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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 18, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news, elizabeth holmes sentenced to over 11 years behind bars for defrauding investors for her failed start-up startup theranos. thank you for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 on this friday. i'm justine waltman. holmes was just convicted earlier this year of investor fraud and conspiracy for duping investors and endangering patients while pedaling a fake blood testing. technology company, a federal judge just handed down her sentence. this all happened in a san jose courtroom. less than an hour ago. kron four's charles
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clifford live for us there now. charles, what happened in court today? >> well, right now, i'm outside federal courthouse here in san jose. elizabeth holmes just inside. you can see this is the media rushing to get a shot of her coming out of the building. she, as you mentioned, was sent to a lab sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in federal prison. she won't have to start that sentence immediately will begin just a surrender to authorities by april. so she is a coming of the courtroom now. we can take some video of her going into court from earlier she was facing up for federal charges, 3 counts of wire fraud. one count of conspiracy. she could have gotten up to 20 years in federal prison. prosecutors were asking for 15 years and imprisoned. her defense team wanted no prison time. but the judge late this afternoon after holmes made a rather passionate a statement to the court decided that she would get 11 and a half years. now there's still the question restitution to some of their own us alleged victims and
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also penalty of up to a million dollars. we're not sure where that stands right now. but we do know elizabeth holmes, i was been under, you know, scrutiny for a long time now will eventually probably early next year head to federal prison. so that's the very latest here in san jose. charles clifford kron, 4 news. charles, does the fact that she's visibly pregnant play at all into the sentencing that she received today? >> this so, you know, she was they spent pretty much all day. the prosecutors and defense going back and forth sort of rehashing the case talking elizabeth holmes. what level of regret she had for the mistakes that she made while the ceo and founder of theranos, which is now a the prosecution was saying she's never showed any remorse. the defense she's very regretful. she stood up in court today. a passionately said the mistakes were made. she wish you can go back and change things and that she does feel regret for what happened. so the judge, you know, heard all these arguments throughout the day
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today and ultimately decided that elizabeth would get 11 years in federal prison, which is not the maximum that she could have received. also not what the prosecutors were going for, but 11, you know, significant amount of time. she's also pregnant. it appears that she'll be allowed to carry her baby to give birth to her child is their second child. and then in the spring she'll have to surrender and start her prison term, justin. and they didn't say anything about where she would serve this prison sentence. >> no, they did you know, the sense has been handed down. she was inside filling out paperwork for a while. we have not heard this point. this is all very much developing breaking news right now. we have not heard where she may serve out her sentence. >> charles clifford live outside the san jose courtroom where elizabeth holmes just received her 11 plus year sentence. charles, thank you so much. holmes did make a statement in court today saying, quote, i want to read it to their so much. i want to say i want to thank the court for the respect you have shown me. i stand before you taking responsibility for theranos. i
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love theranos. it was my life's work. my team meant the world to me. they worked tirelessly. every day. i felt the pain for what people went through because i failed them. i am so so sorry i gave everything i had to building and tried to save our company. looking back. there are so many things i would do differently if i had the chance. she then read the famous quote saying yesterday i was clever. so i wanted to change the world today. i am wise. so i'm changing myself. will have much more on this breaking news story on our website. kron 4 dot com, but also new today at 3 o'clock nearly 2 months after 6 people were shot at the king's estate school complex in east oakland. police are now saying one of the victims has now died. 2 students, a counselor and a security officer as well as 2 other campus employees were injured in the shooting that took place on september. 28th police from the oakland
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police department confirmed today that one of the victims died but did not give the name or the cause of death. investigators say that the shooting was gang-related. no suspects have been arrested or identified. attorney general merrick garland just named a special counsel to lead the justice department's 2 investigations involving former president donald trump. our washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us now live with the latest details on this development today. thanks for joining us. jesse. thanks for having me. justine garland's move here. installs a new chain of command over the sensitive investigations and recognizes their potential political implications. >> appointing a special counsel at this time is the right thing to do. attorney general merrick garland has selected jack smith, a veteran career prosecutor to oversee 2 of the justice department's criminal investigations involving former president donald trump. one probe focuses on the presence of classified documents at
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mar-a-lago. while the other involves the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol and efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and to prosecute any federal crimes that may arise from those investigations. garland said his announcement friday was triggered by trump's own announcement this week that he's running again for president in 2024. and also president joe biden's intention to seek another term. extraordinary circumstances presented here demanded garland said smith will start work immediately. a special council requiring him to return to the u.s. from the netherlands where he led international war crimes investigations throughout his career. jack smith has built a reputation as an impartial and determined. prosecutor. smith has also investigated public corruption and election crimes cases across the u.s.. he said in a statement that these investigations will not slow down under his watch. but even before the announcement, trump said he already knows the end result. we in the end, it will win. our country will win. we will win.
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>> and trump just responded to this new development on his social media account, calling it disgraceful and saying that he would be making a statement about it later tonight live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. so how is white house responding to this? a new development today. white house press secretary karine jean pierre said that the white house and president biden himself was not given advance notice of this announcement and that the president would not have any sort of response to it. she kept deferring to the doj and this white house has always maintained the doj independence from it and jump here really kind of push that going forward as well. so it seems. jesse, thank you so much. the person who died in a concord house fire is the person who started the fire on purpose. this is according to the concord police department. >> kron four's suited all reports officials found the body with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a gun nearby.
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>> neighbors on euclid avenue in concord are shaken. i was very scary. case at around 5.45 thursday night. the contra costa county fire protection district says the home was intentionally set on fire and one person was found dead were inside the house. and we just heard, boom ball, man. >> before you know it, the house up in flames. embers fell on nearby homes and in back yards. but the fire never spread beyond the property. the concord police department says during the course of its arson investigation, investigators found the body of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a gun nearby. >> they believe the person who died set the fire. neighbors say an older man lived in the home. i know the father lived the sun came. it seemed to be coming in doing work. >> and then leaving neighbors were already on edge. this is at least the second house fire on this street this year. was a horrible thing because it was a woman who is aging and has dementia and asleep with open with a lit cigarette. as
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for thursday's case, police say there are no outstanding suspects and no ongoing risk to the public. the contra costa county sheriff's office coroner's division has not identified the person who died in concord. philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> amid a wave of resignations, twitter shut down its san francisco offices until monday. and the new york times is reporting that hundreds have now resigned after elon musk issued an ultimatum. he said either work in an extremely environment or leave the company people who left will receive 3 months of severance. musk already cut about half of twitter's workforce at the end of october. now with more of its workforce gone. many are questioning how twitter will continue to function. there are a group of democratic senators, including california's own dianne feinstein, urging the federal trade commission to investigate twitter for any potential consent decree or consumer protection law violations. 7 senators just
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sent this letter to the ftc chair on thursday, accusing twitter of, quote, serious willful disregard for the safety and security of its users. and they say moscow is taking alarming steps that have undermined the integrity and safety of the platform. it's friday. we're taking our cast now. and here's a live look outside from our mount tam cam. we could see san francisco and alcatraz there and the beautiful blue water little haze out there. we do have meteorologist dave spahr here with us in the studio to go over the weather for the rest of the day and into the evening. and of course, the weekend. hey, dave, justin, how you're doing. good afternoon. and all this is what it looks like on the east bay shoreline side. a little bit of haze that just he was referring to. but the nice blue skies. so we lose the sunshine. >> oh, yes, temperatures will go a little bit of free fall, particularly in those wind shielded areas up to the north bay. that's for most the wind action is mostly offshore. it is bleeding a little bit to the east bay as well. this will keep temperatures support a little bit overnight. it's
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like to think about bling, brooke. it's moving all the time. harder to cool. but again, those windshield areas with all this dry air at hand might just have some extra cooling going on. we do have a wind advisory this until 6 this evening for solano county, the l of elsewhere throughout the bay, not technically in any advisories own, but you're going to feel some of those winds up there in the north, a napa, sonoma county, for example. look at temperatures right now. we have upper 60's still holding on the far east bay picking places like filet. what 69 plowed right through our highs today. 65 san francisco into 73. meanwhile, up to santa rosa next few hours comes in like this. there's the temperature drop again. if your windshield areas will be climb into the 40's a lot sooner than that. we'll take a look at long-range forecast for you and a bit. justine. >> thank you, dave. kron 4 is your local election headquarters and the oakland race for mayor. it's getting even tighter. lauren taylor is still leading by about 50% chain tallies right behind with about 49 and a half
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percent of the vote. taylor's lead is shrinking. he leads now with just 464 votes. in alameda county for the district attorney race, pamela price, her lead is growing. she now has 52% of the votes. terry wiley has 48% updates on all these races can be found on kron 4 dot com. coming up here, 3 o'clock. we're learning more details now in a very tragic case of a mother accused of killing one of her own babies. >> while trying to breastfeed the stories coming up at 3.30, today. and we have information on new research that's linking getting covid and having a seizure. and right after this break, bay area, congressman roe will join us live to give us perspective on the political legacy of nancy pelosi and special counsel that we'll be investigating that we'll be investigating donald trump. nurtec odt is the only medication
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>> welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi says that she's going to step down from house leadership during the next congress. she made this announcement from the house floor yesterday. she has served in congress since 1987 and has held the democratic leadership position for about 20 years. she was also the first and only woman so far to serve as speaker of the house. we've been getting a lot of reaction to this and we do want to talk more about this right now with representative ro khanna. thank you so much for joining us here live during kron. 4 news at 3. thank you, justine. lot of questions for you. but i do want to start with your reaction to nancy pelosi stepping down from this
3:16 pm
leadership position. what do you think this will mean for a democratic leadership in the house? >> speaker pelosi is a giant one of the most consequential political leaders in our country's history over the last 50 years. i mean, she helps save the economy and the financial crash to save social security help lead the passage of the affordable care at sheetz going up against the war in and most recently she got the biggest climate bill passed through the house and signed by president biden so that this is going to be the norm at this point and huge shoes to fill up for the next leader. >> from new york, jeffries has launched his bid to become nancy pelosi successor. i'm wondering if you support him. i do. expect him to win that. expect the game jefferies to br and next leader. he is dynamic. he is that elop when he is a consensus builder but he's still got a lot to learn
3:17 pm
and to prove from speaker pelosi speaker pelosi. >> was a legislator is a legislative giant extraordinary energy across the country and helping win in a american patriot. >> how does the shift things for house democrats? this drastic change in leadership. >> well, the good news is that speaker pelosi is staying in the house. so i think we're going to have the benefit of i think jeffrey's bringing new ideas that bring in new into and that's good for any party to have that kind of renewal. but we will still the wisdom of speaker pelosi for legislative tactics for making sure we are unified and from a political perspective with all of skills that you breaks. >> what about kevin mccarthy? how do you feel about his bid? >> well, let's see if he has
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the votes. that i following the same news reports you are and it's unclear whether he has the 218 votes. he's got a real challenge as a whole ryan did as john maynard. it. and that is that the republican caucuses very much in disarray. and we'll see if he's able to unify them. >> we also want to talk a little bit about attorney general merrick garland has announced the special counsel today to oversee the justice department's investigation into not only the classified documents at mar-a-lago, but also the insurrection. both of these investigations focusing on former president donald trump. i'm wondering if you think this is the right move for the justice department to be taking. >> i have confidence in attorney general merrick garland the to follow the law to do everything by the book until i trust his judgment. i don't think it's appropriate for members of congress to be opining on this. this is a justice department manner matter and merrick garland is a consummate professional was
3:19 pm
following the law, not letting politics interfere. >> did you follow it all? the outcome of the elizabeth holmes trial today? she just was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison as a south bay representative. i was wondering how you followed the case. and if you had a reaction to this. >> i just think it said and i guess it's a good reminder, the young folks going up in silicon valley that there are a lot of things that matter more than money and that the f building companies and building wealth honestly is wonderful. but at the end of the day, nothing matters more than then be doing right by people. and the lisbon holmes's tale is cautionary tale of how read can get the best of anyone. >> and finally, before we have to move on here to have a favorite memory of working with nancy pelosi during your time together. >> i do. i there was a time we were on conference call with people in san francisco. and
3:20 pm
yes, he had 100 things on her mind and she remembered exactly not only what they like introduce, but how i been on a sponsor of a somewhat competing version and you everything about my legislative history and i said, wow, she this about all 220 members of our caucus. so it's just that at the level of for detailed knowledge about every member that i found staggering. >> representative ro khanna, thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. appreciate your time. have a good thanksgiving. if we do talk to you before that. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> time now to talk about our forecast as we take this live look outside here in san francisco. there's the transamerica pyramid. no clouds hanging around today or fog really? we have meteorologist dave spahr with us here on this friday to talk about the forecast. how you doing work at a bank and forget about the fog, you
3:21 pm
know, because at that dry air, you know, it's just eating up the fog. it's it's a fog hungry. yeah, thanks. giving dinners. that's right. it's going ready for the thanksgiving camera. you away. we go. you have to buy some pies. so i got to get on that. but anyway. >> this is what we're looking at on storm tracker. 4. look at how the subsystem way out of the pacific here is not getting much progress at all. speaking a cloudy years. that's what's going on here. we have the offshore winds in the wake of the system. >> they came over earlier. 73 at the santa rosa. 67 for napa. look at the with 68. again, it's offshore winds and add a little bit here for the temperatures a bit mid 60's going off to the east bay. 66, meanwhile, 4 novato tonight we're looking at clear, chilly. 44 for oakland, 44 san jose, your but looking at clear skies. but in windshield areas this console tricky, we're going to temperatures in the 30's up in the north bay and up to santa rosa, those valleys. sometimes you see in the north bay, those temperatures will drop. so they're not getting the direct winds to stir things up away. we go livermore valley about 37. meanwhile, up to around
3:22 pm
concord, 40 kirk in a straight up there. you can see and 41 for any off 40. meanwhile for san jose and fremont coming in at 38 for ultimate low. back to the winds. kind of the star. what's going on for tonight and into tomorrow. most of the wind will be concentrated in the north bay. solano county is the one that has the wind advisory for right now to see the winds really subside. by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon, most will be felt will be in the solano county because this will really start to dissipate. once we get to daybreak. but that will keep any frost away. not because it's not cold enough, but because that will keep the moisturlevels down. but we might see some try to sneak in a little bit tomorrow. let's go to the moisture. part of the forecast overnight. we should get a recovery tomorrow morning of that marine layer on the fog and all that. not coming together with us. offshore wind. not a big surprise gets dry again tomorrow afternoon. and then tomorrow night, that's we get a little bit of recovery in parts of the bay. you'll notice is the humidity level start to jump a little bit more in the 60's and at least into the 40's. you will the breakdown we're talking about
3:23 pm
is breezy going on for tonight. north bay, dry conditions, cool 40's and 30's all in place. for this weekend, sunny. and you're losing some winds here, particularly by saturday afternoon and next week. isis beginning of this a little bit more here, but we're supposed to get maybe some sprinkles early in the week. that probably is not going to be coming more. all that coming up in juststa bit. dave, thank you. >> next up, the new team that the california highway patrol just created to keep shoppe safe. this ayholiday season and plenty reof parents are missing work to take care of their sick kids. the impact this is having on their paychecks having on their paychecks so what do you think? we're prepared to offer cash.
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one bank for now. for later. for life. cases of the flu and rsv on the rise. a record number of parents are calling out from work to take care of their sick children. >> the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says 104,000 people did not show up to work last month because of child care issues. an official says staying out like that affects workers, incomes, especially for those who do not get paid sick leave. in some cases, parents really have no choice, but then to send their children to school or day care, even when they're sick. and then that causes big issues in the classroom because the illnesses then spread to others. researchers found that covid sufferers were 55% more likely to be diagnosed with a seizure
3:27 pm
seizure in the next 6 months. they say the increased risk was found even in people who are not in the hospital. the link between covid and seizures was also stronger among children. more than adults. researchers say the risk was small, less than one percent of covid patients had seizures. it's unclear why this is happening. >> still ahead here during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock. a san jose mom has been arrested. police believe that she tried to kill one of her babies while she was breastfeeding. the child will have details on this story that's just into our newsroom. being stolen, a new program on the peninsula is something you might want to take part and to protect that precious piece from your car from getting stolen. and also the cost friendly artificial trees that friendly artificial trees that
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>> a big story we're watching here on kron 4 today as that of san jose mother has been arrested on suspicion of killing one of her twin babies. here's a picture of the suspects. alina. juarez, police first got the call about 2 unconscious, 8 month-old twins on november. 4th, one of the babies was not breathing and died in the hospital the next day after an investigation. police have arrested the mother this week. >> because she was the only person in the room at the time of this incident and was in charge of the care of the children. and based on the
3:31 pm
preliminary facts and circumstances that we collect that witness statements and limit our information from the coroner's office. we feel that she is the primary person responsible for this act and it was an intentional act. >> right now haro says charged with homicide police say mental health and other factors could affect the outcome of this case. so she could ultimately face different charges as the investigation unfolds. the other baby, an 8 month-old girl is expected to be okay. the san mateo county police skews me the san mateo police department is offering protections to help stop catalytic converter thefts. the agency is now the first in the state offer cat-guard which is a simple way to personally mark a catalytic converter the kept. the kits include alter, destruct labels with a unique id number metal at ching fluid information. how to register your catalytic converter into a database. police believe that the markings well then make it harder for metal thieves to get an easy pay out at a scrap
3:32 pm
yard. >> actually gives all not only law enforcement, but actual owners of a little better insurance and being able to mark something that is is highly covid. >> the department is offering 500 free kits data released by state farm last month showed nationwide catalytic converter thefts exploded by 400% since 2019 between july of 2021 and june of this year, california had more than 10,000 claims. as retail thefts rise. the chp is retail crime task force will be increasing its presence of shopping centers to make arrests and also have heighten visibility since it started in 2019. this task force is made 645 arrest and recovered over 270,000 stolen items valued at nearly 26 million dollars this holiday season. officials are hoping that these efforts will stop thieves before they tried
3:33 pm
to steal. as we enter the last portion of a fall and prepare to enter the winter months. governor gavin newsom says the majority of the state is no longer in peak fire season. the governor made this announcement following a briefing with firefighters and cal fire officials. yesterday. we showed you a little this turn kron. 4 news at 3. then. well, they're saying now a combination of the recent snow and rain in addition to investments and fire mitigation projects spanning more than 20,000 acres have all helped after recent snowfall, palisades tahoe is opening up today. the area received 3 feet of snow in the past week. we're sort. resort officials opened early marking
3:34 pm
for next couple of days and especially for people going to tahoe. dave spahr in for kyla today with a look at the forecast. hey, justine. yes. speaking of tahoe, this is we're looking at the next couple of days. really just cooler air and a decent amount of sunshine going on to say definitely where the shades cool one. >> we're not going to be adding any snow and then media future here but upstream. that's what we're hoping on here. a little bit winds that we've been watching all day today. they've been all offshore coming in and at a good clip to center roads. you can see it's 17 along with fairfield coming right into solano county there. sometimes that wind gets channel were funneled a little bit. we saw that with the temperatures popping into a hole. for example, today and it spills a little bit into the east bay over the east bay hills, dawn of the south bay. even seeing a good clip. 2 of some offshore winds, a little onshore right here on the east bay shoreline. that's kept number supported in places, for example, like oakland, which has been slow to see temperature climb today. so
3:35 pm
solano county is the only county this technically in this wind advisory that's only with us for another couple of hours. but the winds will be very apparent even into tonight through up here in the north bay and again, spilling in a little bit in the east bay over the east bay hills for temperatures right now, we're still hang in the mid to upper 60's in many locations. and a 73 coming in for santa rosa. you're going make up for that. tonight is going to be a chilly night tonight. 67, for example, in napa in vallejo again. and they pointed out 68 again because of those offshore winds. 63 san francisco. so the breakdown as we take into the evening hours again, very contingent on where you are. if you're in some of those windshield areas, temperatures will be more into free fall. but those winds will keep temperatures supported. 52 with 7 at 10 at 47 going upstream. there is this hope of may be scrounging up. some rain drops here, but it doesn't look good into early next week. latter portion of the week. well, walk through in the bed. hear justine. dave, thank you. the driver accused of running over a group of law enforcement
3:36 pm
recruits in southern california is now back home. he was released from custody last night. >> the 22 year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after driving his suv on the wrong side of the road allegedly targeting a group of 75 recruits as they jogged wednesday morning in whittier. 25 of them were injured. 5 of those victims are in critical condition. the la county sheriff calls the crash deliberate. >> they have developed probable cause to believe it was intentional. the case will be presented to the district attorneys crime against officers of the compost section at a hard time getting out of the vehicle. and from what i understand he was in the vehicle with the score still on the accelerator and they were able to get him out of the vehicle and detained him. >> the suspect has been provisionally released despite his 2 million dollar bail as authorities continue to investigate the crash. brian laundrie's the state will pay 3 million dollars to gabby petito's family to settle a wrongful death lawsuit. the
3:37 pm
suit was filed back in may and alleges that laundrie's parents. i knew that he murdered gabby. the original trial by jury saw damage is seeking $30,000. but today the families agreed to settle in. avoid having this case go to courts. brian laundrie's assets are said to be in 5 figures in the family is unlikely to receive the full amount. new threats today from north korea. the nation's foreign minister warned of fiercer military response to the joint drills activity, the u.s. and south korea operating on thursday. this is coming after north korea hit a record number of missiles. north korea launched another short range ballistic missile just yesterday landing between japan and the korean peninsula. this is the second warning from north korea just this month. the first coming after set of drills completed between the u.s. and south korea, which prompted threats of a quote, powerful response. coming up here, 3.30, the
3:38 pm
bruins are staying where they are for now, when the uc regents could make a decision. >> i'm moving ucla to the big tent. and the white house gearing up for the holidays. we'll take a closer look at the christmas preps happening on pennsylvania avenue. kron. 4 news at 3. we'll be right
3:39 pm
3:40 pm
>> it's just this morning that a 78 foot christmas tree arrived on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol building. this tree coming from the
3:41 pm
national forest in north carolina. it's a red spruce tree affectionally called ruby. it grew in the southern appalachian forest and the tree be decorated over the next few days and be covered with ornaments made by people in north carolina. despite recent price hikes, it appears the demand for real christmas trees is alive and well. a new survey conducted by trees dot com found that real tree sales have increased 7% so far this year. that's despite more than half of people saying they plan to cut their holiday budgets. about a 5th of people say they're willing to pay over $200 for their tree. real tree prices are up more than 10% this year. and real tree is not in your budget. this one might be not so bad for you. it's an artificial one of the costs. just 43 bucks. it's a 5 foot tall, though. the tree is made by go. plus sold on amazon and reviewers are praising it for the low price easy assembly and stable branches. many also say it's a
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good fit for small apartments. there are some larger sizes available as well. still ahead, many of us are longing for the prices of the past. we're going to take a look at that very popular christmas movie home alone. >> and see how much kevin's grocer order would be today. and you might be surpri
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♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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>> 32 years ago, macaulay culkin playing kevin mccallister made a trip to the grocery store for supplies and
3:45 pm
that awesome 1990, christmas classic. home alone. he paid less than $20 for everything in this cart. but in light of inflation, we want know what what kevin's grocery order cost him today. reporter nick smith took a trip to his local grocery store to find out. >> if you purchased an item at the grocery store for dollar in 1990, it would cost to about a $1.96. today in 1990, note was one 18 a gallon today. average is at $4.36. take this loaf of bread. in 1990, kevin pete about $0.75 today. this loaf of bread has more than doubled the average prices upwards of one 80 lot. we grabbed the mac and and of course the stowe first roast turkey dinner. >> and home alone, kevin boss, a laundry detergent. this noble wire, and a former old pack of will to northern wants
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to use our time to hit the check out >> have a coupon for that and i found it in the paper this morning >> now the only thing i could not find with a plastic army figures, but, you know, i would not be denied southbound amazon on sale for 79 did not add that to my bill of 63. 47 and we are a long way away from 30 years ago in kevin mccallister $19 and $0.83. the rising cost of inflation is indeed enough to make free. >> so cute. that was nick smith reporting for us this afternoon. >> 1960 to like, we're going to talk about our forecast now. cars here as we take this look outside. i mean, if it your budget is already blown just on the army figures, you
3:47 pm
know, wasn't going to go 20 bucks then and now it's 70. something with 80 bucks. >> with the coupon okay or bring your coupons still anyway, we have a cold night ahead. a couple of just me. but you know, it is starting in the season. so, you know. >> cooler temps there. here's how we stand right now. want to point out the outline years here, center rose at 73, half moon bay. 56 going on. we have the offshore winds. it's a dry are being pushed over the area with the winds still active like this little support the temperatures a little bit overnight. but here's what we're looking 34 santa rosa projections. 39 for napa. a lot of 40 still because of the winds, 37 for livermore. there's a theme here when you're into some of those valleys, you get the colder drainage heavier cold air tends bill heavy or so ago. the lower levels like that along the east bay shoreline, little climate controlled or water. 43, for example, for half moon bay in 40 for san jose future cast winds, solano counties only when this looking for the next couple of
3:48 pm
hours for a wind advisory but still kind of breezy tonight and most of the north bay, it bleeds a little bit into the east bay, too, although that's on for a long lasting over most of the bay. by tomorrow morning, things will start to subside as we get to the early afternoon. and there you see pretty much single digits. so breezy in the north bay dry cool. we've got 40's and 30's on tap and walk through that this weekend. sunny, we're losing the winds by saturday afternoon, cold and dry next week. scattered clouds early in the week and we talked about some drizzle and some light rain that does not look like it's coming together in sunny with a mild finish. that's thanksgiving. and in 2 the following weekend. so let's hand it over to future cast for here. so that's the scattered clouds and all they were talking about earlier in the week. that doesn't seem to be materializing. and it's a big opening here. here it is. it looks very impressive on this particular model run, but there's not agreement on this. and some other models are saying not coming together. so this be nice, but we don't know if that's going to come together. that's so far away. will be watching that. but the potential now seems to be
3:49 pm
maybe the end of next week and the following week maybe might be able to scrounge up some raindrops today and tomorrow, rather, 63 for san francisco. 64 oakland, 65 san jose. a lot of similarity with those temperatures over the geography and the wider perspective. we have some upper 60's working up here to santa rosa. 67 for nevado, the east bay kind of cooler, lower 60's. lot of sunshine, of course, 60 for delay. whoa and 65 for san jose. big 7 day forecast. it's dry. we're throwing some scattered clouds and and it's all that's left now getting into the holiday itself. looks pretty good. we've got lows, though. watch out in the lower 30's. you might actually have a little cooler on sunday in some spots because we're losing those winds potentially some frost to develop. and then 40's. meanwhile, along the coast and don't forget, thursday is the big turkey day. he's shaking his groove thing that you just did. thanks, dave. the warriors remained winless on the road this season after falling to the suns on wednesday night. >> golden state is now just 69 on the season. mostly everyone
3:50 pm
in the team has been struggling aside from steph curry and one of the biggest culprits has been klay thompson. he's averaging 14 points and 35% shooting from the field and 33% from deep. steph curry was asked about his splash brother struggles. he didn't seem that worried, though. >> klay thompson shots and i've always been. you know, ones that you wouldn't tell anybody else to really because of his skill set and the work that he puts >> and he's had slow start before season, but just let the game come to you. you know, have certainly a little bit patients interested how we play as a team and create good shots. you know, his presence out there changed the game. just is 2 feet on the floor because, you know, him requires a lot of matter what the numbers look like. so. >> it's going to come just just trust. >> the warriors will be back at home tonight playing the knicks tipoff is at 7 the uc
3:51 pm
board of regents has delayed a decision surrounding the ucla bruins move to the big 10 regions are mulling over whether changing conferences would hurt student athletes who will have to travel across the country to play ucla leaving the pac. 12 will also damaged sister school uc berkeley, which will lose millions in tv revenue estimates say the bruins will bring in additional 60 to 70 million per year by changing conferences. ucla officials were pushing for a decision at yesterday's meeting. however, the regions now say the finalize the special meeting on december 14th. empty cups at the world cup cutter has now banned the sale of beer at world cup stadiums is a big u-turn from an agreement that could cost the fund the makers of budweiser millions of dollars. budweiser is one of the world cup sponsors when cutter applied to host the world cup back in 2010 leaders agree to fifa regulations that require certain alcohol sales in
3:52 pm
stadiums. well, not cover has backed off from that deal just days before the world cup is set to begin. beer producer ab inbev has reportedly shipped much of its product already. not sure what's going exactly happened to it. let's see what news nation is working on for tonight. >> coming up tonight on the show, attorney general merrick garland just appointed a special counsel in the trump criminal probe. what does it mean for that investigation? and for how the new house majority will retaliate? plus, and elon musk ultimatum, a mass exodus of employees is twitter done or might it change for the better? that's right here on news nation. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. up next, macy's unveiling its annual holiday displays will take a closer look right after take a closer look right after the break. okay care coalition,
3:53 pm
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>> you can now check out those world famous macy's herald square, christmas windows displays. they been unveiled for 2022. each display showcases its own individual world crafted with gingerbread. yarn, flannel paper wooded nears all to celebrate the holiday season.
3:56 pm
crowds arrive so they can see this big reveal. and macy's has been continuing this tradition since 18 89. there have been over 100 different window displays since then. >> very, very festive looking isn't it lights and everything going on. things that move would like that. nothing like some shining bright lights to ring in the holidays and make it feel like the holidays to its could be a little chilly at night. so we don't have a spare the air days. so it's ok to little home fires going on here. the of the offshore winds already in place. you can see them up there on the north bay solano county are still looking at till 6 o'clock of the advisory goes away. lows tonight, 30's up there in the north. a couple pockets of the east bay. but a lot of readings near water, of course, are not in low-lying areas will probably still manage only the 40's. here's what we're looking at for. the winds are going to be most active tonight early tomorrow morning dissipate by tomorrow afternoon. the big forecast picture, if you will, is some scattered clouds as we start to finish off the weekend
3:57 pm
early into next week. we're hoping this ground, some rain out of it. big show. big show for yeah. according to one model run, we may get some rain into the following week post thanksgiving, but don't put all your chips on that. we'll know if that's going to come together. a lot of disagreement in the models 60's the 7 day forecast. those lows that are surely going notice lower 30's and keep in the 40's to the coast. at least a lot of sunshine g-ing on. at least that's a plus justine. so great. >> thank you so much for joining us all this week right here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. have a wonderful weekend and i'll see you back here on monday. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice
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