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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> in these final hours before election day, both republicans and democrats are making that final push to try to motivate their voters get out there and vote. washington correspondent alexandra limon reports on this final push. >> good evening. it appears that the push to motivate voters on issues like the economy and abortion is working. early numbers indicate we may see a record number of voters take part in the midterm elections. >> republicans are banking on concerns about inflation driving voter support. inflation is very high. and of course, that's going to mean >> that voters will take their anger out on the incumbent democrats. it's a message former president donald trump is also trying to deliver on the campaign trail. biden and the far left lunatic sure waging war in your job. your safety, your values and your freedom. but first lady joe biden says it's republicans who are trying to take people's freedoms. have
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republican majority will women's rights and affordable health care. the white house says inflation is a top concern and the president is taking action to tackle inflation and reduced the everyday expenses that families struggle president joe biden wants voters to focus on the bigger pictures saying it's dangerous to select candidates who reject election results. d's and r's. not only trying to deny your right to vote. >> they're trying to deny your right to have your vote counted. still, the white house is trying to remain optimistic. our democracy has held before and will hold again. there are also concerns about efforts to disqualify mail-in ballots in swing states and about voter intimidation. as people show up to cast their votes. the justice department says it is working to fight both of those efforts reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> all right. now that we have laid the groundwork, we want to welcome san jose university a lecturer donna crane. >> donna, good evening.
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election eve, what could go wrong? it expecting everything runs smoothly. >> well, the only thing that could go wrong my coffee maker we need the caffeine. it's going to be a long night and likely running may be days and weeks. you know, until they get the final count, some of these places. yeah, that's right. it's it's it's worth reminding ourselves and everyone who's watching that, you know what a lot of states is going to take them some number of days to count these ballots that are coming in large batches these days before the eights, right, counting in some cases doesn't even start until the night. so it could be some number of days. that's the need for cathy. >> do expect the democrats to hold the house. what do you think's going to happen in the senate? what your your best guess of where things stand when all the votes are counted. >> i should have known you'd expect i came ready to i think republicans are going to win the house. i think they'll 20
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plus and i think it's i think that the chances of democrats holding the senate are decent. i think that i put a 50, 50 chance, not quincy, definitely of democrats holding the senate. i think some of those races are going to break democrats ways. >> it's so hard, you know, in the polls, you know that they're they're not always right. as we know. there's a prediction of a red wave and now it seems it may be democrats or climb back with some of the recent polls. what are we to believe? >> well, we don'teknow what to believe quite yet in part because we just never had this combination of big factors before. but here are some things that are are pretty tried and tested. and we know that the party out of office out of the white house tends to pick up seats in the that has happened. 22 out of 25 times in history. so we think we can count on that that we know biden's ratings are all on the low side, not as low as they have been, but we know that tends to be taken out on
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fellow candidates of the same party. and we know that a lot of these district redistricting redrawn this midterm cycle. so those are all over the plate and republican state on the democrat side. we know that in general public opinion is in for strong against the dobbs decision which repeal reversed roe v wade decision. and we know that president trump weighed in a lot of these primaries on the republican side in favor of picking, you know, republican candidates are pretty out of the mainstream for their states. so there's a few factors that we can put into equation and then weigh it. >> when when you talk about, you know, the kitchen table issues that people care about, obviously gas prices and the cost of everything with with inflation. but, you know, democrats then contend that democracy is on the ballot and you alluded to the abortion issue when the dust settles in some of these real battleground races, which do you think prevails?
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>> well, i think in general kitchen table issues are going to prevail. they seemed to have been a rising in salient in the focus groups i've been watching in the last few days in these really key states. but i do think that issues like maybe some issue sort side dishes, if you will, like plase a marginal role in some races. so >> that whole democracy on the line. issue, which is super it appears everything i've read. the dems feel very strongly about it. but the numbers support that republicans are also obviously, they different viewpoints, but but it seems to be universal among americans that we have a lot on the line >> right. this is one of the fascinating of a thing that's of all last few months, a few weeks, few months. and that is it. what if you ask american, do you think democracy is in danger? you're more likely to get the answer? yes, from a
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the problem is, in most cases, what that means is that there are elections in so and dizzy asked to cause a political 3rd to hear that americans are worried about the state democracy. but then i just sort of want to throw my hands up in the air. when i hear it's because people think that they're, you know, that the voting machines have been tapped by china or, you know, whatever the conspiracy theory of the dais. >> is there anything that could happen tomorrow night? do you think that could compel trump or biden not to run again. >> i don't think anything would persuade donald trump not to run. i would for come pretty close to saying the same to joe biden. but yes, i think if there's a huge wipe out of democrats, not just america, lee, but also with the narrative is that the democratic agenda just is not selling anywhere around around the country that i i think president biden will have to have summer. thanks, ok, i'd be remiss if i didn't address
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this one factor here. the youth vote. it appears have been seeing in a lot of the swing. >> states that the youth vote is pretty impressive. did you expect this and where do you think it's going to take? take the ultimate vote? >> well, i tend i tend to just allow myself to be delighted, delighted and surprised by i tend to sort of going with fairly low expectations. but i have to say, as i think back to my class, the a classes last year, so young people are super engaged in politics and think about everything they've been through just in their short lives or everything they seen. >> you know, maybe maybe it we can allow ourselves to be a little bit more optimistic about gen z really coming in and making itself heard. and it is the largest generation in american history. even bigger than baby boomers. yeah. keeping an eye on them. >> i imagine everybody in your class better be. >> wearing one of those little stickers. did it. well, are getting credit for it. so this
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state and mine was today your good teach. i doubt it. crane. appreciate that. she's our political science lecturer from san jose state university ntu said melo and melo college. all right. we have to start adding that. always a pleasure resume. thanks getting your still to come tonight, airbnb looking to improve its transparency around pricing, the changes the company. >> he's doing to the act. >> plus, a message of reassurance from the ceo of delta airlines. why he says there will be no disrupt
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>> the ceo of delta says there is no way pilots will go on strike during the upcoming holiday season. the airline says they're now closer than people think. whatever that means to agreeing on a new contract deal with the pilot union and it would be, quote against the law of the country. and quote, if pilots walked off the job for thanksgiving or christmas, so says the ceo, delta claims there are still many steps remaining in the process before a strike is even allowed to be considered. however, the delta pilots union says the law is on their side. >> airbnb is making changes after complaints from users over hidden fees. the company plans to make the total cost to rental properties, including all the clear to customers. the new option will be available next month. it will display the total cost to properties before taxes, including cleaning and other
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service fees. this comes after some users complained the fees were only visible near the end of the booking process. >> still to come, the warriors >> still to come, the warriors return home hosting the kings, losing streak. kate rooney this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> workers are back at chase center tonight after a brutal road trip that resulted in 5 straight losses for the reigning champs. and tonight, there finally home hosting
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sacramento kings kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us now live from chase with more on the matchup. are really, kate, before you weigh about the kings. yeah, they say you've got to get your own house in order. first, the warriors have just been reeling. it seems like they don't have an identity at this >> yeah, not a whole lot has gone right so far this season. grand fact one of the toughest stretches under steve hurst tenure. those 5 straight games are the worst road of his time with the warriors. but as pointed out, yesterday's practice this team has been through unfortunate stretches before and come out on the other side, including winning championships like they did this season when they 9 of 11 games back in march. so really know what works in this building is too concerned. and tonight's game provides an opportunity to be a great jumping off point to, you know, remind the league who took home the hardware this summer. here's why the opponent is a great chance for reset. the kings really haven't done much winning this
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season either at 3, 5. they're trying to figure things out. the warriors own the last 6 wins in this series and 5 straight against the kings at home. and even though we know the warriors, young bench has plenty of room for growth, they still have some of the best bets in the league, of course, including steph curry, draymond green and klay thompson who looked pretty sharp in his last appearance in orlando. but more than anything, they played 5 games in the span of a week. now they're happy to come back home plate tonight. not play again until friday and enjoy that little bit of rest. but the break between games provides. here's what steve kerr said moments ago. >> it's good to be i think it's nice for guys sleep in their own beds. see their kids see their i the best part of this week is we have these 2 practices will have tomorrow off and then to 2 straight days of practice, which we need to tighten up our our game and great team coming in
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friday. so it's pretty rare to have for, you know. only 2 games in a stretch like this. so we have to take advantage of it while we can with with the practice time. >> like i said, could be a good opportunity to take advantage. the warriors have already played the kings here at chase center this season. and that was a w one of the warriors only 3 win this season that they always love going against this opponent. not only is it a division rival with a know really well all the time. but this year, the head coaches, mike brown, the new head coach of the kings. and he was steve kerr is a distant for all those championship runs his right hand man. he's even the interim head coach of the warriors for a while. so it's pretty much all good vibes here tonight. and the doors are hoping they can really press that reset button. and hey, if you start a new streak of a different kind at t center, kate rooney kron 4 news. send it back to you. grant. >> all right. just the champs you first. thanks, kate. and will have continuing coverage of the worriers tonight. >> well, the cause of a
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devastating house fire in northern california. it's being investigated as a possible meeting. your strike for real several witnesses reported seeing a bright flaming ball fall from the sky around the time that the fire erupted, the homeowner reported hearing a loud bang. and, you know, then saw the this happening, nevada county, the u.s. air force. they're investigating as is the local fire department. as you can imagine, the odds being hit by a meteor or one in 4 trillion. well, happening tomorrow, the blood moon lunar eclipse. that chance of rain. >> we've been talking about could put a damper some viewing parties. the full moon will pass through the shadow of earth and turn reddish in color. the best views. that's not to cloudy will be right here in the western u.s. along with russia, japan and new zealand. it will last about an hour and a half starting at 04:16am, our time. taking a
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live look outside right now, lou. look at this along the marque and arrow and san francisco there is wow, that is some serious drama kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow moves in rain. >> yeah, that's all. we've got those clouds out there right now in 4 say they're going to thicken up a bit. you might get a lucky shot. seeing moon tonight. but it's going to be we've got storm clouds really kind of gathering now likely thicken up a bit sunset. don't forget this now 505. so things getting dark early out. what in the evening, though, as you can see, some of those clouds begin to roll on through more showers just along the coastline. now overnight tonight, we've got a whole mix of things. we're going to expect showers, possibly some thunderstorms. some gusty winds, especially along the coastline. tomorrow morning, we wake up the rain. i think the commute a little difficult early on then it's going to break when the scattered
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showers. you can see some sunshine, some rainbows and an occasional raindrop moving on through and showers going to continue on and off through wednesday. then a possibility of another weekend storm, although that is uncertain in the forecast. but here you can see the storm clouds moving through numerous rain drops. and of course, a couple lightning strikes to go along with that. so very cold. unstable air is beginning to move in. now. and that's going to bring with them or showers overnight that but i think an organized band is going to be pushing on shore little bit later on and that will bring the probably intensifying as we head toward the midnight hour into early tomorrow morning. showers continuing in the north bay as well. we're seeing some of that just off the coastline. you see that from that live shot that we had. and there you see just off the coast about to move on shore. we've got a high wind advisory going into effect for tonight and continuing until 10:00am tomorrow, expecting some gusty winds. some of those storms moving on shore, maybe a size of 45 miles an hour and watch out for some big-time swells along the beaches. those ways 15 to about 20 feet high. guys, back to you. thanks. alerts. up
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their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast. they fly to chicago, hawaii, cancun! wow! do they fly to my magical faraway kingdom of care-a-lot, way up in the clouds where anything is possible? they have direct flights to vegas. close enough! ♪ ♪ we're here today to set the record straight about dupuytren's contracture. surgery is not your only treatment option. people may think their contracture has to be severe to be treated, but it doesn't. visit today to get started. >> life in outer space is a privilege. not many get to experience for sure. but using virtual reality, a new exhibit on the richmond waterfront. well, they're bringing outer space kind of back down to earth. kron. 4 noelle bellow reports.
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>> almost as if you are experiencing little piece of history of what happens in space. a 40 minute journey through the international space station, space explorers, the infinite uses cinematic virtual reality to put visitors on board with nasa astronauts not shall we film for almost 3 years in space. felix and paul is one of the producing teams behind the experience. they worked with the iss and nasa to put vr cameras all throughout the space station filming more than 200 hours of footage. once you put on your headset, every inch of your body looks like it's glowing. and as you step into the virtual iss, visitors are met with glowing orbs to touch and transport you. your different scenes of life in outer space. really do encourage people to, you know, they can stay together they want, but otherwise, it just kind of explore and around and discovered a content in any or other do want.
5:55 pm
>> which creates for different emotional journeys for all of the different audience it was absolutely sublime is simple. we have that you all. >> you know, you're that you felt like you were in the space station. the experience is broken up into 4 chapters with a final front row view of astronauts on a space walk like you like that close from >> i can see them like that doing their jobs yet. they're in this really amazing place i was super allowing the average person to understand a little bit better. >> what life must be like so far from home suddenly through virtual reality. i think that they sense attempt or a possibility to really capture the experience in a fully immersive format, bring it back to earth and allowed people to feel that they are a protected his of that. >> great story, which is the journey of human space flight at the crane way pavilion in richmond. noelle bellow kron. 4 news greenway is really cool. but a great thing to
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take the kids on a rainy. >> weekend. i think we have a lot of those coming. i know. that's super cool. we'll check it out. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5 that we have a lot more ahead on kron. 4 news at 6. pam moore and ken wayne are here. all right, vicki grant, thank you both so much. coming up next with on kron, 4 news at 6 candidates on both sides of the political aisle are preparing for americans to vote in the midterm elections. we will break down what's at stake coming up in a live report from washington, d.c., and the family of alexis, gabe speaking out after officials wrap up her murder investigation. >> the emotional message to the community after the discovery of her remains. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the news at 6
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> and now it's 6. let's get right into our mid term coverage. election day is tomorrow. that means today candidates are making their last-minute appeal to voters. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne in these final hours before election day, both republicans and democrats are making a final push try to motivate their voters to get out and vote. voters will determine control of the u.s. house and the senate. that's right. our washington, d.c., correspondent alexandra limon joins us live to talk about this final push. alexandra.
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>> hey, guys, good evening. well, it appears that those efforts to motivate voters on issues like abortion or the economy are working. in fact, early numbers indicate that we could see a record number of people participate in these midterm elections. >> republicans are banking on concerns about inflation driving voter support. inflation is very high. and of course, that's going to mean >> that voters will take their anger out on the incumbent democrats. it's a message former president donald trump is also trying to deliver on the campaign trail. biden and the far left lunatic sure waging war in your job. your safety, your values and your freedom. but first lady joe biden says it's republicans who are trying to take people's freedoms. a republican majority will women's rights and affordable health care. the white house says inflation is a top concern and the president >> is taking action to tackle inflation and


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