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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 18, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at 8, a school carpenter shot at an oakland school in september has died from his injuries. how the district is remembering him and the latest in the search for the gunman responsible for injuring a total of 6. >> also disgraced theranos ceo elizabeth holmes learns her fate today nearly a year after being convicted of fraud and black friday just a week away. a look ahead to the holiday shopping season with a financial expert. >> coming up, good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. >> i'm dan thorn and i'm catherine heenan and we begin
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with a tragic update to a shooting on an oakland school campus which happened in september. one of the 6 people shot has died from his injuries as kron. 4 theresa reports the employee is being remembered as a dedicated and hardworking employee who loved giving back to the school district. >> another sad development in w4ke of the september shooting on the king estate campus in oakland where 2 gunmen shown here is surveillance video stormed onto school grounds and opened fire, littering the campus with more than 30 rounds. 6 people were injured, including 2 critically. now one of those victims of school carpenter, david saccharine has died in a statement to kron 4 news, oakland unified school district spokesperson john sasaki called the death tragic, adding, quote, we are devastated by the loss of david and we are heartbroken for his family and community. he will be profoundly missed. our community mourns the loss of usd hero and will be
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forever grateful for david to nearly 2 decades of service to our students, families, staff and schools. he was well known for his sense of humor. and as someone who loved working for the district, he loved the camaraderie he had with his and him upset about anything and quote. mayhem broke out after shots rang out. authorities quickly responded and emergency crews rushed victims to the hospital. in the days after the violence. oakland's police chief revealed the shooting was targeted and gang-related, although extensive evidence was gathered at the scene, there has been no arrests. meetings took place with anxious parents and authorities following the shooting. new security measures were discussed such as upgrading security cameras and installing a locked front entrance. the oakland unified school district says that sacher i lived in the east bay
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with his family. a memorial is planned for the future. to recess. stasio kron. 4 news. >> we now know the names of the 5 people killed in a head-on collision on highway 4 in pittsburgh. this happened just after midnight thursday, according to chp and me contra costa county coroner's office. 27 year-old tra tucker of allay was driving the wrong way on the westbound lanes when they hit an suv. there were 3 children inside of the car with for dying at the scene. the driver of the suv. 44 year-old lisandra good vacaville was also killed in the crash. an investigation is still ongoing tonight. >> a south by woman is accused of killing her infant daughter and is also charged with trying to kill the babies. twin 29 year-old celina war has made her first court appearance today in san jose. the charges stem from an incident involving the baby girls that happened november
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4th at her house. prosecutors say that she was home alone with the babies and melanie and sorry. and when they became fussy or as forcefully held melanie against her until she could not breathe. >> even after melanie >> was unconscious and not breathing. she continued to hold her against her body for 2 she then lead melanie down. picked up sorry for students to the same with her. >> juarez is being held without bail. she is scheduled to be back in court december. 12th. former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes will be serving more than 11 years in prison. >> she was sentenced today after being convicted on federal fraud charges. earlier this year. the sentencing does not satisfy requests from either the prosecution or the defense prosecutors are. prosecutors wanted homes to get 15 years in prison while her lawyers asked for 18 months. kron four's justin campbell be joining us live from outside the federal courthouse in san jose. a little bit later on with more
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on what happened during today's sentencing hearing. well, last night was a big deadline for twitter employees. the new ceo elon musk giving everyone an ultimatum either pledge to what he called extremely hard core work conditions or resign with severance pay and a lot of employees. well, they chose to go. yeah. the new york times is reporting 1200 people quit this week. a federal judge has ruled twitter cannot seek releases from those employees until claims against the company have been heard in court. >> kron four's rob nesbit talk to an attorney representing many of those workers. >> twitter offices may be closed until monday amid a wave of resignations. but the drama continues online. and in court, a federal judge has blocked twitter from sending out severance agreements because of several claims filed by twitter employees. attorney shannon liss-riordan is representing those workers saying musk's original severance offer is not what's being offered at least 2 months base pay. >> bonuses, 3 months of equity
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and health care contributions. but elon musk has said one month's one-month base pay and that's just throwing out the window. what they will with more than half of twitter's workforce gone since must take over. >> many are questioning how the site will continue to function. users reporting issues with a 2 step verification to sign in and getting large amounts of spam messages in their inbox. san jose state university tech ed, but says there's also cyber security concerns with customer data. the data itself, what guarantee we have that it's not going to be shared with somebody else without permission. ensure has been covering the tech industry for more than a decade for seeing that news. he's not surprised that workers have lawyered up but does not expect must to budge considering the way that you cause approach. for example, the securities and exchange commission when they came down on him over some tweets around tesla. >> he said out, i'm just going to be the finds. i don't care. and i think that's probably going to be the way he approaches this list. riordan says twitter violated the warn act which requires large
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companies to get at least 60 days notice to employees before mass layoff. she's also filed claims on behalf of employees living with disabilities who say musk's requirement to return to the office doesn't work for them. the lawyers advising all twitter employees not to sign any severance agreements before knowing their options. we want to make sure that employees understand that they have rights. >> another thing get a severance agreement put in front of them. they're going to be signing with all of their rights to pursue any legal claims. a group of 7 u.s. senators are also taking action, including california's dianne feinstein urging the federal trade commission to investigate twitter for any consumer protection law violations in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> all right. we want to get your check your 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the financial district here and san francisco looks like a little bit of haze may be hanging around there near the transamerica pyramid tonight. and it is friday night lee is here. so let's share of what's happening. you know what, just
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south of the most part, it's not too foggy. that's the good news. and tomorrow as you wake up, think we won't be that fog as well. but the current temperatures. >> so kind of warm san francisco. 59 oakland, 51 san jose. 57 and even santa rosa. you're at 60. but really it's going to those low temperatures a little bit later on tonight. we're going to drop down on the coast. 44 half moon bay up to the north. 31 big drop because earlier at 70 livermore, 37 and even fill a hole. 37. so those lows are going to be in the 40's in the 30's. but really it's this futurecast when take a look at your screen. so petaluma a little bit later on tonight. could see wind gusts up to 32 miles per hour. and that's been the trend all day. that's why we have those warmer temperatures. >> as we roll into saturday morning on the coast, we're still going to see those heavy wind gusts, maybe even up to 24 miles per hour. and whenever we get to 30 miles per hour, that's actually when you start to see like your suv in your truck starting to sway on the roadways. and it's a busy holiday weekend as we prep for thanksgiving. so i just want make sure you're prepared. your wake-up planner shows you sunny, sunny, sunny
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san francisco. 64 oakland, 64 in san jose. 66. but what about thanksgiving? i have your 7 day forecast coming up next. >> brittany, thanks a lot with him for 2. well, kron 4 is your local election headquarters. the alameda county. >> voters there some new ballots to have just been brought into the open mayoral race, according to the county's website, lauren taylor still leading by 33%. and with just a little more than 41,000 votes, shang towel and the council member there in oakland as right behind with nearly 32% with the votes just under 40,000. also, an alameda county, the district attorney's race, family prices lead is growing with 53% of the votes are opponent terry wiley has just a little shy of 47%. >> and in san mateo county know is the county's first latina supervisor. she has been serving as a school board member of the san mateo foster city school district. she
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declared victory after her opponent charles stone conceded today by email and she talked to us about her priorities. >> them is exploring how to protect tenants now and the other is digging into. the issue of domestic violence in our county. we've had some really high-profile domestic violence issues and i don't believe that we can continue to just react to those kinds of situations. i know that we can get ahead of them. >> cars though, says she is honored to represent latinos who make up. 25 1% of san mateo county's population. >> decades later, a man is receiving an official apology by antioch mayor for having been refused service by a restaurant because of his race. >> it may have been a quiet protest. but you sat there. you set and nobody serve you
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and i'm sorry that you have to experience that in my city. today we want to rectify that. >> this year is 98 year-old alfred chan. he was refused service in 1940, for being chinese. american mayor lamar thorpe presented chan with the formal letter. it will be displayed next to the city. san jose's letter of apology to chinese americans at the chinese, historical and cultural project museum in san jose chan shared what the official apology means to him. >> i want to thank everybody. did. 4th what i have done. >> it's just a small bit. a very small that. and right >> antioch officials are working to make amends with the bay area. chinese community following a history of previous mistreatment, asian american residents.
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>> coming up, are you planning a big scrambling for the holiday season or just the opposite? will get the latest on what to expect live from our financial expert and just weeks after announcing a pause on homelessness funds, governor newsom announcing he is really saying that money. and later, why investigators say a deadly house fire in
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well, the holiday shopping season skidding
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underway and despite a lot of worry about a the pretty good. that's depending you. talk to it seems at least some people hgve not yet put away their wallets. yeah, with black friday, a week from today, people are already looking for those deals. and joining us now to talk more about the >> holiday shopping outlook is george know chevy financial advisor from morgan stanley. so george is outlook. merry and bright. >> well, dan, one of 2 things are going to happen either. santa claus is going visit. you are the grinch is going visit. you and this holiday season is going to affect the consumer. it's also going to affect the retailer. the consumer really has 3 had once they got to prepare for first one is inflation good. you're just going to cost more. even if they get a discount, they're going to be spending more than it did last year unless the budget can get it under control. also, all of us, you know, we put our presence on a credit card. hopefully we pay it off the following month. but if we don't, we have rising interest rates. the federal reserve has raised the lending rates to banks. they in turn, raised the credit card rates and those rates are in the 20% range. so, you know, if people
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don't manage their of their expenses on credit cards be very expensive. end. thirdly, other, there's fading savings during covid. we have the largest savings since world war. 2, but with inflation and food cost you more in gas, costing more people been coming out of pocket out of their savings to help offset that. >> george, i'm glad we have you. we've had the forecast all over the place. we had a story about know people would rather travel than buy gifts now they're kind of spending. so is it too early to know what they're going to do? >> know that they're going to spend. i mean, they're they're they're smart and emphasis now on services versus things. so things like computers and this. but gm is that we all bought during covid. they're going to be. but this holiday season because we have enough now, morgan stanley survey, when we surveyed our consumers, 70% of the consumer said they're not buying anything unless they get at least a 20% discount. the survey further told us they only 38% of the people surveyed were going to be spending more this holiday
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season. those are the high high earners, though, when we peel back the survey, 28% of the group said they're going to spend the same at 27% said they're going to spend less. so that's a challenge for the retailers. and the retailers are going to be heavily discounting as we get into black friday to try to get your wallet. share so they can, you know, get their their sales up. george, you know, what i'm curious about is even if you get deals when your holiday shopping. >> how many people might also be saying, i'm you know, i'm going to look into those after pay programs, right where you can do that, the monthly or weekly payments that don't have those interest rates. the klarna is firms. those programs, right? because i mean, it makes it seem like you're not necessarily pulling the band-aid all off at once. >> well, that's a very good, very good point. you know, the retailers are going to come up with all kinds of little models to try to get you and to try to get your wallet. share because at the end of the day, the retailers have to have really, really good savings. now, the problem for the retailer says if they discount too far and give too
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many deals away, like you just mentioned, then there, then they're going to lose profitability. and what happens is they're the winner and sales. but in the beginning of the following year, when the after poured earnings, there's a loser because their marches are really, really short. so it's going to be challenging for the retailers and also for the consumers, you know, watching their wallet, getting a really good deal. and i think we're going to the past. we've seen what ron nixon clothing, the number one in terms of sales results. but i think we're i think we're going to see these gift cards. number one. i mean, that consumers want to be able to give experiences to their children and their friends. so they're going to give gift cards dinners on them and travel and those sorts of things where people can get more experiences versus thinks people spent a lot of money on things right after covid and now they want to experience and have some pleasure. yeah. gift card to kind of cool again. george rr, they're of trams that are standing out. i mean, for example, likely to see more. >> thrift shopping them high and retail.
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>> well, it's it's totally discounting because in our survey, also it we went through what the concerns are for people in the number one concern. it's really inflation that comes up. number one, our political environment comes up. number 2, covid is number 3. but number one is inflation because, you know, people have to spend they they have their their their income coming in expenses. going up fixed expenses. they have to pay. but they're seeing all these variable expenses going up. that means you're taking money out of their retirement. so they're really, really troubled long term. this is going continue. and that's why we have to kind of support in a way, even though it's painful, the federals are raising the federal funds rate to banks to raise their rates to us. thanks. cost more lending his really shut down in terms of home buying and those sort of thing. so it's kind of people process rather going through in the middle of it. we have christmas and with black friday, as you know, theoretically the retailers operate in the red all year and they really count on black friday, 2 to break even. and it's going to be a fight out there. they're going offer all kinds of perks for the consumers coming in. but the
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consumers can't be a fork, but they really have to do make a list right down the list of those people you want to buy for set a budget. it's really important. we watch your expenses going forward until we get inflation under control. now that sounds like good advice any time, but particularly now >> hard to do. yeah. george in the always a pleasure. thank you for your time. >> well, thank you for being here. appreciate it. hard to take a look at the forecast as we have this live shot of the market there. oh, yeah. the bucky barnes to be talking about all you love outside of the explorer is like saying and a safe and a look at. >> we've got brittany begley joining us. brittany waiting about the buck. if you know what i like, it gets me excited. so there you go. and you were just talking about holiday travel expected to be up. so we're going to see the extra traffic and was like, all right. let's take a look at the airport. >> thankfully, it's nice and clear. i did just no major delays. thankfully when it comes to flights, that's the good news is we take a look at
8:21 pm
weather and traffic together for you for the most part, we're in the green. so i noticed a couple delays but nothing too crazy. and going to watch it throughout the evening. taking a look at the big picture, what we're really going to be watching for you. the breezy conditions. we have those 2 different competing weather systems coming together to bring us those gusty winds. so we'll see those warmer temperatures today and we're going to see those gusty winds. take a look. some places like petaluma tonight at 11, we're still going to have those wind gusts of 32 miles per hour. and we've been up north dealing with those stronger winds for the most of the day. and as we fast forward the clock into tomorrow morning, places even like the coast are going to see consistent, gusty winds of 24 miles per hour. that means tomorrow. yeah, it's still going to be warm not as warm as today, but it's still going to be one to the north santa rosa. 67 right there on the coast, half moon bay. we're looking at 65 san francisco. 64 right there at average inland temperatures. 64 as well. so for the most part, we're going to stay in the 60's. yes, a little bit warmer than average as we take a look at that 7 day forecast.
8:22 pm
that's where the big story is for us. you can see right there wednesday, the biggest holiday travel day. we're looking at 68. that's good we were wondering if we're going to have some rain because models are showing, you know, the chance of rain. thankfully it's going to be dry. so that's good. and then you're talking about black friday that let for looks. very good weather. thank you, brittany. >> all right. coming up, trouble at the world cup stage just 2 days before the open fifa reverses course on beer sales. why fans are upset. >> and as we head to break, kron 4 celebrating the bay area's remarkable women. and if you know somebody making a difference in her community, tell us about and you can nominate her for woman of the year and enter your nomination by scanning that qr code or go to kron 4 dot com. you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's why comcast business ves you more. re innovation... th our new gig-speed wi-fi, us unlimited data.
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>> the justice department has launched an investigation into ticketmaster. after that, he'll the taylor swift ticket fiasco. the company had to cancel today's sales to the general public for the grammy winner's upcoming eras tour after it was unable to handle the enormous demand for the tickets and a shortage of available seats. the justice department is looking into whether the owner of ticketmaster abused its power over the live music industry today, taylor swift responded to ticketmaster by saying, quote, it's really difficult for me to trust an outside
8:26 pm
entity with these relationships and royalties and excruciating for maine to just watch mistakes happen with no recourse. there are a multitude of reasons why people had such a hard time trying to get tickets. and i'm trying to figure out how this situation can be improved. moving forward. i'm not going to make excuses for anyone because we asked them multiple times if they could handle this kind of demand. and we were assured they could. it's truly amazing that for that 2.4 million people got tickets, but it makes me really angry that a lot of them like day them went getting these tickets was kind of like going through several bear attacks in order to get them and quote, fans attending the world cup in qatar will have to make do without beer. an 11th hour decision means that there will be no alcohol sales at any of the soccer matches. fans are upset that authorities made a u-turn on the issue only 2 days before the world cup is set to begin.
8:27 pm
it's a big blow to budweiser the tournament's beer sponsor and it was supposed to sell beer within the ticketed perimeter surrounding each of the 8 stadiums before and after each match. but wiser tweeted, well, this is awkward. and then later deleted the tweet. >> coming up at 8 false claims about her bloodwork technology have led to a lengthy prison sentence. how long the discredited founder of theranos elizabeth holmes will spend behind bars, also snowboarders and skiers. the slopes are open at palisades tahoe with some fun new features. and with nancy pelosi is stepping down from democratic leadership. came. jeffords makes a historic bid to lead house democrats. that and mor
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>> welcome >> back, everyone. our top story this half-hour, theranos founder elizabeth holmes, was sentenced to 11 years in prison today. she had been convicted of fraud after deceiving investors about her company's blood testing. technology kron four's justin campbell has been monitoring the trial. he's outside the san jose courthouse where holmes was sentenced. justin, what can you tell us tonight? >> yet, dan, this is not what she wanted. it all her defense had asked for 18 months or less and she got 11 years and 3 months she heard that news bowed her head gave her
8:31 pm
partner a long hug, but she's not going to start her sentence until the end of april next year. >> elizabeth holmes walked into court friday holding her mom and her partner's hand. you can see she is pregnant and will give birth before she starts her sentence inside the courtroom. holmes was surrounded by friends and family. prosecutors are asking for her to pay over 800 million in restitution. but that was not decided on friday. holmes made a tearful statement before the judge. this is the first time we've seen the homes express remorse. she said i am so so sorry to the judge during her statement while crying. she also said in part, i loved was my life's work. my team meant the world to me. they work tirelessly every day. i felt the pain for what people went through because i failed them. it said and i guess it's a
8:32 pm
good reminder. >> kaylee, the young folks going up in silicon valley that there are a lot of things that matter more than money and that the f building companies in building wealth honestly is wonderful. but at the end of the day, nothing matters more than then be doing right by people. and elizabeth holmes's tale is cautionary tale of how greed can get the best. if anyone there's a there's a number of people that are of the. >> in that she got pregnant on purpose as a sympathy ploy and it shouldn't be and taken into account at all. >> now homes will not have her baby behind bars because she doesn't have to self surrender until april 27th next year. now what's next? what legal experts tell me is most likely she's going to file an appeal and asked to stay out on bond until that outcome of that appeal will have to wait and see what happens for that. but
8:33 pm
we did try hear from holmes after she got out of court today, but she went out a back exit in none of the cameras were able to catch or to hear what she would have had to say rushed out of that courtroom because today was not what she wanted for an outcome reporting live here in downtown san jose just in camp kron. >> all right, justin, thank you. let's take a look at how we got to this point in december of 2020, the trial was scheduled to begin but was delayed because of the pandemic in march 2021, the trial and then was delayed again because of homes. first, pregnancy. and august 2021, the finally got underway in january 2022. the trial and did a jury convicted holmes on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. and let's take a look now at the downfall of the company. theranos. it all started with homes in 2003 when she dropped out of stanford university at 19 years old to start it that in 2009 sunny balwani joined the company in became romantic with homes in 2014, forbes
8:34 pm
magazine named homes. the richest woman in the u.s. and she was valued at more than 4.5 billion dollars in 2016. the wall street journal started their investigation into the theranos lab calling into question the company's machine capabilities and then ball money, step down in 2018, theranos was shut down and holmes and balwani were indicted on criminal fraud charges. prosecutors say holmes raised 495 million dollars investors boosting theranos value too 9 billion dollars. >> and a look an election update to tell your bob pamela price declaring victory tonight in alameda county's district attorney ray sent according to the latest from the county price polled 53% of the votes over coming. terry wiley's 47% price confirmed her win in a tweet saying i'm excited about the team of assembled to make sure the transition is smooth and positive. there are many
8:35 pm
complex layers of changes which need to happen and it will not happen quickly. she added wiley has not yet conceded but says she does still expect a smooth transition. new details tonight on the deadly house fire in concord thursday night. police say the fire was intentionally set by the person who died. firefighters found a person on who was dead on the property, a self-inflicted gunshot wound. there was a gun nearby. police believe that person set the fire concerns me greatly it. there's all kinds of possibilities going on in my mind. but i'm not willing to speculate. >> fire crews say the fires have been set in several areas throughout house. police say there are no outstanding suspects or any ongoing risk to the public. >> well, after a recent snowfall, palisades tahoe opened up today, the area got 3 feet of snow in the past week. so they opened up early.
8:36 pm
>> opening skiers will have looks like really good weather to for their first trip to the slopes this year. palisades tahoe will debut some new features this year, including a new base to base gondola brittany bade. alex, you've been monitoring the air snow. yeah. i've been keeping a close eye on the roadways. it is beautiful. the only thing i'm watching those wind gusts today and tomorrow in that area could be up to. >> 50, 70 miles per hour in the mountains. so overall, it's going to be quite here's donner summit. but if you watch closely, you can got to see it shaking back and forth just from that windy conditions. the good news is that traffic is moving. if you're headed that way, your forecast showing you saturday when the 40's it's going to warm up just a little bit on sunday. 48 in monday at 47. so obviously won't be snowing. it's going to be breezy saturday into sunday. but overall still looking good. >> temperatures right now it's kind of chilly. i just stepped out not too long ago. still kind of breezy. that's really going to be theme, especially up north as we roll into tomorrow and on the coast.
8:37 pm
>> we're looking at the 50's on the coast right now. santa rosa, we're at 60 earlier. you are at 70. so still warm. but look, we're going to drop down. so santa rosa's going from 60 right now. it's a little bit later on when to drop down by almost 30 degrees in level b, 31 as we roll into saturday on the coast will be at 40. >> as we plan your morning. yeah, it's not going to be too foggy. that's the good news as we check in at 10:00am. we're looking at clear conditions. it's just really those breezy conditions. again, we're watching tonight. >> as we roll into the weekend, especially on the coast, you can see wind gusts of the 25 miles per hour. things will start to look tomorrow afternoon, but just have to get through tonight and tomorrow. and i'm just bringing that up in case maybe are taking a late night road tricky. then if we get to those wind gusts of 30 miles per hour, that's when you start to see your car moving back and forth. and those are things that we're going to continue to watch in places like santa rosa. take a look at your wake-up planner. as you plan your day again, san francisco. 64 tomorrow. oakland, 64 sunny san jose. 66. so we're right there at average. but what about thanksgiving? i have your 7 day forecast coming up next.
8:38 pm
all right, brittany, thanks a lot. as we get closer to the end of fall, governor gavin newsom says >> most of california is no longer in peak fire season. experts say a combination of recent snowfall and the rain have help prevent new fires across the state during the tail end of peak fire season so far this year, more than 360,000 acres have burned statewide. and that is an improvement from the last 2 and a half million acres. >> still ahead, governor newsom also talking about homelessness today. he's meeting with local leaders after blocking state funded and nearly a week into the uc workers strike negotiations have made little progress with support continues
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only one will be sanitized. wait, what? adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria detergent alone, can't. >> uc academic workers are on their 5th day of a they've been calling for better pay and better benefits. labor unions continue to negotiate on behalf of employees that all uc campuses. the demands include at transit and child care reimbursement and a doubling of base pay. there's reportedly been some agreement on issues. talks will continue this weekend. >> with nancy pelosi stepping down from democratic leadership, new york congressman hakeem jeffries is poised to take her place. jefferies launched his bid to take over democratic leadership in the house today he sent a letter to his caucus promising to empower and protect them. jefferies appears to be a lock to take
8:42 pm
that position. the 3 democrats in the set a house right now are speaker nancy pelosi, majority leader steny hoyer and majority whip jim cliburn all backed jeffries bid. should he win? he would be the first african-american to lead a party in congress. coming up, the giants after the free agent market today signing a big league hitter. no, it was not. aaron judge. >> but graham will tell you who with
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8:45 pm
the election now behind him, governor newsom says the focus must immediately turn to addressing. >> homelessness and to today, met with mayors and county leaders from across the state. and it happened just weeks. remember after he paused state funding to local governments over concerns they haven't really done much to fight that problem. capitol reporter eytan wallace has the details on who was at the meeting and what came out of it. >> well, what came out of today's meeting news, local government leaders wanted to hear the governor is set to lift his paws of state homelessness funding. but there are conditions. homelessness. it's the issue facing communities across the state and today it was front and center at the natural resources agency in downtown sacramento. where about 70 leaders from dozens of california cities and counties met with governor gavin newsom. what i want to see is what everybody wants to see. the streets. california
8:46 pm
cleaned up. we want to see cleanup. want to see people house. we want to turn the conditions that we're experiencing around homelessness is is not unique to new jurors fresno mayor jerry dyer was among those who spoke to the governor during the closed door meeting, a meeting coming less than 3 weeks after newsom announced he's pausing the rollout of about 1 billion dollars of state funding to local governments are doing. they have not been aggressive enough in their plans to reduce homelessness. newsom said his concerns came from data showing the state overall was on pace to see just a 2% reduction in unsheltered people by 2024. but during the meeting in agreement was made with conditions that will lead to the governor releasing the money. we're turning the page and, you know, big cities and our city's. i think that's a significant as part of the agreement. those seeking state funding signed this letter from the newsom administration calling for local governments to submit new more aggressive plans based on guidelines for what the governor calls best practices. among other things, the governor wants to see regional commitments for more
8:47 pm
permanent and temporary housing and a vow to utilize more land for supportive housing development. that was a good we left there with the spirit of optimism. you know, one of cooperation. i think we're all on the same page. he wants to see more numbers and we're going to provide that. and the new plans on homelessness are due to the newsom administration in 2 weeks reporting in downtown sacramento. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. in the east bay community members and oakland have sent. so the officials what they call an ultimatum letter. >> they want immediate ongoing action on problems of illegal dumping, abandoned cars at the encampment that's surrounding homes on 45th avenue and bond street. >> with a resident of our city streets in our neighborhoods in the flatlands. we are fed up. it as though nothing has been banned to provide the permanent results. the oakland residents deserve. >> in the formal letter, they sent the leaders of faith in
8:48 pm
action east bay and block by block organ organizing network gave the city 72 hours to fix the problem. all of those problems, including a legal dumping. >> the biden administration is asking the supreme court to overturn a national injunction against student loan cancellation program. the white house arguing that delaying the cancellation of billions of dollars of debt would leave borrowers in limbo under the president's plan borrowers a federally backed college loans or less than $125,000, an annual income could receive up to $20,000 in debt relief. but a lawsuit filed by 6 republican led states claims president biden overstepped his authority and that the program would deprive them a future tax revenue. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> all right. with the niners have been training this week in early, a frigid colorado springs try to prepare for
8:49 pm
that altitude they're going to deal with in mexico city. the trade for christian mccaffrey has energizes bunch will help an offense and it's given jimmy g and company really a bunch of weapons to work with and garoppolo has been solid really in sync the last several games throwing a tds over the course of the past 5 games and his teammates have noticed. >> it was the quarterbacks a good today, hughes, he was swinging around, got the warm weather gloves on. it was nice. i was a place at a pretty high level, in my opinion. i he's been consistent this year, guys just making plays in their numbers to call him. and that helps jimmie look like he's playing better because he is. and, you know, guys dropping the ball and stuff like that. yeah, he's got to in a rhythm right now and he's got us playing at a higher level. i think that's what's really helpful. >> giants get some work in the free agent market today inside big name player like like a like a long name player. it's not aaron judge. but mike yastremski, lot of letters there. and 17 homers. so not
8:50 pm
bad act. and 57 runs and 148 games last season. but yes, he's hit 2.14. so hopefully he can improve on the average. so obviously, those are in aaron judge like numbers. but hey, judge hasn't signed anywhere yet. the giants to also resigned pitcher scott alexander. so some baby steps for the giants were trying to get back to their 2021 form when they won the division that year, 107 winds crazy. cal coach mark fox trying get 5 looking for his first win of the season against and 3 southern jags. but the bears played no defense tonight. brion whitley just drives through the toothless cal. the whitley leads the jags with 18 whitley show the bears how to defend cal on the break. no, no, no, no. marcellus robertson. thanks is an easy
8:51 pm
bucket. but whitley blocks the shot there, jags up 30. 26 at the half. southern hit 12 threes. like nobody's guard. to keep the bears a day. cal loses again. this one. 74 to 66 cal falls to oh and 4 southern. we think it's a school from louisiana. i don't know they should be beating cal. you would think they had one southern had one. now they get their first win. there. one in 3 cao needs to figure it out tomorrow. football. now the cal bears will defend the big acts trying to defend acts in the big game. >> this is the 100 and 21st game. the bears won last year. 41 to 11 and got control of the acts. but with both teams. >> a paltry 3, 7, this season and nothing really at stake for either program. what do
8:52 pm
you have to play for, i guess, bragging rights. but hey, you never know. maybe something ridiculous will happen like what we saw 40 years ago when cal beat john elway and he's set for teams with the play remember the play maybe we can get some like that. let's listen to the retiring joe starkey's classic call >> about. i out of it heat.
8:53 pm
>> starkey may be retiring, but that call certainly lives on a great career for him. big game tomorrow. and we will obviously have highlights of that tomorrow on kron 4 news. catherine, them back to you. >> all right. thank you. grant are one of the most celebrated modern day directors might just confirmed his retirement from filmmaking. (fisher investments) it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same, but at fisher investments we're clearly different. (other money manager) different how? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher. (other money manager) ok, then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees. (fisher investments) no. we structure our fees so we do better when our clients do better. that might be why most of our clients
8:54 pm
come from other money managers. at fisher investments, we're clearly different.
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>> the next new movie from quentin tarentino will be his last. the director doubling down is longstanding claim that it will his next film will be his last one. tarentino is technically directed 9 films in his career, including pulp fiction and reservoir dogs. he says he wants to leave audiences wanting more after staying in hollywood for more than 30 years. but he says he's in no hurry to pick up a subject for what that film will be, though he may be planning his exit from film. more projects could still be on the way for variety is reporting that tarentino is working on some television projects, a mini series of believe is the next he's looking yeah, this is kind of interesting. so and the leave them wanting more kind of wise action. >> that wraps up kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock it. that's morris
8:57 pm
she. >> clinton was just in town here in san francisco and it came with a book and it was a 3 hour discussion. so >> i wonder if he hinted that any next projects there. >> well, that leaves me wanting more of okay. thank you so much, katherine, him, dan. >> here's what's next on kron. 4 news at night talking about former president trump. will he be allowed back on twitter? that is one of the ongoing questions ever since elon musk took over that company. how musk is finally addressing that topic tonight. plus, a new way to get around san francisco. details on the weekend debut of the central subway. it's been a construction nightmare for more than a decade. stay with us. we're going to have much more meteorologist brittany begley has your weekend forecast too. >> we're going to start few
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9, karen o's founder elizabeth holmes now facing more than a decade in prison after being convicted on federal fraud charges. thank you for joining us here on ella sogomonian's and i'm grant lotus. it's a big story we're following tonight. homes have been convicted of fraud earlier this year after deceiving investors about her company's. >> blood testing. technology kron four's justin campbell reports now from san jose. >> and this is not what holmes wanted. she heard that sentence 11 years,


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