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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 16, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. we're so happy to see your 6 o'clock on a wednesday. i'm darya and i'm james count down the days to thanksgiving, which is just one week and one day away. it's coming up. quick hope you're ready. and i think people also count down the days to christmas now to right? yeah, those who aren't ready. i mean, you shop like months ago, you know, next week, early next week, a lot of people are going to be traveling, trying to get the family to a little in time for thanksgiving aspect. we may have some change in the weather here towards the beginning of the world how drastically that pg e had. so looks like monday night and tuesday, you might be hitting a little bit at least some light rainfall for the bay area. >> and for the rest of the country, some complications out there, too. as of right now through the weekend, we're doing pretty good, at least for the bay area. the rest of the country is seeing some really cold conditions and they were called during our mornings here at least ahead of what will be a mild afternoon with some sunshine today, golden gate bridge. it's nothing but clear skies out there. and with these clear and calm conditions this morning across the bay, as you
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can see on radar comes our coldest of temps right back to the 30's redwood city. at 34 right now san mateo and oakland even dropping into the upper 30's at 39 degrees. each fremont conquered. you're at 38. while dublin at 34 santa rosa below freezing at 30 degrees in nevado in fairfax, right at freezing at 32 right now. so you definitely want those extra layers bundle up as you're venturing outside. of course, it really is a busy next 7 days. as far as our travel forecast coast today. a good one. but how will the rest of the forecast for that? those details ahead, right? hey, john. well, we do have hot spots out there. this one westbound highway 4. >> in pittsburgh, they're diverting traffic off to bailey road. and one up here in the les hill, 80 eastbound at georgia street. so you might want to hop on 6.80, to navigate and get around that. the good news is no major delays across our other highways and bridges. 11 minutes into the city maze to that freeman street exit. your san mateo bridge is going to take about 12 minutes to make it from a 80 to 101. richmond
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center fell bridge tolls to 101 about a 7 that it right there. and if you're taking the golden gate bridge right now at 19 minutes, that's 37 to the tolls darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 601. on the peninsula. a man threatening a woman and 3 children in a car was fatally shot by police in redwood city. police say this was a domestic violence incident. it all started with a 9-1-1. call yesterday afternoon. the dispatcher says that they heard a child screaming in the background and then the call went silent. >> police were able to track the cell signal, though, to an area on el camino real. and when police got on scene, that's when they found a mother and her 3 children in a car with a man who had a loaded gun. police say they tried to negotiate, but that is when police say it appeared the man was trying to shoot the woman and that's when they opened fire. we spoke to a man who was just a few feet away when all of this played out. >> and officers say we're trying to help you put down the gun. and the soon as we heard that, then pop pop, 2 gunshots. and we all just
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goingato hit the ground together. just like we're staying in those low and away as we can. >> and with the gun was taken to the hospital and he died there. the mother was injured, but not from the police shooting, perhaps from something that happened in the car before they got there. she is in the hospital recovering. yeah. as for the children, they ran away from the car after those shots were fired. they have since been reunited with their mother. >> the officers involved are on paid administrative leave. now while the shooting is being investigated. >> all okay. >> san francisco police are looking for 3 involved in this robbery and shooting that happened outside a nightclub earlier in the year was actually june 25th that this happened on 11th street outside. >> of a bar near the audio nightclub and the dna lounge. if you know that area. >> the fight started. they think after a robbery that happened inside the nightclub
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and then you could see went outside one person swinging a handgun at another. then shots were fired. one woman was shot multiple times and had life threatening injuries and police are looking for 2 men and one woman as the attackers. so take a closer look. they didn't give us sketches of the man and one one of the men and one of the woman. >> the man believed to be the shooter and the woman who fled with him. they are in their 20's or 30's. >> developing news this morning, david, the pap the man charged with attacking house speaker nancy pelosi's husband has pleaded not guilty. now on all the federal charges he's facing. he is charged with the assault of an immediate family member of the u.s. official and also that carries a maximum sentence of 30 years. he's also charged with one count of attempted kidnapping of a u.s. official that could also add potentially up to 20 years to his sentence. the pap is also facing multiple state charges. as we know, we spoke with legal analyst steve clarke about the significance of the
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federal and the state charges. >> i think what you'll see is the federal court proceedings taking a back seat to what's going on in state court because those charges in state court or morse more serious because they carry a life sentence potentially. >> well, the paps attorney has refused to talk to reporters or comment on the case. another hearing is set for november. 30th. in the east bay, a former berkeley police officer who was fired from the department has taken screengrabs now of disturbing text messages allegedly exchanged between fellow officers and now the interim berkeley police chief jennifer lewis might not be confirmed in her new role. kron four's with to call explains. >> on thursday, november 10th, former berkeley police officer cory should duty emailed the berkeley mayor and city council alleging that while a member of the department's downtown and by task force is he claims officers were instructed to use tactics like
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stop and frisk with no reasonable suspicion of a crime. >> specifically targeting homeless and black people should do. says he and his team were ordered by sergeant darren can say like to make 100 arrests months. >> she duties. email included alleged screenshots from chat conversations among members of the task forces which have been made public by the office of the director of police accountability, one firm to say like allegedly alludes to the quota. a text reads, quote, 81 arrests. we can do 19 by friday for sure. should duty was fired from his job last year. and he's currently in arbitration with hopes his termination is overturned. it's a leak is also president of the berkeley police officers association. >> we did not respond to our request for comment in the email. so duty claims interim police chief jennifer lewis was captain when the alleged arrest quota policy was instituted. >> which he says continued
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when she became interim chief should duty says lewis is impending confirmation as chief should be delayed, followed by an investigation into her knowledge of the alleged policy police watchdog group secure justice agrees. the berkeley police department is not that large >> i not convincing that she knew that there are no rumors going on, that there would be no questions about the numbers. these guys were pulling that. >> but, you know, that may be the case, you know, to be ignorant. but i i believe, you know, there's there's no need to approve her contract tonight. secure justice is calling for attorney general rob bonta to conduct an independent investigation. nathan mozelle, vice chair of the police accountability board says in a statement, quote. >> i call on the berkeley city council to delay the confirmation of interim chief louis until a thorough independent investigation has been conducted by the police
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accountability board. >> and the public has had the opportunity to review the evidence when reached for comment. a police department spokesperson said they could not comment on personnel matters. >> and deferred to a city spokesperson. he says the city is hiring an external investigator to verify the allegations. >> in that same response, interim chief lewis says that she just became aware of the allegations thursday and that if at any time she had been made aware of the alleged arrest quota policy, she would have opened an investigation. she says, quote, i was appointed as interim chief in march 2021. after these alleged incidents occurred. these allegations are extremely concerning and they deserve to be investigated thoroughly. >> all run for >> it's 608, and new this morning, we are starting to learn how many people in the bay area are about to lose their job these amazon layoffs
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nationwide. the new york times reporting the company plans to lay off in total about 10,000 employees across the country. and will tran is standing by live in sunnyvale with. >> the bay area impact. good morning. well, >> james, we are getting more details on those amazon layoffs. 10,000, as you mentioned, 263 of them. we'll be right behind me at the sunnyvale office. they will be in human resources, corporate engineers. they will not right now as things stand the factories, the processing centers. but at the corporate offices. but nonetheless, every number has a family. and if they will be impacted, they will be able to keep their jobs. so these layoffs are not effective immediately. they will be able to work through the holidays until january, 17th with full pay up until then it's the law that they have to announce 60 days out for layoffs, larger than 50 employees. amazon. what they are doing is very similar to
6:10 am
the other huge iconic companies that we know. speaking of companies like facebook, right? they are located in the bay area. they're laying off 11,000 workers. many of them in san francisco lift laying off about 7,000 excuse me. 3700 workers. i'm talking about twitter as well. they're laying off people. so this is going on and on and hopefully the bleeding will stop as far as lift. i stand corrected its 700 and twitter laying off 3700 employees worldwide. as far as amazon, they're talking about one to 3% of their workforce as they have about one and a half million workers worldwide. this is not a good sign, guys because jeff bezos is even talking about telling people not to spend during the holidays as far as the big ticket items. so this could be a foreshadowing of what's to come in our economy. >> ok, thank you. we'll 6.10.
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is the time. and we have some breaking news. the president of poland and the nato chief say there's no evidence that a missile that landed in poland near the ukraine border was an intentional attack. yeah. that missile landed in a rural part of poland, killing 2 people. but this morning again, the polish president says it was most likely an accident. >> he says the missiles were likely fired by ukraine as part of its anti missile defense system. now, the explosion has caused some tense moments, obviously, over the last 24 hours for nato specifically because if it had been a deliberate attack on poland, which is a nato member, nato may have had to respond with military force, which of course, would have escalated the war there in ukraine. but again, the polish president and the chief of nato say that at this point, there's no evidence to indicate this missile was fired at poland intentionally an investigation, of course, still ongoing. well enough, it discovers anything else. >> 6.11 right now. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news arrests are just made now for a murder that happened at a concert in july. this is at
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the shoreline. amphitheater more on that. and former president trump wants to be president again. we'll tell you about his run that he's just announced. and today said to be another mild one a lot like yesterday where daytime highs will rise into the 60's. whether you're at the coast or inland. >> lots of sunshine out there. beautiful day to be getting outside at least later on because it is chilly this morning. your forecast ahead. >> and a few hot spots, one in pittsburgh. another one of delay hill. but our highways for the most part are moving pretty nicely out
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>> just when your kitchen to get to don't go. that's the recommendation from a famous travel they say the lake needs a break. dennis shanahan has more. >> the lake tahoe region is stunning right now. well, yes, it is always stunning. but the early november snowfall has these mountains well dressed for the busy ski and snowboard season. several resorts have opened ahead of schedule and the travel website full doors dot com has tahoe on a list of places to reconsider visiting landed on photos. 2023, no list of places that could use a break from humans in order to heal and rejuvenate course we ask to be put out with this. >> but they did reach out to us which was done in article we do talk about, you know, it's not that we're not asking people to convert, just asking folks to.
6:16 am
>> it's possibly as president and ceo of travel, north tahoe, andy chapman encourages people to enjoy tahoe responsibly. and that's really what the photos article as saying as well. despite the no list label, the article is not suggesting a boycott or ban just responsible travel and that how tourism industry is all for that during the pandemic. we you know, they did. >> folks were told to go to the outdoors and they you know, a lot of them are due to get outdoors. they didn't know what to do. a trash can understand about. there's different things like that are. >> people need to know that there's an impact when they come up here and that we can offer some solutions on how to limit jesse patterson is the chief strategy officer with league to save lake tahoe. certainly carpooling is a great idea. you want to minimize the individual car trips up here. has impact on our roads between runoff and pollution. everything you bring into the wilderness, a tile weathers was cameras or a
6:17 am
side door of the forest. you got to pack out with you. and if you see some of the stuff we have find somebody else maybe didn't pack going find out. we need or don't you know, those single-use plastics and >> increased all of the trash you know, around the beaches, trailheads and all those areas. and and they are being but certainly come up and enjoy it. i mean, i like to bring my friends up here, too. >> i think about how you're doing out here. around one year and just leave it better than you found it. we can all enjoy com. >> thankful sounds like sound advice right now. it's kind of like trash in your own playground. your own living room. you wouldn't do treated like that, you know, to a picnic at a park, make all that stuff out there with, you know, just leave it there for the wind to blow because it is awesome that it's in our backyard is wow. all right. let's get over to the weather center. john's got a gorgeous view of the bay area this morning. hey, dad, just as gorgeous is lake tahoe walk like right along the bayshore cause? it's beautiful here, too.
6:18 am
>> good morning. if you're heading outside to bundle up like you're heading up to lake tahoe, those extra layers going to be coming in handy. we're in the 40's for san francisco right now. oakland, right on the other side of the bay down at 39 degrees. so a lot of us are quite chilly, but it is a beautiful morning and a calm morning. just a very cold one so far skies clear from the bay to the sierra. if you're heading up that direction here in the bay, though, today is going to be another mild one with temperatures likely for a few of us even warmer than yesterday's. the big issue across the state has been our santa ana winds for southern california, which have been making for some really windy conditions around the la area out to the channel islands. the good news about this is typically santa ana winds come with a high threat of wildfires due to the fact we've had a relatively wet november. it's really helping to dampen that wildfire danger in the midst of these dry offshore winds here in the bay area. you will find a few breezy pockets today, but for the most part, pretty calm. one touch of fog into the evening tonight, but not too much of it to know. and
6:19 am
tomorrow a few passing clouds aside from that, we stay dry through the rest of the week in into this pre holiday travel weekend. good news for those of you that may be taking to the roads and the skies this weekend. we'll be staying clear and calm here for the bay temps today in the 60's for san francisco at the coast as well as along the bay shore and for most of our inland areas. again, this is a mild afternoon yesterday brought some of the states first above average temperatures of the month so far because november has been kind of a cool one. and we're keeping that trend of mild weather going today. pleasanton in dublin at 64 oakland at 66, only 3 70's. that's benicia fairfield and vacaville each right at 70 degrees. a look ahead shows today tomorrow on into friday, a drive mild rest of the week plenty of sunshine. we stay dry through the weekend to now monday could see a chance of some showers in the north bay and a better chance of rainfall for the rest of us into tuesday. that's our only shot of rain here in the bay area before thanksgiving,
6:20 am
long-range forecasts are showing better chances of rainfall after the thanksgiving holiday rain, john, they even that. well, we do have 2 lot spots. one westbound for. >> this is in pittsburgh, justin bailey robot. they're diverting traffic off of bailey road. there and they have the lanes blocked and they want to vallejo. this is on the eastbound side. so as you're traveling away towards vacaville, 80 eastbound at georgia street. you might want to have one. 29, you can navigating get around. they're using highway. 29. we are morning. 15 growing steadily - may's to that fremont street exit this morning, the san mateo bridge. but you had about 13 minutes. 81 1 heading across towards the peninsula. other highways, pretty light. 31 minutes. it's 85 in to menlo park. well, 17 to 37 in 2.80, also moving at the limit. 80's tele intial down to milpitas about 27 minutes. there. and if you are taking 80 or 5.80, right now, crockett down towards the maze
6:21 am
about 16 minutes darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain is 6.20 the time now. let's get to some national headlines this morning. former president donald trump is running for the white house once again. his 3rd time. the question now is whether the gop sees trump as the candidate. they want to back 100%. brooke shafer has reaction from both parties. >> in order to make america great glorious again. i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president >> at his mar-a-lago resort in florida, former president donald trump announced he's launching his 3rd campaign for the white house. america's comeback starts right now. in his speech, trump described the u.s. as a nation in decline while mostly avoiding any claims about the 2020 election. republican senator lindsey graham tweeted if trump continues this tone and delivers this message on a consistent basis, he will be hard to beat. >> but democrats in washington
6:22 am
already fighting back. president joe biden writing donald trump failed america news. we will give them trump's announcement comes after a disappointing midterm election for republicans and trump backed candidates and with the former president and broiled in legal problems, some republicans have pushed for the party to move on, including trump's former vice president adding to the rumors he himself may run, but i think we'll have better choices in the future. florida governor ron desantis seen as a likely trump challenger and a recent target of trump's attacks on tuesday. desantis dismissed it as noise when you're leading when you're getting getting things done, you take incoming fire. a possible trump desantis matchup already leaving some republican voters unsure if it came down to trump or desantis. >> which way would you that's a tough one. >> ok, is to let the games begin. it's going to be a a heated primary season to say the least. notably absent from trump's announcement last
6:23 am
night was his daughter ivanka who said this time around. she does not plan to be involved in the campaign. >> we'll take a break in 6.22. coming up on the kron 4 morning news deadlines for tax credits and stimulus checks are looming on the horizon. we'll tell you what you need to know before y
6:24 am
6:25 am
6.25. the timing for your money this morning. there is a possibility the biden administration could extend the payment pause on monthly
6:26 am
student loan bills yet again. now this comes as legal blows continue to mount for the president's student loan forgiveness program. the washington post reporting this week that officials in the white house are beginning to discuss now the possibility of again, another extension. if the lawsuits continue to thwart the loan forgiveness plan as it stands. if they do, it would be the 8th time. now the borrowers have been given more time to make their payments. well, tax filers can still make claims for stimulus payments and child tax credits. the next window for child tax credits is tomorrow. it will last until midnight through the irs free file system. the recovery rebate credit for the 3rd stimulus check is still available. but you still have to file a federal 2021 tax return. that check is worth $1400. >> it's 6.26, and another union is against the proposed biden administration freight rail deal. and this raises the chances that we're going to see a nationwide strike. the international brotherhood of
6:27 am
boilermakers said no to the tentative deal between freight rail companies and unions. the rejection becomes now the 3rd among the 12 unions all have to agree or a strike goes into effect. the proposal calls for a 24% wage increase over 5 years from 2020 to 2024. >> well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco police unveiling their plan to keep shoppers safe during the holidays.
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>> it's 6.29 right now and we're checking out the weather for you on wednesday. really just gorgeous out there. yeah. >> just, you know, mittens and scarves and coats in the early morning hours, john. yeah, you got to make sure to layer up there in morning hours. get you in that spirit. we're getting close to thanksgiving now. so it's definitely that time of the year where you want to be bundling up anyways, staying cozy look at out there at the golden gate bridge. it may be really clear and we're starting to ee the sun coming up. but it is cold this morning. temperatures well down into the 40's for san francisco, even colder than that for some of the surrounding region where we are across the bay area's under crystal clear skies from the coast. as you can see at the golden gate bridge all the way into our inland areas. temps right now, san mateo in oakland at 39 fremont, redwood city livermore and dublin spots in the 30's. well below freezing up in santa rosa, nevada, one fairfax at 32. a , -
6:31 am
whole at 37. so mittens. i think that sounds like a good idea. that will be that big puffy jacket, too. as for the rest of the country, it's also really cold. so if you're planning on maybe flying out this weekend ahead of thanksgiving, just make sure you're also those extra. and that's really good information on flight on next week. so >> going to be in the rest of it. john. okay. hot spots. we've been talking about him. this one of pittsburgh westbound highway 4 right at bailey road. they are diverting traffic right there off and bailey and one late. we've been tracking 80 eastbound at georgia street just open up 2 lanes so you can get through here, but you still definitely have residual delays along 88 that eastbound side traveling into the city. 18 minutes may so that fremont street exit. that's how long it's going to take you the san mateo bridge, 14 80 to 101, heading across towards the peninsula. a richmond center fell bridge puts us at about 12 minutes tolls to 1, 1, there. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes because they're
6:32 am
staying home right for the holidays. you guys will have on a flight no, i'm staying at the house. you're visiting family. i own yeah. heard of it located in the middle of nowhere. arena. >> photos terrifying. that's a little more specific 6.31. right now. police say they have arrested several people tied to the hells angels motorcycle they think the suspects responsible for killing a man at a concert at the shoreline amphitheater this past summer. it was a chris stapleton concert at the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view in june. now at 10, 45 mountain view. police arrived on scene after reports of a man found unconscious. they later identified that person as 41 year-old juan gonzalez from bakersfield. he died of his injuries about a week later. police also say a group of men near the portable restrooms also assaulted an off-duty police officer. so far police are unsure of what exactly went down that led to those 2 incidents, you know, is that confrontations took place at this time are still conducting but those
6:33 am
confrontations obviously lead to. >> what we have now, which is an assault and then a homicide. >> one man, a logan winterton of san francisco was tracked down in chicago and charged with gonzales is deaf. dominic guardado of san francisco was arrested accused of dissuading a witness to the crime. julio moran of san mateo arrested for assault and david weiss and haven of san francisco arrested on assault. raymond couldn't and of pleasant hill arrested for dissuading a witness and the salt all 5 have ties to the hells angels motorcycle club and all are in custody now. time 6.33, there's an all out effort to make everybody feel safer when to come back to say that is because union square this holiday season after what we saw in the past, which was a lot of smash-and-grab and mob robs a cropper says he can do and has the latest.
6:34 am
>> city leaders in san francisco have got a new attitude for union square this holiday season aiming for it to be one of the safest locations in the city. we want everyone to know that we've got eyes and ears on the which we plan to make this one of the best and safest times during the holiday season. for those who come to san francisco, we have officers out that you will see. >> but they're out there for a purpose. and that purpose is to arrest people who don't get anyone who is caught engaging in such conduct will be held accountable and will face consequences. this is the new day. >> this press conference is kicking off san francisco safe shopper initiative here in union square, which was the infamous location of last year's flash mobs caught on camera. shoplifting video seen around the world in response to that sfpd launched a new safety initiative. the results last year from november. 20th
6:35 am
through december night. police say there were major decreases in assaults, burglaries, larceny and motor vehicle thefts. this year. they're bringing it back, hoping for similar outcomes. i can sit here and quote, statistics all day long. but you don't come here and feel say none of that matters helping people to feel safe will be increased numbers of san francisco police officers. welcome. ambassador is retired sfpd community ambassadors, urban alchemy and it doesn't stop there. >> there will be more people. there will be more eyes and ears and those garage spaces paying very close attention. so what's happening there to make sure that we keep you and your belongings safe. and so i want to be clear today. that the lawles-ness and the organized retail theft that we saw this time last year will not be tolerated under any circumstance. san francisco city officials say bart and muni have also partnered to make sure that ambassadors on hand to support people taking public transportation as well
6:36 am
as the city, making an effort to clean sidewalks for shoppers this holiday season. >> in san francisco has it meant you kron 4 news. all right. thank zeke. now for your health this morning. the cdc is tracking a new covid variant known as b and one. >> it's another offshoot of the omicron variant. they say roughly 4% of cases are linked to it. now, most prevalent here in the western u.s. it actually accounts for about 6% of new cases across california. and on that note, a new variant that you might want to consider adding 2 because of the new variant you want to add maybe covid test kits to year a list of things to do for thanksgiving. if you live in contra costa county, you won't have to buy these test kits with kron four's. dan kerman telling us now that the county's health department is offering them for free. contra. costa county is offering these free covid test kits. >> 2 residents that once somebody for the holidays and in just the first 4 hours, the county has received 900 orders. some glad to see that. >> we're seeing some proactive
6:37 am
stuff coming from public health. infectious disease experts say with covid cases ticking up. >> having everyone planning to a 10 year thanksgiving gathering test before coming adds that extra layer of protection. the key thing with the test is yeah, it's not a completely reliable test in a negative test. doesn't say. >> with 100% certainty that you don't have covid. but it says with a pretty high level of certainty that you not infectious with covid. that's the question you're asking. but testing is just one step. another is staying home. if you have any signs of illness, if anybody. >> has sniffles or a little sore throat or a scratchy throat, i think it's just an allergy. no. the agreement would be you just don't come if you have any symptoms that could possibly be covid or influenza rsv. >> doctors say gathering outdoors rather than indoors remains a better option if possible. but the best way to protect yourself is the new omicron specific booster. >> that is probably the
6:38 am
backstop to prevent you from getting really sick, winding up in the hospital and tragically, some people don't. so that's number one. >> doctors say recent studies indicate the new booster is better at fighting both ba 5 and the new variant bq one. and even though thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away, getting the booster now can be helpful. you begin to see. >> immunologic benefit from a booster really after several days. and it seems to peek your reaches its maximum at 2 weeks. but if you get it in the next couple of days, it will have some value for at thanksgiving event. so if you have the opportunity to do, you haven't done it yet. now would be a terrific time to do it. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> 6.38 and for your health. a new study says that e-cigarettes and marijuana may be just as bad for your heart as smoking regular cigarettes. the study was done at ucsf on rats. researchers exposed the rats to a singular daily smoking or vaping ce vaping session. i can imagine the
6:39 am
rats 5 days for 8 weeks, a single session equivalent to 10 puffs over 5 minutes. >> is that not only did it have effect and cardiac function overall, the the way that the heart can pump, but it screwed up the electrical system of the heart. that was our main question increase and scarring in the heart and the nerves in the heart change the types of nerves in the heart were altered in a way that changed its function and there are fewer but vessels. >> so so so listen to this. even though pot. >> and tobacco are different. the study showed they had similar effects. ucsf didn't know that the study could differ slightly in humans. there's they're in the process of studying. it was right now because, james, i think when the rats smoke pot, they don't necessarily inhale it the same way. i'm making this up. know, what i'm saying reducing, you know, particulates into your
6:40 am
lungs, whether it's pot smoker. it's all at the stuff that attaches, right? yeah. >> now it's interesting. makes sense. i'm fascinated by using different animals and things the way i all right, 6.39 is the time. we'll take a quick break. >> actually, a quick update here on a story walmart offered to pay 3.1 billion dollars in a settlement of lawsuits throughout the country over the damage caused by opioids that were sold through its pharmacies. this makes walmart now the latest company to support state local governments that are struggling with the overdose crisis. cvs and walgreens said that they would settle for about 5 billion dollars each earlier this month. >> there could be a new weapon. the comp at combat. the fentanyl epidemic. houston researchers are developing a vaccine actually that's designed to block fentanyl from making its way to your brain. this would be terrific if they could do it. can see, lou has details. >> the work has been underway at the university of houston development of a vaccine to combat opioid use disorder you
6:41 am
d and the countless tiny pills out there fueling a deadly crisis. 80 to 90% of individuals with opioid use disorder relapse. at some point, doctor collin hail and to raise cost an are among those working on a fentanyl vaccine. if someone takes all. and has been vaccinated. the antibodies produced by the vaccine buying to fentanyl and prevent it from getting into the brain. altogether. while a vaccine could end the cycle of addiction, it would not prevent accidental overdoses. among those experimenting with street drugs, which are often laced with fentanyl. sonar can remains a timely lifesaver. in those cases for addicts, the future possibility of regular vaccinations would likely be more effective than daily therapies like methadone. so every day. >> you need to make that decision that you want to quit using drugs for us with that scene, you really have to make
6:42 am
that decision. no, once in a there are few american communities on affected by the opioid crisis for the rhoads family of virginia, a tennis injury led to addiction and the overdose death of their 20 year-old son taylor. prepares you. what that's like as well. >> no, that the worst moment of my life. >> nancy loo news nation. >> boosters and it just. and liftoff of artemis one. we rise together back to the moon and beyond. >> all about that. the art of this one moon mission on its way, nasa entering a new era of lunar exploration. should you switch to the new netflix plan with ads to save money each month. the pros and cons of what you get and don't
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covered california, this way to health insurance. check it out. we are one step closer to the moon as nasa has successfully launch the artemis one rocket. i know it took them a while and a few cancellations over the last few months. but yeah, it time's a charm or whatever work. >> and is the first time that we're going to the moon in 50 years, not without concerns. no. there there was a another leak. >> that popped up just before launch. but they sent a crew in got that fixed. and we have the successful launch late last night. we have a walton with a closer look at what happened. >> boosters and it just. >> and liftoff of artemis one.
6:46 am
we rise together back to the and >> nasa's most powerful rocket. boring into space. and starting a new phase space exploration. this is the agency's first trip to the moon in 50 years. and while a lot has changed. the cheers from inside mission control sound the same. this is a rise. 1.3 million mile moon mission is finally underway. that is incurred space capsule will travel into deep space farther than any human controlled spacecraft is ever gone. moon is just a few days away. >> mars is months and months away. the mission is paving the way for a crewed launch. >> and mclean could be one of the astronauts on board are long-term big goal. >> it's going to mars exploring places that we've never been before. nasa's johnson space center paying homage to the past. >> well, look into the future showcasing to moon rockets 50
6:47 am
years apart. apollo 17 and art of this one. >> looking to be million pounds thrust artemis is going to return us to the moon. >> and in a sustainable way. >> retired nasa astronaut clay anderson watching and sending well wishes from the ground. >> i can't even imagine that blows my mind. i'm so although, you know, they don't guy to space. you want to send young guy. but i tell you what, i would love to be one of those with that opportunity. and i wish him all gatsby. >> it's all happening. i do love when they say god speed, that kind of cold. yeah. this mission take about 90 days and then it will splash down that ryan capsules going splash back down. so lots to track with this mission. has it evolves it's all happening now in our lifetime. it is fun, fun let's bring it back down to earth. we've got john stand by the weather center with our wednesday morning forecast. we've seen out there, john. yeah, well, i've been looking up there. those clear skies, but on seeing is just nothing but sunshine as the sun is coming up over the horizon.
6:48 am
>> we're doing so on a really cold and calm morning. so venturing out there looks nice. and jose looks great. just don't forget your jackets. it's upper 30's to low 40's right now for most of us crystal clear from the coast up into the sierra nevada, we have nothing in the way of rainfall for the rest of the week. this week. so we are going to continue to remain dry and a little bit above average. as far as temps go. we've seen santa ana winds, especially across southern california, been making for some really windy and dry conditions to our south. good news is we saw those early november rains that have helped us out a lot with fire danger. we have seen those you would have been hearing a lot more about fire danger, especially in southern california. now where we're at today, we are going to see a few clouds making their way across the region tonight. potential of a little bit of fog tomorrow morning, mostly sunny. and then as we move into friday, staying dry as we push into the weekend before thanksgiving, as we know is going to be a busy travel weekend. so if you are getting on the roads this weekend, good for you. we've got some good stuff across the state. today's highs 60's for san
6:49 am
francisco at the coast along the bay as well as inland. most of us today will be in that comfortably cool range that we'll make. you want to keep the light jacket on hand. but nice feel, especially after these past few weeks of chilly weather. freeman at 65 today. oakland at 66 degrees. only 3 spots benicia vacaville and fairfield actually getting up to 70 degrees. aside from that, most of us in those 60's tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, much like one. another remaining dry monday of next week could come along with a few sprinkles for the north bay. better chance of rainfall for the rest of us come tuesday. that's our only chance of rainfall between now and thanksgiving after thanksgiving, long-range forecasts are showing a better chance of rain in that following week. still a long ways off, though, for now, this forecast looking really dry rain. all right, john, thanks for that. hey, well, we have been following 2 hot spots, the one of the late hall improving meaning lanes are opening. so. >> 80 eastbound at georgia street in malay hill of the one in pittsburgh westbound
6:50 am
for there's still diverting traffic off of bailey road. and this has been here for the past hour or so heading into the city 20 minutes, mace to that fremont street exit. >> so traffic picking up a no major issues. there. our san mateo bridge, 15 minutes, a 80 to 101. let's check on our highways. steel in the green here. a slow down just a bit there. san jose. 37 minutes. 85 up towards menlo park. while 2, 80 82 still moving pretty quickly. no major issues along to 37. still early, down in milpitas, slight delays to hayward and fremont. 32 minutes if you're traveling up in milpitas towards atlanta, you can see or in the green here. so not seen as much delays traveling up 5, 18, 80 crockett down towards the maze. 19 minutes to make that drive and 6.80. let's check on things. they're doubling down to fremont traveling to pleasanton about 19 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks. la 6.50, right now and netflix has switched from there. ed list streaming model to a model that requires
6:51 am
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basic plan has about 4 minutes of ads in our some of the beginning of shows. others randomly inserted. you can't skip ads, but you can pause them. these guys are not shy. more the more money and more cash flow. so i suspect over time, you know, you might see a 4 minute find this increased to 6, 7, 8, say as are personalized based on what you watch on netflix. plus your age, gender and location. the basic with ads plan streams in the lowest hd resolution and you can download shows and movies to watch offline. say if you want him on your phone to watch on the plane. also the ad supported plan doesn't include all shows and movies items. you can't watch are marked with a lock netflix with ads is part of a bigger trend towards lower cost and free streaming options. hbo hulu, peacock and paramount all offer cheaper plans with that. if you want to completely free streaming
6:53 am
service, check out amazon for ev to be and pluto tv. people clean a matter fact. i think it does >> one more limitation of the ad supported plan. you can only stream on one device at a time. that means if you're sharing your account with a household member and you both want to binge different shows at the same time, things could get tricky. all right. if i learn more, you can go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> we're pausing for commercial. we'll be right.
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>> welcome back. 6.55. want to take you straight to southern california. there's a live shot of a sheriff's recruit on a stretcher. and from what we understand, there could be up to a 11 sheriff's recruits that were hit by a car in southern california. this is in the whittier area and whittier they were doing some sort of an exercise and we saw the suv on the side of the road smashed up and it looks like this car careened into them. yeah. it looks like according to some of the local media reports coming out right now, the last 15 minutes these recruits were perhaps out for a morning run. >> as part of their training when this car apparently came up and just mowed through them. and there you can see as we zoom in the car in question the get a lot of front end damage there. and as you can see, a lot of these recruits
6:57 am
being put on stretchers being rushed to local hospitals. levin potentially are in critical condition. we're still waiting for confirmation. we're not getting a whole lot of information from local authorities at the moment as they clearly very busy. but a lot a response here. firefighters, other police agencies on scene conducting this investigation and as the camera position moves around, you can see there are some of the other recruits right there out for this morning exercise. ron be held on to the side in that parking. want to mention, okay, there's another one being treated 06:30am in the morning. this happened. so this is just within the half hour >> that they were out in the 10,000 block of mills avenue in whittier when this happened. we'll
6:58 am
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because she always has irresistible pup-peroni. be your best friend's best friend. pup-peroni. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good morning. you're looking at live pictures from our sister station, ktla, down in los angeles of an accident scene in which a number of sheriff's recruits were out for a morning training run when they were struck by a vehicle sending 11 to the hospital. reportedly in critical condition. some of them this is in the town of whittier, california, about halfway between l a >> and anaheim. and you can see the car, the chopper zooming in on it now and it's come to rest on a sidewalk. so this was 6.30, in the morning that somehow this driver, whether by accident on purpose. we have no idea. that's what's


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