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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  October 21, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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she's just trying to figure out a >> now at noon, a san jose state university football player hit and killed by a school bus. what we know about the situation so far. and a key trump ally now faces time in prison. the new sentence the jury has passed for steve bannon. and our top story. a berry car found a peninsula state is raising more questions what we're learning about the homeowners. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and news. >> good afternoon. thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. let's get right to our top story here.
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investigators are digging into a mystery unfolding on the peninsula. >> they uncovered a car apparently buried for decades there on private property. and police dogs have detected traces of a body kron four's. charles clifford joins us live now and after 10 with the latest on this investigation, charles? >> yeah, well, right now i'm standing along stockbridge avenue here in atherton is very much a very active investigators going in and out of the driveway. you see right behind me here, the car that they're trying to dig out of the ground is maybe a 200 yards back from where i'm standing here. they're probably going to be here all day working on this. 10 police department says the vehicle was found by landscapers doing work on the property thursday morning. it's buried about 4 to 5 feet underground. a cadaver dog was brought in and police believe there is a possibility that human remains could be buried with the car, although none have been found so far. san mateo county crime lab technicians are excavating the vehicle. it's apparently filled with dirt and bags of concrete to the work is slow
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going. >> and so they're kind of working their way through that. but because of the unknown nature of it, they have to go through it kind of slowly and methodically as they continued the excavation police so far have not said what make or model of the car is. they also have not said who the vehicle might be registered to. the current owners of the home have only been here a couple of years. and police say the vehicle may have been buried in the ground as far back as the 1990's. >> all right. we are hoping to get some sort of update from the african police department hopefully this afternoon. we'll have more details for you later today here on kron 4. but for now in atherton, charles clifford kron, 4 news. thanks for looking into that situation for us. charles. >> we're also digging into the history of that home. court records showing one of the previous homeowner's there had an extensive criminal history. kron four's camila barco joins us live now in the newsroom with that part of our coverage below. yes, stephanie. so records show 3 families have owned that home since it was built in 1990. but now, like you said, we're learning more
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about the person who initially owned the home in 1994. johnny buck tune lou and his alleged criminal history in 1999, johnny, lou was accused of plotting to sink his 1 million dollar yacht so he could collect insurance money. now police say he paid some people to sink the boat outside the golden gate bridge but turns out the people he hired or undercover agents but his history with crime goes back even further in 1966, jurors convicted lieu of murder in los angeles and he served 3 years in prison a little more than a decade later. he spent another 3 years in jail for attempted murder. the san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaffe says that lou died at the age of 84 in washington. and now after 10 police have not mentioned if there's any connection between lou or the car burried under what used to be his home. however, police say that it was bird sometime in the 90's, about 4 to 5 feet into the ground. and stephanie, right
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now, the family who currently lives in that mansion has been exonerated because police determined that the car was buried underground before they moved in. this is still developing story. and of course, once we know more, we'll update you. but for now, i'll send it back to you. all right. thanks a lot, camila for staying on top of this story for us. and we will, of course, be following this story throughout the day with our continuing coverage here at kron. 4, you can find the latest updates on our website. kron 4 dot com. and brooke lee police age person struck by a train thursday afternoon. highs died. a spokesperson said the collision happened at around 04:30pm, where carlton street meet some railroad tracks. police are still investigating this case in the east bay. firefighters are investigating what caused a massive fire that tore through a concord restaurant. it broke out early this morning at the former imperial seafood restaurant on willow pass road. that restaurant has not been in business for several years. and firefighters say plywood used to board up the building, made the fire more
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difficult to contain. >> not like they're just nailed in place there. back to, you know, nice big 2 by fours and long ball to things like that. so we had his chain saws and staff to open it up so that slowed us down a little babies pretty unsafe for us to go inside building that's all sealed up like that. >> the building clearly a complete loss there because of all that fire damage. investigators do believe the cause of this fire is pretty suspicious. they are working to determine the exact cause. however, happening right now, police in piedmont are looking for a person they believe is setting fires around the community. this all starting thursday morning when firefighters responded to the ace hardware on grant avenue because wooden pallets were on fire. there. and just a few hours later around 7 in the morning, police got a call about halloween decorations on fire at 2 homes in the area. wildwood and sierra avenues. police released a photo of a man. there it is right there that they believe is connected to the fires. nobody was hurt.
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fortunately in any of the incidents and property damage was minimal. meantime, pg any plans to shut off power for several 100 customers in the north bay. the move coming amid elevated concerns over fire danger this weekend, the shut offs will start on saturday and run through monday. mostly affecting people in lake and napa counties and people who need to run medical devices from their homes will be contacted to verify that they've gotten this very important safety message. so with that in mind, let's talk a bit about our forecast. taking a live look now outside at the embarcadero looking very pretty out there and not too much of a breeze. but of course, the situation could change a little bit further inland as we get to further into the weekend, we have kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan tracking all of that for us. hey kylen. hey there stepien has everything to do with that system up in the pacific northwest, bringing them rain that will bring the sierra snow. it's going to bring us wind right now. things are calm.
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>> we've had, you know, south southwesterly, when you can see a little bit of a delta breeze up their fairfield about 13 miles per hour. but this is the system that ultimately is going to drop down. and that's what's going to set us up for a little bit of wind. and unfortunately, that also means elevated fire concerns. right? anytime we get win. we're talking about 20 to 30 miles per hours of sustained wind gusts up to about 45 miles per hour. the areas of the north and east bay hills, sonoma and marin county coastlines. and there's no wind advisory out. it's not out of the question that that might be needed as we work our way to the weekend. but just a heads up. we want to be fire safe and fire smart. and i know we all feel the same way about that, we've been doing pretty well these last few let's hopefully finish strong. we get through the rest for fire season. want to show you future win. take you into. let's go into the overnight tonight into tomorrow. you see some of these gusts kicking up here petaluma santa rosa. i mean, some of them upwards of 30 miles per to take you to saturday morning. you can see we're still very active. watch what happens, though, as we start to get into our sunday. now, you start to see that northerly wind. that is after
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that system passes us by and that's what i think we could start to get some more of it over into parts like napa and alice speak. you can see they're showing some of those gusty winds is going to stick with us until we get into probably our monday morning. so just a heads up, everybody. i'll be back in just a bit. we'll talk about the rest of today in our extended forecast. stephanie, back to you. thanks very much, kyra. now to the forty-niners blockbuster trade yesterday that stunned the football world, carolina panthers, all pro running back. christian mccaffrey is coming to san francisco. the stanford alumni was a pro bowler in 2019 and has twice earned all pro honors. >> the downside mccaffrey has often been injured. mission missing over half the season. the past 2 years, though he has not missed a game yet this season. christians, father ed play for kyle shanahan's dad. mike, with the denver broncos. so the 2 families have a history. the niners are sending a second thirdand fourth-round pick in 2023 to carolina along with a fifth-rounder in 2024. the
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stanford football team quick to shout out the trade on social media. you can see there welcome a cat welcoming mccaffrey back to the bay area. he is scheduled to address the media at one 30 this afternoon. and we're going to hear what he has to say about playing with the niners coming up on the kron. 4 news at 3. so stay tuned for that. coming up, families who lost loved ones in police shootings have a message for the san francisco district attorney. >> the changes they're calling for in the criminal justice system. plus, disturbing new data why one bay area animal hospital says it is seeing a number of pets. accidentally consumed meth? and a longtime trump ally now facing prison time. more on the new sentence for steve bannon after the break.
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and longtime ally to former president trump has been sentenced to 4 months in federal prison. he was convicted on contempt of congress charges for defying a subpoena by the house committee investigating the january 6 insurrection. the justice department had saw a 6 month sentence. bannon's lawyers argued he should only get probation. bannon has 14 days to file an appeal or must surrender to authorities by november. 15th. a federal judge orders former president donald trump to turn over emails to the house committee
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investigating the january 6 attacks. the judge says trump cannot withhold those e-mails because they include evidence of potential crimes. the ruling says trump signed legal documents claiming voter fraud in georgia in the 2020 election when he knew those claims were false. meantime, president biden spoke about his plan to reduce the national deficit. washington correspondent trevor shirley reports on the administration's game plan for the economy. and the president says that's the largest one-year drop in american history. the president made those remarks at the white house earlier today. >> according to the president, his administration lowered the national deficit by 1.4 trillion dollars over the past year despite the white house denying the remarks were political in nature. the president also focused attention on the upcoming midterms. he said if republicans retake congress their approach to the economy would increase the national deficit. the president said his administration is focused
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on bringing costs down for average americans in the face of high inflation. the president said the deficit reduction is prove his policies are working. this follows last year's drop of 350 billion dollars in the deaths. and because we're making sure the large corporations pay them or their fair share. >> cracking down on billionaire tax cheats and giving medicare the power negotiate lower drug prices in the future begin and you just getting underway, which lowers one of the biggest cost government and families have to pay will reduce because of that deficit. another 250 billion dollars over the next 10 years. >> and republicans have repeatedly said they believe the biden administration's economic policies have led directly to the current inflation and recent polling shows that inflation and the economy are 2 of the biggest issues on voters minds as they head to the polls for this year's midterms reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley.
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>> supreme court justice amy coney barrett rejected a challenge to the biden administration's student loan forgiveness program. the bid to block this program was organized by a group of wisconsin taxpayers overseas emergency issues that come out of wisconsin and her rejection on thursday holds up biden's loan forgiveness program. but there are other challenges that still stand in the way. we might be in for a nationwide railroad strike which could throw a pretty big wrench and on our already stressed supply chain, a deal to avert this strike was moving closer, but some union workers are rejecting it and demanding changes uprooted. shippers already had a plan in place a month ago because if there is a strike, it could slow many, many products from getting to their destinations. congress has the ability to impose a resolution from biden's presidential emergency board or order the trains to operate as usual with an
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extension of negotiations. we'll see if that happens. november 19th is the earliest that rail unions can strike. ok? let's check in in our forecast now taking a live look outside at the embarcadero. looks like a gorgeous day for a walk out there. but how long are those conditions going to be sticking around for? we have kyla grogan. our meteorologists here tracking all the conditions for a steak island. hey there. yes, we are a lot cooler today. you probably noticed that when you walk out the door, we start off a little foggy again. you can see. >> a little bit of that haze. but there's also some blue skies out there, too. in san francisco right now, san francisco about 57 degrees. so we're cool this morning. no doubt about it. even in spots like livermore, you know, 71 already. they got up to the 90's that yesterday it was 92 degrees. but just 55 in santa rosa because of that fog this morning. and this is our suture camera. i have to tell you, it wasn't completely fogged in a second ago, but now it is. that's the way it goes here. sometimes these are the highs are looking out for today. 62 san francisco. 65 in oakland. 76 in san jose livermore about 80 75 in
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concord, santa rosa. 72. so, you know, if you're at the coast, it's certainly going to be a little below average. and if you're inland will be about where we should be this time of year. this low pressure system is going to deliver a little snow to the sierra. not really going bring us any rain, but it is going to cool us down and it is going to bring us some wind a little bit of offshore wind from the north and of course, that can exacerbate fire danger. so that is kind of my biggest issues we head towards the weekend. rain wise. not a whole lot. i mean, if you get 107 inch, please hop on social media. let me know. i want to know where those those little raindrop going to be falling. i i guess we have a little drizzle, probably the coast that would be. but i would expect that now we get over to the sierra. they're going valley rain and mountain snow looks like one to 2 inches possible across the passes. very gusty wind. in fact, they are under fire watching all the areas that you see in tan here is that includes reno, lake tahoe. and as you can see, all points in between a little bit of a rough ride for them. so future wind gusts for us here locally as i push this through show you where you get to the overnight tonight and there we are. we're gusting
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upwards of 30 miles per hour. you can see it sticks with us as we head into saturday now, watch this wind. it's going to turn from the north there. it goes right to that northerly wind as we get into sunday morning. so again, it could be a little bit of a rough ride for our north bay and east bay hills and also our coast. we'll keep us cool as we get through the weekend. but that breezy condition rolls into monday a bit before we finally start to get rid of the wind completely. stephanie, back to you. all right. thanks a lot, kyra. in the east bay burglars target an ice cream shop in oakland just months after thieves stole a car through that same business. >> we spoke to the co owner who says burglaries are they just feel like they're just a part of doing business now in oakland, kron four's philippe djegal has more. >> hooded suspects scout out the flavor brigade, italian water, ice on fruitvale avenue in east oakland at around 5 o'clock wednesday morning before eventually prying their way through the back door to steal whatever they can, which this time turned out not to be
12:19 pm
much state, which had nothing. and i really >> took our t-shirts, which makes really no sense name address the back of still the loss of a few $100 worth of cash and other stuff is becoming tiresome for co-owner braden galloway. >> who has been in business at this location for more than 12 years with no plans to move in fact, he has another location and cause problem noise. galloway says he isn't the only one feeling the pain during wednesday's burglary. he says the thieves used his shop to break into a neighbor's business to steal more stuff. break. the glass is as a lot to are dealing with the worst fixing it. but >> it's at this point. so it's not a surprise to him, but the best part of business now and in oakland, raiders any >> city them over that this san francisco is no real difference. callaway has filed a police report just as he did in july when thieves rammed a car through the front glass to steal an atm filled with about $500. >> the repairs were more
12:20 pm
costly and the shop had to close for more than a month before reopening in september. the combination of the damage and loss of business total, tens of thousands of dollars. >> which would stop the sense that you're not got nothing out come to work. we're coming. we hire every every every spring and looking do a better you doing fortunately, this time business was an interrupted and the ice cream shop remains open. >> philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> a car crashed into a bus this morning there. and i-80 exit in san francisco. it happened around 06:00am just off the fremont street exit into downtown the west cat lynx bus was driving on the bay bridge from hercules and the bus tried turning towards the exit leading to the sales force terminal. and that's when a car collided with the bus and the impact sent the car spinning across the highway. chp arrived shortly after the crash and passengers were dropped off on howard street. no injuries reported.
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los gatos union school district agreed to pay 5 million dollars to 2 men sexually abused by an elementary school teacher. a judge sentenced joseph brian, who to 35 years in prison last november for molesting former students at blossom hill elementary. one victim was abused in early 2020. he will receive $900,000 in this settlement. another victim was abused in 2008 2009. he will receive 4.2 million dollars. still ahead on the kron, 4 news at noon, the battle for twitter continues and it's starting to look like layoffs are inevitable. >> why the company may start laying off its workers with or without a deal from u.s.. and local health experts weigh in on the bay area's covid risk ahead of the colder winter ahead of the colder winter season. i see it in my office all the time.
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weather gets colder, medical experts are warning of new covid variants the chair of ucsf department of medicine says well, the case count in the bay area, maybe lower right now. he does expect the virus to stick with us for at least several years. >> me, it's low enough that eating indoors or going out with friends to a bar is a risk. at least that i am willing to take. but i prefer not to. so i try to be outside when ike and well, i wear a
12:25 pm
mask. when i go shopping. yes, i do need to talk to anybody. why wear a mask? if i'm an uber on an airplane? absolutely. yes. >> a doctor. wachter also says the most important thing right now is 4 everyone eligible to please get the new omicron booster, especially if they haven't had a vaccine in the last 6 months. the petaluma police are searching for a man suspected of an attempted kidnapping last night. police say a boy was playing and the dow park when someone approached him and that's when the man apparently started talking to the child. the boy's parents told the man to leave their child alone. that person then took off on his bike. officers say they're looking for a man in his late 40's riding a red bicycle. in the south bay. pet owners are finding out drugs are finding drugs out in the open. the warning from police to try and get local dogs away from some dangerous substances that might be found on the ground.
12:26 pm
and why hundreds of twitter employees are at risk of losing their jobs. whether or not elon musk purchases, the company. >> and up ahead in our next half hour here on the kron, 4 news at noon. a strong reaction from students at a forum for the next district attorney in san francisco. how she ended that meeting.
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>> welcome back. >> the san jose state university spartans football team is mourning the loss of a freshman player killed in a crash. >> 18 year-old camden make right was riding an electric scooter when he was hit by a school bus around 7 this morning. this happened about 2 blocks from the university campus. he was pronounced dead at the scene. chp investigators say there were 14 students aboard that bus. none of them were hurt. they also say the bus had a green light at the time of the accident and that the driver was not able to stop in time. san jose state's president said in a statement they are grieving this loss and will provide more resources for the community. now to san francisco, the city's department of public health has opened a drug crisis response center in the soma neighborhood. but neighbors are raising concerns over their personal safety. alex caprariello has this story. >> we never had the kind of fentanyl and drug dealers and
12:30 pm
drug addicts problem in this neighborhood until this open longtime san francisco business owner mark sackett is worried about the new drug sobering center that opened up on his street the facility summarize center welcomes people who are high on opioids, meth and other substances gives them a place to rest, sober up and receive services. but second says it's become a breeding ground of crime in other dangerous activities. all my employees carry pepper spray and tasers. the neighbors are carrying pepper spray and tasers. i mean, this is not how we're supposed to live and it's also not. >> how we're supposed to. it's not our responsibility. the problem second says is that the facility isn't listening to the neighbors. complaints don't come back here again. summarize didn't respond to news nation's repeated requests for comment, but the san francisco department of public health did saying the facility has been successful taking in more than 1000 people providing them lifesaving medications and in some cases taking them off the streets. even so sackett hopes
12:31 pm
before other sobering centers open up across the nation. more planning is put into addressing neighbor concerns. >> and that was alex caprariello reporting for us. the san francisco department of health says the sobering center was strongly supported by neighbors when it was first introduced as a potential solution to the drug overdose crisis in san francisco in the 3 months since opening, the city says, but that facility has met by the representatives, have met with neighbors in the community 3 times and is consistently making adjustments to respond to their suggestions. a protest happened at san francisco state disrupting a debate between candidates for san francisco's district attorney job use activists opposing the current da brooke jenkins and her plan to prosecute some underage offenders as adults stormed the venue. as you can see there. and we're told the situation that tends to the point that all the candidates
12:32 pm
got up and walked out. we're working to find out if this forum will be rescheduled. families of shooting victims involving police in san francisco are demanding the district attorney move forward with criminal prosecutions. those families claim that brooke jenkins is delaying prosecution for political reasons. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon explains. >> i want her to put back on the calendar. preliminary hearing with that that was already scheduled to move my nephew's case i won the court case to go on as it would have gone on no matter what the outcome is. is not do he's going i want justice for the murder of these go. but >> 3 families of loved ones killed in 3 separate shootings by san francisco. police officers were outside the
12:33 pm
district attorney's office thursday demanding that brooke jenkins move forward with criminal prosecutions in each case. this is my nephew kia day. it key o neale. >> he was murdered by san francisco police officers, sammy or december. first of 2017. >> san francisco police body cam video shows the moment o'neill was shot according to district attorney jason who dean, he was unarmed at the time. the officer who fired his gun would be the first in the history of the san francisco police department to be charged in connection to a deadly shooting. >> in san francisco, there's been a long history. officer involved shootings. leading to no accountability whatsoever. >> however, now there is coecern about police accountability among these families because they say interim district attorney brooke jenkins appears to be delaying each of the cases against the officers from going forward. >> jenkins took office. our a
12:34 pm
meeting that we had in august was canceled when she took office. she fired every person that was on the case for my son. i'm really worried that if jenkins, some >> this election that officers going to walk away these 3 families matter. these 3 victims of police violence matter. >> these 3 cases matter and the aclu of northern california calls on district attorney brooke jenkins to hold these police officers accountable. >> i reached out to the da's office to get rid jenkins, an opportunity to respond to claims that she is delaying prosecuting officers involved in deadly shootings. a spokesperson told me that the da is in contact with each of the families and that will keep them apprised of developments in each case and that the da can comment. no 3rd there due to the sensitive
12:35 pm
nature of the investigations in san francisco haaziq kron. 4 news. >> kaiser mental health workers have voted to ratify a new contract. that contract comes after a 10 week strike. the new deal includes wage increases each of the next 4 years. it also includes new efforts to shorten wait times for patients and also a commitment by kaiser to hire more therapists. all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look outside at coit tower. now yesterday, the skies above at this time, and blue right now. bit of a different story looking a little bit overcast there cover meteorologist kyla grogan tracking that and also the weather we should expect in the months ahead. yes, so we have the national weather service, the climate prediction center put out what is called the long-range forecast for the winter and >> i'm not a big fan of long-range forecast is i'll tell you a forecast. i'll tell you right now, but it does look like we're leaning into arlene la nina pattern for 3rd winter in a row where you have
12:36 pm
the pacific northwest is going to be above average precipitation below average precipitation. that's south of us reason. i'm not a big fan of it is look where we are. we're in the middle, right? so that doesn't really tell us a whole but what i can tell you is that this will be the 3rd la nina that we're having of winters in a row, which is called the triple dip. you might hurt. hear people talk about that. the last time that happened was 1991. before that 1976. so it's a little unusual here. we are early but usual storm system that rolls into the pacific northwest. that's what's going to be cooling us down as we head towards the weekend. and that's why we're going to see these clouds not just today, but as we head into saturday and sunday as well as the system starts to track us track bias right now. 56 degrees in san francisco are cool out there. just 60 in napa. a little warmer. if you head inland. i look any act is about 75 degrees. 68 in fremont. and today, of course, those clouds are going to keep a lid on the temperatures, the marine layer president. so we're looking at for just 62 in san francisco about 65 in oakland. some 70's in the
12:37 pm
north bay. and you can see some 70's in the south bay as well. really quickly wanted to show you the tropical storm roslyn set to become a hurricane later today and then it will go on shore as a category 2 as we get into sunday. so that's a very powerful system. you can see expecting 110 mile per hour sustained winds. so we'll keep an eye on that again. that will be the weekend for mexico. back to you. the house committee investigating the january 6 insurrection at the u.s. capitol. >> has officially subpoenaed. former president donald trump. lawmakers say trump is quote, the central cause of a coordinated effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election. the committee sent a letter to mister trump's lawyers demanding the former president's testimony by november 14th. they requested a series of documents including personal communications between the former president and members of congress. trump has not yet commented on this subpoena. and elon musk here in bay area will reportedly layoff 75% of
12:38 pm
twitter employees. if his acquisition offer goes through kron four's. justine waldman has the latest. >> get your popcorn ready. i'm sure this is not the end of it. the twitter troubles keep coming. the washington post reporting thursday once elon musk buys the social media company. >> headquartered in san francisco. >> he plans to cut twitter's head count by 75% or around 5600 employees ensure was seen. that tells kron 4. he believes the post reported says it's not good. it would essentially turn twitter into a disaster, right? a lot of problems with crop up. >> a lot of people who knew how to fix them would be there anymore. the people who are supposed to keep their eyes on certain things would be doing that anymore. it all sorts of troubles could ensue very quickly. also, the post reports if the tesla founder does not buy the company for 43 billion dollars, twitter plans to cut 25% of its workforce. it seems as though the future of twitter as a
12:39 pm
company is really unclear. and that's regardless of whether or not elon musk is in the picture one way or another sure says very soon. we'll be looking at a vastly different twitter than the one we know today. the idea that it could some of just collapses. it seems almost unfathomable, but this may be the beginning of what could be the next stage of social media. right word where twitter and its relevance starts to change. >> the report also says must 43 billion dollar deal is about to close soon. likely by the end of the month. and bloomberg just put out a report that the biden administration is considering investigating musk's twitter purchase in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> well, the future of downtown san francisco is apparently looking pretty bleak. that's according to a report by the city's chief economist who says one 5th of offices in the city are expected to stay empty for at
12:40 pm
least 4 more years. office vacancy in the city jumped to 24% over the past 3 months. it was at 19% before the pandemic. an analysis by commercial real estate company jll forecasted that between 19% and 25% of the city's office space will remain vacant through 2026. that's the highest vacancy rate the city has seen since before the dot com boom in the late 1990's. a new report says for every an house person in san francisco, there are 14 vacant homes. the report by the san francisco coalition on homelessness found there were 60,000 homes without people living in them last year. that's up from 40,000 in 2019. now, according to the city supervisor, most of the empty homes are vacation properties. >> a lot of these labels. that they need to adjust their rental prices down slightly to
12:41 pm
attract people and to read out those units. >> in november, voters will decide on whether or not to approve an empty homes. tax. that measure its and passes owners of vacant homes in buildings with 3 or more units. we'll have to pay 2500 to $5,000 the first year the tax would increase each year to a maximum of $20,000. that money would then be earmarked for affordable housing and rental subsidies for low-income families and seniors. coming up here on the kron, 4 news at noon pay. what you want for your meal. that's the promise from of allay rapper. >> that's gotten into the restaurant business. and from medical tech to the metaverse. we take a look at their latest innovations featured at japan's biggest tech show. it seems sometimes like dogs would eat just about anything. unfortunately, some pet owners found out that their dogs may
12:42 pm
have ingested meth during an outdoor rock. we hear from police after this break.
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12:44 pm
>> some dog owners in san jose say their pets ended up needing medical care after getting poisoned by methamphetamine kron four's. justin campbell tells us how it happened. >> 6 dogs within the last month have been rushed here to med that silicon valley, the
12:45 pm
hospital director says all of them had meth off the ground. david has been our lives in south san jose last week. he went on evening walk with this husky low key has says 30 minutes later, loki kept pacing and wouldn't settle down. so he rushed low key to their emergency vet to find low key testing positive for methamphetamines. this temperature was really high when it came in. so if he wasn't treated that would have been life-threatening. hospital director terrace, trump says loki was among 6 rushed to her emergency room within a month. she says she's never seen so many cases within such a small time frame. do if they become hyper excitable, they become agitated. summer twitching. >> some extreme cases are seizure. and when they come to us, says meth can be deadly for dogs usually requires an overnight treatment will give them sedatives to kind of calm the nervous system down. >> we'll give them iv fluids, supportive care to get their temperature down and get them through. >> that event until they're able to be discharged. and
12:46 pm
trump says 2 of the cases happened at watson dog park. the others have been by homeless encampments loki fully recovered. but trump says be careful on your walk. >> definitely right now. be really cognizant of where you're walking. your >> you know, i would let them off i you know, let them run much to the bush is anything like that. >> the hospital director doesn't necessarily recommend using an over the counter drug test, but she says if you have one, you can use it, but make sure you bring your dog as quick as possible to an emergency that reporting here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> new at noon narcotic detectives seized over 72 pounds of meth from a man in santa rosa. officials entered his house just after 12 yesterday on why miss court. they also found 2 handguns. the search was part of a narcotics investigation. jose sanchez was charged with possession of a controlled substance and firearms. he also had several warrants,
12:47 pm
including a probation violation and a dui. and now to a disturbing story involving a murray county public high school. a student is seen punching the teacher thursday morning at redwood high school in larkspur. a warning here. but some people may find this next video upsetting. >> school officials say this incident started when a student refused to turn down their loud music. the teacher attempted to take the speaker and that's when the student appears to hit the teacher and the to start wrestling on the floor. eventually another staff member breaks up the fight. we have thoughts from one parent. >> i think we pause and look deeper. if we can provide whatever help were all able to and directly or indirectly. >> the district superintendent
12:48 pm
says authorities are investigating that student and are looking into what led up to this incident. the school says that they will have counselors and its wellness center available for anyone who needs some extra support. in the east bay. a high school teacher is on administrative leave after allegedly assigning reading material that some parents are calling sexually explicit and inappropriate. kron four's gayle ong takes a closer look for us that parents says she notified school officials when she was first made aware of the assignment and says the topic should have been kept. >> out of the classroom, those states appointing this parent's daughter goes to james logan high school in union city. she says the controversial reading assignment was given by her daughter's history teacher public coming to explain store. so that is >> we have i wish our touching himself that that moment her face just friends. the pair did not want to show her identity but showed this photo of the reading assigned to 10 graders earlier this month. and their reaction was that they felt so uncomfortable in that class and sick to their
12:49 pm
stomach with everything and have to having to answer those questions. in a statement, the new haven unified school district superintendent wrote in part, quote, as superintendent i was just as outraged as our parents. when i learned about the particular reading selection that was assigned to our students. as soon as we learned of this assignment, it was withdrawn and a teacher was placed on administrative leave pending investigation into this matter. the superintendent went on to say the reading passage was from the book. >> chuck, on a by michelle sarah's, a novel with the collection of poems about growing up in a rule community in california. district says it was neither age nor content appropriate for high school students and that the book was selected by the teacher as supplemental material and was not approved for use in classrooms in the school district. >> but this parent questioning how the material reach students in the first place parents, we would like the school board's support us and how we want to raise our children. what they're supposed to be taught within the school system. >> and eliminate the sexualization within the school literature.
12:50 pm
>> so far district has yet to release the name of that teacher under investigation in the newsroom. gayle ong kron, 4 news. all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside from our mount tam camera, gorgeous shot of all oa those clouds out there up above kron. 4 meteorologist kyla grogan tracking weather conditions outdoors right now for kyler way. they're starting to get some blue skies. as you can see behind me. we're taking a look from the east bay hills kind of looking towards the bay, but you don't see a whole lot once you get there because the cloud cover is certainly still present. and that's what's keeping us cool today. right now, it's just 58 degrees in san francisco, 16, oakland, 69 in san jose. a little warmer in livermore. 71 for you. conquered 66 in petaluma about 61. so we are cooler than we were this time yesterday. if you are inland, you're probably really noticing that in spots like conquer that have dropped about 13 degrees or santa rosa dropping 16 degrees. nevado also in the teens and same for napa. so this is what's going to be happening over the next couple of days here. we've got a low pressure system that's
12:51 pm
dropping in. it's going to bring a little bit of snow to the sierra. you can kind of see it there as it passes us by it's going to cool us down and it is ultimately going bring us some northerly wind which isn't directly off shore, but enough of it that it could, you know, cause us to have a little bit of fire concerns as we go through the weekend. now, i mentioned a rain and snow for the sierra. obviously nothing coming our way. you can see we're measuring just 1, 1, 100th of an inch. some of the wind that's going to kicking up this today is with them under a fire weather. watch that you can see in the areas in tampa. they're expecting that valley rain and mountain snow about one to 2 inches possible across the sierra passes. and again, i mentioned that wind up at the ridge tops are talking upwards of 70 miles per hour. now, meanwhile, here in the bay, we've got our own when to worry about take you through future cast and show you the overnight hours tonight. now notice the wind here is not offshore yet. as we get through saturday, it continues its very gusty in the north bay and along the coast in particular east bay as well. but watch what happens when we get into sunday and then sunday night. now we start to see the wind turning all from the north
12:52 pm
that we get that offshore component that's bringing drier wind our way. and that's where i have kind of the biggest concerns for our weather this weekend. to make sure you're being, you know, as i mentioned, fire safe and fire smart stay cool through the weekend. and as you can see, more seasonal temperatures as we head into next week. stephanie, back to you. thanks very much, kyle. a heads up for those who enjoy holiday shopping. walmart target and best buy well be closed on thanksgiving this year. many large retail chains started closing on the holiday back in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. and this move was meant to prevent large crowds from gathering in stores. a bay area rapper is giving back to north bay community kron four's. dan thorn shows us how rapper lil russell is striking a chord with customers at most cafe in vallejo. >> next monday and 24, we don't the rapper lil russell announces a local cafe will become proud to pay cafe through the end of the year.
12:53 pm
the event aims to help people from all walks of life, get something to eat. we have a high rate of homelessness out here >> the on the people that homelessness, you know, we're still coming off a covid everybody just saying got it. so we're just making so that people got it are able to get it still. >> i call what is work it will cut 27 year-old native says it's all about bringing the community together. the idea started with some brunch performances and a book signing. but after recent renovation of family-owned momoa's cafe, the russells company good company to sign a bill also cover the food costs for all customers for the next few months. they said expect nothing. just just come open, arms open, hard and enjoy was given. and what we put in, you know, the product of our hard-working are giving so there's no expectation that he did just come and enjoy. >> russell is hoping this idea spreads. he says it's important to show that people can come together and be the change they seek. everyone is a collective everyone's
12:54 pm
excepted. everyone's just welcomed a it just feels good. everyone's out jeans in the restaurant at 402, georgia street serves breakfast and lunch until 02:00pm every day reporting in vallejo, dan thorn kron. 4 news >> hands free slot. machine robot. smart cities. and on the hunt for cool tech innovations. at seatec 2022. in tokyo, japan. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart. i see it in my office all the time. kids getting hooked on flavored tobacco, including e-cigarettes. big tobacco lures them in with flavors like lemon drop and bubble gum, candy flavors that get them addicted to tobacco products, and can lead to serious health consequences, even harming their brain development. that's why pediatricians urge you to vote yes on prop 31. it stops the sale of dangerous flavored tobacco and helps protect kids from nicotine addiction. please vote yes on 31. vote yes on prop 31.
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12:57 pm
>> welcome back. and we are looking at new technology coming out of tokyo from a mirror that can detect your blood pressure to a car with eyes. rich demuro takes a look at more hot fines from japan's largest tech show. in today's tech smart. >> sea-tac is japan's largest tech show. and this is the first time it's been in person in 3 years. historically, the emphasis has been on consumer electronics, but now it's all about how technology will impact our lives in the future. tokyo, a city now we open japan, synonymous with electronics. >> it's here that seatec 2022. is being held for the first time since the pandemic shut it down. >> with everything on display from medical devices to the metaverse sharp showing off a
12:58 pm
mirror that uses a tiny sensor to take your vitals step in front and in seconds, get a reading of your blood pressure and pulse rate to stick with. gets good to use money build a new night held at tk. they placed a tiny laser diode into a pair of glasses. the result full color augmented-reality. >> it's been idea for some time now, but the smaller that act, the more might happen compared to the home base, hopeful ten-time. flora, came time to write the come up, then will be able to that helps alpine known for their car audio touch free, but and projected into midair. it's cold air input, candy, for hospitals, restaurants and anywhere else. you don't want to touch dirty buttons every time. the screen. because we do need we he's got same for this touch free slot machines. just wave your hand in front to start and stop the wheels.
12:59 pm
it looks funny, but the ice on this car serve a purpose. the idea behind these giant eyes is to let the destrehan's know that a self-driving car has seen them a ever section of the show for one of the most crowded areas. instant avatars were hit. there's me in the of the just like you as we have trust >> by the business partners in the business seems as our amended reality, this place for and of course, in your room to take instagram or the pictures. >> japan no longer requires visas for visitors. and most of the people i spoke with said they're very excited about that. if you want to see some more my coverage from seatec 2022, you can find me on social media. i am at rich on tech in tokyo, japan. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> and that'll do it for us here at the kron. 4 news at noon let's check in with olivia horton now for live in
1:00 pm
the bay. olivia. hey, stephanie, have been going on. we just have to let everybody know. i finally got some tiktok experience. yes, thanks to none other than the wonderful it was so much fun. and, you you can do some more in the future. so much fun to school. be a little bit. i appreciate you know, i i you're such a good sport and we were just watching that really interesting tech segment. all this cool technologyecoming out japan. but you've also had some really great tech products on your show, too. we absolutely have. i'm really excited for today show. coming up on today's show, there's so much happening on live in the bay. >> we have comedian keith pedro here stopped by the show earlier this week and talked about his upcoming cops comedy show. we also have the drizzling diamonds, dance and cheer team. a lovely group of young ladies, the same guy and performed routine for us. >> also, ari, on andrew w w came by and showed us her inspiring story about how she createer


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