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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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i'm dan thorn. investigators say the other daughter also suffered injuries at the hands of the mother. >> and the mother was a rain today on charges of murder and attempted murder. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has the story. >> it is hard to imagine a more vulnerable victim. the next 7 month-old child. >> this is absolutely an emotional and troubling. >> case. 29 year-old celina juarez made her first court appearance here at the santa clara county hall of justice in san jose. she's facing multiple charges stemming from an incident involving her infant twins that happened back on november 4th that are home here on hurling him way. santa clara county deputy da rebecca wise is representing the people versus juarez. >> the defendant was alone in her home with melanie and sorry from noon until 03:00pm. on that day, melanie and sorry, we're being fussy and the defendant was frustrated. the evidence shows that she picked up melanie and forcefully held her against
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her until she was unable to freeze license alleges that this behavior went on for over 10 minutes even after melanie. >> was unconscious and not breathing. she continued to hold her against her body for 2 she then lead melanie down. picked up sorry for students to the same with her. >> according to court documents, it wasn't until a family member came home that paramedics were eventually called to the scene. both infants were hospitalized, however, 2 days later, one of the twins, melanie was pronounced dead. selena wore as was arraigned for charges including murder, assault on a child endangering or injuring the health of a child and causing or permitting a child to suffer. as for questions regarding her mental health through the course of the investigation, detectives take into account. >> medical factors, mental health factors. but all that is taken in accordance with what is the law. and when we put all those things together at the end of the day, a judge signed an arrest warrant for homicide. we're here. >> we're focused on. receiving
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getting justice for these 2 girls. making sure that the person who did this. >> so we know we're as returns to court on december. 12th at 09:00am to establish legal counsel and to enter a plea until she's being held without bail in san jose has menu kron. 4 >> we not know the names of the 5 people killed in thursday's head-on collision on highway 4. 27 year-old tiara tucker. a vallejo was driving the wrong way and the westbound lanes just after midnight. her and i are collided with an suv. there were 3 children in the car with tucker. their names are on the screen. the driver of the suv. 44 year-old asunder good, a vacaville was also killed in that crash. and investigation is ongoing. >> nearly 2 months after 6 people were shot on the king's estate school complex. nice oakland. police say one of those victims has died at the
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oakland unified school district says the victim was a carpenter named david who work in the school building and grounds department for 18 years. he died on thursday. in a statement the district says we are devastated by the loss of david and we are heartbroken for his family and community. we will be he will be profoundly missed 2 students accounts or a security officer and 2 other campus employees were injured in the shooting on september. 28th. investigators say the shooting was gang-related. so far no suspects have been arrested or identified. >> another big story we are following tonight. their nose founder, elizabeth holmes, was sentenced today to more than 11 years in prison. she had been convicted of fraud after deceiving investors about her company's blood testing. technology kron four's justin campbell has been monitoring the trial. he's outside san jose courthouse where holmes was sentenced. justin mckie, tell us. >> it and she her head and gave a long hug too. her
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partner, who is the father of her child today after hearing the sentence, the judge gave her 11 years in 3 months in prison, but she will not start that sentence today. she was not remanded into custody. that will start later next year at the end of april. but look at this video today. she came into court. she you can tell she is pregnant. she was holding her hand. her mom and her partner's hand. she also is for her. it is good news that she will not have to go to start her prison sentence now for at least since she is pregnant. she will not have to have burst behind bars. now inside of that courtroom today, family and friends with her along with that lots of media. it was a huge media show inside and outside of the court. we did not get a glimpse of her after that came down. she went through a back door to court to leave. >> but you look at the sketches you can see today
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homes. she made a tearful statement before the judge. this is the first time we've actually seen homes expressed remorse. she said i am so so sorry to the judge during her statement while crying today. she also said in part in statement i loved theranos. it was my life's work. >> it meant the world to me and they worked tirelessly every day. i felt deep pain for what people went through because i failed them. also today, so many people commenting on this representative ro khanna who represents here in the south bay even had a comment. i want to say about the sentencing. take a listen. >> i just think it's said and i guess it's a good reminder kaylee, the young folks going up in silicon valley that there are a lot of things that matter more than money and that the pursuit f building companies and building wealth honestly is wonderful. but at the end of the day, nothing matters more than then be doing right by people. and
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elizabeth holmes's tale is cautionary tale of how greed can get the best of anyone. >> now explain exactly what happens next. prosecutors are asking homes to pay over 800 million dollars in restitution, but that was not decided on by the judge today. but since she does not have to report or self surrender to april 27 next year, most likely what legal experts say will happen is that she will file an appeal. this could drag out for a little watching 1000 appeal to shore. also probably asked to remain out free on bond. but for today, she asked for her defense for 18 months home confinement, obviously did not go that way. the judge handed down a lengthy sentence 11 years, 3 months reporting live here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. thank you, justin.
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>> we have a timeline and how this played out. in december of 2020, the trial was scheduled to begin. it was delayed because of the pandemic in march of 2021, another trial delay because of homes. first pregnancy in august 2021, the trial did finally get underway. and january of this year, the trial and jury convicting homes on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. all right. let's also take a closer look now at the down fall of theranos. it started with homes in 2003. >> when she dropped out of stanford university at 19 years old to start the company that in 2009 sunny balwani joined the company became homes. romantic partner in 2014. forbes magazine named homes, the richest woman in the u.s. she was valued at more than 4.5 billion dollars in 2016. the wall street journal started their investigation to the theranos lab calling into question the company's machine capabilities and then ball when he steps down in 2018, theranos was shut down and holmes and
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balwani were indicted on criminal fraud charges. prosecutors say holmes raised 945 million dollars investors boosting theranos value to 9 billion dollars. our coverage of the limit lizabeth home sentencing will continue online. you can scan that qr code there on your screen. that will take you to our website kron 4 dot com. there it is. you'll go to our home page. you'll see a tab there called live lizabeth holmes trial. just go to the drop-down tab there and all the info is on our website. >> last night, a big deadline for twitter employees, new ceo elon musk gave everybody an ultimatum either pledge to what he called extremely hard core work conditions or resign with severance pay and a lot of employees did choose to according to the new york times, 1200 people quit. this week, a federal judge has ruled that twitter. >> can't seek releases from those employees until claims against the company have been heard in court kron four's rob
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nesbitt, talk to an attorney representing many of those workers. he's joining us live in the newsroom now with more rob dan and catherine. the claims workers have filed in federal court are not about wanting to keep their jobs, but about the severance. they were promised this summer. >> promises they say musk is not making good on. twitter. offices may be closed until monday amid a wave of resignations. but the drama continues online. and in court, a federal judge has blocked twitter from sending out severance agreements because of several claims filed by twitter employees. attorney shannon liss-riordan is representing those workers saying musk's original severance offer is not what's being offered at least 2 months base pay. >> bonuses, 3 months of equity and health care contributions. but elon musk has said one month's one-month base pay and that's just throwing out the window what they will with more than half of twitter's workforce gone since must take over. >> many are questioning how the site will continue to function. users reporting issues with the 2 step verification to sign in and
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getting large amounts of spam messages in their inbox. san jose state university tech ed, but says there's also cyber security concerns with customer data. the data itself once again to you, we have that it's not going to be shared with somebody else without permission. ensure has been covering the tech industry for more than a decade for seen that news. he's not surprised that workers have lawyered up but does not expect must to budge considering the way that you want. musk has approached, for example, the securities and exchange commission when they came down on him over some tweets around tesla. >> he said out, i'm just going to be the finds. i don't care. and i think that's probably going to be the way he approaches this list. riordan says twitter violated the warn act which requires large companies to get at least 60 days notice to employees before mass layoff. she's also filed claims on behalf of employees living with disabilities who say musk's requirement to return to the office doesn't work for them. the lawyers advising all twitter employees not to sign any severance agreements before knowing their options. we want to make sure that employees understand that they
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have rights. >> another thing get a severance agreement put in front of them. they're going to be signing with all of their rights to pursue any legal claims. a group of 7 u.s. senators are also taking action, including california's dianne feinstein urging the federal trade commission to investigate twitter for any consumer protection law violations. >> the first hearing is scheduled in san francisco federal court december 8th to hear the claim that twitter is not offering the same severance moscow originally promised. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> rob, thanks a lot. san jose based tech giant cisco plans to lay off more than 4,000 employees. that's about 5% of its staff despite what appears to be a strong showing in its latest fiscal quarter. this according to a report in the silicon valley business the spokesperson for cisco said the layoffs were not about the size of its workforce and the company will try to place affected workers in open roles. these layoffs coming to troubling time for tech sales force meta and twitter have all reported layoffs over the
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past couple of weeks. >> all right. time for a look at the 4 zone forecast looking live at a pretty typical for friday night. jammed a bay bridge toll plaza. yeah, we understand the warriors in game 7 of the planning is the next lot of people coming in for that part of it. but also traveling today taking the time off before they get into the thanksgiving holiday. meteorologist brittany begley joining us now with a look at what we can expect weather it's all about weather and traffic tonight. want to make sure that you're prepared. so as we plan to let's take a look. >> what's happening in the mountains? thankfully, it is dry, but it is still very breezy. you can see that the camera shaking back and forth. a wind advisory actually just wrapping up as we speak. but it's still windy in the mountains. 6 is high pressure system. this low pressure system not only making it breezy and windy in the mountains. but right here as well. take a look at 9 o'clock. we're looking at places like petaluma 30 miles per hour. and when you're on the roadway, a lot of people will be on the roadway in areas. maybe they're not familiar with as they travel at 30 miles per hour. that's
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when you start to see maybe an suv sway back and forth. so still dangerous driving conditions tonight as we roll into saturday morning. we'll get that break except for the coast around saturday afternoon. temperatures right now to the north still warm things to all the wind. santa rosa, 64 on the coast. places like half moon bay. 48 san francisco. 51 in down to the south. we're at 61. but how are things looking for you tomorrow? and will it be foggy? i have all those answers coming up next. all right, brittany, thank you very much. coming up, why investigators say a deadly house fire in concord was set intentionally. >> and a special counsel has been appointed in the ongoing investigations and a former president, donald trump. details on the next phase after the break.
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re speed... from the largest, stest, reliable network... d more savings- to o % a year th comcast business mobile. l from the company that wers more businesses an any other provider. t started with fast speeds d advanced security r $49.99 a month r 12 months. us ask how to get up a $750 prepaid card th a qualifying bundle. general merrick garland has not named a special counsel to lead to justice department investigations involving former president trump. and the announcement comes just 3 days after trump formally launch his 2024. canada seen washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us live now with the latest testing. >> good evening, dan. catherine collins move here installs a new chain of command over the sensitive investigations and recognizes their potential political implications. >> appointing a special
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counsel at this time is the right thing to do. attorney general merrick garland has selected jack smith, a veteran career prosecutor to oversee 2 of the justice department's criminal investigations involving former president donald trump. one probe focuses on the presence of classified documents at mar-a-lago. while the other involves the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol and efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and to prosecute any federal crimes that may arise from those investigations. garland said his announcement friday was triggered by trump's own announcement this week that he's running again for president in 2024. and also president joe biden's intention to seek another term. the extraordinary circumstances presented here demanded garland said smith will start work immediately. a special council requiring him to return to the u.s. from the netherlands where he led international war crimes investigations throughout his career. jack smith has built a reputation as an impartial and determined. prosecutor. smith has also investigated public
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corruption and election crimes cases across the u.s.. he said in a statement that these investigations will not slow down under his watch. but even before the announcement, trump said he already knows the end result, we in the end will win. our country will win. we will win. >> and trump actually just responded to this new development at an event at mar-a-lago tonight, essentially blaming and accusing the department of justice for being political. >> and being democratic and falling within the biden administration's kind of demands. but of course, the justice department is continuing to maintain that smith is a registered independent and ultimately garland will have the final say if any charges are filed live in washington, i'm jessi tenure that you just i'm sure the white house is weighing in what are they saying about this new development? >> press secretary karine jean pierre did say that the white house and president biden even was not given a heads up
6:19 pm
whatsoever about this announcement and that the president would not be weighing in on it since really day one. the biden administration has said that the justice department would operate independently. and john, here of size that more today. okay. thank you, jesse. >> well, after winning control of the u.s. house, the gop is laying out their priorities for the next 2 years, which will likely include investigations into president biden and his son. republicans believe hunter biden has been involved in suspicious business dealings. republicans say they also want to investigate the justice department and the fbi for what they say is election interference and could also take aim at homeland security over issues at the southern border. >> i think there are all kinds of questions that need to be answered. and we were determined to get there. we want to know what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american people and why they're dot being transparent. >> reports say the white house is anticipated this for a while and he's prepared with democrats still holding the senate in the executive
6:20 pm
branch. any legislation pushed by republicans will be met with heavy resistance. >> with nancy pelosi stepping down from democratic leadership in the house, new york congressman hakeem jeffries is poised to take her place in today. he officially launched his bid to do that. he sent a letter to his caucus promising to empower and protect them. he is seen as a real lock to take. the position is backed by the 3 top democrats in the house. speaker pelosi, majority leader steny hoyer and majority whip jim clyburn. should he win? he would be the first black person to lead a party in congress. >> all right. we want to get you a look at your 4 zone forecast right now. a live look at golden gate bridge out there tonight. definitely a clear and cool night. we had a nice day out there today as well. and brittany begley is back and you're checking on the airport look for the island makes everybody is prepared. if maybe you are leaving tonight ahead of the holiday. thankfully, as we
6:21 pm
just showed you, it's not too foggy as we check in with the airport. you can see nice clear conditions. so it's like, all right. let's see. >> are there any delays? and as we check and thankfully not a lot of delays yet, but i'll continue to check throughout the night. you can see that right maybe 15 minutes. but overall, it's still nice. the weather conditions also it's breezy and that is the top story you can see that again, that's from that low pressure system. the high pressure system coming together, giving us those consistent breezy conditions in those warmer temperatures. and take a look at your map. you can see the current winds right here, the top places like santa rosa. not only did you see warmer temperatures but just consistent wind gusts throughout the day as we fast forward. we're going to see that all the way into saturday morning. so right now in places like santa rosa, that's why you're a warmer today. that's why you're hitting 70 today. should be in the 60's temperatures. 64 right there on the coast, half moon bay at 48. again, your story will be as we roll into tonight into tomorrow. we still could see the potential wind gust of 24 miles per hour inland
6:22 pm
livermore. 57 antioch, 55. so again, it's still going to be warmer today compared to other days of the weekend. as we take a look at tomorrow's temperature. yeah, it's still going to be one not as warm, but it's still going to be warm. so places like half moon bay. 65 down to the south morgan hill. 67 right there at livermore. 65 into the north. we're at 67 your seven-day forecast really do show you again what we're watching the breezy conditions tonight. we got to get through that. we were thinking that it could be a rainy during thanksgiving. that looks like it's not going to the case, which is great because of all the holiday traffic. lot of absolutely. thank you, brittany. and speaking of not getting away for thanksgiving, never hurts to get some travel advice. you are heading off some work, what you need to know.
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>> aaa is telling us that travel over thanksgiving is expected to reach nearly 98% of the prepandemic numbers. san jose airport officials expect more than 438,000 passengers over the next 12 days. the peak travel period began today this morning, hundreds of people were lining up to get security clearance. some of them told us, all things considered it wasn't too bad. >> yeah, i took the first flight out. so it's really easy. my flight was almost
6:26 pm
empty. i think anybody wanted to get up as early as i did. we've been able to check-in. it's been pretty hectic. i mean, we saw earlier today that the lines of sun fill out for get through security. so we're hoping that goes through some of the end. i think turns out pretty well. >> and to keep things moving as smoothly as possible. airport officials are suggesting the usual advice plan ahead for parking. get to the airport early and check in online. >> telling us that you may be degrees your wheels and buckle up as an increasing number of travelers are opting to drive to their thanksgiving plans rather than fly this year. that's according to a new study by cars dot com schedule disruptions. skyrocketing ticket prices and weather delays have all contributed to a loss of confidence in airlines when it comes to travel. 61% of americans plan to go elsewhere. that number 80% are choosing to take the road. experts say the era of the holiday road trip. he's back at least for now. coming
6:27 pm
up with president biden is doing to try and reinstate the student debt cancellation plan. >> decades later, a man is getting an official apology from any acts. mayor, why this action will make history. plus one person is dead in a house fire in concord. why authorities there say the fire was intentionally set as kron
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> and the east bay, the deadly concord house fire,
6:30 pm
which investigators say was intentionally set was caused by the person who died. that is according to a concord to place on the body was discovered with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a gun nearby as kron 4 philippe reports we're learning more. >> neighbors on euclid avenue in concord are shaken. i was very scary. case at around 5.45 thursday night. the contra costa county fire protection district says the home was intentionally set on fire and one person was found dead were inside the house. and we just heard, boom ball, man. >> before you know it, the house up in flames. embers fell on nearby homes and in back yards. but the fire never spread beyond the property. the concord police department says during the course of its arson investigation, investigators found the body with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a gun nearby. >> they believe the person who died set the fire. neighbors say an older man lived in the


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