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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 17, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news we're following this morning is out of pittsburgh. 5 people are dead following a head-on collision on highway 4. witnesses on scene say one of the cars may have had a family inside, possibly including children. police say somebody was driving the wrong way on the westbound side of the highway. that car then collided head-on with another car that had 4 people inside of it. this all happened just after midnight. you can see the damage done to these cars. highway 4 was shut down overnight. some lanes have since reopened, but at least 2 lanes are still closed this
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morning. we'll continue to bring you any updates as we learn more. well, good morning. it is 4 o'clock right now for any of her early risers out there this thursday, november 17th, you're waking up to a another cold start this morning. let's get a check of the weather right now. we are seeing some clear skies out there. daytime highs today will be quite mild, but for now, nothing mild about it just yet. definitely layer up for those jackets and the golden gate bridge looks nice. and crystal clear to get this morning started where we're sitting on radar shows you some relatively clear skies. a few passing clouds today. so not quite as crystal clear as yesterday was at least to start this morning, but still clear enough that nothing to interfere with your drive mountain view, fremont and redwood city in the 30's right along the bayshore double. you're at 35 right now. well, petaluma sitting at a pretty chilly 32 degrees right at freezing the lady with the concord at 38 degrees to get this morning started as we make our way through the day, we will notice temperatures climbing right back up into the 60's. another mostly sunny
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day and another mild one, too. so definitely want to look forward to just layer up this morning. as far as the roads go. obviously we do have that issue on highway 4, but also even if you're trying to get i-80 over in oakland, we also have an issue there right now. we do have a traffic collision with major injuries trying to get on westbound. 24, that's the 51st street on-ramp. again, that is a traffic collision right there. that will be following this morning. aside from that, what you get to the bay bridge, a crossing will be a-okay below 10 minutes. get you from the maze to fremont street looking at our next bridge this morning. actually, we're going to move on. there we go. okay. so san mateo bridge, nice and clear right now we don't have any sort of backups there. richmond center fell bridge also looking good and the golden gate bridge is as well. let's get back to the news 402, right now. well, we're learning more about the man who allegedly use children as human shields before he was
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shot and killed by redwood city police that shooting which sent people running. happened tuesday. investigators say the suspect was armed when police shot and killed him. the san mateo coroner's office has identified him now 36 bryn of san carlos kron four's amanda hari talk to the san mateo district attorney about the investigation. >> the district attorney tells me they have 10 investigators assigned to the case the entire criminal investigation has been turned over to the da's office and they are working around the clock to complete all of the interviews. traffic is flowing as normal again at the intersection of el camino, real and lincoln avenue. but tuesday, it was a very different scene. >> people abandoned their cars as shots rang out. there's no limit to the resources we will here >> get a picture of exactly what happened out there and why this tragedy occurred tuesday afternoon, 9-1-1,
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dispatchers got a call from the area. they say the caller didn't speak. the dispatchers could hear what sounded like a child screaming responding. officers say they found 36 year-old a brand tier as a woman and 3 children in the car. they say gutierrez had a handgun and use child as a shield. police say officers believed he was trying to shoot the woman are children. that's why police say officers fired their guns, killing san mateo district attorney stephen wagstaffe says a lot of people involved are hurting right now. i know that these cases way particularly heavy onto roofs. number one. >> the officers involved officers who did the shooting and their families, the unknown of what will happen, what will occur and on the other side of it for the decision and his family woman in the car had injuries unrelated to the shooting. the children were not harmed. >> wagstaff says they're all cooperating with the investigation. do we really work hard? we push our coroner's office. our crime
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lab really make it a priority item. don't put it down the queue. let's get it done. so people, whatever the answer it. >> let's get it done so that can have some closure as customary the officers involved on paid administrativealeave. as for how long the investigation may take, we the swiftest and getting things done. there can be complications sometimes. but in the average case of this. so we deal with we completed an 8 to 10 weeks. the da tells me after the investigation is complete, he'll make the entire report available on their website that way everyone can read exactly. >> but the da got to read in redwood city amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters after a week of counting ballots. we now know that matt mahan will be the next mayor of san jose. his opponent, cindy chavez, conceded wednesday. we talked to mahan. he says he'll increase police staffing resources for the homeless and
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will accelerate permitting for new housing. we also asked how he plans to work with the city council members who campaigned against him. >> a collaborator by nature. i'm very confident we're going to be able to work together and it was no surprise to me that most of the local elected endorse my opponent. she's been a local office for 20 years and had a 20 point head start. when i jumped into the race, i didn't expect a lot of establishment support to be perfectly honest with you. i think what's important now is to listen to what the voters had to say. i think our message of focus and accountability for results, including my proposal that we tie elected officials pay raises to measurable performance, really resonated. but beyond that, you know, i don't pretend to have all of the answers. i think, you know, i have that the solutions i put forth. i want to listen to and learn from my colleagues with the rise in crime in the city. we had about the calls to increase the number of law enforcement in san jose. >> we also need better policies that the data is very
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clear. our police officers spent an inordinate amount of time responding to encampments and arresting the same individuals repeatedly whether or not they live in encampments just individuals who are deeply troubled, often with severe challenges and those folks need the intervention to help them get on the road back on the road to feed. >> now to watch the full interview you can head to our website kron 4 dot com. we reached out to council members who also ran for mayor for their reaction, councilmember raul peralez told you us, quote, i care deeply about the success of our city and have already reached out to map offering my advice or assistance and helping him be successful during this transition. councilmember dev davis says she looks forward to working together with the new mayor and the rest of the council to find cost-effective ways to improve san jose and the quality of life for residents. we learned that
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most of the ballots found dumped near highway 17 will be counted in santa clara county. 36 ballots were found dumped along this highway last friday. most were in good enough shape to be counted in the midterm results. the ballots went missing while in possession of the postal service. the postal service found them and turned them in on monday. 31 of the ballots could be verified, forehead, open envelopes and one ballot had a signature that did not match the signature on file. the voters who were affected are being notified. meantime, we're still waiting on results for several other big races in the east bay. the alameda county register's office tells us there are still 170,000 votes to be tallied and they hope to be finished with the count by next monday. so here's where things stand right now in oakland after 9 rounds of ranked choice voting in the mayor's race. lauren taylor is still leading with 33,000 votes. that amounts to little more than 51% of the vote showing tao is right
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behind with 31,000 votes about 48 and a half percent of the overall vote for mayor. and the alameda county district attorney's race is still too close to call. pamela prices taken a slim lead over terry wiley by about 2000 votes. the county register is expected to released new numbers every night this week around 5 o'clock. when that information comes in, we will bring it to you right here on kron. 4. republicans are now projected to win control of the house of representatives and being democrats full control in both houses of congress. 8 days after the election, the associated press is projecting republicans have won their 200 and 18th seat. the full final results will not be known for some time. the shift in power will take effect in january. complicating president biden's agenda as republicans in the house gain the ability to block legislation. democrats control the u.s. senate still. it's considered very possible
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that more employees will be leaving twitter in the next few hours. the washington post is reporting that new ceo elon musk gave the remainnng staff and ultimatum. musk reportedly told them to commit to, quote, an extremely hard core work environments or to leave kron four's. justine waltman reports on the legal implications on such a demand. >> the remaining twitter employees have until thursday to decide if they want to stay at the company and were, quote, long hours at high intensity or take 3 months. severance. the washington post reporting elon musk sent an email with the ultimatum on wednesday giving workers 24 hours to decide. there's certainly a lot of potential. >> illegal aspects to that and certainly worth exploring. and we are attorney eric food. ali is with the bloom firm, which represents multiple recently fired twitter employees. >> he tells kron 4 news such a demand could have a discriminatory effect. this
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could have the effect of only eliminating those with disabilities who actually physically and that, you know, mentally cannot handle these longer hours. >> and that would, you know, the depriving them of their, you know, their right reasonable accommodations could disproportionately affect women of the effective only limit women who are females or people or, you know, with children were unable to accommodate these hours. so you could have a discriminatory effect. certainly the billionaire's first few weeks as twitter's own or have come with plenty of changes, including mass layoffs and resignations. >> in a court hearing wednesday, musk said he expected to reduce his time at twitter. >> and pushed back the return of the blue verification to the end of the month for the remaining twitter employees. the advice is to know your rights regardless of what the intended as it's a cool thing to do. >> it's an unfair thing to do. >> twitter did not respond to our request for comment in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, we're learning more about the deadly missile
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strike that hit poland. the u.s. and nato saying it was no most likely not russia. same and interracial marriage could soon be protected under federal law. coming up, we'll have a live report from dc all the developments. stick.
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>> welcome back. 4.14, in concord. flames shot 50 feet into the air after a construction crew ruptured a gas line. firefighters rushed
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or frederick in grand streets at 10, 30 yesterday morning as the fire engulfed the car, the crew worked to contain the blaze and protect nearby structures until pg and e was able to stop the flow of gas for nearly 2 hours in that time. more than 1000 customers were without service in nearby. john, we're health had to switch over to its emergency generators. no injuries were reported. we're still waiting to hear back from concord city officials and bay cities paving and grading about how exactly this happened. welcome back. let's get another look at weather. as you know, we've been super cold the past few mornings, but our daytime highs have been pretty comfortable and that's been the saving grace to these chilly mornings. just got to get through those next few hours and will be smooth sailing yet again today where we're sitting right now is with some clear skies out there across the east bay hills. you're berkeley hills camera, looking out at the horizon without any cloud cover whatsoever. and we're going to stay that way today. just a nice clear one. a few
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passing clouds here and there, but nothing to be blocking out the sun shine big picture set up. we do have a low pressure area sitting to the very far west of us. but still under this mild ridge of high pressure that's been in place for a couple of days now, we are going to see those santa ana winds across southern california, continuing to relax. that is going to allow a few clouds to push in from the coastline. but still, this is a pretty fog free forecast with nice, dry skies as we push our way through the end of the week, both today and tomorrow with those sunny skies and friday, saturday and sunday, some good travel weather for the weekend before thanksgiving. this is great news for those of you that may be having those travel plans that you're already packing up for current temperatures. well, those are chilly. but later on today, we're looking at some cool 60's. so from the 30's and 40's, we're at now to arrange. that's pretty similar to yesterday. not quite as warm but comfortable. san jose at 65 for your high today, oakland, hayward and fremont each at 63. well, concord and livermore at 64 for your
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daytime highs tomorrow, saturday and sunday, much like one another. we're looking at those clear and dry conditions remaining. got to love that. the weekend before thanksgiving because we know it's a busy travel time of year monday. looks good, too. aside from a chance of some sprinkles in the north bay tuesday, a few scattered showers are possible. and that's the only chance of rainfall that we have between now and the holiday itself wednesday and thursday of next week drying out just in time for the festivities. we do have a couple of issues to talk about on the roads this morning. of course, that incident on highway 4, which has been a fatality, unfortunately, that is resulting in some major problems around pittsburgh right now. we do have one lane being affected. this is on the westbound lanes just west of leverage road again. that's highway 4 in pittsburgh. the other traffic alert we're talking about just cleared. that was an on ramp for highway. 24 in oakland, we did have a major injury there, but it has cleared out now. the
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bridge still taking you below 10 minutes to make your crossing there. that's for the san mateo bridge. also a smooth roll across that span. no fog in the richmond center fell absolutely love to see that a clear view there. and also clear at the golden gate bridge this morning. no issues there. we do have a couple of lanes cordoned off on the northbound side. that is just for a little construction this morning. for a team. there's new information about that deadly missile strike that hit near the polish ukrainian border. the u.s. and nato now say the rocket that killed 2 people in poland likely was not the result of a deliberate attack from russia. reporter basil john has more. >> wednesday, defense secretary lloyd austin said a rocket explosion in poland tuesday was not an escalation of the war in ukraine. this explosion was most likely the result of a ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in poland. initially the missile that killed 2 people in a rural area of poland appeared
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to be from russia. but now the polish president said there is no evidence it was part of an intentional attack. information supports what president due to a said earlier in his preliminary assessment. >> however, ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky is rejecting the idea the missile was part of ukrainian defenses. >> but the state department says for now they will stand by the polish reports. we're going to continue to convey information to our ukrainian has the facts on the ground and more information comes to light. well, that investigation continues. the u.s. and its allies were quick to remind the world that no matteh where the missiles originated, ukraine is not at fault. >> the world knows. that russia bears ultimate responsibility for this incident is that is is cole's wife warning u.s. officials said this incident will not impact ongoing efforts to support ukraine in this war.
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>> reporting in washington, i'm basil, john. a little closer to home. san francisco is launching a new guaranteed income program for low-income members. >> of the city's transgender community. mayor london breed said the program will provide eligible san franciscans with $1200 each each month for up to 18 months. mayor breed says the goal is to help address financial insecurity within trans communities. the guaranteed income for trans community members or gift program. we'll also provide services such as gender, affirming medical and mental health care as well as financial coaching. the city will accept applications from november. 15th through december. 15th kron four's ella sogomonian is getting more details on the program. she will have that information coming up tonight on the news at night. in national news, same and interracial marriages could soon be protected under federal law. the marriage equality act passed a key vote yesterday. washington
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correspondent hannah brandt explains how it happened and what comes next. good morning. had a >> john, good morning. it took some bipartisan maneuvering, but 62 senators voted to move the bill forward. so now the marriage equality act is on track to become law. when the supreme court took away federal abortion protections. many worried that same marriage would be next. the supreme court has put. >> marriage equality in the cross hairs. senator tammy baldwin was the senate's first openly member and now she's a main sponsor of the bill which requires same marriages to be recognized under federal law. senate leader chuck schumer says this isn't just political personal as it gets for many senators and their staffs, myself included. my daughter and her wife are actually expecting a little baby in february. on wednesday, the bill passed a procedural vote in the senate with the support of all 50 democrats and 12 republicans. this is a good compromise. it's one that's
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based on mutual respect for our fellow americans, republican senators thom tillis and rob portman worked with democrats to move the legislation forward and helped add an amendment to protect the rights of religious institutions. 10 amendment to provide robust affirmative protection to people of faith without diminishing the rights. >> for couples and same marriages. but many republicans who opposed the bill like senator james lankford feel the amendment doesn't do enough if you're a faith-based individual and you have a difference of conscience about marriage. >> the senate could vote to pass the bill as early as this week. the house also has to vote on it and there's some urgency to get that done before the end of the year when republicans will take over the majority in that chamber live in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> thanks so much, anne. well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, elizabeth holmes is set to be sentenced tomorrow and she continues to plead for leniency. we'll have
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more after the break. welcome
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back for twenty-five. just days ahead of her scheduled sentencing, the hearing friday, elizabeth holmes continues her plea for leniency. the former theranos founder and ceo faces up to 20 years in prison after being convicted of fraud. her lawyers want to significantly lesser sentence. her startup promised to revolutionize blood testing methods. now
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prosecutors want her sentenced to 15 years and they want her to pay more than 800 million dollars in restitution. in court documents filed tuesday, holmes lawyers wrote a lengthy prison sentence is not necessary. but quote, there is holmes will serve as an officer of a come company in the future. they added in any events given her public notoriety, substantial scrutiny would undoubtedly a company, any interventions or contributions by homes in the future. as for restitution, her lawyers say holmes does not have the assets to pay it. they say holmes was barely an adult when she left stanford to start their nose. she received a regular salary and did not cash out shares. she has been unable to work since 2018. she was unable to invest what assets she did have because her trading accounts were repeatedly closed due to the indictment. she has incurred substantial expenses, including legal fees over the court of this ordeal. holmes
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legal team is asking that homes be sentenced to a maximum of 18 months in confinement. her sentencing is scheduled for friday. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, we're talking about the launch of a new pilot program that guarantees universal income to transgender san francisco residents. >> we here are the re
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welcome back. it is for 29 on
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this thursday morning. exactly one week away from thanksgiving. so it's high time to maybe do some traveling for you. >> and some good news in the forecast as we do approach the holiday. so looks like this weekend before thanksgiving is going to stay dry and actually pretty similar to the nice past couple of days. we've already been seeing right now clear skies outside a look outside at the golden gate bridge shows yet no fog whatsoever out. they're not looking at a whole lot of cloud cover this morning, either. albeit a few high passing clouds can be expected today. it's going to block it out that sunshine. we're right back to the 30's this morning. redwood city at 34 degrees fremont in livermore. 37 concord, you're sitting at 38. well, dublin at 34 currently some of our coldest temperatures in the north bay with petaluma at 32 right now, fairfax, napa and fairfield in the low to mid 30's currently as far as the roads go, we do have that issue on highway 4. still, that's near pittsburgh. we do have westbound lanes being affected and reports of multiple fatalities out there. aside from that, we're doing


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