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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 20, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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news at 10. i'm dan thorn. some clubgoers were completely multiple people are dead after police say a man walked into a nightclub and started shooting. it was just before midnight when police say a 22 year-old man walked through these doors. >> armed with a long rifle, the suspect and are clip q and immediately began shooting at people inside. >> as you move further into the club chief adrian vasquez says multiple people were hit at least 5 were killed while the suspect was inside of the club, at least to her road.
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people inside the club confronted and fought with the suspect and we're able to stop stop the suspect from continuing to kill and harm others. officers were here within 3 minutes with the suspect in custody. just 2 minutes later. soon as they have the suspect in custody, we are able to move folks in their paramedics and firefighters. >> to start and treating patients. a drag show was happening at the time of the shooting. according to those inside. and police say they will investigate whether this was a bias motivated crime. tonight. it also remains unclear what sort of security the suspect had to pass through to get inside using a person taking your ids security. so there's one person. there's usually 2 people under one of us like secured the club was never like a bad place. so i don't think they needed think they needed big tough guys too. >> stand at the door because it never liked. it. never that energy never came through the doors saturday night. it did. >> a community now mourning as
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the investigation continues as of sunday night, 5 people have died. multiple others remain hospitalized with what are being described as life-threatening injuries in colorado springs. i'm evan kruegel. >> president biden issuing a statement on the shooting today saying, quote, jill and i are praying for the families of the 5 people killed in colorado springs and for those injured in this senseless attack. we know that gun violence has a particular impact on lgbtq. i plus communities across our nation. we must address the public health epidemic of gun violence in all forms. governor gavin newsom releasing a statement about the mass shooing saying once again, the lgbtq community has become the victim of a horrifying attack. one more death is one too many california stands with the lgbtq community and their right to live freely here in san francisco. many spent the day remembering those killed and injured in that shooting kron four's man. harry was in
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the castro district tonight where a vigil was held to honor those victims. >> the shooting at club q was on the eve of transgender rememberance day. some people who attended the vigil told me that shows how this type of violence is all too familiar for them. >> it is ready, isn't it? hundreds of people gathered at the harvey milk plaza that remember another horrific event. >> within the lgbtq+ community, a shooting that killed at least 5 people at club. que in colorado springs late saturday night live. also >> agree that after all these years after all these years, our community is still not city. >> state senator scott wiener spoke at the event. he says the political climate is influencing this type of pain. have consequences. >> but political rhetoric, but the levels of the united
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states government. it has consequences that someone is going but was not an isolated we know that in this country, the parks demonizing are the people has only gotten worse and worse over time may see a person and dr reid attended the vigil. they say it's important to have as many people as possible. >> at this type of event, i'm african-american, transgender and also one if you know someone like us and we're no longer other 2 are human beings. and that's our problem. we haven't been able to show the world that reid says the community and lawmakers have to do everything they can. >> to make sure this type of tragedy doesn't happen again. it's about time that we start having those difficult conversations and making a change a real change. democracy is not stable. you
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have to work with it all the time to create what's going to be there if you assume is going to be someone's going to take it the lieutenant governor was also at the vigils. she says she wants to do everything she can to help protect the lgbtq+ community. and that includes keeping guns out of the hands of people that may them. >> in san francisco, amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, the eyes of the sports world turning to the middle eastern nation of qatar as the 2022 world cup gets underway today, there were no major western leaders in attendance for the opening as qatar is under intense scrutiny for its treatment of the migrant workers who prepped the nation for the world cup as well as the lgbtq community, and is criminalized in that country today. the brow, the proud maroons qatar's first-ever lgbtq+ national football supporters group posted a rally against the discrimination at the
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world cup. the group was founded by doctor naas mohammed who became what many called the first qatar e to publicly come out as the 35 year-old physician now lives here in san francisco and he hopes to show qatar that love he's not a crime. >> for people around the world are for lgbtq rights and that our to join us. they love is not a crime like cheer for and to bring visibility to the place right now. >> the proud boroughs are the only national football supporters group that cannot have fans from its own nation because joining them would send them to jet. another weekend of sideshows and the north bay. a sideshow taking over an intersection at sonoma boulevard, lemon street and central avenue in vallejo last night. this apparently onto
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traffic along i-580, a fire hydrant was smashed off of its post by one of those spinning cars. police say 2 people were arrested. 2 cars were towed. chp solano county deputies in benicia pd. we're able to eventually break it up around 11, 30 last night in the east. bay crews have contained in camp and fire that broke out in east oakland this afternoon. it took place in the corner of east 12th street and 14th avenue. here's a look at some video from the citizen app. smoke from the fire could be seen in the skies across the bay area. it mostly in the east bay. according to officials, the fire extended into a two-storey building nearby. no injuries were reported down. the city of oakland's website says that it had cleared up this encampment last month in that cleanup included some debris but advocates tell us that many on house people start these fires are. because they use a propane tanks and they often
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have to do this near dry fuels to keep themselves warm or to cook their food, which can lead to larger fires just like this. want to get you a check. your 4 zone forecast out there tonight. a live look from our sutro tower cam overlooking downtown san francisco. meteorologist bree so rodriguez joining us. look at the forecast priest. >> dan? yeah. if you thought last night was cool tonight, it's going to be even chillier. we're tracking calm wind speeds. clear skies out there right now for your sunday nights. your monday morning. bundle up because we're going to see cool temperatures near freezing temperatures out there right now. already starting to dip in the mid 30's. for those of you in novato, check out the though. 15 degrees warmer low 50's out there right now with widespread 40's for most of the bay area. but when tracker we are tracking calm, wind speeds and temperatures going to be near freezing for those of you in our north bay valleys, specifically in santa rosa and napa, even novato as well. and we're going to be in
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the upper 30's for the rest of the bay area in the east bay and south bay. but a little bit milder for downtown san francisco. 44 degrees, but still chilly. it's because of these clear skies and that lack a blanket, a marine layer that we're going to cool down once again. no frost advisories in place overnight, but it is going to feel like will need one, especially as you start your monday morning. so we are going to see the future cast for tracking a chance of scattered showers in the north bay as early as sunday night. one week from today. so we are tracking, though, very dry conditions for those of you heading back from your holiday destination. but we are going to see that storm to reopen by monday morning. as you head back to work and school after your thanksgiving break. and that's going to continue through monday night with the return of sierra snow as well. about 10 days from now, tuesday, looking dry. but then wednesday, scattered showers for most of the bay area with sierra snow returning. but your thursday, thanksgiving day, it's going to be a warm 1, 5, to 10 degrees above
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average. dan, we're going to break out the shorts and sandals because going to be very mild temperatures more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. alright, thankful for that. thanks a recent poll coming up, it's going to be a busy holiday on the roads. what drivers can expect to pay. >> at the pump and one of the most controversial figures of our generation. he's back on twitter. what kanye west had to say after being allowed back on the social media platform. plus the deadly shooting in colorado springs adding to the bleakness of an already somber day here in san francisco. how people memorializing victims of transphobia are reacting. the mash.
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>> we are continuing our coverage of the mass shooting where 5 people were killed at an lgbtq nightclub in colorado springs club. que, it's known as a place that likes to host drag shows they were scheduled to have one of those drag brunches there today. so earlier this evening, we talked with san francisco state senator scott wiener who is slamming groups who claim drag culture sexualizes and grooms children attributing those claims to an increase of violence within the lgbtq community. >> we've times on trans people 3 the increase in murders of
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trans women of this plays very, very tangible ways. and when they have this horrible rhetoric saying that drive creams or trans people or man are trying to harm your children, trying to, quote, important through your children. and it's only a matter of time before someone is going to react to that end. the violence. >> well, as mentioned earlier today is transgender day of remembrance. the annual observance started by a bay area activists named when dylan and smith back in 1999. as a vigil to remember the death of a transgender woman cities around the world honoring the lives of those lost to transphobia, including here in san francisco as kron four's gayle ong reports. the community says now is the time to stand together. >> think about all those victims. just happening in
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colorado. speakers at the annual transgender day of remembrance ceremony in san francisco honored those killed in the shooting at a nightclub in colorado springs. >> and said prayers for those injured the eve of the transgender day of remembrance is a really cruel and disgusting irony. it speaks to the polarization of our country right now. and it's really important that we stand here today and say, look, we're here. >> work. we're not going anywhere. and attendees say they are grateful for events like this because they give them an outlet to bring more awareness. transgender day of remembrance is an international day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. this year's theme, their legacy lives on. it's as good as it is now because of down. >> and the sacrifice they have made. >> today was founded to draw attention to the fact that transgender people continue to be subjected to violence. organizers of this event say this year alone, at least 31 transgender or gender nonconforming people have been fatally shot or killed. they say many deaths go underreported. it's important
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for us >> and together as a community that stand up and say. now we cannot allow our transgender non-binary friends and family to continue a dying. >> in this way after the rally, the crowd marched through the streets to make their voices in san francisco kron, 4 news. >> we have a heart breaking news tonight involving one of the la county deputy recruits injured when a car drove into them during a training run. the sheriff's office says 4 of the 25 injured recruits remain in critical condition. tonight, though, one of them has suffered a medical setback and is now in grave condition. the 22 year-old suspect behind the wheel is out on bail, but is expected to face serious charges. investigators say they have obtained enough evidence and statements to conclude the crash was a deliberate act. the fbi is
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investigating how a young woman mysteriously died while celebrating her birthday in mexico. 25 year-old shannon robinson was on vacation with her friends in cabo san lucas, but never made it back to the united states. her mother was told her daughter died of alcohol poisoning, but her autopsy tells a different story. reports reveal she had a broken neck and spinal cord injuries. robinson died within 24 hours of getting off the plane. what happened leading up to her death. it's still a mystery tonight. kanye west also known as ye is back on twitter. the rapper's account was restricted on the social media platform because of post that were deemed antisemitic. yea posting on twitter today saying, quote, testing testing, seeing if my twitter isn't blocked. that post garnered more than 800,000 likes hours later, the rapper posted shalom, which is hebrew for peace. but the smiling face. new at 10 o'clock. bob
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iger is returning as ceo of the walt disney company for the next 2 years. disney's board of directors making the announcement today. a big surprise asking the company's current chief to step down after problems popped up during the pandemic. among them, the don't say debacle in the state of florida and a messy legal battle with scarlet johansen over the release of mc use black widow iger work to disney for more than 45 years. 15 of those as the chief executive officer, he's agreed to return for a two-year stint to help prepare a successor and get the house of mouse on say footing during these unprecedented times. millions of people getting a jump on the thanksgiving day holiday and hitting the roads this weekend. all tolled 49 million people are expected to go somewhere by car, including 7 million californians and gas prices. well, down from there, summer
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highs, they're still averaging over 5 bucks a gallon all across the bay area. take a look at the numbers here on your screen. san francisco at the top of the list and with the cheapest douse, you could find that in solano county. >> google donated more. think that that will be nice. well, i don't like it. well, because it's too much. >> do you remember the days? anyway? gasbuddy says it. these are the highest prices we've ever seen during thanksgiving holiday season. despite that triple a is expecting this to be the 3rd busiest thanksgiving travel year. in 20 years since the year 2000. travelers are also being asked to go to the airport. if you're flying out this holiday season live. look tonight at sfo. the airport telling kron 4 that the busiest day there will be one week from today as people are coming home from their trips. meanwhile, officials at oakland airport expect travel to pick up there later on in the week. the airport expecting 170,000 people that
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passed through between wednesday and next sunday and in san jose. mineta already seeing an uptick in travel. airport. officials there say they're also expecting hundreds of thousands of people to come through this week. san francisco international airport has been named the nation's best large airport. good to know if you're flying out of there. and that's according to the wall street journal. sfo has had an 80% on-time rate recently, which is 10 points higher than pre-pandemic levels. and that's despite major travel troubles in other cities. the report also praises the airport amenities because there's a museum, there's local restaurants and there's yoga rooms. we can get yours n a check of other bay area. airports shows that was named the 3rd inside air airport in the country. oakland international, checking in at number 10 in that same category. so travel is going to be a big talker throughout the week. is the weather going to cooperate for travelers? it really is. i mean, surprisingly, we're
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expecting some storms. fizzled out. the storm track remaining to our north. so we're tracking a dry. >> and mild outlook for your thanksgiving thursday. big bragging rights for sfo. got to show off one more time. so smooth sailing out there. whenever you're heading out this week, we are tracking any rain. so you should be good to go. but thanksgiving thursday, we're going to see mild temperatures along the coast. widespread mid 60's and in our valleys, we could warm up into the low to mid 70's. so 5 to 10 degrees above average, mostly sunny skies. and we are going to notice very chilly conditions out there tonight because of that lack of blanket of marine layer. but let's take a look at your future cast for because after this upcoming week, when you return to work and school on monday, about 10 days from now, we are going to notice some light scattered showers arriving in the north and then making its way throughout the san francisco peninsula by monday morning. more widespread by monday afternoon with the return of sierra snow as well. so such a great sight to see by wednesday. once
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again, light scattered hit or miss showers by wednesday. and that's going to continue through your wednesday night. but temperatures out there right now going to dip. we're going to be cooler than where we were last night. widespread 40's and 50's out there right now. half moon bay in berkeley. 56 degrees. but check out petaluma in fairfield about 20 degrees cooler in the mid 30's with fairfield currently at 35 degrees. so subfreezing temperatures for santa rosa, napa and avato upper 30's for most of the bay area, even in the east bay shoreline with downtown san francisco in the mid 40's, seasonal highs for most coastal valleys, mid 60's, right where we should be. but santa rosa nevado flirting with 70's and we're only going to get warmer from here. great to see the rain icons in the next upcoming 10 days. but fortunately, dan, not going to impact your thanksgiving travel this week. back to, you know, thanks a lot resell. well, soccer officials expect 1.2 million fans from around the world to be a part of the month long sports extravaganza known as the world cup.
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>> the tournament kicked off this morning with the host action against ecuador. that's match the u.s. men's team has its first match against wales tomorrow as we america's first appearance in the world cup in 8 years. the team failed to qualify for the 2018 tournament. so if you're interested in catching the games, the san jose earthquakes are hosting viewing parties at san pedro square starting today. they're showing every single match throughout the tournament which ends on december 18th. there will also be viewing parties on select dates and san francisco and in danville, that's over in the east bay. you can head over to our website kron 4 dot com for a full list. the schedule. still ahead. could that iran? our source racks of been larger than what originally thought. what some scientists are saying about the actual size of the king of dinosaurs. >> and it might seem like a farfetched fantasy taken right out of a science fiction movie. we will tell you why. nasa says people could be living on the moon within the next 10 years.
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>> astronauts could be living and working on the moon by the year 2030. wow. officials with nasa say they're planning on putting astronauts on the moon for long periods in the years to come and to have them conduct experiments. 2 people want that anyway. eventually nasa wants humans living permanently on the lunar surface that will help them collect valuable data as deep
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now, that's savings to be thankful for. so hurry in because this deal is only available while supplies last. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ sunday funday time to get after it. i know football usually dominate sundays in the fall, but the niners were off today and we had some big-time moments on the hardwood. 2 top 2 showdown at maples, pavilion klay thompson breaking out in a huge way. so on this night, ball is life and we'll talk about some pigskin later. thanks for rocking with us here on sports night live. i'm jason dumas. so get this. it's november. 20th over a month into the nba season and the warriors haven't won a road game. 71 at home. but '08 on the road tonight, they look to change their road woes down in
10:31 pm
houston, texas, and get this. klay thompson had himself a night. he really needed it. just what the doctor ordered. clay got going right out of the gate. he hit 4 threes in the 1st quarter. good for 18 point. >> and he really helped set a tone for the warriors. they're up by 12 after a quarter. look at it. everyone hyped for clay. he really need this. now later on in the 2nd quarter, the second rockets keep going. that's kenyon. martin junior's capping off a 13, nothing run to give houston the lead. but back come, the warriors back comes. klay thompson knocks down the 3 but the warriors still trail by 4 at the half. now late in the 3rd warriors down by steph curry. this is the new a basketball transition threes that gives the warriors the 2 point lead. now, final seconds of the quarter tied at 94. guess who klay thompson drops another
10:32 pm
trey, the golden state and the 3rd quarter with a three-point money 4th quarter 1, 0, 8, 107. nice pick loon. that's a trade for staff. now later on. klay thompson, another 3, he had 10 of those tonight. what a game. now. this was the whipped cream. the cherry on nothing more. orden can do. he knocks down the 3. tell me how you can stop that. he told the crowd night night. time to go home with keeps growing. the crop warriors get their first road win of the season. one, 27 1.12, klay thompson had 41 points. 10 threes, curry and klay combined for 74 points after the game. >> everyone was talking about clay's breakout performance. >> not worried about what happens with clay. he's
10:33 pm
worried about what happens with this team. and klay words about what happened was this team clip plays great and we win. always said he's the most competitive guy. every play with. and the most important thing to him has always been we all get away from. and the brotherhood, you need someone to bring you back to who you are. and i you know, i have no doubt in my mind that if it was me do the same thing. >> it was used for for us to get are for us. and for clay way, he started the game. everything seemed pretty. in the flow. and the rhythm needs, if you will, in terms of the shots that he's making. obviously, the shots themselves are. are these the put a lot of work into it? and, you know, we've never lost confidence in what what he can to put the ball in the basket. but the way we're creating shots early was the
10:34 pm
phone play the game. we got know. we've got some good separation early. and then the way finished, you know, down the stretch in the 3rd quarter that shower shoes his and that was in the 4th. so. it it always connected. you know how he started. carried throughout the game because you guys confidence going. the ball is moving all over the court. you know, find the right guy. i mean, just felt good to have a big game. and i'm a harsh critic. so >> the first games this season when easy for me. so come out and the myself again incredible. and like i said, it's just something to build on it. keep to keep going. >> alright, klay thompson, steph curry. they reminded us tonight that they are still the best show in the nba when they are both in 2 clay, like i said, just what the doctor ordered. he really needed this. he was overcompensating who is pressing even his teammates. they not want to say it on the record, but you
10:35 pm
could tell some of his teammates even growing. a little frustrated about this shot selection. draymond green had a nice conversation with klay thompson told him, hey, just be you and worry about us winning and everything will fall into place. and we saw that tonight and when he is going one step curry is going. it's like poetry in motion. they are 2 of the best shooters that we have ever seen. and it's something about houston will klay thompson in this entire warriors team to be on it. how many years the day and the rockets season. of course, this is a very different rockets team, very young, not very good, but it just seems like this city klay and steph, they love to shut up houstonians that. how you say anyway. it was just fun to watch. now get this. the warriors are back in action tomorrow night. 2nd, half of a back-to-back. they will be in new orleans. we won't see clay. we know he doesn't play in back-to-back. we'll find out tomorrow if dream on and
10:36 pm
staff and wiggins and all of them are playing, i guess, to what are the 3 playing one of them sit but we will see what a night in houston for the golden state warriors. they pick up their first road win of the season. now we come back to the bay area. this is the matchup we all mark on our calendars. when the schedule was released a few months ago, stanford, south carolina. >> maples, pavilion every time these 2 programs get together. it's high pediatrics, high drama, but most importantly, high talent. 2 years ago, stanford beat the gamecocks in the final 4 last season. usc came back from a 20 point deficit in colombia to get the win. this latest chapter certainly did not disappoint. classic matc stanford controlled most of the game. haley jones. she goes baseline. nice spin. the
10:37 pm
score. they led by as many as 12 points. but the cardinals, they went ice cold in the it missed the first 10 shots until position. cameron brink calls for the ball. she gets 3 points the hard way. stanford up 6 with 205, left. south carolina down to 6 seconds left. they get to their star aliyah boston open. look, he gets the jumper to fall. he is so good. reigning national player of the year. >> we're headed for free basketball at maples game and they really will themselves win aliyah boston. nice, tough drive to take the lead 70 to 69 usc wins. and then here's the backbreaker aliyah boston. she finds her sophomore teammate bree hall. she buries the 3 and get this the game.
10:38 pm
scott come into maples. they were losing most of the game. >> they get the win. 76 71. they have now be in 16 straight top ranked schools. our very own kate rooney was at maples to see all the action unfold. she has a post-game report. >> the number one men's basketball team in the nation. women's basketball team in the nation as get any better does not mean the numbers on fast physical basketball might over time session to decide for stanford. the ultimate killer, specially in the 2nd half it afterwards, head coach turn talk about i think that was some unfortunate slippage. >> you know, we we didn't have a timeout to call. we needed to get the ball bounce. people need a understand that sense of urgency with that and get open get the ball timeout you
10:39 pm
know, that's unfortunate to and doesn't come down to is not one mistake, but it's the combination of the turnovers that like like you said, you know, not get involved downs, taking a timeout, not boxing out, fouling out all the things add up. you know, but again, it's an overtime game and there you know, we're or we have to be hungry or they just applied a lot of pressure. they were a physical team. i think that we match is a county. >> majority of the games that, you know, there's always please each back. but i think they played a great i think the person i could finish but, you know, i think they did a great job defensively. they they stay for this is he said, but i think that there's a that we left out there on the court that she had that. but also in the grand scheme of things, it's it's november. it's their first and so i think there's a lot left in the tank for this team. may have noticed name and image
10:40 pm
it's britney griner, wnba the team is honoring before every today and the players are wearing rbg patches snow. just a reminder that sometimes it's here and that >> the niners. >> i was in line. i never lot of y'all after the break. we had on the mexico city. we hear from how shanahan we'll also chat with our niners insider brad graham. they also played 3 football today mile high stadium as the raiders and broncos go to overtime. we have those highlights cooking not serving them hot in about 2 minutes and tight.
10:41 pm
jim mansfield: my job was more important to me than my family, and i started drinking a lot, staying out of town. it took a toll on me. dr. charles stanley: you may be as low as the prodigal, but you are not hopelessly, helplessly lost if you will
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listen to what i'm about to say. jim: sitting on that couch, watching that sermon, something had happened to us. i'm talking about the joy and love in our hearts. i want more of that.
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>> welcome back to sports night live. the forty-niners have a huge opportunity in front of them despite being mediocre for most of the 1st half of the season, they'll still have a chance to get back to the top of division in the standings with a win tomorrow against the cardinals. and guess what? kyle shanahan put them through the ringer this week to prepare them for this game and the altitude of mexico city. the niners flew into colorado springs on tuesday because colorado springs elevation is similar to what they'll be facing in mexico city. in fact, the altitude in colorado springs is 2000 feet higher than denver's out to 2. so
10:44 pm
they got the elevation they needed for preparation. but what they also got was brutal weather. at one point, the niners were practicing outdoors in 26 degree weather. >> with a light snowfall, they shifted the practice inside later in the week. but either way, kyle shanahan's at night right here. none of those excuses. >> deal with whatever when it comes. i mean, you have at times you get to a field rain wasn't expecting all students i went to green bay and we're going to play in 10 degree weather or whatever that wind chill was. and it's not like i kept the guys out and 10 degrees all week to get used to it. you have a 3 and a half football, 3 our football game and that's all it's about when you get there, you're ready for whatever. i'm just like you are whatever team prison systematically or if you lose a guy in the first player, ready just all the time weather in field conditions as always, part of that. >> it now continue our forty-niners conversation with our niners insider brad graham. brad, thanks for joining us. how you doing? man?
10:45 pm
>> i'm doing phenomenal. i forty-niners football today, but i'm looking forward to previewing this matchup. i was going to say no 90's today, probably a little stress free for absolutely. just hanging out to the all right. so we just got news today that kyler murray won't be playing for the cardinals. colt mccoy will start in his place now, if remember last year was probably actually the rock bottom. >> of the season for the forty-niners colt mccoy comes into levi stadium beach. the niners the anything from a preparation or game plan standpoint, change forty-niners now that they're going to be facing colt mccoy. >> i think there's a little bit of a game plan. preparation switch just because column or maria. so mobile, right? he's able to extended really escape the pocket and something he relies on quite a bit. i do think with colt mccoy going to be able to get the start here on monday night football. i think he's going to sit more within the pocket. he's going to be able to hit the short to intermediate passing concepts a little bit more


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