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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 16, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. so early, 5 o'clock on a wednesday and darya and james at midway through the midway through the months of november, a week and a day thanksgiving is here. yeah. and then. >> the years over bay all, right. there's person, the that nice slide towards christmas, which is always fun. all right. well, let's check the weather. john is back from a little vague. yeah, and we're getting a little break a from the cool weather, at least that we had at the start of november yesterday saw some of the first above average temperatures like california seen so far this month. it's been a chilly start to the month. >> and now we're on drier. we're mild trend, especially as we wrap up this week where we're sitting right now, skies are really clear outside from the coast all the and not seeing much for cloud cover.
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that does allow our morning lows to get pretty cold, though. and we're right back down into the 30's and 40's this morning. fremont, you're at 39, redwood city and dublin at a cool 35 degrees are very cold. this spot right now is napa at 32 fairfield far behind you 34 degrees. so we're getting pretty familiar with those 30's at this point. you know, the drill now get those layers on as you're getting out there and then you'll be pretty good to go. nothing else to interrupt you as you're stepping out there. although reyna is the final say on that, is there really anything on the roads to hold you up this morning? and no interruptions right now, but it's still early. >> traveling along 5 81 80 15 minutes. if you're taking 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, around 13 minutes heading into the city may so that fremont street exit 8 minute ride, the san mateo bridge put you at about 12 minutes. a 80 to 101, heading across towards the peninsula. well, if you're taking 1, 1, in the south bay about 27 minutes. 85 up to menlo park. well, 2, 80 82 to 37 still put you at the limit.
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darya. james, back to you. thank you. ran a 501. on the peninsula. gunshots sent drivers in traffic running. police shot and killed a man redwood city. dramatic moments ying out. this was at the intersection of el camino >> police say the man was using 3 children as body shields before more shots were fired with kron four's justin campbell to explain. >> redwood city police tell us this was a domestic violence incident. they tell us that an armed man with a he and gun used 3 kids as a human shield in here is how it happened. they tell us a 9-1-1 call came in after 3 o'clock to dispatch. when the dispatcher heard a child screaming in the background. now the call abruptly disconnected. she tried calling back, but it went to voicemail and they were able to ping the location of the call. and this is where that lead them to el camino. looking at that prius where this started, the sate officers arrived and found a
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mother and her 3 kids in that prius with this man with an armed he handgun. they say they tried to negotiate by, but before they could begin negotiations, it appeared that the man was attempting to shoot the woman or the kids. and that's when they decided to shoot this. 36 year-old man. now you're looking at video from viewers that they sent him to the newsroom after those fatal shots were fired. people were running. we spoke to a man who was just steps away when those gunshots went off. >> i an officer say we're trying to help you put down the gun and the soon as we heard that, then pop pop, 2 gunshots. and we all just going to hit the ground together. just like we're staying in those low and away as we can. >> these are pictures of police rushing in after the shooting that 36 year-old man was rushed to the hospital but died. the 3 kids all ran out of the car after the shooting and have since been reunited
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with their mother. were not insured. now the mother, unfortunately, was injured at some time during this incident. not during the shooting, but she is at the hospital recovering. but the police officers involved in this officer involved shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave. that is routine while they investigate to figure out if the shooting was justified. reporting here in redwood city, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> san francisco police looking for 3 people who robbed and shot someone outside a nightclub earlier this year. this was on june 25th 11th street outside. >> the burger at bar this close to the audio club and the dna lounge. police believe this fight started after the robbery inside the club. and if we go back to the video, you can see one person swinging a gun and another person. then shots are fired.
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one woman shot multiple times had life threatening injuries and the 2 men and one woman our primary suspects. so take a look. these are sketches of 2 of the 3 people involved in this. the man is believed to have been the shooter. the woman took off with him. police believe they're in their 20's or 30's. some more developing news now. david, the pap the man charged with attacking house speaker nancy pelosi, husband paul, has pleaded not guilty on all federal charges. >> he's charged with the assault of an immediate family member of a u.s. official with maximum sentence of 30 years. he's also charged with one count of attempted murder of a u.s. official, which could mean another 20 years in prison. the pap is also facing multiple state charges. we spoke with legal analyst steve clarke about the significance of the federal and the state charges. >> i think what you'll see is the federal court proceedings taking a back seat to what's
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going on in state court because those charges in state court or morse more serious because they carry a life sentence potentially >> well, the paps attorney has refused to talk to reporters or comment on the case in any way. another hearing is set for november. 30th. in the east bay, a former berkeley police officer who was fired from the department, took screen grabs of disturbing text messages allegedly exchanged between officers and now the interim berkeley police chief jennifer lewis may not be confirmed in her new role proper sleep explains. >> berkeley police officer cory should duty emailed the berkeley mayor and city council alleging that while a member of the department's downtown and by task force is he claims officers were instructed to use tactics like stop and frisk with no reasonable suspicion of a crime. >> specifically targeting homeless and black people should do. says he and his team were ordered by sergeant
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darren can say like to make 100 arrests months. >> she duties. email included alleged screenshots from chat conversations among members of the task forces which have been made public by the office of the director of police accountability, one firm to say like allegedly alludes to the quota. a text reads, quote, 81 arrests. we can do 19 by friday for sure. should duty was fired from his job last year. and he's currently in arbitration with hopes his termination is overturned. it's a leak is also president of the berkeley police officers association. >> we did not respond to our request for comment in the email. so duty claims interim police chief jennifer lewis was captain when the alleged arrest quota policy was instituted. >> which he says continued when she became interim chief should duty says lewis is impending confirmation as chief should be delayed, followed by an investigation into her knowledge of the
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alleged policy police watchdog group secure justice agrees. the berkeley police department is not that large >> i not convincing that she knew that there are no rumors going on, that there would be no questions about the numbers. these guys were pulling that. but, you know, that may be the case, you know, to be ignorant. but i i believe, you know, there's there's no need to approve her contract tonight. secure justice is calling for attorney general rob bonta to conduct an independent investigation. >> nathan mozelle, vice chair of the police accountability board says in a statement, quote. >> i call on the berkeley city council to delay the confirmation of interim chief louis until a thorough independent investigation has been conducted by the police accountability board. and the public has had the opportunity to review the evidence when reached for comment. a police department spokesperson said they could not comment on
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personnel matters. >> and deferred to a city spokesperson. he says the city is hiring an external investigator to verify the allegations. >> in that same response, interim chief lewis says that she just became aware of the allegations thursday and that if at any time she had been made aware of the alleged arrest quota policy, she would have opened an investigation. she says, quote, i was appointed as interim chief in march 2021. after these alleged incidents occurred. these allegations are extremely concerning and they deserve to be investigated thoroughly. >> all run for >> it's 509. a new this morning. we're starting to learn how many people in the bay area are going to be affected by amazon's mass layoff of the new york times reporting the company plans to lay off about 10,000 employees. kron four's will tran standing by live in sunnyvale with more on how many of those we expect to happen here in the bay area will.
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>> well, james, at the office right behind me, it will be 263 10,000. that is just a sliver of their workforc%. but of course, everyone has lives and kids. so it will make a huge impact to that particular family. amazon is scaling down. don't worry about your packages. i know a lot of people worried about that at this particular office. they say it's going to be corporate engineers, hr software department. they have about one and a half million people in their workforce worldwide. but even jeff bezos yesterday in an interview said that he expects a downturn, which is why he's even telling people james and area you might want to start saving. don't get the big purchases for the holidays. so it's almost against his self interest to say that. but you get what's going on. layoffs are happening and we're seeing this not just an amazon, but at many huge companies in the bay area. so take a look at your screen. facebook is also
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a tech giant. they've already announced that they will lay off about 11,000 workers, 360 of them out of san francisco. lyft will lay off 700 twitter, of course, making news daily. they are laying off 3700 workers worldwide. as far as this particular location, they are guaranteed a job through the holidays. so that's a little relief to them. but they will be let go come mid january with full pay. by the way, back to you. >> thank you. well, 5.11, the breaking news, the president of poland and the nato chief say there's no evidence that a missile that landed in poland near the border with ukraine was an intentional attack at this point to say the missile landed in a rural area killing 2 people. but this morning, the polish president says it was most likely an accident. this is i will. what he said was the misses are likely fired by ukraine as part of their anti missile defense.
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yes. now the explosion did cause some tense moments. there for nato because if it had been a deliberate attack on poland by russia, well, that would have triggered potentially article 5 of nato's tree where any member under attack is defended by all other members in nato and that could have escalated the war in ukraine to something entirely more than it is right now. but again, the polish president and the chief of nato say they're at this point is no evidence that that missile was fired into poland intentionally an investigation into the incident is still ongoing. it's 5.12. and coming up on the kron, 4 morning news arrests are just made now in a concert murder that happened customize your kitchen at lowe's with the samsung bespoke refrigerator. buy more save more on samsung appliances plus get $350 off instantly when you buy any 4 pieces. shop daily steals this black friday exclusively at lowe's. a breakfast croissant plus seasoned potatoes for three bucks? and they're redshirting you? it's just a standard work shirt.
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>> 5.14, is the time and commuter rail operators from across the country were in san jose to get a look at caltrans new electric fleet. caltrain is replacing most of its diesel locomotives and passenger cars with new all electric trains which you can see there in the video. the new trains will not go into service, though, until 2024. but for years work has been underway to set up the electrical infrastructure needed to support these new trains. and between now and then caltrans says there is still a lot more work to do. >> i love it so quiet. you know, mean, when you have mass transportation, that is all quiet someday. step closer to having cleaner air for all around the bay as we confirm or more of these mass transit vehicles to electric. very pleasant, as is the weather the way it was so gorgeous.
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yesterday afternoon we'll see what kind of day we have on tap for today. good morning, john. yet pretty quiet out there. as far as mother nature goes to yesterday was indeed a really nice one. and yesterday for a lot of the state was one of our first above average days and temperatures that we've seen so far this month because november has trended a little bit cooler than average. but today yet again repeats what was a little bit of a more mild feel we had yesterday pier 15, not seeing a lot of movement on the flag. there it is. nice and calm for most areas seeing the bay bridge in the distance as well. and are some clear skies this morning, clear and calm also adds up to 8 are really cool feel. and we're right back to the 30's and 40's to start this day. so you definitely want to throw those jackets on yet again, much as you did yesterday to start the day now, the big picture set up across the state has brought some santa ana winds, especially the southern california, this dry offshore wind has been warming things up for the south coast all the way out to the channel islands, seeing that offshore wind pushing fog offshore high
5:17 am
pressure. ridge is in place and this will continue to keep us dry throughout the remainder of the week. those offshore winds will be lighter for the bay area will help to keep skies pretty clear for most of us today and tomorrow, despite a few low clouds near the coast at times should remain nice and clear and definitely dry through the weekend. before thanksgiving. so if you have travel plans this weekend, you're really good to go 60's for your highs in sf at the coast along the bay shore and pretty much all of us are sharing that same range of mostly mid to upper 60's today saying carlos at 67, san jose at 66 for your daytime high. well, looking at some mid to upper 60's for the east bay as well. oakland walnut creek, concord, among few spots at 66. well, benicia fairfield and vacaville among are only spots at 70 degrees today. it's definitely a good one to step outside. enjoy some of that sunshine. but you have plenty more chances to do just that as we round out this weekend work into the weekend. only one chance of rain between now and thanksgiving. that's a slight chance of showers in the north bay on
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monday and a better chance for the rest of us into tuesday. thanksgiving looks dry and better chances of rainfall in your long term forecast after the holiday. >> rain and john, thank you. unfortunately we have a hot spot. this is in pittsburgh westbound highway 4 west of bailey road. so right there on the map, all lanes are currently blocked there. we're going to keep a close eye on that as the morning progresses traveling into the city, no delay, 7 minutes maze to that freeman. she exit your san mateo bridge. put you at 12 minutes. 80 to 101 heading across towards the peninsula, the south bay. we're in the green 27 minutes along 1, 0, 1, 85 to menlo park to 80 82. no major issues or delays there. and if you're taking 8.80, san leandro down to milpitas about 20 minutes darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain to 5.18, is the time. and in national news this morning, many people have wondered ever since the last election, if former president donald trump was going to be running for the office again, wonder no
5:19 am
more. >> you made the announcement. our dc correspondent basil john has the latest. >> more than 700 days since the last election, former president donald trump said it was time to give a supporters what they have been asking for. >> in order to make america great glorious again. i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president >> in front of a crowd at the mar-a-lago resort. former president donald trump announced he is launching a new campaign to retake the white house. america's comeback starts. >> right. >> now. >> this announcement comes a week after many of the candidates he backed during the mid terms. but that's not stopping some republicans from offering their support. i support president trump 1000%. president trump, he excites people. he image energizes our base. >> and he increases voter turnout. but for many democrats, this is anything but welcome news that he's unfit to be president. >> ohio democratic senator sherrod brown and new york democratic congressman hakeem
5:20 am
jeffries. so the midterm results show most americans want to move past trump. the reason. >> republicans didn't do nearly as well as they thought they would be is because of donald trump, the so-called g o p red wave. turned into a red wedding. has the republican response. the colt leader should run again. >> governor ron desantis is the man some are calling on to challenge trump for the republican nomination earlier tuesday, he shrugged off recent attacks from the former president. when you're doing when you're leading, when you're getting getting things done. yeah, you take incoming fire. that's just the nature of it. >> well, president trump announced his own candidacy. he made no mention of a possible running mate reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> happening today, the senate is expected to vote on the respect for marriage act. it would ensure that the supreme court cannot overturn the right for same and interracial couples to get married. this is something that conservative justice clarence thomas
5:21 am
mentioned as a possibility when the court overturn roe v wade, today's vote will give a good indication as to how much support there really is. we determined that this legislation was too important to risk failure. >> so we waited to get bipartisanship. a chance. i hope for the sake of tens of millions of americans that at least 10 republicans will vote with us to protect marriage equality into law. soon. the rights and dignity of millions of americans depend on. >> the legislation also clarifies the government will not recognize polygamous marriages and that it respects religious freedom. those are major sticking points. however, for the republicans. so we'll see who votes for it. >> for your money this morning, there is a possibility the biden administration could extend the payment pause on monthly student loan bills yet again. so this has the legal blows to the president's student loan forgiveness program continue
5:22 am
to mount. the washington post reported this week that officials in the white house are beginning to discuss the possibility of another extension. if the lawsuits continue to thwart the loan forgiveness plan, if so it would be the 8th time that borrowers will be given more time. >> it's 5.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. you're looking here at a live shot of sfo and there have been a number of flight attendants picking. we've talked about this there. contract negotiations are not going well. so we're going to take a look at that issue after the break.
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>> american airlines flight attendants picketing outside at sfo yesterday. and there were tickets all around the country. a different airport. they say that contract talks with flight attendants, the airline of broken down and they say the airline is not negotiating in good faith. they want better pay and better benefits. >> we just want the company here that we're ready for a contract and we need to negotiate fairly. and the company wants to. but more workers on us which benefit them and and our american airlines says that it has been
5:26 am
in frequent communication with the union and they released this statement saying in part, >> americans a flight attendant, so the best in the business and like all our team members deserve to be paid well and competitively. we continue to be regularly with the associate of professional flight attendants to reach an agreement that benefits both our flight attendants and operation. >> in san francisco city supervisor dean preston announces a plan to acquire the building at 600 van ness for affordable housing. that's the building on the corner of golden gate avenue right near the california public utilities commission building supervisor preston also introduced a resolution calling on the state to turn the parking lot at the san francisco dmv office on fell street into affordable housing as well. a private developer build inc previously was awarded the dmv lot back in 2008 to develop affordable housing. but the plan eventually fell through nearly 170 affordable housing units will be permanently rent controlled. coming up next on
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the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco police unveiling their plan to keep shoppers safe during the holidays. we'll tell you what that plan entails.
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lot coffee. i have been a needed. everybody john looks like our overnight lows this week are going to be definitely on the chilly side. yeah, our daytime highs might be comfortable but those lows are still cold. some 30's, some 40's out there as you're stepping outside. it's cool. it's calm. and it's clear that's the way to describe this morning. >> definitely need the extra layers right now. berkeley hills. you can see everything all the way up to the coastline. there skies are clear from the coast all the way to our inland areas. getting a look at our numbers as far as where we're sitting right now. fremont in redwood city in the upper 30's, dublin. you're at 34 degrees right now. same for fairfield while napa right at freezing for your current temperature at 32 degrees, oakland, san francisco and san mateo holding on to the 40's right now. but all of us, regardless of where you're at going to the those jackets, if you're venturing outside, will you need them later today? that's the question that i have the answer to still have. your forecast arena. john, thanks to that. well, we have a hot spot. this is along highway 4 west of bailey road in pittsburgh. >> all lanes are blocked as you're traveling from antioch,
5:31 am
towards conquered. so keep that in mind this morning as you're working and traveling along highway 4, no major delays across most of our other highways and bridges. 8 minutes mace that fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge will take you about 12 minutes. 81 one heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge quiet now. 7 minutes tolls to 101, and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 19 minutes. we're tracking the little hot spot in antioch in a lot of top stories going on. thank you very much. right now, 5 right now, police arrested several people tied to the hells angels motorcycle club. yeah. they believe the suspects are responsible for killing a man at a concert at the shoreline amphitheater this past summer with kron four's theresa stasi with the story. >> chris stapleton's concert at the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view in june was a must-see for thousands of fans as it shot to the top of the top selling concerts this past summer. but near the end of the concert, something went terribly wrong. at 10 45
5:32 am
mountain view. police arrived on the scene after reports of a badly beaten man found unconscious. 41 year-old juan gonzalez from bakersfield died of his injuries a week later. this is katie nelson with a mountain view police department. >> it was an absolute you know, everything. everything is done to keep shoreline safe. and logan winterton of san francisco has now been arrested in his death kron. 4 has learned he was tracked down in chicago. it was one of 5 search warrants conducted by 13 different law enforcement agencies, including the fbi. today was the culmination of all that work. all of those partnerships and abilities to be able reach out to our law enforcement family and seek guidance and assistance and help. and really very hard work very well done. we're very relieved that we're one step closer to some justice for the victims. in these cases, the size the homicide
5:33 am
of can solace at the concert. >> an unidentified off-duty officer was also beaten up the arrests in total include dominic good ardo of san francisco. he was arrested for allegedly dissuading a witness to a crime. julio moran of san mateo for assault as well as david wise in haven of san francisco on assault and raymond man and a pleasant hill on dissuading a witness, an assault. we have any idea of what transpired to set off these things. >> all we know is that confrontations took place at this time are still conducting but those confrontations obviously lead to. >> what we have now, which is an assault and then a homicide. >> nelson says detectives discovered all 5 suspects know each other and have ties to the hells angels motorcycle club. all 5 are in custody and will be prosecuted. and santa clara county, kron. 4 news.
5:34 am
>> it's 5.33. and san francisco city leaders want to make union square one of the safest places to shop during the holiday season. and that is why they have taken precautions, especially after last year's notorious smash-and-grab and mob rob crimes caught on camera. there are people running in running out with stuff in response to this. san francisco police launched the safety initiative and the police chief says that it really has helped. >> during the holiday season last year, you can come to this area without bumping into a police officer. and guess what? that's what will happen this year. we want everyone to know that we've got eyes and ears on the street. we're adding 150 more ambassadors to the street. >> wow. so you're going to see a presence there and to make shoppers feel safe. city officials say bart and muni have also partnered to make sure that ambassadors are on hand to support those public transportation stations as well as making the city cleaner and safer for
5:35 am
shoppers. >> for your health this morning, the cdc is tracking a new covid variant known as b and one. it's another offshoot of the omicron variant. they say roughly 4% of cases are now linked to it. it's most prevalent here in the western u.s. that actually counts for about 6% of new cases here in california in the east bay contra costa county now offering free covid tests to residents that want them right before the holidays. infectious disease experts say with covid cases going up having all your thanksgiving guests test before coming adds that extra layer of protection. doctors say gathering outside rather than inside, if possible, it's still your best option. >> the key thing with the test is yeah, it's not a completely reliable test in a negative test. doesn't say with 100% certainty that you don't have covid, but it says with a pretty high level of certainty that you not infectious with covid. that's the question you're asking. >> yeah, the best play the best way to protect yourself.
5:36 am
of course, is the new booster shot specific for the new omicron variant? doctors say recent studies show that that new booster is better at fighting both ba 5 and this newest variant than anything else. and with thanksgiving being less than 2 weeks away, getting that booster sooner rather than latern will help. >> and san francisco traffic delays around the broadway tunnel going to last a little longer because of that crane or cherry picker whatever crashed into the ceiling on monday. the repairs could take a couple of days. now they're saying and i notice this morning there was that lane coned off again. yes, they still to do some work. they cleared the flatbed truck they've, you know, and you can see the work they got to do so. yeah, we went through this morning. i'm a little better and went through yesterday later in the they definitely have made a lot of they're working on it. >> reservations will not be required to visit yosemite national park during next year's peak summer season. this very good to know. park officials just made the announcement social media.
5:37 am
remember before you knew the reservations and it was kind of a hassle. >> it was a pandemic thing. and now you can just pick up and go, which is awesome because it's kind of in our backyard. what amazing playground that we have right available to us is just a few hours. so get up at 4, 5, in the morning. spend the day come back. so i >> it's a long driveway 5.37. the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. some airlines have to pay hefty fines because of pandemic-related cancellations and delays. why some think it's unfair. switching to the east or marijuana might seem like a healthy come to to cigarettes. but study says that may not be the case. will take a closer look. and after the break, artemis. yeah, the artemis one mission is on its way to the moon. nasa entering a new era of lunar exploration. and back here at home, we've got some conditions today that start chilly, but pretty nice towards the afternoon. most of us will be in the 60's later on today with lots of sunshine
5:38 am
making for a mild feel. i've got more details in your forecast ahead. >> and we're tracking a hot spot along highway 4 in pittsburgh. and we're looking at your other drive times on this wednesday morning. keeping a close eye your morning commute will be right back after the break. you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's w w comcast business ves you more. re i iovation... th our new gig-speed wi-fi, us unlimited data. re speed... from the largest, stest, reliable network... d more savings- to 60% a year th comcast business mobile. l from the company that wers more businesses an any o oer provider. t started with fast speeds d advanced security r $49.99 a month r 12 months. us ask how to get up a $750 prepaid card th a qualifying bundle.
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>> 5.40, right now the department of transportation says it is taking historic action against some airlines for failing to provide timely refunds to customers. the agency says it handed out 7 million dollars in fines, pushing airlines to issue hundreds of millions of dollars in refunds for pandemic-related cancellations and delays. but critics are pointing out that all major u.s. airlines were left untouched by the fines. >> the 6 airlines are going to be facing fines for taking too long or creating too many obstacles for passengers who tried to get refunds. where with the penalties for the largest defenders, united airlines for, for example, in the year 2020 had more complaints from consumers filed with the dot on the issue of refunds than any other airline. >> well, they didn't make a z, none of them well, actually, one was easy. i had to cancel that. the rest were going go.
5:42 am
the transportation says that its action will result in about 600 million dollars in refunds, which actually is only a fraction of the 10 billion dollars that advocates say passengers are edible. all right. 5.42 is the time. we'll be right back. snoring keeping you awake? the sleep number 360 smart bed lets you gently raise your partner's head,
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and it senses your movements and automatically adjusts. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. only for a limited time.
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we're back. 5.44, the time.
5:45 am
check it out. nasa successfully launched the artemis one rocket after several failed earlier. but this is the agency's first moon mission in 50 years. >> and so far it's going great. blastoff. can i say blastoff? okay. i want to get the terms right. there was a concern. however. >> another leak did pop up just hours before the launch window open, which is around 10 o'clock right last time. yeah, they they corrected it, though. we've got. >> amanda holly with more. >> after much anticipation, we are headed back to the moon with a human rated spacecraft for the first time in 50 years. nasa's sls artemis one rocket officially launched here from kennedy space center at one. 47 early this morning, it lit up the night sky like it was daylight. the countdown wasn't without issues. another hydrogen leak was detected. but this time it was at the base of the rocket on the mobile launch platform itself. they were able to send a team out to the launch pad. they
5:46 am
were able to tighten the bolts and fix that leak. since then, everything has gone smoothly. the 2 solid rocket boosters fell away. the second stage worked great and is now it put the orion spacecraft were astronauts will eventually sit into that lunar orbit. it's on its way to the moon right now. the solar panels have fully unfold. it is powering the orion spacecraft there. it will be a 25 day mission. the biggest test from here on out. eah's atmosphere. it's a g 25,000 miles per hour. re entry and it's going to experience temperatures of 5,000 degrees fahrenheit. that is the biggest test. the biggest test from here on out. and we will see that happen. 25 days from now reporting from kennedy space center. amanda holly, back to you. >> it's been 50 years. i can't believe it is pretty credible. >> 72 till now we've got john in the weather center keeping
5:47 am
an eye on what the weather's like back here on terra firma, google earth. >> is services again. haha and science johns also a fan page on yeah. you know, things are good here on earth. still we're looking at a good forecast out there for just getting your normal routine today. whether you're stepping outside for the dog walker getting ready to warm up the car. i would definitely recommend those extra layers for you. conditions out there just as cold as they have been the past few weeks back down into the 30's and 40's. >> so if your teen now getting a big puppy out and staying cozy skies are definitely clear all the way out to the coastline from the sierra to the bay area. we're really quiet, really the biggest weather story we have across the state has been some offshore wind. some of those santa ana is really having been kicking up across southern california. that has been warming. temperatures, dry humidity, but we've had wet enough early-season that fire danger has not been a huge risk due to those santa
5:48 am
ana winds, which has really nice where we're sitting in the bay area, dry, offshore wind will keep us mostly clear. you will have the return of a few low clouds towards the coastline likely tonight into tomorrow morning. and tomorrow, a few passing clouds. but honestly, the sky, the skies are mostly clear and dry all the way through the rest of this week's forecast and into the busy travel weekend ahead of u.s.. 60's for your highs in san francisco at the coast along the bay shore and at least for most of our inland areas, burlingame at 66 in carlos at 67 today, south bay temperatures in the mid 60's as well with san jose right at 66 pleasanton dublin. 64 for your daytime highs. oakland, walnut creek among a few spots. also at 66 in benicia fairfield and vacaville in the low. 70's are only spots to hit 70 degrees. nice to be seeing that number again. certainly a nice way to be wrapping up this week's forecast with more of those mild 60's and sunshine well into the weekend. only one chance of rain between now and thanksgiving. that arrives to
5:49 am
the north bay monday night and tuesday for rest. the rest of the bay area dry on thanksgiving. long-range forecast showing a better chance of rainfall after the thanksgiving holiday. great job things so that what we have to hotspots, one along highway 4, right and bailey road. so. >> they're diverting traffic. the air that's in pittsburgh and a little further over here up north in valais hill, 80 eastbound at georgia street, all lanes are blocked there. you might want to take 6.80, to navigating get around that. only major seen on our highways. so timid iran into the city. metering lights just came on the air. richmond, sandra fell bridge 7 minutes. that's tulsa, 101. well, if you're taking 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, about 11 minutes for your drive. 101 of the south bay. 32 minutes up from 85 and to menlo park. well, 2, 80 82 still put she pretty much at the limit, 80 silly down in milpitas about 25 minutes and then 5, 18, 80 crockett down towards the maze. 16 minutes darya. james,
5:50 am
back to you. thanks. a lot 5.49. for your health this morning. e-cigarettes and marijuana may just be as harmful to the heart. >> as traditional tobacco cigarettes, this is according to a new study. they say that to even casual users should pay attention to these results covers amanda hari explains why. >> new research shows the health effects from vapes marijuana and cigarettes can all lead to abnormal heart rhythms. the study was published in the journal. heart rhythm by university of california, san francisco researchers then such a good job of >> telling people that inhaling tobacco smoke is harmful. that i think a lot of people assume that anything else, they they inhale is fine for them. and that's it. >> really not the case. professor of medicine at ucsf that springer says they exposed rats to just a daily single smoking or vaping session. 5 days a week for 8 weeks. a single session is equivalent to 10 puffs over 5
5:51 am
minutes. but we found. >> is that not only did it have harmful effects on cardiac function overall, the the way that the heart can pump but it screwed up the electrical system of the heart. that was our main question. professor springer says the ability for the heart to control its heart rate goes down. >> making it more susceptible to arrhythmia recent scarring in the heart and the nerves in the heart change. the types of nerves in the heart were altered in a way that changed its function and there are fewer but vessels. if the heart is not functioning correctly, it can lead to death, even though tobacco and marijuana are different. the study showed similar effects. >> there's airway irritation from inhaling that sends signals to the body to change cardiovascular function. bottom line of all that is that none of these things are truly risk free. >> they're not harmless. the professor emphasize this study was done on rats and it could differ slightly with humans. they're in the process of studying humans. now, amanda
5:52 am
hari kron, 4 news >> well, walmart offered to pay 3.1 billion dollars in a settlement of lawsuits throughout the country over the damage caused by opioids sold at its pharmacies. this makes wal-mart the latest company now to give support to state and local governments struggling with the overdose crisis. cbs and walgreens say they would settle for about 5 billion dollars each earlier this month. well, there could be a new weapon to help combat the fentanyl epidemic. houston researchers are developing a vaccine now designed to block fentanyl from making its way to the brain. they say it generates antibodies that eliminate the drug's potential high scientists believe the vaccine could prevent patients from relaxing clinical trials involving humans are now in the works. we'll take a break here at 5.52. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
meant the peace received a 9.6 rating on a scale to 10 and this sale more than double the previous record of $20,000. 4 p sold back in 2019 while that one must have been kind of crumpled i keep it i have good ones like he's my kids his torso have thor. also a comic books. put him in the glass like the little, you know, sleeves. yeah. last it between the financing. >> kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area. and we need your help. >> we would love to share the stories of some remarkable women that, you know, making a difference in their community. all you have to do is scan this qr code and it will take it to the spot on kron 4 dot com where you can nominate a remarkable woman. >> 5.56 is the time coming up in the next hour. hundreds of bay area amazon workers are finding out this morning. they're among the thousands being laid off nationwide will have the latest coming up in a live report. and paul pelosi is alleged attacker pleading not guilty to all of the federal charges against him.
5:57 am
we'll have where that case stands this morning and police officers on paid leave after domestic violence incident turns deadly in redwood city.
5:58 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. we're so happy to see your 6 o'clock on a wednesday. i'm darya and i'm james count down the days to thanksgiving, which is just one week and one day away. it's coming up. quick hope you're ready. and i think people also count down the days to christmas now to right? yeah, those who aren't ready. i mean, you shop like months ago, you know, next week, early next week, a lot of people are going to be traveling, trying to get the family to a little in time for thanksgiving aspect. we may have some change in the weather here towards the beginning of the world how drastically that pg e had. so looks like monday night and tuesday, you might be hitting a little bit at least some light rainfall for the bay area. >> and for the rest of the country, some complications out there, too. as of right now through the weekend, we're doing pretty good, at least for the bay area. the rest of the country is seeing some really cold conditions and they were called during our mornings here at least ahead of what will be a mild afternoon with some sunshine today, golden gate bridge. it's nothing but clear skies out there. and with these clear and calm conditions this morning ac t


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