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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> now in 9, the balance of power confirmed in the senate tonight after the democrats win a seat in neighboring nevada. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9. i'm dan thorn. it was a big win for the democrats after predictions of a republican red wave, incumbent democrat catherine cortez masto winning this seat over republican adam laxalt, razor thin race here. 48.7 to 48 point 2, most of the votes counted today coming in from clark county. and that herschel walker bomb, they
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sbill have to do a runoff that comes up next month. still a lot happening there as well. so here's a look at the house of representatives tonight. republicans are inching closer to retaking control. you can see here the associated press is reporting the republicans so far have won 211 seats to 203 seats for the democrats. it takes 218 to get a majority and there are still several races that are too close to call at this hour. and it could be several days before we actually know which party will take control of the house will have more on that coming up later on in the meantime, in the east bay, several gunman, russian rob a jewelry store. san pablo police saying that the hb jewelry store in the san pablo town center was robbed today by masked men. police say the robbers then got away. there's no word tonight on any injuries in it. still unclear how much jewelry was actually stolen. we will, of course, continue to follow this story on air and online at our website. kron 4 dot com. also in the east bay, oakland, police are
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investigating a shooting that left 2 people injured. this happening on 62nd avenue just before 9.30, last night. police say they arrived on scene and they found evidence of a shooting but they didn't find any victims. a short time later, they were told that 2 people went to the hospital with gunshot wounds. police later connected. those victims of the shooting, one of them in critical condition. the other now in stable condition. police are also investigating another shooting that left a person injured overnight. this happening at the intersection of telegraph and 19th. police say the victim in that shooting is in stable condition. if you have any information on any of these shootings, you're asked to call oakland police. in the south saratoga man says that his home was broken into while he was on vacation. the burglars getting away with a several 100 pound safe surveillance video capturing 2 men at the hands front door kron four's amanda hari spoke with that man. she has more on how he is doing tonight. a mandate.
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>> good evening. the man who lives there tells me he and his entire family are traumatized over this incident. he says it's not about the monetary value of all the things that were taken, but about the personal items that no money can replace. >> security camera video caught the moment. at least 2 suspects walked up to this home and broke through the front door. >> both camera and walking out of the way. >> and that it tells another guy you see another gentleman with a duffel bag in the show. >> it is telling him to. you know, said he had the door kick paul course be was on vacation in maui when he got an alert. he never expected. >> it was from his alarm company about a break-in at his saratoga home. he says the biggest thing they took was his 300 pound safe full. it likely weighed 400 pounds, a drug it out. you can to this great on hardwood floor. there
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>> drug down the steps, course, be showed me where the safe once was the wall dented from the burglars. it's hard ridge. >> it absolutely is. my wife was the. being consoled. >> he says police were surprised to see in the video that the criminals you can even knock before breaking the door the next we got a call from the san carlos police department saying they found the safe empty said somewhere near the doubts it was submerged to 8 inches of water in the door had been torn off. he says will his valuables are replaceable. his personal items aren't just hope that they still have those momento. >> find a way to job loss. film of the melbourne, 2 do the right thing. >> he's still working with the insurance company to figure out exactly how much everything was worth. but so far it's estimated about
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$80,000. well, i've amanda hari kron, 4 all right, amanda, thanks a lot. san francisco police are investigating a burglary in the marina tonight. the owners are calling this an. >> overnight break-in at the grateful dog. that's a dog day care business in this surveillance video, you can see someone walking up to the day care and and within a few get inside. it's not clear how they were able to get in so easily. the person can then be seen rummaging through the desk area. there. the store owners say the burglar got away with a brand new laptop. >> we pulled the video footage later, the gps tracker show and getting into the computer system. it's important that feel safe when dogs are here. we need if there were and here we don't think anybody would come in going forward. we might have a couple. >> just hanging around. >> well, the business owners say they've changed all the locks and they add that police have been pretty helpful so far. on the peninsula. police
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in daly city are looking for 2 men who they say stole about $10,000 worth of tobacco products off of a delivery truck off truck. robbery happened last night at around happened yesterday around 4 in the afternoon in front of a convenience store in gaillard boulevard near the enon out. an employee told officers that while the delivery truck was in the parking lot, 2 men stole tobacco products straight out of the back of the truck and then loaded it into a blue infiniti. no arrests have been made. the crypto world continuing to real tonight over the news of the bankruptcy of ft ax. the world's 3rd biggest crypto exchange founded by a bay area native ftx was shorted about a billion dollars. after the company went to the crypto equivalent of a bank run this week. ftx agreed to sell out to arrival. but that deal fell through the ceo and founder sam bankman-fried also resigned. prom for is gayle ong has reaction tonight from the financial tech community.
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people didn't expect ftx to go down like this is a bike theft dx is basically equivalent like a jp morgan. >> of the crypto sector. sam gorgie editor at koin telegraph has been covering the crypto world since 2012. >> just 3 years after bitcoin was born, the demise of ftx, a seemingly unimaginable collapse went from 30 billion dollars. plus to 0. >> in the span of really of days. >> the vast majority of the money invested on ftx exchange gone. the company's now former c e o 30 year-old stanford native sam bankman-fried who took to twitter saying, quote, i f up, i should have done better as for where everyone's money went more. she says much of it appears to have been transferred to an ftx sister company. that deposit has now looks like it went to all my research to investor traded to some high leverage, high risk. >> trading was it all a loss to i do. it looks like that right now leaving those who invested taking to twitter,
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some pleading with bankman-fried to give their money back. others expressing anger. one person writing, quote, i lost my life saving. thanks to you. i have never wish for a person to rot in jail more than you right now. years of savings years of working completely and done in a single week. also left in limbo, uc berkeley after reaching a 17 and-a-half million dollar deal with ftx. the university recently renamed its football stadium ftx field. high-profile investors in the company included tom brady and steph curry. as for whether or not investors might ever see their money again, that's million dollar it depends on where we're going to see some on the government side. we do know the answer that yet. >> you know, these these these situations could actually take years before people are made somewhat all again. >> and on top of the bankruptcy, investors have plenty of other reasons to worry now because of the bankruptcy remaining found on the exchange were supposed to be locked up, but mysteriously more than a 500 million dollars was moved out of the
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exchange in the last 24 hours where that money is right now, nobody seems to know in the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> meta is expected to lay off more than 360 san francisco based employees by early january. that's according to city supervisor matt dorsey dorsey says he received the notice under the warren act about the layoffs. he encourages those facing unemployment to browse the city's government for more than 4500 jobs that are available there. layoffs are expected to hit the met office starting january 13th. in the north, a sonoma county authorities in the giving spirit today as they delivered 160 turkeys to residents ahead of the holiday season. the sheriff's office this, quote, being thankful for all you having to take time to reach out to one another with a helping hand. very nice. happening now, the heavenly kirkwood, north star mountains are open early for skiers to hit the slopes. this week's storm bringing several feet of
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snow to the sierra nevada, getting to the mountains, maybe a little slick out there. so be advised check in with caltrans. if you're looking at hitting the roads and heading up there to have some fun. we're going to send it over now greece or rodriguez. for a look at the forecast. a recent. yeah. let's take a look at this year out there this evening for your saturday night because there is a weak storm. >> sweeping through this year, believe it or not, from the northwest to the southeast. so it's starting to exit truckee and we are noticing some hit or miss snow showers for those of you in this year-but kirkwood right now you're getting some light snow showers overhead. so enjoy that because it's certainly going to peak right now. and then diminished during the overnight hours. but south lake tahoe, you can actually get some lake effect. snow bring you one to 3 inches of fresh powder overnight. so enjoy that. but we were supposed to see a storm out there to our north, but instead more of a wind maker than rainmaker as our weak storm starts to fizzle and dry out. there are some storm clouds overhead but not bring
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us any rain or light showers. so it is going to remain dry during the overnight hours. but we are going to see some winds to our north in the north bay valleys, about 20 to 30 miles per hour through sunday morning. so just keep that in mind. but also dangerous surf to wake up to for your sunday morning. starting at 10:00am dangerous. sneaker waves and rip currents were going to stay sunny for the 2nd half of the weekend into early this week. find out if any rain showers are in our extended forecast in just a few minutes. stand back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. an annual holiday tradition and san mateo county in full swing today, members of the redwood city police department held the stuff a truck event. kron four's philippe djegal reports the toy and book drive benefit hundreds of low-income families. this winter. >> the target on el camino. good your well, and his children dropped off an entire
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basket toys to the redwood city police. you guys, as you have it back and dozens of follow departments stuff. the truck with donations for its annual toy and book drive which runs in partnership with several other law enforcement and public safety agencies in san mateo county. >> having already served in the military. u.s. air force veteran mike figaro, a says there is never a bad time to give because my family's been in that type of situation where we couldn't afford a whole lot. >> and it was. have a for the kids, especially during the holidays. so i we kind of figure just, you know, if we can with a smile on a kid's face, it's worse than last year. more than 40 businesses took part in the collection and set up 67 barrels that were filled with toys providing enough gifts. >> for more than 800 families every year we have more and more children better and
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better needing toys, disadvantaged families. and so this is a great way for the community. get back in addition to local shops, the barrels are located at the police and fire departments, new and inbox, toys and books only as for those families interested in benefiting from the program. you can sign up on the city's website through friday. the 18th. >> to be eligible. you must live in the area have at least one child, 12 years of age or younger and the low income that makes me happy knowing that someone. >> happy minus the next to the truck will be held december second outside costco. >> the gifts will be distributed before christmas in redwood city police to go >> coming up, a disaster at an air show in texas to historic military planes colliding mid air. we have the very latest. plus, millions of americans blocked from getting student loan forgiveness. how you can stay prepared for what's ahead and cars, cars and more cars
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at this year's good guys. get together. we're going to take a closer look after the break.
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a developing story we're following for you tonight. nearly 48,000 university of california workers. >> may go on strike next week. union leaders say they will go on strike at 08:00am monday if
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they are unable to reach an agreement with uc officials. the union says 98% of the union voted to approve this strike. workers are asking for better compensation saying that many workers make less than $24,000 a year. you see says it continues to negotiate with the union in good faith, u.s. customs and border protection commissioner is stepping down. chris magnus is a former richmond police chief and he sent his resignation letter to the president today. the ap reports that magnus was forced out being told to resign or be fired less than a year after he was confirmed by the biden administration to lead the agency just yesterday, magnus sent a letter to the washington post saying that he would not step down. magnus has long been a supporter police reform and was considered an outsider within the agency as reading resignation comes as republicans appeared likely to gain control of the house in january. united states coast
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guard rescued 7 people from their disabled boat just 5 miles off the california coast. this happening your beach friday afternoon. the coast guard says that the captain reported that his 28 foot boat was taking on water after becoming disabled all were rescued and the boat was stabilized. no one. we want to get your check your 4 zone forecast now. here's a live look from our sutro tower cam. nice looking view of the city by the bay out there tonight. all the bright lights, a lot of fun things happening this weekend is the holidays. of course, creep closer as it were like 2 or 3 weeks away from thanksgiving. i can't believe it. yeah, absolutely abrasive. joining us now to look at the forecast, a recent this year's really flying by what you and like, i can't believe we're already like thinking of christmas and new year's. but first, we have to get through thanksgiving. but let's take a look at today's daytime highs. >> hope you're enjoying the forecast out there, especially
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after much needed rain that we got earlier this week leaving behind a very cool and dry air mass in its place. temperatures today holding steady from yesterday. very little change. upper 50's to low 60's. those of you in santa rosa warming up just a touch to 63 degrees when you should be at 67 degrees. so overall, averaging about 5 degrees below normal from coast to valleys. but no one complaining definitely has that cool fall crisp air in that deal. and then we are tracking right now. san francisco international airport. some storm clouds streaming through, but unfortunately not bring us any rain or any drizzle for that matter, in fact, are going to stay dry all night long. so it is going to be more of a wind maker, then rain maker. so when tracker for we are seeing that cool sea breeze, double digit wind speeds for downtown san francisco at 14 miles per hour. 10 mile per hour winds. for those of you conquer. but overnight we are going to notice some gusty winds out of the north, specifically far north bay valleys from petaluma all the way into vacaville could see gusts
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upwards of 35 miles per hour less. so just keep that in mind. calmer conditions for most cities, but even danville going to see winds out of the north at 23 miles per hour by your sunday mid morning. but then calmer conditions by your sunday afternoon around 20 miles per hour. less for most of the bay area. so >> that is going to bring us some hazy skies. thanks to those offshore winds. but fortunately, fire danger not going to be an issue. we are tracking a lot of moisture out there. >> thanks to all the wet weather that we got earlier this week with that very impactful storm. but temperatures out there right now cooling down into the low 40's, fairfax, 42 degrees of kula city in the bay area. pittsburgh in brentwood in eastern contra costa, 10 degrees warmer at 52 degrees. but the mall this city check out alameda at 55 degrees. so overnight lows tonight going to be on the cool side. we're seeing widespread 30's for our coolest inland valleys. 34 degrees for santa rosa and temperatures not going to budge all that much. santa rosa going to work to 64
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degrees the mall, the city after your warm start. but we are going to see overnight lows still going to continue to be in the 30's and 40's and then daytime highs 50's and 50's 50's and 60's. so that's going to be kind of that. pattern like forecast that we're going to be stuck in on cruise control for the next several days. i wish we had a storm in there, but we should be thankful for what you've got earlier this week. so i'm appreciative. yeah, that was good. you know, when when we aren't saying that, we're pretty much out of fire season. yes. like a huge relief for so many a lot of cited for breeze things you. >> well, this weekend is the 32nd annual good guys get together. it's an event that honors local first responders, veterans and of course. >> car culture kron four's camila barco gives us a closer look. >> calling all car enthusiast. this event is for you. there are more than 2000 cars on display here at the alameda county fairgrounds. some even
9:22 pm
dating back to 1915, george show where it has been showing off his car at the good guys. car show for almost 20 years with his buddy toby romero. >> but i like the good guys. the best. this is the big daddy of the car shows schober is the original car owner of his 1965. pontiac, which he bought for $3,000. back then i didn't know it can to keep it, but it does happen. romero is also the original owner of his 1969 riviera that he has kept as authentic as possible. the heart the sea riviera is all, but i got one. >> the event which draws in hundreds of spectators showcases ambrican-made or powered cars, including hot rods and restored classics on saturday. organizers pay tribute to veterans with the ceremony, including a color guard presentation. and that's for vets parade. more than 40 corvette car owners to veterans on a cruise throughout the fairgrounds
9:23 pm
like the that a corvette club. we love driving our in a safe environment. you we don't condone any kind of. >> illegal speed activities. mike brown senior who comes from a family build with service members co-founded the group that has brought in car enthusiasts like better. i'm very grateful. >> to all of them they'd be they do what they can to protect the homeland, to schober. a vietnam veteran had to leave his car in 1968. to go serve overseas. >> but luckily he returned to this ever since then. he's been driving around in his pontiac and showing it off at car shows like the good guys. >> it was in maryland for a whole year. we've guys farm. so we all came together, was a nice thing. so i love that these veterans are great. the good guys 32nd annual autumn get together continues on sunday starting at 08:00am. >> in pleasanton camila barco kron. 4 news.
9:24 pm
>> still ahead here at 9 o'clock, alec baldwin now suing movie crew members, he says gave him the gun that fatally shot a cinematographer on set. why he's accusing them of negligence. and national
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
news tonight, 2 historic military planes crashing in
9:27 pm
mid air at a disaster and an air show the planes falling to the ground and exploding into a ball of flames. and as you see here, billowing black smoke into the sky. no word yet on how many people were on board either plane. but one expert says that one of them is a b, 17 flying fortress bomber, which typically has a crew of 4 to 5 people. the p 63 king cobra fighter, which has a single pilot. we will, of course, continue to update this story on air and online as we gather more information. well, the death toll from hurricane nicole has now risen to 5. all of those victims in florida. nicole made landfall as a category one on thursday on the state's east coast. remnants of the storm now moving up the towards canada. this is the first hurricane that actually made landfall in the u.s. in november in nearly 40 years. >> should the colgan with no
9:28 pm
grounds inside or dummy rounds, cosmetic no flash. take the kind come to this because of she hits the ground. she goes out. >> alec baldwin is now suing rust crew members after he says he was given a loaded gun that he fired on said which killed cinematographer. alina hutchens last year. baldwin is accusing the movie's armorer and the first assistant director among others of negligence. his attorney claims the crew members did not maintain safety on the new mexico film set. meanwhile, baldwin is awaiting a decision on whether he'll face criminal charges in the deadly shooting. still to come after the break, we're going to talk with the north bay congressman john garamendi about the balance of power in washington and how california still has a large role to play. >> and i'm tracking sierra snow showers this weekend. find out how much fresh powder we're going to get overnight in my full forecast in just a few minutes.
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allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection-site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv in a different way? ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. with every-other-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. >> well, the u.s. is nearing the end of a historic midterm election. as we reported earlier, democrats projected to keep control of the united states senate and the republicans are inching a little bit closer to control of the house and that balance of power is still yet to be determined. so joining us for more on this is u.s. representative john garamendi, who is joining us live
9:32 pm
tonight. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure to be with you. very, very exciting. very an for the nation. almost night b- complete. >> all right. well, that to take our first question. we're going to say the president's feeling pretty good how his party is you're saying you're excited. >> well, i am not only do we are the senate senator contest. not so having succeeded in nevada. and we have another shot in georgia later on in early december. but here in california, we're doing very well. i think we're going to get a bunch to seats in california that we at hope to get, but that the pundits didn't think was possible. if we do get those, if we do get those seats, then will hold the majority. we just picked up and washington state that nobody thought we could possibly win. but we did. so we're getting closer closer to a democratic majority in the house of representatives. that's downright exciting.
9:33 pm
>> how do you feel about the races here in california? because we know that the governor said that california would essentially determine who controls the house. as you mentioned, several key races are happening. and i know that, you know, the president was coming into this midterm election is not the most popular guy in the world. it seems as though democrats are exceeding expectations. >> but we certainly are historically we should have lost 2030, maybe as many as 50 seats, which actually happened in 2000, 11 or 2010 obama called it a shellacking. well, the republicans got the show lacking this time. they had expected to be a very significant win, perhaps taking 20 or 30 seats. they're not going to get that. they may. and i think this is what will happen. they will not be in control of the house of representatives. when it's all said and done. you take a look at the central valley started bakersfield salus down. there
9:34 pm
is going to probably valid ale and that's a win that puts this one closer to the 218 majority. you move a little further north. you've got adam gray who is actually ahead now. that was a democratic seat and we made a democratic seat. josh harder in the san joaquin county area. and then we have another opportunity in northern and sacramento in an area that that was traditionally republican. but it's an area in which an extraordinary candidate he's doing very well. that would be. jones. it is a doctor. veteran of afghanistan and iraq where served in the medical a system there and continues to practice medicine in the region and just an extraordinary individual with a heart as big as they all outdoors. and in mind, this is sharp as could be. and very clear way of talking to voters. so we'll see. we carry
9:35 pm
all those seats wicl wind up with 219 seats in the house of r presentatives. and then we got that additional seat washington with just came through in the last hour or so that being the case. republicans have taken a shellacking. put himself in league and the the big lie. all right. it's kiss the trump bring just is going to work for people. don't want that. >> congressman, what do you make of the georgia senate runoff election? do you think that's still as important now? >> of course it that's one additional democratic votes. you warnock is that we have really a good individual. he said minister, that is the cure. you minister in martin luther king junior church in alabama. he is smart. he's capable. the soft-spoken, but he is very, very strong. when you get past that that
9:36 pm
soft-spoken veneer that you that we see on television, you find of man of steel and he's against a a a candidate is shut rubble candidate. what a lot of problems, a lot of issues. all right. and those they're already clear. all right. you look at the general election voter couple of days ago. we're not one but he couldn't get over 50% because there's a 3rd candidate in the race. the tour several up several percentage points. and so here we are in this special runoff election december early december. >> all right, congressman, thank you so much for joining us for your insight on this. yes, certainly an exciting night for the democrats, but more votes to be counted and more work to be done and did. >> absolutely. we're looking forward to that proper county, but it's what across this nation, we should take pride in the american electoral system. fact, the democrats to win it. that's great. but the
9:37 pm
fact that we had good solid, fair elections, that's even better. thank you so much for the evening. absolutely. all right. >> congressman john garamendi, thanks again. all right. we're going out to our latest on the war in ukraine. after more than 8 months of russian occupation, residents incursion are spending their second night as free people, even though in some parts of the city and surrounding areas, they have no water, no internet or even just little power. they're celebrating and thanking ukrainian soldiers. the british street artist known as banksy, has unveiled his latest art work in ukraine. he's posted images of a mural depicting a female gymnast bouncing on the rubble of a destroyed building. the anonymous graffiti artists did not give any information about the peace or his travels. he is only revealed the location of his latest art work, which is in a town 30 miles northwest of kyiv ukrainian soldiers recapture that town from the russians back in april. for your money tonight, the biden administration's
9:38 pm
student loan forgiveness plan has been ruled unconstitutional. that means millions of students and graduates will face loan payments starting up again in january. steve brown has more and what's ahead. the white house as 26 million people signed up for the program, 16 of those were already approved. but now the future of the loan forgiveness program. >> is in serious doubt. president joe biden had campaigned in recent weeks talking about how his administration had delivered on his 2020 campaign promise to forgive student loan debt. but a federal judge in texas struck down the program ruling it unconstitutionally circumvents congress in his opinion, trump appointee, judge mark pittman rights in this country. we're not ruled by an all powerful executive with a pen and a phone. it is fundamental to the survival of the republic that the separation of powers be preserved. so what should people with student loans do with payments set to resume in january after the long pandemic pause in annie le of
9:39 pm
the form credit union recommends getting in touch with the loan servicing company and examining your options. now your income situation could have change. you could have some access to still some. >> forbearance agreements and some other things. so start now. don't wait until you can't make the payments. also in january, loan payment deferment go back to the way they were before the pandemic pause that is limited, but including people who are out of work. >> or on family medical leave. another tip reviewing your personal finances will be important if you know what your payments going to be. the start really looking at your budget and saying, can i can i really start doing that to maybe start setting that money aside now? >> so you can live that way and not wait until january or february when they restart and then trying to live that way. the biden administration has filed an appeal in an attempt to revive the student loan forgiveness program. but it's on a very difficult path. >> either the 5th circuit court of appeals or the u.s. supreme court would need to overturn the texas judge's ruling. and both of those bodies, our majority
9:40 pm
conservative, steve brown. >> all right. we want to get your check your 4 zone forecast tonight. kind of love. this shot. it doesn't get old sutro tower overlooking downtown san francisco on the bright lights. probably a fun weekend out there in the city. if you're trying to get out, maybe go dancing, listening to some music and have some live patients with some friends. you know? not a bad night for that. debris surrounding is joining us now with a look at what's ahead. a recent dan, you love that shot so much. it's right behind you. i love it. you know. >> there you go. your wish came true. already. mentally, you're there. you're partying right everyone in area. all right. let's take a look at your sierra forecast because it is certainly a party there as well. we're tracking snow showers blanketing the ground out there. even for donner summit on i-80, we are tracking fresh snow that is hitting the ground at this week's storm. bring us up to 4 inches of fresh powder for elevations above 5,000 feet. but by sunday morning, when
9:41 pm
you wake up in the sierra, we're going to notice clear drier conditions. so enjoy these light snow showers while they last because this is going to be the last round of snowy conditions for at least the next 7 days. hopefully mother nature throws us a curve ball and brings us some much-needed snow showers for early december. but from now through sunday morning, we're tracking one to 2 inches of snow for most of this year and lake effect. snow for south lake tahoe and pyramid lake up to 3 inches expected overnight. so we're tracking temperatures in the upper 30's for truckee and south lake tahoe. that's going to continue through monday. even with that extra sunshine and temperatures cooling down on tuesday into the mid 30's. and we are going to notice, though, a lot of sunshine, but much-needed snow making its way into this year. so those of you lucky enough headed out early yesterday. enjoy the fresh snow tonight and even through tomorrow as well because it's going to be absolutely spectacular in this year as we just saw. but we are tracking cooler temperatures in the bay area.
9:42 pm
42 degrees for those of you at fairfax and we're seeing mid 50's for alameda at 55 degrees. some more than a 10 degree difference with temperatures tomorrow. not going to budge all that much 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline with low to mid 60's inland half moon bay. 56 degrees and check out santa rose about 8 degrees warmer at 64 degrees. so enjoy that. not going to see any rain showers. unfortunately in the extended 7 day forecast. but hopefully we see something for early december. back to you, dan. >> all right. marie said thanks a lot. cal bears head coach justin wilcox, celebrating a birthday tonight. going up against the beavers. but who got to blow out? the candles will have that next. in sports. ll, we fell in ve through gaming. t now the internet lags and throws the whole thing off.
9:43 pm
en did you first scover this lag? signed us up for mobile home internet. h! t, we found other interests. guess we have. oth] nch! t's go! oh yeah! 's not the same. at could you do to lve the problem? could get xfinity? at's actually super ult of you to suggest. can't wait to squad up. love it when u talk nerdy to me. y, guys, guys, 're still in session. d i don't know what e heck you're talking about.
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9:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports, beginning tonight with college football, the cal bears are owners of a five-game losing streak, their longest since a 10 game or they endured. >> and 2013 when they traveled to oregon tonight to face off against oregon state and the beavers looking to get their win for their head. coach, who is celebrating his birthday today. let's go to the video. here's the birthday boy, justin wilcox, hoping for something special from his bears. yeas is holding out hope for a nice present. something special did happen, but it didn't come from the bears that came from the
9:46 pm
beavers. yes, special teams already up 14. nothing a punt here into the bears and zone. >> gets it out to anthony gold who runs wide left and then cuts back against the grain in and out of traffic. 55 yards to the end zone. beavers. go up. 21. nothing. not a great birthday. cal's defense comes up big right after the half, though, the beavers botching a hand off the ball is loose. the freshman. jeremiah, your be scoops it up scooted and 33 yards into the end zone. the boost the bears needed. 21 to 7 at the half. but the beavers outscored, the bears 17 to 3 in the 2nd half. that's what's important right? oregon state wins 38 to 10 and extends the bears losing streak to 6 games. not fun in berkeley. number one ranked georgia bulldogs on the road today taking on mississippi state taking on another. then the bulldogs? yeah. dog fight there in the south. 3rd quarter action, georgia up 17 to 12 get the out of their lead. ladd mcconkey takes a handoff breaks a couple of
9:47 pm
tackles races down the field there, 70 yards for the touchdown score. georgia holds on to its number one ranking taming the mississippi state bulldogs. 45 the 19? let's go on over to columbus, ohio, where the number 2 ranked buckeyes welcome the 3, 7, hoosiers to ohio stadium. the horseshoe cj stroud. yeah, he's he's also a front-runner for the heisman trophy and he proved that today 17 for 28 to 97 in the air. 5 tds gap. 5 count em. this one right here. marvin harrison junior looking like his hall of fame, dad, 58 yards for the score. buckeyes win it easily. 56 to 14 and move on to 10 and oh, on the season. let's talk about the buckeyes rivals over in cold and snowy ann arbor, michigan, nebraska, visiting the number 3 ranked michigan wolverines and yeah playbook out there celebrating. >> who would have thought that he was over in japan? well, if you like ground and pound
9:48 pm
games, jaren and defense was all about it. today blake corum ran 28 times 162 on the ground including this touchdown right there. as long as the day with just 12 yards out. got the job done. no, michigan wins. 34 to 3 wolverines are also for their first time since 2006 big 10 watch out tomorrow night. the 49 ers face off against the chargers offense with her justin herbert and they're also missing their top 2 white house. but they still got to deal with the ground game and that's austin ekeler. he's a total beast. 808 yards on the ground, all from scrimmage yet 10 touchdowns. one of the league's top is back to bring down and forty-niners linebacker. fred warner says that he respects all of this running backs game. >> being able to do the work explosive miss. the quick quickness to break tackles ability. you know, i'm able to do what he does in the run game and pass game. it's special and obviously stats
9:49 pm
show that he's going to be >> all right. let's go to hoops. steph curry single-handedly guiding the warriors to their first two-game winning streak of the season. he scored 40 buckets last night, 18 in the 4th quarter of a comeback win over the cavs coming off. 47 monday night against the kings. he now has hit a 3 pointer in 200 consecutive games. but it's just another day in the life stephan curry. >> and we keep saying let the game come to use the biggest thing because you can't fight that pressure the attention miss too many good athletes in this league on the defensive end. the more you can just >> keep the game as simple as possible. trust that even if you're good action, 10 shooting, get off of it. get back now. so still get your shot at still get some looks. >> you know that the game will will come around, you know, in your favor. >> and that is your look at
9:50 pm
sports. >> final check of your 4 zone forecast for this 9 o'clock hour. we're going to see winds out of the north tomorrow. that's going to bring us some hazy skies and also push away that cloud cover. we actually got some light showers according to david, our weather watcher out of concord. so thank you so much for sharing that with me this evening actually picked up some light rain for those of you in concord earlier tonight. so thumbs up there. but we're going to see, though, air quality diminish for north bay and along the coast, moderate air particles thanks to the return of those northerly winds. a lot of sunshine with a slight bump in temperatures for the 2nd half of your weekend. still going to be below average, though, but we are going to see when tracker for that wind direction changing from the west to the north by your sunday afternoon with winds those offshore breezes 20 miles per hour or less temperatures out there right now, though, widespread 50's. but we are starting to cool down significantly as fish, especially far north and east bay valleys, livermore in
9:51 pm
santa rosa. 48 degrees with nevado in the mid 40's. but a little bit milder along the east bay shoreline. thanks to those northerly winds with oakland and hayward. seeing temperatures right now in the mid-fifties. but overnight lows tonight going to be slightly cooler than last night. so we're going to see widespread mid to upper 30's for north bay and east bay valleys. 34 degrees for santa rosa. so slightly above that freezing threshold with napa and livermore in the mid to upper 30's and temperatures tomorrow. very little change. still going to remain in the 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline with downtown san francisco at 59 degrees. but santa rosa and nevado mild temperatures in the mid 60's and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. little change. temperature-wise. we are going to see some gusty winds tuesday night through wednesday, but because of all the recent wet weather, fire, danger threat not going to be an issue. thankfully, we're going to see the winds along the highest peaks. 35 miles per hour or less. but a lot of sunshine and no storms on the horizon for at least the next
9:52 pm
7 days. stick around. more news and weather after the break.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> well, if you needed another reminder that the holiday season is upon us. here it is. the traditional an iconic rockefeller center. christmas tree is landed in the big apple. this 82 foot tall, norway spruce. >> was cut down this weekend and made its way from upstate new york to midtown manhattan.
9:55 pm
anthony di lorenzo was there for the trees arrival. >> after nearly 90 years of growing in upstate new york, this 82 foot long, norway spruce was cut down thursday. just south of lake george in queensbury and transported by truck 200 miles overnight to its new holiday home in manhattan. the 14 ton rockefeller center christmas tree arrived today in midtown and was hoisted onto its pedestal for millions to marvel at until the new year. we gave it so people can do i mean. >> for me, brings a smile and happiness to a little child or somebody is kind of blue, you know, season up, you know. >> that's what it's all about. neil leibowitz and his family were the benefactors of the beauty which sat on their property for nearly a century. the chief gardner here searches year round for the perfect tree here rockefeller center. whether it's someone who submitted a tip online or
9:56 pm
him doing surveys all around the area. but it turns out this tree was found by accident almost every thinking about the tree and we're going to get it from eric pose. a was on his way to look at another tree in june when he stumbled upon this one and has groomed it for its big moment in the spotlight since june rot, the people from rockefeller center primarily have been up every at least once a week to fertilize and hydrate, the trees. so i mean, it's gotten a lot of care. one slid on november, 30th. it's estimated half a million people will make the trek to the treat every day as a symbol of the season little leverage and his family from florida are taking home a souvenir after getting a sneak peek. it's been amazing. we love christmas. so it's been amazing to see the tree being delivered and it's exciting. >> well, that was anthony di lorenzo reporting for us tonight from new york. always nice to check out the tree. if
9:57 pm
you haven't gone holidays in new york city, nothing like it. all right. what is going to wrap things up for us here at 9 o'clock. but a fetus in just a few minutes for kron. 4 news at 10. you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's why comcast business ves you more. re innovation... th our new gig-speed wi-fi, us unlimited data. re speed... from the largest, stest, reliable network... d more savings- to 6060a year
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th comcast business mobile. l from the company that wers more businesses an any other provider. gestarted with fast speeds d advanced security r $49.99 a month r 12 months. us ask how to get up a $750 prepaid card th a qualifyininbundle.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news.
10:00 pm
>> big national news tonight. democrats will keep control of the senate 4 days after the 2022 midterm elections. good evening. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm dan thorn tonight. the associated press is reporting that democratic sen catherine cortez masto wins re-election to a second term representing nevada cortez masto defeats republican adam laxalt too, keep the party's control of the senate for the next 2 years of president joe biden's presidency along with democratic senator mark kelly's victory in arizona on friday. democrats now hold a 50 to 49 edge in the senate. the party will retain control of the chamber no matter how next month's georgia runoff plays out. kelly addressed his supporters today. >> no one party has a monopoly on good ideas or the support of voters. but see that when we seek to represent everyone.


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