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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and our time bouncing back after a burglary a local jewelry stores. grand return after being forced to close for almost a year. >> plus, the push from the u.s. senator to keep elizabeth holmes out of prison. white attorney we spoke to says that will not work. but first. getting this much snow and being able to open on the short timeline is really just awesome. >> a lot of people think it's resorts at south lake tahoe. ready to welcome back spears. we'll catch up with some locals heading for the snow this holiday weekend. >> hello, everybody. thank you for joining us at 10. i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant lotus. this week storm brought plenty of winter weather snow to the sierra prompting ski resort. some of them to open early. >> for the season, hundreds of skiers and boarders already hit the slopes today for an early opening at boreal.
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boreal leaders say they sold out all lift passes at the resort today. employees say they're ready to welcome crowds this weekend. and they're ready to benefit. from all the money coming into the area. >> means a lot for the local economy. i mean, there's a lot of people showing up in truckee. now the ski resorts are starting to open, not fills in the hotel beds. the restaurants in town. and there's a lot of cute little shops to get a bunch awesome stuff down there. >> the lifeblood of the area this time of year. boreal officials say they hope to be open for their famous night skiing starting next week. >> and starting tomorrow, heavenly and kirkwood north star, they're all going to begin their seasons for scale onto live in studio with some of the preparations that are underway right now for opening day. gale, it's exciting. >> yeah, grant and catherine share lives will be spending this weekend. a lot of excitement because as we know the ski season typically starts around thanksgiving. >> everywhere around the lake
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right now, there's a going on. mother nature delivered longtime tahoe resident kevin cooper already seeing local resort town buzzing after this week's storm brought several feet of snow to the sierra anywhere between 3 feet. here is this but down the eastern sea air anywhere between 5 and 6 early start, 20 days are like it could not be better. all this snow allowing ski resorts to start running their lifts way ahead of schedule. starting saturday. skiers and riders can rejoice at heavenly northstar and kirkwood mountain. so this is early start to the season. how excited are you guys? >> we were so excited that i don't know if you hear him breathing heavily i just got hill, dennis bag, communications manager at kirkwood mountain resort says the mountain received 34 inches of snow. it's just amazing. said like getting this much snow and be able to open on the short timeline is is really just awesome. thank meanwhile, here in san francisco, sports baseman presidio have been busy assisting. customers were
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ready to hit the slopes. more and more people come these last few days, especially in rentals like our rentals areas picking up. >> quite a kevin, when stopped by to pick up new snow boots for the season could not sleep last night at i i was ready to go. and i know a light all summer just to get happy that things are opening early and save over. >> and as for getting to the mountains, roads are expected to be slick. you are advised to check in with caltrans for the latest road conditions live in the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> let's check in with caltrans for the latest as we talk 4 zone forecast. this is a live look at interstate 80 eastbound traffic there closest to us. this is in the soda springs area. you can see the road does not have snow on cars are getting by. but there is snow elsewhere. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with a look at the weekend
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forecast. a pay their grant. and catherine. yeah, actually going to notice some additional light. snow showers arriving in this year as early as saturday afternoon. so i know for a lot of the snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts, you're already heading out there this weekend, if not there already, just because of the feet of snow you saw earlier this week. but this weekend we are going to get a few inches of fresh powder as well. so now is the time to head out is specially through saturday morning. >> and you can see highway 80 at donner summit. great time to drive. and we are tracking very dry road conditions that's going to change by saturday afternoon. we're tracking valley rain and light mountain snow in the forecast. very dry out there right now. but future cast for going to show some light. scattered rain and snow showers along the western slopes early for your saturday afternoon. and that's going to continue through saturday night and we are going to see upwards of about 4 inches of fresh powder for elevations above 5,000
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feet. but overall, most of this year going to see a light dusting of fresh powder anywhere from one to 2 inches. but watch out for those gusty winds year ridgecrest. we are going to see winds howling at 90 miles per hour and even for the valleys, breezy winds, fortunately well below advisory level. but just keep that in mind. tomorrow's forecast truckee and south lake tahoe, 36 degrees. so perfect weather to not only ski and snow are but also to help keep those snow conditions intact. unfortunately, we're tracking cool dry weather sunday into monday. so that's going to prevent that snow from melting because we're tracking several feet that you're going to get to enjoy this weekend. but temperatures out there right now for your local bay area forecast, mid 30's for fairfax at 37 degrees. alameda, though, the mild a city in the low 50's but just barely with everything else in between. so bundle up, it's going to be a chilly night. not as chilly as last night, but temperatures tomorrow holding steady upper 50's to low 60's. and as you
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can little change temperature wise for the next several days. we'll have your full 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes to see if any major storms are heading to the bay area. just a few minutes. back to you. grant and katharine, look forward to recent senate democrats are now just one seat away from taking control after mark kelly tonight was projected to win reelection in arizona. kelly has been one of the more successful democrats to run statewide in arizona. >> in 2020, he won a special election by about 2 percentage points over his republican incumbent. at that time, martha mcsally. and in tuesday's midterm, kelly beat his republican rival, blake masters with a 51.8% of the vote a masters. 46.1 masters have been endorsed by donald trump. >> and both parties have their eyes now locked on nevada is that state continues to count votes. the race is tightening between republican adam laxalt and democratic incumbent
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catherine cortez masto. the first latina ever in the senate laxalt leads by about 9,000 votes with more than 90% of the vote having been counted. >> so as of now, democrats need just one more win to gain full control of the senate. republicans need to meaning if the democrats win nevada, they take the senate. if not the republicans will gain one. georgia will be the tie breaker. there will be a runoff in georgia in early december to determine a winner because neither candidate got 50% of the vote tuesday. there is a new development in the ongoing drama surrounding the man accused of attacking paul pelosi. the san francisco sheriff's office says somebody claiming to be an immigrations and customs agent tried to visit david to pap, but that person was an imposter. the unidentified person tried to get into the jail on halloween 3 days after the attack, the person came to the jail with a
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business card. no government credentials. the path is a canadian national has been living illegally in the u.s. visitor was denied entry. not clear yet if you're going to face charges. and then taken a store in the city back open after being forced to close for a year. >> yeah. the and co on fillmore it was heavily damaged. had some priceless items taken last december. and now it's once again welcoming customers just in time for the holidays. kron four's dan thorn live in san francisco. he joins us with more on that. dan. >> a grand. it was a long 11 months for the owners of and co they're pacific heights store virtually trashed by burglars last year. but now they are back and they say they are better than before. >> it's the same pineapple door, but a brand-new shop inside the antique and jewelry store on fillmore street looks a lot different than it did nearly a year ago. maybe chop
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in co is john dream business. >> last december the store was covered in broken glass. >> and expensive jewelry was stripped from the shelves. readings on the floor, broken and destroyed. it was a heartbreaking time for the small business. but its owner wasted no time renovating. we love the store. >> we love the neighborhood other customers. so we have no interest in leaving. this is the place this is the place to be. >> quillen and says it's been a tough few years for small businesses and it's disappointing to see the empty store fronts throughout the city. he's hoping by sharing their recovery inland speier, others to reopen or move in with the holidays. not far away. it would also be nice to see people return to his i think that customers so the shocks to see. >> you know what the storm looks like now. we'll be very happy been here 40 years. there another
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>> well, conan is hoping for a strong holiday shopping season reddit and co and if they could build off of that, they're considering expanding reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron. 4 news. thanks for that. and police in daly city are looking for the suspects who still about $10,000 worth of tobacco products. >> delivery truck. they say the theft happened saturday afternoon in front of a convenience store on gaillard boulevard near the in and out there and employee telling officers that while the delivery truck was in the parking lot, 2 guys stole these tobacco products right out of the back of the truck and took them away in a blue infiniti suv. twitter's hit the pause button on its blue checkmark verification service after fake accounts started popping up left and right and now some experts are questioning of twitter. we'll be able to survive. kron four's. dan kerman reports. friday. elan musk focused his anger on the media, tweeting his twitter pursues the goal of elevating citizen
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journalism. >> media elite will try everything to stop that from happening. mainstream media will still thrive but increased competition from citizens will cause them to be more accurate. but accuracy proved to be difficult to find on twitter as scores of users pass themselves off as elon musk, another fake accounts falsely suggested things like eli lilly was giving away insulin for free. twitter responded by pausing its $8 blue check verification. but that was not enough for massachusetts senator ed markey who had a fake account set up in his name in a letter to musk, he said twitter had descended into the wild west of social media and said twitter must explain itself. he's done about everything wrong. i can think of in in an >> alienated the employees. i got rid of all the management tech analyst rob and early says musk has also alienated users and advertisers which could put an end of the
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twitter platform altogether. he's got enough money to run through the end of the year. i the i don't think twitter survive unless something major happens. i don't think twitter survive much beyond is burning too much cash right now. and early says there's no sight that's equal to twitter, but its possible demise creates an opportunity. what musk has done is he's up and a huge opportunity for somebody to step in with something better because people are looking for something better. but it's got to be well moderated. it's got to it's got to be well equipped for crash. there are also reports friday that twitter sent an email to laid-off employees indicating their separation agreements had been delayed. labor lawyers who have already filed a class action lawsuit against musk alleging laid-off employees are not getting what they were promised are interested to see what's in those agreements but are encouraging workers to hold off on signing anything for now. our fear has been that elon musk would send. >> severance agreements to employees across the company and pressure them to sign off on quickly that they would
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release all claims against the company without even knowing that we have filed this case on their behalf. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> today our nation took a moment to pause and to thank our veterans for their service, including washington, d.c., was a somber, rainy day at arlington national cemetery. president biden is in egypt. so the vice president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier calling the nation's veterans the best of america. to be a veteran. >> is to have truly known. the true cost of freedom. and to have worn it for all of us. is a debt. always be remembered.
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>> despite their service and all of their sacrifices. a lot of veterans face a very harsh reality. they do not have a place to call home. in fact, according to the california research bureau, san francisco has the 6th highest number of homeless veteran scott for theresa stasi takes a closer look now at the problem. >> and what's being done to try to turn things around >> for for me, whenever i think about veterans day, i think about all my fellow soldiers the ones i'm responsible for how we can support them. and for the last 13 years, alan wong served in the army reserve. this is one when he was called up to help. first responders when a raging wildfire. >> threatened to burn through south lake tahoe today as a legislative analyst's for san francisco supervisor gordon mar. >> is on a new mission to help struggling veterans. >> as a list of aid for some advice tomorrow, we're talking about 3 pieces of legislation.
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>> one of those pieces tackles the problem of homelessness, putting veterans up at the top when it comes to the city's affordable housing system. at 2019 survey by the san francisco point group revealed that there were about 600 chronically homeless veterans in the city amounting to about 9% of the chronically homeless population citywide currently and in san francisco that we have below market rate housing. that that it's a subsidized. >> and that the there's often a there's a lottery to to get into those opportunities. and so what we did was >> we created priorty preference for veterans. another measure gives those out on leave financial assistance. so what the does is it requires large employers employees for larger. >> to to pay the difference between them and military pay of a military service for up
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to 30 days in a year if they're called up for duty and giving free access to all san francisco parks, including the city's pools in places like the botanical gardens is a piece of legislation >> there to help support the and physical health veterans. says he recognizes there is still so much work to be done to help vets and address their complex needs. but >> he is proud of what has been accomplished, especially on a day like veterans day. >> what is veterans day mean to you? >> for me, veterans day is really about recognizing the service and sacrifice of the people serving military now and the veterans that came before me to reset stasio kron. 4 news >> the nonprofit is preparing veterans and their spouses for a career in tech and they're doing it for free. >> it is called and power. that program has classes. it's good job training and 7
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states, including here in the bay area. kron four's ella sogomonian us in the newsroom with the details. allan. >> well, empowers for veterans or spouses, as you mentioned, of any age and for young adults from underserved communities between 18 and 26 years old, i'm told all they need is a high school diploma and an interest in technology. and power teaches a combination of tech training and certification for careers in it. >> cybersecurity and cloud computing. among other things. they also help graduates land jobs. it's a free course for 16 weeks and is available to veterans. their spouses and young adults from underserved communities. the executive director of and power chris starling is a marine corps veteran of 26 years. he served 10 overseas deployments and 3 combat tours and knows how hard transitioning to civilian life can be. people can apply at any time, but he recommends having a plan ahead of time. starling also shared by military vets are well suited
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for a career in tech tech is a natural way to go for veterans. a military people have a real good idea about. >> how to follow instructions there on time. they use initiative and especially the role of cybersecurity where you are in many ways defending a network. so you take your mindset from defending terrain to defending in that work. >> and power reports 80% of their student grads get a job at companies including general dynamics and td bank graduate kyree jordan found out about the program will living in veterans housing in 2019. so that informatics which is to move in a story to >> and when to the bay area of simple to get in take role. but it actually. >> it was a lot tougher, a talented power program. i want i get so technical role. >> and starling is also
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putting out a call for more employers who want to partner up with and power to help hire more graduates in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> the space city is about to get a new top cop. martinez expected to name clearlake police chief andrew white has its next police chief sometime next week. white 38 has been in charge of clear lake's police department since 2018. he also served as clear lake's acting finance director here. white serves on california's 9-1-1, advisory board and as an appointee of governor gavin newsom, the city said white will begin his new job early next year. >> we are getting a closer look. look at this. some of the devastation left behind by hurricane nicole. it hit florida yesterday. the category one storm die down pretty quickly. but the huge storm surge did not. it has caused a lot of flooding. it has top of some home. some businesses, some of them collapsing into the atlantic.
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>> as reporter savior, walton tells us the storm has now turned deadly. >> i went through hurricane andrew. remember that one? 1992 at home said ground 0. feel like all those emotions are coming back. this is all that's left. >> nicole turning beachfront properties and a massive piles of rubble will come back from it. >> but it's just hard to see him right now because it's just so fresh cereal and just didn't expect for hours. waves battered beach communities. the strong winds still leaving thousands in the dark. >> thursday, the orange county sheriff's office confirming that 2 people died after officials say they were electrocuted by a downed power line. that was scary. i was worried that it could reach over this road and stop. so the sun glow pier was damaged extensively during hurricane ian about 6 weeks ago. but this this gaping hole that's brand new and the pier has lost some 6 feet of sea wall. mother nature can do what
10:21 pm
mother nature can do. don't know that we i'm >> may's surprised or i think >> you know, you just got to be resilient very out. what to do from here. >> and back on the beach, tiffany davis knows a lot of work in front of us. welcome back. stronger, better florida, strong right. >> that was savior walton reporting the storm nicole has weakened to a tropical depression. now did so as it made its way through georgia. it's now in the chi carolinas, but extending all the way up into new england. a huge storm and forecasters are warning it could still bring flash flooding to some parts of the country over the weekend. still ahead tonight, rsv cases are on the rise again across the country. we talk to local doctors. >> about what they're seeing here in the bay. >> also, trouble in the mouse house. why disney is getting ready for freeze. it has nothing to do with winter or the movie frozen. and why. >> the sandals could sell for more than $60,000. the war
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>> pretty impressive there. 3 cooling towers at a coal plant in kentucky. they were imploded. the towers toppling down into a cloud of dust after a series of strong blast. >> the plan was active for nearly 60 years before it closed in 2020. yeah. the slow motion video that pretty cool. crews are clearing the grounds for future use. its operators are investing billions to fund carbon-free low cost reliable power. it was a tough commute this morning for people in 6 ad after a big rig overturned near pleasanton just south of bernal avenue. >> investigators say the driver of the big rig fell asleep that the we'll bounce off the center median and landed. the truck did on that side. surprisingly, nobody was hurt in the crash and they righted the big rig. >> next at 10, the california county, which is now saying it sheriff's department will no longer do any daytime patrols,
10:26 pm
not also what one man found in tornado rubble that led him to propose to his girlfriend and how a dead man could be elected soon as a city official in california. >> and tracking a weak storm that's going to arrive overnight in the north bay. details on your full weekend forecast in just a few minutes. mom, we need to talk to you about yiorgos. don't you think it's a little odd he showed up in your life right when you became a gigillionaire?! he's a gig-digger, mom! he's using you for your at&t fiber. now that it has hyper-gig speeds.
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>> a lot of people visiting the sierra this holiday weekend. so beautiful there right is. people are looking to take advantage of all that. that fresh powder. really. it's note this week during a u.s. the rain that we have here in the back now i'm looking at that really is beautiful. of course, all of this means a really busy weekend for businesses in that area. mason morrow reports from truckee. businesses are obviously taking advantage with the number of people who are coming into the sierra. we actually caught up with one business owner. we spoke with 2 years ago at the height of the pandemic when she told us that she was unsure her restaurant would survive through it all. but flash for 2 tonight. and it's difficult to even find a place to sit inside of a restaurant. >> i hate to say like covid never have, but it feels like this. you know, it feels just like. >> it did before returned to the restaurant brewery. katie jen has known for the last
10:30 pm
decade, a full dining area in taproom at 50, 50 brewing company based veterans day weekend. in the weeks fresh snowfall. >> this is the earliest the resorts have open. i think in 10 years that i've been here they haven't seen it all done before busy waiting staff. it's a sign of relief for abortion. you found yourself in an uncertain place just 2 years ago, fox 40 spoke with her in november of 2020 after restrictions on indoor dining halted business feels like just yesterday. but at the same time, it feels. >> like it was so long ago with all the progress we've made after a slow couple weeks portion and others in truckee aided by a foot of snow and a three-day weekend are open and ready for business. with the holiday and the snow we can't can be happier to have. >> well, this here feels great. it honestly feels like feels like it happened. we learned a lot, but we're in a much better place and we're excited for this winter and what's to come. >> fifty-fifty brewing company isn't the only business
10:31 pm
benefiting from all the people who are coming in for the holiday weekend. we actually went into a few other restaurants to see if they had anything they want to say. but >> they were so busy they couldn't even find a moment to break away. but everyone here is really just hoping for some more snow fall to continue throughout this all important winter season reporting in truckee, a mason morrow kron. 4 news. >> all right. time for a look at the 4 zone forecast as we look live at sfo. >> meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez says here is people making weekend plans here in ariza. yeah, that's right. and right ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. so >> we're already getting into that holiday season when everything just kind of fast fords from now, until then. but we are tracking cooler temperatures this weekend. slight chance of showers. that weak storm is also going to bring some light snow showers to the sierra up to 4 inches. but we could see some light rain, especially for those of you in parts of the north bay.
10:32 pm
but right now we're tracking very dry, cool, calm conditions in the bay area with the radar for really not seeing that much. as far as rain goes. but we are seeing a stray showers starting to inch closer towards santa rosa currently leading cloverdale heading towards windsor and then eventually knocking on santa rosa's door. we could actually get some light patchy drizzle shortly before midnight tonight. but we are tracking a weak storm to our north currently over cloverdale just exiting barbourville. but we are going to see the future cast for tracking the bulk of the wet weather. not arriving until saturday afternoon. so we are going to get a break in the clouds buyer on saturday morning. but then that storm doors going to reopen by saturday afternoon. first, for those of you in santa rosa and vacaville, very light scattered hit or miss showers and it's going to shift to the south and east over conquered and even possibly clipping parts of our east bay valleys. and as far south as san jose with some light scattered hit or miss showers arriving along
10:33 pm
the san francisco peninsula coastline. before we start to dry out and clear out by saturday evening, shortly before midnight. so really just tracking traces amount of drizzle for most of the bay area. but those of you in santa rosa, you could get up to about a 10th of an inch of wet weather. not what we saw earlier this week. but hey, every drop certainly does help. so let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. definitely cooling down, especially far north bay valleys. 37 degrees for fairfax novato. 39 degrees. but alameda, the one outlier currently in the low 50's but just barely it is the mall. the city out there right now for your friday night and temperatures overnight not going to be as chilly as last night, but still bundle up low to mid 40's with santa rosa. slightly above freezing at 36 degrees. and temperatures holding steady because of that storm cloud cover upper 50's to low 60's. so we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees below average once again, half moon
10:34 pm
bay. 55 degrees. those of you in hayward, 62 degrees for your afternoon highs. and let's take a look at your next 10 at 10 outlook. no major storms heading our way, but we are going to see some milder weather mid week with temperatures warming up into the mid-sixties should be averaging mid to upper 60's this time of year. so a little bit on the cooler side, even by november standards. but still nice to be out of the low 60's and upper 50's, at least for a few days. and there's been sun here and there. yes, really when iraq complaint, i love it. fire season is largely over. and what more can you add it? and it's finally feeling like fall and early winter. so there you go. >> thank you for sure. thanks, guys. hospitals across the country have been trying to keep up with a spike in rsv cases in children. hospital in massachusetts is reporting a bed crisis in some schools in kentucky. >> are having to close because of the virus and here in the bay area, children's hospitals. they are reporting an increase in cases kron four's rob nesbitt, talk to health experts and how it is
10:35 pm
affecting children's hospitals at stanford and ucsf. more and more parents are noticing a nasty cough with their little ones because of the mucus. an inflammation of the chest caused by rsv. >> infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says an increase of cases that benny off children's hospital in oakland and san francisco has affected several areas of care. the maze, 0 vision care, physicians, offices, pediatricians offices. >> on what's that's leading to some. >> potential consolations of elective surgeries and and visit at stanford university's packard children's hospital. it's a similar story. there certainly is a incidents of rsv infection. doctor david cornfield says parents will be concerned for their child's well-being. >> they should also know that rsv is the most common viral infection in children. 50% experiencing symptoms before their first birthday. the overwhelming majority of kids do very well with this
10:36 pm
infection. >> i'm having some cold symptoms. some running nose and relatively few of these children actually get hospitalized. when you think about all the kids that are infected, doctor chin-hong says rsv isn't just spread among kids, but that most deaths happened with those 65 and older. >> it's why he recommends taking some of the same precautions we've learned to do with covid wearing a mask around them. if they're not infected washing your like there's no tomorrow. >> because those not important >> covid, they're really, really him reporting for rsv. >> pfizer is getting ready to submit an rsv vaccine to the fda. the vaccine will be given to women during pregnancy to reduce their child's risk of catching the virus. doctor chin-hong expects the vaccine will be ready in about a year reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> and new cdc report says that in some 6 months and younger are being hospitalized with covid higher rates than before. although at least the percentage of severe cases is
10:37 pm
not increasing. the report is focusing on the delta and omicron variants and babies too young to be immunized. a local pediatrician says it is probably helping when the mothers have been vaccinated. >> there's probably some component of passive immunity that moms who have been immunized give to their children and that likely will decrease the level of severity for these kids. >> he says the hospitalizations probably boil down to the easing of covid measures. >> new tonight at 10 concerns about the public safety and to county after the sheriff's department there says they'll no longer be patrolling during the day. that decision was made after the department said there's, quote, catastrophic staffing issues. the sheriff's office says it has lost more than 20 employees recently in applicant numbers are low. in the face of declining revenue.
10:38 pm
disney executives have imposed a hiring freeze and could be looking at cutting jobs. the entertainment company just reported disappointing quarterly earnings. disney's streaming services lost 1.4 billion dollars last quarter. more than double what they lost this time last year. us judge in texas has blocked president biden's plan to provide millions of borrowers with student loan forgiveness. the district court judge who is a trump appointee, says the program is an overreach of executive power. the program was already on hold because of a separate lawsuit in a federal appeals court in st. louis. the plan would clear up to $20,000 in debt for pell grant recipients with most student loan borrowers receiving $10,000 in relief. exactly one week from today. former theranos ceo and founder elizabeth holmes. she will be sentence for fraud and conspiracy and she is facing up to 20 years behind bars.
10:39 pm
>> as kron four's, justin campbell tells us her lawyers are now asking for a much lesser sentence. >> facing 20 years behind bars, elizabeth holmes is now a convicted felon after a jury find her found her guilty of 4 felony counts of investor fraud and conspiracy. but her defense team is painting an entirely different story of who she is. they say that she is an intelligent woman in an expectant mother and they say no public good will come from locking her up behind bars. elizabeth holmes defense team submitted an 82 page document. >> with more than 130 letters saying holmes is a humble woman with much to give to the world. even senator cory booker of new jersey wrote a letter on her behalf. cory booker didn't come to the trial and testifies and good character with defense attorney paula canny says the senator >> cannot get homes out of prison time, but one person's
10:40 pm
input. >> about elizabeth holmes isn't enough to diffuse the fact that she suffered for felony conviction. holmes was convicted back in january following a month-long trial. a jury found her guilty of investor fraud over how her company theranos failed to deliver on its promise that it can scan for hundreds of diseases and health problems with a few drops of blood. >> she could get, you know, 46 years or 18 months in prison or 2 years. the judge has great discretion. defense attorneys are asking for 18 months or less submitting letters saying that holmes is a warm, thoughtful friend loving mother. do you think end up serving prison time? i do. holmes will be sentenced next friday at this courthouse behind me, november 18th. and we will bring you the latest on air and online reporting here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news >> retirement living facility in pleasanton paid tribute to
10:41 pm
its veterans. today, organizers at stoneridge creek set up this table just filled with war memorabilia belonging to the veterans who live at the facility, uniforms and swords and hats metals. a lot of photos. 135 veterans live there. they have served in world war 2, some of them in the korean war, the vietnam war and some talk to us about their time in the service. >> it very hard for me to good use it. with 48 fellows. >> just think that it allowed me be proud of the country when it was all done. and the older i get, the more proud am i was in lots of places. a 42 days on troop ships who one of the least favorable parts of my service. and 44 days in japan on the way over in the way back, that was the best part of the
10:42 pm
>> wilder morgan recently found letters that he used to send to his parents dating back to the 1950's when he was serving. so why are still has his photo of when he enlisted there? it is. that's pretty cute. he hasn't changed all that much. and still ahead, among the nationwide race is still too close to call. one in california features candidate leading. >> the race. >> steph curry has been carrying the dubs on his back all season tonight was no different. he was sensational. hit fact. coming up in sports, we'll give you 40 reasons why steph is the league's most valuable player so far this season.
10:43 pm
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>> the latest numbers are in on the san jose mayoral race between city council member matt mahan and santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez. the latest update showing mayhem is in the lead. 51.4%. chavez has 48.6% mahan has nearly 4800 more than chavez. but there are hundreds of thousands of votes that still have to be counted. final results, of course, from this week's midterms will determine which party controls the house. they will also likely affect the future of house speaker nancy pelosi
10:46 pm
given the recent attack on her husband, the possible upset of power in the house. there is a lot of speculation on what she mike do next. pelosi has served as representative from san francisco since 1987. she was reelected this week to another two-year term. she has hinted she might turn in her gavel if republicans win majority control. a lot of people expect her to retire. if that happens on capitol hill, some are speculating that the pelosi will leave to focus on her family. she and her husband are both 82 years old. she has said in interviews the attack on her husband, paul will be a factor in her decision. she did once say that this would be her last term in leadership, although that was 4 years ago. if pelosi does choose to retire a special election would be held to find her replacement and san diego
10:47 pm
county. the candidate who died is now ahead in chula vista city, attorney race. simon so far died from cancer in september. if he wins, the city will have to pay 2 million dollars for another election. at last word he is in fact, winning by 150 votes. the city has until december 8th to verify the results. and a look at this old weathered looking birkenstock sandals are up for auction. these once belong to apple founder steve jobs. they're being auctioned off by julien's auctions. they're figuring they could go for between 60 $80,000. the winner will also get an nft image of the sandals that auction will and sunday. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it was quite a show. the warriors face the cleveland cavaliers tonight at chase.
10:48 pm
look into when consecutive games with the dubs. for the first time this season, it's been rough. getting started. the cavs are actually one of the east best teams, 83 record, but the dubs of one the past 10 regular season meetings with cleveland. they have their number. so what's going to give the forty-niners given the dump some love tonight, maybe both samuel. well, it's a brand and i you watching the game from the court. they were treated a great. performance from staff who takes the skip pass here? >> drives baseline. put some spin on it. the case off the glasses, bill raftery would say great body control warriors, though, down for the half. donovan mitchell used to be on the jazz now showing off for the cavs euro step around. kevon looney lays it in. mitchell led the cavs with 29 that game came down to one guy. steph. tell warden kerry. he gives it to draymond, gets it from draymond hits the 3. and steph ties it at 98 with
10:49 pm
just over a minute to go now, same score a minute ago, mitchell misses kevon looney gets the board and kerry leagues out sneaks by the defense lays it in warriors up 100 to 98 with 54 seconds left. yeah. talk to the crowd. staff. and now what are you going to do? worries up one. 38 seconds left he gets a pick from clay and the dagger 3. is all they really needed. steph fills it up. 40 points, 6 of 11 from beyond the arc. he's now scored 87 points in the last 2 games. both warriors wins take this 106, to 101. we may look back at this stage of the season as the words were struggling and say, yeah, steph saved them early. from credible reports from right now. but the sharks dallas trying to snap a five-game losing streak against the stars here tied to beginning of the second period. timo meier with the one timer and
10:50 pm
for us, what's the sharky's up? 3, 2, they add on to their lead and they do it quickly. 36 seconds later, we'll sharks fan in texas. the rookie. that's a lonely alex barr gets the steal skates around the back of the where's logan logan? he scored. he scores a lot. sharks take a 42 lead on that towards goal start the comeback. >> and we're down just 5 for pulled the goalie get extra attacker. sharks goalie, though. james reimer. he was kept the puck out of the net. sharks snapped their five-game losing streak when it tonight, 5, 4, hoops stanford men second plane, wisconsin tonight. this is awesome. >> and they they called that you're home battles of the brew city held outside at american family field. that's where the brewers play baseball, wisconsin. way better, though. tyler, wall of steel break wage and led the badgers and 17, wisconsin up
10:51 pm
12 at the half. and the brandon angel try to keep stanford close. it's a 3 finishes with 14 to lead. the cardinal put the badgers control this thing. most of the way they break depressed partner. bill moore gets the easy 2. so he's happy about that. is gilmore. wisconsin wins 60 to 50 stanford. also 1, 1, on the season on paper. cal didn't have much of a chance against kansas state. but the bears gave the wildcats all they could handle kansas state jumping out early. kalou says the ball inside marquese know gets out on the break makes a pretty behind the back pass to make one comment. who knows what to do with it. the cause of the ball bears had 15 first-half turnovers. that's not going to do it. k state had a 15 point halftime lead, but the bears battled back went on a 24 to 5 run. look at the drive. newcomer kevin ash cute coast to coast. you've got to stop the ball. he makes the hoop get he led the bears 17 points callas only down one k state
10:52 pm
that went on at 8, 0, run of the road led by get the steal past, said and those to kind of like hooking up 2 hand jam that ice is at kansas state wins it. 63 54 the bears but pretty good but dropped to oh and 2 on the young season after enjoying their bye week. well-rested diners. those charges in prime time sunday night. christian mccaffrey should be well versed offense with the extra time to study shanahan's playbook. niners hope that will translate into more points on the board. jimmy g well aware of mccaffrey's talents, especially what you can do after making the catch and they plan to take full advantage of those skills. christian just has a natural ability to feel space and defense is a i. >> well, norm and he did the 2 weeks ago. there's a couple times and zone where he would just sit down real, you know that slowly. but just to feel the space in the right spot and as a quarterback has been quarterback friendly and as a quarterback, you know, it's easy throw for you and the
10:53 pm
rocket that point. but yeah, he has a natural feel for it and we have a couple guys in there that can do that. have that feel. but it's more guys. you get with that. the better. >> niners sunday night in
10:54 pm
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>> this was the scene in lamar county, texas this week after a tornado hit and one man remembered after all the excitement that the storm meant that he had hidden a
10:56 pm
surprise engagement ring and a house that was destroyed. 2 news who knew where it was. but he found that he found dakota hudson says it was like looking for a needle in the haystack. neighbors help them find and dakota decided it was kind of a sign. so, yeah, i basically immediately proposed to his girlfriend. imagine the stress. oh, yeah. on top of everything else. good. but that worry. that was braces here. nice and because we have a weekend coming. it's looking good out there. it's looking great. in fact, are going to track a weak storm. bringing us the very light scattered showers, mainly for those of you in the north bay. but, hey, something's better than nothing. so let's take a look at what you can expect during your 1st half of the weekend. >> very calm. dry conditions out there right now over golden gate bridge. but we are seeing some showers to the north of santa rosa, but we are tracking the storm just to the north over your rica and even north of ukiah. and that's going to bring us hit
10:57 pm
or miss showers for parts of the bay area. most of it is going to come in the form of drizzle, especially overnight for those of you in the north bay and then a fairly dry calm start for your saturday morning. but then by saturday afternoon, light scattered hit or miss showers that could bring us about a 10th of an inch of rain or less drying out by saturday night. temperatures, though, going to be on the cool side. upper 50's to low 60's about 5 to 10 degrees below average little change in the next forecast. mid 60's by wednesday of this week. all right. and sorry, i was having a coughing fit you good at thinks for joining us. have a good weekend. everybody.
10:58 pm
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