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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 15, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9 police shoot and kill a man they say was armed in redwood city today. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. police say this afternoon the man who was shot was in a prius with a mother and her 3 young kids. we do not know >> how the 2 adults may or may
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not have known each other at this time. kron four's justin campbell joins us live from redwood city tonight with the latest on this investigation. could evening just. >> and good evening grant and vicki new information just coming from redwood city. police telling us that this was a domestic violence incident. they're saying a man with a loaded handgun used 3 children as a human shield. now, i want to walk you through how this all happened. they see a 9-1-1 call came in just after 3 o'clock. and dispatcher a child in the background screaming. now that phone disconnected. she tried calling back that number. but it went straight to voicemail, but they were able to paying where that call came in from that call came in. i'll show you right here from off of el camino reality. you're looking at that prius when officers arrived, they found a man with a little bit gone and other in
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that prius officers say they tried to negotiate with this man, but >> it appeared he temp he attempted to shoot the mother 4 children. and that's when the 36 year-old man was fatally shot. now you're looking at video from earlier sent in from a viewer. you can see people wrong and ammonium. i heard you can hear them scream and we got the chance to speak to a man who just steps away from when those gunshots. when of >> i and officers say we're trying to help you put down the gun. and the soon as we heard that, then pop pop, 2 gunshots. and we all just going to hit the ground together. just like we're staying in those low and away as we can. >> now, he also shared these pictures of police rushing in after the shooting. this 36 year-old man was rushed to the hospital but died the 3 kids, all of them, graham out of the
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car after the shooting and since have been reunited with their mother. but police tell us that the mother was injured at some point during this incident, not from the shooting, but now recovering at the hospital. now, those officers are placed on standard administrative leave while they investigate the shooting to see it was justified. reporting here in redwood city, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> thank you, justin. san francisco. police are asking for people's help there trying to identify 3 suspects who are involved in a robbery and shooting outside a nightclub over the summer. we want to warn you, the video is graphic today police released the video. >> this is an incident back on june 25th. they say the shooting was the result of all robberies that happened inside the nightclub on 11th street. >> a fight broke out outside involving 3 suspects, victims and witnesses. that's when shots were fired and the suspects, 2 men and a woman
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all in their 20's or 30's took off. officers arrived on scene. they found a woman suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. she was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and here's a look at sketches released by police today showing 2 of the 3 suspects involved. the 2 men were last seen wearing black jackets and dark pants. the woman was last seen wearing long sleeve green dress with a white purse. anyone with any information about the shooting is asked to call the sfpd. >> chris stapleton concert erupting in violence over the summer. one man was killed, an off-duty officer badly hurt months later. police say they have arrested several people tied to a motorcycle club. the hells angels. persuasive stasio reports. >> chris stapleton's concert at the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view in june was a must-see for thousands of fans as it shot to the top of the top selling concert this past
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summer. but near the end of the concert, something went terribly wrong. at 10 45 mountain view. police arrived on the scene after reports of a badly beaten man found unconscious. 41 year-old juan gonzalez from bakersfield died of his injuries a week later. this is katie nelson with a mountain view police department. >> it was an absolute you know, everything. everything is done to keep shoreline safe. and logan winterton of san francisco has now been arrested in his death kron. 4 has learned he was tracked down in chicago. it was one of 5 search warrants conducted by 13 different law enforcement agencies, including the fbi. today was the culmination of all that work. all of those partnerships and abilities to be able reach out to our law enforcement family and seek guidance and assistance and help and really it very hard very well done. we're very
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relieved that we're one step closer to some justice for the victims. in these cases, the size the homicide of can solace at the concert, an unidentified off-duty officer was also beaten up. >> the arrests in total include dominic good ardo of san francisco. he was arrested for allegedly dissuading a witness to a crime. julio moran of san mateo for assault as well as david wise in haven of san francisco on assault and raymond man and a pleasant hill on dissuading a witness, an assault. we have any idea of what transpired to set off these things. >> all we know is that confrontations took place at this time are still conducting but those confrontations obviously lead to. >> what we have now, which is an assault and then a homicide. >> nelson says detectives discovered all 5 suspects know each other and have ties to the hells angels motorcycle club. all 5 are in custody and will be prosecuted. and santa
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clara county, theresa kron. 4 news. >> tens >> of thousands of uc academic workers were on strike again today for the second day in a row. this is up and down. the stated uc schools causing classes to be canceled. the workers say they're demanding higher wages to help with the cost of living increases. they also want more benefits and better working conditions. meanwhile, uc officials are saying a 3rd party mediator might be the best way to broker an agreement. bargaining is expected to resume tomorrow. workers are seeking minimum annual base salaries of $54,000 you see is offered a salary scale increase of 5% in the first year and 3% after that. but the union say that's not enough. >> also on the picket lines today, american airlines flight attendant said this happening at 11 airports around the country, including
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sfo. the group says they've been trying to get a new contract. that includes a pay hike ever sunset 2019 and now they're accusing the airline of not working with them to make it happen. american airlines, however, argues that it's been meeting regularly with the flight attendants union. >> we just want the company here that we're ready for a contract and we need to negotiate fairly. and the company wants to. but more workers on us which benefit them and and are >> the airline says it respects the rights of the workers to picket and that it won't affect travel. the company releasing a statement saying in part that their flight attendants deserve to be paid well and competitively and they will continue to work towards reaching an agreement that benefits both parties contract talks are set to resume tomorrow >> fast food workers also on the picket lines today. this is the scene here outside the starbucks regional office in san francisco, cooks and cashiers protesting fast food companies. starbucks efforts
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to overturn the fast recovery act, which sets regulations for minimum wage and health and safety rules. they say they want their employers to join the fast food council, which would set required standards for large chains have to follow in the state. that's what developing story we're following tonight. interim berkeley police chief jennifer lewis is scheduled confirmation is the city's permanent top cop is in jeopardy tonight as kron four's philippe reports for us. it's in response to allegations of departmental misconduct recently made by a fired berkeley police officer. >> on thursday, november 10th, former berkeley police officer cory should duty emailed the berkeley mayor and city council alleging that while a member of the department's downtown and by task force is he claims officers were instructed to use tactics like stop and frisk with no reasonable suspicion of a crime. >> specifically targeting homeless and black people
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should do. says he and his team were ordered by sergeant darren can say like to make 100 arrests. come >> she duties. email included alleged screenshots from chat conversations among members of the task forces which have been made public by the office of the director of police accountability, one firm to say like allegedly alludes to the quota. a text reads, quote, 81 arrests, we can do 19 by friday for sure. should duty was fired from his job last year. and he's currently in arbitration with hopes his termination is overturned. it's a leak is also president of the berkeley police officers association. >> we did not respond to our request for comment in the email. so duty claims interim police chief jennifer lewis was captain when the alleged arrest quota policy was instituted. >> which he says continued when she became interim chief should duty says lewis is impending confirmation as
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chief should be delayed, followed by an investigation into her knowledge of the alleged policy police watchdog group secure justice agrees. the berkeley police department is not that large >> i not convincing that she knew that there are no rumors going on, that there would be no questions about the numbers. these guys were pulling that. but, you know, that may be the case, you know, to be ignorant. but i i believe, you know, there's there's no need to approve her contract tonight. secure justice is calling for attorney general rob bonta to conduct an independent investigation. nathan mozelle, vice chair of the police accountability board says in a statement, quote. >> i call on the berkeley city council to delay the confirmation of interim chief louis until a thorough independent investigation has been conducted by the police accountability board. >> and the public has had the opportunity to review the evidence when reached for
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comment. a police department spokesperson said they could not comment on personnel matters. >> and deferred to a city spokesperson says the city is hiring an external investigator to verify the allegations. >> in that same response, interim chief lewis says that she just became aware of the allegations thursday and that if at any time she had been made aware of the alleged arrest quota policy, she would have opened an investigation. she says, quote, i was appointed as interim chief in march 2021. after these alleged incidents occurred. these allegations are extremely concerning and they deserve to be investigated thoroughly. >> all run for >> in san francisco, traffic delays around the broadway tunnel will last a bit longer after a crane crashed into the ceiling tile yesterday. repairs too. that part of the tunnel could take a couple days. that's according to city workers. emergency crews have cleared away the flatbed truck that was carrying the crane
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that got stuck in the eastbound portion of the tunnel yesterday afternoon. traffic was delayed for a few hours. the public works. department says one eastbound lane will remain open during commute hours. whether time as we get a check here on the 4 zone forecast taking a live look above the city. >> meteorologist chris rodriguez is here to walk us through. the temperature variations. the wind changes that lack of rain in our immediate maybe the dew what else? water temperature you all right. let's take a look at the service temperatures. but first, today's daytime highs because we are tracking temperatures about 5 degrees above average for warmest inland valleys. we actually warmed up into the low 70's bay area. so >> the lucky ones are those of you in oakland conquered and santa rosa, hope you enjoyed it for me. i was certainly
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jealous. 5 degrees above average. but pretty seasonal temperatures along the coast and for most of the bay area. but when tracker for we are tracking another round of gusty offshore winds, those warm, dry diablo winds making their presence known specifically for those of you in fairfield sustained winds at 60 miles per hour with gusts upwards of 20 and not only that, but the highest peaks in our north bay mountains. starting to see gusts in that 30 to 40 miles per hour range. and we're going to continue to see winds increasing right around midnight tonight and even extending once again into our east bay valleys, specifically for danville to 20 to 30 mile per hour wind speeds through your wednesday morning. calmer conditions, though, by your wednesday afternoon. and it's because of those calm winds that we're actually going to cool down a few degrees. still going to say seasonable with widespread 60's, but still winds out of the north and west along the coast. but then switching out of the east for those of you in our east bay valleys. and right now winds certainly having a big impact on our forecast, specifically
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for fair field. 23 degrees warmer. >> then where you were just 24 hours ago. remember, you are in the 30's around this time and tonight you're flirting with 60's in the upper 50's at 59 degrees for fairfield about a 20 degree difference right now between you and fairfax. 41 degrees and exactly 20 degree difference for nevado already in the upper 30's at 39 degrees. so fortunately, tonight's winds once again going to keep our temperatures on the mild side for our overnight lows. very clear. dry conditions, though, as a result, no marine layer in sight because of those northerly winds pushing that marine layer away from the bay area but low to mid 40's in your forecast for your overnight temperatures. santa rosa, though, you are going to be one of the coolest cities at 38 degrees. fortunately well above that freezing threshold that you have been for the last couple of morning. so enjoy tonight. milder temperatures, high temperatures tomorrow widespread mid 60's from coastal valleys, half moon
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bay. 61 degrees. 10 degrees warmer for those of you in santa rosa. you're still going to warm up into the low 70's thanks to those offshore winds. so remaining 5 degrees above average in a dry outlook for the remainder of this week. but for your thanksgiving monday and tuesday that week, we are going to see some light scattered showers. i'm tracking this storm hour by hour. my next full forecast in just a few minutes and find out if it's going to stick around for your thanksgiving thursday. back to hugh grant and vicki, thank every cent. if your health. tonight, a new study finds that e-cigarettes and marijuana may be just as harmful to the heart. >> as traditional tobacco cigarettes, our kron four's amanda hari explains why researchers say the study something even casual users should pay attention to. >> new research shows the health effects from vapes marijuana and cigarettes can all lead to abnormal heart rhythms. the study was published in the journal. heart rhythm by university of california, san francisco researchers then such a good job of telling people that.
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>> inhaling tobacco smoke is harmful. that i think a lot of people assume that anything else, they they inhale is fine for them. and that's it. >> really not the case. professor of medicine at ucsf that springer says they exposed rats to just a daily single smoking or vaping session. 5 days a week for 8 weeks. a single session is equivalent to 10 puffs over 5 minutes. but we found. >> is that not only did it have harmful effects on cardiac function overall, the the way that the heart can pump, but it screwed up the electrical system of the heart. that was our main question. professor springer says the ability for the heart to control its heart rate goes down. >> making it more susceptible to arrhythmia recent scarring in the heart. and the nerves in the heart change the types of nerves in the heart were altered in a way that changed its function and there are fewer but vessels. if the heart is not functioning correctly, it can lead to
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death, even though tobacco and marijuana are different. the study showed similar effects. >> there's airway irritation from inhaling that sends signals to the body to change cardiovascular function. bottom line of all that is none of these things are truly risk free. >> they're not harmless. the professor emphasize this study was done on rats and it could differ slightly with humans. they're in the process of studying humans. now, amanda hari kron, 4 news >> contra costa county is offering free covid tests to residents who want them before the holidays. infectious disease experts say with covid cases going up again this time of year having all your thanksgiving guests tests before coming adds an extra layer of protection. doctors say gathering outside rather than inside, if possible, is still the better option. but they say the best way to protect yourself is the new booster shot specific for the omicron variant? >> the key thing with the test is yeah, it's not a completely
9:19 pm
reliable test in a negative test. doesn't say with 100% certainty that you don't have covid, but it says with a pretty high level of certainty that you not infectious with covid. that's the question you're asking. >> doctors say recent study show the new booster is better at fighting both ba 5, one of the new variants bq one with thanksgiving. almost here. it's better to get the booster sooner they say than later. >> it's been exactly one week since the polls closed, but the job of counting the ballots it's far from over california secretary of state's office says that there are still millions of ballots left to count all across the state. our capitol correspondent eytan wallace explains why the voting process takes a long and when all results must be certified. >> indeed, it could still be a few weeks until we know the outcome of key races across california. all part of a process. the state elections chief vows as one of security and integrity. they're still coming in. today marks the
9:20 pm
deadline for ballots postmarked no later than election day, november 8th to arrive via mail at the elections office and still count. >> we want to make sure all ballots counted, right, that we're properly cast of the romero is the director of the usc center for inclusive democracy at the price school of public policy. she says while slow, the california elections process is intended to make sure all who are eligible to vote are able to to make sure that nobody gets you disenfranchise simply because maybe it took postal service a little longer to deliver those ballots. california elections data shows there are still more than 3 million unprocessed ballots statewide with more coming in today. significant, especially in an called local and congressional races. any small number of ballots, right? they're still out there. that may be coming in today. could make the difference. county elections offices have one month post-election to canvas or count all the votes. and secretary of state shirley weber will have until december 16th to certify the results.
9:21 pm
critics have argued the lengthy process leads to anxiety and impatience. but during a one-on-one interview with us ahead of election day, whether maintained the system is actually designed to make elections more secure. we have 30 days to really go through the process to basically count the ballots. >> count the votes because sometimes are close. sometimes as we recount. but even one of the night of the election, when the stuff that comes in that doesn't include the provisional ballots, doesn't may not include all the ballots and we have signature issues with. so it be really important that people understand that it will take it takes us 30 days to really say this is that this is the results of the election. and webber says she's confident all the results here in california will be certified by the deadline. december 16th reporting here outside the state capitol. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> hundreds of cars lined up at samaritan house in san mateo for the annual holiday food distribution event. their volunteers were on hand to help pass out bags of food
9:22 pm
people in need receive frozen turkeys, chickens. another food items to help make a special thanksgiving meal throughout the week. samaritan house leaders say they anticipate providing food to about 1000 families. a new initiative kicking off in san francisco today with the goal of protecting shoppers this holiday season. >> how they plan to go about it. >> and russian missile hitting poland, killing 2 people. we hear from congressman john garamendi about the severity of the strike and what could come of it after the break.
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>> in world news tonight, poland confirming a russian missile strike inside its territory, killing 2 people. poland is a member of the nato alliance and an emergency meeting about the missile strike is now planned for wednesday. the air strike comes after russia's largest barrage of missiles to date in its war with ukraine causing massive blackouts across that country. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy calling this quote, a very significant escalation of the war. the earlier we spoke with north bay congressman, a member of the armed services committee, john garamendi, about to repercussions that the missile strike could have. >> so the russians are in
9:26 pm
trouble. they're not only in trouble in the war. they're in trouble with the with. they don't they do this, not going to take this lightly. there were clearly be additional late. they do support for the ukrainians. >> congressman garamendi says that russia has lost the ability to replenish its missiles because of sanctions blocking computer chips that are needed to operate them. he says that iran has been supplying russia with some missiles, but those are outdated and not as reliable. >> he has name recognition and says tens of millions of americans who are all in. but how will donald trump's 3rd run at the presidency? go what he said tonight declaring his intention to move back into the white house. plus, what we learned in court about the man accused of attacking paul pelosi. would you take a vaccine to help an opioid addiction? the latest way scientists are working to battle the fentanyl crisis in
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supporting the whole you. >> another big story we're following for you tonight. the man charged with breaking into house speaker nancy pelosi is home and as hacking her husband, paul, back in court today talking about david dipak who is already facing state charges, including attempted murder. today. he pleaded not guilty to federal charges. kron four's rob nesbitt has the latest.
9:30 pm
>> at the state level, david to pat faces a life sentence in today. a judge read the federal charges against him which equals another 50 years. if found guilty. david depape entered the courtroom tuesday and all orange, his feet shackled. his first federal court appearance was brief lasting no longer than 5 minutes. but in that time to pack pled not guilty to the federal charges against him. the federal case is about nancy pelosi and mister dip apps plot at the federal level. the path has been charged with assault of an immediate family member of a u.s. official. >> the maximum sentence of 30 years. he's also been charged with one count of attempted kidnapping of the u.s. official, which could mean another 20 years behind bars. i spoke with legal analyst steve clarke about the significance of the federal and state charges. >> i think what you'll see is the federal court proceedings taking a back seat to what's going on in state court because those charges in state court or morse more serious because they carry a life sentence potentially. the trial centered around the october. 28 attack on paul pelosi at his pac heights
9:31 pm
home. paul told police that night he never met the pap and that he woke up to the stranger yelling, where's nancy? when officers arrived at the home, they found mr. pelosi end up app struggling over a hammer. officers say the pap got control of it and struck him in the head. the 82 year-old spent the week at san francisco general hospital recovering from his injuries. one thing that was evident during tuesday's plea hearing was a level of security. the path was escorted in by for u.s.. marshals with another 3 county sheriff's deputies inside the courtroom. so i think you'll see this level of security, both at the state and federal level as these cases proceed because of the political nature of this case. in addition to the very severe and serious nature of these charges, when the arraignment ended, reporters followed the paps lawyer out of the courtroom that she would not comment on the case for the federal charges against her client. the pap is scheduled to be back here at federal court november. 30th reporting in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> also in court today, the man accused of shooting and
9:32 pm
killing a prominent bay area dentist for money. >> was in court has basin is accused of killing lili shoo in august in oakland's little saigon neighborhood. prosecutors say her killing was a murder for hire plot orchestrated by shoes. longtime boyfriend nelson chia, they say you see on the right. he told police he hired basin to kill hsu according to prosecutors because she was worth millions and he stood to inherit it all. prosecutors say basin pulled up alongside the vehicle. she is in shoe were riding in as they write errands, they say base and got out and killed shoe. basin is facing murder charges. she had took his own life while in police custody before charges could be filed against him. authorities still trying to find a motive behind the shooting that killed 3 university of virginia football players over the weekend. >> the suspect's father speaking out today saying that his son told him he was being picked on former uva football
9:33 pm
player christopher jones is accused of killing depp in chandler bill davis junior and shawn perry after they returned from a field trip late sunday. jones's father says that he last talked to his son about a month ago and he says his son told him someone was giving him a hard time, but that he was upbeat and doing well. uva as head football coach speaking out about the shooting at a news conference today. >> feels like it's. a nightmare to be honest with you. when i'm ready for somebody to pick up it would say that this didn't happen. still in shock. trying to. rationalize. but also finding courage me community with those that have come out and support and also those banded together to. trying to figure out, you know how we move forward after go into a situation like this. >> university of virginia running back michael hollins
9:34 pm
was also injured in the shooting. his lawyers say that he's out of the icu and awake and alert after surgery. another student marley morgan still recovering from their injuries in the shooting. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning. >> it's official one week after election day. former president donald trump is looking ahead to 2024 and that election season. he says he will run for president again for a 3rd time made the announcement from mar-a-lago in florida. kron four's justine waldman has the story. >> former president donald trump has already filed paperwork with the federal election commission saying that he will run for president in 2024. and he has set up a fundraising account. the announcement in prime time at mar-a-lago in florida. several 100 supporters filled the ballroom. trump talked about inflation, jobs, gas prices, the southern border, china and the war in ukraine. he also took digs at president joe biden. trump said he is quote,
9:35 pm
running because i believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be. >> in order to make america great and glorious again. i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president america's comeback starts right now. this will not be my campaign. this will be our campaign all take out. >> trump is the first to enter the race. our political analyst michael yaki. talk to us about the timing of trump making this announcement 2 years before the presidential election. reason he's doing this so early. >> i think because he's worried about hitting an indictment from the fbi. and i think that you want to basically, you know, >> later a little arm or political armor and public armor on him before that connect before that can happen. >> trump is launching his amid a series criminal investigations, including several that could lead to
9:36 pm
indictments, including the probe into dozens of documents with classified markings that the fbi seized and the ongoing state and federal inquiries into his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election election day 2024. is 721 days from today in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> for your money tonight, there is a possibility the biden administration could extend the payment pause on monthly student loan bills yet again. this as the legal blows to the president says student loan forgiveness program continues to mount the washington post reporting this week that officials in the white house are beginning to discuss the possibility of another extension. if the lawsuits continue to thwart the loan forgiveness plan, it would be the 8th time. in fact, that borrowers have been given little more time. the holiday season is upon us, which means lots of shopping, the safe shopping initiative kicking off in san francisco's union square today after a
9:37 pm
night of rampant retail theft in union square last year. the city leaders now say deploying more officers. we'll help them reduce crime in the area. the plan this year is to bring back that bigger police presence. well, also what limiting points of entry to union square and closing some streets to car traffic. >> we're adding 150 more ambassadors to the street. those folks that you see out there with a friendly phase who are smiling, we're giving you directions who are dealing with concerns and cleanliness in the area. and i'm not going to sit and tell you that everything's perfect because it's not. >> we rolled up our sleeves and we still have a lot of work to do. but that work will be done as a team. >> there will also be more security in the parking garages as well. >> and we're actually tracking some light rain showers arriving in the bay area for your thanksgiving week.
9:38 pm
tracking this storm hour by hour. my full forecast in just a few minutes. stay tuned. and as we head into break, kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you know a remarkable woman making a difference in her community, nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. >> you can enter your nomination by scanning the code on your screen or go to kron. 4 dot com slash remarkable women. walmart has
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agreed to pay 3.1 billion dollars to settle nationwide lawsuits over. >> prescription opioid painkillers sold its pharmacies. multiple states accuse the company of failing to properly regulate opioid prescriptions. this follows similar announcements by cvs health and walgreens company which have each pledged to pay about 5 billion dollars over time. the wal-mart deal would still need to be approved by 43 states to take effect the opioid crisis has been linked to more than half a million deaths over the past 2 decades. >> a new weapon to try to end the fentanyl epidemic is in the works. researchers at the university of houston are developing a vaccine designed to block fentanyl from making its way to the brain. the drug
9:42 pm
works by generating anti fentanyl antibodies that eliminate the drug's potential high. you could feel scientists believe the vaccine could prevent patients from relapsing clinical trials involving humans are now in the works. >> next in sports, the stanford cardinal open upset 17th ranked san diego state sports director jason dumas is in palo alto. he has highlights and the rest of sports next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> we decided to switch it up tonight is not very often that we're live from a college campus. but with the warriors in route to phoenix, taking on the suns tomorrow and the sharks in las vegas taking on the go tonight, we had a golden opportunity to cover the stanford cardinals matchup against san diego state. the ranked as tech's 17th in the country. big time matchup in maples, pavilion and it was wild in here tonight. let's roll those highlights. jarrett hast and company looking to pick up their first win against a ranked team this year. there were 2, 7 against ranked opponents last year. but it wasn't looking good. early on 1st half san diego state up to johnson hand down man down. don't leave him open aspect up by 11 at the half, they weren't done there. 2nd, half 10 point lead johnson
9:46 pm
gets the feed from lamont butler. he finishes above the rim shot had 11 points on the night later on. harrison ingram trying to cut the deficit. tough bucket there. ingram had 11 cardinal still down by 7, but this would put it out of reach for stanford. san diego state's mckay perished. knocks down the corner 3 to foot the aztecs up by 13. he had 9 points off the bench. san diego state goes on to win. 74 to 62 stanford will host cal poly next friday. they're now just the season. now to the guys who get paid to play the warriors. got back in the win column last night with a thumping of the san antonio spurs. they beat san antonio by 37 points and for a night, at least everything seemed to be working. jordan poole broke out of a mini slump. he scored 36 points. the bench was fantastic. anthony land, jonathan coming that moses moody all scored in double
9:47 pm
figures for the first time in what seems like forever. the w rriors didn't have to rely on steph curry to gut out a win. so the mood it was great after that game. steve kerr realizes his squad. >> still have a ways to go. >> you want more when you when you actually bring some joy to the arena and then i think part of the for us this year there hasn't been a an established pecking order by guys aren't you know, exactly comfortable in their roles are have an established a role. we have to keep working, you know, as a group as a team, as a staff to to try to connect everybody and make sure that, you know, there is that that sense of of joy and that everything that makes makes us who we are and who we've been for the past decade. >> now here in the bay area tonight, the giants community fund. the 5 san francisco high schoolers with scholarships in partnership with one of the greatest giants of them. all
9:48 pm
the 5 students are the second willie mae scholars handpicked from applicants all over the city and celebration of young black excellence. the students will receive up to $20,000 to put toward their college and career goals. plus support throughout their educational experience. gabe kepler, when l brooks moon and others were all on hand for this ceremony in afterwards. one recipient shared her advice to other young black people hoping to pursue higher education. >> actually help i'm asking for help never been easy for me. i like to do everything on my own. i don't like that. i'm a mom for help. back to nobody because i feel like i could just get on my own. i think once even a lot of kids are in that mentality, you have to just work hard dedicate yourself like billy mays. always there. >> thank you to jason for sports as we take a live look outside here, san francisco and dark goodnight there. but
9:49 pm
you got the transamerica pyramid just poking a looking up there. that is what it is. do you top chief, peter i'm making the chief >> out in you. me for one year through wednesday night and yet feel free to call me chief. however, many times he want take a look at your 4 zone forecast for this 9 o'clock hour. we're tracking some major changes going to stay dry through the end of this week. but we are going to see that storm to reopening just in time for your thanksgiving weeks is certainly something to be thankful and grateful for it that all pans out. this is a european model. this one is a little bit more aggressive with this storm. we could start seeing light scattered showers for the north bay as early as monday afternoon. but really that storm door going to swing wide open by monday night and then for the rest of the bay area during the overnight hours into your tuesday. so we are expecting
9:50 pm
showers to last on again off again for most of your tuesday. but by tuesday night, shortly before midnight, that's when we're going to see drier conditions for the north bay. with that storm exiting during the overnight hours with drier and clear conditions for your wednesday morning. so it looks like thanksgiving day going to stay dry. and for those of you commuting on wednesday to get to your holiday destination, you're in luck. we are going to see dry conditions on the roadways. so please drive safely. have a great and happy thanksgiving bay area. let's take a look at your wednesday microclimate forecast because tomorrow's temperatures going to cool down a bit. we are going to see calmer winds for your wednesday afternoon along the coast, downtown san francisco and marina district. very seasonal temperatures in the mid 60's. but we are going to see the return of that cool sea breeze influence for bay area beaches, pacific up. 58 degrees on terror at 57 degrees and temperatures in the low to mid 60's from brisbane to burlingame. >> burlingame warming up to 66 degrees as is redwood city
9:51 pm
throughout the peninsula. but in the south bay mid to upper 60's in the forecast. so santa clara and even campbell flirting with 70's little bit cooler for san jose and milpitas at the mid 60's. but livermore 65 degrees with pleasanton and dublin in the upper 60's. so you are going to be a few degrees above average as you flirt with 70's there, danville, 68 degrees with walnut creek at 67 degrees in richmond. 66 degrees for your wednesday afternoon highs. and for those of you in our north bay valleys, we are going to see some hazy skies out there because of those northerly winds. keep that in mind and even along the coast as well because of those warm, dry, offshore breezes sonoma warming up to 72 degrees with sandra fell. and santa rosa, 5 degrees above average in the low 70's. so we are going to see some cooling by the end of the week. but it's just so nice to see the return of those rain icons in the extended forecast. perfect timing exiting right before
9:52 pm
the thanksgiving travel destination and also travel plans. if you're commuting thanksgiving day looking good looking dry, turkeys, not dry. we're all you bet in right? thank you much for next up on kron, 4 news at 9 bikers bound for the world cup. we're going to the story of how this group traveled thousands of miles to see their team play. what makes the train so magical? it's not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. it's about where it goes. to places.
9:53 pm
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>> goes staff members with the peninsula. humane society rescued a barn owl. that was. stuck inside chimney at somebodys home in san carlos. a family had just moved into the the house called the peninsula humane society after they heard some odd noises coming from the chimney. a rescuer squeezed his way through the lower section of that chimney. and there you go safely recovering the little owl. face. it was a taking to the wildlife care center in burlingame where it was rehabilitated before being released back into the wild a gun. >> the dog in england that turns herself in at a police station after going missing the border collie. they are smart, became fast friends with officers who got her some water and they like their made a fuss. rosie was wearing a collar that listed her owner's name and number. when the dog
9:56 pm
rosie and the owner reunited, the owner said rose who was being walked nearby with a second dog when she apparently wandered off. why rosie police called her a lovely. clever dog automatic door. just walk in to the police stations are go find your you go and check this out. >> for cyclists completed a journey from south africa to cutter for the world cup. how long did they travel? 6200 the group from argentina. they've been on the road now for more than 170 days reaching do high yesterday to cheer on their team that his devotion. >> is that for a cause or just it's just 13 for fun. yeah. okay. well, that's one way to general cups. big deal is good for the environment. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. and that front for news at 10. good for them.
9:57 pm
>> yeah, impressive that he go to you. all right. vicki and grant, thank you. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10, a man allegedly armed with a handgun shot and killed by redwood city police. tonight. the department says that man attempted to use 3 children as a shield and screengrab. so some disturbing text messages they were allegedly exchanged between. >> police officers at the berkeley department, they could delay the confirmation of the next police chief. what city leaders are considering. >> kron, 4 news at coming up next. ll, we fell in ve through gaming. t now the internet lags and throws the whole thing off. en did you first scover this lag? signed us up for mobile home internet. h! t, we found other interests. guess we have. oth] nch! t's go! oh yeah! 's not the same. at could you do to lve the problem?
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 shots and drivers who were stuck in traffic running in redwood city. that's after police shoot and kill a man in the street. thank you for joining us tonight at 10, i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan kron four's. justin campbell has the latest from redwood city where police say that suspect used 3 young children. >> as human shields, redwood city police tell us this was a domestic violence incident. they tell us that an armed man with a he and gun. >> used 3 kids as a human shield in here is how it happened. they tell us


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