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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> my nephew's case was on the court calendar for the preliminary hearing. now, it was suddenly removed. >> now at 6 families of deadly police shooting victims in san francisco are demanding that the district attorney move forward with criminal prosecutions. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. those families claim that district attorney brooke check-ins is delaying prosecuting the police for political reasons. they held a news conference today outside
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the da's office kron four's haaziq madyun was there and has this report. >> i want her to put back on the calendar. preliminary hearing with that that was already scheduled to move my nephew's case i won the court case to go on as it would have gone on no matter what the outcome is. is not do that. he's going i want justice for the murder of these gone. >> 3 families of loved ones killed in 3 separate shootings by san francisco police officers were outside the district attorney's office thursday demanding that brooke jenkins move forward with criminal prosecutions in each case. this is my nephew kia day. it key o'neill. >> he was murdered by san francisco police officer, sammy or december. first of 2017. >> san francisco police body
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cam video shows the moment o'neill was shot according to district attorney jason he was unarmed at the time. the officer who fired his gun would be the first in the history of the san francisco police department to be charged in connection to a deadly shooting. >> in san francisco, there's been a long history. officer involved shootings. leading to no accountability whatsoever. >> however, now there is concern about police accountability among these families because they say interim district attorney brooke jenkins appears to be delaying each of the cases against the officers from going forward. >> jenkins took office. our a meeting that we had in august was canceled when she took office. she fired every person that was on the case for my son. i'm really worried that if jenkins, some >> this election that officers going to walk away these 3
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families matter. these 3 victims of police violence matter. the street. >> cases matter. and the aclu of northern california calls on district attorney brooke jenkins to hold these police officers accountable. >> i reached out to the da's office to give ridging kids an opportunity to respond to claims that she is delaying prosecuting officers involved in deadly shootings. a spokesperson told me that the da is in contact with each of the families and that will keep them apprised of developments in each case and that the da can comment. no further due to the sensitive nature of the investigations in san francisco. has it meant kron 4 news. >> oakland police have arrested 3 people who they say were carrying firearms. officers saw the suspect entering a parked car with guns. that was on 27th avenue. this was monday evening during a vehicle stop. the police found 3 loaded guns. the
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investigators say one of the suspects had an outstanding robbery warrant. no information on why they have the guns at the time. the investigation is police say they have recovered more than 1200 firearms this year. more than the department recovered in all of 2021. >> oakland police are warning people about an uptick in robberies at atm say say in several cases the victim was walking away from the atm and then confronted by armed people. police are advising people always look around the area. watch for suspicious people or activity around an atm. they also say to select an atm in a well-lit and populated area. if you get cash, put it away immediately, don't stand around the atm and count your money. and when leaving an atm location, check your surroundings. make sure you're not being followed. if you are, they say drive to a safe place, including a police station or fire station and call 9-1-1. >> one day after her final state of the city address.
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oakland mayor libby schaff joined us on kron. 4 news earlier today. chef is termed out of office 8 after 8 years who's leaving oakland at a time of difficulty with homeless issues, crime and police staffing issues and talking with us. she shared her thoughts on how to keep the city safe, saying it's important to maintain police staffing and resources. >> we do need to never let our police tapping get so low. these calls to defund the police actually drove officers away to other departments and it will take us a long time, too, make up for those departures. but we're seen fantastic recruits coming to the academy. you know that the next generation of our law enforcers. so that gives me hope. and then i will continue to try and manage the impacts encampments in a way that is humane and dignified. >> the oakland weekly crime report from october 10 through
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october, 16th reported there were 2 killings bringing the year to date homicide total to 102, the same number of murders at the same time last year. chef is endorsing councilman loren taylor and his run to be the next mayor of oakland. >> california is getting more resources to fight wildfires and perhaps prevent them from becoming major disasters. the fema improvement and efficiency act also known as the fire act is aimed at changing how federal resources are deployed ahead of a major fire. it updates the federal response allowing fema to preposition resources during extreme fire weather such as red flag warnings. senator alex padilla and congresswoman zoe lofgren joined local leaders and cal fire. talk about how the bill will help firefighters prevent wildfires, which are becoming more common because of climate change. >> members of including senators from both sides of the aisle, recognize that we need to give. local governments and first
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responders, all the 2 that they need to both fight wildfires when they happen. to protect communities. to the extent that we can be for a disaster. but also to be a very intentional partner in recovery efforts. when disasters happen. >> the bill will also prioritize wildfire survivors for housing and pro would provide more assistance for low-income residents. it also provides funds to help update emergency operations on tribal land. >> well, let's check on our thursday evening forecast. you see this picture looking live out over san francisco and the fog is dominating the scene. miss le picture. yeah, it's coming back, lawrence. it wasn't anywhere. yesterday was at know we have a little bit of offshore wind today. we get that seabreeze little. a difference today that on shore flow in the temperatures dropping a good 20 plus degrees in some of the coastal sections. how about that looking toward the golden gate bridge? looking like a summer day in san francisco with that fog rolling back on shore,
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really knocking down the temperatures, still warm inland. you've got some 80's in the valleys around the bay. you're looking at 60's and 70's. remember san francisco just yesterday tied a record of 90 degrees right now. 56 degrees so much cooler air begin to move back on shore. the winds not all that bad right now. just a general sisi breeze in most spots. but that's about to change. there's a cold front just to our north. that's going to drop down into the state as it moves through. unfortunately, not going to bring us any rain. we're talking about some winds kicking up in the next couple of days. in fact, there are a couple of cold fronts out there. things we get the weekend that next one and just north of us. that's going to drop in, bring some clouds and some very gusty winds as we head through time tomorrow. the seabreeze kind of kicks up again by the afternoon as we get into saturday, those winds really begin to pick up maybe some 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts in the offshore winds, higher fire danger expected as we head in towards sunday and monday. thank you, lawrence. good news coming out of the fight against monkeypox san
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francisco and public health emergency declaration for that virus on october. the thirty-hirst. >> health officials now say they are recording less than one new monkeypox cases per day more than 27,000 san franciscans are vaccinated against the virus. health officials say they will continue to respond to any new outbreaks if needed. residents are still to get the 2 dose vaccine if they are eligible. >> now to our coronavirus coverage, the cdc has voted to include the covid-19 vaccine on the list of routine immunizations for eligible adults and children as young as 6 months old. it's also important to note the agency says the recommended immunization schedule is not a vaccine mandate. the cdc still needs to sign off on the recommendation to make it official. it also does not mean that schools will have to require that students receive the shot before enrolling states and local jurisdictions make their own rules about which vaccines are required for school attendance, though,
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the number of new covid cases is still relatively low. the holidays are approaching as new variants are starting to emerge. so what is that future hold and what's the best way to get ready for kron four's dan kerman, talk to experts and >> has their answers. >> we're kind of in a world where we're all trying to figure out how do we navigate this environment where there is some covid ucsf department of medicine chair doctor bob wachter says some level of covid-19 will be with us for several years and the low level of cases right now is probably the best we'll see. so he's adjusting accordingly. i think the case rates are low enough that taking a small amount of risk that i might not have taken 4 months ago to me is reasonable while he still prefers eating outdoors. eating inside is no longer off limits. in fact, he did so for his birthday, but he says continue to mask in stores in ubers and on planes. he says it's all about being flexible, depending on the level of covid cases. i think the combination of the variance
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that we do see him play and the winter with people spending more time indoors. >> means that it's unlikely the cases will stay as low as they are. now, if they start going up and that's looking at wastewater looking cases per 100,000 per day. if they double. i will probably stop indoor dining. >> but says even if that decision is made, that doesn't mean canceling holiday plans. >> well, i have 10 people over my house for thanksgiving. yes, what we might do if the case rates are high as do rapid tests before couple hours before that, keep the windows and the doors open and, you know, try to make it as safe as we can. >> wachter says each person will have to determine what level of risk they want to take. but he says it's important to know the facts on covid is a real concern and it's not just a concern about people feeling crummy for several months or 6 months or year. it also is just a lot of data now that says over time, your chances of some bad things like heart attacks and strokes or higher if you get covid than if you don't.
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wachter says the most important thing is for everyone eligible to get the new omicron specific booster, especially if they haven't had a vaccine in the last 6 months. your chances of having a bad outcome, whether it's covid, whether it's severe covid, whether it's dying of covid or whether it's getting long covid. >> will be considerably lower. if you get this new booster, then if you don't, that's probably the most important message to get out there. >> medical experts agree there's no crystal ball when it comes to covid. just some educated guesses. that's why they say now is the time to start thinking about what level of risk you want to take in the months and years to come? ucsf? dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> coming up, the as yet again target a popular ice cream shop in oakland and the owner is now slamming the city talking about just how difficult it is to do business there. and after the break, why homeless advocates are so angry over the number
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>> the number of vacant homes in san francisco continues to grow. last year, there were 60,000 homes so that people living in them in them up from 40,000 in 2019, a new report released today by the city gives a better idea of what types of homes are sitting empty. well, 4 dry nose, but joins us live from our newsroom with more on the numbers are up, pam. and ken, the report is not a good look for san francisco with so many
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people living on the streets. supervisor dean preston says 15% of all homes in the city are vacant. >> we're learning a lot more when the census bureau put out the numbers last month for vacant homes in san francisco, the city's budget and legislative analyst was asked to find out more. >> supervisor dean preston says for every person experiencing homelessness, there are 14 vacant homes. it's just mind-blowing to try think about those 2 things together and not be shot an outrage. we have nearly 5,000 people on the streets. what we have 60,000 units tonight sitting empty according to the supervisor. the report shows that most of the homes sitting empty for 6 months or longer are vacation homes. 10,000 total. his biggest concern, though, is the increase of vacant homes that are for rent. landlords hoping the housing market will improve so they can rent at higher costs. a lot of these labels. you don't that they need to adjust their rental prices down slightly to attract people and to rent out those units in
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november. voters will decide on whether or not to approve an empty homes. tax. >> owners of vacant homes and buildings with 3 or more units will have to pay $2500 to $5,000 the first year. >> the tax increasing each year to a maximum of $20,000. what we don't want is to just be creating. >> a bunch of housing. that's a great investment vehicle for some investors, you know, nationally or globally. it's not actually housing front. >> if approved, supervisor preston says the money from the empty homes tax will go towards affordable housing and rental subsidies for low-income families and seniors. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you. good news from the gas pump. prices have gone down on average about $0.30 in the last week in the bay area. take a look at how the gas prices men slashed on average across our area, according to triple a in napa gas to this gas is costing $0.35 a gallon. less now than it was last week. red
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county in sandra fell. gas prices went down the most in the bay area with the $0.44 drop, which is good because it was most expensive. they're just 2 weeks ago. oakland and santa rosa are seeing gas on average. $0.28 a gallon. cheaper. many drivers needed this badly because we've been struggling for a while. california's have been receiving the inflation relief checks to help with the high cost of gas and everything else. but drivers say this is still not enough. >> crazy. it's like breaking into the reserves. don't send us a check to florida gas prices. make it easier for his cause. that's ridiculous. >> the national average cost for gasoline is in the $3 a gallon range. and in california, it's 5.88, on average. this check on our 4 zone forecast live look outside at the san mateo bridge, which is quite busy and quite hazy. sure isn't a check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. see what's happened in laurence. yeah, big changes. you may have felt that today the temperatures cooling down. >> a bit around the bay area.
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tpthe sea breeze made a return and get ready. we've got some major changes coming into the weekend. the winds likely to kick up and it's going to be a whole lot cooler outside but say those temperatures really taken a drop around the bay area. beautiful sunset. last few minutes of the sun setting at 6.25. this evening. you see the beautiful sun out there with the patchy fog. just making its way inside the bay right now, the hazy sunshine temperatures today it was 90 degrees to tie a record in san francisco. the official high today, 67 degrees. what a difference it just today. 72 in oakland, 82 degrees in san jose. so some hot 90's in livermore and concord, the 82 degrees in santa rosa. but all around these numbers really coming down all because that sea breeze kicked in about that nice ocean air said that normally that offshore wind and really kept things nice and dry in the atmosphere about the hot temperatures that is gone. now we're going to see a return of some offshore winds, but they're going to be some cold, offshore winds, one front getting ready to move in now and well, speaking of cold, how about this? you get in parts of northern sierra
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nevada. get towards whose ability to get in toward nevada. we're talking some overnight lows down in the mid 20's as we head into the weekend. so freeze watches have been posted. they're up in the tahoe area watching for the possibility. some fires as they're going to be some gusty conditions. so primed for that kind of activity to take place as we get the weekend as well. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. that will be a cooler friday outside. not bad. still 70's, maybe some low 80's inland 50's along the coastline. but the winds are going to be a big issue this weekend, especially into sunday. we'll get those offshore winds. fire danger will be elevated to monday. got to be careful. all right. thanks, lawrence. >> well, after just 6 weeks on the job, british prime minister liz truss has resigned from her position as political chaos continues in the uk. tresses short term was marred by economic policies to cause a lot of in stability in the british markets. members of her own party lit an internal rebellion against leadership and she was left with little authority before
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her resignation is the 3rd conservative prime minister in as many years to be ousted following the news. president biden made these brief comments. >> he was the best pretty for all follow. was heart? >> truss will stay on as prime minister until her successor is selected. and despite being ousted from office just 3 months ago, some are suggesting the farmer controversial prime minister boris johnson could return to the job. >> a judge has ordered the release of emails between former president trump and his attorney to the january 6 panel. the house committee is investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol. a federal judge said the emails cannot be withheld because they include evidence of potential crimes. according to the ruling, former president trump signed legal documents challenging the results of the 2020 election that included voter fraud claims that he knew to be false. the
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documents are related to votes in fulton county, georgia, that trump claims were improperly counted. coming up tonight, an alarming rise in respiratory illness among concerns from health officials as the surge begins to put a strain on hospitals. cotton candy. pink lemonade. bubble gum. when tobacco companies sell candy flavored products, they know exactly what they're doing because four out of five kids who use tobacco start with a flavored product.
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rise in respiratory illnesses affecting children. health experts say cases of a particular sickness called
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respiratory sen keitel virus or rsv is skyrocketing around the country. it's a common illness. it comes in waves. one hospital in connecticut says it's getting ready to set up field tends to take on the increase. symptoms of rsv include runny nose fever, the decrease in appetite and coughing and wheezing. most people recover within a week or 2, but the owners could be severe in infants or older adults. >> gas stoves in california homes could be leaking cancer, causing benzene. that's according to a new study published in the journal, environmental science and technology. researchers collected samples of gas from 159 homes in different regions of california. and they measure to see what types of gases being emitted into homes. when the soaps were off. they claim that all of the samples had hazardous air pollutants such as benzene, which is a known carcinogen. well, researchers say most
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research is more research is needed to understand exactly how many homes have leaks. they also estimate more than 4 tons of benzene per year late into the atmosphere from outdoor pipes. that is the equivalent to the benzene emissions from nearly 60,000 vehicles. and those emissions are unaccounted for by the state of california. >> coming up, video went viral showing a group of daycare workers terrorizing someone say traumatizing young children. and now those day care workers are facing felony charges. the bay area's biggest city is making it more expensive to own guns. when san jose's new law goes into effect and the controversy stirring. plus, steve's yet again target a popular ice cream shop in oakland. the owners now slamming oakland
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>> our top story at 6.30, just months after thieves drove a car through the business and then ransacked it. the east oakland ice cream shop has been burglarized again. kron four's philippe djegal talked with the co owner who says at this point burglaries are just the cost doing business in oakland. >> hooded suspects scout out the front to flavor brigade, italian water, ice on fruitvale avenue in east oakland at around 5 o'clock wednesday morning before eventually prying their way through the back door to steal whatever they can, which this time turned out not to be much state, which had nothing. and i really
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>> took our t-shirts, which makes really no sense name address the back of still the loss of a few $100 worth of cash and other stuff is becoming tiresome for co-owner braden galloway. >> who has been in business at this location for more than 12 years with no plans to move in fact, he has another location and cause problem noise. galloway says he isn't the only one feeling the pain during wednesday's burglary. he says the thieves used his shop to break into a neighbor's business to steal more stuff. break. the glass left to. are dealing with the worst fixing it. but >> it's at this point. so it's not a surprise to him, but the best part of business now and know for a any. >> city them over that this san francisco is no real difference. callaway has filed a police report just as he did in july when thieves rammed a car through the front glass to steal an atm filled with about $500. >> the repairs were more costly and the shop had to os


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