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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 5, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> when fun time from the bay
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area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> after nearly 10 months of searching, partial remains of alexis. gabe have been found. the city of oakley announcing those remains were found east of sacramento and amador county. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. the 24 year-old woman was first reported missing on january. 26th. >> she's believed to have been killed by her ex-boyfriend. marshall jones, who has since been killed by police during an attempted arrest. kron four's amanda hari joining us live in studio now with reaction from people who helped in the search. amanda. >> 10? 0, well, i spoke with mark last. he's the president of the class kids foundation, a nonprofit that he started to help look for missing children after his own daughter was kidnapped and murdered. he wants people to know well, this does bring closure for the family. it's also going to bring overwhelming sadness. >> after more than 10 months of searching, the remains of
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24 year-old alexis, gabe of oakley have been felt a resident of plymouth notified the amador county sheriff's office that they found what they thought were human remains. a forensic dental specialist confirmed they belong to on the one hand, it's relief relief that they know what happened in have to search any longer. but i can tell you that when my daughter. >> when i discovered that my daughter was truly debt. was the saddest day of my life. and i didn't want to wake up the next morning. mark last his daughter, polly, was kidnapped and killed back in 1993. >> since then, his foundation has raised awareness about missing people like gave up despite police declaring gave homicide victim in june class imagines this confirmation of her death will be the family. you hold out hope until the very, very last moment. >> now you have 2 gave went missing back in january. investigators believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend.
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marshall jones. >> he was killed by police over the summer in washington. well, coming at officers with a knife due to the condition of alexis's remains. the city of oakley. officials believe there may never be a full recovery class as the gabe family did a great job keeping alexa's name in the media. they created a facebook page with more than 16,000 members to help bring alexis home. he says that effort is imperative in cases like this. >> you have to keep it there because there are so many missing people. the law enforcement it's forced to honor and and but quick cases on the back burner simply because nothing is happening. >> alexa's father post in the help bring alexis gabe home facebook group that there will be a media conference on monday. dan noel. >> amanda, thank you. we do want to get you a check of your 4 forecast tonight. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. things also continuing to look a
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little slick out there. use the word and said a voice and sing hosting. yeah, i don't mind it. least right now. we didn't know if it was a word that people like or dislike. is it? i feel? now it's like it sounds weird. moist time. yeah, i know. but it's a public road. so i and we're probably going to have some slick roads for several more days. some yes, specially monday into tuesday. that's when it's really going to be the most let's take a look. >> at your future cast for because we are going to see upcoming storms could bring us anywhere from 3 quarters of an inch to an inch and a quarter of rain starting sunday night through wednesday afternoon. and not only that, but we could actually see some snow flurries in the highest peaks of our north bay mountains, dropping snow levels to as low as 3,000 feet, mainly on tuesday, active weather with pop-up thunderstorms as well and also gusty winds in the forecast. so radar for we are tracking deadly. that slick commute out there right now, specifically for the bay area
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coastline and north bay as well. you could pick up about a 3rd of an inch of rain through tonight. tomorrow is going to be fairly dry day. we are going to see partly clear skies, but then an increase in that storm cloud cover by sunday night. and then that storm swings wide open sunday night shortly before midnight during the overnight hours. that's when we're going to see the heaviest rain. so light to moderate downpours could bring us about half an inch of rain or less by sunday night through monday morning with another storm right behind that, bringing us anywhere from one to 2 inches of wet weather wore on that and your full forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend and work week outlook in just a few minutes 10 and walked back to you. >> murray said thank you. over in the east bay contra costa public works is distributing sandbags to residents for free. this is a one of those distribution centers. how homestead park in walnut creek. if you're worried about flooding during these next several days of rain, you can pick up some of the bags. all you get is bring a shovel to fill them up. there's
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locations all across the bay and bay point martinez, richmond, we've got all the details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> another big story we're following tonight. new twitter ceo elon musk wasting no time making changes to the social media platform. twitter announcing today a subscription service for 7.99 a month which includes a blue checkmark for those who pay up. but as kron four's gayle ong reports, there's concerns about how that new verification system could be abused >> elon musk has been tweeting about this new subscription service for a while now. i spoke with a media and consumer tech company adviser. >> he says charging people for the service is the right move. the changes on twitter now visible details of the latest software version began appearing on saturday on apple's app store. the update reads, quote, power to the people. >> your account will get a blue checkmark just like celebrities, companies and politicians. you already follow. the cost is $8 a month. musk has every right to
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figure out how to monetize these assets. and that's clearly the most visible warning >> neal zuckerman runs media practice for boston consulting group. >> a top firm that consults in the media space advertising is difficult. twitter's always had a struggle with pretty ad model, which and distinctive ad units, not a standard ad unit like >> yeah. television ad new ceo elon musk says twitter subscribers will be able to see fewer ads in post longer videos. but there is concern about false information and scammers just days ahead of the midterm elections, people could conceivably pay the fee and then change their name to impersonate a politician, celebrity or government agency. but i mean, we all those concerns and particularly highlighted with the anxiety. well, on the campaign trail in san francisco, governor gavin newsom weighed in on misinformation on twitter. and it's not just that platform. it's the weaponization of all social media. >> and how of facts spread like wildfire. how do you
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think it helps verify the uses that are indeed who they say they are, whether it's a checkmark. >> whether off of you verified status, weathers literally stunned number of followers would have whether it's simply a url that's been proven to work. twitter push an ios update saturday outlining the changes but the blue checkmark feature is not yet live. a twitter employee tweeted out the subscription service, new blue. it's still being tested. the new changes at the social media platform come a day after widespread layoffs to cut costs. >> as more companies are pausing advertising on the platform. in a tweet, musk is saying he had no choice when it came to the mass layoffs because the company was losing more than 4 million dollars a day. >> and that everyone who accident was offered 3 months of severance, twitter, co-founder and former ceo jack dorsey is taking responsibility for the layoffs under mask. in a tweet saturday, it reads in part, quote, i grew the company size too quickly. i apologize for
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that as a new chapter at twitter begins, zuckerman says charging people for the blue checkmark is a way for musk to raise more revenue. whether you're a business or an individual in florence or or company. >> you use that check, mark, you use that super user power to manage yourself. so why shouldn't be allowed to monetize what is arguably the best asset of the company? >> our request for comment, a twitter about the layoffs and blue checkmark subscription have not been returned in the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. governor gavin newsom stopped by manny's in san francisco today. joining up with some local volunteers trying to get out the vote in addition to sending out text messages to voters. newsom stressed the importance of next week's election saying rights are being rolled back across the country and californians need to make their voices heard. newsom also didn't shy away from saying his party needs to do more. and go on the offensive to fight
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disinformation. >> or lose next week. i hope we take a good hard look at what we're up against and how we can calibrate to the world around us. we can complain about it would do something that i'm doing as florida, texas and how they're doing billboards and 7 states from trying to do my best. we need the democratic party at the next level. >> newsom also said californians, quote, will decide who controls the house. and for that reason, whether our democracy survives later, adding that the stakes are pretty high. >> the governor also called for the legislature to take early action to ensure any federal student debt relief provided to californians and they would be not subjected to state taxes. the proposal will be part of the governor's budget which will be released in january. california has nearly 4 million eligible borrowers of which an estimated half for pell grant borrowers under president biden's proposal. the federal government will forgive up to 10,000 bucks in student loans for individuals making less than $125,000 a year and up to
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20,000 for those who received a pell grant. >> powerball jackpot has been drawn. we haven't heard of any winners yet, but here are the numbers in case you've got to check it at home 28. 45 53? 56. 69 and the powerball number 20, the jackpot is 1.6 billion dollars, which is the world's biggest ever lottery prize. even the lump sum option worth more than 780 million. so you're not really losing out too much. if you take that cash option. still not clear if anyone has won. usually we find out around this time. so we'll going to keep track on it. good luck. >> maybe a to. yeah. yeah. but coming up, if you're looking for a way to keep your gun safe and away from your children, listen up. union city police is offering some help. >> plus, an upcoming summit in marin county hoping to increase awareness around the dangers that now. >> and protest along san
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francisco's embarcadero in support of run. kron. 4 news returns in a moment.
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what makes the train so magical? it's not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. it's about where it goes. to places. and faces. and the warmest of memories. the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away.
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it's how it brings us together. ♪ >> hundreds of people gathered on jfk promenade in golden gate park showing their support for keeping the space car free demonstrators marching on foot, riding bikes and scooters and roller
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skating for a yes vote on measure j local musician john elliott performing his song. yes, on j. david miles junior, aka the mayor of golden gate park who has fought for this car free space for decades also spoke today, opponents of the propositions say closing jfk, though, does make it impossible for many seniors to visit the park since they cannot walk long distances and they rely on cars to get around. >> people also gathered today along the embarcadero and support of the people of iran. one protester at the demonstration told kron 4 that this movement is special because it's being led by women and the youth. the group has been protesting for weeks since the death of 21 year-old mahsa amini. i mean, he died in the custody of iranian morality priest police after being in a coma for 3 days. the iranian police say that she died from heart illness, but others believe she was severely beaten while in police custody. police in the government of iran have denied this claim. it means death and
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september sparked global outrage in iranians took to the streets to protest the hard truth. harsh treatment of citizens by the iranian government. >> we do want to get your check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look out at sfo. we do want to let you know they are dealing with about 20 minutes of delays tonight. so just in case you're heading out or waiting for your flight, i feel like kind of around now is when those last flights are coming out. so just be aware if you're picking somebody up. yeah. pack your patience pack your umbrella. right? as we've been dealing with yet, all the thing is thanks to what's happening. yes, steady drizzle out there tonight. we saw about a 10th of an inch of rain for most of the bay area today, especially along the coast. but overall drying out tonight through your sunday morning. in fact, sunday afternoon, going to be a fairly dry day until our next storm out in the pacific northwest going impact is sunday night through monday morning bringing us about half an inch of rain or less. but from now, until then.
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>> very gloomy outlook in poor visibility as well. primarily impacting the bay area shoreline. so drive safely for your saturday night commute. temperatures tomorrow and today. well, below average. in fact, we're going to notice a gradual cooling trend through the middle of this upcoming weekend. temperatures today that we should be in the upper 60's to low 70's instead, barely warming up into the low to mid 60's. so we were good. 48 degrees below average temperatures as you step outside right now, widespread 50's along the coast. bierly in the low 60's as you make your way inland. san jose in mountain view. 61 degrees a piece of bodega bay. 52 degrees about a 10 degree difference from our coolest coastal city. i'll just inland valleys out there right now. overnight lows tonight, though, we are going to see widespread 40's and 50's thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover. but those of you in santa rosa, some better clearing. so temperatures for you cooling down to 39 degrees and let's take a look at temperatures
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for tomorrow because it is going to be slightly chillier than what we saw today. 5 to 10 degrees below average. so downtown san francisco out of the low 60's and instead only warming up into the upper 50's with half moon bay. 57 degrees and he got the 63 degrees for your sunday afternoon. still well, above below average when you should be in the low 70's this time of year. and don't forget overnight, we do fall back daylight saving time ends. so we gain an hour of sleep. really excited about that. and we're tracking, though, a lot of storm clouds. take a look at the 10 at 10 outlook. we could even see some pop-up scattered thunderstorms on tuesday. snow levels dropping to as low as 3,000 feet, mainly for north bay mountains. and then it's great to see more actual rain, then sun icons because this is the weather been and this is what we typically should be seeing this time of year. so storm door reopens next weekend, even 10 days from now through monday. you know, next 2 weeks, they were saying earlier today, just how good it is to get these small
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little showers just throughout the entire season. right at the post, one big dumping. and then right now is remember last year, october, right before halloween, we have that big atmosphere ever. and then like nothing for 2. so this is really nice just to get it nice and slow and steady and. >> our fire season now, unfortunately is year round, but this is certainly going to help significantly. so we love that. thanks, marissa. happening tomorrow as worrisome engine daylight saving time. and so that's a reminder. set back your clocks one hour before you go to sleep tonight, your phone now just kind of doesn't despite most californians voting. >> 4 years ago to try and end of this time shift. we are still doing it. i don't mind when it's the fall. back to spring forward as one. no fun. former assembly member canton shoe of san jose did champion a bill to try and authorize state lawmakers to pass legislation against us. but it did die in the committee. the u.s. senate also passed the sunshine protection act to make daylight saving time
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permanent. but that bill has been up unable to gain traction and the daylight savings time still happen and it ends tomorrow at 02:00am. so you get an extra hour of sleep tonight. >> 3 carjacking suspects are under arrest in santa clara tonight. >> one of which was wanted in the in the state on capital murder. was one of the state on a capital murder warrant. the 21 year-old alabama man was on the run since september. 26 when according to police, he shot and killed the victim and stole their car. and jenny strand park in santa clara. so that was out of state that he was wanted. police entered the car in the state's stolen vehicle system and they were notified of it being driven through santa clara officers arrested the suspects near santa clara and main streets without any issues. >> after an almost two-hour search, santa clara police found an elderly man who went missing from his home. the man's phone last showed him in the area of metcalf road. near some rugged terrain. and that's where they found his car. they began a search in
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the heavily wooded area. thankfully the man was found. he was disoriented and suffering from some early stages of hypothermia. officers carried him out through steep terrain for almost half a mile. he was taken to a local hospital. no update right now on his condition. >> a group of street racers are facing charges tonight after one of them struck a police officer in the face. san jose police say 5 people driving in 3 cars were speeding around last night. one of those cars with stop near 7 trees boulevard, capitol expressway. that's when police say people that were riding in the 2 other cars began taunting those officers as one person was being arrested, that hans turned into a fight and one of the officers was hit in the face. the 5 suspects were arrested. they're now facing a series of charges, including felony u.s. law assault. >> in the north bay and upcoming summit in marin county is hoping to increase awareness around the dangers of fentanyl. them are in county overdose prevention summit helping to inform me and educate the public. this month. back in 2020,
10:22 pm
california saw the highest number of overdose deaths in the country with around 9,000 deaths recorded and just last in county had 42 overdose deaths, according to the department of public health, the summit starts at 04:00pm on november. 15th. and it is open to the public. >> in the east bay, newark police are looking for the driver responsible for a hit and run death. fremont man, this happened around 2 o'clock in the morning on wednesday on central avenue in california street. the 29 year-old victim was found lying in the street. he later died from his injuries so far, no arrests have been made. >> the union city police department's offering free gun locks in an effort to promote gun safety. you can head on over to their office and pick one up at the lobby. if you're in need police to estimate about a 3rd of households with children aged 17 and younger have a gun in the home. gun owners can take extra precautions when kids are present by storing guns unloaded and secured with effective child resistant gun locks and keeping them separate from ammunition.
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>> still ahead here at 10 o'clock free classes at community colleges on the peninsula where you can sign up. >> plus, a fiery crash leaving 2 people dead. several others injured on the peninsula. more on the events that led up to on the events that led up to that crash. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> for your money tonight, prices at the pump continuing to decline, according to triple a statewide average for
10:26 pm
california's $5. and $0.47 a gallon here in the bay area. san francisco still has the highest average $5.68 is what you'll pay for a gallon of regular gas. napa, sonoma and san mateo counties down a couple of cents from that santa clara contra costa, alameda county's averaging around 5.50, marin county at 5.44. and solano county is the cheapest at $5.37. a gallon. now, as we've been talking about this in quite a bit of snow dumped in the sierra. you're thinking about taking a trip to tahoe anytime soon. you are better off filling up as you head up into the mountains. gas is going for just 5.22. on average in sacramento county, which is about $0.40 cheaper. then what you'll find here in the bay, if you keep going up get a little bit more expensive. but not too bad. and if you headed to the snow, we want to make sure you're aware there's a effect tomorrow night through e- wednesday. this is a live look right now at highway 50 at
10:27 pm
myers there. as you can see, roads a little wet. you can see that snow already piling up on the sides. california highway patrol says heavy snow will start falling sunday night and into wednesday. they're calling this a major storm with those snow levels falling just below 3,000 feet. so >> travelers can expect impacts their you needs, including chain control and some possible road closures. so just be aware of that. if you're planning on traveling, prepare those possible white out conditions as well. damp. >> all right. well, coming up here at 10 o'clock remembering aaron carter, the 34 year-old singer rapper found dead today at his home in southern california. plus, a total lunar eclipse set for an appearance where it will be visible and when here in the bay area and when we return, we'll hear from not co de la fuente kennedy for oakland's next, a mayor as kron. 4 news
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with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. some breaking news tonight. at least 9 people were wounded in a shooting outside of a bar. >> in philadelphia tonight, it happened just before 11:00pm. >> east coast time associated press is reporting gunman got out of a black vehicle parked in the middle of the block and then opened fire. 9 people have been hospitalized. 2 in critical condition. but police say that there are likely more victims. so far no arrests have been made.
10:31 pm
>> we'll, of course, continue to follow this breaking news here on air and also online kron 4 dot com locally on the peninsula. 2 people are dead and 5 others are recovering tonight from their injuries after a fiery crash in redwood city. it happened in the area of el camino real and finger avenue. kron four's philippe djegal all reporting a witness says. >> there was a street race that caused this crash. >> 2 crushed cars end up on the sidewalk. one of them on fire at around 8 o'clock friday night when the city police and fire units arrived on scene. we actually increased our fire response to a structure fire simon to get more. around us on scene. then witnessed the crash when he was behind the wheel reale and finger avenue. he says one of the drivers was speeding before colliding with whom he describes as innocent bystanders and they're going pretty fast. and there is was out of the car like.
10:32 pm
>> know is on other 2 were >> you know, redwood city police officers helped firefighters extinguish the flames. the 17 year-old driver in the 2 passengers in the burning car survived. the police and fire departments say the 2 passengers in the other vehicle died on scene. we had goal of 7 patients on scene. >> have 2 patients that were outside of one of the vehicles on the sidewalk and what a ship trapped in the vehicle on fire. 2 patients in another vehicle. and the 2 patients, a bystander headrest for. vehicle pulled into a nearby apartment that we care to. police have not announced if drugs i know it's worth drive across an old car gets over doing that anyway. >> want know you just don't want to happen. just all of the surviving victims were treated at stanford hospital. >> believed to all kron. 4 news.
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>> other news on the peninsula, san mateo residents who are looking to take college courses can do so at community colleges without fees, starting at the beginning of the year. the community college district, they're announcing you do not have to pay enrollment fees for the upcoming spring semesner. it's all because of a new bill signed by governor newsom this year to use state funding and waving those enrollment fees. those who are not san mateo county residents may still qualify for some other scholarship programs and free services as well. undocumented students can also qualify for both the non resident tuition fee waiver as well as that enrollment fee. way for. all right. we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. we're taking a look now >> highway 50 at myers. you know, we were talking about snow up in that area, right? no snow falling, right this second. but i know they're definitely getting some moisture out there. as you can see that car driving a little slow. we're going to need you to drive slow to. if you're headed that way. murray's
10:34 pm
rodriguez has a look at all that thew are to get in the coming days. yeah, that's right. because not only are they going to be under winter storm warning, but a winter weather advisory starting sunday afternoon. >> for all of this year is if you are planning on heading out to take advantage of that fresh powder head out tonight or early sunday morning because we're tracking several feet of snow in the coming days. so let's take a look at radar for donner summit. some light scattered rain showers. but overall, some snow flurries over south lake tahoe and kirkwood drying out, at least for now. but as you can see, donner summit definitely tracking that valley. rain out there this evening. so please drive safely because you're really going to notice the snow arriving as early as sunday afternoon. and even for us here in the bay area, we're going to see some rain as well by sunday night because we're going to get some powerful storms. so winter weather for the sierra and much needed wet season. storms for us here in the bay area going to become
10:35 pm
more widespread on tuesday. that's going to be the most active day for us here in the bay area. scattered pop up thunderstorms. and as you can see, we could actually get some snow flurries for north bay mountains, dropping snow levels to as low as 3,000 feeble, widespread powder, several feet of snow tuesday and even through wednesday morning before we start to gradually dry out by wednesday afternoon. so heavy snow for this year. up one to 2 feet for most of this year with the exception of elevations above 7,000 feet, double those snow amounts 2 to 4 feet with wind speeds throughout the ridgecrest. 100 miles per hour or less. and we're going to dip into the mid 30's by tuesday. perfect snowmaking conditions making for a winter wonderland in the sierra in the coming days. so enjoy back to dan and noelle thank you. and national news tonight, president biden making his way to pennsylvania after speaking in illinois. >> he joins former president obama and philadelphia. and yet another president, donald trump visited the keystone
10:36 pm
state's today. trump holding a rally tonight outside of pittsburgh. all 3 of these all 3 presidents are trying to drive turnout before tuesday's major midterm election. >> house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection is giving former president trump more time to turn over subpoenaed documents. trump's lawyers have been talks with the he is now been given until next week. in addition, the panel has given him until november 14 to give a despot deposition under >> one person has died and others are injured after a storm stretching from dallas, texas to northwest arkansas spawns tornadoes and flash flooding. a 90 year-old man was found dead in the shattered debris of his home in southeastern oklahoma. the town of idabel, oklahoma with a population of some 7,000 people was hit very hard with more than 100 homes and businesses damaged. a 6 year-old girl drowned in a 43 year-old man is missing after
10:37 pm
their vehicle was swept by water off of a bridge near stilwell, oklahoma. but the drowning has not been officially attributed to those >> and world news tonight, thousands of people packing downtown seoul to honor the victims of last weekend's stampede on halloween. more than 150 people died. the more nurse holding candles there singing and listen to some speeches. then some others were carrying signs criticizing the south korean government for not being prepared on tuesday. south korea's police chief took responsibility for the stampede saying police failed to respond to calls warning of an impending disaster. >> sad news out of hollywood tonight. former child pop star aaron carter has died at the age of 34 the singer turned rapper in after was found dead inside his home in lancaster, california. representatives
10:38 pm
confirming the singer's death, but the exact details of what happened are not yet clear. chris wolfe reports from lancaster. >> it's the tragic death of the young performer inside his home here in lancaster, aaron. carter's beyonce is here, friends, neighbors and fans have gathered outside the home along with la county sheriff's deputies singer aaron carter is dead at the young age of 34 foul play is not suspected. his public relations firm released a statement today saying, quote, the family has been notified and will be flying out to los angeles. erin worked very hard towards the end of his life in recovery to be a good father and to make amends with his family. the singer turned rapper and actor was found dead this morning at his home on valley vista drive in lancaster, the la county fire department says the call came
10:39 pm
in as a drowning and we now have new details. the la county sheriff's department says a house sitter called 9-1-1 to report. a man was unresponsive in his bathtub. the dispatcher guided the house sitter and advised her to start cpr before paramedics and deputies arrived. emergency personnel pronounced aaron carter dead at the scene. carter began performing as a child and had hit album starting in his teenage years. he's the younger brother of nick carter of the backstreet boys and performed as an opening act for britney spears as well as his brothers boy band and also appeared on the reality tv series house of carters that aired on the entertainment television. his resume also includes a stint on dancing with the stars and appearances on broadway. carter transitioned into rap as his music career progressed, he grappled with substance abuse over the years entering rehab numerous times. he once appeared on the show the doctors claiming he suffered from a number of mental health issues and was
10:40 pm
on a variety of prescription pills to treat those conditions. fans and friends are devastated. he was dedicated to his son. yes, we talked a lot about music because i'm an artist as well. so that was our main focus with each other he was so humble. >> oh, gosh, i'm i'm just shock. she was a good person. you know, he had his demons as we all do. you know, i just wish she had another chance. >> gary carter's fiance and mother of his son. prince arrived at the scene to talk with deputies. she is distraught. melanie martin is an instagram influencer and model. according to reports, 11 month-old prince was under the court ordered custody of
10:41 pm
melanie's mother. but aaron carter revealed recently that he had entered rehab for a 5th time seeking to regain custody of prince. let's come back out here on the scene is still very active reporting in lancaster. i'm chris wolfe. coming up next in sports, dusty baker was 6 outs away from a world series title in 2002 when he was. >> head coach of the giants want to come 20 years with johnny baker is finally manager of the world series club. we've got the highlights in the celebration next. in sports.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. all right. we're talking the world series off of our sports block here with the astros came home. houston needing. >> just one will and one win over the fightin phils to secure their second world series title in 5 years. more importantly, a win would give future hall of famer dusty baker is first world series title as a manager. this is the closest the former giants manager ever been to winning a world series since 2002 when the angels beat the giants in 7 games. that game was. >> scoreless until the 7th today or rather the 60 day one kyle schwarber goes down and golf's a sinker to write that one was long gone. the phillies jump out early. yeah. that fans feel really good about over 3rd homer last 4. but hey, astros had a different things in mind. yordan alvarez. they call him air your dad and for good
10:45 pm
reason. 450 feet to center field. wow. astro's jump up 3 to one on this. three-run blast. this continued this line out to left field. 3rd baseman alex comes around to score here easily 4 to one astro's christian vasquez who will be coming up here in a second. yeah, he does. the chef curry night tonight and that's exactly what happened. this pop-up out to right field in foul territory. and that would seal the deal for the astro's. they win their second title in the last 5 years. their last one in 2017. dusty baker. he's one division titles. he's won playoff games. he's done it all. but he hasn't won a world series. and that was until
10:46 pm
congratulations out the dusty baker. talk out football. cal bears hoping to snap a four-game losing streak against lincoln riley and his night ranked usc trojans trojans up 20 to 7 in the 3rd quarter quarterback caleb williams takes inside quick and off quick hits. >> michael jackson, he jukes one defender heads to pay dirt there. 41 yards for the score. 2077 usc cal tried to make it a game, though, in the 4th down. 34 14 jack plummer hits maven anderson for a 47 yard. touchdown here. and the bears are only down. 34 to 21 the games late in the 4th of this moment. usc now up 41% to 27 washington state. thank you.
10:47 pm
visit down the farm today visiting the cardinal, the band. they're looking excited. but you know what? stanford had a not a great day out in the field, go here now with the up. 21 to 7 0nd quarter. stanford quarterback ashton daniels run to right into a wall. it ends up getting fumbled, scooped up by freshman. jayden hicks runs 17 yards for the score cougars. now up 28 to 7. the on-side continuing on 4th and 3 from stanford's 9 cameron ward here tossing a perfect pass to donovan ali ward had 2 td passes, ran for a 3rd washing state up. 35 to 7 cougar running back neck kaja anderson had or watson at quite a day to day 16 carries 166 yards. 41 of them coming on this touchdown run to end the half. washington state pa mulls stanford. 52 to 14. stanford is lost 6 of its first 7 games in the conference for the first time since 2006. let's go out to the ice. the sharks coming out
10:48 pm
and looking to get this win over the mighty i don't know. halloween is kind of over, but that's still pretty good luck. it looks pretty good for the sharks to 43 in one. 28 left in the game of the docks are on the attack. and adam henri stops. the pot past the goalie here, james raymer. we're now tied at 4. yeah, nothing happened in overtime. we go to a shoot out here and it came down to this the docks and needed a goal to win the shootout. it was henrique again with the game winner. heartbreaker for the sharks. 4 goals on the season. all of them have come against san jose docks when it 5 to 4 and the shootout. see the sharks can turn around it. some point in this long nhl season. that is your look at sports now. well. dan, thank you. 4 is your local election headquarters. of course, this coming tuesday. oakland voters. >> we're going to be choosing a new mayor. we asked each at our polling criteria how they would address crime.
10:49 pm
>> homelessness and about their stance on proposed a's ballpark. here's kron 4 s ella sogomonian interview with not co de la fuente investor. the left went there is an immigrant from mexico raised by a single mom. he washed dishes to make ends meet. then got a manufacturing job that inspired him to be elected. >> to be the international vice president of the united steelworkers union when they has lived in oakland for 51 years, serving on the city council for 2 decades, starting in 1992, 11 of those years as council president. he says he's coming out of a decade long retirement to be the backbone that oakland have the political will and experiences. >> and that to make those decisions that need to be made. and i'm not running for anything else. this is my last run. no estimations of doing anything else. >> the left want this as oakland needs to support police officers by boosting morale, eliminating and no chase policy and installing cameras as well as license
10:50 pm
plate readers. >> any we said the tone from the top from the mayor from the highest elected office. you know that we are again, not going to this situation that we had in. they were going to pour the police to do their job, that we're going to. it's not always says that they would allow us to deal with crime versus the opposite. >> when it comes to homelessness, the left went. they wants to build housing, clean up encampments and ensure that those in need are connected with homeless and mental health services while maintaining a timeline to monitor progress. i want to concentrate. >> and public safety the concentrate making sure that that would deal with this home is in cameras in a compassionate way, meaning. a target. some of the some of the words encounters war with this individual set up a time line is that we are going to what with them and find the people that need special system, the need the mental care, the need to. so kind of services that are available.
10:51 pm
and one with them in order to transition when asked about the future of the a's in oakland, the left went, this says he learned from his previous experience when oakland lost the raiders. >> and vows to do whatever is in his power as mayor to keep the a's in definitely. >> committed to to with the a's to work with the poor, to work with the city to make sure that they will retain the a's and without get in the city in any financial liabilities that i don't think that we can afford. >> the elephant is proud of the work that he has done in previous years like building the fruitvale transit village and josi. the la cruz park union point park on the waterfront as well as the children's learning center. he also enacted the equal access ordinance that requires the city to translate documents into other languages. if elected the left went, there will be the first latino to serve as oakland mayor for kron. 4 news i'm ella sogomonian. >> we have posted all of our
10:52 pm
interviews with all of those oakland mayoral candidates online. along with our interview criteria. you can watch them by scanning this qr code that see on your screen or just by going to kron 4 dot com. >> and coming up on its final check of your forecast as we track our next storm set to arrive sunday night. find out how much rain we're expected how much rain we're expected to get in just a few minutes. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. mom, we need to talk to you about yiorgos. don't you think it's a little odd he showed up in your life right when you became a gigillionaire?! he's a gig-digger, mom! he's using you for your at&t fiber. now that it has hyper-gig speeds. he spends half day shirtless, playing vr games. kids. why do you think i became a gigillionaire in the first place? yes, i am yiorgos. we know.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
10:55 pm
>> swifties listen up. more tickets will be available for taylor swift's tour when it passes through the bay area. the artists announced the restore earlier this week with 27 show dates, including a stop at levi stadium in santa clara on july. 29th because of high demand. swift says that she is adding dates to her tour, including in extra night at levi's. she'll be playing july 28th and 29th tickets go on sale friday. november 18? alright. >> well, hey, take a look at the sky next week. there's going to be a total lunar eclipse. you may get the chance to see one on tuesday. billy blood, the blood orange moon will happen on election day. yes, tuesday, november, 8th. it will come in 3 phases at around 01:00:09am, it starts to become visible. it will be in its full phase by about 02:15am, you won't want to miss it. the it will be a beautiful color in the sky and you won't be able to see this again until march of 2025. so
10:56 pm
definitely want to try and see. however, i do think we're going to be dealing with some rain and >> fog some debris. so we'll do you think you'll be able to catch a glimpse? no but we're getting rain. so we'll take it sorry. wait till 2025. let's take a look at daytime highs tomorrow. >> 5 to 10 degrees below average. and we are going to notice a fairly dry day. so it's actually going to be a lot better tomorrow. temperature wise and also weather-wise slightly cooler, but not that much of a change. upper 50's to low to mid 60's. but we are going to see a lot more sunshine. so we're not going to get that drizzle like what we saw today. in fact, the storm door won't reopen until later sunday night. now this storm track moving a little bit slower now around 10 o'clock for those of you in the north bay still dry for the rest of the bay area. but by around midnight, that's when we're going to start to notice some light bands of rain with some light to moderate downpours for those
10:57 pm
of you in the north bay. that storm track slowly moving to the south and east. and then by monday morning, we could actually get up to half an inch of rain or less. and then that storm door reopens again monday afternoon. so we are going to see anywhere from about one to 2 inches of rain by monday afternoon through wednesday. scattered showers and actual snow flurries for north bay mountains and then more wet weather by next weekend. 10 days from now. so i certainly love to see those icons this time of year. can't get enough rain at this point. we need it we'll see you guys tomorrow night.
10:58 pm
this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
10:59 pm
jim mansfield: my job was more important to me than my family, and i started drinking a lot, staying out of town. it took a toll on me. dr. charles stanley: you may be as low as the prodigal, but you are not hopelessly, helplessly lost if you will listen to what i'm about to say. jim: sitting on that couch, watching that sermon, something had happened to us. i'm talking about the joy and love in our hearts. i want more of that. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products.
11:00 pm
yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> there's headed into the 5 in the best way possible with a win over mission. rival do this. went on play offs. there's a lot of work to do before the playoffs. but this week has been all about getting some rest. just get this week to be compressed get your body, you get your body back and it's going to cause a lot of guys. and there's another huge game waiting on the other side,


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