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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 6, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at age, we may have had a break from the wet weather today, but the bay area's preparing for a soggy start to the workweek models showing rain is on the way for tonight. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. the day was mostly dry into the evening. scattered showers are. >> expected to arrive overnight. yeah, as you can see here here to give us a closer look is meteorologist from brees rodriguez recent. yeah, that storms are already knocking on santa rosa's door. let's take a look at radar for
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because we are starting to notice some green. >> that means rain falling near santa rosa. let's take a look at radar for you. could see some scattered showers just to the north of santa rosa. fairly dry, at least for now. but all of that is going to change within the next hour or 2. so right now, the main event currently over your rica and even garber ville, where there were some lightning strikes reported out in the pacific just to the west of that area. but we are expecting to see, though, the bulk of that wet weather making its way into the north bay between 9 through 10 o'clock tonight and then it slowly going to shift to the south and east for the rest of the bay area. shortly before midnight, light to moderate downpours. and this is just going to be a little bit of a sneak peek of what's to come because the main event actually going to arrive monday night through tuesday morning. that's when we're going to see the bulk of the wet weather and severe weather
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at that making its way into the bay area where we could not only see snow levels dropped a load with 3,000 feet, but pop-up thunderstorms, hail and gusty winds. if any thunderstorms do form. so severe weather heading our way from now. until then calmer conditions overnight, expecting about a quarter of an inch of rain or less highest peaks of the bay area could see anywhere from a 3rd to half an inch of rain overnight through monday morning. but it's monday night through wednesday morning that we could pick up an additional half an inch to an inch of much needed rain. so very active weather pattern heading our way into the bay area. plan ahead and make sure to drive safely in the roads in the coming days. more in your full work week forecast in just a few minutes. dan, in a while. back to you. thank you. some people did brave the soggy weather today trying to take advantage of what was left of the weekend before more storms come our way. kron four's amanda hari live in sausalito tonight. >> with more amanda. earlier this afternoon, it was quite a
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bit raining here. i got a bit wet. the clouds are out right now, though. >> not so much rain. it is still very chilly. at times we have the wind picking up. but if you take a look over here, it is pretty clear you can see a clear view of the bay bridge right now. but some people told me they didn't mind it when it was more gloomy out. they say sometimes the clouds can have a silver lining. >> what weather and cloudy dark skies didn't stop some people from enjoying their sunday in sausalito. she is actually coming from canada. and tonight shown sarah farah heaney was showing her friend around the bay area. they were hoping for sunny skies but came prepared for the weather with warm clothing and an umbrella. serena's od says despite the wet weather, she still enjoying her visit. i think it's still beautiful. it's really cool. even the rain is not.
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>> that. anyway, it's the rain was light to most of sunday. levi hammock says he'll be headed back to la before the worst of the rain arrives. but visiting on a rainy weekend had its benefits. it's a very different sort i think it has charm kind of nice there's a chance things will get louder monday and tuesday. >> not from crowds but from thunderstorms possible through the bay area. >> in addition to the thunderstorms, there's also a high surf warning that is going to go into effect. they're asking people to stay away from the water just to be as safe as possible. live in sausalito, amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> amanda, thank you. try and stay warm tonight. the national weather service is also warning folks thinking about heading up to the sierra to avoid traveling there over the next few days. if possible, moderate to heavy snow is expected tonight through wednesday morning. we're trying to get you a live
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look at. >> 80 at kingvale. they say we could see up to 4 feet of snow with periods of white out. >> coming up at 8.30, we'll have a live report from lake tahoe. getting a closer look at those conditions. loud and dangerous sideshows had police scrambling all across the bay area last night. yeah, it was organized mayhem with hundreds of vehicles moving from town to town kron four's gayle ong joining us live in studio now with more on what went down. gayle. >> daniel l a busy night for law enforcement chasing the same crowd from city to city. >> richmond. and hayward. chose on a rampage down highway 80 late saturday. according police at around 11:00pm, roughly 300 cars took over columbus parkway at mere blocks from where another major side show took place just 2 weeks ago.
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>> i put him in its later. police break up the crowds and pushed aside show out of the city. >> then the caravan speed south across river. >> arriving around another round of reckless at one point, gunfire later in the show moves out on a this time it takes drive just off the freeway. >> local police eventually breaking up the ground. >> then after 01:00am the same group is seen and heard in words. >> more gunfire wraps. and again, police have to come in and disperse the crowd. >> and we reached out to all the police departments where the sideshows took place. so far. we only heard from vallejo pd. i spoke with a sergeant who says this sideshow activity typically happens every other weekend and cities across the bay area are looking into setting stricter rules to prevent the site just from happening live
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n the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> all right, gail, thanks. a lot of developing news from twitter tonight. the county is delaying the rollout of its new monthly subscription service until after tuesday's midterm elections. this is according to an internal post viewed by the new york times, the calm just one day after announcing the rollout, many of raised concerns the new pay for play badges could cause confusion ahead of tuesday's election because users can easily create verified accounts and publish false information about voting results. >> meanwhile, after a layoff of roughly half of its staff on friday, twitter is actually reaching out to dozens of employees who lost their jobs asking them to return. that's according to a report from bloomberg news. the report says some of those who are being asked to return were laid off by mistake. others were let go before management realized their work and experience may be necessary to build the new features. new ceo elon musk envisions.
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>> and meta is the latest tech giant to trim their workforce. following twitter lift and microsoft. the parent company of facebook is set to lay off thousands of workers. this coming week. a spokesperson for the company declined to comment but directed us to comments made by ceo mark zuckerberg last month. meta stock prices have been sliding likely leading to a downsizing and the 3rd quarter earnings call. zuckerberg said the company expects to be the same size or slightly smaller in 2023. >> tuesday is election day early. voters in san francisco are encouraged to track the status of their ballots. you can do so on sf elections dot org, slash voter portal. the full link is on your screen right now. they're the portal will allow you to see if there were any issues with your ballot. maybe forgot to sign that return envelope, which would prevent the department from processing it. if that's the case, you will be given instructions on how you can resolve any issues. the jackpot still up for grabs.
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nobody winning the powerball drawing last night. that means tomorrow night's jackpot. >> will be worth a record-breaking 1.9 billion dollars according to the california lottery. the cash option worth more than 929 million dollars some time or rather mean. meantime, somebody in the east bay is a whole lot richer a ticket worth more than a million dollars was sold at the 76 gas station on washington avenue in san leandro. very cool. one case. you have not checked your ticket yet. here are those winning numbers from last night's drawing. they are. 28. 45 53. 56. 69 and the powerball is that number 20? >> coming cinematic virtual reality, bringing space back to earth. details on the exhibit in the east bay. >> plus, not one, not 2, but 11 home burglaries. all of the common thread. we've got the details next.
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>> tonight, several burglaries to tell you about along the peninsula. police in palo alto investigating 11 residential burglaries, all with a common thread since october 9th. the 11 burglaries have targeted homes with nobody home. they have all happened during the dinner time hours. usually between 7 and 09:00pm. police say the burglars usually enter
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the homes by smashing glass doors in their rear yards. the burglars rummaging through rooms and appear to be focused on stealing jewelry and safes. surveillance footage does show the suspects appear to be hispanic men in their 20's. anyone with information is asked to contact palo alto police. meanwhile, deputies in san mateo county are looking for 3 men who broke inton2 homes in san carlos last night. the first burglary happened on the 1400 block of edmond drive just after 8 last night. deputies arrived and learned those burglars broke into the home and ransacked the bedrooms. that about an hour later, another burglary was reported not far away on drake avenue with the bedrooms there also ransacked deputies believe the same 3 men are responsible for both burglaries. they're now looking for surveillance video to help them track down those burglars. in neighboring south san francisco, a police pursuit last night ended in a crash. it began in san bruno
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and ended when the suspect crashed into several parked cars on avalon drive. officers took the driver into custody after a short foot pursuit. but a second person did manage to get away south san francisco police say they were very busy last night. officers also responded to a vehicle burglary vehicle theft warrant, arrest, dui and felony hit and run. >> a girl in antioch still missing tonight. even medina was last seen near hillcrest avenue in borden ranch lane in antioch. she's described as 5 feet tall with brown hair and green eyes. you can see here, you know, was last seen wearing a light grey or white sweatshirt with great leggings and carrying a blue backpack. if you have any information about her whereabouts, please reach out to the antioch police department. an update is expected to come from investigators tomorrow after the remains of alexis. gabe are found in amador county. gabe's body has been missing for nearly 10 months. the 24 year-old from oakley was last
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seen alive in january of this year in antioch. she's believed to have been killed by her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones, who has since been killed by police during an attempted arrest. be sure to join us here on kron 4 for that full update. we had to southern california now where several people died in a car crash. first responders racing to the scene along pacific coast highway in los angeles just after 4.30, this morning, crews arriving in found 2 cars on fire. 5 people dead inside. chp says one of those cars apparently veered into on-coming traffic, although it's not clear tonight which one. in pennsylvania, 9 people are injured after a shooting outside of a philadelphia bar. police say this happened just before 11 o'clock last night. several gunmen emerging from a black vehicle parked outside the bar and opened fire, unleashing at least 40 rounds, at least 2 of the victims are in critical condition tonight. police are still trying to determine a motive. no one is in custody.
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>> well, the bay area's expected to see some big surf over the next couple of days. a high surf advisory in effect monday morning through tuesday morning. according to the national weather service waves could hit heights of 15 to 20 feet on those a purple zones. you see there on your screen in that map nws recommending you stay off of coastal rocks, avoid steep beaches and for added safety. they suggest keeping a good distance away from the surf zone. keeping an eye on the little ones and to never turn your back on the ocean with that. want to get your check of your 4 zone forecast because not only do we got high surf, we've got a lot of rain coming our way to get ready for those slick spots out there. murray re is joining us now to look ahead. a recent pay their dan well. yeah, it's because of these powerful storms to our north that we are going to notice dangerous surf. >> monday morning through tuesday morning from now. until then, those starting to notice some light scattered showers making its way into
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santa rosa already getting weather watcher reports of some scattered rain making its way into conquered. so please be my eyes and ears. let me know if it's raining in your neighborhood because the main event to our north currently over ukiah and we are tracking some severe weather off the coast in the form of lightning strikes that was reported. >> a little bit more than an hour ago. so we are going to notice that active storm door pattern making its way into the bay area overnight and then continuing through wednesday. so let's take a live look outside. certainly going to be the calm before the storm. temperatures out there right now. widespread low to mid 50's san jose. 58 degrees. but as you can see top already starting to cool down, especially for inner most valleys in the north bay like kelsey bill and saint helene, a barely in the low 50's overnight lows tonight similar to yesterday. we are going to cool down a bit mid to upper 40's. a little bit milder for oakland in the low 50's. but those of you in santa rosa holding steady once again at 39 degrees for your
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overnight temperatures. let's take a look at daytime highs tomorrow because this is november, we should be averaging upper 60's to low 70's. instead, we're only going to warm up into the mid to upper 50's. so 5 to 10 degrees below normal. and that's because of the storms we are going to see possible not only thunderstorm chances, hail and gusty winds monday into tuesday. this is going to be a cold core storm at that and we could even see temperatures by thursday and friday morning in the low 30 so at near or below freezing. so it is going to be a bit of a cold snap, but we could see rain totals as high as anywhere from about half an inch to an inch and a quarter in the coming days. so it's certainly going to help us kind of put an end to that fire danger. cnn headed out to the holidays. that is my favorite part right there. and it's nice to see november. finally looking and feeling like fall with rain. getting it in a manageable time period. think is good as well and more chances next weekend,
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guys. i'm really excited about tracking that to get yes. thanks for that. thanks. >> all this damp weather that we're dealing with, that might mean that you're looking for an indoor activity, maybe even one that takes you out of this world. yeah, there's a new virtual reality exhibit on the richmond waterfront and it's bringing outer space back down to earth. i got a chance to check out. >> the immersive, infinite. >> almost as if you are experiencing little piece of history of what happens in space. a 40 minute journey through the international space station, space explorers, the infinite uses cinematic virtual reality to put visitors on board with nasa astronauts not shall we film for almost 3 years in space. felix and paul is one of the producing teams behind the experience. they worked with the iss and nasa to put vr cameras all throughout the space station filming more than 200 hours of footage. once you put on your headset, every inch of your body looks like it's glowing. and as you
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step into the virtual iss, visitors are met with glowing orbs to touch and transport you. your different scenes of life in outer space. really do encourage people to, you know, they can stay together they want, but otherwise, it just kind of explore and around and discovered a content in any or other do want. >> which creates for different emotional journeys for all of the different audience it was absolutely sublime is simple. we have that you all. >> you know, you're standing on the ground. you felt like you were in the space station. the experience is broken up into 4 chapters with a final front row view of astronauts on a space walk like you like that close from >> i can see them like that doing their jobs yet. they're in this really amazing place i was super allowing the average person to understand a little bit better. what life must be like so far from home suddenly through virtual reality. i think that they sense attempt
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or a possibility to really capture the experience in a fully immersive format, bring it back to earth and allowed people to feel that they are a protected is of that? >> great story, which is the journey of human space flight. >> it was very quiet. not really done. a lot of the our staff. i feel like it's just now becoming so much more accessible. you now. but the guy that i spoke with you, you know, created this. he was saying how a lot of the astronauts who spoke to say pictures just don't do it. justice really come home. they can't really fully allow people to understand what they're experiencing. and this is kind of one of those ways that they're trying to get people to. was there ever a moment where you kind of felt like, oh, man, i'm really like out there. it was. but some of the i mean, some of the visuals of like the sons sets and just like the colors that you're seeing is absolutely yeah, was very, very cool look at the crane with a billion on the richmond waterfront. you can book tickets online through november, but they're hoping to extend pass this year, too. so it's very, very
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cool. i enjoyed it. thanks for sharing. all right. stargazers do have something to look forward to this week. tuesday mornings. >> blood moon lunar eclipse. that's a mouthful, right? yeah. we won't see another one until 2025, the moon will be passing through hhe shadow of the earth. in turn, reddish in color and the best views will be right here in the western u.s. along with russia, japan and new zealand might be a little difficult here in the bay area. and last about an hour and a half starting at 04:16am, our time, though. our rain clouds, of course, could obscure the view here during the eclipse. the planet uranus will also be visible just above them. >> still to come here at 8 o'clock, ron, for continuing to introduce you to the candidates running to be the next mayor of oakland tonight, hearing from council member trevor reed. and we'll tell you how you can get some free lunch with none other than mister mayor willie brown. >> and the run to the bridge back and better than ever runners from near and far coming together to celebrate
8:23 pm
the 21st edition of the golden gate, half marathon and 5 k. gate, half marathon and 5 k. that's next. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> welcome back. runners from near and far came together today to celebrate the 21st edition of the golden gate half marathon and 5 k the race returned at full capacity after covid forced organizers
8:26 pm
to make some changes over the last couple years. kron four's camila barco has the story. this is how excited people were running through the streets of san francisco early sunday morning. >> all different places signed up for the 21st golden gate race. kalla tran came to the city from los angeles to spend time with friends which turned out to be an active weekend novice run seriously. so it's all very positive. and encouraging trend ran the 5 k that's super of he'll star in the superdome. like unexpected like other people like clara peterson and robert miranda. >> where the first man and woman to run the half-marathon in a little over an hour. you could just see the whole view the city. i was like. >> what a cool place to run. a half-marathon rain held went to any of the bridge that 13 mile race took runners through the marina. the presidio and twice through the golden gate bridge or who now lives in southern california grew up in
8:27 pm
the bay area and won this race with his family, cheering him on since the pandemic haven't had just have so this is a race in front of them. so that really grateful to have up a few runners used the event to spread awareness about the women in protesting against their government. it was in september. a 22 year-old woman died in police custody over a violation of the country's religious dress code. it's a combination showing life. >> the whole community in bay area getting together and they show movement. this is the first year since 2019, the race has been held at full capacity. >> because of covid organizers had to cancel it and scaly down in the past few years, the home running community was like virtual races up for a long time. that school that was a very positive environment during his race. several say this is just the beginning for them as they prepare for their next race.
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>> in san francisco no problem for news. >> all right. still to come here at 8 o'clock, we continue to take a look at the storm front that's advancing towards the bay area. plus, thanksgiving dinner will definitely cost you a little bit more. but good news, though, selling turkeys are competing for who can do it cheaper. and we're also hearing from trevor reed, candidate for the mayor of oakland about her deep roots in the town as kron. 4 news at 8 continues after the break.
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>> welcome back. 8.30, on this sunday night. and we are just waiting for the rain at this point tracking that storm that's headed into the bay area. i think maybe some folks in the north bay might already be starting to see some of it. yeah, but you know what? this is also bringing a significant amount of snow when it is years and >> snowboarders and all that debris. so what's happening yet? in fact, winter storm warning for this got delayed a little bit because the storm moving a little bit slower than previously expected. >> but as you take a look outside already tracking visibility at or near 0. so let's take a look at your sierra forecast because not only are we going to see some widespread light showers tonight, but for those of you in this year, you're going to get your first round of this winter wonderland. so hopefully you headed to your
8:32 pm
destination for this year earlier today because as you can see, it is slow going slick commute out there right now. i-80 at donner summit. so we not only have a winter storm warning, but winter weather advisories in effect for all of this year from now through early wednesday morning and radar for we are going to see that storms are really open overnight and into your monday and tuesday so that some are going to see widespread valley rain and mountain snow making its way into the forecast. in addition to that very gusty winds as well along the valleys could see wind gusts 50 miles per hour less and throughout the ridgecrest, 100 mile per hour. wind speeds and that storm door going to reopen with another round of not only wet weather, but we are going to see possible even some chances of some high precipitation in the form of mountain snow. once again by monday night into your tuesday as well for us here in the bay area. those
8:33 pm
of you in the north bay mountains, you could actually wake up to some snow flurries as early as tuesday morning because as you can see, we're going to notice some light snow showers making its way throughout the highest peaks there. so it is going to be a cold core storm bringing us hail and also the pop-up thunderstorm chances with gusty winds. if any thunderstorms do form for the bay area monday into tuesday for this year are still tracking that winter wonderland all throughout tuesday. and even for the 1st half of wednesday, before we started writing clear out by wednesday night. so just how much snow are we expected to get anywhere from one to 2 feet. so it is going to be heavy snow throughout most of the sierra above 7,000 feet. double that amount, 2 to 4 feet with those gusty winds. like i mentioned, making visibility very treacherous. and also we are going to see cool temperatures by thursday and friday morning at or near the single digits waking up into those early morning hours. but from now, until then, prime snowmaking conditions in the low to mid
8:34 pm
30's in the coming days for this so enjoy back to dan and well. >> thank you. 4 is your local election headquarters in oakland. on tuesday, voters will choose a new mayor. asked each candidate whom at our polling criteria. >> how they would address crime homelessness about their stance on the proposed a's ballpark. >> here's kron four's ella sogomonian with an interview with trevor e. >> oakland is the only home tree reid has ever known. her roots are deep in the east bay city where her family is very engaged in the community. her father, larry reid, was in oakland city council member for more than 20 years and read this following in their footsteps while paving her own path. read overcame domestic abuse and homelessness put herself through college and raised her children as a single mom. her daughter is now a harvard student. i'm going to bring that spirit of resilience that bridge building tenacity and their list determination to lead oakland into its next storm is
8:35 pm
chapter read, lost her own son in october of 2013 to a shooting. >> and as council member declared gun violence, a public health crisis which led to county funding, she also helped launch macro the mobile assistance, community responders of oakland. it's a non violent response to emergency calls program that she would like to expand citywide. 24 7 reed wants to make sure tools like surveillance cameras are used. the criminals are held accountable. >> and that opd and dispatch are adequately staffed. she also stresses the importance of community-based partnerships to address a criminal activities. we've got to make sure that we've got sufficient beat officers foot patrol and burglary suppression units in our business corridors and community safety ambassadors. >> we've got to make sure the cease-fire is fully staffed to intervene and disrupt the rise in shooting and violence throughout the city as they got a proven track record. as for homelessness read points to 800 more low income housing units on their way in her district. >> and wants to convert existing structures and build
8:36 pm
more affordable options with supportive services as well as invest more deeply and rental and mortgage assistance. >> we're doing that were doing it at lough care center out on a which is a hotel that was previously bacon that has now been converted into housing for returning citizens and others to be able to have that supportive services wrapped around with food with mental health care, with physical health care, with job training, with credit counseling and care. with financial planning with educational pass support, all of that is needed. as for the waterfront ballpark proposal, reed held a town hall with the a's and port and city leaders. >> she calls it a beautiful real estate vision that has the potential to generate billions of dollars back to the city. but she needs a clear deal before signing off. they're still a number of questions that we want to make sure our delivered on before we vote on it. it's got to be 35% affordable subsidized housing. >> with on an offside approved housing, we don't want to see
8:37 pm
any impact to our general fund and putting it at risk to be able operate the park. we want to ensure that it does not increase a city and county property tax rates and that we have the a's honor their commitment to privately finance this ballpark. >> if elected reid will be oakland's first black woman to serve as mayor for kron. 4 news i'm ella sogomonian. >> we have posted all of our interviews with all of the oakland mayoral candidates online. you can scan the qr code that you see there on your screen to watch them are just visit kron 4 dot com. >> willie brown wants you to get a free lunch john's grill on election day. the former san francisco mayor will be on hand alongside several local candidates running for office this year in years past the annual event has also had live music and performances from local high school bands that runs from 11 in the morning or 11:30am, in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. this coming tuesday. and again, that's at john's grill on ellis street here in san
8:38 pm
francisco. stop on by on your way, back from the polls or maybe on your way to the polls. >> looks like a small break at the wallet is here for renters. the top 4 spots across california. when we return. california rent
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
places. prices are falling slightly. according to research group apartment list
8:41 pm
dot com. >> the average monthly rent dropped just over one percent since september. and here are 4 cities in california that have seen the steepest decline in their rental prices. fresno down to 13 29 month, sacramento sitting it 16. 56 oakland at 1666. and the average rental price in long beach. and now just over 1700 bucks a month, san francisco, though, still very high at over. 3300 a month. >> well, even with the pressures of inflation and the possibility of a recession, experts are predicting an increase in holiday spending this year over the last year. the national retail federation forecasting holiday retail sales in 2022. to be 6 to 8% higher than in 2021. that's larger than the average annual increase of nearly 5% from year to year. the nrf also says while online sales are going to be pretty large american households are expected to shift back to
8:42 pm
in-store shopping for a more traditional holiday experience than in the last 2 years. >> thanksgiving turkeys will cost more this year, but those selling them are competing for who can go cheaper thanksgiving. turkeys now cost 73% more than last year, but several chains will be rolling back in their prices on turkey and other items in order to when customers over. walmart says they'll be selling turkeys and trimmings. >> at last year's prices. >> coming up on a dine and dish to for will give you an exclusive look at a very exclusive san francisco spot. and it's more down to earth counterparts. just check store. >> and the raiders, well, they've been pretty good in the 1st half of the football game. but hey, there's 2 halves in every game and that's where the problem comes in next. in sports, kate rooney has the details on their latest loss.
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>> well, every once in a while you have to go big or go home when it comes to dining out tonight on dine and dish, we're taking you backstage at one of the most amazing kitchens in san francisco for a unique experience with the elusive chef at king say. >> you may know the rustic italian restaurant in san francisco's historic jackson square where its mouth watering, pastas and farm to table pizza created in the restaurant's wood-burning
8:46 pm
oven. could is the casual cousin of next-door quince. >> in fact, that only means callion, the celebrated chef at both. it's michael thomas. they were shot by nature. but of course, back in the kitchen. little kid right now with his italian white truffle season, the elusive chef has invited us back into his kitchen to sample a simple, beautiful handmade sprinkled with the coveted all but truffle truffle. he house is a topic toy or cable being back stage of the performance. the james beard award and chef test specializes in seasonal dishes simply prepared to showcase this tart to phoebe aqui york. white direct from italy >> quinn says awarded 3 michelin stars and no wonder jeff test also got the green star from michelin for sustainability and biodiversity featuring the season's ingredients from local farms. it's a real treat
8:47 pm
to get a sneak peek into the being made behind the scenes. one of the city's posh us 19 experiences. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> football sunday just isn't the same when the niners are on a bye, but still plenty of games to watch. now it's been a tough go for the raiders this season, especially after last week's embarrassing shutout against the saints. but a good chance to get a dup today against the 2, 6 jaguars. losers of 5 straight games right? well, not so fast. head coach josh mcdaniels. the pressure on him is mounting halfway through a season in which the raiders were supposed to be good. we pick it up in the 1st quarter. davante adams at least was his old self today. derek carr finding adams for the 25 yard. touchdown reception. that biggest a 7, nothing lead. adams had 10 catches for 146 yards far cry from the one catch for 3 yards to put up last week. 2nd quarter up 10, nothing in car. pulls up the
8:48 pm
statue of liberty play hits a wide open adams. 38 yards in the 17. nothing lead. but as they've done it so many games this season, the raiders let their opponent back in. >> 3 point, given the 4th here come the jags travis etienne, 5 yard rush. that's the go ahead. touchdown. so the jags come back down from 17 points to win 27 to 20. now earlier this season, the raiders lost a 20 point lead to the cardinals and a 17 point lead to the chief. so this is a trent josh mcdaniels on the hot seat now. definitely warming up. >> we played some stretches of football that are good. good enough to get ahead. and and produce a lead. but that's not what this league is about. the sleaze about plan the 2nd half just as well as you play the 1st half and trying to win the game. so sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. and obviously we've we've had to slow some difficult ones this year. they got a lot of good
8:49 pm
players 2 coaches over there and they earned the right to win today. and we did. >> the warriors haven't been doing much winning lately. they're fresh off one of the franchise's worst road trips in recent memory. they lost 5 straight games to teams who had a combined 16. and 33 record out. not a good showing for the defending champs, but of course, this is a really season group of players and they've come back from similar setbacks in the past. so that's why klay thompson and the rest of the team say they're not panicking. >> seems like a road trip from but beach. well, very grateful. get home in one piece and hopefully start a win streak here. i think that's that's probably just need to bring. more some of the sense of urgency. you know, we had a long run last year, but 2022 is over. it's time to kick gear and play the basketball are used to read. i fully expect us to do that tomorrow. you know, year ago. >> we lost 9 out of 11 games in march. and won the championship a couple months
8:50 pm
later. so there are just times in the nba season where things stand, go off the rails a little bit. and and a big part of being a great team. you know, being a solid organization. it's just me understanding how to sort of work through that. >> and the good news is they get to come back home now. a couple of games at chase center. the kings coming up tomorrow. and then the calves on friday. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you. we want to get your check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at downtown san francisco. no rain there just yet. >> but we're patiently waiting. yeah, that's still a nice looking shot, though, before that storm comes rolling and the basij rodriguez joining us now with a look at the forecast. a recent the good news is it's going to be an overnight storm. so not going to impact most of our commutes during the overnight hours. we're going to be sleeping, but we are going to see some hit or miss showers throughout the
8:51 pm
start of your workweek forecast. let's track this wet weather hour by hour. because >> this is shaping up to be a pretty significant november storm. usually we see storms like this in october. so it's really nice that november pulling that w let's take a look at radar for right now. light scattered showers over santa rosa with this cell that just formed just north of and chuck, but fairly dry, calm conditions everywhere else in the bay area. and this is just going to be a little bit of an appetizer. the main event that is going to arrive by monday night during the overnight hours through tuesday morning. so futurecast for from now until then going to show some light to moderate rain shortly before midnight in the north bay for everyone else in the bay area. it's going to arrive during the overnight hours through early monday morning that we're going to get a little bit of a break, but don't put away those umbrellas just yet because by early monday afternoon, we could start seeing some very unstable atmosphere with that cold core storm. we could get
8:52 pm
not only pop-up thunderstorms but hail and gusty outflow winds. if any cells do form. but then monday night, that's when it's going to switch into high gear. and we're going to see some pockets of heavy downpours during the overnight hours through your tuesday morning. and then we're going to get a little bit of a break with the bulk of that storm system exiting the bay area. so tonight, during the overnight, i was about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less. but then we're going to notice about half an inch to about an inch of rain for most of the bay area. but check out santa rose that you can get 2 inches of rain when it's all said and done so safe to say our fire danger threat will be a thing of the past. thanks to this storm and i'm happy about that early street for that. those dry hills up there in the north bay. that's what we need to to soak up. i know. and then for this year feet of snow, it's a win-win. i love some thanks, lisa. >> well, it was a star-studded night at the 2022 rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony. >> checking out the newest >> checking out the newest members after the break. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means.
8:53 pm
yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
8:54 pm
this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction.
8:55 pm
vote yes on 31. what makes the train so magical? it's not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. it's about where it goes. to places. and faces. and the warmest of memories. the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away. it's how it brings us together. ♪ the rock and roll hall of fame has several new members from rmb to country music. the 2022 class of inductees were among. >> the most diverse in the halls. history. dolly parton, they're joining fellow
8:56 pm
inductees, including evan and lionel richie, duran duran, carly simon and the rednecks and >> pat benatar last night in los angeles partner initially declined to to the honor to become a member but was convince to embrace her rock and roll star. >> i just thought that they're on a roll hall of fame was for the for the rockers of the world. >> but anyway, when found out it was a little more on that. just the fact that i had him for people with my music and i i said if they put me in, i would accept it gracefully. and i'm here and i >> so what's dolly going to do? she announced that she's going to put out a rocket well album. she said it will include songs with iconic rock and rollers. plus a few originals. she's actually very cool. i was how i was trying to tell you there's like an interview that she did once for she. >> was recording a song and instead of using instruments, she used her fingernails were named her long males are never the way that they were kind of rat. she has much better that.
8:57 pm
you know, he's or anything pretty good. >> works. we're learning from homer, like thanks for that. be right for kron. 4 news at 9. stick with
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at
9:00 pm
>> now at 9, some much needed rain on the way and entering the bay area as we speak. we've got more tonight on which areas could be seeing up to half an inch of rain. thanks for joining us here in companies at 9. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. it's going to be a soggy start to the week for most of the bay area. in fact, the showers could continue. >> on into the middle of this week, we've got team coverage on the story tonight from prison harry live in sausalito for a look at how people were dealing with the weather up there today. but we'll start with meteorologist bree surround rig as in the weather center with a closer look at where the rain is coming down recent. yeah, green certainly is good. so let's take a look at radar for because we're already starting to notice. >> that storm door opening for those of you in the north bay, specifically in santa rosa, some pockets of some light showers to your south. but as you can see, very scattered in nature already tracking gusty winds in that 40 to 50 mile per hour range for the highest peaks in our north bay mountains.


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