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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> now at 6, the race to become oakland's next. mayor is neck and neck in new poll by the oakland chamber of commerce finds council members lauren taylor and leading the pack with nearly the same amount of support former city council member ignacio de la renta is coming in 3rd. good evening, everybody. i'm pam moore and i'm justine waldman. ken wayne is off tonight and as kron four's dan kerman
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reports right now since oakland does not have runoffs, instead has ranked choice voting. political analysts say it could not being a battle of second choice votes. >> a new poll finds oakland city council members, lauren taylor and chang tao in an extremely tight race for mayor. the oakland chamber of commerce poll finds of the 604 residents surveyed taylor and tower neck and neck both receiving about 34% support over for second and 3rd choices. it's going to come down to between now and the next 20 days. it's going to be how voters feel really about where they are and what these candidates represent to them in terms of what they hope they'll be able to do in city hall. i don't think there's any of them have high hopes will actually changed radically over the next over the next year. so especially with the economy being the way it is running. 3rd in the mayoral poll is former council member ignacio de la fuente who experts say you can't
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count out because oakland uses ranked choice voting with ranked choice literal history of of the bay area is littered with people finish first in the first round. but then went on to lose because the that person second was a higher rate choice for all the people who dropped out early. so it's too early to say who's going to win ranked choice. voting played the deciding role in oakland's 2010 mayoral election. well, in the initial count, former state senator don prada had 11,000 more first-place votes. then then councilmember jean quan. he didn't have more than half the vote, which is needed to win one 0nd and 3rd choice votes were counted. kwan had more than half the vote with the 2000 vote lead and emerge victorious. that's why political analysts say the next 3 weeks will not only be filled with campaigning for the people's but also to see who other candidates will
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endorse as a second choice. imagine that this could be a lot of deal-making going on between now and the next 2 week, next 3 weeks to try and get people to sort of decide who's going to be their second choice of the 3 front runners. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> san jose voters will select a new mayor in less than a month to. but which candidate has the edge to win? depends on who you ask. new polls paint different pictures for santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez and council member matt mahan, who are both vying to replace mayor sam liccardo who turns out this year. grant lotus joins us now here live in the studio to break down these new polls and this is one of the most heated and expensive race is that there's been a long time indeed. a lot of money is being spent. >> on this polling, the super pac co they're doing these different polls and depending on who's asking folks get a vastly different answers. so we'll break it down here. these 2 candidates have collectively raised more than million dollars since june and
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attack ads are ramping up on tv and social media. but let's look now at what voters are saying. see if to polls showing really mixed results. according to one poll by rg strategies between august 27th in september. 1st, they asked people in chavez and mahan were neck and neck among voters. 35% of people supporting each candidate. now, according to the poll, roughly 28% of voters are still undecided. this poll surveyed 500 voters in san jose in the poll. this is key was paid for by the common good silicon valley pac, which has spent nearly $700,000 supporting may hands campaign since december. jim reid, who runs the common good pack, said the poll shows a positive trend for may hands campaign. he told reporters may hands quite a bit better than a 50, 50 chance to win. okay. that's one side. according to another poll done by clear path
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strategies between august 29th in september. 4th, fast folks and chavez had a clear lead over mahan polling at 40% to his 28% respectively. roughly 26% of voters. they said here undecided the poll survey more than 400 voters in san jose and clear path strategies backed shah vets kron four's political analyst michael yaki spoke with our justin campbell about what this all means you know, what's interesting about these polls is that >> polls are. and really especially in the last last 2 or 3 election cycles, not as reliable as one would think and when they're sponsored by interest supporting one or the other candidate, which all 3 polls were, you're going to get results that skew toward the candidate. they favor what you can to which you can tell from this is pretty much absolutely nothing other than they're still working on a new polls can have to win or 2 to 2 different functions. they
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can measure where you are in the race or they're used to communicate and message for the candidate that you're seeking 2 seeking to support. and i think these were more the latter. >> san jose residents will have the opportunity to make their voices heard on election day. that is november 8th. and coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock, we'll have the highlights of tonight's debate between the 2 candidates, justine pam. now back to you. grant. thank you. >> it has been 31 years since the deadly oakland hills firestorm that killed 25 people and destroyed thousands of homes in the last few months. there have not been any reports of major wildfires in the bay area. both the weather and preventative measures that people been taking of all helped and kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live now and what's been working. thanks for joining us, rob. >> just seen in hand in the spring. i was reporting live at wildfires in several
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locations in the east bay and the north bay. in past years, the months of october september, they've been the busiest when it comes to wildfires. but that hasn't been the case in 2022. >> the giant flames of wildfires haven't been in the headlines this fall in the bay area. but chief fire marshal at santa rosa fire. paul ot mean they aren't happening. he said the reason wildfires haven't gotten out of control is because the public has a better job creating defensible spaces are heeding the warnings there at taking the the measure that we're asking that and those as well as the weather are both working out and cooperate in statewide cal-fire trains and works to make sure wildfires don't get out of hand learning from the past. so that 95% of today's fires are contained in 10 acres or less. we've pretty aggressive on our response to mitigate the fires. >> quickly and effectively when it comes to weather conditions. kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan says we're still in a drought but
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that rain in september and a lack of offshore winds of help. if we get wind at the wrong time. >> and that set something off and we're really far away from the time of year when we finally start to relax because we know we're going to start getting these storms that roll from the northwest and kind of bring us a little bit of rain. that's we get in trouble. a slow wildfire season is a good thing. but lowenthal says there's an important balance with rainfall and its ability to lessen drought conditions. yes, it absolutely promotes growth. >> and leads to more fuels in the future. he says that many parts of the bay area are still covered in burns scars. he worries that too much rain during the colder months will result in the same flooding and mudslides. santa rosa saw last year after the glass fire. so there's a fine in beneficial rain versus rain that can cause problems. >> cal fire has set up a website with helpful tips on how to create a defensible space in your house. in case a wildfire does happen. you can
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find a link to that website on our website. kron 4 dot com reporting live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. ok, rob, thank you for that. well, it sounds pretty windy outside. let's check on our 4 zone forecast as we take a live picture looking out over san francisco on this wednesday evening. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look ahead after such a warm day. yeah, you can hear by those winds, though and robs live shot that onshore breezes kick back in. >> these are the big change in the weather pattern coming our way today with one for the record books, though, what a day. we've had high pressure overhead, a lots of sunshine and warm temperatures all the way. the coastline, even some hot spots. >> it places don't usually get in san francisco. you tied a record of 90 degrees set back in 1913, 90 also record in oakland. a record set in redwood city at 92 and tied a record at san francisco international airport of 86 degrees. but all around these temperatures were simply amazing. and they remain that way this evening just begin to cool off coast side. still, 72
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degrees in pacifica. 77 in downtown san francisco. still hot 90 in concord. 83 in napa, 77 degrees in petaluma and 88 degrees in the bottle. so yeah, we have those offshore winds that normally component to the wind. but now things are beginning to switch gears. more of a sea breeze started to kick in. i think we'll feel those effects even more so by tomorrow, we'll still be a warm day around the bay area. but instead of those hot record breaking temperatures, i think those numbers coming down quite a bit. you can see why the fog beginning to gather along the coastline to our north and coming up from the south, you've got a couple high clouds, all those combining the show, the high pressure beginning to weaken a bit. so on that on shore breeze there, you can see along the coastline, some fog likely develop out toward the beaches overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. still tomorrow should be a warm day, but their bigger changes on the horizon and more those offshore winds, an elevated fire danger will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. lawrence, thank you. >> right now, san francisco
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police are looking for 4 men who they say broke into a popular restaurant in ghirardelli square. it happened early saturday morning and you can see from the surveillance video a man is seen taking some electronic devices from what appears to be a star as room when officers arrived at the pilot tea house, the restaurant employees said that the suspect still various items worth more than $10,000. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police in the south bay more than $100,000 in unclaimed money is sitting with santa clara county and officials want people to come forward to receive their payments. the county's department of tax and collections released a list of 200 people and businesses, all a potential owners of that unclaimed money stemming from over payments duplicate payments and charge adjustment payments. all claims must be filed by december. the 9th. if you think you are on that list, you should check the county website. up next here at 6 o'clock, how far students
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fell behind during the pandemic and how to make up for that learning loss. >> also, during the nba ring ceremony last night, steph curry made a shout out to a very special person. that's coming up after the break. plus, an emergency relief center open to hundreds of migrants in new york city today. but there are some questions surrounding its cost. there's nothing like volunteering at the fire department. there's nothing like hitting the waves. but with my moderate-to-severe eczema
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>> a new tent facility for
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migrants is up and running tonight on new york city's randall's island. the move is a response from the mayor's office to the thousands of migrants bused to the city from southern republican governor. but the space designed for hundreds of men has barely received a handful so far. reporter james ford spoke with other migrants in order to understand why. >> in the shadow of the new york city skyline, it's opening day for the humanitarian emergency relief center on randall's island. this is a historic moment. >> we haven't. does it seem something like this new york city for nearly a century. the massive weatherproof tent will welcome up to 500 asylum seekers from the southern border who spent the last few weeks on a harrowing journey to the united states. we're going offer you food, snacks, water. >> you've come a long way closer, probably dirty. you probably haven't showered in some time. that's not the right mental state to be in to determine where you want to be for the next several years of
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your life. >> along with hygiene facilities and hundreds of cots, the city's office of emergency management attempted to make the short term stay hospitable with televisions, couches, phones, even video games for the single men who will be here. >> we needed different type of operation that gave us the time and space welcome people. why warm meal shower a place to sleep, to understand their medical needs and to really didn't work with them to figure out what their next step is going to be to have that time and space. the goal for the migrants who off to come here is to get acclimated and then move on to a more permanent housing solution within 3 or more days. >> mayor eric adams toward that end compound earlier this week. the first of its kind since the crisis arose last april, bringing 20,000 people to the city think the new york has been a role model. >> on how to effectively use our infrastructure to address a crisis and make sure we treat people in a humane way.
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>> that was james ford reporting for us tonight. russian president vladimir putin has declared martial law in the 4 regions of ukraine which russia recently annex illegally. the move gives the kremlin, though, tighter control over the disputed area and comes as the russian military struggles against ukrainian forces. putin also gave additional emergency powers to the heads of all regions of russia. this morning, an air raid siren was going off in the ukrainian capital of kiev where the mayor says a number of russian missiles have been shot down. earlier today, president biden talked about this with reporters and his concerns about putin's actions. seems he's only tool available to him. >> it is to brutalize individual citizens. and ukraine. ukraine to try to intimidate them into
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>> who martial law order goes into effect tomorrow in the 4 ukrainian regions was a big night at chase center for the defending nba champs. the warriors raise their banner and put there. >> championship rings on in front of their fans, but also during the ceremony point guard steph curry pay tribute to wnba star brittney griner. it was her birthday. >> continue to use our platform. >> and the opportunity to shot out a very special member of the basketball community. brittney griner's birthday is today. she is 32 years old. >> we want to continue to let her name be known. every pray that it's been 243 days. this is going incarcerated russia. we hope that she comes home so that everybody is doing their part to get home. >> griner's appeal hearing is scheduled for october. 25th. while it's unlikely the appeal will overturn her conviction. her lawyers say they hope it could lessen the sentence.
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>> well, this wednesday evening, let's check outside and see what's going on. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. boy traffic is really backed up there on this wednesday evening is at 06:00am or i looks like it could be our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look ahead at our forecast after. >> to be heat records today. for 2 of them were ties but still impressive of 90 degrees in san francisco this time of year. that's impressive. almost any day of the year. but out there tonight, we do have mostly clear skies. couple high clouds begin to drift across our skies. a sign a change is as high pressure going to break down just a little bit. but today was one of those spectacular days. you want to get out there and enjoy. still nice evening outside. beautiful out of the golden gate nice clear skies, gentle breeze blowing right now in the san francisco couple. high clouds up above the city, but still looking very nice outside the temperatures. yeah. impressive 90. that was a high in san francisco. those tied a record. they're actually tied
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another record at sfo and 86 degrees. 90 in san not a record but still a hot day there. 94 livermore. 94 in concord, 93 in antioch, at 80's 90's around the bay. i mean, that is really something things begin to high pressure out here in the pacific. you've got a couple systems off the coastline. one low to the south here and eventually you're starting to see some of these high clouds come up from that low into the bexar. at the same time, this ridge is going to start to flatten out. there's a cold front up there. that's going to begin to drop on in. and as it moves on through, not going bring us any rain, but it will help to flatten out that ridge for tomorrow and bring down the temperatures around the bay area. so that being said, the temperatures are going to start to cool off just a little bit tomorrow afternoon. still be a warm day. got a lot of those numbers headed up to the 80's upper 80's. i think inland lot of 70's, a few 80's around the bay and 60's along the coastline next couple days. those temperatures do come down. i think on saturday it is actually a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles early on saturday morning. so if you have any plans for the weekend, well, it's not going to be rain out, but you might
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see a couple raindrops. you get about 6 in the morning or so if you sleep in, you miss it. but then the winds kick up and those are those offshore wind. so fire danger will be elevated. i think, too early next week. all right. thank >> there's a new report that found bay area test scores are lagging behind when it comes to reading and math and its fans right in the heart. they're of the pandemic from 2019 to 2022 and education information organization collected results from 10 large school districts in california, including mount diablo. it showed the mount diablo district's black, latino, english learners, foster and homeless students. all had lower scores than white and asian students and their scores. also, the klein compared to 2019, for example, among english learners, 96% did not meet the math or reading standards. mount diablo superintendent adam clark says the pandemic affected students, education. >> we have, you know, massive student absences and staff
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absences due to contact tracing and isolation and things of that nature are young people have been impacted tremendously with their mental health and just other aspects. >> to work to get students back on track. superintendent clark says that they have tutors on hand. summer school has been expanded to anybody who needs help and they continue to offer distance learning for those who benefited from it. the site standardize testing the school district wants to focus on the general curriculum and the social and emotional well-being of the students. the california department of education is expected to release the final statewide results from the 2022 exams by the end of this month. >> coming up, the fda has approved another covid-19 vaccine just before a possible winter ship. 3rd, we'll take a closer look at these shots and which companies rolling on jetblue airlines expected to take over spirit if the deal gets approved, what this could mean for the airline industry.
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new option for their next covid vaccine booster shot. the fda has approved a new vaccine from novavax. it's been approved as a booster shot for those who have already had an initial vaccination of. >> either pfizer or moderna shots. health officials say this is an option for people who need a booster when the other booster shots are not accessible. unlike the pfizer and moderna vaccines, novavax is a more traditional protein-based shot. kaiser,
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their mental health workers in northern california have ended their 10 week strike after reaching a tentative agreement. the union, which represents about 2000 health care workers set the that the move will help hire more mental health care workers to meet increasing demands for patient care. the ratification vote started last night. it is expected to take 2 days. >> jetblue airlines is taking over spirit. the spirit shareholders approved the merger of this move actually carves a path to create the country's 5th largest airline. the deal still does need to clear several hurdles with federal regulators in april. you might remember jetblue a budget airline with perks made a nearly 4 billion dollar offer for spirit, which is an ultra-low cost. no-frills airline. the airlines expect to close the merger transaction the later than the 1st half of 2024. and days after a proposal to merge
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kroger and albertsons. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren said that she will be calling on the federal trade commission to block that deal. in a tweet, senator warren road, big grocery chains like kroger and albertsons are already gallatin families with inflated prices. more mergers and less competition with mean even higher prices and layoffs for employees and quote, if approved by regulators. the nearly 25 billion dollar deal would be one of the biggest in u.s. retail history. >> coming up next here at 6, the very few clues that police had identify a woman's body that was found burned in east bay park. plus, a new push by governor newsom to crack several unsolved murders in california, including one that happened right here in the bay area. what the governor is now offering to anyone who could help authorities and a family has had to postpone the funeral of 2 brothers who were killed in the east bay. why the coroner says that autopsies are taking longer
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>> it has been nearly 3 weeks since to berkeley brothers were gunned down at a house party oakland. and the family is now saying they have not been able to properly mourn their loss and all topsy backlog. and alameda county is the reason for the delay and as kron four's. philippe reports tonight, oakland's rising homicide rate is making things worse. >> the day after 17 year-old jaycee and his 15 year-old bro


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