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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 14, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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kron. 4 morning news. we are at 4.29. going on for 30 here on this monday. well, we are blessed this morning with days far as president. he's been talking how cold it is. david, thank you. brought the chilean with you this morning. i go and mittens the desk >> morning. they're in a good morning, everybody. a cold. it is this morning. get a little flavor of when or where are we with dry air in place. here's a live shot of embarcadero for you going on here. you can see exploratorium right off their the distance. here's the frost advisory. we have again, until 9 o'clock this morning. shelley, with that frost advisory covering the north bay, the north bay valleys, particularly not technically in the east bay, but we've seen temperatures already fall in the frost territory thus far. here's a look at the current numbers. 32 santa rosa, the bottles graduated up to 30. they were dipping into the 20's earlier. meanwhile, 30's off towards the east bay. 35 livermore, tri valley. 37 concord in 37 also for any auc, for the comparison sake, in some cases, almost a dozen degrees behind this time from
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yesterday, at least a half a dozen across most of the region being blocked by most of the traffic off the pacific high cloudiness a little bit for us over the course of the next a week or so. the only thing is going to really impact us in a big way by tomorrow will be maybe some winds coming off shore. they potentially could save us. quotation marks from a frost advisory tomorrow. 41 going on at 8 o'clock by 11. we're talking 53 high temperatures only into the 60's will be getting into that in your 4 zone forecast in a bit right now. checking out bay area bridges right now. what's going on day? it's still pretty light this morning if you're heading into the city right now. >> 7 minutes maze to that fremont street exit, the san mateo but you had about 12 minutes, a 80 to 101, golden gate bridge. 37 is the tolls. 19 minutes and the richmond, sandra fell bridge a 7 minute ride. well on the peninsula and 18 year-old is dead following a single car crash in south san francisco. police responded around 11 30 saturday night to a major
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crash south linden avenue. the passenger in that vehicle was killed. police say the driver, 18 year-old angel de jesus. castro was found to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time. castle was arrested and booked for vehicular manslaughter as well as a dui. police say this is an ongoing investigation. well, over in the east bay, police are searching for several gunmen who robbed a jewelry store in san pablo. police say it happened saturday afternoon at the h bee jewelry store in the san pablo town center on san dam road right near interstate 80 police say several people rushed into the jewelry store. they robbed it. then they took off. it's still unclear how much jewelry was stolen. no arrests have been made at this time. lapping this week. we have federal prosecutors asked a judge to sentence former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes to 15 years in prison. they argue she deserves a long prison term because of her scheme. duping investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. holmes is set to
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appear for sentencing this friday in san jose. she could face up to 20 years in prison for each of her 4 felony count. holmes attorneys, however, are asking for a more lenient sentence of 18 months because of her reputation being permanently destroyed. well, questions continue to swirl around the bankruptcy of ftx u.s. government authorities begin their investigation into the company's collapse. former ceo and sandbank been freed. a bay area native is currently being watched by authorities at the company's headquarters in the bahamas. call for scale. all has that update. >> they seem super nice. really charming. a neighbor of the brother of sam bankman-fried, the former ceo of crypto trading exchange ftx. no answer at the san francisco home sunday. bill says she has seen bankman-fried visit his brother a number of times but says nobody has been at the home for the last 2 weeks. but bell says she has been closely following the developments
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surrounding ftx. i hope the best for everyone and that turns out, ok, last week bankman-fried resigned after filing for bankruptcy. a move that sent shockwaves through the crypto world at last check. bankman-fried is in the bahamas at ftx u.s. headquarters. local police say a team of financial investigators from the financial crimes investigation branch are working closely with the bahamas securities commission to investigate if any criminal misconduct occurred. bankman-fried is a stanford native. no one was home when we stopped by his parents house in stamford, a neighbor. we spoke to off camera, says the family's going through a tough time and deserves privacy. the cryptocurrency trading firm is now short billions of dollars after experiencing the crypto equivalent of a bank run. investors have been taking to social media pleading with bankman-fried for their money back. this man in front of ftx u.s. berkeley office holding a sign asking where is our money? it's a little bit of enron going on a little bit of lehman brothers, the the the
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collapse has been monumental in the speed of it. this time. last week fdx was the second or 3rd largest crypto exchange in the world by volume. sam borghi editor at cointelegraph has been covering crypto since 2012. >> as for what's next for ftx. we wait. we we see what the investigation looks like. we see what they can resolve the hack. but right now it's not looking good. i think right now what sam bankman-fried trying to do is you try to raise more capital. there's been some conversations that he's going back to investors to see if they can get basically a bail out. >> and the hamas police are not the only ones looking into financial dealings of ftx. the u.s. department of justice and securities and exchange commission are also investigating the company in the studio. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> well, meantime, disney planning to not only freeze hiring is because jobs as well in a memo sent to employees. the company bob chapek says the layoffs are part of a company. one measure to cutting costs. he also announced a ban on all nonessential work travel, the
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hiring freeze pertaining to all, but a few key positions. the news coming days after the company present rough quarter earnings which sent its stock tumbling to its lowest price in more than 2 years. and tesla has announced a voluntary recall of more than 40,000 vehicles that could have power steering issues. the recall involves models s and model x vehicles built between 2017 2021, some owners have reported their electric cars lose power, steering on bumpy roads or after hitting a pothole. that means a driver has to use more strict to turn the wheel, especially at lower speeds. the fix involves download a software update. for your health this morning. a technology use on crops is now being used towards fighting cancer. scientists are developing a way to target and destroy cancer cells to jean entity, kelly peace and shows us how it all works. >> crispr is a very fastening
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bill gates out on crispr technology is no crispr is going to save a lot of life. it's working to on ticks, aiming to keep lyme disease at bay in the lab, working on crops. and now the gene editing technology taking on cancer leave were jumping up and down and this works thursday. packed farmers, chief scientific officer. >> just presented the findings of a clinical trial on cancer patients. their own t cells extracted modified and gene editing technology used to target tumors. see those edited t cells and read gobble up the cancer in green and survive to attack again. cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer. >> non-small cell, lung cancer, ovarian cancer. so this is their people. people with solid tumors. reaction from the world of oncology promising. >> but there's a call for more research involving more
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patients and better efficacy. everybody is now looking complete response is the first time you treat a patient with a therapy. and i think that's a really high bar to set right now. doctor susan foy spent 5 years in the lab overseeing this work while the patient pool was small, all their cancer states table. >> or shrunk. so i think that's what's really excited was we've been able to put everything together >> to create a truly personalized therapy that starts with the patient's cells and to find the and then we go back to ending the patient's cells to create the cure. well, that was kelly beeson reporting for us. >> researchers say it's possible that in less than 10 years, gene editing will be available to patients across the country. and sonoma county leaders aren't egypt to represent the north bay at this year's un climate conference. santa rosa mayor chris rogers is joined by rohnert park mayor jackie edward and others to share what they've learned in combat in the devastating wildfires. rogers says one of his key
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takeaways is the unlikelihood to curb climate change before going to an increase in average global temperatures. he's scheduled to speak today alongside oakland, mayor libby schaff was also at that conference. the for your money, food prices are continuing to go up. according to the bureau of labor statistics, food was 0.6% more expensive in the month of october compared to september. that's a slower pace than earlier this year. but already significant increases. the biggest price increases were seen in the dairy aisle, although this jumped a whopping 43%. but her jump nearly 27%. and the north, a sonoma county sheriffs delivered 160 turkeys to residents ahead of the holiday season. turkeys are handed out to coast from sonoma valley to sonoma coast and for pet, a little bit of cloverdale on saturday. the sheriff's office saying, quote, be thankful for all that you have and take time to reach one another with a helping hand. on the
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peninsula. an annual holiday tradition in san mateo county continues this year. members of the redwood city police department, stuff a truck event kron four's philippe djegal explains how the toy and book drive will benefit hundreds of low income families. this winter. >> years of lockdowns, inflation, job and food insecurity are pointing to a challenging holiday season for disadvantaged families along the peninsula. >> families who could use a break, right? not bring some smiles to someone else. the early season of giving on full display outside target on el camino. real in redwood city saturday. that's where the police department stage did stuff. a truck event soliciting shoppers to drop off a new inbox toy or book for its annual toy and book drive. the trend has been up. >> so last year, i believe it was 800 families approximate that that they were looking for toys. >> and so this year, we expected to continue to go out the police and fire departments partner with other san mateo county, law enforcement and public safety
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agencies to set up collection barrels and communities to gather gifts. another stuff, a truck event is also scheduled for december 2nd. >> outside costco in redwood city. if there's a possibility to get somebody just to even see the smile. >> that's that's worth whole experience. given what you can. that could be a lot to make. my for those families interested in benefiting from the program. you can sign up on the city's website through friday. the 18th. >> to be eligible. you must live in the area have at least one child, 12 years of age younger and the low in redwood city police to call on for also the event there. >> now we want to remind you kron four's once again celebrating our remarkable women of the bay area. go ahead, take your phone scan a qr code because we need you to help share their stories. if you know, remarkable woman who's making a difference right here at home, nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. go ahead.
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scan that qr code. it's going take you over to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> the gadgets that will keep you and your family safe from coleman, the floor, the natural disasters expo to find them. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart.
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jim mansfield: my job was more important to me than my family, and i started drinking a lot, staying out of town. it took a toll on me. dr. charles stanley: you may be as low as the prodigal, but you are not hopelessly, helplessly lost if you will listen to what i'm about to say. jim: sitting on that couch, watching that sermon, something had happened to us. i'm talking about the joy and love in our hearts. i want more of that. >> well, if you needed another reminder that the holiday season is upon us. here it is. the traditional an iconic
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rockefeller critter christmas tree has landed in the big apple. this 82 foot tall. norway spruce was cut down this week and it's made his way from upstate new york to midtown manhattan. anthony di lorenzo was here for the trees or i will take a look. >> after nearly 90 years of growing in upstate new york. this 82 foot long, norway spruce was cut down thursday. just south of lake george in queensbury and transported by truck 200 miles overnight to its new holiday home in manhattan. the 14 ton rockefeller center christmas tree arrived in midtown and was hoisted onto its pedestal for millions to marvel at until the new year. we gave it so people can it. i mean. >> for me, it brings a smile and happiness to a little child or somebody is kind of blue, you know, season up, you know.
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>> that's what it's all about. neil leibowitz and his family were the benefactors of the beauty which sat on their property for nearly a century. the chief gardner here searches year round for the perfect tree here at rockefeller center. whether it's someone who submitted a tip online or him doing surveys all around the area. but it turns out this tree was found by accident almost every thinking about the tree and we're going to get it from eric pose. a was on his way to look at another tree in june when he stumbled upon this one and has groomed it for its big moment in the spotlight since june rot. the people from rockefeller center primarily have been up every at least once a week to fertilize and hydrate, the trees. so i mean, it's gotten a lot of care. one slid on november, 30th. it's estimated half a million people will make the trek to the treat every day as a symbol of the season. pine cone, little everett and his family from florida are taking home a souvenir after getting a sneak peek. it's been
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amazing. we love christmas. so it's been amazing to see the tree being delivered and it's exciting. >> alright, exciting times. that was anthony delorenzo reporting for us this morning. back here at home. dave, i'm sure there's some people that are already putting up the christmas trees and they're probably wondering, you know, if they haven't got their christmas trees yet today it's getting very cold out there. looking for good in the spirit there right now. you know, put that with the mittens on night that this is a half moon bay for you. >> and still course very dark outside. it looks like a cctv camera. going on here, a cold and all locations except of course, the ocean keeps it more moderate. but 38 even in half moon bay. 32 meanwhile, from santa rosa's matching that as well. 33 for napa. but in inland those spots in the east bay shoreline, low temperatures as well. plenty of 30's with some 40 scratching along the east bay shoreline. so very cold. we haven't had much in the way of winds overnight. that may change a little bit tonight. now we made a little bit of wind working up here in the
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north bay now to offshore wind. that's not a good win, but there's no fire weather talk with this partially because temperatures going to that lofty with this. this will start a little bit towards the latter portion of the overnight tomorrow morning. here goes, you see the arrows indicating the directions and generally speaking gets up in the 20's a little bit. again, no statements on that front. but if we don't have a frost advisory tomorrow morning, it's probably credit to these winds. when you have that string going on. think of that. babbling brook going it doesn't freeze is just very cold water because the air or this case, the air. but the water is moving it harder for it to freeze. all right, looking ahead for the week ahead. pretty much mostly sunny, maybe some high cloudiness. we start to get in a week. we start to get some scattered clouds and all that towards the end of the weekend. maybe a little chance of a sprinkle trying to work in here in something quite juicy is it looks like as we get into thanksgiving week itself, maybe we'll see if that comes together there but looks pretty bone dry for this week ahead. 4 zone forecast for your monday. 60 san francisco, the 50's along the coast. quick line. even with that compared to where we are this morning with the we
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showed you happen to be in the 30's like that. 60 is happening to the bayside. 61 for burlingame, 63 foster city. 61 palo alto in the south bay, a lower 60's as well. morgan hill, 63 cupertino. 61 lower 60's east bay shoreline, tri valley, about 60 61 for a walnut creek and also danville. 61 for concord. 58 going on for berkeley richmond, 59 vallejo. 56 59 for fairfield napa. 59 and santa rosa at 63 shore will get a lot of sunshine during the day. clear skies at night when you lose the winds, you get lows in the 30's again watching out for tuesday might be a little relief because of some winds working here, but getting cold again on wednesdays. we may not be done for those frost advisories even later during the week, but hoping perhaps we can turn the page and bringing some rain in here at least early into thanksgiving week. checking bay area bridges, rain was going. all right. things are still pretty light day. they if you're heading into the city right now is going to take you. >> 7 minutes to make that commute may so that freeman
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street exit san mateo bridge 80 to 1, 0, 1, 12 minute ride for you. heading across the words, the peninsula, golden gate bridge pushing at about 19 minutes. that's 37 to the tolls and the richmond. sandra fell bridge toast a one-on-one about 7 minutes. >> and with top of the allan, a 31 32 go out at night. >> well, one, a spacex reusable falcon 9 boosters blasted into retirement saturday morning. it did so while hoisting to intelsat communication satellites. >> they're now in order to begin. missions are expected to last more than 18 years. the galaxy 31 32 satellites. we'll provide video broadcasting services over north america. as for the falcon 9 booster, it went into service in march of 2019. well, nasa has confirmed it still plans to launch artemis one already mission next week
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despite the landfall of hurricane nicole near the kennedy space center artemis one, which includes nasa's space launch system. rocket and orion spacecraft is set to launch in the wee hours of wednesday morning. the launch has been delayed multiple times this year due to both technical issues as well as environmental conditions. in today's tech, smart, rich demuro visits. the natural disasters expo to find the tech products that can help keep you and your family safe in the event of a natural disaster. >> the natural disasters expo a show all about the best when it comes to protecting from the worst. i recently visited the anaheim show upcoming locations include singapore, miami and germany. >> one big trend, backup power. take this. plug it into the back goal. 0 showing off power banks that use the sun to recharge its all about solar. but it's also about
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being able to take it wherever you want to go indoors, plug-in play home energy system raised 5 million dollars on kickstarter almost overnight. now not pod is a i really cause a lot of these days. no, i need have called. so this is a product to 60 so in it's gone nova showing off their fp pain which resists the spread of fire bases up. and that is it just a regular want to spain to win it? swells up back texas. substrate behind him. if not safe. has you covered with disaster proof? hard drives and servers. this will protect your data from fire up to 1550 degrees for half an water water up to 10 police summers for 3 days. speaking of water off of fonts, $2200 system makes drinking water out of thin air depending on the relative humidity harm. and you can make anywhere from with 3 gallons to about 6 gallons per day. feels kind of
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weird drinking anaheim, air water, but are people surprised when they can find out you can make water from thin air? very much so. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> all right. we'll be right back after the break.
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crushed it at the box office for its opening weekend. the disney marvel movie brought in an estimated 330 million dollars globally 180. that is from domestic ticket sales. and, you know, i was there me and my family went there. and this movie is excellent. black panther tuesday view marks the 5th highest international opening weekend for any hollywood film. the other 4. also in see you movie. so again, if you haven't seen it, you got to go see it. i will take a look at this. astronomers recently found ancient solar system roughly 90 light years away from earth. researchers identify a 10 billion year old white dwarf star. sue period by broken pieces of planets. this pacific solar system is so old
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that is formed and die before the sun and earth report. wow, the piece is a former planets around the door star. the oldest ever found in our galaxy. pretty incredible. coming up in our next hour, university of california workers are set to go on strike at all campuses today. >> that could put final exams for students in jeopardy. we'll have that story. and san jose police give out hundreds of citations as they sheldon a massive sideshow over the weekend and the alleged stockton serial killer will be back in court today. we're going to have the latest in a live report. make sure you
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> good morning and happy monday to darya and i'm james waking up this morning to a chilly start and we've got dave spahr filling in jason jason for john this morning. and we've got. >> how quickly they to write what they often do, john. good morning today i ok and james, good morning, everybody. >> we're talking about chili cold as what is going on this morning. lots of 30's on the board there. even a frost advisory while we're at it dry air, not much the way of winds all credited to this. a cold start going on here for you. we might repeat this again lots for a contingent on those offshore winds i talked about last. are we talking about as well? embarcadero picture


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