas prices are actually continuing to fall. the state average is down almost a nickel since yesterday, but the bay area seeing some even bigger say-it saving solano county. he's now averaging less than $6 a gallon. that's down almost $0.10 since yesterday. we're in counties down by $0.8 to 604. the second cheapest average in the bay area. san
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francisco, santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties all dropped by about $0.5. san mateo county is down by about $0.7. napa county is still the highest average in the bay area at 6.28. a gallon. >> next tonight on kron, 4 news at 8 pleading their case to the city of san francisco for candidates debate over who should be the city's next district attorney. plus, california's covid state of emergency coming to a close right. as health experts say they are concerned about another winter surge and fears of a recession grow from inflation to an up and down job market. the concern for what could be just around the corner.
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aw... the district attorney jason this november's vote will be a special election to select the city's next top prosecutor for a full term. tonight, the 4 candidates went head to head in the debate explaining why they should get the job kron four's justine waltman. listen in and has their responses to the big question tonight. what to do about crime. just well, the debate took place at the university of san francisco law school, which is where 3 of the candidates call their alma mater. that is murray. shin ye joely do very nice e. >> and john hamasaki the 4th candidate is interim da. brooke jenkins, san francisco mayor london breed appointed to the job this summer. and tonight, the 4 share their visions for the future of criminal justice and accountability in the city.
8:30 pm
starting with getting drugs off the streets. >> day i get sworn in. those investigators that are driving teis distric attorney around will go back to work to go back on the street and they will make fentanyl arrest on that day. it's not just about lock them all up and throw away the key. we've tried that. all it does is bring out more dealers and more dealers now fighting for turf. one of my biggest things i do is block access output. both users and dealers in jail. if you don't shape up, you've got tpto ship we're also making sur that these dealers are admonished that should they be connected to selling fentanyl to somebody that overdoses that they could be charged with murder? because we have to hold these people accountable. >> other topics at tonight's debate, stopping petty crimes like car break-ins and how to prosecute hate crimes. >> i'm afraid to send the message to those. can those people that are coming to san francisco to prey vulnerable?
8:31 pm
we are not going to tolerate it. your days of preying on our people are over in san francisco. >> because week for too long, it treated are victims is just, you know, there are another witness and this is where use to score a conviction and get a notch on the wall or whatever. but, you know, these are real communities that are hurt and this is my community. this hurt under my administration. i guarantee you crime is crime and i will prosecuted accordingly. so if you are a victim, you will get the sam% treatment that any person of a different race would get. we will prosecute anyone who commits a specific type of crime in this city. to the extent we we can and we should. >> whether or not there's a hate crime charge, they're still going to be accountability, but we can not charge being simply because it's politically cute to do. so. let me be clear. >> in this debate that lasted just over an hour. all the candidates said that public safety is the top priority and
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the winner will serve the remainder dean's term, which would end in january 2024. live in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news. justine, thank you. remember this date february 28th 2023. >> that is today. california will officially end its covid-19 state of emergency nearly 3 years after it first went into effect. the emergency declaration gave governor gavin newsom powers to put in place dozens of executive orders on matters ranging from special funding to mask mandates to stay at home orders. republican lawmakers have long argued the governor is abusing the state of emergency and then it should have already ended. the covid emergency should have been done a long time ago. >> i think everybody is asking the same question is, you know, why not just send it now? why are you announcing that you're going to end it in february? the governor's team says the february day will give health care providers and local governments enough time to prepare for the conclusion of the emergency order.
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>> before it even after the emergency declaration expires, the state will maintain its capacity to administer 200,000 vaccines a day if needed all while keeping a stockpile of 75 million masks, those vaccines and masks may be needed in the months to come. health officials are warning of 2 new variants. it could cause another winter surge. doctor anthony fauci says the bq one and bq 1.1 variants now make up about one out of 10 new covid cases. the white house's chief medical advisor says he's worried that the next variant may be far more resistant to medications that help at a patient's manage covid the preparation for winter surge. fauci recommends it. everyone get fresh covid booster shots. >> let's check on our weather looking outside tonight. see a little more haze or fog in this picture from out. and then in one of our earlier pictures debris. so we're talking about slight chance of rain on the way slight, very
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for those of you in the south bay. >> you could blink and miss it. i mean, it's it's something that we could see some more light showers next tuesday into wednesday. but yeah, this weekend definitely going to be more of a wind maker than rainmaker. let's take a look at temperatures, though, from now. until then we're going to be heating up. in fact, the warming trend well underway and it's going to peak on wednesday with temperatures in downtown san francisco in mission district. 10 degrees above average in the low 80's even happen. be an elder, not a warming up into the mid 70's. so not really going to see much relief even along our bay area beaches, thanks to those northerly winds and that lack of marine layer. but brisbane through burlingame, widespread mid 80's there. so temperatures ranging 5 to 15 degrees above average because of winds out of the north. those warm, dry diablo winds that gives us the peak of fire season. this time of year. certainly going to be an issue for the bay area tomorrow, san
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carlos 92 degrees. and we're tracking widespread low to mid 90's for most of the south bay campbell. 94 degrees with san jose in the low 90's. so temperatures even for livermore, 93 degrees, 15 degrees above average. you should be averaging 78 degrees as our concord and walnut creek. but you're also going to be in the mid 90's at 93 degrees. so very hot temperatures. fortunately, wind speeds going to stay on the calm, breezy side, 20 miles per hour or less. so no imminent fire danger. but let's be safe out there because it is going to be very hot, fairfield and vacaville. 95 degrees of peace with petaluma and avato in the low 90's. so here's our slight chance of showers, futurecast for tracking that storm track just to our south and monterey. but as you can see, it's going to knock on the south bay's doors. san jose could get about a 10th of an inch of rain or less. if you're lucky. also some parts of our bay area beaches and coastal cities. but the bulk of the wet weather definitely going to impact this year. the valley's going to see widespread rain saturday
8:36 pm
turning into snow showers by the middle of this upcoming week. but for us cooler and windy weather, we're going to be 5 to 15 degrees below average this weekend. so fire danger concerns, believe or not going to be an issue starting saturday night through sunday just because it's been so dry out there in these hot temperatures right now, not going to help out our vegetation. back to ken and pam for bree. so thank you. in the south bay, police in san jose say someone shot paint willow glen elementary school police say several students, at least one faculty member were hit with some type of pay ball. >> in a message sent out to neighbors, the school said that saw pellets were shot into a classroom. fortunately, no one was seriously injured and there does not appear to be any damage to property. the school also noted that similar incidents have recently happened around the willow glen neighborhood. >> and when i moved here, i move for reese's that it was very safe. in the coming year into it. and he has change. it's not safe anymore. at least we don't feel safe
8:37 pm
anywhere. >> school officials said the paint may have been fired from a grey mercedes suv. but so far they've not identified any suspects. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police. >> thousands of dollars in student debt swept away by president biden's loan forgiveness plan. what the relief means to lives of those affected ahead. first with transportation agencies are telling their riders to do as they face the clipper card shortage. part of the
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metropolitan transportation commission are now encouraging travelers to switch from plastic clipper cards to the clipper card app. >> according to the agency's global supply chain issues have severely depleted the inventory of plastic clipper cards through the end of the year. the agencies will be waiving the standard $3 new card fee for customers who opt for the mobile app. option customers who decide used a traditional plastic card will still be charged at $3 fee. >> a mountain view police officer took it upon himself to purchase a brand new bicycle for a young boy who was struck by a car while he was riding his bicycle. the toddler and his father suffered minor injuries in the collision last month outside the mountain view public library. >> the child's by was damaged. so that is when one of the officers who responded stepped in to help that officer who
8:41 pm
was not identified bought the child, a new bike to new helmets and a goodie bag. last week that officer met with the boy and his family and presented him with this bike. he was back up and riding in no time as you see there. nice story. >> texas force. we've got some baseball playoff action yankees-guardians and phillies padres. kate rooney has all the highlights. plus an update on a game going on tonight. opening night warriors taking on the lakers coming up. tech
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8:44 pm
giant microsoft plans to lay off nearly 1000 of its workers across the company. this move comes in what seems like a growing trend of layoffs in the tech industry. layoffs reportedly started yesterday and are affecting a variety of divisions within the company. michael saw operates 3 offices in the bay area in san francisco, palo alto and mountain view. so far, it's unclear if workers from these 3 offices among the layoffs. the surging u.s. dollar is making currencies around the world weaker and that's contributing to soaring prices for everyday goods and services. >> the ice u.s. dollar index report since dollars up 18% this year and hit a 20 year high last month overseas, india's rupee has dropped nearly 10% this year against the dollar. egypt's pounds plunged 20% and turkey's lira
8:45 pm
has plummeted almost 30%. many economists worry the sharp rise of the dollar. it's increasing the likelihood of a global recession sometime next year. be sure to tune in tomorrow night on kron. 4 news today will be joined by our financial analysts to discuss the latest tech layoffs where the economy is now and if we're really heading for a recession. the threat of extreme heat across the state. the california office of emergency services will now contact people living in areas predicted to get hit by extreme heat. >> in addition to sending out notifications, the system would also rate the heatwave danger level similar to how scientists rank the danger of hurricanes. governor newsom says the 8.5 million dollars in state money invested in this new plan cannot come soon enough. >> just last month we saw the hottest longest heatwave in our state's history. breaking thousands of temperature records across the state and over the western united states starting the most vulnerable
8:46 pm
among us and threatening our confidence and trust in our thrive. not just survive. >> the new investment will fund a variety of heat safety programs, including efforts to plant more trees at california schools and expand access to air conditioning for low income communities. and insurance companies in california are now required to give discounts to homeowners who are protecting their property from wildfires. california's department of insurance says it is seen a surge in residential costs for those in areas prone to wildfires. customers are demanding discounts on the installation of fire resistant rooftops and vegetation clearance insurance companies have 6 months to submit paperwork to the state. >> millions of americans with student loan debt are now eligible for relief. the website to apply went live this weekend allowing for up to $20,000 in student loan forgiveness. applying for
8:47 pm
relief takes just a few minutes there on the web site. aid dot its student aid dot gov. process requires only your name, social security number phone number date of birth and e-mail address student loan borrowers who make less than $125,000 a year will have up to 10,000 hours of their college debt forgiven and up to $20,000. for those who received pell grants, 6 republican led states are suing to block the plan, arguing it oversteps the president's authority and lead to financial losses for student loan services. us a uc berkeley graduate been ellsworth tells kron 4. he's looking forward to the really. >> this is like a step in the right direction and that we should be supporting anything south left. those that are struggling financially. >> the education department says eligible borrowers should expect to see their debt forgiven within 6 weeks. the goal is to forgive the debt before student loan repayments resume in january. a new study
8:48 pm
says california is college dropout rate is much higher than the national average. according to the nonprofit group, educational data about 16% of all california residents attended college but did not graduate. they are also 46% more likely to have dropped out of college and the average u.s. resident california residents are also 33% more likely to be college students and other states which leads to the higher dropout numbers. according to study, financial sacrifice and stress are the most common reasons for dropping out. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> 16 carats of diamonds. that's what makes up the 2022 championship rings. the warriors received tonight one carat for each golden state postseason victory. it's really, really big too. it's a victory in the stars for tonight's opening match up with the lakers. well, that is
8:49 pm
tbd game going on as we speak. and right now the warriors have got a 10 point lead there up. 55. 45 in the 2nd quarter. steph curry. no surprise that he's leading the way with 12 points and jordan poole. he just got paid and he's got 10 points off the we're going to have. highlights of this one, of course, in a live report from chase center later tonight. how about some playoff baseball? today was the first nlcs game. the phillies going against the padres in san diego. we go to the top of the 4th bryce harper that since profar hits a shot to left field. >> that's gone. and that's put in philadelphia on the board. philly score. first. >> top of the 6th now kyle schwarber takes a swing, a hard swing hitting into right field. >> another home run. that was a long one. brings the phillies up 2, nothing. >> ticket prices are for padres fans. a little less enthused feeling the nerves towards the end of the game.
8:50 pm
last win of the night. josh bell, this is contact with the ball swing in right above the target. phillies took this victory and the padres home. not a great night for padres fans, but chance to prove themselves against the phillies tomorrow at one. 35 back in the same stadium. all right. let's head out to new york yankees and guardians battling it out. game 5 of the and ald escuse me bottom of the first no score. 2 on for giancarlo stanton and he takes this one for a deep to right. celebrate big to state and put the yankees up early. a three-run bomb next inning. aaron judge wants in on the action a shot to right. that is also gone. extends new york's lead to 4. they would go on to win 5 to one. they punched their ticket to the alcs where they will meet the houston astro's and because of a rain delay in the alds game. one that series starts tomorrow. all right. to the
8:51 pm
ice we go. the sharks in new york taking on the islanders 3rd period, islanders up by one oliver wahlstrom, shoots it and catches the top of the net for his second goal of the game. so the sharks fall 5 to 2. they're going to take on the rangers at madison square garden on thursday. but tonight, it's really all it is about the looks like they're going into halftime ahead that half right. and we're seeing some good stuff out of a lot of the young players. but that core nucleus. >> steph klay draymond. get to see them back together. he sure is. want to see what 16 carats looks like. that is its large takes up would take up i thanks go. we'll be right back.
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>> all of the members of the korean pop band bts very popular pop band, by the way, are taking time away from their music in order to fulfill their obligations and enlist with the korean military. but as a result, the entire country may take a financial hit. according to the hyundai research institute, bts is contributing more than 3.6 billion dollars to the south korean economy every year. that is equal to the contribution of 26 midsize companies. the institute says
8:55 pm
the boy band brought in one in every 13 tourists who visited that country in 2017. wow. >> a new study shows just how loved tiktok is by its users. the app is now more popular than netflix. new research by omega shows said tiktok has claimed the number 2 spot behind youtube us the most popular video streaming service for those under the age of 35 netflix had previously held that spot. the service is heavily skewed by age. however, it is 6 most popular streamer by users over the age of 35 netflix retains that second place standing in that age group. so if you're older, your netflix fan, if you're younger, there are a tick tock are. >> okay. we're not saying we what is to and i like netflix. so that like all the movie that wraps kron. 4 news tonight at 8 o'clock. but kron 4 news at 9 is coming up next.
8:56 pm
pam. ken, i know can your tiktok or not? it? that's when you do the haha. all right. thank next at 9, here's what we're working on. a popular brand selling outdoor gear and apparel. it's temporarily closing its doors. >> very soon, it says first store in san francisco actually why its owner says crimes in the city are just too much for him and his employees to bear. plus, yeah, the golden state warriors back in action tonight. opening up the new nba season against the lakers were going to have full highlights of the game and how chase center is all lit up tonight in blue and gold. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next.
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at known. >> right now at 9, a popular brand is shutting its doors in san francisco because of safety concerns. this just the less than a year after opening. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ken wayne. cotopaxi is temporarily closing its hayes valley location in the city. this after getting robbed several times. >> kron four's amanda hari talk to the founder and ceo about the difficult decision. >> our employees just no longer feel safe. working there. and i would neither group axes, ceo and founder david smith says he has always loved san francisco, his outdoor gear and apparel brand is always done well online in the bay area. >> leading to the opening of this store on he street near laguna late in 2021, the store's grand opening, however, was anything but grant from the ferry. first week we open the store. we had window smashed in and a lot of products stolen. >> we replace the window and


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