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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 3, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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supervision during treatment that outpatient dialysis clinics that supervision could come from a physician nurse practitioner or physician assistant with 6 months of experience. the proposition is also aiming to increase the transparency of the clinics by requiring reports to california's department of public health clinics would have to provide updates on treatment-related infections clinic ownership and whether there are future plans to reduce or and services and those not complying would face fines up to $100,000. prop 29 would also prohibit clinics from refusing care based on who pays for the treatment, whether it's the patient health insurers, medi-cal or medicare. overall, the measure is similar to one that was rejected by more than 60% of the voters in 2020. so what's different this time around proposition 29 expands the
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options for the type of onsite supervision during treatments. also new there is a requirement to report ownership interests. so what happens if prop 29 passes costs for dialysis clinics will go up by several $100,000 a year. that's because they be required to pay for a physician or nurse practitioner or physician assistant to be on site during all treatments. california's legislative analyst office has outlined 3 ways which clinic owners could respond to higher costs. the clinics could negotiate increased rates with patients or those paying for treatments. they could continue current operations spot with a lower profits or it could lead to some clinics being closed. the legislative analyst's office does acknowledge some clinics might not be willing or able to handle those options. prop 29 could also increase the costs for some state and local
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governments. the clinic owners and operators negotiating higher prices with patients could end up forcing the state to pay more through medical and some patients might have to look for treatment at more expensive clinics if their original clinics have to shut down. prop 29 is supported by the service employees international union and united healthcare workers west. it is opposed by dozens of organizations, including the california dialysis council, the california medical association and the 2 companies which own or operate nearly 75% of the state's dialysis clinics. so yes, vote for prop 29 would mean that you support requiring clinics to pay for a licensed professional to supervise treatment. also, more transparency clinics, ownership and operation. a no vote would mean that the clinics would continue operating as they do. now.
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california voters will be asked about 7 statewide propositions. join us this sunday night at 9.30. for everything you need to know before you head to the polls. >> let's check on our weather. it's thursday evening and look at the beautiful golden gate bridge. clear and dry for now, lawrence. yeah, not to last forever. the doors open really to more storms come through just the way we want to see that happen. so if you're traveling anywhere around the bay area around the state, you've got to watch out. weather is going to be a factor this weekend. here's your getaway forecast. look at the colors in the sky as the sun sets here in the bay area. sfo, no delays reported there. oakland or san jose looking good there in the monterey bay. in most the color blue here. that's a frost advisory to start your day to carmel valley, also into this linas valley, too. we'll see some cold temperatures to be. give us some nice 60's, though, by the afternoon and some sunshine and some high clouds. southern california got 60's low 70's as you head toward the afternoon hours, 70 degrees, los angeles. 71 in pasedena and 70 in san diego.
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the high country looking opening clear. how about that? a nice drive up to the sierra tomorrow. temperatures in the 50's. of course we have that snow. but now things are quieting down the roads open up, but it's not going to stay that way. if you plan on sticking around for the weekend, be prepared. we're going to see some more snow coming in that direction. but it we've got some advisories for frost again. developing as we've got some very cold temperatures settling into county and there's that snow all on the side of the roads right now. but they clean things up pretty well. but this weekend, things change again. winter storm watch going up from sunday into tuesday. the storms the first come in are going to be rather warm. probably reading the lake level as you head on up to the sierra nevada on saturday. but that's the level one eventually drop, maybe down to about 7,000 feet we head to tuesday. so if you're headed up there, be prepared for some major delays. and yeah, it is going to be cold up there, too. temperatures not bad tomorrow, but then we start to cool things off. yeah. mix or rain and snow as
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we head in towards sunday. guys, back to you, lawrence. thank you. >> well, now to the war in ukraine. ukraine says so far it has been able to keep europe's largest nuclear power plant on line. that's despite russian attacks on the electrical grid. the power plant has had to use diesel generator generators to keep it systems operating after it was cut off from ukraine's electrical grid. but nuclear experts say the generators are unsustainable, which could lead to a radiation disaster. they are calling on the russian troops to withdraw from that plant and for the creation of a protected zone around the building. wnba star brittney griner met with u.s. embassy officials in moscow today about a week ago. >> a russian court rejected her appeal of her 9 year sentence for drug possession. american representatives told reporters that they saw her tenacity and perseverance firsthand despite her circumstances, the biden administration says it will continue to press for her release. also for the release
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of american paul whelan, who was sentenced in 2020 to 16 years in prison on espionage related charges. well, since russia invaded ukraine, millions of ukrainians have been displaced from their homes. male millions have fled the country. >> still, though, there are those who are traveling to the war torn nation to offer help, including some from the san francisco based organization. doctors outreach kron four's. rob nesbit talked with one of those doctors and tells us. >> what it's like to be in a ukrainian hospital. >> doctor eduardo dolan went on his first medical trip to ukraine a month after russia's invasion. he just returned on saturday from his second time there and is already planning a 3rd from deadly airstrikes to massive power blackouts. life in ukraine has been difficult in other parts of the world. the blue and yellow flag of the country hangs in solidarity, including a doctor. eduardo dolan, san francisco office 23rd war. that ukraine has had with russia. i with the publication
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to to do something. >> the disaster medicine specialist who was half ukrainian has traveled all over the world to help after earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons. just a few weeks after the russian invasion, he decided to travel to lviv ukraine to experience his first war bringing medical supplies with him and offering his expertise at a veterans hospital. folks with amputations. paralyzed patients were bullets or shrapnel had. >> had severed the spinal cord and and so lot of when we have each patient with a story to share and influencing doctor dolan to return to ukraine for a second time in october. >> during both trips he experience days when sirens went off to warn about the possibility of a military air strike. it's very airy not knowing when a bomb. >> can land on you. that's scary, scary. but the doctor says you'd be surprised to see the level of resistance shared by ukrainians partly because of the evening video messages
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scene each night. but ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky, but also because of the people's love of their country, not willing to give it up her. no person willing. >> to compromise and negotiate with russia. we want all of their territory back and we're willing to fight till the end. >> doctor dolan says he plans on making another trip to ukraine as soon as he's able for his next trip. he wants to bring satellites with him to donate to the ukrainian military to help with faster communication reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> next on kron, 4 news at 6. the faa flooded with public complaints from airline passengers by many are describing their flight experience as, quote, torture.
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it's how it brings us together. ♪
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>> the faa asked in the public answered in the 3 months since the agency asked for feedback about airline seat sizes. the agency says the word torture was mentioned by more than 200 respondents. he also set aside from the physical stress of being strapped to a c 2 small. many said they probably wouldn't be able to leave their seats in emergency. another complaint was about pricing saying only people who could afford it could travel comfortably. the faa does not currently have any rules for seat dimensions. alaska airlines is set to expand its flight pass subscription to now include salt lake city.
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>> the edition comes as a number of airlines have started playing with subscription models in order to encourage travelers, alaska airlines flight pass operates on a monthly subscription. >> payment plan allowing travelers to fly within california, nevada and arizona. the new staff at salt lake city, utah, to that list just in time for ski season. >> raider nation in mourning tonight after the passing of one of its hall of fame legends. coming up next in sports, kate rooney will look back at this storied career of ray guy.
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>> in southern california, investigators are searching for this man. they are calling him and international scam artists they say is responsible for cheating businesses out of thousands of dollars by just walking away with expensive items. nancy loo talked with an employee of one of the stores that was targeted. >> it was a $2900 gold necklace. like one of these at the center of a recent transaction at a kay jewelers. according to irvine police, 24 year-old rate on monday used a slight of hand technique to shortchange the cashier. he's overly friendly and talking fast as he makes $1900 disappear back into his pocket. fellow employees are now extra on guard with cash transactions. ask company. know you want read to pound. does and >> take it for a couple times.
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but she even take he doing it that's why she kept cash. and later on, find to be the some light. so the short change of nearly 2000 wasn't noticed until monte and the necklace were long gone. the slight of hand in this case is said to be a comment card technique. magicians know as the palm this could possibly die and be done with the money on the table as well by grabbing and holding it up. i know. and those in the video he was holding something in his hand. >> so could be an object that he could use to distract or he could also pick up the money and then pullman into his hand like this are vying. police tell news nation monte on who is from romania and part of an international ring that targeted atlanta earlier this year. they usually work in groups of 2 to 4 and are on the move in rental cars. it's bothered me >> was working. you know? shouldn't do that to anybody that's not nice.
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>> that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. now to our 4 zone forecast with a live picture showing you the golden gate bridge. and lawrence is standing by to show us the storms that are lining up. yeah, if this all comes through this and officially put an end to the fire season, that's for sure. of course, put an ice denton from that storm. we have moved through just the other day. now the skies clearing out a bit going to be another cold night around the bay area. temperatures dropping off in the 30's in the 40's. check out your sunset this evening. what a nice sight. as you've got some high clouds up above the beautiful colors down below that gorgeous outside. but it will be a cold one out there once again with some frost developing some of the valleys. you see some high clouds rolling over the top of that ridge of high pressure. so no rain in the forecast for tomorrow will keep things dry for now. but after that, it all changes. i think as we get towards saturday afternoon, there's a chance of rain on the see right here, a dry friday. and there's your storm system rolling in on saturday afternoon. does look like it's a big one. just some showers developing. but i think a
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second fast-moving storm comes right hot on his heels as we head in towards sunday afternoon. that was going to usher in some much colder air and it looks like showers going to continue into monday and possibly tuesday. in fact, it's probably going to be unstable enough. we may be talking about another round of some thunderstorms popping up in the bay area and around the state as we head into tuesday, things tapering off on wednesday. but you get the idea that will be nice to see then how about that models? try to bring another storm in the following friday. so keep your fingers crossed for that. if it all works out, look at the rain totals around the bay area. one plus, maybe 3 inches of rain. some of the mountain tops the higher parts of the state looking at as much as 4 inches of rain and several feet of snow overnight lows going to be chilly, 30's and 40's for tonight. the highs tomorrow going to be running up generally in the 60's. almost 70 degrees should be mostly dry on a friday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> now the warriors have been shut out on the road so far
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this season going on for away from home heading into a matchup with the magic tonight and they found that the orlando might not be the happiest place on earth. steph curry and klay thompson trying to take matters into their own hands. tonight, clay was on fire in the 1st half. haven't seen that recently. he grabs the rebound, comes out and heads out on the one on one. everyone. breaking away. he buries the 3 pointer. clay had 14 points in the 1st half of the warriors led 65 to 53 at the break. but the magic made a run in the 2nd half and had a 3 point lead late over the warriors, steph, taking pass on top and burying the 3 here. we're tied at one. 26 now, 59.3 left. former gonzaga star jalen suggs. way out 3. the magic go up with 37.1 left for years. now down one with 4.9 seconds. can they get a shot off? you know so the warriors lose one 30 to one. 29 really
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tough. one on the road. the brooklyn nets have suspended kyrie irving for no less than 5 games without pay. >> this comes after irving tweeted a link to a movie containing anti semitic rhetoric and then failed to adequately apologize for sharing that link in their statement earlier this evening, the nets said close such failure to disavow antisemitism when given a clear opportunity is deeply disturbing. accordingly, we you that he is currently unfit to be associated with the brooklyn nets. meanwhile, the forty-niners are relaxing in a well-timed bye week. coming off their biggest win of the season over the rams. the victory but their record and for and for which keeps them alive in any discussions for a division title and playoff berth. christian mccaffrey, the nfc offensive player of the week and he's giving the faithful a lot to look forward to after this mini vacation. but but he knows that in the nfl, you're only as good as your last win and there's a
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lot more work ahead. >> it's the bye week is nice because it's a nice little relaxed its relaxed a little bit, you know, have to prepare quite as hard. but 9 games going seasons. you can take your mind off football very long and will see to will take time away from not necessarily, you know, the anxiety for perry every single night, but i'm definitely can't keep your eyes off football on and finally, ray guy regarded as the greatest punter in nfl history and a raiders hall of famer passed away this morning. >> after a long illness guy was the 23rd overall pick in the 1973 draft, an immediate starting his rookie season. he was named to the first of 6 straight pro bowls. he was a 3 time, all pro selection and was an integral part of 3 super bowl championship. team sky spent his entire 14 year career with the raiders. he retired after the 1986 season. and after a 22 year wait, he
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was finally inducted into the pro football hall of fame. he was 72 years old. when you passed away today. so the best college punter in college every year receives the ray guy award and the forty-niners current punter mitch wishnowsky one that in 2016. you know, little bay area crossover connection there. but what a great career he had really put punters on that. yeah, because they didn't get, but they didn't get drafted. yeah. he came along. didn't get any credit either. so, yeah, so let's check on the lawyers now. this still believe, you know, they're going to get things it's really early in the things that are out there. you know, maybe it's a little bit of a championship hangover right there, getting a little bit old. are they? >> harder to get incentive to play. teams are very good like orlando. so i think we'll see them turn things around. steve crist, too. good of a coach. let this keep going on. one point tonight. >> those are the ones that hurt they hurt the thanks. coming up. >> glaciers like the 2 that are left in the 70 national park could disappear within
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the next 30 years. the grim new prediction from the new united nations report. still ahead. what makes the train so magical? it's not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. it's about where it goes. to places. and faces. and the warmest of memories. the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away.
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>> some of the world's most famous glaciers, including 2 there in yosemite national park. will most likely disappear within the next 30 years. that's according to a new report by the united nations cultural agency. unesco researchers say a 3rd of the more than 18,000 world heritage site glaciers will shrink away by 2050, even if emissions are reduced the rest, scientists say have a fighting chance if we curb global warming according to the report world heritage glaciers lose about 58 billion tons of ice each year
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contributing to about 5% of global sea level rise. a koala in australia now has a new lease on life and access to all of the eucalyptus that he can eat. a kayaker recently spotted the stranded while anna k after extensive rainfall led to flooding there. koalas are not natural swimmers. so the animal was rescued and taken for rehabilitation for 5 days to recover and to feast on his favorite food. >> he is now hanging out in a safe and dry habitat near the same area where he was found happy ending. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in our state capitol. the official capitol christmas tree arrived at the steps of the california legislature today are sacramento correspondent eytan wallace. snap some pictures of this holiday delivery there. the 60 foot white fir was harvested near camino earlier today will be decorated with ornaments made by children and adults with developmental disabilities and will feature about 10,000 led lights.
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holiday season is upon us for real. >> us as have been out since the 4th of july. this sure you're right. all right. that's it for us tonight at 6 c at 8 o'clock have a video that i see.
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