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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 16, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking with us bright and early here on the kron. 4 morning news today is wednesday, november 16th. i'm reyna harvey. we have to start this morning with a check of weather and i'm excited to say. >> john travel is back in the building and he brought with him. i don't know. hopefully warmer weather. things definitely not so bad out there. as we look at today, temperatures out there going to be nice and mild. we have some clear skies this morning, at least as far as the top of the cam wants to show you. we are going to be out there today with some nice and mild
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conditions later on. but a chilly start this morning. a lot of us are falling right back down into the 30's. we're becoming accustomed to these cold mornings. these cool afternoons. and as we work our way through the rest of this week, at least we're doing so with some nice and comfortable afternoons. now, right now we are in the 30's for redwood city in dublin. that's at 36 degrees. morgan hill and concord as well as the late show in the upper 30's, some mid to low 30's in the north bay, fairfax and santa rosa beach at 34 right now in napa at 35 degrees. so you know the deal, bundle up and get cozy this morning before you're heading out there later on today. a lot to look forward to. we've got a lot of sunshine. some highs in the 60's. whether you're out the coaster further inland will all be enjoying what will be a pretty mild day ahead of us all be getting a closer look at exactly what the rest of the week has to offer. still to come back over to rain. all right, john, thanks for that. let's get a look at your bridges this morning heading into the city right now. 7 minutes may so that fremont street exit. >> well, the san mateo bridge put you at a 30 minute or i-80 to 101.
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>> the richmond, sandra fell bridge taking that right now. 8 minutes tolls to 1, 1, out of richmond. >> and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes. well on the peninsula, gunshots and drivers stuck in traffic running after police fatally shot a man in redwood city. it happened on the intersection of el camino real. now, police say that the man was using 3 children as shields for more shots rang out. proffers justin campbell has that story. redwood city police tell us this was a domestic violence incident. they tell us that an armed man with a he and gun. >> used 3 kids as a human shield in here is how it happened. they tell us a 9-1-1 call came in after 3 o'clock to dispatch. when the dispatcher heard a child screaming in the background. now the call abruptly disconnected. she tried calling back, but it went to voicemail and they were able to ping the location of the call. and this is where that lead them to el camino.
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looking at that prius where this started, the sate officers arrived and found a mother and her 3 kids in that prius with this man with an armed he handgun. they say they tried to negotiate by, but before they could begin negotiations, it appeared that the man was attempting to shoot the woman or the kids. and that's when they decided to shoot this. 36 year-old man. now you're looking at video from viewers that they sent him to the newsroom after those fatal shots were fired. people were running. we spoke to a man who was just steps away when those gunshots went off. >> i an officer say we're trying to help you put down the gun and the soon as we heard that, then pop pop, 2 gunshots. and we all just going to hit the ground together. just like we're staying in those low and away as we can. >> these are pictures of police rushing in after the shooting that 36 year-old man
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was rushed to the hospital but died. the 3 kids all ran out of the car after the shooting and have since been reunited with their mother. were not insured. now the mother, unfortunately, was injured at some time during this incident. not during the shooting, but she is at the hospital recovering. but the police officers involved in this officer involved shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave. that is routine while they investigate to figure out if the shooting was justified. reporting here in redwood city, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> all okay. >> well, san francisco police are looking for 3 people in connection to robbery and a shooting outside of a nightclub earlier this year. it happened on june 25th on the 11th street outside of the bridge or arc bar close to the audio nightclub in dna lounge. well, police believe that the
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fight began after a robbery happened inside that nightclub. you can see from this video, one person swinging a handgun at another personal for those shots were fired. one woman was shot multiple times at life, threatening injuries. police say 2 men and one women, one woman are the primary suspects. take a look. we're going to show you some sketches. the shows you 2 of the 3 suspects, the man believed to be the shooter and the woman who fled with him. now police say they are in their 20's or 30's. and in the south bay mountain view, police have arrested several people tied to the hells angels motorcycle club. they believe the suspects are responsible for killing a man and assaulted an off-duty officer at a concert at the shoreline amphitheater in june. kron four's terisa stasio has those details. >> chris stapleton's concert at the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view in june was a must-see for thousands of fans as it shot to the top of the top selling concert this past summer. but near the end of
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the concert, something went terribly wrong. at 10 45 mountain view. police arrived on the scene after reports of a badly beaten man found unconscious. 41 year-old juan gonzalez from bakersfield died of his injuries a week later. this is katie nelson with a mountain view police department. >> it was an absolute you know, everything. everything is done to keep shoreline safe. and logan winterton of san francisco has now been arrested in his death kron. 4 has learned he was tracked down in chicago. it was one of 5 search warrants conducted by 13 different law enforcement agencies, including the fbi. today was the culmination of all that work. all of those partnerships and abilities to be able reach out to our law enforcement family and seek guidance and assistance and help. and really very hard very well done. we're very relieved that we're one step
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closer to some justice for the victims. in these cases, the size the homicide of can solace at the concert, an unidentified off-duty officer was also beaten up. >> the arrests in total include dominic good ardo of san francisco. he was arrested for allegedly dissuading a witness to a crime. julio moran of san mateo for assault as well as david wise in haven of san francisco on assault and raymond man and a pleasant hill on dissuading a witness, an assault. we have any idea of what transpired to set off these things. >> all we know is that confrontations took place at this time are still conducting but those confrontations obviously lead to. >> what we have now, which is an assault and then a homicide. >> nelson says detectives discovered all 5 suspects know each other and have ties to the hells angels motorcycle club. all 5 are in custody and will be prosecuted. and santa clara county, kron. 4 news.
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well, 3 people have been displaced after the daly city apartment caught on fire. >> it happened yesterday just before 05:00pm on crestwood drive. firefighters arrived and put out the heavy smoke. coming up from the 2 story building. they were able to put out the fire. no one was injured. thankfully, the cause of that fire is still under investigation. well, david dip, half the man accused of attacking house speaker nancy pelosi is husband paul has pleaded not guilty on all federal charges. he's been charged with the assault of an immediate family member. all the u.s. official with a maximum sentence of 30 years. he's also charged with one count of attempted kidnapping of the u.s. official, which could mean another 20 years in prison >> i think what you'll see is the federal court proceedings taking a back seat to what's going on in state court because those charges in state court or morse more serious because they carry a life sentence potentially.
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>> well, the past attorney refused to talk to reporters or comment on the case in any way. another hearing is going to be set for november. 30th. kron 4 is your local election headquarters and former president trump has announced he will run for president in 2024. he made that announcement last night from mar-a-lago. kron four's justine waltman has that story. former president donald trump has already filed paperwork with the federal election commission saying that he will run for president in 2024. >> and he has set up a fundraising account. the announcement in prime time at mar-a-lago in florida. several 100 supporters filled the ballroom. trump talked about inflation, jobs, gas prices, the southern border, china and the war in ukraine. he also took digs at president joe biden. trump said he is quote, running because i believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be. >> in order to make america great and glorious again. i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president
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america's comeback starts right now. >> this will not be my campaign. this will be our campaign all take out. >> trump is the first to enter the race. our political analyst michael yaki, talk to us about the timing of trump making this announcement 2 years before the presidential election. reason he's doing this so early. >> i think because he's worried about hitting an indictment from the fbi. i think that you want to basically, you know. >> later a little arm or political armor and public armor on him before that connect before that can happen. >> trump is launching his amid series of criminal investigations, including several that could lead to indictments, including the probe into dozens of documents with classified markings that the fbi seized and the ongoing state and federal inquiries into his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020
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presidential election in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. well for your money this morning, there's a possibility the biden administration could extend the payment pause. >> on monthly student loan bills yet again, the washington post reported this week that officials in the white house are beginning to talk about the possibility of another extension. if the lawsuits continue to mount on the program, if so, it would be the 8th time that borrowers have been giving more time. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, san francisco police unveiled a plan to shoppers safe. >> during the holidays when you more about that. and switching to the 6 or marijuana might seem like a healthier alternative to cigarettes. why a study found not the case. a russian-made missile hit cole killing 2 people. >> explain how the international community is responding. i'm hannah brandt in washington. i'll have that story coming up.
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1000 families. it's that time of the year when everybody gets together and does a little extra to help those without so so happy people are doing that. john. it was back in the building today. people are going out to hand out coats and jackets and foods. so whether going to lie you know what? nice and mild day yesterday was one of her first days with above average temperatures. >> for the month of november. so we've seen a little bit of a swing back towards the normal and back towards the norm or a warmer for sure where we're sitting right now. we've got some of those clear skies out there this morning. this is allowing temperatures this morning to get pretty chilly all over again, even though we do have a fairly mild afternoon ahead of us. we're down into the 30's for a whole lot of the bay area this morning. skies out there clear from the sierra to the coastline and we're going to stay that way today with lots of sunshine, high pressure ridge just in place enough. we are seeing a nice dip in the jet stream to the west of us. this will help to maintain that cool feel that we've been seeing much of the rest of the
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country is actually seeing summer record cool temperatures over the next several days. so here in the state of california, we're kind of dodging that wintery streak that's being seen across the rest of the u.s. at least hanging on to some mild weather for this week before thanksgiving today. do expect a few passing clouds and into tomorrow, a few more of those clouds. but overall, the skies remain dry through the rest of the week into the weekend before a slight chance of rain into tuesday of next week. 60's for your highs and san francisco and at the coastline today as well as along the bay shore and further inland, not a ton of variety going on in temperatures. that's ok, we're all pretty nice and mild this afternoon saying carlos at 67, san jose. 66 for your daytime high livermore, you'll be at 63 today with 3 months in hayward at 65 oakland, seen the and row castro valley among many spots that will rise to 66 fairfield and vacaville as well as benicia are only spots getting up to 70 degrees. as for tomorrow, do expect similar temps to today a few passing clouds,
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but for the most part, the skies are bright all the way into the upcoming weekend. tuesday of next brief brings our best chance of showers to the bay area. even then it's only just a chance of rain and it looks like thanksgiving is set to remain dry. great. all right, john, glad to have you back today. hey, if you're hitting the roads this morning, it's early. >> 7 minutes, mason that fremont street exit traveling into the city. the san mateo bridge 80 to 101 a 13 minute ride as you head across towards the peninsula. richmond sandra fell bridge tolls to 101 about 7 minutes. and let's go ahead and check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. looks like a 20 minute morning right? well, happening today, the alleged gunman who killed 3 students from the university of virginia will be arraigned in court today. this as authorities try to determine the motive behind that shooting. former uva football player christopher jones is accused of killing devin chandler lavell davis junior and deshaun perry after they
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returned from a field trip late sunday. jones's father says he last talked to his son about a month ago. he says his son told him someone was giving him a hard time, but that he seemed upbeat and was doing well. uva as head football coach talked about the shootings at a news conference yesterday. take a listen. >> feels like it's. a nightmare to be honest with you when i'm ready for somebody to pick up and it would say that this didn't happen. still in shock. trying to. rationalize. but also finding courage me in community with those that have come out and support and also those banded together to. trying to figure out, you know how we move forward after go into a situation like this. >> university of virginia running back michael hollins was injured in that shooting. his lawyers say he's now out of the icu and he's awake and alert after surgery. another
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student molly morgan is also recovering from injuries as well. we're going continue to follow this story. also, the senate is expected to vote on the respect for marriage act. it would ensure that the supreme court cannot overturn the right of same and interracial cos to marry. it's something which conservative justice clarence thomas mentioned as a possibility when the court overturn roe v wade, today's vote is going to give a good indication as to how much support is officially there? >> we determined that this legislation was too important to risk failure. so we waited to get bipartisanship. a chance. i hope for the sake of tens of millions of americans that at least 10 republicans will vote with us to protect marriage equality into law. soon. the rights and dignity of millions of americans depend on it. >> well, the legislation also clarifies the government will not recognize polyamorous marriages and that it respects religious freedom to major sticking points for republicans. in international
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news, a deadly missile blast in poland has 4 leaders concern. this is the first time since the invasion of ukraine that russian weapons hit a nato country. washington correspondent hannah brandt for u.s. involvement in the y- war. good morning. >> rana, good morning. what we actually have some breaking news on this story. poland's president came out just this morning saying that they've done some investigating and they now believe that this missile hit was an intentional rather than an intentional attack. it was just an unfortunate accident. now, world leaders were concerned because poland is a nato ally. so any intentional attack on them could mean that the nato alliance has to respond with military force. now, when president biden heard about this, he was over in indonesia at the g 20 summit and he convened an emergency meeting of world leaders to discuss. they came out of the meeting saying that they were united, that they fully supported
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poland investigating. and it looks like poland has done so. so how nato will respond from here remains to be seen. but it looks like this was not an intentional attack by russia. >> and i thank you for that breakdown. interestingly will certainly be watching. well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news caltrain is unveiled its new fleet of all electric trains. when we can expect to see them in action. we'll have that full you back from it.
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francisco city supervisor dean preston announces a plan to acquire the building at 600 been asked for affordable housing. it's one of the corner of golden gate avenue right near california. public utilities commission building supervisor preston also introduced a resolution calling on the state to turn the parking lot at the san francisco dmv office on fell street into an affordable housing site. a private developer build a previously was awarded the dmv lot in 2008 to develop affordable housing. but the plans eventually fell through nearly 174 double housing units will be permanently rent controlled. commuter rail operators from around the nation or in san jose to get a look at cal trains, new
4:25 am
electric fleet caltrain is replacing most of his diesel locomotives and passenger cars. new all electric trains. those new electric trains won't go into service in 2 2024. but for years work has been underway to set up the electrical infrastructure that's needed like that. it looks so cool between now and then caltrain says there's still lots more work to be done. >> a lot of work is being done for them. got together our infrastructure finish up and putting up the last of the polls. we need to get overhead camera system in place. lot of testing these take place. but it's a once all that's done. we're going to have a world class railroad. >> yesterday's storm was shifted to other commuter rail agencies and members of the media caltrans says they hope to invite members of the public to get and in person, look, sometime early next year. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the city of berkeley investigating disturbing. >> text messages sent between police officers. we're going to talk more about that when we get that break.
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here where it's a little bit more mild. and hey, we're back to the mild weather all across the bay area yesterday was actually among one of our first days that the state saw temperatures in some spots climbing above average again for the month of november. so we started the month, really chilly, but we're on a more mild trajectory over the next few days. you can see outside the golden gate bridge is crystal clear this morning. no fog whatsoever. not a lot going on to note across the bay, but that does make you're stepping outside this morning. pretty easy. as long as you do have those jackets with you because it is cool. morgan hill, redwood city, fremont and dublin all down in the 30's right now conquered in vallejo at 38 degrees. while santa rosa at 34 right now timber. and you're one of the more mild spots. 51 along with brett would san francisco and alameda you fallen into the upper 40's. now later on today after such a cold start, temperatures will rise into the 60's. a mild afternoon ahead of us. a lot like yesterday. that's the way we're going to wrap up this week. i've got more details
4:30 am
about all of it. still to come back over to irena. john, thanks to that. let's check on your traffic this morning. traveling into the city 7 minutes. >> so that freeman street exit, if you are hopping on the san mateo bridge, 80 to 101, just a 13 minute ride heading across towards the peninsula. richmond, sandra fell bridge nice and light. put you at about 7 minutes out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes. well in the east bay, a former berkeley police officer who was fired from the department took screenshots of disturbing text messages allegedly exchanged between officers. now the interim police chief jennifer lewis might not be confirmed in her new role kron four's fully juggle explains those allegations for us. >> on thursday, november 10th, former berkeley police officer cory should duty emailed the berkeley mayor and city council alleging that while a member of the department's downtown and by task force is he claims officers were instructed to


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