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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 21, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> and happy monday morning. thanks for waking up with his bride early for the kron. 4 morning news here on monday. november 20th, i'm reyna harvey. the week a thanksgiving. a lot happening this week. if your plan with your family, you need to know what the weather is going to be like. john's raible joining us this morning with a look at that forecast. good morning today. we are looking at a nice one today. temperatures out there will eventually get pretty mild. but >> to start this morning, we're back down to those cool conditions dropping as cold as the 30's all over again this morning we're sitting with visibility. we've got the crystal clear skies. so that's
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no worry. and as we're kicking off this week of thanksgiving, we're doing so with dry skies. now, temps, as i mentioned, our cold redwood city. you're 35 san mateo out and view fremont as well as dublin livermore. concord, all down to the 30's this morning. petaluma look at this. 28 degrees fairfield at 26. so we've got some icy cold temperatures for parts of the north bay. definitely want to bundle up bus and you want to do is forget your jackets and then step out and some 20 degree weather. as for what we've got later today at 60's for your highs, mild and dry day, we stay dry through the thanksgiving holiday, but will we stay that way after thanksgiving? i've got your forecast ahead. rain john, thanks for that. let's get a look at your traffic this morning heading into the city right now about 7 minutes. >> to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. how about the san mateo bridge heading across towards the 82 one-on-one about 13 minutes there. checking on your richmond center fell bridge. it's about 8 minutes tolls to
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101. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes. crawled out. >> to see feel safe. the police au's was when we out we were bodies in >> a gunman opens fire at an lgbtq nightclub in colorado saturday night. at least 5 people are dead and 2, more than 2 dozen others are injured. police are now investigating the mass shooting as a possible hate crime. well, this is called club q and authorities are calling to people who were inside the club heroes because they say they managed to stop the shooting, essentially saving lives. evan kruegel has the latest. >> still so many questions here in colorado springs where multiple people are dead after police say a man walked into a nightclub and started shooting. it was just before midnight when police say a 22 year-old man walked through these doors. >> armed with a long rifle,
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the suspect and are clip q and immediately began shooting at people inside. >> as you move further into the club chief adrian vasquez says multiple people were hit at least 5 were killed while the suspect was inside of the club, at least to her road. people inside the club confronted and fought with the suspect and we're able to stop stop the suspect from continuing to kill and harm others. officers were here within 3 minutes with the suspect in custody. just 2 minutes later. soon as they had the suspect in custody, we are able to move folks in their paramedics and firefighters. >> to start the triage thing in treating patients a drag show was happening at the time of the shooting. according to those inside. and police say they will investigate whether this was a bias motivated h% crime. it also remains unclear what sort of security the suspect had to pass through to get inside using a person taking your ids security. so there's one person. there's usually 2 people under one of
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like secured the club was never like a bad place. so i don't think they needed think they need it. >> big tough guys, too. >> stand at the door because it never liked. it. never that energy never came through the doors saturday night. it did. >> a community now mourning as the investigation continues. >> president joe biden issued a statement on the shooting saying, quote, jill and praying for the families of the 5 people killed in colorado springs. and for those injured in this senseless attack. we know that gun violence has a particular impact on lgbtq plus communities across our nation, we must address the public health epidemic of gun violence in all forms. well, here in san francisco, many spent sunday remembering those who were killed and injured in that shooting coffers. amanda harry was in the castro where a vigil was held in honor of the victims. >> the shooting at club q was on the eve of transgender rememberance day. some people who attended the vigil told me
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that shows how this type of violence is all too familiar for them. >> it is ready, isn't hundreds of people gathered at the harvey milk plaza. remember another horrific event? >> within the lgbtq+ community, a shooting that killed at least 5 people at club. que in colorado springs late saturday night live. also angry. >> i agree that after all these years after all these years, our community is still not city. >> state senator scott wiener spoke at the event. he says the political climate is influencing this type of pain. have consequences. >> political rhetoric, but the levels of the united states government. it has consequences that eventually someone is going it was not an isolated we know that in this
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country, the hawks demonizing. are the people has only gotten worse and worse over time may see a person and dr reid attended the vigil. they say it's important to have as many people as possible. >> at this type of event, i'm african-american, transgender and also one if you know someone like us and we're no longer other we're human beings and that's our problem. we haven't been able to show the world that reid says the community and lawmakers have to do everything they can. >> to make sure this type of tragedy doesn't happen again. it's about time that we start having those difficult conversations and making a change a real change. democracy is not stable. you have to work with it all the time to create what's going to be there if you assume is going to be someone's going to take it away, though. the tenant governor was also at
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the vigils. she says she wants to do everything she can to help protect the lgbtq+ community. and that includes keeping guns out of the hands of people that may them in san francisco, amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> now the eyes of the sports world turning to the middle eastern nation of qatar as the 2022 world cup gets underway, there were no major western leaders in attendance at saturday's open as qatar is under intense scrutiny for its treatment of the migrant workers who prepped for the nation for the world cup as well as the lgbtq community, and is criminalized in qatar. the problem rooms, guitars, first ever lgbtq+. national football supporters group hosted a rally against the discrimination of the world cup yesterday. the group was founded by doctor niles, mohamad, who became what many call the first qatari to publicly come out as. the 35 year-old physician now lives
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in san francisco. he hopes to show that love is not a crime. >> i for people around the world are for lgbt rights and that our to join us. they love is not a crime like cheer for and to bring visibility to the that place right now. >> the problem, the problem rules are the only national football supporters group that canada fans from its own nation because joining would send them to jail. another big story we're following this morning. police are investigating 2 separate bay area shootings that happened over the weekend in total, one person died and 3 others were injured. kron four's philippe djegal has the latest on that. >> a body tarp richmond sidewalk. it's rested next to an suv being processed for evidence on him and or street just before 3 o'clock saturday morning, california highway
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patrol officers closed the area off as investigators piece together. what happened. the chp says it turns out the person who died was shot while driving on interstate 80 in oakland at the 5.80, interchange investigators say another car was involved in the 2 people inside also suffered gunshot wounds. they were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> once the chp determined the body reporting in richmond resulted from the freeway shooting within 3 hours later, the eastbound lanes of 5.80, were closed to gather evidence halting traffic for about an hour. this happening after the chp slow traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge at around 10 o'clock friday night. just west of treasure island. >> the chp says shots were fired and the person was wounded by debris. adding, though, that investigators do not believe the 2 shootings are connected over the years. chp investigators have had
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their hands document in bay area freeway shootings, a rash of them reported along highway pittsburgh. >> prompting the city to add surveillance cameras along the corridor back in 2016. >> in february, cal athletics hall of famer gene ransom was the victim of road rage. he was shot and killed driving on 8.80, in oakland. one of 5 paople killed on freeways during a nine-month stretch, including alameda county sheriff's cadet david, when who was murdered on his drive home to san francisco a year ago this month. 23 month-old jasper. wu was shot and killed on 8.80 in oakland. police have released this photo of 2 cars believed to be involved in that unsolved case in may. governor gavin newsom approved funding for new surveillance cameras on several state meda and contra costa counties. >> philippe djegal kron. 4 >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the department of justice appoint a special
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counsel to oversee investigations into former president donald trump. why trump says the decision is an abuse of power. plus, the holiday travel season is now full swing. we're going to you what to expect when you fill up your tanks and when you're going to the airport. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, millions of people getting a jump on the thanksgiving holiday and hitting the roads already. 49 million people are expected to go somewhere by car, including 7 million californians gas prices while down from their summer highs are still averaging over $5 a gallon across the bay area. we spoke to some drivers about how much they paid at the pump. take a look. >> go down little more. think that that will be nice. well, i don't like it. well, because it's too much. >> all right. according to gasbuddy, these are the highest gas prices we've ever seen during thanksgiving season. despite that, aaa expects us to be the 3rd busiest thanksgiving travel year since 2000. triple-a released its list of the best and worst times to hit the road. this thanksgiving there on your screen wednesday, the 23rd the worst time to drive between 11:00am and 08:00pm. the best time to avoid traffic will be before 08:00am or after 08:00pm. well,
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thanksgiving day, the worst time to drive is between 11:00am and 03:00pm. the rest of the week. you should be ok if you leave in the morning. alright, travelers being asked to get to the airport early. a live look at sfo. if you are flying this holiday season. the airport telling kron 4 that the busiest day there will be next monday as people return from their trips. meanwhile, officials with oakland airport expect travel to pick up there later in the week. that airport is expecting 170,000 passengers. the between wednesday and next sunday. and we can't forget about san jose is that everyone is already seen an uptick in travel there. airport officials there say they are also expecting hundreds of thousands of people to pass through week. all right. lots of people hitting the skies and the road. john people are wondering, you know, how they can plan babies are doing thanksgiving back here in the bay. can we eat outside is
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going to wait to call westerly you know what? thanksgiving itself actually looks like. one of the more mild days of this forecast, which, >> hey, that's working out. pretty good for us overall, where we're at right now is with some cold temperatures. temps falling into the 30's and even a couple of 20's in the north bay morning hours have been consistently cool. unclear but afternoons have been consistently clear in fairly mild and we'll keep that trend going today. nice clear skies across the bay area. if we zoom out across the region, you can see some snow showers in the cascades of washington, oregon. and then some rain towards the coastline of those areas. otherwise really calm across the west coast travels to the east coast. watch out for a little bit of rain. snow mix across the deep south and some record breaking snowfall up in buffalo, new york, 6 feet of snow in the last week. up there. that is some stuff that you'll be encountering may be slowing you down. if you're heading up to the great lakes future cast here in the bay area shows just the opposite. really clear dry conditions from the bay on up into the
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sierra nevada. nothing coming through to switch that up through the thanksgiving holiday, too. so this is a dry forecast in a really calm forecast leading into the holiday itself. 60's for your daytime highs for almost all the bay area today, fred foster city down through redwood city at 67. well, the south bay also looking at temperatures in the upper 60's today pleasanton in union city. 65 degrees. oakland, 66 today. well, in the north bay looking at 60's as well with pittsburgh at 64 santa rosa nevado and center fell at 67 th. here's a look ahead. temps tomorrow and wednesday will remain steady in those mid to upper 60's. then comes thursday for thanksgiving. and we've got one of warmest and sunniest days in your forecast. nearing 70, you might be able to take that thanksgiving meal outside for a few spots. lows will continue to be quite cold will stay dry for the weekend after thanksgiving before chances of rain likely returning towards monday of next week right now. all right, john, thanks for
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that. let's check on your early morning 7 minutes traveling into the city. >> may's that fremont street exit. well, the san mateo bridge put you at about 13 minutes. a 80 to 101. richmond center fell commute. that's an 8 minute drive. tulsa won a one out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes. well, in national news, the department of education is a learning some student loan applicants. they've been approved for the relief under president biden's plan. an update comes after the biden administration asked the supreme court too, allow its controversial student loan debt relief program to go into effect while legal challenges play out. the program is currently on hold after lower courts blocked it earlier this month. happening today, 2 of america's largest railroad unions are set to reveal their decision on a nationwide strike. the unions representing engineers and conductors. we'll announce whether or not their members voted to accept a deal bowker by the white house as many as
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150,000 workers could walk off the job soon as december. this were to happen. it will be the first major strike in nearly 3 decades and could also shut down crucial arteries for the u.s. supply chain. lawmakers in washington are reacting to to attorney general merrick garland's appointment, all the special counsel, 4 investigations into former president donald trump. now that special counsel will oversee several investigations as well. watch your spot. reshad hudson bringing us the latest. >> former president donald trump is slamming the special counsel put in charge of the justice department's investigations into january 6 and his handling of classified documents after office. this horrendous abuse of power is the latest in a long series of what chance. >> so did a long time ago. >> attorney general merrick garland appointed jack smith, a longtime justice department lawyer for the job on friday
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girl and noted his decision was based on trump's planned 2024 white house bid and president biden's intention to seek re-election appointing a special counsel at this time is the right thing to do. and here in washington, california congressman adam schiff supports the move. i hope that the special prosecutor will move with alacrity. >> and fulfill the commitment merrick garland made at the outset, which is that everyone will be treated equally under the law. and that includes the former president. >> trump received a boost from elon musk reinstating trump's twitter account saturday night after taking a social media poll. >> all right. well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, a carjacking turned into a police chase between police and 3 teams in the east bay. we'll tell you how that will happen. we'll be right back after the break. well, we have
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some heartbreaking news to give you involving one of the la county deputy recruits injured when a car drove into them during a training run. the sheriff's office says 4 of the 25 injure recruits remain in critical condition. one of them suffered a medical setback and is now in grave condition. the 22 year-old suspect behind the wheel is out on bail, but is expected to face serious charges.
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investigators say they've obtained enough evidence and statements to conclude that the crash was a deliberate act. now the fbi is investigating how a young woman mysteriously died celebrating her birthday in mexico. investigators say 25 year-old shannon robinson was on vacation with her friends and cabo san lucas, but never made it back to the states. ally. they say her mother was told that her daughter died of alcohol poisoning, but her autopsy tells a very different story. reports of ill she had a broken neck and spinal cord injuries. they say robinson died within 24 hours of getting off of that plane. but what happened leading to her death is still a mystery. still ahead kron 4 morning news, a colorado moore's people that were killed in a mass shooting at an lgbtq club. >> san francisco is honoring lives. transphobia. we're going to talk about the stories. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> will welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. a time for use now for 27 inching ever closely to 04:30am. hey, john, it's the holiday season. i'm ask you this question because we're focused on the weather, you have any favorite thanksgiving dishes that you really just enjoy eating. you know, i love turkey. i love that sandwiches. most of get a
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little miracle up on that. same old, yes, dark meat, turkey the cooler because i'm not health mind it a slice of bread over and i am a happy camper out of a job for me. i would say it has to be the greens. love me some green. so i'm excited to eat this and i'm definitely looking just look at port a good forecast for it. you can see outside that we do have san francisco city under some clear skies right now. >> love to see that on a monday morning of a holiday week. it's good. easy travel weather this morning. no fog in no rainfall out there interrupt your travels either. what we are was really cold. some of the coldest weather this season. temps dipping to freezing right now doubling at 32 mountain view, redwood city, san mateo in the 30's. well, fairfield in petaluma in the mid to upper 20's right now. novato you're at 32 degrees. bilayer hold. napa conquered pittsburgh, brentwood just to name a few spots all dropping down into
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the 30's. so it is a cold start to this morning later today after such a cold start, we will be back to some mild weather but make sure to bundle up for the time being. i will be talking about wh-t we're looking like into thanksgiving itself. still to cap all right, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. remember, still pretty early. so things are still fairly light out there. >> heading into the city this morning, it's going to take about 7 minutes as you're traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit. well, let's say you have to head across towards the peninsula right now. so maybe take the san mateo bridge 80 to 101 about 13 minutes as you are heading across towards the peninsula. don't see any major issues or delays along 101 along the peninsula side. so that's why we're moving pretty quickly. there. a richmond center fell it's going to be about 8 minutes tolls to 101. there as you're heading out of richmond across the word, sandra fell and look at those clear skies here across the golden gate bridge 37 to the
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tolls. so there's no fog slowing us down. all right. the is now for 29. and we are continuing our coverage of that mass shooting where 5 people were killed and an lgbtq nightclub in colorado springs club. que? it's a place known to host drag shows. now we spoke with san francisco state senator scott wiener who is slamming groups who claim that track coach or sexualizes and grooms children attributing those claims to an increase in the violence in the community. >> we've times on trans people 3 transactions, the increase in murders of trans women of this plays very, very tangible ways. and when they have this horrible rhetoric saying that drive creams or trans people or man are trying to harm your children, trying to, quote, important through your children. and only a ma


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