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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading >> almost 20 cars impounded and hundreds of citations as police shut down massive sideshows overnight in san jose. good evening. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. police taking out the areas that have seen these illegal gatherings before. >> kron four's amanda hari joining us live from san jose tonight with more on how it all went down and it. >> this was a big sideshow.
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police cited more than 700 people for either spectating or participating. i spoke to some people who live here in the neighborhood. they tell me it's not the first time this intersection has been used for a side show. and you can tell by just how many tire marks are on it. >> yeah, from inside. screeching tires and everybody going a massive sideshow at the intersection of monterey road in brenham lane kept neighbors up and police busy saturday night. san jose police impounding 19 vehicles. >> issuing hundreds of citations for participating spectating and writing up 82 juvenile contact reports. just figure kids are making choice. robin hanna didn't want to appear on camera, but she lives near the intersection. we heard. yeah. like love. >> people something in and the street. and so we just but on
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alexa to play, some sleep found make >> she says she hears sideshows near home every few weeks. certainly worry about people who may be standing around watching. there's a lot of homeless people aren't worried to be like it had a car loses control of a stolen car was recovered by police. they also found a handgun. it jacob lee, this also lives near the intersection and he's lived in san jose. his whole life. >> i've been around it like growing up. sounds a just culture, but he says side shows like this one are becoming more dangerous or about safety. when i was younger like this, i just going different now. it is young kids like gunshots stuff like now from when i was younger as a whole different thing, then how they're doing now. >> all vehicles taken by police are impounded for 30 days live in san jose. amanda hari kron, 4 news. amanda, thank you for that live report. that particular area has seen such sideshow
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activity before over the 4th of july holiday. this summer, more than 500 citations were handed out and 7 people were arrested by san jose police at a sideshow near kelly park. that's just 10 minutes from this morning's main sideshow. 2 guns were recovered this summer and 5 vehicles were impounded. tonight, san jose police are encouraging parents to talk about their kids about dangers of sideshows. prosecutors now in county have dropped murder charges against a hayward man in connection with a triple homicide in the case against jonathan ziegler was dismissed by a judge on thursday. ziegler was previously charged in a triple killing that happened in august. >> in west oakland, police say a man linked to a 1977 chevy caprice was responsible for killing 2 people. ziegler owns that car, but his attorney says that he was not there and surveillance video and phone records helped their case. >> they have the surveillance. they had still photographs of the individual that was
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involved in this and by. wait skin complexion it was impossible to be mister ziegler. it was not him. it great satisfaction professionally and personally for to result in and the manner that it should have. well, it says his client was released from jail thursday night. he could not speak as to why someone else was driving ziegler's car on the night of the killings. >> oakland police are still investigating. >> tonight questions continuing to swirl around the bankruptcy of ftx cryptocurrency as government authorities begin their investigation into the company's collapse. former ceo sam bankman-fried, a bay area native is currently being watched by authorities at the company's headquarters in the bahamas. kron four's gayle ong joining us live in studio tonight with the very latest kale. >> well, dan, there are real concerns that bankman-fried could try to flee the country to somewhere without an extradition treaty. meantime, here in the bay area,
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neighbors of the family left scratching their heads. >> they seem super nice, really charming. a neighbor of the brother of sam bankman-fried, the former ceo of crypto trading exchange ftx. no answer at the san francisco home sunday. bill says she has seen bankman-fried visit his brother a number of times but says nobody has been at the home for the last 2 weeks. but bell says she has been closely following the developments surrounding ftx. i hope the best for everyone. and turns out, ok, last week bankman-fried resigned after filing for bankruptcy. a move that sent shockwaves through the crypto world at last check. bankman-fried is in the bahamas at ftx u.s. headquarters. local police say a team of financial investigators from the financial crimes investigation branch are working closely with the bahamas securities commission to investigate if any criminal misconduct occurred. bankman-fried is a stanford native. no one was home when we stopped by his parents house in stamford, a
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neighbor. we spoke to off camera, says the family's going through a tough time and deserves privacy. the cryptocurrency trading firm is now short billions of dollars after experiencing the crypto equivalent of a bank run. investors have been taking to social media pleading with bankman-fried for their money back. this man in front of ftx u.s. berkeley office holding a sign asking where is our money? it's a little bit of enron going on a little bit of lehman brothers, the the the the collapse has been monumental in the speed of it. this time. last week fdx was the second or 3rd largest crypto exchange in the world by volume. sam borghi editor at cointelegraph has been covering crypto since 2012. >> as for what's next for ftx. we wait. we we see what the investigation looks like. we see what they can resolve the hack. but right now it's not looking good. i think right now what sam bankman-fried trying to do is you try to raise more capital. there's been some conversations that he's going back to investors. >> to see if they can get basically a bail out.
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>> and bahamas, police are not the only ones looking into the financial dealings of ftx. the u.s. department of justice and the secretaries and exchange commission are also investigating the company live in the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> gayle, thank you. we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. it is a beautiful night in the bay area. this is a live look at downtown san francisco. things are very clear. so clear was great. looking walk through the hallways here in the newsroom. you're able to see the topic coit tower. just a good look at night out there. chilly one tumor. greece rodriguez joining us now with a look at the forecast. a recent. yeah, that's right, dana. noel and a few hours rolls also going to be under a frost advisory for those of you in the north bay from now. until then, though, we do have a beach hazard statement dangerous surf. >> along our bay area coastline, dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves going to continue through your monday morning through 10 o'clock. so just keep that in mind for all of you. boaters
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and surfers out there. let's take a live look outside. very calm, dry and quiet conditions. and it's because of that triple threat. there are already tracking temperatures in the mid to upper 40's for most of the bay area. check out nevado 43 degrees. 10 degrees. milder for those of you in san jose in the mid 50's out there right now with widespread low 50's along the east bay shoreline. so we are tracking calmer winds for most of the bay area, but we are getting that cool. sea breeze influence for downtown san francisco sustained winds at 10 miles per hour. but we are expecting another round of chilly overnight. temperatures so cold. in fact that we're actually going to see frost for most of the north bay could even extend into the east bay valleys as well. even though you're not included in this frost advisory more. my full forecast in just a few minutes 10 and walked back to you. >> base it. thanks a lot. sonoma county leaders are in egypt to represent the north bay at this year's un climate conference. santa rosa mayor chris rogers is joined byb rohnert park mayor jackie
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award and others to share what they've learned combating devastating wildfires. rogers tweeting out this video saying that one of his key takeaways, the unlikelihood to curb climate change before blowing through an increase in average global temperatures. he's scheduled to speak tomorrow alongside oakland, mayor libby schaff, who was also at the conference. >> defied history, overcoming stiff headwinds to keep control of the u.s. senate. the surprising results are stoking division among republicans about the influence of former president donald trump. tom and bradley reports. >> by keeping control of the u.s. senate democrats, dash republican hopes for a red wave mid term. >> democrats clinch control and senator catherine cortez masto narrowly won reelection in nevada. majority leader chuck schumer took a victory lap. we were on the edge of >> and thank god. the american
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people hold us back in this election. now attention turns to georgia where democrats and republicans are gearing up for a runoff election between incumbent democrat raphael warnock and gop challenger herschel walker. >> president biden says he'd like the democratic majority to climb to 51 is just simply get the numbers, the better republicans who started the election meeting to gain just one seat to flip. the senate are beginning to take stock. some are asking tough questions about donald trump's role in the party. those who are most closely aligned with the former president. >> does underperformed those who are talking about the manager states. well, they over republicans are in position to reach the 218 seats needed to capture the house. but as the votes are counted in several races, democrats are not giving up hope whatever the outcome we're on the path to taking a country to a better place then was being dragged down by the
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shy. so we'll see if republicans take the house. they're expected to lead with a slim majority. gop ppstrategists admit the party i going to have a hard time implementing its agenda with democrats controlling the upper chamber and white house. >> now with just a few seats, i think it makes it increasingly difficult for leadership to get priorities over the line. >> that was on bradley reporting for us tonight. former president donald trump appears to be moving forward with an event he plans to hold on tuesday. it's expected that he will be announcing a run for president in 2024. last monday, the former president said he was waiting until after the midterms because he did not want to distract from the elections. >> and focus now shifting to the house. there are still several seats left on called with republicans favored to flip the chamber. but nancy pelosi says democrats are still alive in their fight to win the chamber. she says her congressional colleagues want her to seek another term as
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house leader after a better than expected midterm election. the 82 year-old does plan to decide whether to run for house leadership in the next couple of weeks. pelosi said her focus right now is seeing her party through the mid terms. >> and take all all the all the all >> the >> speaker of how of the house was on top of mind in san francisco today. healing circle was held for nancy pelosi's husband, paul. mister pelosi was attacked at their san francisco home just over 2 weeks ago. today's healing circle was led by reverend amos brown. the naacp and local faith leaders. it took place at the jones memorial methodist church on post street near the cities. japan town district. meanwhile, paul pelosi's attacker, david, the pap, is scheduled back in court this tuesday. a federal grand jury has indicted the 42
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year-old with assault and attempted kidnapping for that brutal attack. a couple weeks ago. >> coming up, officials now confirming 6 people have died after 2 military planes collided in mid air during an air show in texas. details on the investigation. >> plus, a bomb rocks the streets in the heart of istanbul. 6 people dead. dozens of others hurt. more. dozens of others hurt. more. what happened there next? mom, we need to talk to you about yiorgos. don't you think it's a little odd he showed up in your life right when you became a gigillionaire?! he's a gig-digger, mom! he's using you for your at&t fiber. now that it has hyper-gig speeds. he spends half day shirtless, playing vr games. kids. why do you think i became a gigillionaire in the first place? yes, i am yiorgos. we know. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs.
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>> welcome back. 6 people are confirmed dead following a plane collision at the dallas air show this weekend. the veterans day celebration turns tragic when 2 historic military planes collided mid-flight saturday afternoon. the world war, 2 era bomber plane and fighter jet exploded into a ball of flames and black smoke killing all onboard. national transportation officials are investigating the cause of the crash. they stressed the investigation is just getting underway and the videos recorded by witnesses will be a key focus. >> they're actually be very critical since we don't have flight data recorder and data or cockpit voice recorders. anything like that be very critical to analyze the collision and also tie that in with the air traffic control recordings determined why the 2 aircraft collided and to
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determine basically that the how and why this accident happened and then eventually hopefully maybe make some safety recommendations to prevent it from happening in the future. >> the identities of the 6 people killed have not yet been released officially. but the mayor of keller, texas has revealed army veteran terry barker is among those victims. barker is a former american airlines pilot as well keller city councilman. >> just one day after that plane crashes scare at a san jose airport when a small plane crash lands on to the runway. the mercury news reports the single engine plane was flying near reid-hillview airport when it began coming down shortly after 3 this afternoon. there are no reports of any injuries. the federal aviation administration is working together. more information. international news tonight. 6 people are dead and dozens others are injured following an explosion in turkey. it happened on a major pedestrian avenue in the heart of istanbul. sean lewis reports.
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>> tonight, the fallout from the explosion that rocked a popular shopping and tourist area of istanbul, turkey. the blast caught on security camera happened on the busy ish to call avenue near taksim square out walking down to the metro. take go down there. mark skilling has lived in istanbul for years and was on his way with his wife shoe kron when the bombing happened. so we're going to >> get out the matter. is that right on is to clouds of really nice area all on the waterway. there's little shops and boutiques, an act of barbarism. the matter what your >> motives or agenda is the wgn terrorism analyst. tom, okay. this is the area of the attack could be considered a prime targets. the shops at tightly packed and it's usually very crowded with shopping sightseeing. and just going about their business. but that's the nature of terrorism today. it's no longer selective. it hasn't
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been for a long time. it seeks a large body for the greatest dramatic police officers now surround the area of where that attack happened, which killed at least 6 people and injured more than 50 others. according to the government's. your net, turkey's president jair the one who's up for reelection in may saying in part our nation should be sure that the perpetrators will be punished his as they deserve. >> as the investigation continues and the country grieves another act of violence since criminal killing of innocent civilians can never be tolerated by anyone anywhere. those they're worried the bombing will worsen the economic crisis in turkey. justice tourism was ramping up. >> some people have been expecting something like this. i think there's big impact. the people going yes, is good. the bad and economic impact and the tourism industry but also local people going >> that was sean lewis reporting for us tonight.
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developing now, federal prosecutors have asked a judge to sentence former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes to 15 years in prison. they argue she deserves a long prison term because of her and scheming and duping of investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. holmes is set to appear for sentencing this friday. and san jose. she could face up to 20 years in prison for each of her 4 felony counts. holmes attorneys, however, asking for a more lenient sentence, 18 months because of a reputation being permanently destroyed. we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge looking towards the north bay. >> i know a lot of people are going to be very cold. yeah. got to make sure the of the flannel sheets are layer up. if you're going to go out for a walk with the dog. recent rodriguez joining us now with a look at the forecast. yeah, definitely bundle up because it's going to be a cold one tonight. in fact, we have a frost advisory going into effect during the overnight hours into your monday morning
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lasting through mid morning by 9 o'clock. we are going to see frosty conditions possibly forming as well. not just for our north bay valleys and mountains, but even for parts of the east bay as well. we did get reports of some frost forming there as well. but right now, this frost advisory just issued for those of you in the north bay because you could see temperatures dip tonight at or near freezing, especially for those of you in santa rosa. 33 degrees. napa also in the mid 30's with concord and livermore. not that far behind is also going to see chilly temperatures there as well. even though the frost advisory is in for the east bay valleys, just plan ahead and drive safely as you start your monday morning commute downtown san francisco going to see milder temperatures in the mid 40's, but still noticeably chilly nonetheless. and we're tracking a crystal clear night out there in the bay area, especially for the east bay over berkeley. very calm, dry conditions. and it's actually the lack of winds during the overnight hours that cools down temperatures even more
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radar for not tracking any storms in the foreseeable future. in fact, that cool dry pattern is going to stick around for at least the next 7 days. so temperatures out there right now in the low 40's for fairfax at 42 degrees. but check out petaluma already in the upper 30's at 39 degrees. san jose, though in the mid-fifties at 53 degrees in napa and allay both in the mid 40's already at this 8 o'clock hours. so high temperatures tomorrow going to remain about 5 degrees below average downtown san francisco. 59 degrees with santa rose in hayward in the mid 60's at 63 degrees. so even below average temperatures from coastal valleys. little change in the seven-day forecast. but a slight chance of showers for your thanksgiving weekend and will back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. murray said this week storm bringing several feet of snow to the sierra nevada. we're going to be talking cuba live at 8.30, to talk about those conditions. plus, thousands of runners down in berkeley today. why this half marathon
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stands out? >> from the rest.
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>> thousands of runners took to the streets to compete in berkeley's half marathon this morning. this year, organizers created a non-binary division and about 10 runners crossed up in that category. kron four's camila barco caught up with all of the first place. winners. >> for someone like me by dan advisors non-binary. >> it's huge. to made history
8:26 pm
at the berkeley half marathon sunday morning is the first non-binary runner to cross the finish line. the first time race organizers have introduced that division. it's a step in the right direction and i hope it continues for people. >> who see gender is more than just men and women. odom says it signifies morning the but they still haven't been allowed to be part of an team right now. i'm not on the team because identifies i do. >> and you know, also a fast runner. so i'm looking place to be and said to have that team environment in their ran the 13.1 miles an hour. and 25 minutes. >> eric, he'll never participated in the race until this year. he is the first man who finished the race and did it in an hour and 11 minutes of run. 70 race isn't always come like so that's one of the first ones out actually coming down line. i was like, oh,
8:27 pm
wow, like i did not expect this i do today. madeleine, do hahn is a berkeley half-marathon veteran. she's placed first. >> all 4 times. she's competed in the women's division. can't really resist running you know, it's so close to home. it can also, of course, it's extremely organized. both, however, say the road to the finish line wasn't easy with the hills. theirs is the start in the last 3 miles. i run this 4 times. i've not mastered the last 3 miles always been to find out. but i have to ask the guy on the bike like other anymore hills coming. more than 5,000 people signed up for the race which also included a 5 k 10 k and one mile race for families. >> the berkeley half-marathon now joins the san francisco, boston and new york marathon. >> on the list of races to include a non-binary category hopes more races get on board in berkeley, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> still to come here at 8, another installment of dine
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and dish tonight, y one restaurants taking a different approach to thanksgiving this year. plus, nearly 48,000 university of california workers set to strike tomorrow. a move that could shut down classes just weeks before final exams and the sierras expecting more snow. we're checking in with coop on the weather turning up in the sierra over the next several days. kron 4 news at 8 continues after the break.
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>> welcome back. our top story this half-hour, a lot of recent snowfall in the sierra, which means many ski resorts in lake tahoe were able to open early. yeah, we know a lot of people are and looking to get up there on the slopes, taking advantage of that opening weekend. you've got kevin coop cooper standing by live tonight. who puts the stoke level man? yeah, it's just john. yeah. that could be a better start to the season. mother nature delivered great temperatures about operations. teams are subsidizing all that knew the natural out there. we're seeing anywhere from 60 65 inches in the sierra. so is a great start to the stage that you guide your star have of the and current but opening up about rose. yeah for yeah. we have house aides on app that mountain is open to. it is game on here in the sierra.
8:32 pm
>> we can see your was so we know it's cold out there. and yeah, i can see that you're all bundled up. what are we expecting in the coming days? because i feel it's just kind of been the gift that keeps on giving over the last week or so. it's been pretty nice. i woke up this morning down here at lake level 60 to 52 about 4 inches of snow out. most about operations. teams are, you know, reported anywhere along the press club or to 6, maybe 9 inches down towards miami. so really good skiing and riding. what's really also is there's more train open this year than there was last year on opening days with all that new mother nature's natural coming at. >> but here's what we're saying in the long range forecast. we're looking caught out there out there i to 3 weeks and we're looking at a possibility of another atmospheric river coming to this year, which could put us open at 100% in this year before christmas. last year, everything came at the last 2 weeks december this year. it's a nice slow roll into this season to just get us open to
8:33 pm
get those legs going get us ready for the holiday and winter season, a coup power. the roads out there. you know, the with the ski resorts opening up early this year. >> have they been packed with people? are you seeing a lot of people coming in? is it kind of slick out there? dangerous? maybe. >> all right. it is like it's black, it's ice out there. a berm. it's from so be aware if you're driving around to see are right now. this morning, it was extremely slick. temperatures this morning here at the heavy out 9 degrees. it warned that to about 28 degrees midday, then kind of peek down about 36. now it's dropped out just about 228 29 degrees here in south lake dollars. so it is definitely a slow roll. so if you're driving up over this year tonight, deal where we do need to carry your winter emergency kit with you. carry your chains. be ready to go. we don't have a ticket in the forecast tonight tomorrow night, but i'll tell you what it is slick out there. cook for loving your jacket right now is that actually show an atmospheric river? something over you in the eye of the
8:34 pm
storm? this storm, this is the official start jacket for 20 to 23. >> what we like it. we like it a lot. those are all great tips. last time we talked, you also mentioned, you know, people bringing blankets in their cars, that sort of thing just in case snow does fall may have to kind of stop for a while, but something always keep in mind, right? if you're headed up. absolutely. want to have a full tank of gas with other cr 7 water, a little bit of food snacks has to blanket of your players and a really good flash light to be able to charge your cell phone 8 be given time. you just never know when you're coming up. this year's how mother nature set. and it's couch cystic 3 district and they do an amazing job on those highways. i-80 i that state route 88, but they do get overcome a time. so there might be a chance that you have to stop and sit down and settle in. >> just be safe. my friends, slow your roll. travel, safe play all season coop. we love. and thanks thanks taking some
8:35 pm
time tonight. all of his energy have is thank well, we want to get you a look at what he was just talking about. this is a live look at a highway 80 donner summit. as you can see. >> folks headed that way. you know, make sure you're safe. if you are planning a trip up in the next couple of weeks. agrees to give us the science of what we're looking yeah. well, we were noticing around this time yesterday. some light snow flurries. so it's nice to see that pavement. nice and dry. so it is a safer commute for those of you looking to take advantage of that fresh powder. we did see a few inches of rain overnight into your sunday morning, drier out there right now. and we are tracking a dry outlook in the coming days. but fortunately, temperatures going to stay on the cool side, especially for the 1st half of this upcoming week, south lake tahoe. when trump the only warming up into the upper 30's that's going to continue through tuesday. but we are going to see by tuesday night into wednesday, gusty winds, especially throughout
8:36 pm
the highest peaks of this year. a 50 to 65 miles per hour. wind speeds at least so expect some wind advisory starting tuesday night through wednesday, even into the valleys as well. fortunately, we've got a lot of recent snow with that several feet of fresh powder earlier this week. so that fire danger threat certainly on the low side. but let's take a look at our bay area forecast for your sunday night as we head into our upcoming workweek. we are going to see temperatures really cool down tonight because we're tracking. >> not only calmer conditions that storm last night. more of a wind maker than rainmaker actually helped keep our temperatures on the milder side. but tonight, those calmer winds speeds allowing temperatures to really dip, especially half moon bay and even redwood city. currently. 43 degrees. 49 for san mateo and low 40's. for those of you in fairfax. but petaluma 39 degrees as you step outside right now for your sunday night. but high temperatures tomorrow to start your work week. monday, we're going to be on cruise control. in fact, upper 50's to low 60's a few mid 60's for fremont and san
8:37 pm
jose. but overall tracking very unseasonal below average temperatures, 5 degrees below normal. and we're also going to see gusty winds, though, arriving in the bay area's early as monday night, breezy conditions through tuesday. and then by wednesday morning, calmer winds speeds fortunately 30 to 40 miles per hour. so below that wind advisory level threshold. but because of all the recent rain we've gotten also noticing that low risk of high fire danger but looking dry for the next 7 days. back to you, dan. and off. reset. thank you. there's a risk. some classes at university of california campuses could be shut down monday with nearly 48,000 uc academic workers set to go on strike. university employees are set to picket at all 10 uc campuses starting at 08:00am. >> pay is the key reason for this strike with many uc employees displeased with their current levels of compensation. uc campuses are scheduled to remain open tomorrow. up next, those people are on a seafood diet
8:38 pm
on thanksgiving. >> you know, you see food and eat but for tonight's dine and dish, we're taking that expression a little more. literally. stick with us. mom, we need to talk to you about yiorgos. don't you think it's a little odd he showed up in your life right when you became a gigillionaire?! he's a gig-digger, mom! he's using you for your at&t fiber. now that it has hyper-gig speeds. he spends half day shirtless, playing vr games.
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kids. why do you think i became a gigillionaire in the first place? yes, i am yiorgos. we know. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability.
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>> counting down the days where the annual thanksgiving faced with turkey as the star of the show. >> pretty much not to fast local restaurant substituting the traditional turkey for seafood. this year conference,
8:41 pm
vicki liviakis gives us a look in tonight's dine and dish. >> turkey, deep fried brian roasted smoked. sure. it's the traditional centerpiece of your holiday meal, but not for everybody. so what do you do when you head up to here with turkey who says you've got to serve foul for thanksgiving. i only >> i so here's something to knock the bird off its perch. this heaping platter of lobster tails is about to make one family very happy. what is this? this is the shellfish platter for 5 with 5 lobster. >> well, in harbor. >> we're here palm harbor at pier. 39 in the city's fisherman's wharf area. tourists flock here for the fish and the local crab is one of several restaurants serving up diners on thanksgiving thanksgiving with fish. >> and some crab put in there is definitely a great bob part, right? but excited about
8:42 pm
the fresh crab brought in favorite times of the year, consent. a heart healthy salmon is season with korean lavender chutney not to be ignored sites like string beans and squash. >> fresh. our do roll right out of the oven and a green salad. great high. and those of us were counting calories, not a pumpkin pie inside although this pumpkin bread enough to stop like a turkey in san francisco. vicki liviakis 4 looks pretty good. >> not bad at all. all right. coming up next in sports, the forty-niners are fresh off the bye as they host the la chargers. jason dumas shows us how they fared coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the niners were nice and rested coming into their primetime matchup with the chargers. it was their first game in 2 weeks. and there's a sense in that building that this team is better than its record and can make a playoff push in the 2nd half of the season. and of course, a win tonight would go a long way in that. and you love to see this niners players showing support for jason tore his achilles in practice. earlier this week not to start the niners wanted opening drive in the chargers. they went right down the field. justin herbert hits the
8:46 pm
andre carter to cap off a 7 play. 75 yard touchdown. drive 2nd quarter. niners down 13 to 3. but jimmy g. finishes off this drive. he gets over the pile on niners down 16 to 10 at the half. let's go to the 4th quarter. dom is down 3 but knocking on the door. christian mccaffrey takes the carry and breaks the plane, but the niners would miss the extra point. so san francisco is up by just a field goal. 4th quarter. same score. the niners defense really buckle down in the 2nd half. nick bosa, he sniffed out that screen pass bosa had 4 tackles and a sack tonight under 2 to go chargers going for it on 4th. gets drilled as he throws it. no good la would actually get one more possession which ended in a tie. from the interception as the niners hang on to win this one. 22 to 16 big time win for the niners. this was one you feel
8:47 pm
like they had to have. now let's go back out to levi stadium. we're joined by kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney. okay. it wasn't the prettiest win, but a win is a win. they all count the same. they needed it right. >> yeah. even though you're right, they all count the same. this did feel like a really important one. a chance to head into the 2nd half of the season with a winning record to beat a team. that's also in the hunt for a playoff berth in the los angeles chargers. and they did just that even though this is a banged up chargers squad missing some key players. the forty-niners came out and got the job done. we kind of saw a return to that elite looking defense that the forty-niners put on display a couple times early in the season tonight was backed. the defense made a lot of plays. they were on the field a lot more than they wanted to be, but they didn't well out there. offensive lee, not the high-flying explosion. we all wanted to see with those skill players as healthy as they've been all season. but the ball did get distributed quite a bit. he sought to juan jennings deebo
8:48 pm
samuel christian mccaffrey, elijah mitchell, george kittle. and of course, brandon, i you all getting in on the action there. that's what this team wants to be able to do. they want to spread the ball around and keep opposing defenses guessing. so going to be interesting heading into next week because they've got an international game. they're going down to mexico city to take on the arizona cardinals, even though the cardinals haven't had the best season conference, clashes are never easy, especially when you have to deal with international travel. but great way to start the 2nd half of the season. and there are a lot of happy 40 niner fans behind me and filing levi stadium as we speak. jason, not take one quick question before we let you go now we were talking about it during the week. justin herbert, how talented he is the niners specially in the 2nd half kept him at bay. what do you think the key was for that defensive >> i think the fact that defensive line stepped up and made plays the defensive line has been a bit a bit of a cause for concern because they've had some injuries.
8:49 pm
you're missing on the interior sampson, epic am also an active tonight. but charles omenihu was a real beast tonight. nick bosa, of course, showing why he's one of the top defensive ends in the league and they just kept justin herbert on his heels made him work for it yet a couple easy passes that to your point, not so much in the 2nd quarter they they really showed why they are one of the most feared defenses in the league right now. awesome. k great reporting. >> at levi's stadium. thanks, kate. >> all right. over in sac, the dubs taking on mike brown and the kings. beautiful basketball here, steph curry with the backdoor cut. >> draymond green finds him right there for easy lay-up warriors were down to do at the break. now in the 4th quarter warriors down 9. but they went on a 13 to run. here is part of that klay thompson, 3. he had 5 of them on the night. 17 points does up to. the kings immediately went on the run of their own the and
8:50 pm
the ends up the air and fox hits the 3 11 of his. 22 came into 4 kings. up one, 15, one, 13 out here with the dagger. fox misses. but domantas sabonis gets the offensive rebound and put back. get this. he had 26 points. 22 rebounds and 8 assists. kings win one 20 to one 15 warriors remain winless on the road. they face the spurs tomorrow night at chase center. all righty. that is you look at sports. back to you guys. >> jason, thank you. want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at sfo tonight. a plane just landed to really clear night. so no issues with fog or anything like that now. but it's definitely chilly out there and it's going to get low. but just how low can it >> white. get out of here by jason, as you leave all right.
8:51 pm
what's going to get really low in fact, at or near freezing, dan and noelle? and it's because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover and marine layer for that matter. really going to cool down. we're going to see crystal clear skies all night long with temperatures at or near freezing for north bay valleys, even for the highest peaks as well. so we could see frosty conditions overnight, starting at 2 o'clock monday morning through mid morning. and don't be surprised if you actually wake up to some frosty conditions for those of you in our coolest east bay valleys, specifically in and around concord and livermore as well, because you're also going to dip. >> into the low to mid 30's as well. let's take a look at your temperatures for this near 9 o'clock hour. fairfax and petaluma already in the upper 30's at 39 degrees, which is just an indicator of just how chilly it's going to be tonight. the mall, the city right now, san jose. 53 degrees. but we're tracking everything in between. already cooling down into the mid 40's for pacifica and napa, dublin in livermore as well.
8:52 pm
currently in the mid 40's. so bundle up. but temperatures tomorrow going to be on cruise control for the next couple of days. very little change in the weather department. we're going to stay dry. temperatures about 5 degrees below average from coast to valleys. widespread mid 60 should be our average high. but check out downtown san francisco. 59 degrees with half moon bay. only warming up into the mid 50's in our model does days look to be mid-week and thursday that some are going to see some widespread mid 60's for warmest inland valleys. but very dry conditions for the next several days. but fingers crossed something pans out for our thanksgiving week. back to dan and well. murray said thank you. take a look at this. >> a man in illinois put on all these lanyards to break world record. can you guess how many he got on? we'll tell you. you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's why comcast business ves you more. re innovation...
8:53 pm
th our new gig-speed wi-fi, us unlimited data. rerepeed... from the largest, stest, reliable network... d more savings- to 60% a year th comcast business mobile. l from the company that wers more businesses an any other provider. t started with fasasspeeds d advanced security r $49.99 a month r 1212onths. us ask how to get up a $750 prepaid card th a qualifying bundle.
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8:55 pm
wakanda forever crushed at the box office for its opening weekend. the disney marvel movie. >> brought in an estimated 330 million dollars globally. 180 of that from domestic ticket sales, black panther
8:56 pm
tuesday view marks the 5th highest international opening weekend for any hollywood film. pretty good. the other 4 were also and see you movies. so pretty cool. at though, now haven't checked but heard it's good man, but it's really good. >> all right. well, a nurse in illinois breaks the world record for wearing hundreds of lanyards. yeah, that's what he's putting around his neck there. sunny molina successfully piled up 509 neck. new. guinness world record. he's also got a lot of time on his hands. apparently, maybe not though. molina is a surgical nurse performing the stunt as a tribute to his healthcare employer. the feat also helped raise money for a nonprofit that gives clothing and in need. very cool. but molina also hold other guinness records such as most ultra marathons in a month. and he is the largest collection of salt and pepper sash a's. and he even holds the record for walking far this barefoot on lego bricks. that hurts walking on lego
8:57 pm
brick. yeah. that that that hurts. the sashayed like the little salt i have i was messaging or producers going. what is how do i say this word was that is like a little bag, but so i guess it's a little. >> so you just collects all the ones that you get f little, you know, take all the uses that. i think so. but salt and pepper are yeah, not sugar. yeah. all right. that is very cool. and it was all for a good cause. so i like yeah, and you're things makes me want to grab all the lanyard i have because i do have a bunch boxes and the media start pop a lawn. that's all we've got for kron. 4 news at 8, 0, we'll be right back.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> i 900's of citations and more than a dozen cars impounded at a sideshow in san jose. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. the shutdown happening overnight. san jose police taking out the areas that have seen. >> these illegal gatherings before kron four's man harry has more on how it all went down. >> this was a big sideshow. police cited more than 700 people for participating and spectating. i spoke to some people that live in this neighborhood. they say it's not the first time


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