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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  November 15, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> now at noon flight attendant with american airlines taking to the picket lines at sfo, what they're demanding and how the airline is responding. plus, one week after mid terms congress on track to pass historic legislation protecting same marriage. what you need to know. and our top story this afternoon, the man accused of brutally attacking house speaker nancy pelosi's husband. paul makes his first appearance in federal court. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and news. >> thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm
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noelle bellow. 42 year-old david to pop is already facing state charges, including attempted murder for the attack on paul pelosi today. he pled not guilty to the 2 federal charges brought against him. kron four's rob nesbitt was there for the arraignment. he's joins us live now from outside the federal courthouse with the very latest details. rob. well, david depape entered the courtroom in all orange, his feet shackled. the path. >> entered a not guilty plea to the 2 federal charges made against him. now those charges, the path has been charged with one count of assault on an immediate family member of a u.s. official with intent to retaliate against on account of their performance or official duties. this charge the maximum sentence of 30 years behind bars. the 42 year-old has also been charged with one count of attempted kidnapping of a u.s. official that charge carrying a maximum of 20 years in prison. a possible 50 years total for allegedly breaking into nancy and paul pelosi's home back on october. 28 paul told police
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he never met the path before and that the stranger was yelling. where's nancy? when officers arrived in the home, they found mr. pelosi in the path engaged in a struggle over hammer. officers say the control of it and struck him in the head. the 82 year-old spent a week at san francisco general hospital undergoing surgery and recovery from his injuries. now in this arraignment ended today. reporters followed up apps lawyer out of the courtroom. she would not comment on the case or the charges made against her client as far as when he'll be before a federal judge. again, the paps next court appearance here scheduled for november. 30th putting live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you for that live report. meanwhile, over in the east bay, a man accused of killing a prominent bay area dentist will be in court today as basin is accused of killing lily shu back in august in oakland's little saigon neighborhood. prosecutors say her killing was a murder for hire plot, orchestrated by shoes. longtime boyfriend.
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>> nelson chia, who you saw there on the right. he told police he hired basin to kill shoe because she was worth millions and he stood to inherit it all. prosecutors say basin pulled up alongside the vehicle chia and she were riding in while they were running errands, they say base and got out and killed. shoe basin is facing murder charges. chia, meanwhile, took his own life while in police custody before charges could be filed against him. happening right now, american airlines flight attendants striking at san francisco international airport. this comes as we approach what's expected to be a very busy holiday travel season. kron four's charles clifford joining us live now from the airport with more on what they're demanding. charles. >> well, american airlines and its flight attendants been trying to negotiate a new contract for years today. the flight attendants are expressing their frustration. they say the airline has not been negotiating in good faith. let's go and take a look at some video here now over at the harvey milk
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terminal one here at sfo, about 100 flight attendants for american airlines walking a picket line out in front of the terminal. they say they've been negotiating a new contract since 2019. it was delayed briefly because of the pandemic, but they've been back at the negotiating table. they say they're asking for better benefits and pay and also improved working conditions for all of the flight attendants. they're also upset that american airlines is closing a crew base here at sfo. that was a real benefit employees and 're trying to send a message to the airline with this pick we just want the company to hear that we're ready for a contract and we need to negotiate fairly. and the company wants to. but more workers on us which benefit them and and our >> all right. that american airlines did sent kron 4 a statement in response. they said american flight attendants are the best in the business. and like all our team members deserve to be paid well and competitively.
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we continue to meet regularly with the association of professional flight attendants to reach an agreement that benefits both our flight attendants and our operation. now, again, they are planning on resuming negotiations tomorrow. but for now at sfo, charles clifford kron, 4 news. charles, thank you for that live report. they are the only ones on the picket lines all across california. demonstrations continue for tens of thousands of uc researchers and student workers striking for better compensation. >> this was the scene yesterday at ucsf. some 48,000 uc student workers striking over unsuccessful contract negotiations. those workers say they're not earning enough money to pay rent and put food on the table. in a statement, the university of california system says they've conducted more than 50 bargaining sessions and have worked in good faith to offer a fair multi year agreement. however, workers say their offer is not adequate and fast. food
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workers hitting the picket lines to today, cooks and cashiers rallying outside of starbucks regional office in san francisco. there's also folks rallying outside chipotle and jack in the box locations across the state to protest fast food comp-ny's efforts to overturn the fast recovery act, which sets regulations for minimum wage and health and safety rules. they want their employers to join the fast food council established by the act that will set standards, large chains will have to follow across the state. the rally here in the city just got started at noon a man is facing felony charges after police say he attacked customers and an employee at a mcdonald's in sandra fell. it happened on sunday just before 02:00pm on mary dale road in the terra linda neighborhood. when police arrived, they say robert turn off was from nevado was holding a knife and refusing to cooperate. police say they were in a 4 hour standoff with him. eventually police deployed a k 9 and turn
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off was injured after the dog bit him. police say he did, however, put the dog in a headlock before they were able to taste him. he was taken to a hospital before being booked into the marion county jail. the canine and all this is doing okay after the incident. police say he received a small scratch on the nose. meanwhile, vallejo police are investigating a violent attack that left one person dead and 2 others in critical condition. that attack happened sunday morning near the intersection of 3rd and lemon street. that's near prince of peace missionary baptist church. police found an 80 year-old man there with a stab wound in a 27 year-old transgender person with a gunshot wound. both of them went to the hospital. meanwhile, police say a 3rd victim, a 31 year-old transgender person died at the scene from a gunshot wound. a suspect is behind bars in solano county. no word on a motive for the attack at this point. but this is laos 23rd homicide this year. it's
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follow 7. want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look cross at the north bay looking at the golden gate bridge. everything's sitting pretty afternoon. we had another chilly start to the day, though, kylie? yeah, i know i had to do it. i got to these temperatures again because i think anybody in our interior valleys re you felt this this morning, sonoma, just 30 degrees this morning. same story in santa rosa and napa. >> 31 in rohnert park. 34 in concord and walnut creek. so good morning to you. good afternoon. now we finally warmed up a little bit. wind is relatively calm right now. you can see but notice we've got to fairfield about 21 miles per hour wind and the direction of it is coming from the north. so a little bit of a north northeasterly flows are going to see with a little offshore wind as we get into the afternoon and evening today. but it is just gorgeous out there. no doubt about it. we're going to be a little bit warmer, courtesy of some of that offshore flow as well. so that's why you see spots like santa rosa already at 67 degrees. right now. we're still in the 50's in san francisco, oakland, san jose
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livermore go into those low 60's. but we'll see those temperatures pop up a few degrees more than they have in the last few days. and the reason we're getting this offshore wind is because we've got this high pressure and low pressure kind of stacked here. you can see that clockwise circulation at high pressure counter clockwise on low pressure. wind gets driven right between them. that's what happened. so that's what we're going to see. so we look at future wind just to show you this. we're expecting that things will kick up a little bit as we get into this evening. so they're 07:45pm. you notice that the north and the east bay are really where we're going to see this. and most of it's going to be up at the peaks. but some of it could mix down in the valleys. and certainly you can see that in sonoma as we get into the overnight hours before things start to calm down. i'll be back in just a little bit. we'll talk about our extended forecast and a slight very slight chance of rain in the 7 day forecast. back to you. keeping fingers crossed for that one. thanks. kyla. the balance of power on capitol hill. still up in the air. but getting a little clearer now, the republican party only needs. >> one more house seat to take control of the house of representatives. minority leader kevin mccarthy appeared
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before gop colleagues for a secret ballot election today as the first step and formally electing him. house speaker. if the gop does, in fact, take the house. meantime, congressional democrats are doing everything they can to pass legislation before the year washington correspondent trevor shirley taking a closer look at a top issue for democrats protecting marriage rights for same and interracial couples. it would also protect that right from any future rulings by the supreme court. and senate democrats who authored this legislation say at this point they think they've got enough backing from republicans to get this bill passed. >> you may recall the same bill came up for debate earlier this fall but was shelved until after the midterms. now, the bill's authors say they've got enough buy-in from republicans to break that 60 vote threshold needed to pass legislation in the senate tomorrow. the senate will likely hold a test vote that will give us a better indication as to just how much support is officially
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there. the respect for marriage act is this legislation is would ensure the supreme court cannot overturn the right of same and interracial couples to marry which conservative justice clarence thomas mention was a possibility when the court overturned roe versus wade earlier this year. the legislation also clarifies the government won't recognize polygamous marriages and that it respects religious freedom to major sticking points for republicans. again, that senate vote could come as early as wednesday. we determined that this legislation was too important to risk failure. >> so we waited to get bipartisanship. a chance. i hope for the sake of tens of millions of americans that at least 10 republicans will vote with us to protect marriage equality into law. soon. the rights and dignity of millions of americans depend on it. >> now the house already passed its version of this bill with the support of nearly 50 republicans. it's expected this legislation passes the senate. it will
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then be on a glide path to the president's desk reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> well, united nations says the world's population hit to the 8 billion mark today, but it's according to a report released over the summer, the un's day of 8 billion is more symbolic than purse. ice officials say this should be a wake-up call for the world. the upward trend threatens to leave even more people further behind as governments are struggling to provide enough classrooms and jobs for a rapidly growing number of youth. the world's population now projected to reach around 8.5 billion by 2030, and 9.7 billion by the year 2050. we've got a lot to get to today. coming up. >> reports that russian missiles have struck pole. and what we know so far as the war in ukraine spills past the border. plus, california's first lady taking the stand in the ongoing assault case
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against harvey weinstein. and san francisco's mayor says the streets will be safer. holiday shoppers this year. the very latest plans she has for the city after the break.
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>> in international news this afternoon, russia pounded ukraine's energy facilities today and officials in ukraine are saying the situation is critical. a barrage of airstrikes caused emergency
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blackouts all across that country. meanwhile, u.s. officials said missiles crossed into nato member, poland, where 2 people were killed. the polish prime minister calling for an emergency meeting with his ministers over what's being called a crisis situation. polish media reporting the projectile struck a polish village near the border with ukraine. so let's game says russia fired at least 85 missiles today and officials are calling it the most massive bombardment of power facilities since the war began. the un human rights office is calling on iran is government to immediately release thousands of people who have been detained for participating in peaceful protests. the call comes as one protester was sentenced to death amid continued unrest in the country. that protester was charged with setting fire to a government building the office now cautioning iran can only issue the death penalty for the most serious crimes under international law, at
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least 10 protesters have been charged with offenses that carry the death penalty. there. the widespread unrest was sparked by the death of a 22 year-old woman in police custody for allegedly violating the country's strict dress code. former president donald trump's expected to announce his 3rd run for the white house from his mar-a-lago resort today. however, some question whether it's a good idea, given the gop is worse than expected performance in the mid terms, brooke shafer has that story. former president donald trump has teased another run for office pretty much from the moment he left. >> today at mar-a-lago, the former president set to make a major announcement on his social media site. truth, social trump writing, quote, hopefully it will turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our country. trump said this in an exclusive news nation interview last week. i think people are going to be. >> very happy. very impressed.
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we've done a good job. there's no question. trump has a loyal base, but it's not without cracks that the president's words reckless. actions were reckless. president's words that day at the rally endangered me and my family and everyone at the capitol building in a new interview, trump's former vice president mike pence in his strongest words yet condemning trump's actions on january 6 and lies about the 2020 election. a september poll found more than 6 in 10 americans don't want trump to run for president again, those numbers on top of a somewhat disappointing midterm election for republicans and trump backed candidates and there is already speculation about a possible trump challenger in florida governor ron desantis. i think the republicans are going to have a really hard time in this is that this is the big issue. do we rally around trump? is our person going into 2024 or do we see a split in the republican party? a really contentious primary, a primary that if trump wins,
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you lose part of the electorate that has no interest in really turning out for him and essentially handing the white house over to the democrats in 2024. >> that was brooke shafer reporting for us this afternoon. trump is expected to make that announcement at maralago tonight. 6 o'clock our time. meantime, a big development in the arizona race for governor that had the attention of the entire country. democrat katie hobbs projected to be the next governor of arizona right now, hobbs holding on to a 20,000 vote advantage over republican kari lake. she trump backed election deny or who has already called the vote into question. she in fact, she was casting doubt over arizona's election process even before they started counting the votes. it's not clear if she'll concede or she will try to go to the court to fight the results. want to get your check of that forecast. taking a live look outside at coit tower. nice blue skies again today. i feel like we're kind of in a copy paste mode from
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kyla. yeah, a little bit only we'll see temperatures get a little bit warmer today. get a little closer to where we should we've had such that. >> cool air mass in place that kept us below average. so today we'll see those temperatures pump up just a touch. a beautiful day out there, a breezy afternoon for those in the north and east bay as possible as we've got some wind up at the peaks. and tonight, mostly clear skies. but again, that's where we'll see some of that wind is going to be offshore. winds start to roll. so we'll talk about that in a second. and a very slight chance of rain next week. still very slate. i don't know. it's not looking t o good, but i'll show you what i can see. here's where the wind is right now. pretty calm but notice fairfield's got 21 miles per hour gusts right now. and that's coming from the north. also just want to point out our relative humidity levels are pretty low. so that's why, you know, we're really happy. we got that rain. and because outside of that, i'd be really concerned for fire. danger is just a heads up, even though we're going to be okay with you want to be careful this time of year and every time of year help our firefighters out high pressure and low pressure. what happens is when those come together, you get a gradient and it squeezes the wind right through between them. and that creates a
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little bit of that offshore wind. so we're going to see that up in our peaks. mostly. but some of that could mix down to the valley. so we don't have any watches or warnings for wind or for fire. unfortunately, our friends in southern california have a red flag warning going into effect as we get into tomorrow morning throughout the day because they do those santa anas are going to be blowing. and unfortunately they're not in the same circumstance that we are with our fuels being not quite so dry. but today, beautiful out there. as we take a live look at half moon bay and then to get a little closer to normal. and so you can see san francisco expecting low 60's oakland, 64, but we'll get to those mid to upper 60's and even 70 degrees up in santa rosa. so that would actually take a slightly above average rates. been a while since we've seen that in our extended forecast, i told you we have that very outside chance of a few showers. that would be next monday. so keep an eye on that a little too far away right now to kind of commit to that happening. and it looks like it's one of those systems that could hold together or could fall apart. so, you know, nothing to write home about on that. but it's good to see at least we're getting that pattern going where we see another system on the horizon.
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so we'll see how it goes. but maybe we'll get a little thankful. thanksgiving rain. we'll see one. we always like to thank mother nature. thanks, kyla. still ahead, some south bay voters upset after midterm ballots were found. >> on the side of the road county voting officials say it's not their fault. plus the case against disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein continues. jennifer seibel newsom is the latest high-profile witness.
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back. jennifer seibel newsom, wife of governor gavin newsome became the 4th woman to testify at the harvey weinstein trial this week. >> sibel newsom testified that in 2005 weinstein raped her at a beverly hills hotel during what she thought was going to be a meeting to discuss her career. she broke down a few minutes into her testimony when she was asked to identify weinstein from the witness stand. weinstein is on trial in los angeles for sexually assaulting several women. his lawyers claim weinstein newsom had consensual and that she had sought him out to use him to advance her acting career. nfl star odell beckham junior suing nike for allegedly withholding millions of dollars from him. the former rams wide receiver claims nike's endorsement contract was structured to prevent him from cashing in on big extensions last year. nike said he violated that contract
12:26 pm
by changing his cleats and gloves. though beckham said he had no other option back up claims that cost him about 20 million dollars. coming up in our next half hour, san francisco's broadway tunnel still in need of repairs. were we caught up with some of the work crews? >> plus, officials at lake tahoe have a safety message for you. why they're saying don't go to the snow. and several races in the bay area still have to be have yet to be called. but some ballots ended up in the what voting officials have to say about the state kron. 4 news at noon returns. (vo) it's a fact! two out of three americans who qualify for medicare do not receive all the benefits they deserve. you could be missing out! now anthem blue cross introduces a free medicare plan checkup to make sure you receive all the benefits you qualify for in 2023. call 1-866-336-3448 today and receive extra benefits
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>> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. one week, post-midterm election day and votes are still being counted in some of the bay area's key races in san jose city councilman matt mahan is leading the city's mayoral race with 50.9 9% of the vote. santa clara county supervisor, cindy chavez, meanwhile, has 49 point o 1% of the vote, as you can see, they're pretty close race. we're going continue to update you as those votes are still being counted. meanwhile, in the oakland mayoral race, lauren taylor leading with 34.4% of the vote. that's about a 2600 vote lead over xing tao who is in second with a little more than 30% of the vote. in san
12:30 pm
francisco, matt dorsey will serve another term as supervisor for district 6. his opponent honey mahogany tweeted last night she conceded to dorsey. she also wrote, quote, congratulations, supervisor dorsey has your constituent. i sincerely wish you good luck in your efforts to heal district 6 and make it all. it can be the latest vote counts showed dorsey in the lead with nearly 52% of the vote. mahogany trailing with 32%. in santa clara county. there are some voters who may not have gotten their vote votes counted. about 2 dozen ballots were actually found dumped on the side of the road in san jose by highway 17 juli niemann found a pile of about 2 dozen filled out ballots signed but not deliver. the santa clara county registrar's office says the ballots went missing while in possession of the united states. postal service, michael bore ha with the registra's office says there are safeguards in place
12:31 pm
to prevent ballots from being lost in the mail. >> very like rare occurrence that something like this happened we're working with county council to see though the election laws and and see if ballots are eligible. >> farha says the registrar's office will take possession of them once the postal service is done with their investigation because of their condition, though, and the timing, it's unclear if those ballots will be able to be counted or not. turning to national news. the suspect accused of killing 3 of football players at the university of virginia is in court for arraignment today. condolences pouring in for the families of several university of virginia football players who were killed in that shooting over the weekend. evan lambert reports from uva campus in charlottesville. >> so great. c 2 soon gone.
12:32 pm
>> this morning, students at the university of virginia in charlottesville are overcome with grief and we're really hurting. >> and just anyone watching just hug your loved ones. on monday night, they gathered for a vigil to remember the 3 football players who were shot and killed on a bus returning from a play in washington, d.c.. >> among the victims wide receiver and nfl prospect lavelle davis junior of south carolina is smile. his work ethic >> was just second to no, he was always a builder and not divider. you don't want to see the best out of himself. he was in the best out of everybody around linebacker dish on perry of miami was also killed along with wide receiver devin chandler of virginia beach is a brother fall apart a team together. >> you know, it's tough. it's tough as students decorate campus with black ribbons and banners with the players numbers. many questions remain about the suspect. christopher darnell jones, who is a former member of the football team.
12:33 pm
jones was on the university's radar back in september when someone told the school he had a gun. but no one ever saw the weapon and it didn't come along with the threat. so it appears the university did not take any action. that was evan lambert reporting for us this afternoon. just last night city of charlottesville, police announced a rest of the man for of a man for making threats yesterday morning about a possible mass shooting on campus. completely separate. >> from the deadly shooting that took place sunday night. but another episode that has, of course, shaken students and 2 other students. so who were wounded in sunday's shooting are still recovering in the hospital. the fbi says a series of threats against historically black colleges and universities have been traced back to a miner who's now facing charges back in january and february of this year, 50 institutions across the country received a racially motivated bomb and shooting threats. those
12:34 pm
threats triggered nationwide investigations. one miner was eventually found to be responsible for all this. they are facing charges in a state juvenile court. but because of their age, they will not be identified developing news now, elon musk warning twitter employees of, quote, difficult times ahead. according to multiple sources, musk says bankruptcy could be a possibility within the next year. bloomberg reporting advertisers account for 90% of twitter's overall revenue. but the site recently received so much backlash due to hate speech which caused companies to drop their ads must purchase twitter last month for 44 billion dollars about 13 billion coming from big banks like bank of america, which could also face losses here. investment bankers say the impact of the possible bankruptcy will come down to what was signed when pressed for comment. bank of america officials and other recent interviews, though the bank's
12:35 pm
ceo says he is not losing sleep over the ordeal. amazon now set to lay off around 10,000 workers. but it's not clear if it will impact holiday season deliveries, news of the layoffs come from a new york times report. robert wood is the professor of strategic management at the school of business at san jose state university. he says according to the report, amazon's corporate workers and the devices division will be hit hardest by those job cuts. >> suddenly we go from pandemic to recession. it looks like they invested too much and they're they're pulling back. amazon has tried very hard to >> be a major player in a digital devices. and i understand the division is not profitable. >> business experts say the local impact if any is yet to be seen. we did reach out to amazon for an official statement. we have not yet heard back. it's 12, 35. want to get you a check of your
12:36 pm
forecast. taking a live look outside at the embarcadero here in san francisco. got a little bit of wind as you can see, flag kind of waving over there. but otherwise a pretty nice day outside. it's chris. everything feels really nice and clear and clean. we got i think that whole system that we had last week has really just kind of cleared everything yeah, feels like that, right? that rain sometimes a side effect is you do kind of feel like everything got a little bit of a bath, including there. >> current temperatures right now, we're warming up a little bit more than we had yesterday. so fremont already at 67 degrees. 64 in concord about 60 in san francisco right now in santa rosa about 67. and we're running warmer than we were. so if you check it out, half moon bay is 9 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. same story nevado and santa rosa. so the exception of napa, everybody running a little bit warmer. we've got a little bit of wind going on here. you can see up in the north bay and parts of the east bay. 21 miles per hour in fairfield, it is a bit of an offshore flow. and that's what we're going to see as we go across the next 24 hours. so it's
12:37 pm
helping us to warm up a little bit as well. live look outside their, though, just beautiful wall to wall sunshine there. look at the transamerica pyramid. but let's look at these future winds and just show you as we get into this evening, going to take you into about 07:45pm tonight. again, you see that northerly flow, north northeasterly flow showing up in the east bay and the north bay. and that's that offshore wind. now it's not going to be an extreme wind event and it will start to calm down as we get later into tomorrow. here's tomorrow at 7.30, in the morning. but it means we're going to warm up a little bit. and also it does increase fire danger for us a little bit, although not a lot because we have that rain, which has helped tremendously. here are temperatures today looking out to you know, some nice, 70 degrees in santa rosa. not bad, right? and as we look at futurecast, just to show you really quickly, we talked about our next shot of rain take you through the weekend. you see we stay dry saturday and sunday by monday. there's that next system trying to make its way into right now. it's just a chance, but it's a little something for thanksgiving week to look out for. i have extended forecast may come back in a bit. back to you. kai, let's
12:38 pm
thank you. take a look at this. that's a new video of the commute through san francisco's broadway tunnel. one lane has been open this morning. >> but it was still slow going through one of the city's major arteries. traffic was stalled in san francisco overnight after a bucket truck hit the ceiling of the broadway tunnel. we spoke with some crews who are hard at work trying to get the busy area back open kron four's amanda hari has the story. >> repair crews spent hours working inside of the broadway tunnel on monday after a bucket truck came through with the bucket. still partially raise when they went through the areas where go are clear, they hit the top. >> and they dragged ceiling 100 taking the pile down with san francisco city engineer albert ko spent the afternoon with his crew evaluating the official just >> most of the >> but it took a lot of time
12:39 pm
to clean up. so would be safe to temporarily open one lane of traffic before they have to shut it down again to make more repairs. we're going to close down both lanes. >> so we can get a crew and here to take down the tiled and still great. >> and we're going get back to. >> where it's all in. he hopes to be able to do that tuesday, but they're still working out all the details when asked about who will be responsible for paying for all this damage. this is what co had to say. i think we have the driver's information and that's something the insurance companies will have to work out. i if anyone was injured when this initially happened, he says. >> he hasn't heard of any injuries in san francisco. amanda hari kron, 4 >> up in the north bay, a new ordinance that will fine. anyone who promotes or participates in sideshows is set to go into effect after thanksgiving. the santa rosa police department will begin placing fines up to $1000. for
12:40 pm
those who promote or participate in a sideshow, cars can be impounded for up to 30 days costing of around $4,000. this following the city of san jose's major sideshow bus last weekend and other cities taking action to on monday. an ordinance allowing police to go after side show promoters and participants was presented to the public safety commission in oakland. >> they'll start in san jose and san jose like we'll have big arrest. then you'll see them move this next weekend. other parts of the bay area, including santa rosa, these major side roads that happen and intersection usually are tearing up the tops of those roadways that then have to be replaced. an average roadway for us in an average intersection is roughly $5,000 to fix. >> in vallejo, a city council member told kron 4 news she applauded san jose's actions from the weekend asking for advice and support to form a coalition to put an end to these incidents. coming up here, it's native american heritage month. san francisco
12:41 pm
taking steps to heal the painful legacy. >> of some of its monuments and across the pond. one smart pup knowing where to go after she got separated from her family. more on that story. and a strong warning against traveling in tahoe will explain the very latest guidance when we come back.
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>> new at noon, a popular travel website has put lake
12:44 pm
tahoe on its 2023. no list of places you might want to avoid. visiting. but members of the tourism industry there certainly have something to say about that. dennis shanahan explains. >> the lake tahoe region is stunning right now. well, yes, it is always stunning. but the early november snowfall has these mountains well dressed for the busy ski and snowboard season. several resorts have opened ahead of schedule and the travel website full doors dot com has tahoe on a list of places to reconsider visiting landed on photos. 2023, no list of places that could use a break from humans in order to heal and rejuvenate course we ask to be put out with this. >> but they did reach out to us which was done in article. we do talk about, you know, it's not that we're not asking people to convert is asking folks to. >> it's possibly as president and ceo of travel, north tahoe, andy chapman encourages people to enjoy tahoe responsibly. and that's really what the photos article as
12:45 pm
saying as well. despite the no list label, the article is not suggesting a boycott or ban just responsible travel and that how tourism industry is all for that during the pandemic. we you know, they did. >> folks were told to go to the outdoors and they you know, a lot of them are due to get outdoors. they didn't know what to do. a trash understand about. there's different things like that are. >> people need to know that there's an impact when they come up here and that we can offer some solutions on how to limit jesse patterson is the chief strategy officer with league to save lake tahoe. certainly carpooling is a great idea. you want to minimize the individual car trips up here that has impact on our roads between runoff and pollution. everything you bring into the wilderness, a tile weathers was cameras or to find forest. you got to walk out with you. and if you see some other stuff left behind somebody else maybe didn't pack going pick that out. we need to out of hand up. and don't you know, those
12:46 pm
single-use plastics and >> we take increased. all of the trash you know, around the beaches, trailheads and all those areas. and and they are being but certainly come up and enjoy it. i mean, i like to bring my friends up here, too. >> i think about how you doing up here. around one year and just leave it better than you found it. we can all enjoy >> yeah. put your trash in a trash can. that was dennis shanahan reporting for us to reduce cars on the road north like taco does have a free on-demand ride service called tart, connect south lake tahoe has one called lake link. you can find links to those services on our website. kron 4 dot com. we want to get you a check of that forecast. taking a live look outside here at home at the embarcadero. again, blue skies here. nice and crisp, cool air. a little warmer than yesterday, though. kyla says, oh, yeah, there with more details on that. exactly. yeah. i like put the trash in the trash in the trash. anyone
12:47 pm
can do it? >> okay. well, let's get to this. hey, speaking of 37 degrees there right now. there are a little chilly there tracking about 36, a sacramento, 67, an la where they're unfortunate or red flag warning right now, starting tomorrow, actually tomorrow morning 71 degrees. so they're pretty warm. here is the beautiful blue skies in california, though. it's not just us. it's the whole state here locally, though. it is just gorgeous as we take a live look from the east bay, you can see all the way to the golden gate bridge right there. >> pretty nice today. we did start off chilly. however, those of you inland, you know what? i'm talking about 30 degrees for sonoma, santa rosa, napa. 31 for rohnert park in concord and walnut creek. good morning to 34 degrees. but right now you can see we're already at 60 in san francisco. 67 in santa rosa looking pretty nice serve allay to 66 67 in fremont. not bad. san jose about 63. we've got high pressure to the north of us. low pressure. this kind of right off the coast slayton south of us and what that's doing is those 2 things coming
12:48 pm
together. we're going to see wind being driven off shore between them. so you get a bit of a gradient with those 2 pressure systems, kind of squeeze together and we get offshore wind now for us. it's not going to be extreme event, but we're going to see some breezy hills and peaks as we get into tonight and tomorrow for southern california. unfortunately, this is creating a bit of a fire hazard starting on wednesday morning. they're going to be under a red-flag warning throughout the day. so unfortunate for that. we are lucky that not going to be so extreme here. wind right now about 21 miles per hour. you can see in fairfield, but that north northeasterly flow will be with us tonight into tomorrow. mostly some of the peaks. mix down to the valleys a little bit as well. start to clear out as we get into our wednesday afternoon and then we're looking pretty good. but we do have a chance, a little tiny chance of rain as we get into monday. i'll keep an eye on that for you. back to you. kyla. thank the cdc is now tracking a new covid-19 variaft known as b and one. >> the strains another offshoot of the omicron variant, some 4.3% of cases are now linked to be and one, according to the agency. it's
12:49 pm
most prevalent here in the western united states accounting for 6.2% of new cases in arizona, california, hawaii and nevada. now covid isn't the only virus circulating right now, though, and california is anticipating a surge in hospitalizations from this early winter virus season. covid the flu and rsv are all circulating right now. the state's public health department issuing new guidance on monday allowing health facilities to reconfigure their spaces to accommodate a potential surge. this comes after the state reported its first death of a child under age 5 from the flu and rsv. what's tricky is that it can cause a lot of the same symptoms and is spread the same way. we have not yet had a winter where we've had to really face all 3. >> and we're already seeing some of the impacts of all of these diseases circulating and other diseases that cause common colds and impacting our hospitals and our doctor's office. >> doctor sarah rodman with
12:50 pm
santa clara county says you can protect yourself in 5 simple steps getting vaccinated, staying home if you're sick, wearing a mask, washing your hands and covering your mouth if you cough or sneeze. if you want to know where you can get a flu or covid shot. just head to kron 4 dot com. out of 100 san francisco on statues. 10 of them portray historical figures who committed genocide against american indians. that's according to a san francisco nonprofit. protesters have identified statues like the one of christopher columbus at coit tower insisting they have no place in public because they glorify violent colonialist history. now an advisory committee is coming up with rules for which statues get to stay and what to do with those that have to be taken down. 3 native american groups are among the members of the committee. the importance of having native voices and monuments, memorials and an arts committee. >> it's really because a majority of of our history and
12:51 pm
what's told is really honoring those who have committed genocide to american indians. >> about 70% of about 700 people surveyed said keeping existing statues up would be appropriate if accompanied by a sign adding historical context, the next step is to get more public opinions. a final report is set to be presented to mayor london breed in january. well, mayor london breed's working to make sure you feel safe. this holiday shopping season in san francisco. that's the goal behind this year's safe shopper initiative at union square after a night of rampant retail theft and union square last year. city leaders say deploying more officers helped reduce crime in the area. the plan this year is to bring back that bigger police presence while also limiting points of entry to union square and closing some streets to car traffic. there will also be more security in parking garages and more community ambassadors.
12:52 pm
>> we're adding 150 more ambassadors to the street. those folks that you see out there with a friendly face who are smiling, we're giving you directions who are dealing with concerns and cleanliness in the area. i'm not going to sit and tell you that everything's perfect because it's not. >> we rolled up our sleeves and we still have a lot of work to do. but that work will be done as a team. >> now, there isn't just holiday shopping to be done at union square. it will also be the site of free viewing parties for the world cup starting next friday. president biden's plan to forgive student loan debt for millions of borrowers is facing another battle in court on monday. a federal appeals court issued an injunction temporarily barring the program republican led states argued the white house exceeded its authority in imposing the student loan forgiveness policy. the hold will remain in place until further action from an appeal of a lower court or the supreme court. apple is
12:53 pm
unveiling some new safety features and facebook looks like it's throwing in the towel on one of its products. rich demuro takes a look in today's tech smart. >> here's what's happening in the tech world. apple's new emergency s o s via satellite feature is now available on iphone 14 models. the new feature was announced earlier this lets users connect with emergency services through text messaging when you don't have a cellular or wi-fi signal, there's also a way to update your location. so friends and family can see where you are. even when you're off the grid, the service will be free for the first 2 years. apple hasn't said how much it will charge after that. the feature kicks in. when you try to dial or text 9-1-1, when you don't have any signal, you can try out a demo of the feature by making sure your phone is running ios 16.1, then going into settings. then emergency
12:54 pm
s o s finally it looks like facebook is giving up on its video chat device called portal. i was at the launch event in san francisco 4 years ago when the company showed off several models of the device. some resemble picture frames. another set on top of a tv. they all included a camera and microphone so you can use facebook messenger to video chat with friends and family. however, potential customers had major privacy concerns. reuters says the company is fully halting development of portal citing an internal memo to employees and made a lot of sense. people just couldn't get over the idea of putting a facebook camera and microphone in their living rooms. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. coming up next to one brave dog homeward bound after she went to get some help to find. >> her last family. that story coming up after the break. plus, kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area. we need
12:55 pm
your help, though, to share their stories. if you know, remarkable woman making a difference in your community, nominate her for a chance to be awarded a woman of the year. you can enter your nomination by scanning the qr code that you see on your screen or just head to kron. 4 dot com slash remarkable woman. we'll be right back.
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12:57 pm
>> a pair of sandals worn by the late steve jobs has been
12:58 pm
sold for close to $220,000. julien's auctions says the quote well used brown suede birkenstocks dating back to the mid 1970's set a record for the highest price ever paid for a pair of sandals. the listing said the cork and jute foot bed retains the imprint of steve jobs feet have been shaped after years of use. those sandals were expected to bring in about $60,000. but the final sale price was a whopping 219 1000 bucks. now for a cute little story from across the pond. in england, a lost dog found its way inside a police station. thanks to some automatic doors. the border collie became fast friends with officers who got her some water and made a fuss over her. rosie was wearing a collar that listed her owner's name and number. so thankfully they were able be reunited. the owner says rosie was being walked to nearby with a second dog when she apparently just
12:59 pm
kind of wandered off, got lost found yourself this police station police called her a lovely, clever dog. how did she know? how did she know? that's where to go for help. she has some good parents. i cast that's going to do it for kron. 4 news at noon. olivia horton standing by for live in the day. olivia, what a cute i know. and i just i'm wondering, how is this dog so smart? knows to turn herself and i'm like, what else were you up to little pup? know where the police department was like i don't even know where the police department is. this little dog. but hey, listen, only we could all have heard state exam exactly. i know you guys are asking the question today. what's your favorite? >> christmas song to a sing-along to i feel like most people would think mine would be the first noel for obvious reasons. but and that is top 3. but i have to say, oh, holy night, specifically in capella version. i i know what's coming and you are and wasn't
1:00 pm
it? >> of course, jc shows a on our justice for j c we've got we've got pump it up every week. everyone justice for j. what else are you working on today? >> coming up today, the holidays are rolling into the studio. investor view stops by to save money. when shoppping - tech toys forgets. >> then make a statement and give the gift of art that you can actually wear. >> the design of 1012 and gives us a glimpse behind bay area fashion line. >> plus, you know him from hallmark holiday films like christmas wonderland. actor jacob buster is filling us in on his latest role on showtime's. let the right one then from pale it. we're chatting with fresca as they tune into the holidays over the airwaves, including a little friendly competition. >> there's so much happening today on live in the bay.


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