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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 10, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news for 29 going on for 30 and that we've been talking about just how cold it is down. definitely event. my heaters on for the past few days. i have to keep that on for the next few weeks or maybe more than a just the start of we are looking at some cold weather out there and that cold weather does continue over the next 7 days. at least. >> maybe we'll see some warm-ups and there. but in the immediate future, i'm not seeing any of them were looking at the golden gate bridge under some clear skies. it's clear and it is cold this morning. so cold, in fact that a lot of the bay area is lit up in frost advisories. this includes almost all the north bay and east bay, santa clara valley and upper elevations on the peninsula. the stay and frost advisory territory through 09:00am. and then we'll see frost advisories back in effect tonight, leading into tomorrow morning. now for the spots, most of our cities will fall into the low 30's. now some of our rural areas right outside the city
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limits getting as cool as the upper 20's. once you get outside of the urban heat islands gets a little bit cooler. so hopefully at the plants covered up, make sure you have the pets indoors and just make sure to bundle up as you're getting out there. livermore, dublin, redwood city of la, how among our spots that are down in the upper 30's, north bay, temperatures even colder than that in some instances nevado at 36 fairfield at 33 degrees right now. so it is a cold start. oakland, you're at 41 while san francisco and alameda our most mild spots in the upper 40's later on today. daytime highs remain pretty steadily in those upper 50's to low 60's. a lot like yesterday was you want the jackets on? well into the afternoon, even with the plentiful sunshine that we do have a head. i'll be talking about what changes this forecast may bring us. still ahead, bring a jacket, weather car heater, whether it is that time of the year traveling into the city right now. >> 7 minutes maze that fremont street exit. you're richmond, sandra fell bridge. put you at about 12 82 want to want well,
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the richmond center fell bridge a quiet 7 minutes, told the 101 there. and if you're hopping on the golden gate bridge, 37 to the told is going to take about 20 minutes. the time for us now for and and in alameda county, there are still a large number of votes to be counted, leaving many of the candidates in a holding pattern of sorts. also with ranked choice voting in oakland to consider it's even harder verdict. what the outcome is actually going to be kron four's terisa stasio. look at some of the most hotly contested races to get some reaction on the waiting game. there. >> you know, i i feel good. that's terry wiley. one of the candidates running for alameda county district attorney. the latest figures released election night show wiley at 51% of the vote to his opponent, pamela price at 48% were waiting like everyone else. price on twitter said she had to leave town on a family emergency but released a statement saying, quote, we remain hopeful and optimistic than alameda county will step
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forward in 2022. but i think one of the other things that gets frustrating. >> for a lot of the community is there's just not a lot of communication around these things either. and so especially in oakland where we have ranked choice. >> ust school board member mike hutchinson is running for reelection in district 2 in oakland where races are subjected to ranked choice voting, hotly contested races or even harder to predict a spokesperson from the alameda county registrar's office said only 18% of the vote had been processed and roughly 20 to 30% or nearly 280,000 votes are still outstanding to be counted. >> you know, a lot of people saw the initial results and assume that those were the final results. and it just adds to the confusion is. and as we're trying strengthen our democracy it makes it hard when we when we add questions like that.
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>> hutchinson is currently trailing front runner opponent nick resnick. the long wait also applies to 10 people hoping to be oakland's next. mayor before tuesday's election. a poll by the oakland chamber of commerce showed lauren taylor on the lead and on election night, the first votes reflected that giving him the lead with 34% of first choice votes. followed by showing tao at nearly 29% in statements about the results. quote, taylor said, quote, this process is a sign that are dedicated. election workers are being careful and methodical and that is something we should all applaud, unquote. and from taos can't quote, we remain optimistic about the final outcome. every vote deserves to be counted. our polling sites are closed election day is that people are confused but valerie bachelor's running usd school board. >> in district 6 and it's currently in the lead against incumbent. >> carraman g a.
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>> the community effort. and that's what our school are. and that's what i hope to bring the school board. if i am elected alameda county register's office did not release results and wednesday stating they will update them on thursday at 05:00pm. then there will be a long break due to veterans day holiday on friday. >> when asked why the process seemed to be trailing along. they had no response. to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> although votes are still being counted in the san francisco da's race, mayor london breed's appointee, brooke jenkins is now declaring herself as the winner. she and the mayor both took a bit of a victory lap wednesday in san francisco's chinatown. >> so at this point, based on the numbers, we at the point now where we believe we can declare a victory in this race >> jenkins says the city is no longer safe haven for crime and she believes that voters are interested in accountability being restored
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to the criminal justice system. jenkins says she's been a focus on reforming the da's office, prosecuting people who commit crimes. all right. well, supporters of abortion rights, all victories across the country and michigan joined california and passing constitutional amendments protecting the right to an abortion and kentucky voters rejected a constitutional amendment to ban abortions. kron four's dan kerman has more on that. >> how proud i am that we affirmed clearly with conviction that we are true. freedom state. that we embrace the rights women and girls, not only to california voters put the right to an abortion in the state constitution, but so did voters in vermont and michigan will keep fighting like to protect fundamental rights as they continue to be under assault across the nation. we made huge strides yesterday while the passage of prop one changes little in california. >> backers say it does send a clear message is basically ensuring. >> a degree of confidence. 4
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patients for families who live here or who need flee from their home states to get care. >> but legal experts point out not even an amendment to the state constitution is set in stone. any state can pass 5 different constitutional amendment saying we're protecting the right to choose. but if the federal government decides to ban abortion, then that's a conflict between the federal government and state governments. and we know what happens. the federal government but even if the balance of power shifts slightly in congress, a federal ban on abortion is a non-starter. as long as president biden is in the oval office. but that too could change down the road, which is why abortion rights supporters say the fight must people need to be aware that. >> all of these actions are a direct result of election outcomes. and so if they care about these issues, it is absolutely imperative that
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they register to vote and to vote in every election for reproductive freedom champions. dan kerman kron, 4 news >> well, gavin newsom will serve his second term as california's governor. he won his reelection tuesday beating state senator brian dolly by double digits. the governor reelected on his or he reflected on his election victory. take a listen. >> deeply humbled by the results. deeply humbled to have the privilege to study my as governor of the state of california. i want to thank all the californians voted for me and supported me along the way. we've got some great people. >> well, dolly says he's not going anywhere. he's going to continue his term as state sen. meanwhile, newsom promised to center is second term on addressing homelessness as well as housing. kron. 4 will continue to bring you updated election results. you can keep up with the latest on races in california and over on our website at kron 4 dot com. go ahead. scan that qr code. we're going to continue to follow the mid term election
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result. just head over to kron 4 dot com. chp officers are investigating a deadly crash wednesday in oakland involving a motorcycle. it happened in the afternoon on 5.80, right near 106 avenue off-ramp. a man on a motorcycle lost control and hit that center divide. it was thrown off. he was then hit by a car in the eastbound lane. that area 5.80, was shut down for a time. all lanes have reopened and also to oakland, police are investigating a shooting that injured 2 people wednesday. officers say it happened just after 3 in the area of 30th and brooke streets near sprouts grocery store. we're showing you video that scene from the citizens app. the 2 people shot were taken to a hospital. no word yet on what led up to that shooting. a new numbers from calfire reveal arson arrests are up compared to previous years. cal fire has made 151 arson arrests so far in 2022, that's up from one 49 last year. and back in 2020, the
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agency made 120 arrest. cal fire is reminding people you can remain anonymous to report when someone starts any legal fire. a series of feeney, the shasta county mother who faked her own kidnapping, has now started serving her prison sentence. that's all according to federal inmate records. she's now an inmate of the victorville medium, one federal prison. now that prison is in san bernardino county in september. but pena was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting she faked her own kidnapping back in 2016. her prison sentence will be followed by 36 months of supervised probation. well, for your healthy cold and flu season is now in full swing and health officials say the spike in cases is being compounded a surge of other respiratory illnesses. that includes rsv and the common cold. now one infectious disease specialist says there's also rise in hand foot and mouth disease cases as well.
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>> november is not the time period that we usually see this. received more in the summer time. so it is unusual timing that we're seeing this, but it's really important that, you know, they're simple measures we can do to prevent all these things right. like washing your hands very frequently. >> a flu shot and the cdc says only 21% of u.s. adults have done so so far. some encouraging news in the battle against covid the world health organization says there's been a 90% global drop in deaths from the illness since february. the who says a little more than 9400 covid-related deaths are reported to the organization last week. compare that with february of this year when deaths from the illness. top 75,000 people per week globally. officials say we've come a long way, but there's still great reason to be careful because of all the different variants. coming up next in the kron, 4 morning news. >> 2 dozen northern california veterans who finally got the recognition they never
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received due to the turmoil surrounding the vietnam war. we're going take a look at their honor flight after the break.
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>> a san francisco man is on a mission to do 30 acts of kindness before his 30th birthday since sharing his story on live in the bay. last month's been seen on tv stations all over the country and even made it onto the pages of people magazine.
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wednesday, he completed his 3rd act of kindness on his way to 30 and kron four's. rob nesbitt was there for that special delivery. >> inside this, you all. you won't find any moving boxes. here you go. but rather 118 care boxes all individually packed by brian coats, everything all need and hand delivered to animal shelter workers. his first stop of the ddy being the san francisco spca. here you go. here's one of 30 acts of kindness for essential workers that he plans on completing before turning 30 years old in february. this is our biggest one yet influence to put together the boxes of things like vitamins, healthy snacks and bath products. after seeing the spike in animal adoptions during the pandemic, learning that shelter workers are 5 times more likely to develop ptsd, go through some emotional stresses because it happens when you're dealing with animals that are abandoned or or been abused. yeah, yeah. but no stressful faces wednesday at the spca.
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just smiles. same thing at sf animal care and control where brian made his second sharing his mission with the more than 60 employees taking care of around 200 animals each day. all right. thank you. letting them know about the $18,000 he raised to make this possible. we never get donations that are centered around the the workers. so this is really great because his team works really hard thing of course, from gourmet desserts for san jose firefighters to school supplies for oakland, middle school teachers and now care packages for animal shelter workers. boy, it doesn't take long to realize that brian gets just as much fulfillment from his acts of kindness. as the smiling faces on the receiving end. it's so nice for them to realize that people in the community are really and truly are thinking about them. there you go in san francisco, rob nesbitt, enjoy kron. 4 they just wore my heart on this morning and >> john, we need a lot of
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warmth because it's been so cold, especially warm hearts, cold hands. so it's, you know, this morning, we are out if you are stepping outside at some 30's and 40's for current temperatures, some of our rural areas in the north bay falling as cold as the upper 20's this morning. so it is cold out there for sure. east bay. you can see all the way out to the golden gate bridge. this crystal clear, clear, calm and cool. that's the way it's going to start this day. no for the bay. no snow in the sierra. we are firmly behind that and firmly in the cold air that was behind those cold fronts that have brought us the rain and snow blue areas on the map. that's the santa clara valley, upper elevations on the peninsula and inland east and north bay. our in frost advisories through 09:00am this morning and we'll see more frost advisories tonight into tomorrow morning, too. this cool weather does continue as we continue to see this cool air pushing into the western united states and now spreading to the rest of the country, too. futurecast shows are clear, dry skies today.
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tomorrow you will see a few passing clouds but staying dry for veterans day. so if you have any outdoor events that you plan on attending will be good to go for this saturday morning before the sun comes up. a couple of sprinkles are possible. that's the only chance of showers we have in this forecast. and it's probably not something you'll even see because most of us will be sleeping at that point. 50's for your highs and san francisco and at the coast while 50's to low 60's elsewhere. burlingame at 61 saying carlos also at 61, south bay, temperatures staying in the upper 50's for milpitas in santa clara while hitting the low 60's for a few more spots up in the north bay and along the east bay shoreline from oakland to castro valley mentioning the north bay, pittsburgh over allay all at 60 degrees. well, santa rosa also right at 60 today. tomorrow's temperatures below around the same as today's for veterans day saturday. also much the same. we will be seeing low 60's into early next week and staying dry for the most part, aside from that slight chance of showers before you get up
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on saturday morning rain thank you for that. ok, hitting the roads this morning. traveling into the city right now. it's going to take you. >> 7 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit this morning. remember, definitely turn on your car heaters. warm as you drive and wherever you're going. san mateo bridge 80 to 101. a 13 minute drive headed across towards the peninsula. he richmond center fell bridge. put you at about 7 minutes tolls to 101. there and the golden gate bridge a 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes. well, with veterans day just around the corner, we're focusing on the lives of 2 dozen northern california veterans who finally got the recognition they never receive during one of our nation's darkest periods. now, the turmoil surrounding the vietnam war as kron four's. ken wayne tells us the recognition was something they were not even expecting. >> it's hard to believe this group of senior citizens was once part of the young generation that was changing the world.
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>> in the 1960's and early 70's, san francisco and the bay area was the epicenter of a cultural revolution haight ashbury hippies, civil unrest, peace love and drugs and >> it was without a doubt, the most unpopular and divisive military conflict in modern american history. in many ways, these men found themselves in more than one set of crosshairs. >> he told us people. because like us. >> on this day at sfo, these vets are going on an honor flight. it's a program to send
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veterans to the nation's capital to visit the monuments and museums dedicated to those who served and those who didn't make it back. for most of them, it will be their first time in washington, d.c.. i'm tasked with escorting doug wright of sam, a tale of vietnam vet who was a navy corpsman attached a marine units in vietnam in the combat zone and rules skeeter. brown of fremont, an army civil engineer who also went to vietnam on the plane. it's not long before the military memories started flooding back on an airplane. >> first time 24 years old. very noisy. what a vibration. tell people that, you know, the first first 5 times of airplane, i just what it's
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like to way. it worked out fine. was just like jones, the last country. >> there's a sense of anticipation these vets have already shifted back into their hurry up and wait mode of being ready to move in. follow orders, even though they have no clear idea of what's ahead on landing at reagan national airport of fire trucks salute with the water salvo over the plane. >> but the real surprise is in the terminal. complete strangers. smiley grateful next. we're quite sure what to make of it. this is what happened when they came home from vietnam. it's a little hard to it's an emotional start to what's going to be a life changing. visit. they have no idea. honoring veterans. >> from around the country,
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we're going to meet veterans spanning generations and hear their stories and a very special rock asked at 6.30, tomorrow. >> hosted by ken wayne. we'll be right back after the break.
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welcome back. it is 4.55 on this thursday. we're almost to the tail end of the week now. and i know a lot of you are probably going to want to venture up to the sierra. >> maybe even today get that extended weekend up there. go ahead and go for it and seeing those plows getting 80 cleared all morning long is nice and clear this morning, snow stopped falling in now. you can enjoy that multiple feet of snowfall. some of our
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resort size much as 3 feet of new snow fall just over the past few days. now, current temperatures here in the bay area also making it feel quite wintery. livermore, napa nevado in santa rosa down in the upper 30's right now. oakland in vallejo, 41 while hayward 45 degrees for current temps there yesterday was already cool in today were even colder than that. fairfield down 9 degrees from the same point yesterday, oakland and concord down 5 degrees. so yeah, a very chilly start layer up this morning. keep those jackets on later today, too reyna. all right, john, thanks for that. we'll still to come in the next hour. temperatures are getting a little frosty like don just mentioned. we're going break down. >> what you need to know from warming centers to your daily tips to keep you and your family safe. >> the san jose still doesn't know who their mayors we are, why they're having a whole that with that situation. and san jose isn't the only one waiting for the results for their mayoral candidates. we're going hear why can't call the race just yet. we'll be right back.
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results are still wait for them to come in and other top stories as well. hate to burst the weather. taking a look at the numbers there, which we're counting and we don't we could just them on 2 hands. pretty cold out. yeah. so the counting up the numbers in the elections were counted down because it is even colder than yesterday. guys. >> temps out there well down in the 30's for a whole lot of the bay area right now, we have frost advisories for honestly, most of us across the bay. your view out there currently from the east bay hills is looking at some crystal clear skies. it's calm. it's clear and it is cool. the 3 factors lighting up for this very cold morning. right now. you do see the peninsula mountains as well. santa clara county, a santa clara valley, inland east bay and north bay, all lit up in frost advisories through 09:00am this morning. as far as how cold temperatures are look at these numbers down in the 30's for redwood city, dublin livermore, fairfax at 36. same for you. nevado fairfield at 33 degrees right now.


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