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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 7, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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vote yes on 31. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> was loved by so many people. she was humble. she was down earth. >> now at 10, a family in mourning tonight after the parents of twin girls are killed in a crash. plus san francisco unified schools under a state of emergency. how school officials hope this will help the ongoing payroll disaster which has left hundreds of employees without their pay. but first, we are live with storm coverage. rain in the bay area and the sierra bracing for more snow. thanks for joining us at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. we do start tonight with the 4 zone forecast. we still need rain here in the bay area, of course, in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us when we're
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going to get yeah. kind interesting day today was kind of broken yet a little sunshine into some showers. but now things are really beginning to pick up some thunderstorms we get into show up along the coastline. what an active day iu's been. we have that front moved through last night and now you've got all the cold speckle clouds begin to rotate in and they brought some showers with it on and off throughout the day. but i think we're talking about some much every rain overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the showers picking up around much of northern california. now, of course. >> a ton of snow in the sierra nevada. really interesting seeing the storms pop up around the bay area. now you can see some of those a storms still popping up. maybe some thunderstorms embedded in some of the cells just haven't pop off. sonoma county and now you're seeing the stronger storms beginning to move in along the pier the peninsula. they're going to bring some heavier amounts of rainfall as we begin to move on shore, the potential for some lightning and even some hail as the system moves onshore. so half moon bay about 10. 28 that comes on shore in your neighborhood. san mateo about 10. 47 mountain view about 11,
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0, 9, and 11. 29 into fremont. there. there's a lot of activity just off the coastline. watch what happens here. these cumulonimbus clouds, you see those thunderstorms developing up, their numerous lightning strikes just off the coastline. more that is on the way overnight tonight and tomorrow morning should be a active night thunderstorms, gusty winds, some big-time swells along the coastline. yeah, wintry weather. finally here. guys, back to you. all right. laura more from you later. >> by this time tomorrow night, the polls will be closed in california and we will know the results of some of the races here in the bay area. county registrars are preparing for the rush kron four's theresa stasi on the last-minute steps and some words of advice on this election day eve. >> looking at about how they 27% so far. well, that's the count so far with mail in ballots in contra costa county, while the number may appear to indicate a low turnout for tuesday's election. tommy gong, that chief deputy clerk recorder for contra costa county says
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he is staying upbeat, feeling great about our 152 polling places tomorrow. >> the open up bright and early 07:00am khan says if you plan to cast your ballot tomorrow, make a plan and know where you want to go. he says there is always hope for those who need it. we understand there may be other reasons why people feel the need to vote in person. for example, we that we have the accessible voting equipment at the polling place so that voters can make cast a ballot independently and confidentially, for example, if their friends that if they have a certain disabilities in on the county is a new bilingual county under the federal voting rights act. section 203, the latest census in sonoma county reflected a high spanish speaking electorate and that triggered a mandate per federal guidelines to have all voting centers have spanish speaking poll workers as well as signage.
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>> and response when the hudson, the chief deputy was sonoma county, says representatives with the department of justice. we'll be in sonoma tuesday to oversee the elections. >> they're not going to tell us where they're going because they want to find where we might be falling short so they can help us. so that we can be perfect. that's the goal. perfection. is the goal. >> this is video of one of 46 exterior ballot drop boxes in san mateo county county. officials add, if you want your vote counted, sign it. they say that it is one of the leading reasons. ballots are rejected. also make sure it's postmarked before midnight. ray can be counted either. terry says stasio kron, 4 news. >> a while and alameda county, there's a tool to show voters how the voting process works in an effort to improve transparency of the voting process. county officials say cameras will be rolling at the vote processing room. the cameras allow anybody to watch from any device during all hours of operation. let me to
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county supervisor keith carson says he's proud of the county registrar has. the fact that he's been so aggressive in getting people to exercise their right to vote. >> since day one, that issue of the ability to participate in the democratic process in this country has been front and center in terms of everything that it means to run this country. there's always been struggles back and forth over the years all the way into the last elections that we've had. >> alameda county has been providing this platform since the 2020 election coming up tonight at 10, 30 here on kron for a one-on-one interview with secretary of state shirley weber on what's being done to secure the election across california, this midterm election, especially important to congressional balance of power is on the line. the senate is up for grabs while the gop could be on the brink of a house majority at 8 o'clock. tonight, we talked to the
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chair of the snow state political science department to get his take. republicans have a good night. we're set up for a very contentious kind of >> time, period. moving into january and makes that lame-duck session in december. hugely important for getting some things done like dealing with the debt crisis in the united states government. >> professor david mcewan says pocketbook concerns such as inflation and gas prices. plus, concerns about crime or the driving force behind many voters this election season. >> i'm going to be making. a very big announcement on tuesday, november 15. >> at mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida. >> well, he said again, former president trump says he will be making a big announcement in florida next week. a little more specific this time. he was in a hole, ohio today holding his final rally for the midterm elections. the former president was waiting until next week. he says,
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because he wants nothing to detract from the importance of tomorrow. trump has been explicit about his bid to launch a 3rd presidential campaign. house speaker nancy pelosi is recalling the morning of that brutal attack on her husband, paul, inside their san francisco home. she opened up about the incident in a one-on-one interview tonight with cnn's anderson cooper for sogomonian has details on what house speaker pelosi had to say. l a >> pelosi was overcome with emotion, but she didn't break down pausing at times to get through the grim reality that although she was believed to have been the intended target and that attack her husband was sent to the hospital with skull back fractures. pelosi told cooper that she had just thrown into the sea from san francisco the night before and was asleep when capitol police banged on her door in the early morning hours. they told her that her husband, paul pelosi, was attacked inside their home right here in san francisco. pelosi said her husband was struck on 2 sides of his head with a hammer and
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added that the mockery coming from republicans about this ordeal is just adding to the trauma. >> the in our democracy, there is one party that is doubting the outcome of the election feeding that flame. mocking violence that happens. that has to stop. >> pelosi went on to blame the attack on misinformation and believes it the same reasons that rioters were compelled to attack. the u.s. capitol are the same reasons why this attacker entered her home. pelosi hopes of the gop calls out these actions to instead unify americans rather than fanning the flames of violence and protect a democracy. that is a model to the world in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you, other news tonight. a mother and father leave behind twin girls after they are killed in a car crash. the crash happened friday in redwood city. and tonight we've learned that. >> the 2 people who were killed were the parents of 2,
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7, year-old little girls were also in the car when that crash happened. but they are okay. >> kron four's justin campbell talked to their onto says the family is now stepping in to support them. >> didn't she was my best friend. it does feel. >> lost a part of me. liza spirit on lost her sister grace and brother-in-law. men in a crash friday night. spirit on says they just had dinner as a family. she says her sister was driving home with her husband with their girls in the back of the car when they got into a crash. this is what police found near el camino and finger avenue in redwood city around 8 friday evening. >> 2 vehicles mangled on the sidewalk. redwood city fire department says grace ingrid were killed in impact their little girls, ok? but now without parents take it moment by moment and love them and support them in. >> do whatever we can for them
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because they're the reason why we're all stepping up to the plate as a family. right now, says her sister was a runner, had a double in ba from cal berkeley and columbia and just recently had a promotion at google. and even though speared on is the older sister spirit on made it clear her sister was the smarter i struggled with math in my younger years and she actually tutored me now is 3 years older than her. >> and they're going pretty fast. and there is. >> the 17 year-old behind the wheel of the other car and 2 other passengers survived. but spirit on hopes justice is served. >> drag racing or whatever they were doing on el camino is a smart idea. and not realizing the ramifications of their actions that took 2 parents and their kids lost their parents. >> reporting in redwood city, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> redwood city's mayor, giselle hale said of this statement about the deadly crash. it reads in part, this was a tragic event for all involved on behalf of the redwood city. a city council.
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we extend our deepest sympathies to the 2 young children who tragically lost their parents. and this statement from redwood city's police chief dan mulholland. he said, quote, there are no words to express the magnitude of this loss. we are all morning this tragedy together. >> in the south bay, san jose police say a man was hit by a car this evening while crossing outside of march crosswalk. the crash happened just before 6 tonight in the area of meridian and foxworthy avenues. police say the pedestrian was sent to the hospital with major injuries. the driver involved remained at the scene and is cooperating with police. police are warning pedestrians against going out in the street outside of crosswalks, especially during darkness busy intersections and the east bay. authorities say a body was recovered from the water near the port of oakland. police received a call this morning of an unresponsive person floating in the water. >> police have not given any additional details. they are
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asking anyone else with information to give them a call in southern california, newly released body camera footage shows the moment the 2 teens were saved after ingesting opioids. we should warn you the video may be difficult to watch. this was the scene from last week when 3 los angeles sheriff's deputies responded to a medical distress call. they arrived. they found 2.17 year-old boys who were not breathing after discovering the teens had taken some kind of opioid deputies administered naloxone naloxone while also performing cpr. both teenagers did begin to breathe again. and they were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment before they return to their families. one out of 5 use deaths in california last year was caused by a fentanyl overdose. and now state senator dave court se. >> u.s. to scale up fentanyl prevention programs to support schools and youth organizations across the state court sa says the bill is modeled after what a santa clara county's fentanyl group
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is already doing. they are getting narcan or naloxone training and distributing in schools along with creating a major campaign about fentanyl on all media platforms. >> reminder that we just heard that this work is and can be effective and lives are at stake. through this work. it's evident that any solution to this crisis must include universal preventative measures that will result vice, even it's for you. >> according to the national center for health statistics, fentanyl involved deaths are the fastest growing among youth between the ages of 14. and 23 and santa clara county fentanyl overdose deaths rose from 29 to 90 between 2019 2020 and then 235 deaths in 2021. >> tonight, the san francisco unified school district payroll is under a state of emergency. officials say it's because of the ongoing payment issues for hundreds of their
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employees from ford's harry explains how the district hopes a state of emergency will solve payment problems. >> after nearly a year of headaches for teachers and other school district employees because of the new payroll system in power sf which launched in january, the district superintendent doctor matt wayne is taking a significant action today. i'm declaring a payroll state of emergency lane says effective immediately. there's a command center of staff fully focused on correcting the payroll issues. they'll also be creating a dashboard so people can see how many issues they're currently working on and how they're being handled president of the united educators of san francisco union casandra curry l says district employees have high expectations for this command center. the payroll system itself is a software system. does what you tell it to do. >> so our expectations is that this group is able to come together and solve the root causes of these problems. systemically. so that no
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individual is having to hold district suffer from the same problem each and every month. curry else as they've been protesting for months and she wishes leadership would have taken action sooner. this should have been the response by the district in march when we were sleeping in their offices. and so while i welcome this step is a much needed it's also very delayed its its months and months late school district leaders are calling monday's actions necessary saying people's lives have been significantly affected, have a system shortcomings as board president. i've been frustrated and ashamed to watch the empower system create so many life hardships for many of our employees. the wave of a grievance occurred in february went over 1000 people either didn't get paid or were severely underpaid. united educators of san francisco has filed an unfair labor practice is charged with the state.
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>> because of the more than 200 payroll grievances. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> meta. the parent company. facebook is set to lay off thousands of workers this week. it is the latest tech giant to trim its workforce following twitter lift and microsoft. a spokesperson for the company declined to comment but directed us to comments made by ceo mark zuckerberg last month. that was during the company's 3rd quarter earnings call at that point. sucker berg said the company expects to be the same size are slightly smaller in 2023. as of october, 26th meta has employed more than 87,000 workers worldwide. >> twitter is now reaching out to dozens of employees who lost their jobs at asking them to return. this happens because the company laid off roughly half of its staff on friday. but according to a report from bloomberg, some of those who have been asked to come back with laid off by mistake, others were let go because management realize that their work and their
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experience may be necessary to build the new features that new ceo elon musk is envisioning for the company. twitter is now delaying the rollout of its new monthly subscription service until after tomorrow's midterm elections. that's according to the new york times. many have raised concerns that the new pay for play badges could cause confusion ahead of the elections because users can easily create verified accounts and publish false information about voting results. >> other news tonight, your home and become a billionaire tonight. you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer. maybe a lot longer. we're still waiting to find out tonight's drawing for the nearly 2 billion dollar jackpot is delayed because of participating lottery needed extra time to complete the required security protocols. that's apparently some place outside of california. powerball did not say where but california lottery officials did say is not here games. spokesperson says they still plan on holding the drawing some time tonight.
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they just don't know exactly when that will happen. all right. well, there is snow falling in the sierra. looks like a lot of it from the images we're seeing. the national weather service says last night between 4, 9, inches of new snow hit the region and there is a lot more on the way. yeah, 2 to 4 feet of snow expected to fall over the next 48 hours reported in a shed ahead in placer county. with the essentials, everyone traveling to the mountains needs to know about. >> before venturing into the mountains and even at various points along the way, you'll want to check caltrans road conditions. >> you can call 1, 804, 2, 7, 7, 6, to 3. >> to enter the highway number and listen to an updated recording interstate 80 online. you can just google caltrans road conditions that will get you to the website where you can type the highway number in read about road conditions and chain controls. >> and there are some very helpful twitter accounts. chp
10:19 pm
truckee, frequently tweets out road information for the mountain passes, including pictures of conditions and accidents. another great one to follow is caltrans district 3 for real-time updates and chain requirements. to learn more about active accident scenes and spinouts you can use the chp is computer aided dispatch page known as the cat. >> go to cad dot chp dot ca dot gov. using the drop down menu. choose your nearest location. truckee covers the summits of both interstate 80 and highway 50. here. you can read about every incident. chp is responding to. >> has to be pretty valuable. that was dennis shanahan reporting tonight. and crawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the latest on what's happening in the sierra right now. yeah, really coming down across the high country, they're having trouble keeping the roads open up there tonight. so you're chained up on 80 and 50. if you're headed that direction. boy, this is just a rough night to get up across the sierra nevada. fact the next
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24 to 36 hours probably going to be difficult across the high country before things begin to settle down just a little bit. here's a live look at dawn right now. and you can just see a couple of tracks there in the snow you can see that now about 15 minutes ago. you couldn't even see that. so they've got the trucks up there trying to keep the roads open in clear. but that snow is really going to get going overnight. tonight. winter storm warnings are up across much of the sierra nevada all the way down and you're 70 and of course, the great lake tahoe area, heavy, heavy snow, 2 to 4 feet expected to come down. that's going to be some of that very fluffy snow. the snow levels dropping down to about 5,000 feet tonight. i think even lower than that, maybe we down to 3,000 feet as some cold air moves in by tomorrow. but here's the latest forecast model. you see the snow coming down up there right now. but then we're going to see some rain moving to the bay area. some heavy rainfall. it's tomorrow. and that's when things really begin to pick up about the middle of the day tomorrow, really coming down across the high country. so don't think you to stick up there in the middle of the day. it's that's really is going to be the worst. and then things are going taper off. i think as we
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get in toward wednesday night. but between now and them just a ton of much-needed snow coming down across the sierra guys. back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you. escape from custody. the search tonight for the teenager who was charged with killing her accused rapist. how she got away. why a california man believes the fire that destroyed his home was caused by something. >> from outer space. plus, the warning tonight from government officials about a certain type of told what they say could happen if you like say could happen if you like them. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. ll, we fell in ve through gaming. t now the internet lags and throws the whole thing off. en did you first scover this lag? signed us up for mobile home internet. h!
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yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. from around the world are in egypt tonight for the united nations international climate summit. >> their goal is to find ways to cut emissions and confront the effect of major weather events for the kickoff today. they were joined by a young climate activists from uganda who was urging leaders to take action on climate change before it is too late. >> swat team ice and then say it is killing so many people are due sure the conditions. this image is have disowned me and can allow me to ice. i do. something is of the changing time means. >> the young activists founded a project which is called birthday trees. her goal is to plant at least 1 million trees. president biden is expected to attend this conference later on this week.
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and here's something that's very diffrent. a warning for hikers in arizona and new mexico. stop licking the psychedelic toads. the national park service is urging hikers to use caution around the sonoran desert toad. these toads are sought after because they produce a powerful toxin that can cause pollution of it. pollutes the nations most of the time people just get sick from the poison, though. so the park service is if you see give us some distance, go the other way. don't lick it. >> might be your change to next on kron, 4 news was being done to secure the election as voters get ready to head to the pool. the polls tomorrow election day. plus a new covid vaccine being developed that experts say could be administered through the mouth, nose or and nasa is involved in a house fire investigation. why the owner of the sierra foothills home
10:26 pm
says the fire was started by something that fell from outer space. cloudy skies, threat of thunderstorms out there for tonight. very unsettled weather to time. your tenant and forecast. it's coming up next.
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us ask how to get up a $750 prepaid card th a qualifying bundle. >> all right. this item just in to the kron 4 news room tonight. look at this. interstate. 80 is closed tonight by donner summit.
10:29 pm
officials say this is because of a number of spin out caused by the snow. you see covering the ground there can it's been really piling up up there. apparently it is shut heading to the sierra at. >> dutch will gold run actually gold run area. so if you're going up to you can probably get up to cold facts may be a little bit past that. but basically if you have plans to head up toward lake tahoe, reno on interstate 80 might want to take a break and not do that until this gets re open. you see a snow plow in the top of your screen going the other way, perhaps a big rig. but it looks like there's some vehicles heading westbound on 80 but eastbound is stopped. if you're trying to get to year and they're trying to clear the roads and make it passable. but right now, this is pretty >> just wait. if you're thinking about heading that currently, people have been spinning out up there. that's why the highway patrol said, alright enough for there's just too many for them to deal with. right now. it's just too slippery and dangerous. so we'll check in with lauren to keep you posted
10:30 pm
>> well, found 4 is your local election headquarters in 24 hours. we will know there is also some of the races in this midterm election. capitol correspondent eytan wallace talked with the california secretary of state shirley weber to find out how her office is trying to make sure the election is secure. >> well, one day out, weber vows a safe election and says message to all eligible california voters is clear. do make your voice heard. >> what we need now from you. >> it's for you to show up and vote. california. secretary of state shirley weber joining us for a one-on-one interview speaking directly to californians as we approach election day a day forewhat she says she and her office are prepared. we've done everything we can to make it safe, secure and convenient. convenient. she says noting about 22 million vote by mail. ballots have gone out to registered voters statewide. in order to count the return envelope carrying the ballots must be postmarked no later than 08:00pm on election day itself, november 8th and must arrive no later than one week after that. and it's important
10:31 pm
not to forget each voter must sign the back of the return envelope. voters may also bring their ballots in person to an elections office or vote center. and as for those who did not register receive a ballot in the mail, we have same day registration, same day voting so that you forgot to register or you move to whatever you can go in and vote provisionally. >> in california. so there's really no excuse on november, the 8th for anyone not to be able to vote, which a message to california voters about what you and your office are doing to keep this election secure? >> well, we do everything we possibly can as humanly possible to make sure that the building is secure. every machine used in any election in california is tested and retested and we tested. we have a cyber security office of pays attention all threats and coming in and we take every threat seriously. also taken seriously voter signatures, every signature on the envelope is checked. >> based on your read when you register to vote, your original signature is is is married with the signature that you put on your on the envelope of your ballot. and
10:32 pm
if this any discrepancy in it, then we will pull that ballot. the side. and we will also contact you about your signature. >> also wants californians to know her office will have until mid december to certify the results, meaning it could be some time until the races are called. but she says the focus right now is on you. the voter. we need you to participate in the process because i've democracy only works. not because we just have really secure machines and we do that because we have really enthusiastic people. and we do. but it works because you show up by voting and webber mines californians if you run into any problems at all, you can call the official voter hotline at 803, 4, 5 vote. she says people on the other side of the line are standing by ready to help. >> reporting here outside the california state capitol wallace kron. 4 news. >> if you are planning to head to the polls tomorrow and you do not have a ride, lyft is offering to take you there with a 50% discount. riders
10:33 pm
can use the code vote. 22 to get the discount during voting hours. the discount also applies to rideshare bikeshare and >> tonight a close ally of russian president vladimir putin has admitted to meddling in the u.s. elections. youve guinea pyrgos in boasted about it in a post on russian social media. he wrote, quote, we have interfered are interfering and will continue to interfere. the kremlin connected businessman owns restaurants and a catering company which earned him the nickname putin's chef. 4 years ago he was indicted for interfering in the 2016 presidential election last year. the fbi placed him on its most wanted list. this also sanctioned by the u.s. treasury department. >> all right. this check our 4 zone forecast. a live look tonight at the golden gate bridge where the pavement is still wet out there looks like it's not raining at that particular spot, lawrence, but there are still scattered showers out there on yeah. it will be long and we're going to see more of that rain really picking up throughout the night tonight. in fact, as
10:34 pm
we head toward midnight to about 4, 4.30, in the morning. it's kind of sweet spot to see some very heavy rainfall developing around the bay area out there tonight. lot of clouds begin to move back in that some lightning strikes. a northern sonoma county already. and there's more lightning sitting off the coastline. so watching for that right now live from the berkeley hills looking out over the bay right now back towards san francisco. lot of cloud cover up above. but boy, we've got some a very weather coming our way. this atmosphere going to really start to get things going tonight. showers a possibility, thunderstorms, even some gusty winds along the coastline and then tomorrow morning we start out with that morning rain. i think the heaviest will have gone. bye-bye. the commute, but boy, it's still going to be a very wet out there on the roads to be extra careful out there on the roadways. tomorrow morning. then cold showers kind of on and off throughout the day with some breaks of sunshine and a couple rainbows into the afternoon. showers likely to continue into at least wednesday morning. and here they are. you see some of the storms begin to move in. numerous lightning strikes
10:35 pm
showing up along the coastline here. and there you go. tracking up towards sonoma county right now and storms continuing some heavier downfall making their way along the coastline right now, especially along the peninsula. the cells moving in right now. producing some very heavy rainfall in a place like half moon bay woodside. you're seeing that coming your direction. but most is now just beginning to move in and sliding on eastward. so, boy, these are some very heavy storms making their way on shore, potentially carrying some thunderstorm activity, some hail and some core, some very heavy downpours to go along with that. but they're not the only ones there. so really kind of spreading to the north as well. we've seen numerous lightning strikes just off the coastline. and now you have the cells. that the accounting for those thunderstorms begin to push their way on shore near bodega bay. so watching out for that boy, that unstable air mass just kind of settling in overhead. this low is going to sag for the south and that is going to give rise. i think the bigger storms overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. it's going to be stormy overnight. may wake up as the storms really going to
10:36 pm
get going tonight. so out there right now, those big storms developing large waves along the coastline, 15 to maybe 20 foot waves out toward the beaches and the winds likely to pick up tonight. some very strong gusty winds, maybe some 35, maybe some 45 mile an hour gusts along the coastline next couple days. that rain likely continue on and off least into wednesday morning. then beginning to taper off this weekend gets a little bit uncertain. i think we're going to see things drying out a little bit, but a chance more showers a little bit unsettled as we head in toward next week with these next couple days. maybe one, maybe an inch to half of rain fire season really officially coming to an end. but that's good to hear. that's the part. alright, thank you. federal aid to florida has now topped 2 billion dollars following the destruction from hurricane ian. >> according to the biden administration, fema provided 710 million dollars directly to households and more than 300 million dollars to the state. more than 600 million dollars was provided by the u.s. small business administration in disaster loans and the national flood
10:37 pm
insurance program paid out roughly 350 million dollars in claims. meantime, florida is is expecting a new storm this week. tropical storm nicole, which could be a hurricane before it makes landfall on wednesday. >> the iowa teenager convicted of killing her accused rapist has escaped from custody. officials say 17 year-old piper louis cut off her electronic monitoring tracking device 2 years ago. she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and she got 5 years of probation after stabbing her accused rapist to death. now if and when she is caught, she could serve 20 years. >> police investigating the disappearance of alexis gabe say their case is now closed. they say her remains have been found and her killer is dead. someone called anonymous tip line thursday to say they found human remains near the town of plymouth in nevada in amador county in the sierra foothills. after comparing
10:38 pm
dental records to identify the remains as those of the missing. 24 year-old woman, gabe was last seen alive in january. investigators say they believe her ex-boyfriend, marshall curtis jones killed her that evening in june. jones was shot and killed by police in a seattle suburb when officers were attempting to arrest him. alexis's father gave says they may never get over the loss of a lexus, but they are the relieved that she has been found. >> take a look at this. a crash in concord early today and with a car coming to rest against a street light pole that happened on treat boulevard near the intersection of oak grove road. that's just a few feet away from a contra costa fire station traffic briefly affected. it took less than an hour for the crews to remove the suv. police did not release information about injuries. nevada county man and his wife are without a home tonight after a fire burned their home down. yeah, investigators say there is the possibility that fire was started by a media right
10:39 pm
reporter jeannie nguyen has more. >> bright light lit the sky in penn valley friday night. security video captured the quick moment. but for dustin >> listening to music. wait for my wife to call. >> he was inside of living room, unaware of what was happening outside until. >> i heard a crash in a bang. and i mean, when you have livestock on on a ranch, you know. you hear things like that quite often. >> a few minutes later, proceed to started to smell something burning the flames came quickly after his first thought to save his 2 dogs. well, he was able to save one. his other dog tugboat was trapped inside. smoke was coming out and the flames are coming out. >> and all and do my best to get my dog after trying everything he could realized it was too late. >> at that point, i kind of realize you a dog with make it personal lives in this home with his wife who also ended up losing 3 of her rabbits. >> no one else was hurt. what
10:40 pm
everyone was out of the house, penn valley, firefighters got to the scene structure well involved in fire. >> extinguish the fire was put out just before 09:00pm. and captain clayton thomas says people living nearby quickly pointed the finger at the media, right as one of the possible causes and trying to determine a that have anything to do with the cause of the fire. this is the unrelated. >> captain thomas says there happened to be a meteor shower in that area during that time for it was hard to believe. >> they're great from a fire away with a really sharp since friday night proceeded says he's been frustrated because many strangers have stopped by the ranch to try and find the meteorite. >> but at the same time, he's thankful for all the support from the community. >> that's the one thing i do love about this area is the community and the people we really do stick together. >> that was jeannie nguyen reporting about the same time that house caught fire. a
10:41 pm
camera caught this site in reading. you can see upright ball of light going across the night sky. it flashes before disappearing while a media shower did in fact hit that night isn't clear is that is what we're looking at with this camera shot. but wow, what a coincidence. >> other news for your health tonight. health experts are meeting this week to talk about the next steps in the fight against covid doctor anthony fauci says the current vaccines have limited durability, especially with the more variants that are out there. now, she says developing you kozel vaccines that could be administered through the mouth nose or even the lungs would be a game changer. one, you get faster immunity be call it the viral exposure to the upper airway. >> their infection and transmission blocking. as i mentioned. and it gives you the advantage of needle free delivery, which puts off obviously some people when it comes to vaccination.
10:42 pm
>> fauci says there are several kozel vaccines in development but are facing several challenges. >> still ahead tonight, robbed % on live television. the unexpected came up to the camera and stole equipment from this report. and as for steph curry electrified chase center again, as the warriors hosted the kings. >> first director jason dumae has the highlights. plus, a live report from chase center. live report from chase center. coming up. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's why comcast business ves you more. re innovation... th our new gig-speed wi-fi, us unlimited data. re s sed... from the largest, stest, reliable network... d more savings- to 60% a year th comcast business mobile. l from the company that wers more businesses
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
10:45 pm
>> time for your local election headquarters. well, there is one state why proposition voters will vote on tomorrow. that's facing little or no a position. that is a rare thing. if passed proposition. 28. >> would guarantee funding for arts and music education for public schools. kron 4 sarah stinson talk with supporters who say >> the measure is badly needed. >> you want to do it. you want to? >> the school notes used to loudly echoed through the halls of every school in california. but over the years it started to fade or was not a lot of music my kids elementary school every every year, just seemed like it had to do a little bit more with a lot less welcome to the so lori marie decided to take action by founding the bay area music project, an organization to fund after-school music, education in alameda. this is video from one of their rehearsals that
10:46 pm
shouldn't always rely on organizations, nonprofit organizations. that would be lovely just make sure that every school is funded. >> and that's what proposition 28 aims to do by allocating one percent of the state's general fund to music and arts education in k through 12 grades, increasing funding to 1 billion dollars per year. if any was just going to take one. >> that information, it's the fact that it's not raising your taxes. this is coming from a very large general fund. >> right now, only one in 5 public health for new schools have a dedicated teacher for arts programs. opponents of prop 28 say the money would go towards making sure that. >> we're having really high quality teachers. they have all the instruments support and resources that they need to teach kids how to play music or the or dance or theater. lori says now more than ever music education is important for students who have struggled during the pandemic and having almost a
10:47 pm
year and a half of isolation. so music and the arts are ways for them to be able to express what's been a lot going on in themselves that they may not have. you know, the articulation 28 has gained support from the u.s. secretary of education and the california teachers association as well as several celebrities and musicians. >> no profit founder says she has not heard of any opposition to prop 28. it's going to vital and necessary arts instruction to millions of kids who are otherwise not really receiving. and >> sarah stinson reporting 4 news. >> kron 4 will have live local coverage on election night. our crews will be all over the bay area's results come in from the major bay area, mayoral races to local and statewide propositions. we have you covered sure to tune in, starting at 5 o'clock tomorrow evening for complete election night coverage.
10:48 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> all right. imagine the warriors are very happy to be back home. they went '05 on the road trip with losses to some of the worst teams in the nba haven't won a road game all season, but they have fared pretty well at chase center and steph and company. they're hoping to get back on the winning track with a little home cooking and that guy staff. he was special tonight dubs up 9. >> he hits the 3, puts them up by 12, but that lead would soon fade away as it has so many times this year when the bench comes in. here's malik monk with tray quarter kings, a race that double digit lead. they would take a 12 point lead into the half 3rd quarter. warriors down 7 month throws it up from the men's day. may 2. and catches alley.
10:49 pm
you sacramento up by 9 at the end of the 3rd quarter. but staff turned it up into 4. 2 point game. nice little kiss off the glass and we're all tied up now, just moments later, this with the shot, steph. step back. how many times have we seen that in his career? linda hull crown know this is my house. loved to see it. step finished with a season-high. 47 points. look at this one. he gets the friendly roll. 47, 8, 8, warriors win one, 16, one 13. and as always, we've got reinforcements on the ground. let's head back out the chase center weekend. find kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. okay after the game, there's a sense a high things aren't great right now. but in the meantime, steph curry davel to get. >> we can always count on
10:50 pm
stuff for a couple of great performances, right? it kind of seemed like that technical foul that he incurred lit a fire under not just stuff but the warriors. steph, is having a special night from the get-go about 5 minutes into the game when he had 7 points on the board. you just had a feeling that everything was going to be cooking for him tonight. is there more beautiful stat line than 47 points? 8 rebounds and 8 assists. steph curry flirting with a triple-double here tonight. jason, just a vintage performance. the kind that really gets this chase center crowd fired up and exactly what the warriors needed to inject a jolt of confidence into them. after that miserable 5 game losing streak. hopefully this is going to the start of another good streak and we're not going to talk about that dismal road trip much in the future. it still is really early in the season here. but for now, we can just stand back and appreciate with steph curry was able to do here tonight and he's doing what makes warriors fans so glad that he's on their team. steve kerr is glad to take a listen. just you know, he's obviously
10:51 pm
one of the greatest players of all time and he plays so well on so many nights. but this this even seemed like something special for 17 for 24. pete rebounds. 8 assists no hitting every big shot. he just put us on his back. >> now, obviously this is not sustainable. there are only 15 points from players off the bench tonight. so as good as great a steph curry as he can score 47 points every single night. they're still going to have to figure some stuff out on the good news is for the warriors. they've got a chance to do that. they don't practice tomorrow. they will practice wednesday and thursday before their game with the cavaliers here on friday. so one of the longest breaks that they'll have in between games all season long and it couldn't come at a better time. jason. >> and that cavs team is really good. they're 8, one. but kate, you mentioned that
10:52 pm
the warriors have the day off tomorrow. in fact, not one single nba team plays tomorrow because it's the mid term elections. now, steve kerr, i know he addressed the crowd before the game. what did he say about civic engagement and how important it was? >> well, we all know how important it is to steve kerr. he's never been shy about dipping his toe in the political waters. so he's the perfect person to come out here and encourage fans in the stands to vote. in fact, he pointed out to people that even if they're not registered to vote, they can still show up at the polls tomorrow and get it done then really no excuse not to vote. that's the message across the nba. they're trying to use their platform engage young fans. there. incredible impressions across social media to be able to engage these people. and steve kerr loves nothing more than encouraging people to get involved. >> all right, kate, great reporting tonight. get home safe. that is your look at safe. that is your look at okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner
10:53 pm
for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪ uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪ this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires
10:54 pm
and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. this is about our kids' future. omar: prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions. vote yes on 30.
10:55 pm
this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> okay. a theft was captured live on camera. it's not what you think. apparent stole that. your phone of a chile and reporter talking about. thievery and one of the regions of the country. take a look. in the intimate. is a season going like it back in and on the safe that be bogle. >> last would they sic dot even be an they only in subway. don't see that. >> whether the crew trying to
10:56 pm
catch the bird, but it took off apparently drop the air pod, which was eventually found. so no harm, no foul. >> and he didn't get anything to eat. no harm. no. here. and i didn't get first action day. going to look probably be a little rough on them a little rough. some scattered showers out there early on. of course. >> talk about i-80 now being closed up. their goal run as that heavy snow moving in the sierra nevada up there tonight, looking out towards sfo. things are kind of quiet now. but the showers. >> begin to move in. we're seeing more of that rain rolling on in now. you see the showers moving in along the coastline. some of that into law south of some heavier amounts of rain. there and the possibility of some thunderstorms embedded in some of the cells overnight to really just kind of getting things going tonight. i think between now and about 4, 4, 30 in the morning talking about some pretty heavy rainfall, maybe some places over an inch of rain. so tomorrow you're
10:57 pm
going to see the rain in the morning and then i think taper off to showers. you see some sunshine, good luck and maybe couple rainbows temperatures. we're going to be chilly. lewis, a cold system rolling in highs only in probably the low to maybe the mid 50's on the mountain tops maybe only hovering in the 40's. so next couple days we keep the rain going on and off the possibility of some more thunderstorms tomorrow. wednesday, chance of a shower in the morning then will dry things out. slight chance of showers again this next weekend. but the storm system pretty impressive out there right now. should be a fun thank you. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night. good night. good night. out to get
10:58 pm
you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's why comcast business ves you more. re innovation... th our new gig-speed wi-fi, us unlimited data. re speed... from the largest, stest, reliable network... d more savings- to 60% a year th comcast business mobile. l from the company that wers more businesses an any other provider. t started wiwi fast speeds d advanced security r $49.99 a month r 12 months. us ask how to get up a $750 prepaid card th a qualifying bundle.
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11:00 pm
. election night count down. >> behind the scenes at the network. >> for us it is like the super bowl. >> the new technology. >> we can show where the votes outstanding is. >> then the aaron carter's death investigation. his final videos and the disturbing warning from his fiance. >> she told me you are going to die. wow. >> the bathtub where he was found. >> neighbors can hear he's dead. >> and lotto mania. >> it is true, you can increase your chances why you should pick the number 61 and 32.


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