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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 3, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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warning before. outside today. good morning. i'm darya and i'm james yet whether in the 40's 30's it feels pretty chilly out there. we've got john with a closer look at where we're seeing those coldest john. yeah, the north bay, the coldest, but that's not to say the rest of us aren't cold either. we're all in for really chilly start this morning. so regardless of where you're at. >> big puffy jackets going to be very, very nice to have around your view outside of the golden gate bridge. it is crystal clear. we're calm out there and all that adds up to a really cold feel not to mention just a multiple cold fronts swinging through earlier this week. so we are in the midst a really cold pattern ahead of us. even as we dry out now, the central valley, all of solano county and then all of your north bay valleys in that light blue. our in frost advisories that includes sausalito mill valley on up through nevado rohnert park santa rosa. windsor. well, sonoma palacio napa solano county for fairfield and vacaville. all in those frost advisories, deeper blue
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further north in the bay. that's lake and mendocino counties. freeze warnings were temps are even colder yet. all these extend through 09:00am this morning. where are temperatures right now? will livermore concord, half moon bay in redwood city 39 freeman, 38 degrees for current temperature. while fairfax and santa rosa in the mid 30's napa. you're at 34 in fairfield getting close to freezing at 33. once you head outside the city limits, temperatures tend to run around 5 to 7 degrees cooler than this. so a lot of a rural areas are already below freezing. i'll be talking about where we're headed this afternoon. if it does eventually warm up all still to come in your forecast to i know you brought your jacket this morning. i know you crank up the heat are in the car. i did both john to stay warm and hopefully you're taking need john is saying and you make sure you grab a jacket before you leave your house. >> heading into the city right now, 11 minutes, mace that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge 80 to 101 about 13 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. let's check on the richmond. sandra
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fell bridge tolls to 101, about a 7 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes darya. james, back to you. thank you, ok, new this morning. thousands of academic workers across the university of california have voted to authorize a strike. >> and this is the biggest authorization vote ever taken by academic orders and workers in the whole sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with more on what it means. sarah. >> yeah. over 35,000 uc student workers voted overwhelmingly approved to authorize the strike. so if a deal isn't reached with the university system, then we very well could see you see employees on the picket line sometime this month. workers are demanding their compensation keeps up with the high cost of living across california. the uc student workers union represents employees that teach and research at 10 uc campuses, academic workers perform the majority of teaching at u c grade papers. they perform research. the union says that
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research generates 8 billion dollars in funding for uc at the bargaining table. union workers are asking for salary increases. free public transit passes and childcare reimbursements amongst other things. according to the union, the eu sees proposals have not even come close to meeting in the middle. the president of the union says uc has left them no choice but to escalate their campaigns. in a statement, the president continued to say in part. this is from neil sweeney continue to say in the statement to news keeps going, but rather than coming to fair agreements, the university has engaged in a wide variety of unlawful tactics. the u a w locals at uc have been forced to file more than 20 unfair label practices. the president claims you see negotiations have refused to provide information that they've needed to bargain. so they have filed these complaints that reached out to uc officials to get their take on. not only the negotiations,
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but this authorize strike. i have not heard back yet. we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning. for now. back to sara. thank you. >> time now 603, the safer inside coalition is planning to protest this morning over the loss of the tender line center in san francisco because it's closing. the coalition is urging city leaders to make sure this closure doesn't impact the lifesaving and hygenic services that tenderloin residents have been receiving. the center opened at the beginning of the year, offering hot meals. showers referrals to mental health and addiction treatment programs. but it was immediately the controversy got to it. people are concerned about the amount of drug use that was occurring on the site. the coalition is going to hold a press conference on the steps of city hall at 9 o'clock this morning, the center is set to close this december. dozens of teachers with the san francisco unified school district either called in sick yesterday or left work early to protest all the payroll problems there. still having
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this issue was supposed to be fix months ago. and still there are paychecks that are not right. converse charles clifford takes a closer look. well here in san francisco on wednesday, teachers and staff of the san francisco unified school district. >> rallied outside district headquarters. they say that for months have been dealing with problems that resulted in teachers and staff not being paid on time and sometimes not receiving their benefits promptly. they want to send a message to the district that this is unacceptable. >> earlier this year, the san francisco unified school district switched to a new payroll and hr system called empower almost immediately. there were problems. some teachers and staff weren't being paid on time, which led to this protest outside district headquarters back in march. the school district promise to fix the problems, but more than 7 months later, there are still issues. chris klaus is a teacher at washington high school. >> i had gotten me. >> so many e-mails from people at my site. i'm not getting
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paid correctly. this is wrong. not as wrong for its part. the district acknowledges that there are still problems and they are shifting resources to deal with them. among other things, the district says they will issue off cycle checks to people who don't get paid on time. they've also created a call center to help teachers and staff. >> and they're moving district staff to help deal with problems quicker in a statement posted on the district's website on wednesday, superintendent matt wayne said san francisco unified school district has a responsibility to solve this issue so that we can rebuild trust with our community. i know that there's a lot of work ahead and we will not stop until we can make every sf usd employee whole. i'm sure that he means it when he says it. >> chris is hopeful the district can finally make things right. but at a certain point, actions speak louder than words and what we as educators have deciders. the action is needed right now is for us to show the district. >> that hand and will not accept >> in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news.
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>> 606, the time and happening tomorrow. the man accused of attacking paul pelosi, david de-papp will be facing a judge again. that judge expected to set a date for his preliminary hearing on state charges up at pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and 5 other felonies. a court filing said that he told police he was on a suicide mission and plans to go after more federal and california politicians, a judge granted the request for pap to remain in jail without bail, which is a protective order that the pelosi's side had asked for the hearing is likely going to happen sometime before january. 4th and then he also faces other charges. federal charges, as you know, well, more of the paps neighbors now speaking out, reacting to what happened. one man told us that he's actually not surprised to hear that the path was involved in something like this. >> you know, he had he ends. it ends in several ways. kind of fit the profile of somebody who would might call weird are
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somewhat eccentric. this being kind of a suburb of berkeley and being part of the oakland berkeley. metropolitan of that kind personalities is tolerated pretty well around here. >> after the attack trust in the u.s. capitol, police has been a little bit shaken because the agency admitted that nobody was monitoring the live video surveillance of the pelosi home when the invader came in through a back door. >> with the window break a bay area. congresswoman is demanding answers about this. now. kron four's terisa stasio has more. >> in a five-page letter bay area, congresswoman and chair of the house committee that oversees the capitol police department. zoe lofgren is laying out questions about security concerns surrounding members of congress. she specifically zeroes in on the violent attack on house speaker nancy pelosi is husband cameras were on at
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speaker pelosi, san francisco home, but not being monitored. lofgren is drilling down and whether adequate protocols are in place given how investigators say that the attack seemed politically motivated. >> what is the problem? the capitol police have something like 2000 officers so they're out of manpower to cover families. they the speaker when she's with her husband up. obviously. and that then it gets covered that way. but other than that, you have to have your own private security. rick smith is a former fbi agent and runs a private security firm. >> in her letter, lofgren mentions how data shows domestic violent extremists pose a heightened threat to the 2022 election. >> and lone offenders with enduring perceptions of election fraud in 2020 or supported the insurrection are a great risk in america. but smith says it's more
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complicated. >> i think the left is through the left and then ever been maybe since the 60's and the rights for the right and then that. so i mean, there's a certain vitriol that comes out of this by both sides because these things that happened, smith adds a more robust security system could have helped in the pelosi case but says victim shaming is not fair. >> he has one large takeaway message in all of this is examining what happened in sticking to the facts. >> when these things happen, is that because of social media, primarily there's so much misinformation so much and i think what comes out of this and it comes at this is that that you sit back and look at the facts of the case, not what you want to have happen. not what think happened now. if somebody told you happened what happened and that's the way and investigate as a way to police as what the fbi looks at these things. not crazy stuff. theresa kron, 4 news. the capitol police issued a statement saying that
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they're going to fast track the work that they've already been doing. >> to protect members of congress when they're outside of d c. >> going on to say, quote, our brave men and women are working around the clock to meet this urgent mission during this divisive time. in the meantime, a significant change that will have an immediate impact will be for people across our country to lower the temperature political rhetoric before it's too late and quote. >> in the east bay, oakland, police now trying to figure out who shot 2 people last night. thbt shooting happened just after 5 o'clock in the evening near the intersection of 100 and 3rd avenue and international boulevard. when officers got there, they say they found 2 victims suffering gunshot wounds. both were taken to the hospital there listed in critical but stable condition. 6.11, that i'm still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. a san francisco nightclub is now in hot water after a woman says she was held in a chokehold. >> by a security guard. we're going to see that in a story you'll see only kron 4 and president biden speaking out against the violence political
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leaders on both sides of the aisle on that in a minute. >> and james, there's a newly minted millionaire in the bay area. somebody leading 1 million dollar ticket at the 7.11 right behind me. coming up, we'll tell you the new jackpot for saturday's powerball drawing. and a cold start to this thursday. temperatures well down into the 30's for a whole lot of the bay area, some mild conditions to look forward to later today with 50's 60's and later today with 50's 60's and some sunshine. chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco
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started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31.
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>> 6.14, is the time right now. the good news. but for is that all of your work with she didn't win. but the better news is that you could win even more money even more. yeah, nobody won the big powerball jackpot. and so now the size of it is 1.5 billion. although somebody did win enough to call themselves a william, a millionaire this willian that is it gets will is he still reporting this morning? good morning. well, now we want and james, you get a cut i went inside and i checked. here's our winning lottery ticket. >> we won $4. so 20 of us, you get $0.20 change. so you are looking at a bona fide winner. but i fell about 1.2 billion dollars short. that was the jackpot last night. but 19 people waking up in america,
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newly minted millionaires and whoever stopped by this mill mont drive 7.11, in milpitas. if you bought a ticket here, check your numbers because you are a millionaire. so last night after the drawing, they told us where many states, in fact, 3 of them were sold in the state of new jersey have 5 out of 6 numbers talk about so close. but so far away. as far as this location. nobody has claimed it just yet. but when they wake up all my goodness. go ahead. upgrade that coffee to us because they can afford it. take a look at your screen. these are the numbers that we collectively did not get. and that means saturday's jackpot will balloon to 1.5 billion dollars. the numbers are too 11. 35 60. 22 and the powerball number is 23. so one point 5 billion dollars will
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be the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. and of course, you always take cash, right? you always cash out instead of waiting. 29 years, every year. why 29 payments. 745 million dollars. james? john, i got your money. lori, our director, we got your money as well. and i want to quickly share us stories. so i went to buy the pool for all of us yesterday. and then they look the same. so i had powerball and mega-millions. i thought they were powerball drawings. instead, it's mega million. a cool 119 million, james. so we have a pool going for tomorrow and then come saturday. 1.5 billion venmo me the have a big party saturday night. so by accident when to be the craziest story that we won by accident night, james egg. and that would i would hate for it. i would hate me,
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honestly diversifying. thank you. well, that's right. we're your lottery. in all right. let's get to the weather center. >> john, i'm going to be celebrating saturday night hopefully in the. you'll have more for getting back to in extra hour interest in the billions billions get i honestly any of it sounds pretty great to me. so congrats to viewer that winner bill pitas. we are looking out there at a cold morning and a clear morning. >> really, it's going to be an easy one to get to work. you just got to bundle up before you're stepping outside. stay nice and warm. you've got all the clear skies you could ever need. looking out from the east bay hills all the way up to the golden gate bridge. no fog, no clouds. we do have some lingering rain. snow mix up in the kern county mountains above bakersfield in the southern end of the central valley. well, back here at home, we have thoroughly dried out now we're in a dry trend today tomorrow into early saturday, but in the midst of this dry trend, a
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real big cool down for us. the west coast in general is just in the midst of a massive dip in the jet stream that is bringing us some really cold. early season. snow early-season chill. it is going to be comfortable enough. this afternoon you pair some 50's and 60's with sunshine and calm winds. and today is going to eventually feel nice. it's just in the 30's right now, which is something we've got to get through. tomorrow's are most mild day of the forecast. a few clouds for your friday. but overall, still really nice. staying dry saturday starts try by saturday evening. showers are back in. once that storm door opens, it stays open for much of the rest of the forecast. as for today, it's 50's and 60's for san francisco. just some 50's at the coast while 60's for a lot more. the bay area today. it's not much of a warm-up, only a few degrees, but it's enough paired with sunshine to make it feel. all right, campbell, in cupertino, right at 60 degrees today, fremont union city. you'll stay in the upper 50's while oakland and san leandro up to 61 walnut creek, danville in concord,
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mid 60's for you and our warmest spot today center fell at 66 tomorrow's temperatures. a little bit warmer yet. tomorrow is the most mild of the forecast and still dry. so enjoy it saturday. we stay dry at the start of the day, but showers arrive later on. don't forget saturday night you've got to adjust those clocks back an hour sunday. we start a little wet. see some afternoon sunshine then likely to cloud up and get rainy again by sunday night monday and tuesday. some of our best chances of significant rainfall and wednesday, even bringing chances of rain reyna. john, thank you for that. still fairly light out there traveling along 1, 0, 1, 85 up towards menlo park. >> about 30 minutes while to 18. 82 still puts you at the limit heading into the city right now. 15 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. the richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to want to. what about 8 minutes traveling at a richmond across towards san rafale. for were busy. 37 minutes. that's antioch in to conquer to 42. and if you're hopping on 8.80, right now,
6:21 am
san leandro down in milpitas about 25 minutes darya. james, back to you. thank you, anna. 6.20 president biden spoke out against political violence last night warning that the country's democratic traditions. >> are on the line. yeah. this is the first major election since the attack. >> of the capitol on january 6th. we've got watching correspond reshad hudson joining us live from dc with more on this for shot. good morning, james and darya and what's being called a political speech. president biden called on voters to consider the threat to democracy when going to the ballot box next week. but republicans say the president is focused on the wrong thing. >> we're facing a defining moment in a primetime speech wednesday, president biden called out political violence. >> whether directed at democrats or republicans. no place, period, no place ever. >> he was inspired to do so after last week's violent attack on house speaker nancy
6:22 am
pelosi's husband. we need to start looking out for each other again. seeing ourselves as we the people. not as entrenched enemies. the president also warned voters that hundreds of republican candidates supported by former president trump have questioned the integrity of american elections. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell tweeted, quote, president biden is desperate to change the subject from inflation, crime and open borders. now he's claiming that democracy only works if his party wins. and house republican leader kevin mccarthy also tweeted, quote, president biden is trying to divide and deflect at a time when america needs to unite because he can't talk about his policies that have driven up the cost of living. and we can expect to hear a similar message from president biden when he hits the campaign trail later today and throughout the weekend, james darya. >> all right. thanks for shot.
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it is 6.22. will take a break here. but coming up in a moment, your thanksgiving meal, maybe a little pricier this year. we'll tell you how. >> you might be able to save a little bit. we'll be right vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. this is about our kids' future. omar: prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions. vote yes on 30. ♪music playing♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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like a trip to great wolf lodge. we're just 3 weeks left until thanksgiving. you may want to find your turkey alternative now for your holiday feast. the u.s. government warning of a big shortage of these birds. and it's all because of a break out of the avian flu this past year. according to
6:26 am
cdc, the avian flu has killed more than 8 million turkeys. the secretary of agriculture warning that some of the turkeys being raised for thanksgiving dinner might not have time to grow to the usual 20 pounds or whatever it is. you normally get. so you're probably going to have a turkey on the table this year. but he may have to buy 2 smaller birds feed as many people. if that's what you're looking at, you know, you can do to get everybody their own cornish him. >> i had a how about that? yeah. that which was fun. it was a different just go out to eat for thanksgiving, too, which a lot of people probably off to do. fact. one study said that might be cheaper. then it will be to put together a whole thanksgiving spread on the table. wells fargo released an analysis of the costs of dining out for says cooking at home and they look at the data from the consumer price index and found it while inflation has had a big impact on both. it's had a bigger impact on groceries, according to the data, a standard grocery trip could cost nearly 10% more this year compared to last year. but
6:27 am
dining out will only cost you 6% more 6% more of them or is that the bill vo? so you have still to uoderstand it still costs more out. yeah. well, the force well, the food ingredients only make up a portion of the bill that you pay at the restaurant because so that pay for staff and of course, is why which like you have to tip, you don't have to tip at home know. and i do like to go out for thanksgiving, but i also feel bad that the people are working on thanksgiving so that i don't want to be there on thanksgiving, although you want to make it worth their while. i know, you know, help them out with some tips. it's tough. every inflation is driving up grocery prices. we all know that. >> and there's one item that is actually getting cheaper so worth this into thanksgiving. prices are dropping, believe it or not. yeah, of the grocery store, the price of gone an average of 3% down in september compared to last year, 3% large avocado crops seeing a supply growth, which is good that's leading to cheaper prices. sophie sohn, that 6.27 right now. we've got a lot ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. we'll be right back.
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it's wonderful. every time i catch myself, don't do this. feels cold. you're going to be cold. yes, but as soon as you tense up, that's a bad. it just makes you cry and older just just although your body's way, john of generating heat is to get those muscles bring once which a lot of people i believe my bad plus posture on the cold know we've got to stand up straight and brace the cold, but it did.
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>> with a warm jacket on. that's the trick or look at that point. our looking quite hours and under clear skies. but you can see the cold in these camera views we have. you can see how much of the north bay is lit up in blue, though frost advisories and light blue from the central valley solano county and then across our north bay valleys from mill valley, nevada runner park up to santa rosa napa on over to fairfield and vacaville. >> deeper blew up in lake and mendocino counties. those are freeze warnings as temperatures up there are below freezing redwood city livermore, dublin and fremont. just a few spots hanging out in the upper 30's concord. you're at 39 right now. one of our more mild spot, san francisco hanging on to 47. well, santa rosa and saint getting close to freezing say only a year there. a fairfield, just one degree above it right now at 33 degrees. so we are off to a very cold start. definitely get those jackets ready to go. anything you can to stay warm
6:32 am
and yes, don't tense up too much just maybe get the heart rate up to a little calisthenics. little a the dog into a better place. also my bus that one of really big jacket yesterday. >> for the first time in wasn't afraid to do that. traveling into the city this morning. make sure you have your heaters on. >> a team that arrived, though, no major delays there. the meteor lights of on. they've been off for the past hour and a half heading across towards the peninsula will take it 13 not even up to 15. so traffic is smooth sailing there. well, out of a san rafale, the richmond sandra fell bridge about 12 minutes. last time we checked in, we were at 8. so traffic is picking up bit by bit. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 19 minutes. >> 6.32 george floyd's video. >> like crushed my heart. and i was about to die on the pavement, just like him in a choke hole. >> that's woman who says that she was held in a chokehold by security san francisco it's a
6:33 am
story you'll see only on kron. 4 haaziq madyun spoke with that woman at the center of this incident. >> as i was screaming, you're choking me and talking and talking. he starts choking harder so that i could talk. that's what i started to 25 year-old lauren hop is describing being choked by staff security guard at the dna lounge saturday in san francisco. these are photos of hopkins all dressed up for the wicked vibes halloween party at the here are photos of the bruises she says occurred during the physical altercation with the security >> talk about that specific incident. where are you >> what did the security i have the half of the cigarette. the has the but on that. and she says she stepped out of the club to get some
6:34 am
fresh air begin rolling a marijuana cigarette when she was approached by security. >> the tobacco into my paper, maestro the but on the ground. by that point, the security guard comes up to so got some littering. and you can get kicked out or or thrown out of line for that. she says after questioning the guard about that, she was >> physically dragged out of the i just know that she grabbed me and threw me out of line at that point. >> by the shoulders. and it escalated from there. at point i started to i was afraid next thing i know i'm on the ground and a child cold while another security guard had my legs pinned down the general manager of the dna lounge paints a different picture of what happened in a statement to kron 4 that reads in part,
6:35 am
quote, it over the intoxicated woman was told she could not into our premises. she repeatedly harassed staff member screaming at and striking several of them and refusing all attempts at de-escalation. it goes on to say dna lounge is deeply cognizant of the fact that seen a black person being restrained under any circumstances. >> in both strong and very valid concerns, all were made to preserve the safety of staff patrons and bystanders during this incident. >> unquote. and looking at the video itself, first thing i know was that the act and that the security guard has is elbowing and trump called passion around young woman that that is a no-no. civil rights attorney john burris took a look at the video and raises this concern regarding chokehold security officers not entitled to use more force and replace options. you san francisco police were called to the scene to investigate detained hopkins but no arrests were made. she says, although she was released by
6:36 am
sfpd being choked by dna, loud security still grips are emotionally. george floyd's video. >> like crushed my heart. and i was about to die on the pavement, just like him in a chokehold over a cigarette. and to me, that shouldn't be a normal regular for black and brown people in this country. >> at this point, what you want to happen? >> i i want. >> security to get a makeover. i lot those security guards to lose their jobs in san francisco has and you on for >> in the east bay, small business owners in oakland are becoming more and more concerned about the crime that they've been seeing, their businesses being burglarized. this was the scene at lynn jaw, asian kitchen on lakeshore avenue. the restaurant along with other nearby businesses were hit by
6:37 am
burglars early wednesday morning. the owner of the restaurant says this crime has become alarming. >> the homelessness, the break and the that's what like eat that much. i'm trying to be upbeat about it. i love love, love all my life. it's a beautiful city. but just so many problems right now. >> the owner says it will cost more than $800 to replace that broken glass. they say that about a 3rd of what the restaurant makes in a single day. on the peninsula. the sunnyvale police department now is creating a task force that will go after porch pirates of the steal packages during the holidays. the task force is called the burglary suppression detail and they want to get ahead of the problem. instead of simply responding to calls about these burglaries after they happen, the department will start out sending the task force on the 28th of this month, but they're also urging people to do their part to buy, you know, in some cases, schedule packages to be delivered when you know you're going to be home to accept them right away and don't
6:38 am
leave valuables in your cars when you're out and about doing your holiday shopping. also on the peninsula, dining al fresco has become popular during the pandemic. but now the future of some of these outdoor spaces may be in jeopardy in palo alto. the city council there says that if restaurants want to keep their parklets, they're going to ask their neighboring businesses for their consent to have that parklets stay. the starts on june in june parklets were designed to help restaurants stay open during the pandemic. but now that we're mostly out of it, many wonder if they're still necessary. some businesses like them, others don't. >> well, i don't see why we should have permission when it's already been. does it need to us from the city of palo alto? everything is just beautiful. people are so happy out here. >> there are 3 new city council members coming to the council in january. and these businesses are hoping that they'll address the parkland issue and well as the first thing on their agenda. >> 6.38 is the time in san francisco. police are investigating a deadly attack
6:39 am
that happened near a 7.11 in the visitation valley neighborhood. that's where police say 77 year-old richard owens was killed. 2 others were injured. he was a vicious beating that was captured on surveillance video. it was just before 06:30am, in the morning tuesday, right near bayshore and raman streets in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. >> investigators say that the suspect, as i've been identified as 32 year-old charles short and that he attacked a store employee and a bystander supervisor. walton says that he's working with the police and other city departments to prevent violence like this from happening in the community and to seniors. >> this is a despicable act and we think that people should know when people are out here checking or >> a suspect is being held at the san francisco county jail right now. and even though there has been an arrest in this case, the san francisco police say that this remains an open and active investigation and they like anybody who has information about it to call the police. in the south bay. san jose police arrested a woman in
6:40 am
connection with a hit and r-n involving an elderly woman pushing a toddler in a stroller and we do want to warn you, we showed you the video before on the news and warning again, it's hard because you can see them walking up to the crosswalk and then getting hit by this vehicle. then the officers say the vehicle was driven by 20 year-old alexa had you left half and that she admitted to being the driver of the car. she was arrested for felony hit and run. it happened last week. it was tuesday in the area of sierra road at mauna kea elaine, the elderly woman and the child were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and the drivers been booked into the santa clara county jail. she did, however, bond out in the north bay. police found more than 200 pounds. >> of illegal marijuana and alongside the plants, guns in a fairfield home kron four's amanda hari has more. >> fairfield police say this bust is all thanks to the community. they say neighbors
6:41 am
in the area smelled the odor of the marijuana plants. as far as a block away and they reached out to police hundreds of pounds of illegal marijuana and more than 200 plants build a home in its yard. >> in this neighborhood near kentucky and 3rd streets. you can see some of it bagged up in this photo. narcotics related warrant was served on october 20th by the fairfield police department. special operations team. police say it was difficult to get inside of the home. it was gated and change it outside was a large people left to guard the home once inside. police also found 6 other dogs. but the occupants were nowhere to be found pretty. that's pretty wild. eric schaeffer says he's lived in this neighborhood for more than 20 years. he says it's changed, but he's never heard of anything like this. it just be really nice. and it got kind rough for a couple years. and getting better now. they didn't meet them in the school. really nice. fairview elementary school is walking distance from the home.
6:42 am
>> in addition to the marijuana and plants, police found 2 blocks style handguns and a short barrel ar 15 rifle. they say it took several trucks to load up all the plants, some of which were about 8 feet tall. very field. police say this is still an active investigation and a humane animal services officer removed all of the animals from the property. >> in fairfield, amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> 6.42, on the clock and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco is using a program to help visitors feel safer as they visitors feel safer as they shop for the holiday season. ghirardelli intense dark. ♪ bold... rich... intensely delicious dark chocolate.
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>> 6.44 and you know, during the holidays are bigger crowds, especially in san francisco where there's a lot of shoppers and tourists and what they've done is they have this investors program and it just started last year because it was so many brazen, violent robberies that were happening. and apparently it is working. kron four's. rob nesbitt has more. >> the smash and grabs of last year's holiday season is now a san francisco wants to be known for the crimes, putting the city's public safety into question and adding officers to every corner of union square. mayor london breed using the city's welcome ambassadors to put visitors at ease. and so far it's working put a smile on people's face. i just to the pitcher with the visitors. he said, i just got help from the sky here. and i was wondering what was going on. and she said, i can tell you, this is a great program. we love this program. the program celebrating one year and tracking over 4 million interactions with the public
6:46 am
since the start. on wednesday, the program awarded will want to layup a fait la. >> with ambassador of the year, it is making a huge difference for visitors. locals and businesses in the area as we cover, according to mayor breed, the program is not just about greeting people in the city was smiling faces, but he's also had an economic impact. i'll tell you, there were some conventions. >> that we're having second thoughts about whether or not they were going to come back to san francisco and because of the u they not only came back to san francisco but are looking towards the future of returning to san francisco in 2021. shoppers were questioning if they should return to stores post-pandemic. >> union square alliance represents stores, restaurants and hotels within 27 city blocks. executive director marisa rodriguez says a year of ambassadors has made a difference with shoppers. we're seeing them. we're seeing foot traffic people at intersections it just that energy and that that even his
6:47 am
words meant for the heartbeat of the city. the ambassador program started with 50 people last october. since then he's going to 92 men and women walking around in reporting in union square. iraq has been one or >> all right. well, take a look. a fresh coat of snow and colder temperatures mean that mammoth mountain ski season starts a whole week earlier than they expected. yeah. the resort announcing its lifts will begin running this saturday. so just in a couple eyes, crews will adding an extra about half a foot of snow over the weekend by firing up the snow making machines wednesday. so they're going to be adding to the stuff that's already fallen. mammoth mountain will be the first ski resort in california. opening up for the season. so have got the the cheaper ski pass because you bought it early, right? told you guys when deadline was long gone now you have to pay full what? yeah, i will. and i bought 2 days. so i'm. >> get a wait and see how the season shapes up. well, john
6:48 am
is talking about like rain all next week, but i want to that's going to be. you miss the snow yesterday and and tahoe. yeah, we had it was a live report out snow yesterday. snow the day before that as we've got something happened james is over. a look into will bring it up to the second. and just to get your phone's going up, too. this is donner summit right here. no emergencies up there or we got a clear way up we have seen roadways getting plowed off. snow is done falling in at least the donner summit area of the sierra. we are going to be looking at more of it around the corner for next week, though. >> these are cold systems and that's exactly what you want for. building snow pack up in the sierra and even the space between the snows like or next couple of days of dry weather. you're not going to see a lot of melt occurring. this is perfect building that snowpack early. this is what we need to see if we can keep the momentum going. kern county mountains about the only spot in the sierra still holding on to any snowfall at this moment. skies across the bay
6:49 am
of dried out. it is just cold for us. we've got a deep plunge of arctic air across the west coast. this is keeping us cool. daytime highs today will be just comfortable enough here in the bay area climbing to the upper 50's to low 60's. now we are going to stay dry today tomorrow into saturday morning. this dry stretch of weather is the longest rice stretch in your forecast. so take advantage of it. the extra long walk. the hike all good options this afternoon. once we do eventually rise out of the 30's where we are this morning tomorrow is going to be the warmest day of the forecast saturday. we could see a couple sprinkles in the morning. most of the day should stay dry. it really is saturday night that rainfall works its way back in and from that point forward, the storm nor is open again 50's and 60's for san francisco 50's at the coast and then 60's for the bayshore as well as our inland cities, foster city and saying carlos at 63 south bay, temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's numbers out. there are just a touch warmer than
6:50 am
yesterday, but we're going to have a lot of sun and we're going to be relatively calm as far as winds go. that's going to add up to mild in a field. as for center fell, you are warm spot today at 66 degrees. tomorrow's temps will be a little bit warmer on average climbing up into the mid to upper 60's for most of the bay area. we reversed course start to cool down after that saturday night into sunday morning showers return. don't forget during that same time you've got to set those clocks back an hour. extra hour's sleep sunday morning sunday afternoon. get a bit of sunshine before another return of rainfall sunday night monday into tuesday. showers linger into wednesday, john, thanks so that we are starting to get busier and busier along 5, 18, 80 this morning. >> crockett down towards the maze is going to take you 23 minutes to make that drive checking on the bay bridge right now. 18 minutes maze to that fremont street exit traveling into the city, san mateo bridge. no accidents or hazards. the 80 to 101 traveling across towards the peninsula highway for antioch, traveling into concord's to 42
6:51 am
about 45 minutes for you. trapped on 1, up. 85 in menlo park. 35 minutes to 80 82 still put you at the limit to 37. no major issues a james. back to you. 6.50, right now, less than a week away now from the midterm elections in georgia, senate race is one that could decide who controls the senate. yeah. a new poll by the atlanta journal constitution shows a republican herschel walker and incumbent democrat senator raphael warnock. our time we've got brian and with the story. >> if you we win. don't tell you all vote for me. we all get to the promised land this morning, georgia senator raphael warnock and his challenger herschel walker are in the final stretch in a race that could decide the balance of power in the u.s. senate. on his team. herschel campaign bus walker told us he is optimistic. how do you close the gap a weekend? gap has been on us to a poll you look at. but what i continue to team as we go out with
6:52 am
>> and that's what we've been doing. momentum has been swinging this way. momentum that has been plagued with personal scandals for both walker and warnock. but the attack ads haven't had much of an impact on the polls which show the candidates essentially neck-and-neck. the advertisements are crazy. like even last night i was in the hotel. here ad after ad this morning to non-stop personal attacks on both sides but that it doesn't seem to impact that the poll numbers, those attacks and what you make of that? really either way, what i make of that is right now. >> that people tired of that. they know that's what people are doing. this is about what you stand for is about what you've done in 2 short years. you see center one of stands. there's a reason we have this. i as a reason to have an open borders. we have crime on a street. walker and warnock are both promoting themselves as washington outsiders. walker, a football player and businessman warnock a preacher mike calling early on and i knew it early on was ministry. >> and it still is. my work in
6:53 am
the senate is an extension of my lifelong commitment to service. >> warnock's campaign far outspending walkers, but he says he's not intimidated by the influx of cash. the warn act money has been sort of and say, i mean, more than 100 million dollars, most of it not even coming from georgia. is it hard to compete with that? not all we're competing. we're competing in. >> and it says on the polls say sell this been in a mine in the wrong way, has it. he's not to spend his money back and be good to your money. >> that was brian entin reporting. the latest polling shows that walker and warnock are essentially tied if one candidate doesn't get 50% of the vote that triggers a runoff in georgia and that would be de vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce
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6:57 am
>> okay. all right. we'll take quick break here. coming up in the next hour, a west nile virus coming to the bay area. fact that >> already causing problems in santa clara county. we're going to tell you what's going on there and how to protect yourself from the virus. plus, the recent attack against nancy pelosi's husband raising questions now about the safety of other politicians were going to reviews of their going over as new details of the attack are revealed and sf usd teachers walking off the job over payroll issues that have gone on for a month while months actually. we'll tell you what they're trying to fix you what they're trying to fix have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping)
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choose wisely, morning news cold temperatures as you can see here on the map, we've got communities dropping down into the 40's down the 30's and santa rosa right at freezing will have an update on the weather coming up. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. it's chilly one. i'm and i'm james. the sun's. coming up. we're getting a brighter look outside. and yeah, not a cloud in the sky. slight breeze temperatures everywhere. yeah. and you want to look at this forecast carefully because it looks like we're going to get some more rain down the pipe as well. kind exciting stuff. we are right into fall. winter weather now. if you didn't believe it was november, this forecast is


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