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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 22, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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darya folsom. we have been planning yes past few days to get ready for a turkey thanksgiving. getting closer closer, john, keeping an eye on that ever changing forecast so far, i think we're looking good, at least through thursday. we are john. we are. even the weekend after a 2. so we're pretty smooth sailing as we make our way through the rest of this forecast for the holiday week. anyways. thanksgiving looking especially nice to see little extra to be thankful for courtesy of mother nature. but we got out there this morning is our clear skies. nothing coming in the way of your commute to work. if you are even still working this morning. i know some people have the week off. >> in just celebrating with some family skies will remain clear throughout the day today. so once the sun comes up, we're going to make quick work of these 30's and 40's and scoot right back up into the 60's. but right now it is cold san jose in mountain view at 39 degrees. redwood city in dublin at 33. then there's fairfield there for spot to fall into the upper 20's at 28 degrees. petaluma back down to 32 degrees. so another cold start to this morning, but
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we've got another nice afternoon ahead of us in a really nice one for thanksgiving. i'll get to those details and talk about our next chance of rain in your forecast. all right, john, thanks for that. got to get you going this morning. 7 minute drive into the city. if you're leaving right now to get some things done, maybe picking up your loved ones from the airport. sam, until ridge. 82 want to one 12 minutes heading across towards the peninsula year. richmond, sandra fell bridge about a 7 minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it's going to take about 19 minutes on this tuesday morning. >> 501, that i'm a crop or your local election headquarters. and this morning, oakland has a new mayor elect. yeah. late last night mayoral candidate shane tell. >> claimed victory over candidate loren taylor kron 4. sarah stinson standing by the newsroom with the latest on this. good morning, sara. >> good morning. the race to become the next mayor of oakland. it's been a tight one today. we are 2 weeks post election day and the ballots are mostly counted up putting shane tao in the lead by only
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600 plus votes. very close. let's just take a look at how has declared victory. she has 50.30% of the vote with 50,057 1159 votes. lauren taylor has 49.70% of the vote with 56,477 votes in taos statement calling herself mayor-elect. she first congratulates taylor for the strong campaign. he ran and then banked oakland for the sport. take a look at how says, quote, i have never felt more hopeful about oakland's future or more determined to lead the fight for it. i'm excited to get to work. building the safer more affordable. more just oakland we know is possible in the months and years ahead. tao explain. she's ready to get to january saying she plans to put together a public safety plan that involves doubling down on violence, prevention and addressing the root cause of crime by working to create more jobs and educational opportunities. she also wants to fill the vacancies in the
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police department with diverse officers. tell says she wants to make oakland the most proactive city on housing and homelessness as well. now, meanwhile, council member taylor has not conceded that for this race yet despite having dropped further behind town with county with the counting of the ballots largely concluded on saturday. taylor says he will he. he said he respects what the will of the voters is. and once that's made clear, he will make a statement and that is coming soon. even without a formal concession, tao is already getting praise from other political leaders, including state assembly member that's mia bonta. she said welcome. she's happy for her. calling her oakland's next. mayor. now, keep in mind, we're still waiting for contra costa county to clip certified the we'll keep an eye on that from the newsroom. but for now, send it back to you, james reyna. all right, sara, thanks for that breakdown. there. >> 503, the time and on the peninsula. palo alto police now looking for the gunman who fired shots into a restaurant at stanford shopping center on
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monday. now police responded to a call at about 4.25, in the afternoon from an employee of the fleming steakhouse. police arrived, they say they saw a window near the front door and a nearby car that struck by bullets. police say a witness reported seeing someone stick out a handgun from a black chevy camaro at the time of the incident. >> i just heard like fireworks. cops pulled up and told everybody to leave. that's when everybody started running. so. >> yeah. police say the car was last seen driving northbound on el camino. real that car. that was shot at was unoccupied at the time of shooting. so nobody hurt there. police believe the incident. was possibly drive-by shooting. they're still looking into it. >> well, developing news this morning, we're learning vivid new details of the deadly shooting inside of a colorado springs. lgbtq nightclub. an army veteran held a hero fighting off the suspect, tackling him to the ground. >> and wrestling the gun. james. yeah. saying that he did what he was trained to do.
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we're also learning more about the 5 people who lost their lives in that attack. alex caprariello has the latest. >> a day and a half after a rifle wielding gunman entered club q and opened fire on innocent patrons. police have revealed the names of the men and women shot and killed that fateful night. kelly loving daniel aston, derrick raymond, green vance and ashley paul all lost their lives with another 18 injured in the chaos. i've lost the one place. i never thought i'd have to fear. jericho, love all was getting a drink at the bar when he heard shots ring out. he thinks he was one of the first ones hit the shot up the door. first. when check you in, get yourself. >> we came across on the corner of the bar areas immediately right there with the entrance to the dance floor. he came to the bar area. rapid fire shots across the bar area. glass shattering people falling. others like former army vet richard one of 2 men credited with charging the shooter in holding him
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until police arrived is being hailed a hero. i have never. >> encountered a person who had engaged in such heroic actions that was so humble about it. he simply said to me, i was trying to protect my family. news nation has learned new details about the alleged shooter anderson, aldrich these videos from june 2021. show the moment aldridge surrendered to swat teams after his mother called for help saying he was threatening her with a bomb guns and ammo. however, there's no public record. aldridge was ever charged with the crime since the case was sealed and is protected by colorado law a year and a half later, he now faces preliminary charges of first-degree murder and committing a bias motivated crime. >> that was alex caprariello reporting at this moment. aldridge is still in custody at a hospital under police supervision. the district attorney says he could be released soon and within appear in court. >> for the first time shortly after probably be virtually he'll be held without bail.
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>> now 42 the hill. the accused shooter is the grandson of longtime san diego politician. rand evil pill. we'll tell. just lost reelection to the assembly 2 weeks ago, despite the reports his office has yet to comment on their relationship. the following the mass shooting in colorado springs. you have many bars that are on high alert and rethinking their security. the owner of look out in san francisco says security measures were increased in 2016 after 49 people were shot and killed inside of orlando's pulse nightclub. they added security guards 7 nights a week and require active shooter training for staff. >> important of either we do it. i know that that the stop as well. and it's. it's also just settle that we live in a world where that's kind of part of the reality. >> the bar's owner has considered metal detectors and pat-downs at the door. but wants to maintain a balance between a welcoming environment along with safety. well, in developing news, the
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sheriff's cadet is now fighting for his life after being hit by an suv last week that cadet one of 25 struck while out on a group exercise run. the 22 year-old driver is no longer in jail. investigators say evidence suggests he did it on purpose. the gutierrez, his legal team is now denying all of that. we have nancy loo with the story. >> 22 year-old nicholas joseph gutierrez has been cooperating with the investigation since the incident last wednesday morning. a backyard camera captured his suv going the wrong way and traveling up to 40 miles an hour. >> when it slammed into a group of 75 sheriff's recruits. why did you run into groups? newsnation affiliate ktla spotted gutierrez returning home after his release. authorities said more evidence is needed in order to file charges. in a statement, his defense attorney alexander cause aerion said in part we want to emphasize that nicholas was on his way to work and had no drugs or
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alcohol in his system at the time of this tragic accident. because area did not elaborate but confirms claims by gutierrez that is facial injuries were at the hands of recruits pummeling him after the incident. >> but the la county sheriff has told newsnation the investigation is indicating it was no accident with the video surveillance statements from their recruits. >> the physical evidence they have and what they got from the suspect himself. and they were able to form the pain that this was a deliberate act. 3 of the recruits injured remain in critical condition. and one has taken a turn for the worse and is now listed as grave. >> the tragedy is weighing heavily on those back at the training academy. it's just a terrible situation. you you know, you put your life on the line when you're in that career. >> and here you are at the very beginning and now. there's a possibility we may have people lose their lives. >> well, that was nancy loo reporting for us this morning. the chp is leading that crash
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investigation. neither the chp nor sheriff's department offered any new comment update on this investigation. >> in the south bay, former mma champion cain velasquez has returned to court. he did that. he made that appearance on monday. alaska is currently out on bail but return to court to enter a plea and also to request permission to travel out of california. alaska's is accused of trying to kill this man. harry goularte in a separate case. is accused of sexually abusing canes. 4 year-old son. prosecutors allege that back on february 28th cain pursued goularte in a high-speed car chase along 1, 0, 1, and one point attempted to shoot with a handgun, wounding another man in the car in the process. >> he would be pleading not guilty and waiving his right to a speedy trial. mister is seeking permission today to and participate in a a wrestling match that employment right now. >> well, the judge handling
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the request said that he was inclined to allow the trip if it didn't violate the terms of alaska's his bail. a decision is expected later this week. alaska's his next court appearance is set for december 28th. >> well, elizabeth holmes may not have to begin her 11 year prison sentence as soon as prosecutors they hoped for, according to reports homes, legal team is expected to appeal her 11 year prison sentence. therefore delay the date. she would need to turn yourself in. well, on friday, the disgraced theranos founder was sentenced to a little over 11 years behind bars after being convicted for misleading investors and endangering patients while pedaling a fake blood testing. technology holmes is currently pregnant with their second child. lawyers must file an appeal within the next 2 weeks. >> still ahead morning news, the president is reminding people what they can do to protect theoselves from covid while celebrating thanksgiving. we'll have more on that bit of advice. coming up. >> and james, speaking of
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thanksgiving, extreme heat turkey ham not so much sell. explain why. coming up in a live report. >> but plenty of sunshine for thanksgiving. we're going to be holding on to it all week long. and that's going make for a really nice forecast for any sort of travels you have or if you just want to step outside,
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and with thanksgiving right around the corner, we want you to save big. that's why at grocery outlet, we are offering you $21 off your holiday turkey with in-store coupon. that's as low as .53 cents a pound. now, that's savings to be thankful for. so hurry in because this deal is only available while supplies last. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ >> well, 5.14, is the time and
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unfortunately some bad news for crab lovers. this season is being delayed. and that's because the department of california fish and wildlife, they're trying to protect humpback whales are swimming in the bay. before us will tran live in san francisco with more will a lot of people watching this this morning. sad about the lack of morning. >> our very own brian brooks our assignment editor. he's bombed because he has crab for thanksgiving, but he lives in a different tax bracket. so does james for the rest of us. we have turkey and ham. but these. traps here, well, they're not going anywhere because they're not being allowed to hit the waters because as you talked about the humpback whales, they have been spotted. this is part of their migration that they do annually. so right now they've seen plenty of humpback whales off the coast of california and they want them to be safe when they dropped the crab. these traps here, well, they will get entangled. and so far a couple of them have already
5:16 am
been entangled, which is why the department of fish and wildlife, they're not allowing crab fisherman to go out there and drop these traps, which means for you. crab won't be on the plate. at least fresh crab. you can go to some other places, but it probably won't be a succulent as the freshman's right off the boat. they will re-evaluate this situation come december 7. so you won't have fresh crab come thanksgiving, but hopefully you will have it for christmas. and this pretty much stretches all up and down. california. they will allow recreational crab, but that's a lot of work. a lot of people do commercial fish us far as getting it off the boats and that fisherman's wharf. that won't be here. so let's keep in mind more turkey, more him less crab unless you don't want the fresh kind to me. i only cried that much change. you're in a different tax bracket. i couldn't even tell you fresh crab from crowd that you just got. the grocery store. i
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would know. you need to tell me all be over. think for thanksgiving. we've got to go to brides house. i don't have a get the normal turkey going on. but all right, thanks. giving a bride's has this year. >> but you heard it here first. thank you. yeah, i mean, crowd is great. but if i could pick for, you probably just got that traditional traditional flavor going little sandwiches that you guys made to doesn't work the he'll defer turkey its ear old, reliable. well, we are looking out there at some nice clear conditions. this morning, golden gate bridge much like yesterday back under those clear skies. >> just a cold morning before a nice mild afternoon ahead of us. but this weather lately, especially on the week of thanksgiving because it's a busy travel week, especially tomorrow being really one of the busiest travel days of the year and right across california, we're looking at not a whole lot going on mild weather to our north through
5:18 am
the see that storm system actively pushing into the pacific northwest. that's where they'll be continuing to be set for the rest of the week. rain and snow to the north right up along the oregon border. well, the bay area southward, nothing but dry weather. a lot of sunshine and temperatures actually getting a bit more mild from now into thanksgiving. so if you thought it felt kind of warm and above average lately for late november, it's about to get even warmer by just a few degrees today into tomorrow. lots of sunshine out there will continue to hold on to that sunshine even more so into thursday, going to be a crystal clear day for thanksgiving. if you want to plan that thanksgiving feast between one and 03:00pm, i'd say take it outside. it's going to be beautiful weather for it. 60's for your highs at the coast along the bay shore and inland today. these numbers at this point looking really familiar. it's not much of a change from yesterday. san jose at 67 fremont on up to hayward at 66. same for you in the tri valley. oakland at
5:19 am
65 some of our warmest temps again in the north bay sonoma, sandra fell nevado in petaluma all at 68 degrees tomorrow. we'll see some more upper 60's and thursday and friday, the warmest year forecast. perfect for your evening. on thursday, shopping on friday, low 70's for many of our bay area cities. temps. after that, we'll start to cool down and cool down. pretty quick by next monday. we're only in the 50's with rainfall returning. that's plenty of time to get back home from your thanksgiving destinations, right? all right, john, thanks for that. let's check on your traffic right now. heading into the city is going to take a minute. >> to make it from the maze to that freeman street exit. well, the san mateo bridge put you at 18. 0, 1, acer team in iran traveling across towards insula. the richmond, sandra fell bridge about 7 minutes tolls to want to one. so we're still very light there. let's check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 18 minutes. >> to national headlines now. president biden issuing the second thanksgiving turkey pardon of his presidency sparing to birds.
5:20 am
>> from north carolina and they were very thankful. he also used the occasion to remind americans to get your flu and your covid booster shot heading into those winter months. that's right. washington correspondent reshad hudson joining us live from dc with all that. good morning. reshad. >> hey, good morning. for weeks the white house has been encouraging americans to get the most recent covid-19 booster shot as they head into the holidays with family. >> this winter can be i'm much happier than recent holiday. see who's as president biden pardon? 2 turkeys named chocolate and chip. you're reminded americans of the tools to help keep them safe. this holiday season, we have new covid vaccine updates to deal with new variants. the president said the country has come a long way in the fight against covid-19 2 years ago. we couldn't safely have thanksgiving with large family gatherings. and to get even more into the holiday spirit.
5:21 am
first lady jill biden welcomed the official white house christmas tree monday and 18 and a half foot for from a pennsylvania farm. and later in the day, the first family traveled to north carolina to serve meals at a dinner for military service members stationed at marine corps air station. cherry point >> military is family. >> one percent of you represents 99% of the public. >> and later today, the white house covid-19 response team will brief reporters on the latest from the administration reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. thank you very much for shot. >> well, happening today, a south bay high school is hosting a turkey day for a holiday drive. students and community members of presentation high school or looking to collect 1000 turkeys this year to meet the needs of the sacred heart community service. so they're accepting 8 to 12 pound frozen turkeys, hams and chickens.
5:22 am
the drive is going to be held on the front side of the campus. that's from 07:00am to 10:00am. make sure you set your alarm for that. >> and happening today in the east bay, the bay area rescue mission is teaming up with uc birth. the athletics to distribute 800 holiday meals. these will go to financially distressed families living in the iron triangle of richmond, online registration closed on november 16th, but residents can register in person. it must, however, show to proof of residency forms. things like a driver's license or state id along with the utility or phone bill or letter from their child's school. the meal includes a turkey, all of dressings and fixings and everything you need for a traditional holiday meal. the distribution will be from 8.30, until 11, 30 today. we'll take a break. it is 5.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a railroad strike could be looming this holiday season. if unions and contractors don't reach a deal soon. >> we'll tell you what a strike could cost the economy.
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>> a split vote on a new rail contract puts the u.s. one step closer to a railroad strike just before the holiday shopping season. well, road engineers voting in favor of the deal, but doctors rejected it. 3 small role. unions also voted against the deal brokered by the biden administration in september. the contract offers 24 percent pay raises, plus back pay and
5:26 am
bonuses, member unions. doesn't address demanding schedules or offer paid sickly. they could strike in 2 weeks. congress may get involved in agreement is not reached before. then. >> unions can obviously but the railroads can obviously lock the employees out to motivate congress. they've done it before. we cannot afford to have a work stoppage in this country negotiated positive outcome with each of our 12 unions is the the goal. >> trying december 9th the nationwide shut down that cost the economy. 2 billion dollars per day. >> well, the u.s. postal service is already warning about this year's holiday shipping deadlines. the usps stores are going to be closed on christmas day. don't forget that some postal offices will stay open on the 2 previous sundays to help handle the huge amount of shipments if you're using ground or first class mail service, you should have everything set out by december 17th people using priority express will have until the 23rd. don't forget.
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>> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news site shows take over 2 cities in the bay area. now one city mayor wants more to be done to stop the explain.
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>> and we're back 5.30, is that i'm still dark outside, as you can see behind us. yes, still dark right now. but as the week progresses, you things are going to be a really nice for families. yeah. celebrating really enjoying the fact that it's going to be in the afternoon. is that something everybody can celebrate and be thankful for this thing forward to that? california, thanksgiving where you've got 70 in the forecast and that's exactly the number that we have for your thanksgiving afternoon. but our afternoons, maybe warm our morning. been cold. still got to bundle up for those where we're at right now. the bay bridge looking nice and clear. got a bit of a breeze out there. the flag of a pier 15 moving around and that's going make those 30's you're stepping out into. >> field all more cold. >> as for aid, our skies, nice and clear across the region from the coast bayshore inland. we're all off to a really clear start now. redwood city, you're at 33 right now. san jose in mountain view at 39 dublin, sitting right at freezing at
5:31 am
32 in fairfield, down in the upper 20's these morning lows just getting cooler and cooler. our daytime highs might be above average, but you still got to bundle up like its winner during our mornings will be talking about thanksgivings forecast. what to expect after that. and a chance of rainfall in the distant forecast. still to come right now. all right, john, thanks to that or let let's get you rolling this morning. if you're traveling into the city, it's going to take 8 minutes. >> to make it from the maze to the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge still smooth sailing. 12 minutes, 80 to 101. all your richmond, sandra fell bridge. put you at about 7 minutes tolls to want to one as you travel out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 18 minutes. >> all right, 5.31 is the time and police throughout the bay area have their hands full this weekend. sideshows in richmond in vallejo turned chaotic with police making 2 misdemeanor arrests and towing 2 cars. now one city mayor wants more to be done. kron four's amanda hari has that story for us.
5:32 am
>> revving engines and smoke and even a broken fire hydrant. all of that happened before billy hope. police broke up a sideshow late saturday night. >> near leming street and sonoma hope police made misdemeanor arrests and towed vehicles. california highway patrol, the county sheriff's office in benicia. police helped force the vehicles back onto i-80. then shortly after between 12, 30 in one sunday morning, richmond police reported sideshows at 4 different locations. one was on i-80 and central avenue. i'm not happy about it. richmond's mayor tom says he wishes more would be done to stop sideshows, but some city council members aren't open to a harsher punishment at their time. we had a city council meeting. >> but might it clear that number one, they do not want anybody arrested? and number
5:33 am
2, at least some of them will leave gaza city for that sideshows are legitimate for young people. just looking for something to do, mayor, but is being termed out as mayor in january and without the support of the council, he says there's little he can do now to change the current approach. what the russian police typically do. >> as i understand it is just trying to sure heard people back onto the freeway, going to go somewhere else. i hope that people find somewhere else to go for. >> for the thrill of sideshow. >> well, that was amanda harry reporting for us this morning. we reached out to richmond police, they say going forward into 2023. they are training more officers to do with sideshow activity. those officers are going to go to sideshows so that patrol officers can continue to answer service calls. >> on the peninsula, teenage boy and a 23 year-old man are facing charges now for a crash that left 2 children orphaned.
5:34 am
that crash happened back on november 4th el camino, real and finger avenue in redwood city. investigators say grace and greg ammons car was struck by another car killing both parents and injuring their 7 year-old twin girls. redwood city police say that car was racing another vehicle leading to this crash, a 17 year-old boy from redwood city was identified by police as the alleged driver that crashed into the family of 4. he has now been arrested and booked into the san mateo county youth services center. police say the other car was driven by. 23 year-old kyle harrison also from redwood city. both have now been arrested on 2 counts of second degree. in the east bay, oakland. police now investigating a stabbing near lake merritt. it happened about 11, 30 yesterday morning on lakeshore avenue. police say a man was stabbed in the neck. witnesses directed officers to the person they thought was behind the stabbing and after a short foot chase, that person was taken into custody. the victim
5:35 am
was taken to the hospital and we're told is in stable condition. >> well, the family of alexis, gabe is calling on contra costa county district attorney to fulfill her promise and finding justice for their daughter. when gave released a statement saying, quote, we're working on getting another appointment with the d a hundreds of our followers are e-mailing da diana becton to fulfill her promise to our family. they said 3 months ago that if we found our daughter's remains and this will help our case against alicia coma. clark, that's the mother of marshall jones. over the weekend, the family visited the site where alexis partial remains were found earlier this month in plymouth that's southeast of sacramento and on the door county, the 24 year-old woman from oakley was first reported missing back in january after visiting her, then boyfriend's home in an e a police have since pointed to the boyfriend, marshall jones, as gabe suspected killer jones was shot and killed during a police confrontation with police. this happened back in june in seattle.
5:36 am
>> well, the alameda county sheriff's office is now investigating one of their own for suspicion of dui. that crash happened on november 10th. the sheriff's office spokesperson tells kron 4 the deputy michael stiller at just left a sheriff's memorial service in livermore when he rear ended a tractor trailer on 5.80, near greenville road. he was off duty at the time, but was driving in alameda county sheriff's office utility truck zeller was hurt in that crash had to be taken to the hospital. we're told he was cited for suspicion of driving drunk. we've reached out to the chp to learn more about this crash, an we've got yet to hear back. >> well, the contra costa county sheriff's office warning people about a phone scam. the offices, the scammers are calling, people say there's a warrant for their arrest and they will be arrested unless they pay them money. authorities say they have already been multiple victims. the sheriff's office says anyone getting such a call should refused to provide any personal information to that collars. and we just hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency. still
5:37 am
ahead on the kron 4 morning news, we're talking about controversy surrounding this year's world cup. >> how fans and teams are reacting to the restrictions at stadiums in qatar. we'll see you us is letting some ban users back on twitter to tell you who he says will not be able to get back on the social media site. and we're going show you the delta frying a turkey will have more about that coming up, don. >> and as you're getting outside to enjoy it, it's going to be a nice afternoon highs in the 60's again today and for thanksgiving could be seeing a couple low 70's. your forecast ahead.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> well, twitter owner elon musk has made waves in recent days by lifting bans on certain twitter accounts, including former president donald trump's kanye west, but he says he's not interested in letting alex jones back on the platform. one twitter user asked us to bring back jones billionaire shot down the suggestion by saying, quote, my first born child died in my arms, felt his last heart beat ma said i have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain politics or fame. prompted that idea. and there he promoted the idea that the sandy hook school shooting
5:41 am
which left 20 children and 6 educators date was a so-called false flag event designed to stir up support for gun control. a judge ordered jones to pay more than 1 billion dollars to the families of the sandy victims. >> tiktok says it's committed to hiring nearly 1000 engineers at its offices in mountain view. the news comes as other tech companies like meta and twitter recently laid off large sections of their workforce. the hiring target is related to tiktok goal of ensuring u.s. user data is overseen here in the united states amid scrutiny in the nation's capital because the parent company has ties to china. tiktok ceo confirmed the company was still recruiting while speaking last week at the bloomberg's new economy forum in singapore. we're going to take a break here at 5.41. we'll be right back.
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with every-other-month cabenuva, and a good reminder. we do it every year. be careful if you're going to be trying to deep fry a turkey for the first time. firefighters here in pennsylvania held a demonstration of what could go wrong if you don't measure the oil properly, there's this thing called displacement it on the field that container all the way to the top and then drop a turkey and thinking that oil levels not going to rise. it does and it can overflow as you see here that causes it splash out. also you know, see it first in the fames pretty quickly. fire
5:45 am
officials say, if you can don't fry also don't defrost if you don't cross the birth early, you're going use water into the fryer to and that could cause a whole lot of flame up. and then if you're going to friday, think don't do it on on a deck on a balcony because when that spillover happens and things catch fire instantly spreads to your house. do it like deep in the long haul. great got a lot of space around case something goes wrong. i feel like that message is targeting me because i know i've never cooked tenure friday every year. a lot of people like, you know, i think this really i will be doing either of just leave it to la mama, going to the professionals know how to do it right? >> ok, get over to the weather center. my parents to a growing up and they were scared enough. never >> well, just already cooked sliced her. well, we've got out there this morning is some nice conditions that are a little bit cold, but and
5:46 am
that's to be expected now we've been seeing a trend, a very cold mornings in really mild afternoons. and we keep that trend going today through thanksgiving ahead of us. quite our absolutely beautiful crystal clear. it's cold in the 30's for most, although up in fairfield and vacaville, you falling into the 20's yet again this morning. we'll have a mild afternoon ahead of us and dry. any chance of rainfall continues to be sent up into the pacific northwest. that's where all the moisture is. we've been seeing snow in the rockies. snow in the cascades, rain at the north coast while here across the bay area and southward. this dry trend continues through thanksgiving. now this is going to work really well for us as we maybe take to the roads both today and tomorrow ahead of thursday for your thanksgiving plans. all of it is going to be accompanied by clear, dry skies with your in the bay this year or southern california. now moving into thursday, we're going to see some arsonist and warmest of conditions. that means you can even take that thanksgiving feast outside, especially in the early afternoon. we'll be at our warmest 60's for your
5:47 am
highs and sf out the coast along the bay as well as inland. the e numbers seem really familiar. we've been hearing a lot lately. daytime highs running just a little bit above average for this time of year. we're going to stay below 70 degrees today, but that is a number we have ahead of us towards thanksgiving. so this forecast is actually gradually trending warmer and warmer as we work our way towards thanksgiving. and you can see that your 7 day forecast tomorrow near 70 by thursday and friday for your eating and you're shopping. we'll be looking at low 70's for some of us inland evening. lows will be our very coal dust in continuing to be that way. after friday, we take a sharp turn. downwards will fall to the low 60's by sunday of this weekend and mid 50's by next monday. that will offer us our best chance of showers in this forecast long after you've already returned home from your thanksgiving destinations rain. all right, john, that's great out. there traffic also pretty light nine-minute drive into the city. >> so that fremont street exit
5:48 am
san mateo bridge, 80 to 101, a 12 minute ride heading across towards the peninsula. well, you're richmond, sandra fell bridge takes about 6 minutes tolls to 101. there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tunnels. 18 minutes. >> all right. 5.47 the time team usa kicking off the 2022 world cup campaign, i should say with a 1, 1, tie with wales in cutter on monday. but this year's world cup actually proving to be more about politics and the problems surrounding the event rather than the game itself. exactly. from empty seats to alcohol bans to even human rights protest. nick smith has more on the chaotic first days. what is most likely the most controversial cup in history. as soccer fans across the u.s. and across the world celebrated goals and results on monday. and miss in 4 years ago is devastating. so really pumped to be back watch our boys carry the fight across seas. >> players from one nation and
5:49 am
broden protest stood silent as their national anthem played. in an apparent protest against their country's crackdown on human rights. protesters. iran's world cup starters refused to sing the national anthem before their game against england. while the rams players were silent. iranian fans in the stadium boo the anthem. while some waved banners with the protesters rallying cry woman life freedom. just one day before iran's captain made it clear where the player stands, careful, china companies that's on me. i hope that the condition will turn the way our people want and that they become happy. all of the situation in the country isn't great. and the boys know this. the mood of qatar also not great as empty seats dot qatar's new stadiums and fans shell out over $200 per night to sleep in special fan zone hotel rooms made of repurposed
5:50 am
shipping containers. the host of news nation's on balance. leland vittert. explain how we got here. they tricked migrants to build the stadiums in the desert heat pain in pennies a day, also known as >> slavery. they took millions from fox sports and other corporations to allow them to sponsor and air the tournament but ordered them not to talk about any human rights abuses. they promised millions coming to visit. they would be allowed to buy beer, then decide only v i p guess would be allowed the latest controversy stems from qatar's strict laws against homosexuality. the captains of 7 european teams had planned on wearing rainbow themed one love armbands to protest the country's anti lgbtq laws. but those plans were scrapped after fifa threatened penalties against anyone wearing one on the field and even ordered belgium to remove the word love from the collar of their jersey. >> well, that was nick smith reporting for us now. soccer has always been and he really political some of the biggest clubs across the world were
5:51 am
founded based on religion or ideological leanings. but usually on the world stage, those issues get pushed aside for the action on the field. this time it appears to be less about the goals and more about the geopolitics. >> well, over 43,000 soccer fans were watching the u.s. and wales go head-to-head in cutter. both teams were scoreless in the 1st half until a pass to timothy way gave team usa the lead. and there you see it. it didn't. last long ago, a late penalty kick in the 82nd minute by gareth bale tied the game at one, a pace. so that ends in a tie. up next for the united states will play england friday at 11:00am pacific time. >> maybe you're looking for a place to watch the world cup. san francisco is going to be hosting world cup viewings at several locations around the city. this is footage from yesterday's watch party. this is at folsom street location at the crossing. the month-long event is going to feature a series of public
5:52 am
screenings of world cup matches. food trucks, live music and more other events are going to be held at union square. jfk, prominent and the civic center head over to our website at kron 4 dot com for when and where those upcoming watch parties are going to be. >> all right. let's talk football. niner nation traveling well south of the border to see the niners in mexico city. take on the cardinal. there were a lot of local niner nation fans to starting in the 2nd quarter. here we have jimmy g team down 3 to nothing find brandon. i knew that was for thread. the needle on that. good enough for a touchdown. good enough to take the lead in san francisco. never looked back. the cardinals tried to close the gap and really couldn't get anything going like this one. that one was. amazing past there as well. the niners blowing out the cardinals. 38 to 10 after the game. kyle shanahan express his appreciation for the crowd and the warm welcome there in mexico. >> that was one of the coolest experiences. i've been a part
5:53 am
of and it was it was so need last year going up playing in la and a whole red stadium in the city that wasn't yours. and then coming a lot farther to mexico city be in just the you know, we were told it might be like that, it was even better than we expected. >> yeah. kittle had 2 touchdown receptions. brandon. now you can too. deebo ran it in for one. it was pretty amazing to watch. the forty-niners are going to be back at levi stadium playing the saints on sunday kickoff at one. 25 fact their next 3 games. we're going to be at home. it is 5.53. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> all right. let's talk about coffee. because new research suggests that holding off on that first cup until 9.30, to for the biggest benefit. also drinking coffee. exactly a half hour before workout can boost your power of certainly done. that's given me that that i need it. researchers say don't overindulge, though, they say 3 cups a day is considered optimal for heart james toney cups a day to you. have i look least 3 or 3 and they're also saying you should stop drinking coffee 6 hours before bedtime, unless you want to toss that her that coffee and night before, has it not going well for you? i was up really next morning for whatever reason i can fly could back out. i can have a cup of coffee there and still just crashed is a gift exhaust
5:57 am
in 5.56. is the time we're going. take a quick break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. >> claiming victory over lauren taylor in oakland's mayoral race will tell you where the race stands this morning. and the man accused of hitting 25 sheriff recruits in los angeles county, as we know is out on bailed from jail. why investigators, though, say the evidence indicates he may have done this on purpose. and we're also learning new details in the deadly shooting that killed 5 people lgbtq nightclub in
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. good morning. >> thank you so much for joining us. i know it's early 06:00am here. >> on the tuesday morning, but we've got a lot of news weather traffic for you to come up. so stay tuned. and we have a whole lot going on and thankful that this week is going to get a little bit warmer. yes, yes, specially come thursday, thanksgiving. if we've got any outdoor plans in the afternoon, john, looking looking really good. we're talking daytime highs that night. he eking out of 70 for ya on thanksgiving, which is going to be super comfortable. maybe even 4 in early thanksgiving feast outdoors during the early afternoon. as for today, we're starting cold. we get pretty mild ourselves for this tuesday. a nice look outside this morning and are some clear skies in san francisco skies will remain dry today tomorrow into thursday and in


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