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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> at 1.4 magazine named her the richest woman in the united states. and tonight, elizabeth holmes prepares to serve an 11 year prison sentence. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm ella sogomonian in for vicki liviakis tonight. >> the disgraced former theranos ceo cried in court before she was handed a sentence of 135 months in prison after being convicted on 4 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy for justin campbell is outside the san jose courthouse where holmes was sentenced this afternoon. he joins us live. good evening. just.
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>> good evening. grant in la. this wasn't what she expected today when she heard that sentence, she bowed her head and it's shared a long hug with the father of her baby. the judge sentencing her to leavening years in 3 months. they didn't take up the topic of restitution at all today. but look at the video. you can see her coming into court this morning. pregnant. as you can see, she was holding her mother's hand and her partner's hand you and today also in court, it was up. she was surrounded by family, surrounded by lots of media, but she will not the good news for her is she will not have to have her baby behind bars at all. now, holmes also way if you can pull up the sketch, you can see she made a tearful statement before the judge. this is the first time we back seat. see no homes, express remorse. now she said i am so
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so sorry to the judge during your statement while crying. she also went on in part in a statement saying i loved there in oc was my life's work. it meant the world to me. they worked tirelessly every day. i i felt the pain for what people went through because i feel them. now i'm going to explain exactly what's going to happen next since the judge said she would since she was not remanded into custody today, she does not have to report into april 27th of next year. i spoke to a legal expert. he says most likely they're going to file an appeal asking for her to stay out on bond until then. and this could go past april of next year. but for her today, it was not what she expected and ask for 18 months or home confinement. instead, homes getting. >> 11 years and 3 land grant. >> thank you so much, justin.
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and now let's take a look at how we even got here in december of 2020, the trial was scheduled to begin but was delayed because of the pandemic in march 2021, the trial was delayed again because of homes. first, pregnancy in august 2021, the trial finally got underway in january 2022, the trial ended a jury convicted holmes on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. as we've mentioned. >> home certainly could appeal. but in the meantime, we take a closer look into the downfall of theranos, how this all start. well, in 2003. she dropped out of stanford university, just 19 years old at the time to start the company and 2009 sunny balwani join the company and became holmes romantic partner in 2014. forbes magazine named homes. the richest woman in the u.s. valued at more than 4 and a half billion dollars in 2016. the wall street journal started its investigation into the theranos lab calling into question the company's actual capabilities. then bologna
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steps down fast forward to 2018, theranos was shut down and holmes and balwani were indicted on criminal fraud charges. prosecutors say holmes raised 945 million dollars from investors boosting the value of theranos to some 9 billion dollars. and our coverage of elizabeth holmes sentencing continues on air and online scanning that qr code will take you to our website. kron 4 dot com. what's on our home page? you will see a tab called elizabeth holmes trial. that drop down tab will have all of the stories on the trial from when things first started. other news now, nearly 2 months after 6 people were shot on the king's estate school complex in east oakland, police say one of the victims has died. the oakland unified school district says the victim was a carpenter. they say his name is david worked in the school building and grounds department there for 18 years. he passed away yesterday in a statement, district officials say we're devastated by the loss of david and we're heartbroken for his family and community.
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he will be profoundly missed. 2 students, a counselor, a security officer and 2 other campus employees were injured in that shooting on september. 28th. investigators say the shooting was gang related. no suspects have been identified or arrested. well, we now know the names of the 5 people killed in thursday's head-on collision on highway 4. >> this happened just after midnight, according to chp and contra costa county coroner's office. 27 year-old tra tucker of allay was driving the wrong way on the westbound lanes when they hit an suv. there were 3 children inside of the car with tucker and all 4 died at the scene. the driver of the suv. 44 year-old lisandro, good of vacaville, was also killed in the crash. an investigation is still ongoing. and in concord, investigators believe that the fire that was intentionally sent to a home was caused by the person who died inside kron four's philippe djegal reports that that person was
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found near a gun and it appears they shot themselves. >> within hours of a home on euclid avenue in concord, going up in flames. contra costa county fire protection district arson investigators determined fires were set in multiple areas throughout the house. concord police joined the investigation. that concerns me greatly it. there's all kinds of possibilities going on in my mind. but i'm not willing to speculate. on friday. the concord police department said more light on what happened. police say while fire crews worked to knock the blaze down, the person was found dead on the property with a self-inflicted gunshot wound with a firearm nearby. police believe the person who died set the fire. anything where somebody dies is all you see is some concern. >> and it's too bad. this is at least the second house fire on this street this year. the other was accidental. neighbors say an elderly woman with dementia fell asleep with a lit cigarette. some were concerned thursday's fire would spread to other homes,
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but fortunately it did not what i am tobacco, too, but my husband this morning when it swept everything up. i was sitting last night when i saw the sky light up with the >> read that knew that wasn't good. police say there are no outstanding suspects and no ongoing risk to the public. >> the contra costa county sheriff's office coroner's division has not identified the person who died in concord. philippe djegal, all kron. 4 news. >> 8 decades later, the manager saving an official apology from the mayor of antioch for having been refused service by restaurant because of his race. >> and quiet protest. but you sat there. you set and nobody serve you and i'm sorry that you have to experience that in my city. today we want to rectify that. >> you're looking at 98 year-old alfred chan. he was refused service in 1940, in antioch because he was chinese american antioch mayor lamar
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thorpe presented chan with a formal letter today. it will be displayed next to the city of san jose's letter of apology to chinese americans set the chinese historical and cultural project museum in san jose. chan shared with the official apology means to him. >> i want to thank everybody. did. for what i have done. >> it's just a small bit. a very small that. and right >> 98 years old. pentagon officials are working to make amends with the bay area's chinese community following history of previous mistreatment, 2 asian american residents. >> and now to another big story, a mother of twin infants was arraigned today on charges of murdering one of the infants and attempting to kill the other concourses. sigma dune was in court for the arraignment and filed this report. >> it is hard to imagine a more vulnerable victim. the
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next 7 month-old child. >> this is absolutely an emotional and troubling. >> case. 29 year-old celina juarez made her first court appearance here at the santa clara county hall of justice in san jose. she's facing multiple charges stemming from an incident involving her infant twins that happened back on november 4th that are home here on hurling him way. santa clara county deputy da rebecca wise is representing the people versus juarez. >> the defendant was alone in her home with melanie and sorry from noon until 03:00pm. on that day, melanie and sorry, we're being fussy and the defendant was frustrated. the evidence shows that she picked up melanie and forcefully held her against her until she was unable to freeze license alleges that this behavior went on for over 10 minutes even after melanie. >> was unconscious and not breathing. she continued to hold her against her body for 2 more months. she then lead melanie down. picked up sorry
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for students to the same with her. >> according to court documents, it wasn't until a family member came home that paramedics were eventually called to the scene. both infants were hospitalized, however, 2 days later, one of the twins, melanie was pronounced dead. selena wore as was arraigned for charges including murder, assault on a child endangering or injuring the help of a child and causing or permitting a child to suffer. as for questions regarding her mental health through the course of the investigation, detectives take into account. >> medical factors, mental health factors. but all that is taken in accordance with what is the law. and when we put all those things together at the end of the day, a judge signed an arrest warrant for homicide. we're here. >> we're focused on. receiving getting justice for these 2 girls. making sure that the person who did this all the time. >> so we know we're as returns to court on december. 12th at 09:00am to establish legal
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counsel and to enter a plea until she's being held without bail in san jose has menu kron. 4 news. >> still to come on kron, 4 news at 5. it's still there. but twitter is teetering on the edge of more trouble. elon musk's latest move in. what that could mean for the future of the social media giant and what president biden is doing to try reinstate his student debt cancellation program. >> and happening now, breezy conditions and warm temperatures. i have your full forecast coming up after the break.
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>> last night was a big deadline for twitter employees. elon musk giving an ultimatum either pledge to in his words, agree to extremely working conditions or resigned with severance pay. while many chose the latter. according to the new york times, 1200 employees quit this week, a federal judge has ruled that twitter can seek releases from those employees until claims against the company have been heard in court kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with an attorney that's representing many of those workers and joins us live from the newsroom. >> love the claims workers have filed in federal court are not about wanting to keep their job, but about the severance. they were promised this summer promises. they say elon musk is not making good on. twitter. offices may be closed until monday amid a wave of resignations. but the drama continues online. and in court, a federal judge has blocked twitter from sending out severance agreements because of several claims
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filed by twitter employees. attorney shannon liss-riordan is representing those workers saying musk's original severance offer is not what's being offered at least 2 months base pay. >> bonuses, 3 months of equity and health care contributions. but elon musk has said one month's one-month base pay and that's just throwing out the window. what they will with more than half of twitter's workforce gone since must take over. >> many are questioning how the site will continue to function, especially with the 2022 fifa world cup kicking off sunday. one of twitter's busiest events ensure has been covering the tech industry for more than a decade for seen that news. he's not surprised that workers have lawyered up aut does not expect must to budge considering the way that you want. musk has approached, for example, the securities and exchange commission when they came down on him over some tweets around >> he said out, i'm just going to be the finds. i don't care. and i think that's probably going to be the way he approaches this list. riordan says twitter violated the warn act which requires large
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companies to get at least 60 days notice to employees before mass layoffs. she's also filed claims on behalf of employees living with disabilities who say musk's requirement to return to the office doesn't work for them. the lawyers advising all twitter employees not to sign any severance agreements before knowing their options. we want to make sure that employees understand that they have rights. >> another thing get a severance agreement put in front of them. they're going to be signing with all of their rights to pursue any legal claims. >> the first hearing is scheduled in san francisco federal court december 8 to hear the claim that twitter is not offering the same. severance musk originally offered this summer l a >> well, rob, we have a scene that these twitter layoffs and resignations are, of course, making personal impacts with employees. but is it affecting the app it all over the user experience? >> yeah, there are signs that the exodus is stressing the system. some users are reporting issues with the 2 step verification to sign in. others are getting large amounts of spam messages in their inbox on their twitter
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feed. another common complaint is that notifications of replies to tweets that have been deleted weeks or even years ago have been coming in. but the app continues to chug along l a. >> thanks so much, rob nesbitt reporting live from the newsroom for us. >> and elon musk has tweeted a poll on whether or not people think he should reinstate former president trump to twitter. musk's message was simple. he posted the words reinstate former president trump. you could vote. yes. you could vote no. trump, of course, is banned from twitter back in january of 2021. due to the risk of further incitement of violence. in twitter's words, his account was banned 2 days after his supporters stormed the u.s. capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election. a state of emergency is in effect in parts of western new york state as lake effect. snow dumps heavy snow in that region. the extreme weather
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creating near 0 visibility making travel extremely difficult leaders there are worried about the weight of the snow bringing down trees, power lines as well as damage to property and infrastructure. the nasty weather is expected to linger through the weekend. as much as 5 feet of snow could accumulate there. the conditions forcing the nfl to move sunday's football game from buffalo to detroit and they are hearty folks in buffalo who are used to lots of snow. if they're moving a football game. that's that series. that is crazy. yeah. well, thankfully we don't have to deal with that here. we, of course, have our thing like that. >> it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous weekend. that's what you've been saying. britney, right? yeah, we're not dealing with snow. thankfully, that's the good news for us. and for thanksgiving, it's going to be dry. but let's talk about thing you need to know because it is kind of warm and it's breezy, too. so some places really got up to the 70's today about a little bit above
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average. so what we're watching for tonight, we're still have those breezy conditions are going to track it all down for you tomorrow. we're going to get a break in those breezy conditions tomorrow afternoon. the cause really going to be breezy as you wake up tomorrow morning and then we're going to get a break and looking ahead again, it's going to be mild days with chilly mornings and it's looking like it's going to be dry on thanksgiving. that's the good news for the top stories. current winds right now as we speak, solano county still in a wind advisory until 6 o'clock. and you can see it right here, painting the picture. >> of all the wind coming from the north coming all the way down to the bottom. bring us a little bit warmer. temperatures up to the north. so take a look. friday you can see right here tonight at 10, 45 was still going to be dealing. santa rosa, wind gusts of 20 miles per hour petaluma 30 miles per hour. so still, we're not out of the woods yet, especially in the north as we roll into saturday morning, half moon bay, you're really going to start to see those breezy conditions consistently. so here is what we're talking about the high pressure system, that low pressure system coming together, bringing us those wind gusts and warmer temperatures. so santa rosa earlier you are at 70 degrees.
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>> you should be around 66. so really going to see those warmer temperatures down south san jose, 60 to livermore. 59 and right there on the coast. we're at 54 as we take a look at your seven-day forecast. could be a warm 63 inland bay, 65 coast. 64 but all eyes on the turkey. we're going to be dry. of course, if that should change, we're going to let you know. thanks for a name. the biden administration is asking the supreme court to overturn a national injunction against its student loan cancellation program. >> the white house argued that delaying the cancellation of billions of dollars of debt would leave borrowers in a limbo under the president's plan. borrowers of federally backed college loans with less and $125,000 in annual income could get up to $20,000 in debt relief. but a lawsuit filed by 6 republican led states claim president biden overstepped his authority and that the program would deprive them a future tax revenue.
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still ahead, how a global environmental crisis may be making our headaches even worse. we're going play in a new study. >> and why the fda is warning americans against buying medication at online pharmacies. we'll be right back. you run a small business,
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>> the fda is warning americans against buying medication that online pharmacies. the agency says that while many operate legally, some are selling unapproved counterfeit and
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sometimes unsafe medication. the fda warns to watch out for the signs. if it doesn't require a doctor's prescription, if the pharmacy is not licensed in the united states or by a state board. and if there isn't a licensed pharmacist on staff to answer questions, you can check your state's board of pharmacy license database on the be safe, rx website to see the list of pharmacies that they've approved. >> scientists believe climate change is making are headaches worse. a new review published in the journal neurology study. the effects of temperature change is extreme weather events and air pollution on disorders that affect the brain. nerves or spinal cord. this includes multiple sclerosis dementia, migraines. researchers say the warming planet can worsen symptoms and increase the chance of a stroke. they also believe climate change is and mosquito-borne diseases like west nile virus and set alight us and meningitis. and
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the east bay community members in oakland have issued an ultimatum letter demanding oakland city officials. >> take immediate action to continuously and permanently remove illegal dumping abandoned cars and the encampments surrounding homes over on 45th avenue and bond street. >> with a resident of our city streets in our neighborhoods in the flatlands. we are fed up. it as though nothing has been banned to provide the permanent results. the oakland residents deserve. >> in the formal letter, the leaders of faith in action, east bay and block by block organizing network, give the city 72 hours to resolve the illegal dumping. the california coastal commission has approved a controversial desalination plant for monterey bay. >> the commission approved the project despite great environmental impact concerns to the monterey peninsula. the commission also approved a slew of conditions aimed at minimizing harm to sand dunes, wetlands and groundwater
5:26 pm
storage opponents also voiced concern over the high cost to build the thing. governor newsom, though, is praising the decision saying california needs alternative sources of water. scientists predict extreme weather will cause the state to lose 10% of its water supply by the year 2040. >> and next on kron, 4 news ahead of what's expected to be one of the busiest travel weekends airport officials are offering advice to people. we're trying to make it home for the holiday. and the man accused of driving into a group of law enforcement recruits in la county's. >> out from behind bars tonight, why he was released of a likelihood that he's charged. plus, the attorney general appoint a special investigator to the ongoing investigations. >> into former president trump details on the next phase details on the next phase right after the break. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot...
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>> attorney general merrick garland has named a special counsel to lead to justice department investigations involving former president trump. >> the announcement comes just 3 days after trump formally launch his 2024 candidacy. washington, d.c., correspondent jessie turner joins us live with the latest. >> yeah, good lynn grant garland's move here. really installs a new chain of command over the sensitive investigations and recognizes the potential political implications. >> appointing a special counsel at this time is the right thing to do. attorney general merrick garland has
5:30 pm
selected jack smith, a veteran career prosecutor to oversee 2 of the justice department's criminal investigations involving former president donald trump. one probe focuses on the presence of classified documents at mar-a-lago. while the other involves the january 6 attack- on the u.s. capitol and efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and to prosecute any federal crimes that may arise from those investigations. garland said his announcement friday was triggered by trump's own announcement this week that he's running again for president in 2024. and also president joe biden's intention to seek another term. the extraordinary circumstances presented here demanded garland said smith will start work immediately. a special council requiring him to return to the u.s. from the netherlands where he led international war crimes investigations throughout his career. jack smith has built a reputation as an impartial and determined. prosecutor. smith has also investigated public corruption and election crimes cases across the u.s.. he said in a statement that these investigations will not slow down under


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