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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 2, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 and neighbors complaining about a strong odor in fairfield police to a house. what investigators found in time. >> also, the vicious beating caught on video outside a 7.11. we'll talk to neighbors concerned about their safety. but first. i just hope that. >> there's a solution to the prospect out it's a big, big problem. >> small businesses in oakland become the latest victims of burglary. talked to one owner who says crime is making it much more difficult to run a business there. thank you for joining us tonight at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan. those break-ins happened early this morning along lakeshore avenue.
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>> kron four's dan thorn is in the newsroom with some of the changes business owners are hoping to see than catherine and pam, these burglars appear to be targeting cash registers. >> at these businesses, the owner of lin, jia asian kitchen says there's was yanked off of their counter, but there was no money inside the bigger issue is the damage to their front door and the feeling of being violated. >> it's something no small business owner ever wants to see the front door of their livelihood kicked in by criminals was pretty depressing. it's kind of all to do this. as during this time. >> but inflation vo bit everything else and a lot of almost. >> marshall lamm has run lin, jia, asian kitchen on lakeshore avenue for more than a decade. her restaurant along with other nearby businesses were hit by burglars early wednesday morning. lamb says crime in the neighborhood has become a growing concern with the homelessness. the break and the >> that's that's what like eat
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that much. >> the broken glass and lambs front door has been replaced with plywood. it's estimated that it will cost more than $800 to replace which lamb says on some days is a 3rd of what her restaurant makes in a day. lamb calls oakland home and wants to keep it that way. but the city's issues are wearing her thing. and i just hope that. >> somehow it. >> there's a solution to to the prospect general. but it's a top is a big, big problem. >> oakland police say they are investigating this case along with another break-in at a separate business on lake shore where cash was stolen. anyone with any information or surveillance video is encouraged to come forward. reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron, 4 news stand. thank you. >> in the south bay, san jose police have made an arrest in a hit and run incident involving an elderly woman and a toddler. officers say 20 year-old alexa highs, elective
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committed to be the driver of the vehicle involved. she was arrested for felony hit and run. the incident happened last tuesday just in the area of sierra road and mauna kea elaine, both that elderly woman and the child were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. >> there's no place, no place for voter intimidation. political violence in america. whether directed democrats or republicans. no place, period, no place ever. >> a stern warning from president biden today pointing to the brutal attack on house speaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul. his speech comes 2 months after he warned% against french republicans with extremist views claiming they are trying to post a strings to give election than ayers more power. >> make no mistake. democracy is on the ballot for all of us. must remember that
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democracy is a covenant. we need to start looking out for each other again. seeing ourselves as we the people. not as entrenched enemies. this is a choice we can make. this union. and chaos are not inevitable. >> the president's specified he was not talking about the majority of republicans saying they also have to fight for american democracy. >> tonight, trust in the u.s. capitol. police may have been shaken. the agency has admitted no one was monitoring the live video surveillance of the pelosi home on the morning of the attack against paul pelosi. now a bay area congresswoman is demanding answers about security kron four's terisa stasio has more on security measures failed. >> in a five-page letter bay area, congresswoman and chair of the house committee that oversees the capitol police
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department. zoe lofgren is laying out questions about security concerns surrounding members of congress. she specifically zeroes in on the violent attack on house speaker nancy pelosi is husband cameras were on at speaker pelosi, san francisco home, but not being monitored. lofgren is drilling down and whether adequate protocols are in place given how investigators say that the attack seemed politically motivated. >> what is the problem? the capitol police have something like 2000 officers so they have a manpower to cover families. they the speaker when she's with her husband up. obviously. and then it gets covered that way. but other than that, you have to have your own private security. rick smith is a former fbi agent and runs a private security firm. >> in her letter, lofgren mentions how data shows domestic violent extremists
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pose a heightened threat to the 2022 election. >> and lone offenders with enduring perceptions of election fraud in 2020 or supported the insurrection are a great risk in america. but smith says it's more complicated. >> i think the left is for the left and then ever been maybe since the 60's and the rights for the right and then that. so i mean, there's a certain vitriol that comes out of this by both sides because these things that happened, smith adds a more robust security system could have helped in the pelosi case but says victim shaming is not fair. >> he has one large takeaway message in all of this is examining what happened in sticking to the facts. >> when these things happen is because of social media, primarily, there's so much misinformation so much and i think comes out of this month that it comes at this is that that you sit back and look at the facts of the case, not what you want to have happen.
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not what think happened. not what somebody told you happened. what happened and that's the way it investigates the way the police as what the fbi looks at these things, not crazy stuff. theresa kron, 4 news. >> capitol police did issue a statement today saying they will fast track the work they've already been doing to protect members when they are outside washington. they say our brave men and women are working around the clock to meet this urgent mission during this device of time. in the meantime, a significant change that will have an immediate impact will be for people across the country to lower the temperature of political rhetoric before it's too late. meantime, the man accused of attacking paul pelosi, david up apple face a judge friday yesterday the judge granted the prosecution request for dip app to stay in jail. no bail. a court filing says that he told police he had plans to go after more federal and california
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politicians. friday. the judge will set a date for his preliminary hearing on state charges and more of the paps neighbors are reacting. one man telling us he's not surprised to hear that he would get involved in something like this. >> you know, he had he ends. it ends in several ways. kind of fit the profile of somebody who would might call weird are somewhat eccentric. this being kind of a suburb of berkeley and being part of the oakland berkeley. metropolitan of that kind personalities is tolerated pretty well around here. >> meantime, san francisco mayor london breed says the attack is an example of why security is so important for elected mary, to the of the house, nancy pelosi. >> at the end of the day, we
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have to do a better their stances live in fear >> mayor breed made those comments during the announcement of the city's ambassador program. the mayor says that program provides added security to areas such as union square chinatown and the mission district. the ambassadors dressed in will be welcoming people in those tourist areas to help them feel safe. today's announcement comes as the city opens the union square ice rink which traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season. the union square alliance which represents the stores and restaurants and hotels within 27 city blocks says a year of having those ambassadors has made a difference with shoppers. >> we're seeing them. we're seeing foot traffic people at intersections it just that energy and that that even his words meant for the heartbeat
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of the city. >> the ambassador program started with 50 people last october. since then, it has grown to 92. >> well, let's look at the weather. a lot of for snow in the sierra look at this shot. that's a beautiful some places reporting more than 10 inches of new snow chain controls do remain in effect in some places. kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the latest what's happening. yeah, it just keeps going tonight. they were expecting to take some of the advisories and warnings the sierra down. they've been extended until midnight tonight as that snow continues to fall in the high country, they just open up. you can see there let the people go through right now, but we're seeing delays and >> yeah, they're still chaining up on both 80 50. this is look at donner summit right now. all that nice snow piling up along the side there. some of the mountains over a foot of snow above 7,000 feet. so that is some good news indeed. now the roadways are going to open up bit tomorrow. but right now
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watches and warnings we've got a winter storm warning in effect, still across the western of the sierra nevada to midnight. the advisories up there as well. the cold air settling in kind of a tough night to go up that direction. if you can hold off at least another day. well, it will be looking good by tomorrow as you're going to see some dry weather return. it will be cold on the high country. there's no getting around that. that cold alaskan air settling in across the state high tomorrow. lake tahoe, you're talking about 36 degrees friday. we'll start to warm up a little suddenly wind kicking in and then a chance of rain on the way on saturday as we've got another storm system moving in. here's the very latest on the doppler radar. you can see the showers turning to just east of placid bill in the high country. there you can the activity start to tail off just a bit, but enough to keep things going. now for a little bit anyway. it's been really kind of an interesting day, not only the high country, but all around the state. numerous thunderstorms rotating through. we have some lightning strikes even
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locally. and you know, if you have a chance to walk outside, you probably notice those big clouds out above with that and will shape that was both those look at the thunderstorms, the rotating around the bay area and well, things finally quieting down that way, at least for us. but still some activity continuing in the central valley temperatures. yeah, getting cold out there right now is that the alaskan kind of settles in for the night and the winds begin to calm down. you're looking to 43 degrees right now in petaluma. 46 and santa rosa. get ready. we've got some frosty conditions ahead for tomorrow morning. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> lawrence. well, the cost of borrowing money just got even more expensive today in an effort to tame inflation, the federal reserve announced that it is raising interest rates, three-quarters of a percent yet again. and kron four's grant lotus joins us live from the newsroom with more on what it means for your wallet. grant well. >> catherine pam, it's not good for people who are borrowing money. this is now
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the 4th time in a row that the federal reserve has announced a more aggressive interest rate hike of three-quarters of a percent. they're going hard with these rate hikes in the increase means yeah. purchasing. >> colm a car trying to pay down credit card debt. it's all costing people more. this is actually the 6th rate hike so far this year, the federal reserve chairman, jerome powell says despite the fed's best efforts, the labor market is just too strong. they're all these job openings all over the place and prices for items are too high. he warns more rate increases are on the way to try to slow down spending. >> financial conditions have tightened significantly response store policy actions. and we're seeing the effects on demand in the most interest rate, sensitive sectors of the economy, such as housing. it will take time that with her for the full effects of monetary straight to be realized, especially on inflation. that's why we say in a statement that
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determining the pace of future increases in the target range, we will take into account the cumulative tightening of monetary policy and the lags with which monetary policy economic activity and inflation. >> palace as increased interest rates have helped slow down the housing market, for instance. but there's a lot of work still to do and asked how long it will take before prices stabilize. powell says that just remains highly uncertain. as for where the economy is heading, some financial experts maintain the u.s. says not in a recession, not heading for a recession. and one of them is a local wealth manager, george and chatty. i don't buy this recession. talk at all. i think we're in a slowing economy. i see numbers to to to to prove that. but, you know, little bit older. so i go back to the 70's and i remember the 70's we had. >> very, very high double-digit inflation. we have very fine, very high unemployment. we've just flooded the economy with money because of the covid issue. an economy had to stop. i mean, think about it. but when you stop to 24 trillion dollar
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economy, >> you don't know what's going to happen. the results are, you know, in this case, inflation. >> the people certainly are feeling the effects of inflation. so again, when will things start to settle down? well, the federal reserve says it needs to hit its 2% inflation goal. and right now we're way higher than that, a little more than 8%. so interest rates in all likelihood. we're we'll continue for at least the foreseeable future. pam and catherine, back to you. >> thank you. grant. san francisco police are investigating a deadly attack near a 7 11 store in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. police say a 77 year-old man was killed. 2 other people were hurt. and while police have made an arrest in the incident, neighbors say more needs to be done about safety poise. gayle ong joins us here in the studio with community reaction and concern tonight. gayle. >> pam and catherine police say this attack was random.
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the attack was captured on surveillance video was shared with us because neighbors want to bring awareness to this incident and we do want to warn you the images you are about to see are graphic. a vicious beating captured on surveillance video. it was just before 06:30am, in the morning tuesday near bayshore and raman. streets in san francisco's visitation valley neighborhood. >> police say an elderly man died on the scene. 2 others were taken to the hospital. this is a despicable act and >> we think that people should know when people out here checking >> san francisco supervisor shamann walton whose district includes visitation valley identified the man killed as 77 year-old winds of san francisco supervisor. walton says he has been in contact once the sun and is closely working with san francisco police. investigators say the incident began at this 7.11 where they say the suspect identified as 32 year-old charles short attacked the store employee and a bystander. police arrested short as he was running away from the scene. he is facing
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charges of homicide assault with a deadly weapon robbery and preventing a victim from calling 9-1-1 an employee who works next door at this auto repair shop did not want to show his identity but says he is concerned about the neighborhood. he now carries a taser. you carry this because that safety >> because i've people right here. the man says the attack happened back in june of last year. >> that's pretty good that we stay in hospital a couple days. >> we haven't reached you have a mostly injury on my face. i got 4 stitches and the guy got a cracked skull. seoul is. >> supervisor walton says he is working with police and other city departments to prevent violent incidents from happening in the community and to seniors is horrible. >> you know, i it says more and more of that. >> longtime san francisco resident wilhelm says he will stay vigilant, cautious everywhere i go. >> people desperate. >> and i spoke with the daughter of that 7.11 employee
10:18 pm
who was also attacked in this incident. she says her father is recovering well, but it will be a long road to recovery. meantime, the suspect is being held at the san francisco county jail. and while an arrest has been made, as apd says, this remains an open and active investigation, anyone with information is asked to call police live in the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> thank you, gayle. a man accused of stalking and preying on women around the university of san francisco campus is now facing additional charges. that's after 6 more victims have come forward saying bill hobbs assaulted them. hobbs was initially charged with 16 felony and misdemeanor counts last month. today, the da announced new charges. they include misdemeanor public nuisance, misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor assault. he is being held without bail dining al fresco became so popular during the pandemic, but now the future of some of those outdoor spaces may be in
10:19 pm
jeopardy as kron four's. justin campbell tells us some restaurants are now divided. >> on what to do with the parklets. it's going to take everyone's cooperation on whether these parklets stay or go. >> that are behind me. current city enforcement rules say that restaurants will soon have to ask their neighbors for approval to have a park lit. >> to feel like you're you're about here, you know, but you're actually over 5,000 miles away in downtown palo alto family operated business. ricky fleming is the manager of us to react to an italian restaurant. he says the parking lots of help to bring in revenue improve safety with more foot traffic and made the dining experience just like bring every beautiful people are so happy out here. but things could change next year. city council says starting next june businesses will have to ask their neighboring business and property owners for consent to have a parkland and not everyone is on board for the parklets to stay. no,
10:20 pm
they haven't given consent. nancy cook, paul owner of cuba cafe concerned that her neighbor may not get in for approval will lose a lot of business. the will lose the revenue from the rahm. they are intending to charge for park. let's designed to help restaurants stay open during covid. >> are now dividing business owners on whether they should stay. >> or go? well, i don't see why we should have permission when it's already been. does it need to us from the city of palo alto? >> there are 3 a new city council members coming to the council in january. these businesses that we spoke to today are hoping that they will address the parking >> issue first thing next year reporting here in palo alto, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> elon musk reportedly is planning to lay off roughly half of twitter's employees. we keep hearing different numbers. it's an effort to drive down costs after he bought the company last week.
10:21 pm
bloomberg says about 3700 staffers will be notified of their terminations friday. the report also a school eliminate the company's existing work from anywhere policy, meaning most twitter employees who do manage to stick around. we'll have to go back to the office. >> nobody won tonight's 1.2 billion dollar powerball jackpot. but somebody in the south bay did have one of the 2 tickets matching 5 of those numbers tonight. >> and that person is now a million dollars richer. coming up tonight at 10, 30, we're going to check back in with kron four's justin campbell. he will be live from milpitas with that winning ticket was sold. also still ahead tonight, federal health officials once again calling monkeypox a public health emergency. >> but cases do continue to go down. why they say they are bringing back the water. and breaking down your ballots. we're going to take a look at the state proposition, which
10:22 pm
could and the sale of flavored tobacco products. >> plus, a very small home is being sold in oakland for almost $850,000. what it's missing that has potential buyers resting their heads. vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. this is about our kids' future. omar: prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions. vote yes on 30.
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>> tonight, monkeypox is once again a public health emergency. the u.s. department
10:25 pm
of health and human services has that order today. officials say although case numbers are continuing to drop, the order helps to maintain the flow of data from states and jurisdictions and allows for vaccine effectiveness studies to take planes more than 28,000 a monkeypox cases and 6 deaths have been confirmed in the united states and at least 77,000 infections have been reported around the world. >> a small home in the oakland hills with a big price tag is catching the eyes of a lot of potential buyers. >> according to real estate, brokerage redfin, this 480 square foot home in the glenview area on will avenue has the listing price of a whopping $849,000. it has no bedrooms and only one bathroom. experts say the value is in the land and there is a high chance it will go for more than the asking price. next at 10 neighbors of
10:26 pm
a home in the north bay on covering an illegal operation. they could smell it, but they couldn't see it. >> the major pop that result. also, the students accused of killing their own teacher hiding the body. what investigators are saying about the motive and remember the big over single public toilet in san francisco priced at 1.7 million dollars. the proposed solution to that. >> and skies begin to clear out around the bay area now. but more storms line up. we'll talk about that with your 10 forecast coming up next.
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>> well, the powerball jackpot is now up to one and a half billion dollars. nobody won tonight's grand prize, which was 1.2 billion dollars. but there is somebody in the south bay who is still a win or a ticket matching the first 5 numbers was sold at a 7 11 store in milpitas. that ticket is worth 1 million dollars. not bad. and that's where we find kron four's justin campbell and justin does the store know yet? >> they don't know. we showed up at the store with our cameras and they were surprised they were looking around at us and we were looking at them were somebody is a millionaire tonight and they were surprised to learn that. let you look at the store behind me. you can tell
10:30 pm
people have been coming here kind of all night. but most of the people that a customer, some of them are regulars. don't know that somebody is a millionaire. there was a million dollar ticket that was sold. we asked to speak to the owner. the owner won't be here until the morning, but you can look at that sign. you can see the powerball 1.5 billion dollars. now i'm going to read the winning numbers to you >> that it was too 11. 22 35 60 and the powerball number was 23. nobody won but 2 tickets for a million dollar. u.s. one sold right here. the other in southern california. the prize now at one 0.5 billion dollars. that is a lot of money that next drawing will be saturday. but it will be curious to find out who exactly one here. will they come forward? was it a customer? tesla is right down
10:31 pm
the street was an employee that works at st. that's what somebody was saying earlier. we're curious, we're all hopefully find we find out pam. >> all right. and and this is catherine. hey, justin, you said something about people were there. i mean, from aside from who's out there, these people who want to buy tickets there. you people that are just in the neighborhood, people at the news is not really said and i'm sure tomorrow morning there were no i was talking to the cashier. >> and he he he didn't know himself. most people really the news has not hit, has not hit them yet. but as they find out as we're doing our report and as it goes out online all over the web. >> i'm sure there will be a lot of people here tomorrow morning looking to buy a ticket. one guy said, hey, our man, somebody already when it's too late. so he did want to buy a ticket. we'll see tomorrow morning. >> you getting a ticket might get a ticket. i won't be here
10:32 pm
tomorrow. i'll tell you but i'm i'm definitely going to buy a ticket. >> i want to go by when it will test my luck and we'll see where we go from good luck. good luck to you. >> on to other news now, police in the north bay, they found over 200 pounds of illegal marijuana alongside with some plans and some guns in a fairfield home and kron four's amanda hari has that story. >> fairfield police say this bust is all thanks to the community. they say neighbors in the area smelled the odor of the marijuana plants. as far as a block away and they reached out to police hundreds of pounds of illegal marijuana and more than 200 plants build a home in its yard in this neighborhood near kentucky. and 3rd streets. you can see some of it bagged up in this photo. narcotics related warrant was served on october 20th by the fairfield police department. special operations
10:33 pm
team. police say it was difficult to get inside of the home. it was gated and change it outside was a large people left to guard the home once inside. police also found 6 other docs. but the occupants were nowhere to be found pretty. that's pretty wild. eric schaeffer says he's lived in this neighborhood for more than 20 years. he says it's changed, but he's never heard of anything like this. it just be really nice. and it got kind rough for a couple years. it's getting better now. they didn't meet them in the school. really nice. fairview elementary school is walking distance from the home. >> in addition to the marijuana and plants, police found 2 blocks style handguns and a short barrel ar 15 rifle. they say it took several trucks to load up all the plants, some of which were about 8 feet tall. fairfield police say this is still an active investigation and a humane animal services officer removed all of the animals from the property. >> in fairfield, amanda hari kron, 4 news.
10:34 pm
>> the gunman behind the 2018 massacre at the parkland, florida high school will spend the rest of his life in prison. nicolas cruz of officially sentenced to life without parole. he is responsible for killing 17 students and staff and injuring 17 others at marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> last month a jury recommended that life sentence instead of the death penalty. cruz has 30 days to try and appeal the sentence. >> 2 iowa teenagers are accused of killing their high school spanish teacher over a bad great that happened last november. the team's only recently caught the teams at that time were only 16. investigators say they beat the teacher with a baseball bat at a park and the small town of fairfield, iowa. they say one of the students had met with the teacher that day to talk about a failing grade afterwards. they say the boys followed the woman to the park where she was known to take walks after school. now he
10:35 pm
mcgregor's body was later found there. police say the boy's bragged about the murder on social media. they are both charged as adults with first-degree murder. >> tonight, paris and nevado are reacting after 6 people were charged with attempted murder for stabbing near linwood elementary. a 19 year-old man named emerson gonzalez or down us was charged with aiding and abetting the crime. 5 other teens under the age of 18 were arrested for suspicion of attempted murder. some of those suspects are as young as 13 years old. >> 2 young, 13, 15, that's way too the 19 year-old doing hanging around little shocking 13 is a little on the younger side for something like that. >> i would assume those influence from the 19 year-old. >> police say the victim, a 16 year-old boy is still in the hospital tonight after he was stabbed a number of times. police have not released details on a possible motive.
10:36 pm
>> dozens of teachers with the san francisco unified school district either called in sick today or they left work early in protest over persistent payroll problems. some of the teachers say they are still not getting paid on time or not getting benefits. it has been 7 months since the district promise to fix the problems, but they have not gone away. >> i had gotten me. >> so many e-mails from people at my site. i'm not getting paid correctly. this is wrong. not as wrong. >> the district superintendent released a statement saying the district has re of responsibility to solve this problem adding so we can rebuild trust with our community said i know there's a lot of work ahead. we will not stop until we can make every sf usda employee hull. now for another look at the 4 zone forecast as we have this beautiful live view
10:37 pm
overlooking san francisco, a sparkly night. no clouds right now, but they're going to be some clouds soon because we're expecting rain. yeah, that the nice thing we get this storm coming through, but there's more storms. >> lining up over the next few days and into next week to we're going to talk more about that in a moment. but outside tonight, yeah, it's getting cold out there. we're seeing these temperatures begin to fall off now and it's going to be one of the coldest nights of the season so far. so here we go. we've got that system. the went through today behind that. we've got that nice cold air that has just come down all the way from the gulf of alaska. pain of is the bay area clearing out your skies. now the rain has come to an end locally looking clear around the bay area. think as we head toward early tomorrow morning now likely going to see a couple patches of frost early on the mostly sunny skies. but this weekend, guess what? a chance of some more rain on the way. temperatures right now. you've got a cold. 47 degrees in dublin right now. 48 in livermore. 49 in pacifica checkout, fairfax right now. 41 degrees. 43 in
10:38 pm
petaluma. 46 in santa rosa and 45 degrees. sailing really start to cool off, especially in the north. and that's probably we're going to find our coldest temperatures by early tomorrow morning. in fact, a frost advisory has been issued by the national weather service all the way from hill's burned down to santa rosa nevado mill valley stretching across the of and then all the way up the napa valley too. and we've got some freeze warnings even further north in the clear lake county boy, it is going to be a cold night there. temperatures locally, though, 30's, probably some low 30's in some of the coldest valleys about 30 degrees even below freezing in santa rosa tomorrow. 34 in napa about 43 degrees in oakland. 43 in san jose and a chilly 35 in livermore. here's your cold system. all that cold air dropping right down on the gulf of alaska now making their way in the bay area. things drying out, though, now after another nice few showers pop up around the bay area. not a huge rain amount, but about a 100 to about 407 inch of rain we've seen today. and now the winds
10:39 pm
begin to calm down. so those winds begin to subside will notice the changes coming our way. as we've got more storms on the way tomorrow, we catch a little bit of a break. should be cool to mild day. but here we go. long range forecast showing the clouds gathering in. there you go. by saturday afternoon, another chance of rain. better chance. i think as we get into sunday and monday and tuesday of next week, kind of an active week ahead for next week as well. so that's some great news as we're going to see a series of storms rolling on in temperatures tomorrow going to be mainly in the 50's and the 60's for highs next few days or 10, we're going to dry out just a little bit tomorrow. lots of sunshine. then as we get the weekend, a chance of more rain on the way. and i think those storms continue on and off at least into the welcome all the storms about that. i see kind of get going. we hope it continues throughout the season. yeah. all right. thank you. right. well, 2 businessmen teamed up to donate a public restroom to francisco. they are offering their services for free.
10:40 pm
>> after learning about the jaw dropping 1.7 million dollar price tag for a proposed toilet in the city's noise valley district and kron four's ella sogomonian is here with their public toilet okay? yeah. i guess you could call it that. will these guys are presenting their new plan to the city's parks and rec department tomorrow. >> saying that they can take on that cost to build a bathroom for a fraction of the price. san francisco tops the charts for the cost to break ground to build a house. but we recently learned that the city's estimate for a public bathroom. >> is an eye-popping 1.7 million dollars for one toilet to be installed in the know valley neighborhood. well, the san francisco chronicle reports the governor has flushed state funding after word got out about the exorbitant amount for the outhouse. 2 men in the business of building say they donate their own version in lieu of the seven-figure lou. chad kaufman, president of the public restroom company shared these renderings of their
10:41 pm
design donation. it features concrete walls and floors with the structural steel roof frame and panels. but typically a building like that a single occupant restroom. >> with one toilet and one exterior sink. would only cost about $135,000. any other costs associated with the installation or local permitting, anything of that sort would have to be done local. >> conference company would pair up with volumetric building companies to supply the architectural engineering and installation services estimated at another $300,000. plus san francisco union workers would be used to get the job done. they explained the key to lowering cost is modular offside construction, offsite construction that allows us to centralize labor in a factory in a way that creates really efficient construction mechanisms if the city except the offer. kaufman says their restroom can be shipped at any time. if permitting he's fast tracked installation would take 3
10:42 pm
days. so a hurdle in this option might be that san francisco has vowed not to work with businesses from states that make abortion access top and >> that companies based in nevada in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron, 4 news. thank you, ella. well, coming up, we take a closer look at a proposition that could end the flavored tobacco >> and next from sports say it ain't no, no. the city of brotherly love. the astros nail game for the world series will have highlights coming up in sports with jason dumas.
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10:45 pm
>> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. the midterm elections, as you know, less than a week away tonight, we are taking a closer look at the referendum aimed at banning flavored tobacco products. big tobacco companies push to get prop 31 on the ballot because they hope to repeal a 2020 law which made the sale of most flavored tobacco illegal as kron four's philippe djegal reports a yes vote would uphold the twenty-twenty law banning the sale of most flavored tobacco. >> i know vote will keep the products on the shelves. >> medically speaking to pick your poison cotton candy to flavored after sour patch kids. when you're in 6th grade, you're not going to try some bitter cigarette. you're definitely going for the mango flavors, the pineapple flavor. and that's ghat proponents of yes, on proposition 30, once a
10:46 pm
big tobacco companies want to get them. young flavors are the gateway drug for kids. and if we vandy slavery's and then we can say this generation and all the future generations to come. but opponents of the legislation's passage disagree. tobacco companies fought to put prop 31 on the ballot by doing so it prevented the twenty-twenty law banning most flavored tobacco products from being sold in stores from going into effect. it was signed by governor gavin newsom to their one is a referendum. >> and if it fails, will overturn that twenty-twenty law. the position no one 31 will prevail. john dennis is chairman of the san francisco republican party. just he sides with the tobacco industry and opposes prop. 31. >> dennis says the notion big tobacco is targeting youth with flavored products if it's already illegal to sell these products, any tobacco related product of a product. >> 2 kids. so in fact, they're not telling you the truth, the real. but the reality that the
10:47 pm
parking innings products, specifically of adults who just want to serve our customers as they would like to be served, have a choice. chris clark manages fast and easy liquor store in pleasantville. he says tobacco sales account for a 3rd of the shots revenue adding that taking flavors off shelves will hurt his bottom line. >> he says they're popular. all this and this and kids may want them, but they're not the ones buying them in his store were pro-choice. if you want a choice. >> we're here to serve it if you're over. 21, you have an id. >> try to follow all the laws. >> because that's the last day in business. and big tobacco is big have massive doses of nicotine behind these candy flavored vapor and smoke that's essentially how young individuals become lifelong customers of the tobacco industry. doctor turning up higher pili is deputy executive director of the nonprofit organization breathe california in san jose. she
10:48 pm
works with youth advocates fighting against what they call a youth vaping epidemic exacerbated by the wide availability to labor tobacco. if they don't have it in their hand, then. you know, then there's less likely chance of getting addicted. >> so take it off the market. some school districts have invested in vape detectors, installing them in bathrooms to monitor students. how high you think that tennis works with many california and he's a senior at evergreen valley high school in san jose where she says flavored vaping is a crisis. >> she says some bathroom doors at the school are chained open or have been removed all together to discourage vaping. kids aren't allowed. >> outside without like a hall pass and they're not allowed out during passing periods because teachers know that they're just going to go into back ins in advocating against the use of like bates and other drugs that could harm you. i feel that's my way to make the community feel safer. the campaign for tobacco-free kids says 80% of youth that
10:49 pm
use a tobacco product start with the flavored products to truth is that the tobacco industry sees my kids as a target. yes, on prop 31. >> will save lives. they would run though younger than the legal smoking age of 21 just decide. next month. >> billy kron, 4 news. >> we reached out to the corporations pushing for the repeal of the flavored tobacco ban. no agreed to answer our questions about how their products are marketed. those companies itg brands inc philip morris, usa rj reynolds tobacco company as swedish match north america supporting a yes vote on proposition. 31, the american heart association, the american lung association and the american cancer society. california voters will be asked about 7 statewide propositions. so you can join us this sunday night at 9.30. >> for everything you need to know before going to the
10:50 pm
polls. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it was a pivotal game. 4 in philadelphia tonight with the wind. the phillies would put the astros in a really tough spot, a loss and we've got ourselves a 2, 2, series. let's go to philly where the fans they were charged up their proud feeling good. but cristian javier, he sobered everyone up really quick. the 25 year-old was spectacular. he struck out the side. >> here in the 4th, javier went 6 he didn't give up a single hit while striking out 9, philadelphia bad it broke it open here in the 5th. iran already in and the bases loaded alex bregman continues to be one of the clutches bats in all of baseball that plates, 2 and afros have a 3, nothing lead. now it's 4,
10:51 pm
nothing in your league. oreo. diggs, one out placing an rbi single to left. it's 5, nothing. phillies are astro's and yet stress too. last bash shows make history. the second no-hitter ever in a world series game. the last one was in 19. 56. all right. the warriors dropped to '03 on their road trip last night with a loss of miami. they're now just 3 of 5 on the season. '04, on the road. so they've got several issues they're dealing with and we broke a bunch of them down last night. >> but the loss wasn't the only thing the warriors were talking about after last night, there were also caught a bit off-guard. by the way, they were being repped. the refs called for discontinued dribble violations last night. what many of u.s. call a carry and 3 of them were called on jordan poole. apparently there was a memo sent out by the lead to all 30 nba teams on
10:52 pm
tuesday morning. and steve kerr. well, he never saw that e-mail after the game. he was thinking. let's see one more of those calls. real quick. after the like, you know, we're going out today said. >> didn't check my email you know, ed, we've got a game today. i'm not looking at emails. i was because basically the holy does that they've been doing it ever since. allen convinced. the referee said it wasn't a carry. it is a carry. what jordan does but league's been doing it i guess i got to start checking my email on came to us. yeah. i guess you do. steve. >> over in santa clara, the men's basketball team is looking to build off one of its best seasons in recent memory. santa clara finished 21 to 12 last year. there among one of the last teams
10:53 pm
that just missed the field of 68 this year. they want to hear their names called on selection sunday. they want to feel that euphoria, but the broncos they'll have to replace a lot of fowler, fire power. they lost jalen williams who was picked 12 overall. oklahoma city thunder and they also lost one of the best point guards in the conference in pj pipes. but head coach herb sendek. he believes the guys who return are ready to push this program forward. >> you do it with the guys returning. we're only improving, getting ready to step into different roles. in many cases. >> and you do it with an influx of newcomers. you do it. he do it holistically. you know, it's not one player is replacing. this guy had another one players. you placing it's an entirely different team. >> all righty. that is y
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
>> all right. time for last quick. look at weather. >> yeah. getting cold around the bay area tonight. these temperatures are going to be really chilly into early tomorrow morning. expect to see some patchy frost, especially in the north bay. but you could easily see that and parts of the east bay as well. skies clearing out now the cold air kind of just settling in for the night. this could one of the coldest nights we've seen in the season so far. still some falling over parts of the western of the sierra nevada some snow in the high country. but that will probably come to an end overnight tonight, the
10:57 pm
bay area drying out and as our air dries out on those temperatures are going to fall off and we're looking about 30 in santa rosa for low below freezing. 34 in napa likely some patchy frost. they're 41 in fremont and about 45 degrees in san francisco by day tomorrow. kind of a nice day. you're going to see clear skies could be one of those really crystal clear skies around the bay area's going to see temperatures soaring in the mid 60's warmer spots inland 50's coast side. next couple of days. the clouds roll back in and a chance of rain developing on saturday and sunday. the bonuses weekend. you get an extra hour to sleep in enjoy the rain like all good night, everybody.
10:58 pm
chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31.
10:59 pm
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