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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 22, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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are looking at a good forecast for those of you that are doing thanksgiving on actually thanksgiving. we are looking at great weather for it, especially if you're just staying here in california where conditions are going to remain nice and comfortable and clear bay area in particular in for a really nice thanksgiving forecast on thursday. skies this morning are clear, but it is cold. the past few mornings, we remain dry and we remain a really chilly redwood city down to 33. same for you in dublin mountain view in oakland. you're at 39 right petaluma sitting at freezing at 32 fairfield just below it at 30 degrees. now much like the past few days. our mornings have been cold, but our daytime brought us a lot of relief climbing right back up into the 60's later today. beautiful day to be stepping back out there. easy for the shopping, the traveling, whatever you've got to do, leading up to the holiday. now, just a couple days away. reyna a couple days away. all pright. if you are traveling this morning, 7 minutes traveling into the city right now, maze to that fremont street exit.
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>> the san mateo bridge put you at 12 minute 80 to 101, as you are heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge tolls to 1, 1, a 7 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes. well, police in the bay area had their hands full this weekend. sideshows enrichment and in valais hill turning chaotic with police making 2 misdemeanor arrest and towing cars. now one city mayor wants more to be done about all of this kron four's. amanda harry has that story. >> revving engines and smoke and even a broken fire hydrant. all of that happened before billy hope. police broke up a sideshow late saturday night near leming street and sonoma hope police made misdemeanor arrests and towed vehicles. california highway patrol, the county sheriff's office, indonesia.
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police helped force the vehicles back onto i-80. then shortly after between 12, 30 in one sunday morning, richmond police reported sideshows at 4 different locations. one was on i-80 and central avenue. i'm not happy about it. richmond's mayor tom says he wishes more would be done to stop side but some city council members aren't open to harsher punishment. >> there are time we had a discussion and city council meeting but made it clear that number one, they do not want anybody arrested. and number 2, at least some of them will leave gaza city for that sideshows are legitimate outlets for young people. just looking for something to do, mayor, but is being termed out as mayor in january and without the support of the council, he says there's little he can do now to change the current approach. what the russian police typically do. >> as i understand it is just
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trying to sure heard people back onto the freeway, going to go somewhere else. i hope that people find somewhere else to go for. >> for the thrill of sideshow. >> well, that was amanda reporting for us this morning. now we reached out to richmond police. they say going forward, they're going to be training more officers to deal with sideshow activity. those officers will go to sideshow so that patrol officers can continue to answer service costs. along the peninsula. a teenage boy and a 23 year-old man are facing charges for allegedly plane part in a crash that left 2 children orphaned. the crash happened on november 4th at el camino, real and finger avenue in redwood city, grace and gray comments car was struck by another car killing both parents and injuring their 7 year old twin girls. redwood city police say that car was racing. another car leading up to that crash. the 17 year-old boy from redwood city was identified by police is the alleged driver that crashed into the comments he was
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arrested and booked into the san mateo county youth services center. police say the other car was driven by. 23 year-old kyle harrison also from where it would city. both of the suspects were arrested on 2 counts of second degree murder. in the east bay. oakland. police are investigating a stabbing happening near lake merritt. it happened around 11 30 yesterday morning on lakeshore avenue. police say a man was stabbed in the neck. witnesses directed officers to the person they believe responsible for that stabbing after a short foot chase, they were taken into custody. the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. in the south bay, former champion cain velasquez return to court after making bail earlier this month. he's accused of trying to kill a man who allegedly molested his young relative earlier this year. well, for us, charles clifford has an update for us. >> well, here in san jose, cain velasquez appeared in a courtroom. he also made a request to leave the state of california briefly for a work
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event on monday morning. cain velasquez appeared in a san jose courtroom. his first appearance after being released on bail earlier this month as this case moves towards a trial, blazquez was required to enter a plea on charges of attempted murder, assault and multiple weapons related counts. he would be pleading not guilty and waiving his right to a speedy trial. blazquez is accused of trying to kill this man. harry glory. >> a separate case colored he is accused of sexually abusing canes. 4 year-old son prosecutors allege that back on february 28th cain pursued already in a high-speed car chase along highway 101, and attempted to shooting with a handgun, wounding another man in the process. cain was arrested without incident on the same day after being in custody for a little over 8 months. velasquez was granted release on 1 million dollars bail on november 8. he was ordered to wear a gps tracker and stay away from harry glory on monday, velasquez a former ufc champion also requested permission to travel to arizona. mister is seeking
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permission today. >> to and participate in a a wrestling match that employment right now the judge handling the request said he was inclined to allow the trip if it didn't violate the terms of alaska says bail. a decision is expected later this week. >> cain velasquez is next. scheduled court appearance is set for december 28th in san jose charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> elizabeth holmes may not have to begin her 11 year prison sentence as soon as prosecutors may have hoped for, according to reports, homes, legal team is expected to appeal her 11 year prison sentence. they are for delaying the date she would need to turn yourself in on friday. the disgraced theranos founder was sentenced to a little over 11 years behind bars after being charged with misleading investors and endangering patients while peddling flake, blood testing technology holmes is currently pregnant with their second child. lawyers must file an appeal within the next 2 weeks. well, for your help
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this morning, officials in marin county say emergency rooms are seen twice the amount of people company with viral respiratory symptoms. that they normally do this time of year in order to avoid long waits or overcrowding in emergency rooms, officials recommend anyone experiencing mild symptoms reach out by phone or virtually to your medical provider before going in. they say people 5 years or older should get the updated covid-19 booster flu shots as soon as possible, especially people 50 and older who are at a higher risk for severe disease. well, disney has. brought former ceo bob iger out of retirement to lead the company. it could be the sign something bigger. brian, in 10 report, the company has been said to be losing its magic. >> disney known by some as the happiest place on earth. but it hasn't been so happy for the last couple of years based on many online reviews, tickets in magic kingdom are
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rising to 189 bucks. that's a 12% hike. what do you get for shelling out more do longer lines and broken rides. according to the wall street journal ride, stoppages rose 58% to disneyland in california from 2018 to 2022. and they were up 42% at walt disney world in florida. according to the journal. star wars rise of resistance ride at walt disney world in orlando is down an average of 118 minutes every single day. and that means wait. times are longer. the average time in line went from 39 minutes and 2019 to 49 minutes and 2022, even disney obsessed bloggers have noticed that disney hasn't felt quite the same, but from smaller portions and food. >> or even, you know, less less festive, looking dinnerware at the restaurants or even like i you know, maybe less maintenance happening in the parks where there's like light bulbs out in certain places. things like that. the never would have flown back in
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the old days, quote, unquote. what disney fan joked on twitter, disney might start charging a $7 clean toilet fee or $3 drinking fountain fee. the disgruntled fan tag. now back again. disney ceo. >> robert iger, many hoping maybe he'll be able to bring back some of that disney magic. but longtime disney experts say the trend of rising prices declining service and priority shifting away from the middle class will be hard to reverse 5 years from now. >> you know, what is the perception going to be a park's? because the people are who the people i'm hearing from her coming back now are saying, you know, always love the parks, but this was the last straw like the freeze nickel and dime comes a whole lot in the e-mails that i read. >> well, that was brian entin reporting. it's not just the parks where people have become disgruntled and prices are going up. disney plus has also been losing money and now plans to raise its prices. hey, the warriors are facing a lawsuit for promoting the now bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange ftx last december,
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the organization announced a deal with ftx name. the company there fishel cryptocurrency platform and nft marketplace team is also a defendant in a lawsuit filed last week. u.s. base ftx customers seeking damages from celebrity endorsers like steph curry and quarterback tom brady. triple a estimates that nearly 55 million americans will fly drive or catch a train over the next few days to celebrate the holidays. air travel alone is likely to peak just shy of pre-pandemic levels. xavier walton has more on how much you might be spending this year to get to your destination. >> been astronomical forever. sticker shock and holiday travel, hiccups. i don't want to trash an airline, but let's just say arrived here about 03:30am, in the morning as millions head to different destinations. most of the same about the cost to get their lunch words you had to pay white. >> why i to pay $100 because my back was 2 pounds 2 pounds,
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2 pounds. >> i mean, you've already paid an arm or leg and then now you get here, you have an extra $100. how does that make you feel? >> broke. we're going to compared to last year. average airfares up about 40%. >> can stay with the family or friends. hotel rooms up 6%. bad, though, the cost of cars actually down 3 half percent. but still, 46% more expensive than pre-pandemic prices from 2019. no matter what you're trying to do when it comes to travel. >> we're just not seen the discounting that we saw once upon a time despite the rise in prices, americans are still leaving home, even getting to the airport these days. parking rates have gone out. >> back in miami international. it's unfortunate that's not. >> that's a funny, sad. it's it's difficult in the in the country right now. you do what you can with what you have like. it was. >> like in a vacation or something like that that was not necessary. then i probably hold off families the necessary. i got to see my mom and yes, family
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>> well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, a national railroad strike is looming closer to a possibility as the deadline to reach a contract proposal inches ever closer. we'll be right back after the break. it
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to the kron. 4 morning news 04:44am. on this tuesday. >> got to get you rolling this morning in terms of get thanksgiving plans. john, has you covered? good morning. john and we are looking at thanksgiving just 2 days away now. not a lot of time left to. >> get the house ready and start cleaning on what you're going to kick in. good news for you is if you're getting outside these next few days, you don't have anything to worry about. as far as the weather goes, it is cold. this morning, though, clear skies, calm conditions and temps right back down in the 30's a lot like they were yesterday afternoon will be nice and mild with any sort of rainfall being sent well to the north of us, not just the way the setups been lately. we are seeing dry conditions from the bay area to southern california. any showers or said further north up to the oregon border with some rain and snow up in the cascades, which has been nice for them. but we're sitting it out just for this week, which is honestly a bit of good news. if you do have any travel plans this week or just need to get some stuff done, heading up to the sea air staying here in the bay. you're good to go for all of
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it. nothing that's going to come through and interrupt chip. here's thursday on your future cast and what you see out there for thursday. it's abundantly clear skies. it's going to warm up nicely towards the afternoon to that's just going make for a really comfortable day for any sort of holiday festivities. for thanksgiving 60's for your highs in sf at the coast along the bay shore or inland. a lot of these numbers are going to look really familiar. we were right here yesterday in those upper 60's and we're going to be right back there today. today. we're not looking at in the 70's just yet, but later this week we are going to tap into some of those. so temps are getting on the warmer side ever. so gradually, oakland at 65 today, super you in antioch in vallejo mill valley at 64 tomorrow, we'll start to see a few low 70's on the map. same into thursday and friday. really nice shopping day on friday. really nice eating day on thursday. we will continue to see those cold evening lows, though. so cold nights, mild afternoons. that's the way we go. staying dry through saturday, likely into sunday
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before best chances of rainfall arriving monday of next week rated. john, thank you for that update. traveling into the city this morning about 7 minutes. >> so that freeman street exit and the san mateo bridge 80 to one a one. a 12 minute ride for you. there. richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to 101 about 7 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes. the time now 04:47am. and then the east bay, antioch, police arrest 2 men and a teenager following a high-speed pursuit to 4 cities. it all started late friday night with an armed carjacking in stockton later that evening. when police spotted that stolen vehicle gave chase, then the oakley police department continued the pursuit alongside that stolen car in antioch and the apd eventually found it parked near a park. police detained one person inside the car. they say the others ran away. them hiding in a backyard. well, a national railroad
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strike is now very possible. there are just less than 2 weeks before the deadline and another huge rail workers union has rejected the new contract proposal. laura ingle has the details. >> the threat of a nationwide rail strike is inching closer to becoming a reality on monday. one of the unions at the center of negotiations rejected an offer that would have provided workers with a 24% pay raise if no deal is reached, union workers could strike as early as december 5th just a few weeks before the christmas holiday. so much of the goods and services that we >> purchase are delivered on rail. if that strike happens, the supply chain problems obviously are going to get much worse. it could ultimately fall to congress to intervene and several the contract negotiations. the white house is preparing for all possible outcomes. we continue to urge both sides finish their work in good faith and avoid even the
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threat of a shutdown. the uncertainty taking place at the same time, drivers will be paying more for gasoline. this thanksgiving than in years past. >> however, the national average is down roughly $0.16 compared to a month ago. recent economic data has economists and investors questioning whether inflation has peaked. and if the federal reserve needs to keep raising interest rates. >> we're running right now and inflation rate of 7.7%. that's almost 4 times the rate and which they want to be. they got a long way to go. >> the next fed meeting isn't until mid december, but already some members have voiced support for a smaller rate hike if they continue to see encouraging signs on inflation. laura ingle. >> all right. thank you for that update. laura. all right. well, we're talking about the u.s. postal service already warning about this year's holiday shipping deadlines. usps stores will be closed on christmas day, but some postal offices will stay open on the
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2 previous sundays to help handle the huge amount of shipments. if you're using ground of first-class mail service, you should have everything set out on december 17th people using priority express will have until the 23rd to that. but on the bright side, us shipping carriers say holiday deliveries will be on time in faster since the pandemic. the u.s. postal service says they are ready to handle the holiday rush after hiring more workers carriers have been struggling to meet demand work because of the shortages and a lack of resources. since then, companies like ups and fedex have updated their systems with new machines and staff. an improvement. the company say they're now able to process over 60 million daily packages. if you're looking for a spot to watch the world cup, san francisco is going to be hosting world cup villages at several locations around the city. we're showing you footage from yesterday's watch party over at the folsom street location at the crossing. the month-long event will feature a series of public screenings of world cup
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matches. food trucks, live music and more. look at them watching other events are going to be held at union square. jfk promenade and the civic center head over to our website at kron 4. we have a list of all of those upcoming watch parties. well, millions of american dollars are expected to flow over the world cup matches the american gaming association estimates americans are going at one point a billion dollars on the soccer tournament. that's in states where sports betting is allowed, though it's still illegal in 14 states, including california. this is the first world cup since the federal ban on sports betting was lifted in 2018. and i nation travel well south of the border to see the niners in mexico city taking on the cardinals starting in the 2nd quarter, niners down until jimmy g finds. brandon, do you for the touchdown. san francisco took that lead and never looked back after that. the cardinals tried to close that gap a little but not by much. the niners blew out the cardinals. 38 to 10 after the
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game. kyle shanahan expressed his appreciation for the crowd in mexico. >> that was one of the coolest experiences. i've been a part of. i mean, was it was so need last year going up playing in la and a whole red stadium in the city that was in years. >> and then coming a lot farther to mexico city be in just the you know, we were told it might be like that. it was even better than we expected. >> well, the forty-niners are going to be back at levi stadium playing the saints on sunday. kickoff is at one. 25 pm. we'll be right back. after the break.
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>> we'll take a look at this. nasa's orion spacecraft has made its closest approach to the moon. >> oh, can't wait james gets here. so you can see this. if you closer look at the center of your screen. i don't know. can there it is you can see the little bit. >> he's like a little bit. a sliver rotating in a perfect sync. the orion took off last week as part of the artemis one mission. >> 3 test dummies are inside the spacecraft. they're getting ready for, you know, some humans, if all goes well during those 3 week mission, the crew capsule will be propelled into a wide orbit around the moon and return to earth in december with a
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splashdown in the pacific ocean. one small step for man, one giant leap. for space. well, still to come in the next hour, we're talking about oakland resident and they're going to be waking up. >> to chilly new mayor this morning is showing how claims victory over lord taylor. and the man accused of hitting 25 share for the 2 los angeles county is then released from jail. why investigators say evidence suggest this incident may have been on purpose. plus, we're learning new details in the deadly shooting that killed 5 people and an lgbtq nightclub in colorado will have more on that in just a few minutes.
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darya folsom. we have been planning yes past few days to get ready for a turkey thanksgiving. getting closer closer, john, keeping an eye on that ever changing forecast so far, i think we're looking good, at least through thursday. we are john. we are. even the weekend after a 2. so we're pretty smooth sailing as we make our way through the rest of this forecast for the holiday week. anyways. thanksgiving looking especially nice to see little extra to be thankful for courtesy of mother nature. but we got out there this morning is our clear skies. nothing coming in the way of your commute to work. if you are even still working this morning. i know some people have the week off. >> in just celebrating with some family skies will remain clear throughout the day today. so once the sun comes up, we're going to make quick work of these 30's and 40's and scoot right back up into the 60's. but right now it is cold san jose in mountain view at 39 degrees. redwood city in dublin at 33. then there's fairfield there for spot to fall into the upper 20's at 28 degrees. petaluma back down to 32 degrees. so another cold start to


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