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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5, a new effort by the cdc to add covid shots to the regular vaccination schedule. a move that could affect u.s. adults and children. if the recommendation is approved. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 5, i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis. this cdc has voted to include the covid vaccine on the list are routine immunizations for eligible adults and >> kids as young as 6 months old. it's also important to note here that the agency says the recommended immunization schedule is not a vaccine
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mandate. cdc still needs to sign off on the recommendation to make it official. it also does not mean that schools would require students to receive the shot before enrolling states and local jurisdictions, of course, make their own rules about which vaccines are required for school attendance. >> the cdc's vote comes during a pandemic lowell, even though just 5% of eligible americans have gotten the latest booster shot and the covid cases are still relatively low. right now the holidays are approaching a new troublesome. variants are always possible. so what does the future hold and what is the best way to prepare for tonight? kron four's dan kerman spoke with some experts to get some answers. seas live from ucsf in the city. high >> we talked to a doctor, bob wachter who chairs the ucuf department of medicine today talking about how we navigate the future. he says cases right now are low and likely covid is going to be around for some time either at this
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level or with some sort of moderate surge. he says now is the time to start thinking about how you want to navigate it best for yourself. >> it does feel like the current state is a version of our future. >> doctor bob wachter chairs, ucsf department of medicine. he says some level of covid-19 will be with us for several years and the low level of cases now is probably as good as it's going to get thus a change for now in some of his behaviors. to me, it's low enough that eating indoors or going out with friends to a bar is a risk, at least that i am willing to take. >> but i prefer not to. so i try to be outside when ike and well, i wear a mask. when i go shopping. yes, i do need to talk to anybody. why wear a mask? if i'm an uber on an airplane? absolutely. yes. but with new more of a sub variants emerging overseas and now in this country. >> he says we're likely to get a moderate surge this winter. there are none of them that look like game changers totally the immunity from your
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vaccines or from your prior infection rate of cases double. he says he'll be less likely to eat indoors. well, i have 10 people over my house for thanksgiving. >> yes, what we might do if the case rates are high as do rapid tests before couple hours before that, keep the windows and the doors open and, you know, try to make it as safe as we can. wachter says each person will have to determine what level of risk they want to take. but he says the most important thing is for everyone eligible to get the new omicron specific booster, especially if they haven't had a vaccine in the last 6 months or your chances of having a bad outcome, whether it's covid, whether it's severe covid, whether it's dying of covid or whether it's getting long covid will be considerably lower. if you get this new booster, then if you don't, that's probably the most important message to get out there. medical experts say there is no crystal ball when it comes to covid. they know that for sure, especially after the last 2 years.
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>> but they still say now is the time to start thinking about how you want to be carrying on for yourself over the next several months and years to come live ucsf. dan kerman kron. 4 news the next chapter. ok? thank you, dan. san francisco will and its public health emergency declaration for monkeypox on october thirty-first. >> health officials now say the recording fewer than one new m-pox cases per day more than 27,000 san franciscans are vaccinated against the virus. health officials say they will continue to respond to any new outbreaks as needed. residents are still urged to get the 2 dose vaccine. if eligible. oakland police said noticed an uptick in people getting robbed while using atms. authorities say the most recent incident was at the citibank atm on macarthur and in order to reduce the risk of people becoming victimized opd has some tips. they're recommending scanning your surroundings and looking for suspicious people or activity around the atm. they say
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should select an atm in a well-lit and well populated area. if you get cash, put it away right away. don't stand there. count the money. some of these are common sense. but they also say when leaving an atm location, make sure you're not being followed. if you are being followed, they advise driving to a safe place. maybe a police department or a fire station and calling 9-1-1 just months after thieves drove a car through the business and ransacked the place. >> an east oakland ice cream shop has been burglarized again. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with co-owner who says that this point burglaries are just the cost of doing business in oakland. >> braden galloway is growing tired of thieves continuing to target is ice cream shop in east oakland. 3rd time this year, surveillance cameras captured suspects prying into flavor brigade, italian water, ice on fruitvale avenue. >> to take whatever they could. i hope they should
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ashamed of themselves >> their front of you, at least of them because alleyway co-owns the shop and says wednesday morning, at least 2 suspects broke through the back door. >> and rummaged through the safe and cash register getting away with just a few $100 and some of the companies tied it shirts, but they didn't stop there. they've through our shopping or neighbor shop. >> governor register all registers and empty. got her register and start to make it was she was a big part of business. galloway has filed a police report just as he did in july when thieves rammed a car through the front glass to steal an atm filled with about $500. >> the repairs were more costly and the shop had to close for more than a month before reopening in september. the combination of the damage and loss of business total, tens of thousands of dollars. it's a non-stop, constant barrage its. >> crime going on over right now. and galloway says that's just the cost of doing business these days. he has no
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plans to close up, though. and he adds things are going well at his other location in pleasanton, philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> a day after her final state of the city address. oakland mayor libby schaff joined us on kron. 4 news earlier today. chef turns out of office after 8 years soon. and she's leaving oakland at a time of difficulty with homelessness. crime police staffing issues and talking with us. she shared her thoughts on how to keep the city saie, saying it's important to maintain police staffing and resources. >> we do need to never let our police tapping get so low. these calls to defund the police actually drove officers away to other departments and it will take us a long time to make up for those departures that we are seeing. fantastic recruits coming to the academy. you know that the next generation of of our law enforcers. so that gives me hope. and then i will continue
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to try and manage the impacts encampments in a way that is humane and dignified. >> the weekly crime report from oakland from october 10th to october, 16th indicated that there were 2 killings during that time bringing the year total homicide 8 to 1, 0, to the same number of homicides at this time last year. the mayor is endorsing councilman loren taylor in his run to be the next mayor of oakland. thanks to a new bill. we could soon have more resources in california fight wildfires and hopefully. >> prevent them from becoming a major disaster. senator alex padilla was in the bay area today to talk about it. >> a crown prince charles clifford has more now from san jose. >> in recent years, wildfires have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres and devastated communities across california and the west. there is currently a bill making its way through congress, which would give fema flexibility in responding to these disasters.
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the fire act, which stands for the fema improvement and efficiency act would among other things, allow fema to be more proactive when dealing with wildfires. if it passes through congress, the agency would be allowed to move equipment and resources. >> into place during red flag warnings in times of high wildfire risk before an actual fire breaks out. the act would also provide counselors and case managers to help victims after a fire is under control. it would provide housing assistance to low-income residents and give fire victims top priority. when fema portable housing units are put up for sale and it would provide funding to help tribal governments upgrade their emergency response equipment by bringing in federal resources. 2 local governments to counties. not only before during but post disasters. that is absolutely critical for our vulnerable communities for our tribal communities. the fire act passed the u.s. senate with unanimous support. california
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senator alex padilla sponsored the bill. >> members of including senators from both sides of the aisle, recognize that we need to give. local governments and first responders all the 2 that they need to both fight wildfires when they happen. to protect communities. to the extent that we can be for a disaster. but also to be a very intentional partner in recovery efforts. when disasters happen. >> now, the act has passed the u.s. senate. it now moves to the house of representatives where it's sponsors are confident that it will move forward. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> but whether time now as we get a live look outside, typically we can see the golden gate bridge, especially this time of year. that looks like a summer shot with all the fog looking to the marin county headlines. it was hot yesterday. cool down today. >> but first, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here kind of run it down for
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us. what the rest of the week is going lie at fog right there. that in the show you why the fire danger has been lower this year. we've had a lot of fog setting in right through july and much of august and parts of september 2. but even in october, that fog pretty prevalent outside, though, things are beginning to change. i think a higher fire danger is going to be an issue as we head in toward the latter part of the weekend. up there right now out over the bay looking for the berkeley hills, you can see some sunshine up above and some patchy fog moving in the bay. right now. temperatures what a difference today instead of those 80's in half moon bay, other sitting at 55 degrees with that fog right now. 58 degrees in san francisco. remember, we tied a record in san francisco at 90 yesterday. much cooler there. so the effects of that sea breeze kicking in and cool down the temperatures while places inland still remaining very warm well above the average, almost 90 degrees right now in livermore on the satellite image, we've got some bigger changes coming. of course, we've got the fog along the coastline right now. but just to our north, there's a cold front, even a couple of scattered showers begin to
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make their way into oregon and car parts of far northern california. some of that it's going to start to slide our way. not necessarily bringing us rain, but it's going to help to kick up. some winds will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. sounds good. thank you, lawrence. also coming up on kron, 4 news at 5 families who lost loved ones. >> in police shootings have a message for the san francisco district attorney. what changes they want to see in the criminal justice system. and a new study links cancer causing chemicals to gas stoves in california. >> and why homeless advocates are so angry over the amount of empty homes in the city.
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>> the number of vacant homes in san francisco continues to grow last year, there were some 60,000 homes without people living in them up from 40,000 in 2019. and a new report released today by the city gives a better idea of what types of homes are sitting empty. kron four's rob nesbitt joins us now in the studio with more on these numbers. rob vicki and grant. the report is not a good look for san francisco with so many people. >> living on the streets, supervisor dean preston says 15% of all homes in the city are vacant. we're learning a lot more when the census bureau put out the numbers last month for vacant homes in san francisco, the city's budget and legislative analyst was asked to find out more. >> supervisor dean preston says for every person
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experiencing homelessness, there are 14 vacant homes. it's just mind-blowing to try think about those 2 things together and not be shot. an outrage. >> we nearly 5,000 people on the streets. well, we have 60,000 units tonight sitting empty. according to the supervisor. the report shows that most of the home sitting empty for 6 months or longer are vacation homes. 10,000 total. his biggest concern, though, is the increase of vacant homes that are for rent. >> landlords waiting for more money just holding on these units, presumably hoping that the market will change and that suddenly they can charge the same rents. they did in 2019 in november, voters will decide on whether or not to approve an empty homes. tax owners of vacant homes and buildings with 3 or more units will have to pay $2500 to $5,000 the first year. the tax increasing each year to a maximum of $20,000. and you can set for a property owners that holder unit at. >> and so that that is a tax.
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>> if approved, supervisor preston says the money from the empty homes tax will go towards affordable housing and rental subsidies for low-income families and seniors. reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. some good news at the pump. gas prices actually gone down on average about $0.30 and the last week across the great bay area. take a look at how much gas prices have been slashed on average, according to triple a in napa gases. $0.35 cheaper right now than it was last week. marin sandra fell gas went down the most in the bay area with a $0.44 drop, which is good because it was the most expensive. they're just 2 weeks ago. oakland and santa rosa, they're seeing gas on average $0.28 cheaper per gallon. drivers needed this so badly because of course, we've been struggling for so long. californians have been on the receiving end of inflation relief checks to help out with i cost gas and just about everything else. but drivers say. it's still not enough.
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>> crazy. it's like breaking into the reserves. don't send us a check to florida gas prices. make it easier for his cause. it's ridiculous. >> the national average for gas size, $3. it's about in the $3 range in california. ours averages about 5.88. >> for your help tonight, gas stoves in california. homes could be leaking cancer, causing benzene. that is according to a a new study published in the journal, environmental science and technology. researchers collected samples of gas from 159 homes in different parts of california and measured to see what kinds of gases were being emitted into homes when the stoves are off. they claim that all samples had hazardous air pollutants like benzene, which is known to cause cancer. >> there's no safe level of benzene exposure. more benzene you're exposed to the higher
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risk you're going to have for developing to kenya in your lifetime. and that goes up barely, but only with with the amount of of benzene that you're exposed to. >> disconcerting. well, researchers say more research is needed to understand how many homes have leaks like these. they also estimate more than 4 tons of benzene per year is leaked into the atmosphere from outdoor pipes that is equivalent to the benzene emissions from nearly 60,000 vehicles. and those emissions are unaccounted for by the state. >> changing gears here. let's take a live look outside from our mount tam cam out there at the bay laziness out there. little benzene, a little haze, lawrence karnow with us to. >> run down a cooling forecast. yeah. a lot of fog moving in along the coastline really does look like a summer's day outside and those nice warm temperatures in the valleys and that cool fog kind of hugging the coastline all day. here comes again starting to make its way back on entering through the golden
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gate bridge right now. more that come overnight tonight and in the bay. and so that's going help cool down the temperatures in the further the cooling trend is now underway in a fog to moving on through just below that hours. now making its way into the bay. so more of that tonight. temperature wise variety numbers out there, much cooler than yesterday. mid 50's along the coastline with the fog warm 78 san jose. still 89, very warm in livermore. 87 in concord. 66 in petaluma. 75 and clear skies in napa. you see the fog moving in along the coastline of the same time. you've got this guy coming in. doesn't look like much is not 10 energy. this is a cold front begin to slip in to oregon in making its way into northern california. that is going to move through and that's going bring with it some much gusty winds around the bay area specially on saturday afternoon, then offshore winds and it's going to be very gusty as we get into sunday and some spots. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be noticeably cooler 70's, maybe some low 80's. well inland plan on those cool 50's out of the coast. all right, lawrence, after the break, the statewide safety drill that's being
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held. >> make sure that people are prepared for the next big quake. today marks great
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shakeout day organizations all over the bay area are holding safety drills just to make sure that people are prepared for the next big earthquake. our kron four's camila barco tells us how a few simple steps can save a life. >> drop cover and hold on the 3 simple steps people can take
5:24 pm
when an earthquake happens. and this morning, some students in san francisco and local officials, including mayor london breed got some practice by participating in the great shakeout at everett middle school. take a look. once the jewel started, students and mayor london breed all knew what to do. they got under their desks, drop covered and held on. there's mayor london breed covering her head and neck, which is what you should do to protect yourself as you're looking for shelter, real lasting for about 30 to 45 seconds. and afterwards, students evacuated the school as soon as they got the all clear, this is the great california shakeout that should prepare people on what to do before during and after earthquake. reid and the president of the san francisco board of education reference, the 1989 earthquake where they both were in school when it happened. and you what to do
5:25 pm
at that time because of these drills. i still remember that day that afternoon, i left tennis practice early. >> and i was in the hallway and the lockers started shaking so loud that i just thought it was a bunch of students running around making a lot of noise. >> every single year we did drills like this. so as soon as it happened, we were prepared. we knew what to do. and i remember learning about being prepared and going home and telling my grandmother. all the things that we needed to do to keep in place. so that we can take care of one another. just in case. and our quick hits now breed mentioned that san francisco is earthquake territory. there are unexpected and can cause a lot of damage. and that's why it's important for people to prepare. and now officials stress the importance of making a plan. this post card details, some of the items that should be included in your earthquake kit. for example, a flashlight water.
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>> battery operated radios, personal documents and of course, food for your animals. >> and that was camila barco reporting for us tonight. next, turn over your e-mails. that's the order for former president trump after a federal judge said the e-mails may include evidence of crimes related to the 2020 election results us why parents should check their kids halloween candy closely this year after a disturbing discovery at lax. and then what families who have lost loved ones to police shootings have to say about. >> san francisco's new >> san francisco's new district attorney. there's nothing like volunteering at the fire department. there's nothing like hitting the waves. but with my moderate-to-severe eczema it hasn't always been easy,... ...since my skin was so irritated and itchy... ...and even worse with all my gear on. now, i'm staying ahead of my eczema. there's a power inside all of us to live our passion. and dupixent works on the insie to help heal your skin
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how dupixent can help heal families of deadly police shooting victims in san francisco claim the district attorney brooke jenkins is. >> delaying prosecuting officers involved for political reasons says families and their supporters held a press conference today outside the da's office. >> kron four's haaziq mod-yoon was there and has this report. >> i want her to put back on the calendar. preliminary hearing with that that was lready scheduled to move my nephew's case i won the court case to go on as it would have gone on no matter what the outcome is. is not do that. he's going i want justice for the murder of these gone.
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>> 3 families of loved ones killed in 3 separate shootings by san francisco. police officers are outside the district attorney's office thursday demanding that brooke jenkins move forward with criminal prosecutions in each case. this is my nephew kia day. it o'neill. >> he was murdered by san francisco police officer, sammy or december. first of 2017. >> san francisco police body cam video shows the moment o'neill was shot according to district attorney jason who dean, he was unarmed at the time. the officer who fired his gun would be the first in the history of the san francisco police department to be charged in connection to a deadly shooting. >> in san francisco, there's been a long history. officer involved shootings. leading to no accountability whatsoever. >> however, now there is concern about police accountability among these families because th


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