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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. now at 6, the crypto world continuing to real over the bankruptcy of ftx. the massive. >> crypto exchange founded by a bay area native. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm dan thorn ftx way short about 8 billion dollars. that's after the company went through the crypto equivalent of a bank run this week. ftx had agreed to sell out to arrival, but that deal fell through ceo and founder sam bankman-fried also resigned from four's gayle ong live in studio tonight with more on
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this story. gayle. >> dan, we're talking billions of dollars gone essentially overnight from a large scale investors to everyday people their life savings gone after crypto trading exchange ftx went under. >> people didn't expect ftx to go down like this is a bike theft. the axe is basically equivalent like a jp morgan of the crypto sector. sam gorgie editor at koin telegraph has been covering the crypto world since 2012. >> just 3 years after bitcoin was born, the demise of ftx, a seemingly unimaginable collapse went from 30 billion dollars. plus to 0 in the span of really of days. the vast majority of the money invested on ftx exchange gone. the company's now former c e o 30 year-old stanford native sam bankman-fried who took to twitter saying, quote, i f up, i should have done better as for where everyone's money went more. she says much of it appears to have been transferred to an ftx sister
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company. that deposit has now looks like it went to all my research to investor traded to some high leverage, high risk trading. was it all a loss to i do. it looks like that right now leaving those who invested taking to twitter, some pleading with bankman-fried to give their money back. others expressing anger. one person writing, quote, i lost my life saving. thanks to you. i have never wish for a person to rot in jail more than you right now. years of savings years of working completely and done in a single week. also left in limbo. uc berkeley after reaching a 17 and-a-half million dollar deal with ftx. the university recently renamed its football stadium ftx field. high-profile investors in the company included tom brady and steph curry. as for whether or not investors might ever see their money again, that's million dollar it depends on where we're going to see some intervention on the government side. we don't know the answer that yet. >> you know, these these these situations could actually take years before people are made somewhat all again.
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>> and on top of the bankruptcy, investors have plenty of other reasons to worry now because of the bankruptcy remaining found on the exchange were supposed to be locked up, but mysteriously more than a 500 million dollars was moved out of the exchange in the last 24 hours where that money is right now, nobody seems to know in the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> all right, kelly, thank eta is expected to lay off more than 360 san francisco based employees by early january. that's according to city supervisor matt dorsey, dorsey says he received a notice under the warren act about the layoffs. he encourages those facing unemployment to browse the city government's more than 4500 available jobs. layoffs are expected to hit the met office starting january 13th in the east bay. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left 2 people injured. it happened on 62nd avenue just before 9.30, last night. police say they arrived on scene and found evidence of a shooting but no victims. a
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short time later, they were told that 2 people, one of the hospital with gunshot wounds. police later connected. the victims to that shooting. one of them is in critical condition. the other now in stable condition. a developing story out of dallas tonight to historic military planes crashing in mid air at an air show. the planes falling to the ground and exploding into a ball of flames. sending billows of black smoke into the sky. those there's no word yet on how many people were on board either plain or if anyone on the ground was hurt. we'll have an update on this story on air and online as we learn more information tonight, we're keeping an eye on the balance of power in washington. senate democrats are now just one seat away from taking control of the senate. democrat mark kelly won reelection in arizona last night. take a look at the numbers. this was a very tight race in a state. the democrats have been able to flip in recent elections. senator kelly defeated trump back.
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blake masters annise remaining tonight on nevada republican adam laxalt has a small lead over and kept coming. democrat catherine cortez masto, there are still tens of thousands of votes left to be counted. most of them are from clark county, which is where las vegas is. if democrats can win this seat, they will win control of the senate. if republicans win control of the senate will come down to a runoff election next month in georgia. here's a look at the house of representatives tonight. republicans are inching closer to retaking control. you can see here the associated press reports republicans so far and one, 211 seats to 201 seats for the democrats. it takes 218 to get a majority and there are still several races that are too close to call. it could still be several days before we know which party will take control of the house. happening now, the heavenly kirkwood and northstar mountains open early for skiers to hit the slopes. this week's storm bringing several feet of snow to the
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sierra nevada getting to the maybe slick out there. so you're advised to check in with caltrans for the latest on those road conditions. but for now, we're going to be sending it over to rodriguez for a closer look at the there. danielle, let's take a look at those snow showers starting to make its way back into this year this evening. it is going to be lighter than the feet of snow that we saw earlier this week. but hey, fresh powder nonetheless. so we are tracking hit and miss snow showers over kirkwood right now. but as you can see, truckee and donner summit. >> you're tracking that blanket of light snow cloud cover was south lake tahoe dry, at least for now. but we are going to see lake effect snow during the overnight hours through your sunday morning, bringing one to 3 inches of fresh powder for south lake tahoe. up to 4 inches for the highest peaks of the sierra for us here in the bay area tracking the storm to our north drying out, going to be more of a wind maker. then rainmaker. but we are going to see, though some
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cloud cover increase. but overall, it is going to be a dry day in the forecast and we not only have that, but a beach hazard statement in effect for bay area coastline starting sunday morning through monday morning. so watch out for dangerous sneaker waves and rip currents. i'm going to have your full weekend outlook and what you can expect for the work week ahead to see if any rain is returning to the bay area in just a few minutes. back to you. dan. >> all right. marie said thanks a lot. coming up, millions of americans blocks from getting student loan forgiveness. how you can stay prepared for what's ahead. plus, tis the season of giving a turkey giveveay in the north bay. and an annual stop. a truck event happening down on the peninsula. find out how you can pitch after the break. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels...
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an annual holiday tradition in san mateo county is in full swing today. members of the redwood city police department. >> how the stop a truck event. kron four's philippe djegal reports the toy and book drive will benefit hundreds of low-income families this winter. >> the target on el camino. team. that's well. and his children dropped off an entire basket toys to the redwood
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city. police youhve got is you have it back. and dozens of followed department stuff. the truck with donations for its annual toy and book drive which runs in partnership with several other law enforcement and public safety agencies in san mateo county. >> having already served in the military. u.s. air force veteran mike figaro, a says there is never a bad time to give because my family's been in that type of situation where we couldn't afford a whole lot. >> and it was. have a for the kids, especially during the holidays. so i we kind of figured just, you know, if we can with a smile on a kid's face, it's worse than last year. more than 40 businesses took part in the collection and set up 67 barrels that were filled with toys providing enough gifts. >> for more than 800 families every year we have more and more children better and better needing toys, disadvantaged families. and so this is a great way for the
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community to get back. in addition to local shops, the barrels are located at the police and fire departments, new and inbox, toys and books only as for those families interested in benefiting from the program. you can sign up on the city's website through friday. the 18th. >> to be eligible. you must live in the area have at least one child, 12 years of age or younger and the low income that makes me happy knowing that someone. >> happy minus the next to the truck will be held december second outside costco. >> the gifts will be distributed before christmas in redwood city police to go wrong >> always nice to get back this time of year. coming up, cars, cars and more cars at this year's good guys. get together. we're going to take a closer look after the break.
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for your money tonight, the biden administration's student loan forgiveness plan has been ruled unconstitutional. means millions of students and graduates will face loan payments starting up again in january. steve brown has more on what's ahead. the white house as 26 million people signed up for the program, 16 of those were already approved. but now the future of the loan forgiveness program is in serious doubt. >> president joe biden had campaigned in recent weeks talking about how his administration had delivered on his 2020 campaign promise
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to forgive student loan debt. but a federal judge in texas struck down the program ruling it unconstitutionally circumvents congress in his opinion, trump appointee, judge mark pittman rights in this country. we're not ruled by an all powerful executive with a pen and a phone. it is fundamental to the survival of the republic that the separation of powers be preserved. so what should people with student loans do with payments set to resume in january after the long pandemic pause in annie le of the form credit union recommends getting in touch with the loan servicing company and examining your options. now your income situation could have change. you could have some access to still some forbearance agreements and some other things. so start now. don't wait until you can't make the payments. also in january, loan payment deferment go back to the way they were before the pandemic pause that is limited, but including people who are out of work or on family medical leave. another tip reviewing your personal finances will be important if
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you know what your payments going to be. the start really looking at your budget and saying, can i can i really start doing that to maybe start setting that money aside now? >> so you can live that way and not wait until january or february when they restart and then trying to live that way. the biden administration has filed an appeal in an attempt to revive the student loan forgiveness program. but it's on a very difficult path either. the 5th circuit court of appeals or the u.s. supreme court would need to overturn the texas judge's ruling. and both of those bodies, our majority conservative, steve brown. >> all right. in the north bank, sonoma county authorities in the giving spirit today as they delivered 160 turkeys to residents ahead of the holiday season. the sheriff's office saying they are thankful have all the things that they have and be sure to take time to reach out to one another. with them helping hand. all right. we want to take a look at our 4 zone forecast now a live look at i-80 in soda springs. looks like some snow is out filled up there on the side of the roads. not many people seem to
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be out there right now. might might be a good thing, right? because they could be slick and maybe up weight driver proves me wrong. reeser rodriguez joining us now to look at the snow and also what's happened in the forecast recent. yeah, right on cue, right, dan? you jinxed it. all right. let's take a look at radar for because we are tracking some very light snow showers making its way into this year this evening. that's going to continue. >> through your sunday morning. so we could see up to 4 inches of fresh powder and some gusty winds throughout this year. ridgecrest at 50 miles per hour or less. but we're tracking drier, calmer conditions. there is a storm sweeping through the bay area right now going to be more of a wind maker. then rainmaker. so not really tracking that much as far as storm cloud cover goes. but downtown san francisco seeing sustained winds at 20 miles per hour. so that cool sea breeze influence of full effect even into the east bay shoreline in future wind gusts. we could see gusts in that 20 to even 30 miles per hour range during the overnight hours into your sunday morning. so just keep that in mind. well, below
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advisory level, but we do have that beach hazard statement right along the bay area coastline as well starting sunday morning. so just a heads up there. temperatures out there right now, widespread low to mid 50's. 46 for fairfax. so very chilly temperatures already for those of you in our north bay valleys, but about 10 degrees warmer for eastern contra costa county with pittsburgh and brentwood, both in the mid 50's. so overnight lows tonight we are going to be noticeably cooler compared to last night. fortunately, no frost advisories are chill advisories to contend with. but those with you, those of you in santa rosa and we could cool down into the mid 30's so slightly above freezing. so bundle up there. but widespread low to mid 40's for most of the bay area. even along the coast, the high temperatures tomorrow seeing a few degrees of warming mid 60's returning for santa rosa and avato. and that's what we should be averaging this time of year. but we are going to be a few degrees below normal. every whorls upper 50's for downtown san francisco with oakland and san jose. both at
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61 degrees. so taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. we are going to hold steady. unfortunately, no rain in the forecast and it looks like we're going to end the month of november. on a dry note, dan. so fingers crossed. we get some storms for early december. back to you think cross. thanks. a lot of recent. >> in the east bay, hundreds of people making their way to the 32nd annual good guys get together this weekend. this is honoring local first responders, veterans and car culture. of course, more than 2000 cars on display. some of them, as you can see here, more than 50 years old today, organizers paying tribute to veterans with a ceremony including color guard presentation. and that's for that's parade. that event will continue tomorrow morning starting. >> at 08:00am. >> it's saturday in november, which means college football is front and center next in sports, we'll tell you how the nation's top teams fared and what an ohio state quarterback did to push himself into the heisman trophy discussion.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, saturday, november means college football, all the top ranked teams were in play today. but let's go around the horn and a couple of dogs have a dog fight today. the number one ranked georgia bulldogs on the road today at mississippi state
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facing the bulldogs. it's a tall guy. dog world, right? well, 3rd quarter action, georgia, 17 to 12 and to add the lead ladd mcconkey takes the handoff here breaks a couple of tackles and he's off to the races 70 yards for the touchdown score. we're still in the 3rd quarter. yeah. georgia ends up taking the lead over mississippi state. it is 31 2 to 12 l a have an update on that score later on. let's go to columbus, ohio, yet the state capitol where the number 2 ranked buckeyes looking at 3, 7, indiana hoosiers, they usually better basketball. >> 2 ohio stadium. this is cj stroud and this is also why he's the front-runner for the heisman trophy right drops back here. yeah, 17 for 28 to 97 in the air. 5 touchdowns today including this one to marvin harrison junior. that sounds familiar, doesn't it looking like his dad there, 58 yards and the score buckeyes
6:25 pm
win it. 56 to 14. a move know on the season. let's go to the cold and snowy arctic tundra of ann arbor, michigan. yeah, that is a look at >> but take a look at this. what time is it play? but flavored? yeah. he knows all about the michigan wolverines of the number 3 ranked team in the country. he knows what time it is. all right. let's get the play action here. yeah. game was all about run defense, including this one. blake corum running 28 times for 162 yards. touchdown right here. nice little burst. his longest run of the day was just 12 yards, but they grounded in town and get the job done. michigan wins this one, 34 to 3 and they also stay undefeated just like their rivals over in ohio. let's talk about the men, though. tomorrow night. the forty-niners facing the chargers offense for the hurt justin herbert. and they're also missing their top 2 wide receivers. but they still have to deal with austin ekeler. colors the beast. 808 total yards from scrimmage. >> 10 tds in the season and we
6:26 pm
know this right is one of the league's top us back to bring down. he's 5 foot, 8, 200 pounds. he's practically a powder keg and he's got the attention of the forty-niners defense, especially their nick bosa he's a >> he's not the fastest of the most talented, but he plays like true football player. i think is one of the better backs. and catches you get around any just fights for extra yards. i don't think the first guy ever gets him down. >> and at the primetime game at 5.20. all right. lets talk warriors basketball. steph curry is single-handedly. got to down to their first 2 game winning streak of the season. yeah. he scored 40 last night 18 in just the 4th quarter of this comeback win over the cavs. coming off 40 points against the kings last monday. and he now has hit a 3 pointer in 200 consecutive games. incredible. we know this, right. this is just another life. another day in the life
6:27 pm
of steph curry. >> and we keep saying let the game come to use the biggest thing because you can't fight that pressure the attention miss too many good athletes in this league on the defensive end. the more you can just keep the game as simple as possible, trust that even if you're good action, 10 shooting, get off get back now. still get your shot attempts to get some looks. >> you know that the game will will come around, you know, in your favor. >> and the dubs tip off tomorrow at 6 o'clock against the sacramento kings. well, thanks a lot for watching us here at 6 o'clock. be sure to go on our app and also join us in primetime tonight at
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