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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 11, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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day holiday for many, hopefully have some fun plans here as we recognize all the veterans who served us here domestically and abroad. >> maybe it includes getting at the we'll talk more about the snow. we decided to work today to serve you. >> i'm john. >> you know what? yeah. a lot of events going on out there today. it's going to be a beautiful for one for getting outside and, you know, doing whatever you got to do or will those any of you may have planned today? >> it is going to be cold this morning, though. so as you do, get out there, layer up, it is going to be a chilly start to what is eventually shaping up to be a comfortable enough afternoon. right now, your east bay hills camera, looking nice and clear, we don't have much out there to interrupt you this morning. aside from that extra moment to just get that extra layer on a frost advisory, same exact spot says yesterday lows falling as cold as the 30's again, these will remain through 09:00am this morning before the sun warms us up again, redwood city or even colder than yesterday, down to 35 mountain view in
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fremont. also upper 30's morgan hill livermore at 37 dublin, concord, brentwood, among other spots in the 30's fairfield, saint helene, a santa rosa, just one degree above freezing right now. while vallejo also at 37. so whole lot of us down into those 30's like this said an even colder morning than yesterday. if you can believe that. so those layers will be coming in handy right now. john, think given that well, we have a hot spot. this is along 6.80, northbound south of bernal avenue. all lanes are blocked there. >> and they're diverting traffic off to pleasanton sunol. so i'm saying i would avoid this area altogether. maybe take 84 or 5.80, to navigate and get around that delay. >> traveling into the city, no major issues. 8 minute ride maze to that fremont street exit. your san mateo bridge put you at about 13, 80 to 101 traveling across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge also pretty light. 7 minutes tolls to 101. there and the south bay traveling up 1, 0, one. 85 up towards menlo park. 28 minutes. well, 2, 80
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82 also moving at the limit. darya james, back to you. thank you. ran the 6, 0, wanted. take a look at what happened to an apartment building in san francisco. >> that's from the inside. a car came crashing through this building well into their apartment. wow. it happened. so 2 cars crashed into each other. that's one of them. yesterday afternoon, the san bruno avenue and visitation valley right next to highway. want to want. >> so that's the one car that state on the road and the other one ltunched into the building hit gas and water lines and caused all that structure. damage only 3 people ended up being taken to the hospital with serious injuries. 14 people displaced. >> because of this crash, the red cross is out there, helping them now making sure they've got a place to stay. police say, of course, are investigating the cause of that accident outside that set, that car careening into the building. >> 602. and let's go to the north bay now where police arrested a 36 year-old man after a standoff in a shopping center parking lot in petaluma. it was at the plaza
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south shopping center that daniel rao are. police say chased a woman who had a restraining order against him. she ran into a store to call the police. and as she went in, he ended up taking the phone and assaulting her. then and in nearby officer actually saw this whole thing. saw the man run out of the store to his car, all their officers backup arrived. they surrounded the car and police thought the man was going surrender. but then he hopped back in the car, tried to leave. they ended up stopping and arresting him and he was booked into the sonoma county jail. >> okay. let's talk more about ever since elon musk bought the company they've been in this sort of state of tension, anxiety last friday. as we know, they had a lot of people laid off and that chaos continued. i was going to say, let's just call it chaotic >> there's been a return to work order. remember that? now there's a federal regulators that are looking at an investigation. the shining a spotlight kron four's dan
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kerman takes a closer look. >> a week after mass layoffs, twitter's new owner elon musk has told employees in an email that must return to the office for work. then at the staff meeting thursday said some exceptional employees could seek an exemption. but others who didn't like it could quit. if people are >> forced out of their jobs, whether it be because they're told they're laid off or they're put into really untenable circumstances. we think that's part of this mass layoff that's going on that are niche analysts. riordan filed a class action lawsuit against twitter last week. >> alleging those laid off or not given the required amount of notice nor the amount of severance promised. and wednesday night she filed an emergency motion to bar twitter from seeking separation agreements with employees without notifying them. first of the pending lawsuit, we're trying to spread the word so employees do not sign this we think that you are entitled to more separation money. we also think there may be more legal
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claims out there that elon musk is trying to get you to sign away. >> in the meantime, the voluntary exodus of top employees continues. the company's chief privacy officer is quit. and chief information security officer lea kissner is also resigning. that's raised concerns. twitter will not be able to comply with the federal trade commission order requiring the company to enhance its data security and privacy protection program. a spokesperson for the ftc says we're tracking recent developments to twitter with deep concern. no ceo or company is above the law and companies must follow our consent decrees. then late thursday afternoon, another departure, twitter's head of trust and safety with a full meltdown. the twitter headquarters, jessica gonzales with the media advocacy group free press says that raises serious concerns about twitter's commitment to providing a safe space for users with robust content, moderation. it comes down to
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safety. it comes down to hate. it comes down to lies. >> but also it comes down to what you know, is twitter going to protect the private non publicly available information of their users. dan kerman kron. 4 news long. >> well, keeping company jewel announce hundreds of layoffs is part of a cost-saving plan. the company says are going to have to operate now with a budget. that's 40% smaller. the total of 400 is going to be released here in the near future. the announcement comes as the company's dealing with lawsuits with government bans and increasing competition from electric cigarette makers. facebook's parent company meta also laid off about 11,000 of its staff this week in a company blog post founder mark zuckerberg laid out the details of the severance package that departing employees would receive. and here's just a quick breakdown of what they'll be getting 16 weeks of base pay. plus an additional 2 weeks of for every year of
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service. a payout for all remaining vacation time vesting of company stock compensation through november 15th, 6 months of health insurance coverage for employees and their families. 3 months of career support with the next vendor, including early access to job. please and immigration support for workers that are here on a visa. the medal layoffs are just the latest now to take place at bay area based tech firms in recent weeks. as we know, we've seen similar moves by sales force by docu sign as we just mentioned a moment ago, twitter most recently. >> 607. and let's talk what happened at the election. voters in alameda county eagerly awaiting final results. still has a large number of ballots have to be counted. some say that oakland relying on ranked choice voting, making it hard to predict the outcome of races. but outgoing mayor libby schaff disagrees. >> so it is not ranked choice voting. that delays anything. it is a simple algorithm. it is a push of the button. what is delaying things? it is taking an unusual amount of
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time for the registrar to actually count votes. >> so when will we have the final count? one of our political analyst says that most counties should have the results by at least next tuesday. however, keep in mind the actual deadline for election results to be certified is a month after election day. it will take a month. it won't all right. today, by the way, started three-day weekend. >> people get ready to hit the roads. some might have plans on heading up to tahoe for the first ski opportunity. this season goes. and if they are, they're up early for. sure. watching right now and we're watching gas prices because no matter where you're gone, love kron four's will tran is live in walnut creek with everything you need to know. i will. >> that three-day weekend could be quite pricey if you're hitting the roads and not traveling by flight. but if you are, you know, going to talk like james said, is going to be quite expensive. look at the price behind me. 5 $1 and
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walnut creek, gas station, higher. >> then the california average of $5 and $0.45 when it comes to gas. this good news, bad news. the good news is we are paying about a $1.20 less than we did at the peak at around june or so. so it's steadily going down. but a lot higher than we did last year at this particular time. take a look at your screen. these are the prices that you're waking up to. let's talk about the 3 major cities in the bay area. san francisco, you're looking at $5 and $0.61 and that's average in san jose 5.51. and in oakland, $5 and $0.48. here's the bad news. we all know this right? there is a price to pay for all of this sunshine. we're paying one dollar and $0.65. more than the national average of $3.80. the good news is that we went to the winter blend going down
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from the more expensive summer blends. so we're in the midst of that. that's why we're paying a little bit less than what we did a couple of months ago. but if you're going, you got to factor in all those prices. you know, inflation for food. have you guys been to the grocery store like costco recently that has considerably gone up but you know what? you can save here. hey, there. nobody gets off free. >> back to for tonight. thank you very much. well, >> all right. now what else is happening today? because it is veteran's day. there are celebrations planned all around the bay area. all to honor veterans. we've got kron four's camila barco standing by in pleasanton with a look at some of those good morning. camila. >> good morning, guys. yeah, there's going to be plenty of ways for people to show their support for veterans. there's going to be a few parades this morning. we'll get to that in just a second. but like you guys said, i am in pleasanton there is a retirement facility called stoneridge creek and today they are going to show their support for veterans to some memorabilia. they're
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going to be showcasing some items like uniform photos and what's special about those items is that those are from veterans who live here at this retirement facility. there's 100 and 35 veterans who live here at stoneridge creek. so they're going to be showcasing those items later this morning. and if you want to support the veterans, there are several other events happening across the bay area. take a look at your screen. some of the earlier celebrations start at 10, 30 this morning in brentwood, antioch will host a parade at 11 o'clock this morning. san jose will host their parade for at noon and petaluma will have a veterans day parade at one p m the mount diablo summit beacon will be lit after sunset and here at stoneridge creek. they are going to have a flag raising ceremony that starts at 9 o'clock this morning. we'll take that live for you later today. but throughout the morning, darya james. hopefully in the next hour we will be speaking to one of the veterans talking about what
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this day means for them and getting a closer look at some of that memorabilia. but for now, i'll send it back to you. thank you. camila. >> 6.11 is the time. and remember tonight we are honoring veterans from the bay area. kron four's. ken wayne is hosting a special broadcast that kicks off at 6.30. we're going to be meeting veterans spanning generations. we're going to hear their stories. it's going to be a great program. please join us again. that's tonight at 6.30. >> 6.12, time. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news from abortion rights to sports betting state propositions. what ended up happening? what for and against? we'll tell you in just a few minutes. and a settlement with the families who lost loved ones in the mass shooting at the pta railyard plus, a new report indicating inflation might be slowing down. what's that mean for your pocketbook?
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it's how it brings us together. ♪ >> 6.15, right now. and today a lot of people are going to be skiing. boreal is opening was not rose at the mount rose. yeah. and the big one. yeah. the latest thing, snow upwards of like 3 feet in some spots. we've got monica than the standing by live up in boreal with a closer look at conditions there. monica, good morning. >> good morning. i want to show you guys what it's looking like here for real mountain. you can see the lift starting to move or getting things going here. we know there's still a few hours until well, not officially
6:16 am
open. you can see the beautiful slopes in the background. just blanketed in that white snow that we've got over the last last few weeks with the use so. i want to bring in tucker nor he's here with mountains. kind of tell us,, good morning. how have you guys been getting ready for it today, opening day? well, we've been prepping since the day. we close last year to make sure everything's safe and ready. and we've got a lot of things i had to happen, but we're so excited because we put 5 million gallons of snow making out on the hill. and mother nature delivered as well to make opening day a whole week early on veterans day. perfect. so talk to me a little bit about that. mother nature. a look >> role. did it play in speeding the opening up? yeah. so i mean, we track the weather just like you guys do. and it really was amazing to see that that storm held. we've got 3 to 4 feet up here on donner summit and with the snow making health as well. we've got a great product for opening day. we know we're expecting a ton of people. the excitement is real for our friends are coming down from the bay area. what recomendations you have for
6:17 am
that. but what's your message? it's definitely chilly. as we talked about a little bit make sure you dress warm, keep it slow on the roads might be a little icy on the layup, make sure that you guys check out the website as we continue to operate. >> throughout the season and open more terrain. >> lastly, talk little bit about the buzz around opening day and just the excitement of getting people back out here. i know i'm fired up. that's for sure. and so excited because we see people on social media ones. opening day winds are all going to happen and it finally is here. sun is coming up there, putting some final touches out on the hill and things are going to start rocking and rolling here at 10:00am. tucker, thank you so much for your time. you guys heard 10:00am opening day here in all weekend long. they'll be open as well. so just you can go to your web. their website, boreal mountain and check out, you know, prices and everything you need to know is on there that just beautiful out here. excited to see people start showing up here in just a bit reporting from boreal mountain. want to go down. that country guessing by the year, i think you're she's not just a talking. the
6:18 am
talk well of snowboarder to ski >> be honest. yeah. this it would be my first time to be either one so i okay. you look the part. pulled. yeah. all right. go have fun. it monica, thank you so much. >> all right. well, you saw all that snow behind or oriole set to open in what, 4 hours from right now. >> pretty pretty excited. and i'm not going everybody who is. and the best news, john, is that the all the roads are clear, it's safe getting up there, but it should have a good time. i know this timed out. so so right. we saw the snow earlier this week. there was plenty of time for caltrans to get up there. get those roadways cleared off. this is donner summit, which can be a nightmare when the storms are rolling through. but this morning it couldn't be more inviting. we've got roadways, crystal clear. you can see the sunrise there in the distance. a little snow berm there on the side as we saw that multiple feet of
6:19 am
snowfall as we saw boreal that 3 to 4 feet of snow pack up there and get this tomorrow as you're already up there after today's drive, we're likely to see a few more inches of snowfall. this tahoe resorts, e pecially towards saturday evening. that's going to be a little fresh powder on the slopes. we'll have to see that to sunday drives back out for a little morning skiing and then your trip back home to the bay area. as for the sierra right now, it's clear it's dry. same for us here in the bay area. of course, if you're staying here locally, you may be planning on going to a veterans day event in which case great weather for it. step outside. no worries at all about the weather today. you do see a chance of showers tomorrow, though. that's going to be that same system that brings us that lighter snowfall to the sierra. just a couple of inches up there for the bay area. what we've got today is a few passing clouds this morning. sunshine this afternoon, predawn hours of tomorrow. couple of sprinkles. you won't even notice those winds will be asleep for it. what i'm looking at more closely as what we have tomorrow evening towards
6:20 am
saturday night, especially for the inland east bay eastern solano contra costa and alameda counties seeing our highest chance of some late day showers. that's after sunset tomorrow night. closer you are to the coast of the bay, the less likely you are to see anything tomorrow so inland areas watch out for tomorrow night. aside from that, it's a pretty quiet weekend. as for today, it's 50's for san francisco and at the coast upper 50's to low 60's elsewhere. early game. 62 degrees today. same for you in foster city and saying carlos south bay temperatures low 60's for you. this all seems very familiar now because we were here yesterday. you are here the day before it too. we're just in a steady, cool trend. it's these multiple cold fronts swinging through keeping high pressure. ridge is from building into strong. and although we do stay dry for the most part, are also staying kind of cool. tomorrow's temps around the same as today as will see a few clouds here and there, bill, today and tomorrow tomorrow night, as i mentioned, your best chance of a few showers for the inland east bay sunday. nice and dry highs in the low 60's in our
6:21 am
warmest no to start evening lows. stay pretty consistently cold anywhere from the 30's to the 40's. great jumping. so that will we do have that hot spots. still northbound 6.80, south of bernal avenue and they are diverting traffic off to pleasanton sunol. >> again, i'm saying avoid that area altogether. hop on 84 or 5.80, to navigate and get around those delays traveling into the city. 9 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. if you are taking the san mateo bridge at this hour, it's going to take you 30 minutes to make it from a 80 to 101, the south bay want to one traveling up. 28 minutes. 85 in to menlo park to 80 82. also light at this hour. and if you're taking 8 80's san leandro down in milpitas about 24 minutes, darya. james, back to you. thanks, brianna. >> all right. some good news for consumers. new numbers from the labor department show that inflation could be slowing down. well, wouldn't that be nice? gc correspondent anna wiernicki has the very latest. diana. >> good morning. that's right.
6:22 am
this is good news for consumers. the latest report shows that while prices didn't go up, it wasn't as high as many had expected. according to a new consumer price index report, inflation reached 7.7% in october compared to a year ago. thanks a congress are saying this is a really positive sign of the resilience of the economic recovery. president biden says the numbers are a welcome relief, but there's still work to be done. still too high from the perspective of a family budget. the report shows that household staples such as food, shelter and energy keep rising. >> white house economic adviser jared bernstein says while the numbers are still too high, it's a step in the right direction. the key is to start moving in the path towards where you need to get to. and that's what we saw in this report. but even with the inflation rate easing, it still remains well above the fed's 2% target. it means the near term risk of a recession is lower. >> it also means the fed
6:23 am
likely to keep raising rates. michael deep in the head of u.s. economics research at bank of america says the federal reserve is likely to continue raising interest rates to keep prices from growing. so the fed is saying, yes, it's probably worth trading off. >> some weakness in the labor market for long-term stability in prices. but that's certainly not a decision. they're they're eager to take. >> experts say this trend will need to continue for at least the next several months for the feds to know if the interest rate hikes that they've implemented are really working before they decide to dial them back for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. thank you, anna. >> it is 6.23. will take a quick break. but when we come back, a disturbing discovery by construction workers at the obama presidential library site. we'll tell you leaders site. we'll tell you leaders say about the incident. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap...
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6:27 am
largest railroad union, the brotherhood of maintenance of way employees division had been prepared to strike as soon as november 20, however, this extension allows time for engineers and conductors to vote on their agreements with the freight railroads and give more opportunity to renegotiate with 2 unions that rejected their deals last month. >> it's 6.27, coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. the store in the east bay is getting ready to close its doors for good. we'll see exactly why they're leaving.
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>> 6.29, i'm so glad that you 2 did because look, what we've got to shots is what it looks like from high atop. i think this is mount tam looking out. you can see the rising sun and john's got it even more spectacular of morning for sure. there's a little bit of sales force tower just sticking right up through some of the low clouds. it's just a really thin layer of low clouds sitting right above san francisco, especially. >> much of the rest of the bay area, as you can see in the distance is really nice and clear. but we could just about this one for a second. now, you might want to get out there taking that sunrise for yourself as you do so here's a reminder to bundle up. we've got frost advisories in the same exact spots that we did yesterday. temperatures in the 30's for a lot of us. and for some, it's even colder. redwood city. you're at 35 mountain view. fremont morgan hill in the upper 30's, dublin, all the way down to 34. let's at livermore, brett would conquer to that list of
6:31 am
upper 30's fairfield in saint helena at 33 nevado. you're right at freezing at 32 well than their santa rosa at 34 degrees. so a whole lot of us are really cool. san francisco, alameda at your most mild spots right now hanging out in the mid to upper 40's. regardless of where you're at. i want you to remember those jackets because it is a beautiful morning. otherwise the last thing you want to do is get out there and appreciate a nice morning, but not be able to feel your exactly. was busting out all the sweater dresses stay warm. >> we do have a hot spot we've been talking about. this is in pleasanton northbound 6.80, south of burnout avenue. and you also have a spill associated with this accident and in the lanes. they've also closed down some lanes on the southbound side to try to clean that up and they're diverting traffic right now off to pleasanton sunol. so i'm saying avoid this altogether. this entire strip take 84. look at that. people are doing that or just and 5.80, this morning heading into the city. 9 minutes of traffic is light across bridges. that's great. 13
6:32 am
minute drive 80 to 101 heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge. put you at about 8 minutes tolls to 1, 1, there and the south bay. if you're taking that right now, look at that. still in the green. 29 minutes traveling up, 85 into menlo park. we're talking about the cool weather. i don't know if you guys have some cool weather plans, maybe extra or so to speak at a castle today on cold weather plan. i'm going to kayak regardless of the high. yeah, just in the afternoon sunny and nice and we'll tell you all about >> restaurant san francisco is hoping the police can identify some burglars caught on camera new. she is. the restaurant is located in the city's pacific heights neighborhood. >> and it was burglarized earlier this month. and kron four's dan thorn takes a closer look at what the owner thinks is going on. >> in the early morning hours of november, second to pair of burglars breaks in the news restaurant. the hooded thieves pop open the back door and started grabbing what they want.
6:33 am
>> having a break in and things stolen from you and a violation of your can't is not a pleasurable experience. owner john lutz says the damage in the stolen items cost thousands of dollars to replace. >> of the things the burglars targeted for handheld terminals and more than a dozen expensive bottles of which can be that they want for the good stuff personally to the sad state of affairs, right, that people have to. >> stoop to that level you know, you must be pretty desperate to run the risk of breaking in a miscommunication with the security system, cap an alert from going out. let's leave. this was not the burglars first job. he says they appear to be organized and even had a getaway car. but they also made several trips over the course of about 3 hours. also using the scooters and a rental bike to make off with the stolen
6:34 am
items. among staff at has taken a blow, but they're working to stay optimistic about the future. we were just really happy. nobody got hurt. just got to keep. keep on keeping on re. just going to keep doing it. >> there's no other alternative. >> a report was filed with sfpd reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> in the north bay fairfield police released video from june one officer shot and injured patrick hall who they say fired multiple shots at officers during a chase that ended in vallejo and they do have dash cam video showing the damage is from a patrol car during the chase. and there you saw what to appears to be that bullet hitting windshield. they say that bullet hit the driver's seat headrest and you can see the damage there narrowly missing. the officer was driving. police used a spike strip in the end to stop halls vehicle and then their body camera video shows him getting out of the car and pointing a gun at officers and then firing. that's when police fired back.
6:35 am
they arrested hall after he fell to the ground. he was since taken to the hospital and treated. >> valley transportation authority has now agreed on a settlement to give the families of 8 of the 9 people who were shot and killed at the vta rail yard when a worker opened fire, the families have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the vta saying that the transit authority should have seen warning signs about this worker before he opened fire, killing 9 co-workers. each family is set to receive financial compensation. so this is in addition to workers, comp benefits, an alternative death benefits, pension and hanzman in health insurance. this is in addition to all of that now on this settlement, vta board chair says, quote, while nothing will bring back the tragic loss of life. we want to move swiftly to meet the family's needs. the family of the 9th victim has not settled with the vta. and san francisco
6:36 am
hayes valley, the upscale outdoor apparel store cotopaxi is back open. they had temporarily closed down last month because of violence and vandalism. kron four's terisa stasio brings us up to date. >> windows smashed fafsa in general lawlessness. lloyd silverstein says they have been a growing problem for businesses in san francisco's hayes >> got together for the text. read. >> that was on the text chain. and got to the point where i was getting a text about every break-ins were pretty regular windows are getting smashed pretty it was a wild wild. west silverstein is the owner of optical underground and chair of the haze merchants association. >> he says he understands why couldn't pack see temporarily closed its stores could pack sees. ceo dave smith announced the closure back in october, blasting san francisco on social media as a city of chaos. silverstein says that proved to be a tipping point.
6:37 am
silverstein says in response, the police stepped in with foot patrols and other measures were taken to improve safety in the area. >> a string lights up about a year ago to keep our streets lit the luminaid make it safer. that's been a big we've had our trees trends to bring more light down to the street level, which has been really we tried to get a camera program, but in our neighborhood silverstein said all of that has made a big difference. could a vaccine has now agreed to stay in hayes valley? >> and just in time for the big holiday shopping season. >> so that's not by accident. small to make this a really shopping area. both for locals and tourists. and we're only 3 blocks long. you know, so what we really need is to engage with of all of our emergency because it has to fund everything we do to recess to kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, the owner of heads up sports in concord is closing its doors after more than 25 years in
6:38 am
operation. the owner dennis dancing or says that he's been trying to sell the shop for 3 years now. but the pandemic has made that basically impossible. he started his business after a 40 year career as a concessionaire for bay area. sports teams. he was inspired to run his own shop because he says he knew what the people wanted dancing or expects to close down some time by mid-january or until supplies run out. >> it's a matter of, you know, i want to retire and a supply chain issues that are difficult. you know, it's hard to get things now because all the manufacturing plants in asia and throughout the u.s. are closed so they can supply everyone. >> well, for years, families have relied on his store for their holiday shopping season. fortunately, again, sales will continue through the end of the year for this one last christmas. if you need to get that sports gear for someone you love. >> all right. let's see what's going on with the propositions
6:39 am
afternoon election. elise, tell us are settled. we do what happened there. we do. yeah. 7 of them in all that californians voted on and they ranged everything from abortion rights to online sports betting and everything in between. our capitol correspondent eytan wallace takes a look. >> this is and historic moment and historic moments. a state senate president pro tem toni atkins after california voters overwhelmingly passed proposition one to enshrine abortion and contraception rights into the state constitution. we celebrate reproductive freedom. >> and that loud, clear message that abortion he is and forever will be protected in california. it was not what the no on one campaign had hoped would be the outcome arguing the measure could lead to late term abortions. proposition one is extreme. it is expensive. it is unnecessary and well, prop one past others fell short, including a pair of measures to legalize sports betting in some shape or form across the state. >> among them prop 26, it would have allowed in-person sports wagering at some tribal casinos and horse racing
6:40 am
tracks in the state california is also rejected proposition 27 seeking to allow virtual sports betting for people. 21 and older on platforms like >> draftkings. are you surprised by this at all? >> i'm really not surprised. we should really discussed sort of the voter confusion. >> when there are too similar propositions on the ballot. people didn't know what they were competing there was a lot of confusion. unlike those measures. prop 28 past the only state proposition without any formal opposition, it guarantees funding for arts and music education in california, public and charter schools. really, most importantly, 6 million kids in california. public schools have a brighter future because they'll be able to participate in art music in schools. prop 29 failed on the ballot for the 3rd election in a row. it's up to change staffing requirements for kidney dialysis clinics. >> also failing prop 30. it sought to increase taxes on california to earn more than 2 million dollars per year with the revenue going toward
6:41 am
electric vehicle subsidies and charging stations as well as resources to fight fires. prop 38. >> which is bad for our state. governor newsom was opposed. he argued prop 30 was a deceptive scheme from rideshare company lyft. but backers of the measure say it not passing will only hurt californians because the proposition did not pass. >> we're really condemns to many more years of this. air pollution. that is killing people and making people sick running off the list. prop 31 it past implementing a ban on most flavored tobacco products in the state. >> just one of 7 statewide ballot measures decided as california and speak their minds in sacramento. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> the new deatal technology that uses artificial intelligence to scan your x-rays to catch issues. the human eye might miss. i'm rich demuro will do is it to see what it finds coming up in tech. we'll stick with the scanning. the skies here which aren't looking too bad. a
6:42 am
little bit of cloud cover out there today is going to stay dry for veterans day a lot of events going on. if you're heading out to one of them, good news. we've got some great weather for upper 50's to low 60's later on today. don't forget those layers this morning, though. your forecast ahead. >> and we're almost friday light, but not quite if you're traveling to pleasant. along 6.80, we have a hot spot there. so stay away from that. we're going to continue to ll, we fell in ve through gaming. t now the internet lags and throws the whole thing off. en did you first scover this lag?
6:43 am
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>> 6.44, a new type of
6:45 am
artificial intelligence software is being used in dentist's office. yeah. apparently it analyzes x-rays in real-time. help down to spot a variety of dental issues. >> will that make it any more enjoyable? i don't know. rich demuro explains in today's tech smart. >> the next time you're in the dentist's office, the dental ai assistant may see you. here's a look at how artificial intelligence is helping dentists read x-rays with more accuracy than ever. >> pray and you can take a c o k. >> dentists have a new tool in the fight against heath issues. it's not a toothbrush or toothpaste, but artificial intelligence. and this is really a technology that is making its way into all forms of medicine. here tans is founder and ceo of pearl. they make software called second opinion, which uses ai to analyze dental x-rays to
6:46 am
identify potential trouble spots. we surface on average 37% more disease and pathology purr ried or after the encounter. the system runs in a standard web browser right alongside the dental chair. we see there's little pink area instead of showing patients of fuzzy black and white image. i highlights things in color and shows measurements that can be tracked over time. and just a few seconds i will analyze what's happening in their extra look for the k or infection or harder. and alert the doctor so that he or she can make that diagnosis. doctor kyle stanley helped create pearl and uses the tec at his office. he's one of thousands of dentist that help train the ai on what to look for and then what we do from a patient education site is making visual making interact is that the patient can actually understand what's happening in the ready i took a look at my ex race. you don't have dentist to see that. there's something like what's the what's the pain i are going on, right? i liked
6:47 am
how the system made it easy to see my previous fillings enamel and even routes. plus 8 highlighted potential problems to keep an eye on playing a very significant role in dentistry. and we really believe that he's in the process of becoming a standard of care. thankfully, i didn't find anything too serious. happening with me. >> the fda approved pearl software earlier this year. it's already being used by thousands of dental practices around the world. for more information, go to my website, rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. just a good reminder. check your chopper sets, right? stay on the other highs. it gets painful. it only what? we've got john standing by in the weather center with our forecast. a job. you know what the pearly whites make. you feel like maybe you're looking at some fresh snowfall in the sierra to which is something that we he of this week. >> so nice to be seeing that. guess what, we're even more of it. just around the corner
6:48 am
this weekend. this is a lot of good stuff that we need to be talking about to start the season. today is the dice and dry one, which is also good. a san jose looks nice and clear today is veterans day. so we've got some outdoor events. if you want to get to one of those and maybe even worried about the rain today, you got to worry about anything tomorrow. we will see a few inches of snowfall in the sierra. that means areas like kirkwood whose opening day is tomorrow. tomorrow is going up. some fresh powder up there as you're venturing up to the sierra. it's an excellent weekend for we've got to clear roads today. a little bit of light snow tomorrow, clearing back out into sunday bay area. we're clear today. no worries for your veterans day. we likely will see a few light showers tomorrow, especially inland. this is mostly after the sun goes down tomorrow night. it's time it out for today. a few passing clouds this morning. skies clearing towards the afternoon today and all in all a dry friday tomorrow morning before you even get up in the morning, you may see a sprinkle or 2. we'll all be asleep for that. it's before 04:00am after that
6:49 am
skies clear. really nicely middle of the day. and then this happens after the sun goes down inland east bay as well. solano county sees a chance of some late day showers. this is around 8, 09:10pm. you have those evening plans, maybe plan to grab a drink and conquered livermore. antioch, these spots are most likely to see some rain. same for you in vacaville and fairfield. the closer you get to the coast, the less likely you are to see anything tomorrow. most of us are actually going to remain dry for your saturday night. as for today, it's upper 50's and san francisco and at the coast while upper 50's to low 60's along the bayshore burlingame 62 today. same for you in foster city and san carlos while the south bay looking at some low 60's today. now these numbers seem very familiar because we're right around the same. we were yesterday and the day before it. so if you'd like to feel the past few days have brought just where those jackets in the sweaters and you'll be good to go for today. like i noted, it is veteran's day. so there are some of these outdoor events going on. and it's a great day for tomorrow that slight chance of showers
6:50 am
mostly inland and mostly after sunset sunday, a dry one low 60's for your highs evening lows continue to fall into the 30's. so these evenings remaining quite chilly. great job. thank you for that. will. the hot spot is still here in pleasanton? and it's going to be here for some time. >> northbound 6.80, south of burnout avenue. we have an overturned tractor trailer spilled debris all over the highway. there. northbound southbound. they're also shed some lanes down as well. they're trying to clear things off. so very sluggish along the southbound side. i would just avoid hopping on 6 city altogether through pleasanton, maybe stay on 5.80, or maybe take 84. i know it's a roundabout way, but definitely don't want to get trapped or stuck in any of that heading into the city right now. we're still pretty light across all of our bridges. so 9 minutes may so that fremont street exit meteor lights are off. richmond center fell bridge 8 minutes till still want to win. there. check on some of our highways in the south bay 101, heading up to 30 minutes.
6:51 am
85 in the park to 18. 82 still pretty much put you at the limit along with 17. let's check on things along 8.80, san leandro down towards milpitas about 26 minutes and look at highway 4. a 15 minute ride from any act into conquered darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. reyna. let's talk election results continuing to follow a close senate race that could determine the balance of power. and james says the latest on it comes down to either party. >> getting 2 more senate seats and they'll gain control. we know george is in a runoff situation. so that's on the back burner. for now, the nation's eyes are on nevada and arizona. those are the 2 toss-up states where we could see some play will begin in nevada. that's the race that pits adam laxalt, a republican against katherine cortez masto. she's the democratic incumbent currently trailing. but in the latest batch of ballots that were released last night, her or i should say, alexa, lead is actually diminished. yesterday she was trailing by about 16,000 votes. masto, though, now
6:52 am
trailing by just under 9,000 as each new batch comes out, it looks as though she's cutting into laxalt sleet. we could see a situation where she takes over in the next few updates perhaps by this weekend. if the trend continues, the way it's going, the votes are coming in right now from clark county down in las vegas and from washington county up near reno. both of those lean democratic. so we'll see if she can continue to cut intellect, salts lead at the moment. this could see something change here in the next couple of days. then we've got arizona. that was also interesting. mark kelly become a democrat leading by about now 115,000 votes. and that's an increase. the latest batch that was released last night showed that he was at about 95,000 votes ahead. and then with the new update, he was 115. so he's building his lead, which is going to need because blake masters isn't that far behind. and there are about 290,000 votes down in maricopa county where phoenix is located. the have to be counted and that batch are the votes that came in day of election day. these where
6:53 am
mail-in ballots that were hand delivered on the day of election. so what kind of boats are these? because it's election day. republicans typically vote on election day doesn't lean that way. but they're also mail-in ballots, which democrats tend to use more. so could this swing the democrats way? we'll have to wait and see. that's going to be big question going into this weekend. time now 6.53. we'll be right back. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase.
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i still notice a difference. back at 6.55, how look at this. the national toy hall of fame has announced its 2022 inductees. and i'm sure these look familiar to you, bring back some right thing. light bright light. love that. this trip to head. so i thought it was ok to right? light bright light, right? you got mattel's masters of the universe. he or was i didn't do. and that's that's just a little. spinning top spending time spending time with thing you pull you. >> james will do lot of time. a lot variety. look at the thing. this is the one you pull a string kids. they have no idea what this is. it's not like a you don't just with that. you pull that string up. sure. and they and been around. op.
6:57 am
>> predates the other 2 by 5. >> it's just now gotten children it for millennia. it sold ended up. look at that time. show. >> oh, my god. you not to mention the boxes for all this stuff. that's more popular. yes, 67 right coming on the morning news. we are honoring veterans on this veterans day. there's a number of events that you can enjoy today. >> and we'll have the run now for you. plus, the turmoil at twitter continues. we're here now how government agencies are getting into it.
6:58 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm daria and i'm james fletcher. we do want to begin with that breaking news. it comes to us from the traffic front where there's an issue on 6 ad in the east bay us on a holiday. let's see what it's doing to traffic right now. exact leanna holiday slowing us down. this is actually northbound 6.80, south now avenue. >> we have an overturned tractor trailer and that definitely spilled out things along the highway here. the northbound side completely shut down and they're diverting traffic off to signal. now, chp just got off the phone with them. they let me know. the southbound side is open. but look at that. definitely ran across the map as well. so i'm saying avoid that altogether. if for wh


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